Modern Pool Table Ideas Elegant Pool Tables with Remarkable Styles

35+ Modern Pool Table

Modern Pool Table Design With Remarkable Pendant Lightings

ID# 117406 | – Credit© Artistic Interior Design/Amy N. Lee, ASID

Black and Blue Pool Table with Remarkable Pendant Lightings

Modern black billiards with a blue top looks perfect under the remarkable wooden pendant lightings. Medium-toned wooden flooring. Blue and white art pieces support the look perfectly.

Farmhouse Game Room With Modern Pool Table

ID# 117402 | – Credit© Fautt Homes

Farmhouse Game Room with Bronze Chandelier

Modern pool table placed center of the room and gorgeous bronze chandelier right over it. Gray armchairs creating perfect perspective behind the pool tables. Black framed windows allow maximum natural light with the help of the high ceiling.


Elegant, Chic, and Modern Pool Table Ideas with Remarkable Styles

The modern pool table, besides welcoming a classic game, it is offering a good combination of luxury and functional aspects. Check out our modern pool table ideas that you can find some inspirations for your design.

Choose a chic frame and a color for broadcloth coherent with the frame.

The billiard table itself is the centerpiece. You can create a game room that featuring more than one means of the activity or incorporate the pool table in your living spaces. In both conditions, contemporary pool tables take your design to next level. Color and material choice are crucial points of the pool tables. You can go with a plain wooden frame and soft color for the top or choose a vibrant color that pops up on the custom frame. Here are some modern pool tables, check them before starting the design!

Support the pool table’s modern look with surrounding decors which complements its focal point and attributes.

Navy Blue Living Room With Modern Pool Table

ID# 117401 | – Credit© Melinamade – Residential Design + Interiors

Navy Blue Living Room with Pool Table

If you spend quality time with your family or friends exclusive billiard table can be the solution. A beige pool table that makes a soft touch in this navy blue living room. Tree different-shaped black pendant lightings hanged on the pool table. A tufted daybed that has a low profile under the art piece. Hardwood flooring in a harmony with the features of the room.

Basement Game Room Design With Modern Pool Table

ID# 117403 | – Credit© Justin Doyle Homes

Basement Game Room Design with Brown Pool Table

Modern pool table with beige broadcloth creating a plain atmosphere. Drop-down lighting makes a vintage touch. Open kitchen with a central island right behind the pool table. Natural colors in a harmony with each other.

Red And White Modern Pool Table Design In Family Room

ID# 117407 | – Credit© Square Construction

Red and White Pool Table Design in Family Room

White color is preferred for this pool table’s frame outside the usual. The harmony of red and white is striking! Tiny brown ceramic tiles are used on the pool table’s stands. Pendant lightings take attention to the pool table.

Basement Game Room With Modern Pool Table

ID# 117408 | – Credit© Underwood & Associates LLC

Basement Game Room with Wood Pool Table

A taste for tradition can be complemented with stone wall decorating. Look at this custom-designed modern pool table with wooden details. Love the idea of combining different shades of wood on the floor, a single floating shelf, and ceiling lining. The light of the Swing arm floor lamp reflects perfectly on the gray wall. Gray brick tiles fill the wall beautifully.

Farmhouse Family Room Design With Modern Pool Table

ID# 117409 | – Credit© Building Solutions and Design, Inc

Farmhouse Family Room Design with Natural Wood Cabinets

Modern pool table with wooden frame placed between the open kitchen and seating area. The gray rug under the pool table brings a cozy look. Natural wood cabinets along the wall. Upper windows maximizing the natural light with the help of the high ceiling. The wooden structure complements the farmhouse style perfectly.

Modern Game Room Design With Acrylic Pool Table

ID# 117410 | – Credit© Ferrugio Design + Associates

Contemporary Game Room with Acrylic Pool Table

If you want to go with an extraordinary pool table this design is suitable for you! Acrylic pool table with black broadcloth makes an elegant and remarkable touch. Art pieces illustrated in the form of a billiard ball fit the game room’s atmosphere. Acrylic table and bar chairs complete the clean look perfectly.

