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35+ Modern Bathroom Vanity Ideas

ID# 152215 | – Credit© Limitless Building

An Effective Modern Vanity Design with one Material

The vanity design, consisting of gray marble and integrating with the sink, catches the eye with its elegance and stance. While creating the design of the bathroom alone, a mystical atmosphere is created with the gray backsplash and floor. It shows that a material can create an effective design!

ID# 152224 | – Credit© Improva

Modern Wood Vanity in front of a Stunning Gray Backsplash

The star of this bathroom is definitely the gray backsplash with its texture and shine. However, in front of this glow, the modern vanity looks great with its natural wood texture and minimal dimensions. The contrast with the white countertop also creates a fresh finish.

Modern Bathroom Vanity Ideas

When it comes to modern bathroom design, minimalist decors, sharp shapes, simple surfaces, and basic color schemes come to mind first. If you’re looking for Modern Bathroom Vanity Ideas, you’ll be inspired by some of these examples!

Bathrooms are one of the important areas of our house, and it can be advantageous if this place is calm and relaxing. Modern bathrooms provide this environment with a stylish appearance. When it comes to bathroom design, vanities are fundamental pieces that define the overall character of the design. Luckily, in today’s market, there are endless colors, styles, and material options for bathroom vanities. In this article, we gather modern bathroom vanity ideas that can help you to find the right one for your bathroom renovation project!

ID# 152201 | – Credit© ABI Interiors

Modern Style that Balances Wood and Stone is a Sophisticated Bathroom Design

Together with the handleless vanity in a light wood tone and a gray marble countertop, it becomes a contemporary bathroom design. This modern bathroom vanity balances natural wood and stone and creates a sophisticated feel. Because of the high ceilings, this space does not feel pessimistic despite its black wall. The modern look is strengthened with the light gray floor and silver fixtures.

ID# 152202 | – Credit© EKOSS

Modern Bathroom Vanity Ideas with Gray Tile Designs

The double sink vanities are getting more and more common in recent days. The wooden double sink vanity complements the gray ceramics and brings warmth to the atmosphere. This contemporary bathroom integrates with the ongoing gray marble-like tiling of the floors and walls. Marble Sinks and brass faucets complement each other.

Best Seller Mosaic Tiles

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Rustic California gold slate mixed with burgundy glass unique look backsplash tile

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Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

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Multicolor light & medium travertine subway natural stone mosaic tile

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Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

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Modern Bathroom Vanity Ideas with Wood Accents and Subway Tile Backsplash

The minimalist palette in this modern bathroom consists of a floating vanity and gray backsplashes. Both offer the perfect place to create a soothing bathroom visual layout. In the background, the vertically stacked subway tile backsplash extends from floor to ceiling, giving the bathroom clarity. In front of this backsplash, the wooden modern double vanity keeps the interior space with its natural texture. White countertops and integrated sinks define vanity, while black fixtures add elegance.

Color Options for Modern Bathroom Vanity Ideas

There are many colors to choose from for the modern bathroom vanity. When you think of modern, the first thing that comes to mind may be white, black, gray, or blue. These colors can be used on glossy flat surfaces as well as on matte surfaces. You can decide according to the style and design of your bathroom, according to the backsplash or floor tile you will use. For color options for modern bathroom vanity ideas, you can take a look at the following examples.

Modern White Bathroom Vanity Ideas

White symbolizes cleanliness and purity, so it is highly preferred for bathrooms. The modern white bathroom vanity is the perfect option to add a sense of lightness to your bathrooms. The white vanity can easily take its place in a design. For example, it can stand out in front of a colorful backsplash, or it can take place in a simple and elegant design in completely white areas. It can also be paired with brass, gold, black, or wood accents to add warmth to the interior.

ID# 152204 | – Credit© Robeson Architects

Modern Bathroom with Gray Ceramic Backsplash

A great example of floating vanities associated with modernity. The combination of the wooden textured vertically extending cabinet and horizontally extending floating vanity adds simplicity to the space. The gray ceramic backsplash adds elegance with its shine behind this furniture. The bathroom, which is bright enough with a full-length window, gives a spacious feel and a deep design is formed with a fixed color palette.

