Backyard Movie Theater Ideas Best Option for Outdoor Entertaining

41+ Backyard Movie Theater

ID# 108601 | – Credit© GO Designs Inc.

Minimalist Backyard Design with Movie Theater

This minimalist design featured with pulldown projector screen and l shaped wooden bench. Projection screen hanging on the home’s exterior wall. beautiful grasses between the pathways allow extra space. You can put on some comfortable cushions and enjoy your movie!

ID# 108604 | – Credit© Mason London Design

Contemporary Backyard Ideas with Movie Theater and Fire Pit

A large white wall allows a wide area to watch your movies on the white sofa with black pillows or a black armchair. Besides providing visual beauty, a fire pit can warm you up on cold nights!


Backyard Movie Theaters Ideas for Outdoor Entertaining

Home theaters are a great place to spend time with your family. If you have enough space why not move the home theater to your backyard. With a few easy steps, you can transform your backyard into a great cinema experience the whole family will enjoy! Here are some backyard movie theater ideas for you.

Firstly, set up a movie screen for a movie night!

There are no specific rules for designing a backyard movie theater. It is all about the ambiance. You can create your theater even with a simple white sheet with a movie projector and some comfortable seats or go with more high-tech features like an exclusive sound system. Also, you can add some lightings or a fireplace to amp up the atmosphere. We gather some backyard movie theater ideas in different styles.

Whether you decide to go with it, either way would make for a fun movie night with your family!

Poolside Movie Theater Design with Projection System

Using your home’s white exterior wall as a movie screen is a perfect idea! L-shaped sofas provide comfortable seating in this backyard for movie nights!

ID# 108603 | – Credit© Serious Audio Video

Modern Roof Top with Small Movie Theater Ideas

Who doesn’t want to watch a movie on this comfortable gray sofa? A big screen hanged on the wooden panel between the fences. Wooden flooring completes this design perfectly.

ID# 108606 | – Credit© Cultured Stone®

Cozy Patio Design with Wooden Comfortable Sitting Group

You can turn your patio into a movie theater with small touches. Television on the stone fireplace and wooden framed armchairs with white cushions creating a cozy space for your movie nights!

ID# 108607 | – Credit© Landform Design Group

Modern Backyard with Large Movie Screen and Wicker Sitting Group

Hanging the movie screen on the exterior wall of your home allows you to watch movies from anywhere in your backyard even while you are swimming! The bamboo outdoor living room set provides a comfortable area to watch movies.

ID# 108609 | – Credit© Ryan Hughes Design/Build

Transitional Patio Design with Outdoor Lounge Chairs

Sit back in durable comfort while watching your favorite movie in this outdoor theater. Gorgeous lounge chairs with white cushions and coffee tables make a classic touch. Blue tiles above the fireplace popping up the television screen.

ID# 108610 | – Credit© Utah Landscaping

Backyard Dining Room Design with Large Movie Screen

The drop of sunshade not only protects the dining area from the sun but also provides an excellent area for the movie screen. you can gather around the large dining set with your family and watch movies while having dinner!

ID# 108612 | – Credit© Neptune Swimming Pools

Backyard Movie Theater Ideas with Circular Hot Top

This outstanding backyard design makes dreams come true! Bluestone clad wall supports a large outdoor entertainment screen across from the spa. You can get relax in the hot spa after swimming and watch some movies with your friends or family!


ID# 108613 | – Credit© Campion Platt Interiors

Movie Screen in Tropical Style Backyard

The tropical backyard features a pool with a movie screen wall Outdoor bench with cream cushions and cylinder pillows placed right across the movie screen. The pool looks gorgeous between the inviting furnishings and it allows a relaxing atmosphere. Lanterns help to set a warm ambiance on the pool deck.

ID# 108614 | – Credit© Aqua-Link Pools and Spas

Outdoor Movie System in Modern Backyard

This backyard design with a large movie screen allows an entertaining space for your pool party or movie nights in summer! Take a place on the sunbed and enjoy the atmosphere.

ID# 108615 | – Credit© Meshberg Group

Modern Backyard Movie Theather Ideas with Concrete Fire Pit

The landscaped communal courtyard provides a multi-faceted gathering space. White modern chairs placed on the grass between the gray tiles and large movie screen next to them. A modern outdoor fire pit warms up the backyard.


ID# 108617 | – Credit© Mia Karlsson Interior Design

Enclosed Yard Design with Projection System

Love this creative idea! If you don’t have too much space in your backyard you can place a projection, speaker system and watch a movie on your white wall. The wide door opening allows you to sit and watch movies on these huge orange poufs in the house on cold nights.

ID# 108618 | – Credit© Cedar Springs Landscape Group

Tropical Wooden Pergola Turned into Movie Theater

Hidden within the tropical landscape lies this tranquil retreat. This tropical backyard features an outdoor bamboo dining set, fire pit, and wide movie screen. Stone tiles placed right under the sitting area.


ID# 108619 | – Credit© Sonora West Development, Inc.

Poolside Designed as A Cozy Movie Theater

A gorgeous wooden pergola with stone details next to the pool is a perfect place for a movie theater. Television placed on the stone fireplace. Two lounge chair allows comfortable seating under this pergola.


ID# 108621 | – Credit© Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

Luxurious Pool with Custom Water Screen Projection Wall

What an elegant and outstanding idea that using a water wall as a screen projection! The water wall with a metal frame looks glamorous on the pool. We are sure that everyone wants to hang out at this pool!