Modern Pool Table With Stone And Wooden Frame Under And Stone Flooring

ID# 117412 | – Credit© Snake River Interiors

Modern Game Room with Wood Shelves and Stone Floor

Stone and wooden materials of the pool table in great harmony with the exposed beams and stone flooring. Seating area designed behind the pool table. Open wooden shelves provide a space for your decorations.

Gray Pool Table Room With Modern Pool Table

ID# 117413 | – Credit© KAM Designs

Gray Pool Table Room with Wood Floor

Custom-designed gray pool table in a harmony with the modern and heavy atmosphere. Large granite tiles cover the entire wall. Gray curtains and black curtain rods complete the look perfectly.

Farmhouse Family Room With Modern White Pool Table

ID# 117414 | – Credit© Olivier Chabaud Architecte – Paris & Lubéron

Contemporary White Pool Table with Home Library

A custom pool table with a white frame and blue broadcloth gives an elegant look to this family room. White rectangular pendant lighting hanging over the pool table. White oak wooden flooring and wooden bookshelf bring a warmer atmosphere.

Game Room Design With Modern Orange Pool Table

ID# 117415 | – Credit© Luxury Pool Tables Limited

Game Room Design with Orange Pool Table

Love the contrast between the vibrant colors! Orange pool table with dark wooden frame, red and blue art piece, and red velvet sofa liven up this white room. Pendant lightings hanging along with the pool table.

Luxury Living Room Design With Purple Pool Table

ID# 117416 | – Credit© Hunter and Belle

Luxury Living Room Design with Purple Pool Table

Remarkable purple pool table with black frame elevating the whole look. Black Chester sofa placed for the seating area. Gorgeous wooden structure popping up with the help of the hidden lights. Picture framed windows integrate the beautiful green garden and indoor.

Modern Pool Table Design With Stainless Steel Legs

ID# 117418 | – Credit© Pooltableportfolio – Modern Billiards

Stainless Steel Pool Table Design with Black Curly Rug

Modern white pool table with stainless steel legs and gray broadcloth makes an elegant touch. The black curly rug allows a soft playing area on the hardwood flooring.

Basement Pool Table Room With White Pendant Lightings

ID# 117419 | – Credit© ProMedia Tours

Basement Pool Table Room with White Pendant Lights

Custom-designed modern pool table on a white rug placed center of this basement game room. Circular white pendant lights over the pool table. A game table that is most often used for card games, and flower-patterned chairs behind the pool table.

Modern Pool Table Design With Chrome Frame

ID# 117421 | – Credit© Mitchell Pool Tables

Modern Pool Table Design with Chrome Frame

Who doesn’t want to play a pool game through this gorgeous city view? Modern pool table with chrome frame, black rail tops, and mocha billiard cloth, centralize the room. tree pendant lightings over the pool table.

Modern Pool Table With Wooden Frame And Blue Broadcloth

ID# 117422 | – Credit© Avenue Design Inc

Pool Table with Wooden Frame and Blue Broadcloth

Modern pool table with wooden frame, blue broadcloth, and steel legs elevating the look in this high ceiling family room. love the contrast between the blue broadcloth and red armchairs behind the pool table.

Farmhouse Game Room With Modern Black Pool Table

ID# 117423 | – Credit© Tradewinds General Contracting, Inc.

Farmhouse Game Room with Black Pool Table and Shiplap Walls

This game room features different activities for everyone in the family! The modern pool table makes an elegant touch. A skateboarding area covered with black fences. Arcade machines allow that to feel the nostalgia.

Minimalist Pool Table Room With Circular Pendant Lighting

ID# 117424 | – Credit© Peter Cadoux Architects, P.C.

Minimalist Game Room with Circular Pendant Light

You can create an elegant look with few features like this design. The concrete billiard table with black broadcloth look gorgeous on the plain gray rug. Plain circular pendant lighting above the pool table and art piece on the gray wall completely look perfectly.

