Backyard Pool Ideas Enhance the Landscape with Geometry

31+ Backyard Pool Ideas

ID# 101417 | – Credit© Allison Ramsey Architects

Classic Pool Idea Fountain on Wall and Travertine Floor

This rectangular-shaped swimming pool is a classic style that is functional and beautiful. The raised rear pool wall includes a horizontal stone accent. The pool wall has two beautiful steeply descending fountains that add a relaxing sound and great ambiance. Travertine floor surrounds the pool while creating a listening area for minimalist white lounge chairs. This beautiful backyard outdoor beam patio cover blends with the style of the house and the pool, making it a great place for fun, family, and friends to get together.


ID# 101401 | – Credit© Aubuchon Homes, Inc.

A Contemporary Masterpiece Pool with Travertine Pool Tile

The pool, which overlooks this contemporary, rectangular-shaped landscape, is quite inviting. Surrounded by a travertine pool tile, the pool blends with the horizon and benefits from a view. Recessed pool seating adds a unique and unusual feature that accentuates the luxurious feel of this swimming pool. While the pool stretches out on both sides, it contains a trendy rectangular hot tub on the right. Stylish lounge chairs and similar-looking side tables contribute to the modern look of the pool.

Attractive, Stylish, Amazing Backyard Pool Ideas in Contemporary Simple Geometry!

When it comes to pool design and choosing a shape, sometimes simple is the best solution. A rectangular, or geometric-shaped pool will be easier to build, will provide you with maximum space for swimming – especially laps – and will complement the architectural style of most homes. For inspiration, browse our backyard pool ideas and see which designs you like the most.

Enhance the landscape with simple geometry and rectangles.

There is a swimming pool for every outdoor area, even in long, narrow side gardens or center courtyards. These complement the architectural style of the home and often have more formal lines or geometric shapes. Plan the pool size and shape before getting further into the project. While an infinity pool is built to offer more than an uninterrupted view and take advantage of the magnificent view, a lap pool is a good solution in tight residential areas. Modern swimming pools bring out a contemporary design and often have furniture and materials similar to their modern roots. Discover how versatile something as simple as a rectangle can be in our examples.

You can find ideas such as rectangular or special-shaped infinity pools, lap pools, ground pools, tanning shelves, and pool fountains that vary according to different backyards, with simple, contemporary travertine pool tile, concrete pool tile. Dive in and be dazzled.

ID# 101402 | – Credit© Hydroscapes LLC

Contemporary Backyard Pool Idea with Pool Fountain and Travertine Tile

This contemporary yard rectangular lap pool is full of elegance. Large travertine pool tile adds modernity with its calm color and appearance. This beautiful lap pool, which serves as the focal point in the garden, contains seating where it is okay to get wet in the water, gives the feeling of a holiday place with its lounge chairs, and creates a comfortable atmosphere. With bluestone details that add elegance to the pool, the pool fountain creates a soothing water sound with an elegant, majestic appearance. Also, the backyard features a bar and outdoor gray kitchen cabinets.

ID# 101403 | – Credit© Randy Angell Designs

Modern Swimming Pool in Clean Line with Travertine Large Slab Block

Seeking hints of whites and grays, this pool looks very modern. The travertine large slab block pool surrounding the pool creates a clean line while creating a modern look. With a water feature wall, spa, and tanning shelf with lounge chairs, this ground pool creates a great environment to relax and have fun. It has a modern feel with landscaping, cement pots, accent pieces. This backyard pool completes its classic and clean line with landscaping, cement pots, accent pieces.

Glass Mosaic Tiles

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

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Gray marble & glass tile for contemporary to modern kitchens or bathroom

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Modern white frosted and clear glass thin linear clean look backsplash tile.

