Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom Ideas Styling Tips and Tricks

Bathrooms are the places of renewal and refreshment. Bathrooms are the first place where we wake up and the last one before go to the bed. So, your bathrooms should serve as a place of relaxation and happiness. When designing a bathroom, it is important the create a space that feels balanced for our needs. Whether you are working on a small powder room or large master bathroom, functionality is also important besides the style. From beautiful vanities to tiling there are so many decisions to make. If you ready to renovate your bathroom but don’t know where to start, here are some design tips and tricks that will inspire you!

1. Bathroom Cost

As we mentioned before, there are plenty of decisions to make when designing a bathroom. Because of the style, material, and size variations, there is a wide range of costs with bathroom remodeling.

In the USA homeowners spend an average of $5,500 for a full renovation but of course, it depends on which material you used and what is the size of your bathroom. For a partial bathroom renovation, you may expect to spend $3,000 which includes new tile, toilet, and sink. A 40-square-foot bathroom costs $4,000 – $8,000 with a separate tub and shower. For an upscale bathroom remodel with custom cabinetry, freestanding soaker tub, custom cabinetry, electric in-floor heating, and more, you might expect to spend $40,000 – $70,000.

Whether you’re re-doing a small powder room or large ensuite, cheap or expensive, it is important to define your priorities first, then you can start to design it!

2. Bathroom Styles

After you defined your needs in the bathroom, now you can get on the fun part! When you are designing a bathroom, knowing which style resonates with you can be a big help. From sleek contemporary to warm rustic, classic traditional to elegant Victorian, here are 12-bathroom styles that will help reflect your own sense of style and your personality.

Traditional Bathroom

Traditional style bathrooms are timeless and refined and offer a spa-like feeling with an aesthetic of elegant hues and super luxurious touches. Subtle neutrals, pure whites, and maybe a touch of pale shades of blue and green or deeper shades of brown, gray, and blue. The soft color palette of this style provides a heaven-like atmosphere.

Furniture-style vanities with carved door faces and ornate knobs and pulls are one of the main features of the traditional bathroom. Countertops feature either natural or faux-natural materials like marble, quartz, or granite which emphasize the luxury feel in the room. The classic penny, subway, or hexagonal tiles and antique-style lighting fixtures being the most sought-after choices. The high-end materials and gleaming surfaces offer a beautiful aesthetic that never goes out of style. – Credit© Bournes Projects LTD


Transitional Bathroom

The transitional bathroom is one of the most popular design concepts according to experts and it’s not surprising. This style offers a perfect balance between the sleek contemporary design with clean lines and a classic traditional look with high-end materials. Clean lines but not too contemporary, with the warm and inviting feeling of the traditional style. A transitional bathroom serves as a spa-like space where you can get relaxed after a long day!

Transitional bathrooms are known for their shaker vanities, under-mount sinks, a clear glass shower or clean-lined freestanding tub, and light-hued stone counters, floors, or wall treatments in materials such as marble and quartz. The color palette of these bathrooms includes bright whites, warm cream, and beiges, cool grays, or inviting blues and greens.  Glamorous accents or matte black hardware are the most common choices for the final touch. – Credit© Aker Interiors – Credit© Jessica Koltun Home


Modern Bathroom

The bathroom design should be designed for optimal comfort and give a sense of calm and relaxing atmosphere. Modern style is the representation of the minimalist design approach. Geometrical shapes, natural materials, minimalist decors, and basic color schemes. When it comes to modern bathroom design, these design strategies are first coming to mind. So, if you want a sleek look and clean, bright spaces, a modern bathroom style might be the right choice for you.

Rather than carved door faces, millwork, wainscoting, or ornate knobs, modern bathrooms feature floating vanities with flat-panel doors, frameless mirrors, minimalist hardware, streamlined lighting fixtures, and a neutral color palette. Whether you are working on a small or large space, a modern bathroom can give the sense of both sophistication and luxury. – Credit© Volta_ – Credit© CB Architecture + Design


Contemporary Bathroom

Contemporary style is similar to the modern but also with the latest tech and cutting-edge designs. Contemporary bathrooms offer a sleek look with clean lines and minimal adornments. Also, this minimalist style allows you to personalized your bathroom.

Simplicity is key in a contemporary bathroom. If you want to create a sleek contemporary look you need to avoid heavy embellishments and curved edges. Flat-panel cabinets and drawers, under-mount sinks, freestanding bathtubs, glass shower enclosures, minimalist hardware, concrete walls, slim profile mirrors, and statement tiling. These features are key elements of contemporary bathrooms. The black and white color scheme is popular in contemporary bathrooms but also warm woods, sophisticated grays, or vibrant colors like blue, red, yellow, work well with this style. – Credit© Lyons – Credit© Brandon Architects, Inc.