ID# 152205 | – Credit© Chamberlain Architects

Modern White Bathroom Vanity Ideas with Black Touches

With its stunning marble sink, this bathroom definitely makes a statement! It continues as a whole with the white marble looking vanity backsplash and creates a very modern look with its natural gray lines. While contrasting with the black mirror frame, black lighting, and black fixtures, it also adds a charismatic touch.

ID# 152206 | – Credit© Nexus Designs

A Cleverly Designed Small Bathroom

This a clever design idea for a small bathroom. The marble-looking vanity integrates with the backsplash like a large sink. With the large mirror extending to the ceiling, the small space is perceived as wider and gives a spacious feeling. Silver fixtures make a modern touch with their minimal shape. This stylish design comes to the fore with its dark floor.

Where to buy modern bathroom vanities?

Nowadays, we usually do our shopping online because it is more convenient and comfortable. Thats why don’t forget to check our store. Here you can find stunning vanity designs that can suit your taste!

ID# 152207 | – Credit | © Norman Richards building design + interiors

Modern White Bathroom Vanity Ideas with a Mirrored Backsplash

A modern bathroom design with a different and smart use in a large area! The white floating modern vanity looks great in front of a mirrored wall dividing the space. This division also provides privacy for the shower area. This bathroom shows the importance of the layout!

Modern Mosaic Tiles

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Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

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Modern shape white elegant honed finish marble mosaic tile

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Modern beige long porcelain mosaic kitchen and bathroom mosaic

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Modern look white marble, elegant honed finish mosaic tile

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Modern chevron backsplash tile, white gray brown color mixed chevron tile

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ID# 152208 | – Credit© Customconstruction Pty Ltd

A Minimal and Modern Bathroom Design

In this bathroom, modern and minimal lines of the furniture offer a sleek and stylish appeal. The pure white coating vanity stands out between the gray wall and floor tiles. The brass faucet adds a dose of sparkle while the combination of the mirror and the window adds depth to the space.

ID# 152209 | – Credit© Horizon – Residential & Commercial Builders

Marble Look Modern White Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Spacious and modern bathroom design in white with a fresh and clean feel. The white grill used on the floor looks great in the floating double vanity with the same pattern as the tiles. With the mirror extending up to the ceiling above the washbasins, this space reaches a more modern and spacious look.

Modern Black Bathroom Vanity Ideas

With the modern black bathroom vanity, you can add sophistication, elegance, and depth to your bathroom. Although using black is a bit of a concern, it adds character to the space. When combined with the right elements and colors, a black bathroom vanity easily elevates the overall look of the bathroom. You can use it in combination with light tones to subdue black, or you can lighten its harshness with light wood accents.

ID# 152210 | – Credit© Dion Group Projects

Black Bathroom with a Dramatic but Modern Feel

It creates a stylish look with black wood textured vanity and a black glossy textured countertop. The open shelf at the bottom of the vanity completes the occupancy-to-space ratio and provides an advantage for putting towels. Herringbone dark gray mosaic as a backsplash looks very noble. Using the color black takes courage to use it in the whole area. The combination of different materials here in shades of black create an elegant design. While the round mirror adds depth to the space, it is also a stylish touch with round pendants.

ID# 152211 | – Credit

Modern Black Bathroom Vanity Ideas in Gray Area

It is a modern bathroom design with a gray granite backsplash and a light gray floor. It creates an accentuating contrast to this space with its white recessed sinks over a modern black vanity. White Tubs and sinks complement each other. Minimal-size mirrors keep up with the modern line.

ID# 152212 | – Credit© Two Fold Interiors

Modern Bathroom Design with Black Accents Reminiscent of a Living Space

This black vanity makes a statement in this transitional bathroom and create a focal point. This modern black vanity stands on the floor and is quite large so it also offers a lot of storage space. The white countertop creates a contrast, giving it a fresh finish. Black fixtures, lighting, and accessories are in perfect harmony with the vanity. It is a stylish touch with the golden color frame of the mirrors that add depth to the space.

ID# 152213 | – Credit© Quartz Co Surfaces

Modern Black Bathroom Vanity Ideas with a Stylish and Contemporary Design

The modern black shaker bathroom vanity symbolizes elegance with its golden handles. It stands out with the contrast it creates in the white bathroom. It makes a fresh finish with the white countertop. Black accessories and fixtures complete the design.