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White interlocking marble glass & metal mosaic tile contemporary look mosaic

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Modern white glass & quartz mosaic tile, ideal for a backsplash

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Elegant Rhomboid White Glass Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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ID# 101405 | – Credit© REH Interiors, Restyle Home Staging

Contemporary, Minimalist Backyard Pool Idea with Travertine Tile Pool

This contemporary pool reflects the house’s horizontal lines and geometry, blending the interior beautifully with the exterior. Travertine tile pool, with its flamboyant pool surround style, offers a visual feast, while the pool looks relaxing with its light blue color. The stairs added to the pool provide a safe and easy way to get in and out of the pool with their minimalist and stylish design. Complementing the backyard are palm trees, minimalist brown lounge chairs, and pool chairs. Also, this backyard features a small outdoor kitchen with white cabinets and an outdoor dining area.


ID# 101407 | – Credit© The Art of Building

Large Green Backyard Pool Idea with Travertine Tile Pool

In this backyard, a simple color palette of travertine tile pool, deck cedar, and greens, wood is used. While the travertine tile pool gives a sense of hygiene with its spacious visual, the pool looks relaxing with its blue color. This minimal pool provides a relaxing and private getaway, as it is surrounded by shrubs and trees and a similarly large rectangular green lawn. This rectangular pool surrounds it with elegant wooden lounge chairs.


ID# 101408 | – Credit© Elements Landscape

Contemporary Pool Design with Traditional Slate Pool Tile

This modern-looking large pool is full of comfort and elegance. The wide tanning shelves allow sitting without having to swim in the water, and the few stairs between the shelves create a dynamic image and provide gradual access to the pool. The slate pool tile creates an intimate backyard with its large traditional look while offering multiple seating areas both in and out of the pool, making it ideal for fun and socializing. The hot tub next to the pool gives a resort-style pool look.

Blue Mosaic Tiles

White Hexagon Marble Look Glass Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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Blue textured glass mixed herringbone mosaic tile

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Light blue, white, and gray color mixed, mosaic tile for backsplash, bathroom & shower.

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Blue & gray hexagon glass & marble mix mosaic tile.

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Gray with few blue glass quartz mosaic tile contemporary look to a project.

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Gray Blue glass white marble subway mosaic tile for on-trend kitchen backsplashes

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ID# 101409 | – Credit© Kevin O’Sullivan + Associates

Contemporary Pool with Intimate Wooden Cabin and Gray Slate Pool

This contemporary pool is highlighted with a rectangular gray slate pool tile. Gray slate pool tile is used as a thin strip by the pool with its elegant appearance and combines the pool with grass and a wooden cabin. Across the bluestone paved swimming pool, a warm rich wooden outdoor cabin with a fire pit and television brings an intimate atmosphere to the backyard. Complementing the backyard is a sunny area and wooden lounge chairs behind the pool that looks good and provides extra seating.

ID# 101410 | – Credit© DSPACE Studio Ltd, AIA

Contemporary Lap Pool with Granite Slab Flamed Finish and Wooden Pergola

This contemporary lap pool acts as the focal point in a small backyard. The backyard, which is divided into different heights, creates a great environment to relax and have fun. While the clean appearance of the large granite slab flamed finish integrates with the wooden pergola, it stands out as durable, modern material. The final touches of this backyard; Layers of light on the wall add depth and interest in the evening, while there are plants, blinds, and a pergola to filter sunlight, add interest, and protect privacy.

ID# 101412 | – Credit© Pacific Dimensions, Inc.

Contemporary Infinity Pool Idea with Concrete Floor and Fountain

This rectangular infinity pool looks perfect with its seamless look. The concrete floor matches the concrete-looking wall with its simple and modern appearance and recreates the view of the pool overlooking the landscape. In the infinity pool, the water is allowed to flow from more than one side, creating the illusion that the pool has no boundaries. The fountain in the pool wall creates a calm atmosphere and calming ambiance of the pool while adding a relaxing sound and great ambiance. Modern garden furniture is the finishing touches that complement the fire pit pool.