ID# 108622 | – Credit© Chicago Roof Deck & Garden

Contemporary Roof Deck with Concrete Firepit

Fire pits are indispensable for outdoor spaces. Besides warming you in cold nights, it offers a visual beauty for your backyards. Custom stone fire pit place across the television. A gorgeous small waterfall completes the natural atmosphere.

ID# 108626 | – Credit© Brook Landscape

Cozy Rooftop Furnished as A Movie Theater

A rooftop garden features a movie screen for entertaining friends and family after the sun goes down. Pillows, cushions, fur pelts, and comfortable furnishings liven the deck. Movie projector placed on a small outdoor table.

ID# 108629 | – Credit© Ryan Hughes Design/Build

Backyard Design Completely Surrounded by Glass Panels

This gorgeous outdoor living area includes totally protected spaces for lounging, swimming, or entertaining. Comfortable seats and fire pit next to the wide movie screen. Palm trees give tropical vibes. Glass structure incorporates this backyard beautifully into nature.

ID# 108630 | – Credit© Bobby Berk

Outdoor Movie Theater Ideas at Wooden Backyard Deck

This cool backyard movie area features a large projection screen, seating areas, and a built-in fireplace. Great idea to include the seating areas in the wooden deck. You can open the chairs and enjoy the movie on your movie nights or you can close them and dance on them while partying with your friends.


ID# 108631 | – Credit© Evolve Styling

Contemporary Backyard Movie Theater Ideas with Wavy Seating Areas

Love this contemporary backyard movie theater design! seating areas incorporated into the wooden deck. Soft-lined seating areas give the feeling of waves. LED lights around the seats offer a visual feast at night. Wide movie screen placed on the black exterior wall.


ID# 108632 | – Credit© Liquid Interiors Limited

Luxury Rooftop Design with Wide Movie Screen

This rooftop design includes everything that you need for movie night! The movie screen right across the seating area. The concrete table is inset with an ice tray. Potted plants add a green element to the rooftop, and copper planters maintain a sleek atmosphere.

ID# 108635 | – Credit© Aqua-Link Pools and Spas

Outdoor Movie Screen at Luxurious Poolside

There’s no better way to beat the heat than a dip in a refreshing swimming pool. It’s even better when that swimming pool is in your own backyard! Movie screen adding an entertaining activity to this backyard. Stone pathway surrounding the pool perfectly. A firepit can warm up you on cold nights!

ID# 108620

Converting A Backyard into a Cozy Movie Theater

Adding a viewing screen to an outdoor trellis space really is the greatest way incorporate to bring the indoors, out. Comfortable wicker sofa with white cushions, fire pit, and movie screen, you are ready for the movie night!

ID# 108605

Greenery Backyard Movie Theater Ideas

This backyard movie theater looks gorgeous in a green environment. Wooden and stone materials in a harmony with the atmosphere. With the calming effect of nature, you can lie down on the sunbeds and enjoy the movie. Also, if you have a large greenery backyard, you can build a cabinet for your big screen and create protection.

ID# 108608

Backyard Movie Theater Ideas Under the Triangle Shade Sails

This backyard design is perfect for garden parties! Large projection screen placed upstairs. Triangle shade sails right above the movie theater and it’s amp up the backyard with the string lights on the edges. Colorful side chairs and cushions bring joy to the backyard.

ID# 108611

Backyard Movie Theater Ideas with Black Sofa and Red Cushions

Tile red cushions on the black-framed sofa popping up at this gorgeous white mansion’s backyard. Red and black color make an elegant touch. Movie screen placed on the black stand. Stone tile covered the entire floor of the backyard.

ID# 108616

Large Movie Screen at Luxurious Backyard

Isn’t it dreamy to watch movies while sunbathing on the sun loungers by the pool? The large movie screen fits perfectly between the gorgeous stone columns. You can also host entertaining pool parties in this backyard!

ID# 108623

Tropical Poolside Movie Theater with Concrete Deck

If you love big parties this backyard design is just for you! The movie screen shines out next to the gorgeous pool in this tropical backyard. The concrete deck surrounding the pool perfectly.

ID# 108624

Small Backyard Ideas with Movie Screen and Orange Chairs

Movie screen, small fire pit, and some chairs can enough to design your backyard movie theater. Pick up some blankets fire up the pit and you are ready for the movie night. Don’t forget popcorns!

ID# 108625

Large Rooftop Movie Theater Design with Wooden Sunbeds

Watching movies against the magnificent city view must be perfect. The entire roof has been turned into a movie theater. Big screen and portable speakers hanged on the wooden partition. You can sunbathe on the wooden sunbeds until it gets dark for the movie night.

ID# 108627

Contemporary Warm Backyard Movie Theater Ideas with String Lights

This backyard transformed into an oasis between the buildings. Comfortable seating areas around the fire pit provide space for you to gather with your family and have a movie night on the wide movie screen. String lights add to the overall evening time ambiance.

ID# 108628

Patio Design with Wooden Framed Movie Screen

This backyard features an l-shaped sofa, wicker seating group, circular fire pit, sunbeds, and wooden frame movie screen. The design allows a relaxing atmosphere in nature. The floor is covered by stone tiles.

ID# 108633

Minimalist Backyard Movie Theater Ideas

Use a white wall of your home as a movie screen, this one just happens to be the side of the garage. Put outdoor chairs on the grass and pick up some blankets and ready for a movie night!

Modern Outdoor Theater Design at Backyard Patio

The covered backyard furnished with soft seating is a cozy space for watching movies. Movie screen placed on the exterior wall of the house. Wooden coffee tables and lampshades complete this look gorgeously. Spotlights on the wooden covering make a brighter environment.

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