ID# 152214 | – Credit© Vantage Build Inc.

Design of a Modern Bathroom with a Black Vanity

While the mosaic floor consisting of black dots on white adds a warm atmosphere, the modern black vanity supports the modern atmosphere of the bathroom with its flat panel covers and white countertops. Using clean white paint color for the walls balances the intense pattern of the floor tiles.

Modern Gray Bathroom Vanity Ideas

The two contrasting colors, black and white, represent extremes, while gray, which is a mixture of these two colors, symbolizes moderation and finding the middle way. Very stylish spaces emerge with gray and its tones, which we often come across in modern designs. Great designs can be made with the modern gray bathroom vanity. It can be combined with a colorful backsplash to create a lively space or to create softer and brighter spaces with white.

ID# 152216 | – Credit© Hava Studio

Modern Gray Bathroom Vanity Ideas with Wood Texture

The gray backsplash and the herringbone gray floor provide unity, while the flooring adds movement to this space. Gray is a color we often come across in bathrooms today. Here, the double vanity adds warmth with its gray wood texture. The double modern vanity ends with a white countertop and gold fixtures reinforce this design’s modern look.

ID# 152217 | – Credit© Tailored Living

Very Functional Modern Gray Bathroom Vanity Ideas

The marble look wall tiles offer a very elegant appeal and clean backdrop for this transitional bathroom design. This backsplash is accompanied by a gray wood textured vanity with a modern design. Besides its stylish look, the double vanity offers plenty of storage space. The design is completed with a stylish touch with black fixtures.

Modern Blue Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Blue evokes freshness and water. Blue is also used extensively in bathrooms, as it brings a feeling of freshness and calmness that envelops the bathroom wonderfully. We can also say that blue is the color of freedom. You can combine the blue bathroom vanity with marble or quartz countertops that perfectly complement the blue. Thus, a very modern and stylish result can be achieved. In addition, the harmony of wood and blue is indisputable. So you can create great designs with the modern blue bathroom vanity.

ID# 152218 | – Credit© Some Studio

Modern Blue Bathroom Vanity Ideas with White Marble Tiles

The modern vanity that runs along the wall adds vitality to this contemporary bathroom design with its dark blue color. The white marble surrounding the backsplash covers every inch of the interior for a seamless finish, while this blue flair adds a splash of color to break up the monotonous look along with other accent items. While creating a contrast with the black sink and black accessories, it also adds a charismatic image to the bathroom. On the other hand, an elegant beauty comes with the delicate veins of marble and a stylish design emerges.

ID# 152219 | – Credit© Full of Grace Interiors

Contemporary Bathroom Design with Blue

Blue is a color that is frequently used in bathrooms and gives a freshness to bathrooms, but we can say that in this contemporary bathroom, the blue color also created a pessimistic atmosphere in the design. The dark gray tiles used on the floor and the vertically stacked blue mosaic backsplash cover 3/2 of the wall and continue as a blue wall. Thus, it becomes a somewhat dark area. It manages to enliven this space with its marble countertop on the modern blue vanity. The two white washbasins on the vanity create contrast, while the round mirrors add depth.

Modern Wood Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Wooden bathroom vanity is one of the most used materials to add a feeling of warmth to the space. With its natural texture, wood adds warmth and naturalness to the environment it enters. Dark wood visually creates drama, while light wood creates a soothing and airy feel. Even though wood is a natural material, it is also indispensable for modern designs.

ID# 152220 | – Credit© C. Kairouz Architects

Modern Wood Bathroom Vanity Ideas with a Contemporary Design

Solutions for carefully thought-out spaces are simple and convenient. This design shows how a small space in a gray bathroom can be beautiful. While the white countertop and white sink harmonize, the glass shower cabin makes the space appear larger. Breaking the coldness of gray with its wooden texture and adding a natural atmosphere, the modern vanity also offers a useful space to the user. A wonderful design emerges by combining modern wood bathroom vanity with contemporary lines.

ID# 152221 | – Credit

An Elegant Design with Subway Tile Backsplash and Wood Accent Modern Vanity

Modern bathrooms promise clutter-free looks and clean lines. All these features combine functionality and aesthetics. In this bathroom, the minimalist palette is made up of a floating modern vanity with wood facades and a gray subway tile backsplash. The woodgrain vanity keeps the interior airy and spacious. The white countertop and integrated sink complete the vanity.