ID# 101413 | – Credit© AIBD – American Institute of Building Design

Unique Appearance with Glass Mosaic Wall in Curved Infinity Pool

This vanishing edge pool is the hallmark of a stunning backyard that is perfect for fun and relaxation. The curved horizon pool is surrounded by a glass mosaic wall, reminiscent of sparkling clear sea waters, while the open-air living space offers a feeling of unobstructed openness along with panoramic riverside views with the concrete floor. Fun geometric shapes speak of easy habitability that denies the bold and eye-catching design. This specially shaped infinity pool completes its unique look with the fire pit, white furniture.

ID# 101416 | – Credit© Borden Partnership

Minimalist Pool with Wood and Custom Gray Pool Tile Harmony

This minimalist pool acts as a focal point in the garden, especially when viewed from home. The small rectangular pool has zero entrances and integrates with the custom gray pool tile wood surrounding the pool, providing uninterrupted flow. The blue mosaic-tiled pool adds exercise, refreshment, relaxation, an attractive water feature in this small backyard. With green plants and warm gray stucco and wood on its dynamic facade, this pool creates a relaxing space.

ID# 101418 | – Credit© My Boys Contracting

Classic Infinity Pool Design with Slate Pool Pattern and Colorful Mosaics

This large backyard and the rectangular infinity pool are a unique classic design. The slate pool pattern tile surrounding the pool adds an elegant style by continuing in the backyard and semi-open seating area with its clean and modern appearance. The blue and white mosaic goes from the hot tub to the pool and contrasts beautifully with the light-colored mosaics surrounding the pool and hot tub. Harmonious blue lounge chairs, a sitting area overlooking the infinity pool, colorful flowers create a beautiful relaxation and relaxation area.

ID# 101419 | – Credit© Mark Dziewulski Architect

Inside Outside Lap Pool with Concrete Bridge Design and Porcelain Floor

Floating on the open landscape, this modern infinity-edge lap pool looks quite inviting. The pool runs along the length of the terrace with porcelain floor tile, entering and exiting architectural forms, reflecting the landscape and sky beyond and allowing a barrier-free edge above the steep drop. The pool integrates the concrete bridge with the backyard, creating a lap pool in and out of the living spaces. Lounge chairs on the pool, lawn bands and white furniture complement the backyard with elegance.

ID# 101422 | – Credit© PHL & SERVICES

Special Shaped Lap Pool with A Raised Overflow Hot Tub

This specially shaped modern lap pool design features white tile along the overflow edge, giving a zero-edge appearance and contrasting with the dark stone tile surrounding the pool and hot tub. The backyard seating area combines with the large lawn and pool, and the main feature of this pool is a raised overflow hot tub that is truly unique. A uniquely shaped overflow hot tub is inside a larger body of water with floating stone steps.

ID# 101423 | – Credit© Studio G ARCHITECTURE

Modern Pool Idea with Large Marble Tile Pool Floor Elegance

This backyard includes a beautiful pool, hot tub, outdoor living space. The large marble tile pool floor continues along with the pool, bringing the clean and modern surfaces of the house to the outside in harmony with each other and adding a simple elegance. While the pool is decorated with raised plants, the raised gray tiled jacuzzi becomes an important part. The tanning shelf added to the pool allows several lounge chairs to be placed in the pool water and offers a seating area, making it ideal for entertaining.

ID# 101424 | – Credit© Daydreams LLC

Backyard Pool Idea with No Cover and Slate Wall Waterfall Tile

This medium-sized disappearing edge pool is the hallmark of a stunning backyard that is perfect for fun and relaxation. While the rectangular horizon pool is surrounded by slate wall waterfall tile, the large marble tile pool floor coating combines the pool and the floor with its plain appearance. A mirror reflection on the pool wall makes the pool appear wider and a sculptural accessory draws attention. This garden is perfect for recreation and a great example of how to take advantage of small garden sizes.