Open Concept Kitchen With Modern Concrete Pool Table

ID# 117425 | – Credit© Worth Interiors

Open Concept Kitchen with Concrete Pool Table

Massive concrete pool table with blue broadcloth liven up this open concept kitchen. two pendants take attention to the pool table. Flat-panel espresso kitchen cabinets and caramel backsplash tiles are used in the kitchen.

Contemporary Family Room With Modern Pool Table

ID# 117430 | – Credit© Spectrum Technology Integrators, LLC

Contemporary Family Room with Modern Pool Table

Modern, warm, and clean-line design, with total custom details and finishes. Wooden pool table on the beige patterned carpet. Rectangular modern pendant light in a harmony with the pool table rights reserved. Colorful art pieces between the picture-framed windows color up the atmosphere.

ID# 117411

Game Room Design with Wood Cabinets and Built-in Bench

This design has everything you need in a game room! The game room features a modern pool table with a wooden frame, a game table with leather chairs, an open bar with flat-panel wood cabinets, and a built-in bench with white pillows. Circular lightings above the pool table and game table.

ID# 117427

Modern Game Room with Bubble Glass Chandelier

Wooden framed pool table with black broadcloth takes all the attention in the room. Gray curly rug placed under the pool table. Big screen tv above the flat-panel buffet. The gold bubble chandelier provides a clean look over the pool table.

ID# 117404

Custom Game Room Design with Modern Pool Table

Modern pool table placed blue and gray patterned carpet. You can sit on this custom pink circular seating area and watch the gorgeous city view after the billiard game. Silver lighting hanging on the white ceiling.

ID# 117405

Transitional Family Room with Wood Pool Table

This basement family room features pool tables modern with a wooden frame and gray broadcloth and a seating area. Light wooden parquets are used as a floor covering. Comfortable gray sofa and armchairs on the gray carpet. Glass top coffee table with metal stand allows a clean look.

ID# 117417

Open Concept Kitchen with Pool Dining Table

Love the idea that using the pool table as a dining table besides its own function! White chairs and bench in a harmony with the white pool table with blue broadcloth. The remarkable custom-made chandelier hanging on the wooden ceiling over the table. Marble upper cabinets and yellow bar chairs are eye-catching behind the pool table.

ID# 117420

Game Room Design with Wood Billiard Cue Rack

This minimalist design features a modern pool table with stainless steel and copper frame and gray broadcloth, a wooden niche for billiard bats and balls, and a glass top table with gray bar chairs. Wood patterned gray rug completes the look.

ID# 117426

Modern Black Pool Table with Teal-White Patterned Carpet

Modern pool table with black frame and gray broadcloth placed center of the room. Circular pendant lighting supports this modern look. Teal-white patterned rud and wall decors liven up this white room.

ID# 117428

Industrial Family Room Design with Metallic Pool Table

Modern pool table brings elegancy with plain and clean lines. Open ceiling elevates the look. Two drum lightings hanged on the pool table.

ID# 117431

Beach Style Family Room with Modern Pool Table

A modern pool table with a dark wooden frame and gray broadcloth makes an elegant touch under the exposed timber beams. The wooden ceiling fan fits perfectly between the beams. Art piece creating a focal point behind the pool table. White shaker cabinets placed in the recessed wall.

ID# 117432

Modern Game Room with Dark Wood Built-in Cabinets

A custom-made pool table with gray broadcloth and triangle legs makes an elegant touch under the pendant lighting. Built-in bar cabinets with open shelves along with the wall USA. A large mirror was placed between the open shelves. blue and white patterned carpet on the hardwood floor.

ID# 117433

Modern Pool Table Design with Black Curly Carpet

The custom-made pool table features white rails, grey broadcloth, stainless band on the side rails, a unique stainless steel leg base, and a rare ball return system. White pool table popping up on the black curly carpet.

ID# 117434

Contemporary Game Room Design with Modern Gold Chandelier

The modern pool table with a concrete frame and blue broadcloth looks gorgeous between the traditional carpet and modern gold chandelier. Art pieces on the cream wall complete the look perfectly shop. LED lights on the ceiling reveal the gaming area.

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