What is the modern height for a bathroom vanity?

Formerly vanities were about 32 inches tall and now they are 36 inches to match the height of kitchen counters. This additional height looks more modern and offers extra storage space. This is also typically, the comfortable height for the vanity.

ID# 152222 | – Credit© BLD Homes

Natural Design with Modern Wood Bathroom Vanity Ideas

A bathroom design with modern lines and at the same time offering a friendly atmosphere. The small hexagonal backsplash in the background is used with black grout so that the hexagonal forms stand out. Combined with black details, this backsplash offers a great look. In front of this backsplash, the wooden modern bathroom vanity adds warmth with its texture. At the same time, it is in perfect harmony with the cream-colored floor.

ID# 152223 | – Credit© mckimm residential design

Wooden Vanity in a Modern Bathroom Design with Herringbone Backsplash

Gray walls and a white herringbone backsplash create a modern line together, while the modern vanity with its functionality and light wood tone adds fresh air. The vanity integrates with the bathroom with its design, which is completed with a white countertop and integrated sink. The mirror extending to the ceiling on it adds depth and makes this space look wider.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Modern farmhouse design takes the comfortable, cozy farmhouse style and adds modern touches. It’s less rustic, and more sophisticated, and uses contemporary design elements like stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and stylish lighting. Floating bathroom vanities, which have recently become more and more popular due to their minimalist aesthetics, are mostly preferred in modern farmhouse designs. This type of vanity not only provides an advantage in terms of cleaning but also has the advantage of making the space look more spacious.

ID# 152225 | – Credit© Jess Hunter Interior Design

A Serene Farmhouse Design with a Modern Vanity

A calm and modern farmhouse bathroom design in blue and white. The vanity, with its white flat panel door, again ends with a white integrated sink countertop. The blue tile mosaic backsplash dazzles with the visuality it creates in front of it. A modern bathroom design that evokes cleanliness and offers a spacious space with white floors and white walls.

ID# 152226 | – Credit© Kingbuilt Homes

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity Ideas with the Naturalness of Wood

Comfort and convenience are at the forefront of modern farmhouses. In this bathroom, the modern lines are softened by the naturalness of the wood and it becomes a comfortable bathroom design. The floating modern double vanity with its wood-grained surface not only adapts to this space but also adds warmth. The finish with a white counter completes the design perfectly. A minimalist and aesthetic farmhouse bathroom.

How do you modernize an old vanity?

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to modernize a vanity is to choose and replace modern handles or paint it, also plumbing fixtures can be replaced. A coat of matte black paint, for example, modernizes the wood cabinetry and provides a striking backdrop for the glossy brass handles.

ID# 152227 | – Credit© apaiser

Farmhouse Bathroom Design with a Minimal Modern Vanity

Spacious, bright, minimal, and comfortable! This bathroom is a great example of the approach of ‘Less is more’. A very organic and natural atmosphere is added with a wooden counter used as a vanity and two gray sinks in each. Using these kinds of vanities occupies less space and offers an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Modern Rustic Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Rustic bathrooms embrace the beauty of the outdoors using cozy textiles, natural materials, and organic accents. It is the perfect place to combine natural stone floors, rough-hewn beams, wood cabinetry, and earthy color palettes. You can combine sparkling backsplash with modern rustic vanities and create stylish and natural environments.

ID# 152228 | – Credit© Finney Construction

Modern Rustic Bathroom Vanity Ideas in Earth Tones

Rustic bathrooms create wonderful designs using natural materials and organic accents. The earth tones used in this bathroom also evoke a completely rustic design. Elegance and naturalness can of course be at the same time, as in this modern and rustic bathroom. The floating vanity looks great with its minimalist and modern lines. Its wooden textured surface in earth tones has a warmth that embraces the space. It combines with the light gray glossy countertop, increasing its elegance. The bathroom with gray floors and a gray backsplash looks perfect.