ID# 101425 | – Credit© M. Designs Architects

Modern Lap Pool with Disappearing Edge and Travertine Tile

This huge, modern rectangular, hot tub lap pool is enjoyed in the backyard of living and having fun. Travertine pool tile creates a harmonious modern look by integrating the pool with the facade of the house, while the dark wall tile has a disappearing edge along the long side of the pool. Spotlights lined up on the edge of the roof for perfect outdoor lighting in the backyard, reflected in the pool in the evenings, creating a fun outdoors.


ID# 101427 | – Credit© Daniel Quinn

Modern Backyard Pool with Bar Idea and Travertine Pool Floor

This raised side pool combines with the bar area to create a creative backyard. While this pool at different levels is surrounded by the travertine pool floor, which is a natural material, it creates an intimate backyard by matching the wood on the bar wall. The combination of pool and marble bar area brings fun and comfort to this backyard, while steel bar chairs and furniture around the pool complete the garden. The meeting of grass, stone tiles, and symbolizes life the naturalness in this garden.

ID# 101428 | – Credit© Boyce Design and Contracting

Stunning Backyard Pool with Concrete Slab Floor and Wooden Contrast

This stunning pool has an Antigua pebble finish, tanning ledge, and 5-bar seat. While the Concrete slab floor continues throughout the entire floor, it integrates with the woods that show the elegance of contrast. An outdoor living room with a private fire table in natural wood cabinets, a large kitchen, dining, and bar area make it perfect for entertaining both small family dinners and large parties, and a spa-like bathroom with an outdoor shower integrates with the fountain of the pool forms the backyard.


ID# 101429 | – Credit© Noesis Group

Contemporary Zero Sided Pool Idea with Travertine Floor

This stunning zero-sided saltwater pool is very inviting. Surrounded by black mosaics, the pool area is complemented by green lawns on the travertine floor and integrated with the interior. A large open-air lounge area, white lounge chairs, and furniture, an elegant indoor-outdoor feel seamlessly integrated, transforming the backyard. A large backyard is complete with a zero-sided saltwater pool and spa and is surrounded by high fences for privacy and seclusion.


ID# 101430 | – Credit© JAUREGUI Architecture Interiors Construction

Huge Custom-Shaped Infinity Pool with Fountain and Hot Tub

The huge backyard decking and custom-shaped infinity pool are a unique classic design. The patterned light-dark travertine floor creates a classic look, while the end of the rectangular pool lengthens forever by setting up infinity pool technology, making it a nice way to take advantage of the backyard. The hot tub surrounded by travertine tiles explodes with elegance. Adding elegance to the pool, the fountain creates a soothing water sound while providing a magnificent view.

ID# 101431 | – Credit© Hvj Design and Interiors

Contemporary Rectangular Lap Pool with Stylish Concrete Floor Idea

The large, stylish, rectangular lap pool is the taste of living and having fun in the backyard. The concrete floor creates a harmonious modern look by integrating the pool and the facade of the house with its illuminated steps while creating a nice relaxation area along the long side of the pool with its wide narrow column veranda. This stylish modern pool features the hot tub surrounded by black mosaic tile at the same height as the pool as its focal point. The backyard is completed with palm trees.

ID# 101404

Contemporary Pool Idea with Tanning Shelf and Custom Concrete Pool

The pool of this stunning contemporary house maintains the integrity of the house’s architecture. The custom concrete pool surrounding the pool and spa matches the backyard with its simple appearance. The tanning shelf and ladders added to this modern rectangular pool as part of the design provide a safe and easy way to get in and out of the pool and give the appearance of multiple layers of depth, adding to the sense of dynamism. Stylish lounge chairs, green plants, an open fireplace, and modern kitchen cabinets complete this pool.

Porcelain Mosaic Tiles

Modern light gray long porcelain mosaic tile

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Modern beige long porcelain mosaic kitchen and bathroom mosaic

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White ceramic arabesque shaped mesh-mounted mosaic tile.

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Brown and bronze mixture of glass, ceramic for a clean contemporary kitchen backsplash

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Brown red beige small square kitchen backsplash and bathroom tile.

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6 x 6 Red & Silver color luxury look porcelain tile, Made in Italy

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ID# 101406

Calm, Modern Pool Idea with Glass and Travertine Mix Mosaic

This beach-style pool does not seem messy and cluttered, it usually calms down while looking. A warm rich wooden floor is integrated with the travertine tile pool, which is a durable and hygienic natural stone coating that gives a sense of hygiene with its spacious visual. Surrounded by a glass and travertine mix mosaic, the hot tub explodes with elegance. Palm trees simply add the finishing touch to this specially shaped backyard pool design.

ID# 101411

Backyard Lap Pool Idea with Hardwood Pool Floor

This backyard uses a stylish medium-sized rectangular lap pool, hardwood pool floor, wood-veneer facade, and a simple color palette of greens. The hardwood pool floor combines indoor and outdoor living with its wooden coating and provides a holistic view while taking it to an easily accessible pool. The blue mosaic rectangular pool creates a relaxing environment, while the stylish pavers and stairs that “float” in the lap pool add functionality.

Backyard Lap Pool Idea with Modern, Clean Detailed

This large lap pool has modern, clean details. Travertine floor is used by the pool with its elegant appearance, while it combines the pool with a medium-sized modern small kitchen with quartz countertops and stainless steel appliances. The features that enhance the aesthetic appeal of this pool and its surroundings are Glass pool tile, steps, and sun loungers that allow several sun loungers to be placed in the pool water, wooden black stylish sun loungers.

ID# 101415

Minimalist Backyard Pool Idea Slate Pool Floor Pattern

This lovely house and backyard is a nice setting for all of their friends and families to enjoy. The striking slate pool floor pattern gives a natural touch that surrounds the pool and spa. The extended pool deck suitable for sunbathing, comfortable pool furniture, stylish lounge chairs create a beautiful environment for fun and relaxation, while lilacs, bunch and mop-headed hydrangeas, perennial herbs, herbs, and boxwood create a minimalist backyard full of romance.

ID# 101420

Remarkable Backyard Pool Idea with Floating Pavers and Trees

This pool with trees that continues along the backyard is quite remarkable. Travertine pool tile continues throughout the pool, adding a simple elegance while continuing the materials and lines of the surrounding patio. Floating pavers provide the passage over the pool and the trees in the middle draw attention. The pool gives the appearance of multiple layers of depth, adding to the sense of dynamism with the ladder. The simple furnishings complement the backyard, while the vibrant lighting makes the pool the focal point.

Best Seller Mosaic Tiles

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Combining rustic California gold slate with burgundy glass, distinctive and unique aesthetic.

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Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

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Multicolor light & medium travertine subway natural stone mosaic tile

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Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

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ID# 101421

Bold and Minimal Backyard Pool Idea with Concrete Slab

A bold yet minimal backyard contrasts with the organic softness of the desert floor. The light blue pool, framed by low concrete block walls to provide constant visibility into the desert context, creates a peaceful environment. While concrete slab creates a harmonious modern look by integrating with the facade of the house, it complements the backyard with pebbles and grass. As the finishing touch, the white minimal lounge chairs add elegance to the minimal pool.

ID# 101426

Intimate Touches of Blue and Wood look Porcelain in the Modern Pool

This warm-looking backyard pool is made up of the beautiful harmony of wood-looking floor and blue. Wood-look porcelain floor matches the blue mosaic pool tile, creating an intimate backyard area. The sun shelf, which allows placing a few blue lounge chairs in the pool water, offers multiple seating areas for the backyard both in the pool and outside the pool, making it ideal for entertainment and socializing. Last touch; floating pavers allow walking on the pool and separate the deep pool.

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