Modern Small Bathroom Vanity Ideas

If you have limited space in your bathroom, a modern style will be a great choice to create a more spacious and sleek atmosphere. Whether you want to use an earthy color scheme and natural materials or create an all white interior, there is the right modern small bathroom vanity for your taste. Scroll down and find these creative vanity designs that can maximize the functionality of small bathrooms!

ID# 152229 | – Credit© Architect George

White Backsplash Tile with Wood Modern Small Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Small spaces, of course, need to be used wisely so that they can provide a lot of benefits in less space. There are many different ways for this. A narrow space is perceived high with the upright mosaic backsplash in this bathroom. The brightness and white color of the backsplash provide refreshment. A warm corner is created with the single sink on it by contrasting with the wooden floating vanity color. The shower section, which is divided by glass next to it, thus offers a more spacious area.

ID# 152230 | – Credit© Kitty Lee Architecture

A Modern Bathroom Design with Herringbone Tile Backsplash and Soft Wood Vanity

Herringbone gray tiles make the space seem wider on the floor and as a backsplash. The small modern light wood-toned vanity here adds warmth to this space and softens its cold air. A bathroom design suitable for practical and fast movement. Although the vanity here cannot offer much storage space, there is a solution to this with the niches created on the walls.

What type of vanity is best for a small bathroom?

Small spaces require smart solutions. The most suitable option for this may be the floating bathroom vanity. It can be a great solution for small spaces by taking up less space. You can highlight the vanities you will use minimally with the color you choose.

ID# 152231 | – Credit© polytec

Curved Small Vanities in a Modern Bathroom

The dull air created by the gray tile backsplash and gray floors is dispersed by two curved small vanities and leaves its place to a serene atmosphere. Vanities soften the environment with their curved shapes and soft and light wood texture. White countertops and white sinks complete the design. Black fixtures create contrast, while curved mirrors harmonize with the vanities.

Waterjet Mosaic Tiles

Mother of Pearl Waterjet White Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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Luxury Waterjet Gray & White Marble Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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ID# 152232 | – Credit© avenue design inc

Modern Small Bathroom Vanity Ideas with black and White

One of the best options for highlighting a small vanity is to choose a dark color for it. In this monochrome bathroom design, the modern styled black and small vanity is complemented by a white countertop and stands out with the contrast. The black backsplash continues across the width of the vanity and bring depth to the bathroom. The printed artworks above the toilet add visual interest while completing the modern lines.

Midcentury Modern Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Midcentury modern design refers to the resurgence of design trends spanning from roughly the late 1930s through to the early 1960s but in a fresh, modern way. It is a style known for juxtaposing sleek lines with organic shapes and mixing different materials. Plain wood surfaces and white backsplash can perfectly reflect the modern midcentury vibes.

ID# 152233 | – Credit© Katherine Charlton Design

Modern Style Meets Midcentury Style

An airy and very spacious bathroom design. It can give the feeling that the user is enjoying a bath in the open air thanks to the large windows. Shiplap emphasizes the midcentury style with its white ceiling and black wooden beams. This style is strengthened by the modern double vanity. With its wooden texture and white integrated countertop, it fits perfectly into this space. The shiplap standing vertically as a backsplash completes the design.

How much does it cost to update a bathroom vanity?

The cost of bathroom vanities ranges anywhere between $500-$3800 which may or may not include the installation costs ranging from $200-$1000 per unit. Further, if you’re going with a stock bathroom vanity, it may come under $2600. And if the same vanity is customized to your taste, the final cost may fall between $500-$280.

ID# 152234 | – Credit© Texture Studio

Wood Midcentury Modern Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Design a midcentury bathroom with modern accents. Wood easily releases a feeling of warmth into every environment it enters. Here it looks great in front of the white backsplash that stretches halfway up the wall. The black and white patterned floor tiles strengthen this style. The round mirror adds depth to the space.

ID# 152235 | – Credit© Woods & Warner

A Mid-Century Bathroom Design with the Combination of Fresh and Modern Details

With its square backsplash tiles and unique vanity design, this bathroom perfectlly serves the warm and inviting appeal of the midcentury style aesthetic. While the soft pink color of the vanity drawers offers a romantic and joyful vibe, the massive granite sink makes a statement! The colorful wallpaper design enhances the visual interest of the bathroom. The mirrored cabinets above the vanity both provide storage space and bring depth.

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