Rustic Bathroom

The rustic style abundant organic elements and influences from nature into the home. Rustic bathrooms can help you give the calm and relaxing atmosphere that you want after a long day. With the natural elements and earthy tones, rustic bathrooms offer a serene, warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The rustic design incorporates unrefined elements such as rough surfaces, old-school light fixtures, barn doors, natural wood textures and they can make any space look more inviting. You can create a more welcoming atmosphere in your modern bathroom with rustic decors or you can go big and turn the space into an oasis with wood panels and aged furniture. Whether your style is modern or classic, you can create a rustic bathroom with timeless appeal! – Credit© Woodland Designs, Inc.


Scandinavian Bathroom

Simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. These are the main hallmarks of the Scandinavian style. Scandinavian bathrooms offer a calm and peaceful atmosphere. So, it might be the best spot in your home for a relaxing.

Scandinavian bathrooms harmonized beautifully the natural materials, bright whites, and soft neutral shades but also you may see the blacks in some designs. Wood is one of the most iconic materials of this Nordic style. It infuses warmth and reflects the relationship of the Nordic countries with nature. You can incorporate the wood on walls, the floor, or as a vanity. Matte black accents can emphasize the design. For a final touch, don’t forget to add some plantation because Scandinavian bathrooms aren’t complete without a little bit of greenery! – Credit©


Farmhouse Bathroom

The farmhouse bathrooms are the most relaxed and cozy style of all bathroom styles. There is something about the farmhouse-inspired bathrooms that give a lived-in look.      Also, this style is perfect for people on a budget because you can include plenty of DIY elements that can work well with it.

The combination of the natural woods, galvanized metals, concretes, and mason jars offer a beautiful farmhouse bathroom which is a perfect spot to get relaxed. Also, it is perfect that you can mix and merges the farmhouse style with other styles. You can go vintage farmhouse design for a charming look or modern farmhouse for a clean and fresh look. So, if you want to create a homey atmosphere and cozy feel, a farmhouse-style bathroom might be right for you! – Credit© Courtney Thomas Design


Mediterranean Bathroom

The Mediterranean style was influenced by the European countries which are Italy, Spain, Turkey, and Greece. Mediterranean bathrooms based on a soft color palette and relaxing atmosphere. So, if you want a relaxing atmosphere with an elegant look, the Mediterranean bathroom can be the right choice for you!

Mediterranean bathrooms include natural materials like wood, stone which are inspired by the sun and sea. Burnished metals like oil-rubbed bronze, iron, and copper are generally used for the final touches such as hardware and faucets. Between the neutral overall look, colorful tiles might be a perfect choice to emphasize the sea feeling. – Credit© VES Estudio


Tropical Bathroom

If you love nature and want to incorporate it in your bathroom, the tropical style allows you to do it! A tropical bathroom offers a spa-like space with vibrant colors of nature. The bright tropical decors will remind you of your amazing holidays!

Tropical style bathrooms focused to create a greenery paradise in homes which is a perfect getaway from city life. even if you live in an apartment and don’t have a garden, the tropical style is one of the best ways to incorporate the beauty of nature into your apartment life. Bright tropical touches like wallpapers, green-shaded tiles are the main hallmark of this style. Also, bold colors like pink, blue, yellow, and many others work well with it. Of course, it is not enough to put some decors. The plants are essential for creating a tropical feel but you should choose plants that thrive in the warm and often humid atmosphere. – Credit© Elise Denver Interior Design


Victorian Bathroom

During the Victorian era, private bathrooms were very rare and only accessible for the upper class because the cost was very expensive. Because of this, the Victorian bathrooms are the representation of the ornate aesthetic and luxury life.  Victorian-style bathrooms have been popular ever since the time of Queen Victoria, but they are getting more popular in today’s trends, only this time with a modern twist.

Victorian bathrooms offer a charming vintage style with high-end materials. A freestanding bathtub usually with a claw design, should be the centerpiece of the Victorian bathtub. A black and white is a popular color palette choice in Victorian style. The soft neutral shades also work well with it. And if you want to create a classic Victorian style, don’t forget to include antique faucets and ornate mirrors. – Credit© Richard Oxford – Credit© Finch Interior Design


Beach Bathroom

If you love the sea and the sand and want to fill your bathroom with coastal vibes, these beach bathroom ideas are perfect for you! The beach-style bathrooms offer a relaxing lavatory with a beautiful color palette inspired by the beach.

From nautical elements to a serene tropical oasis, there are many different types of beach-style bathrooms. First of all, if you want to decorate your bathroom with coastal vibes, you will need some blues. From pastel to aqua, navy to royal there is plenty of shades that can attract your attention. You can incorporate blue tiles and wallpapers or use blue vanities in white bathrooms or catch this vibe with some coastal decorations like shells, fishes, mermaids, seagrass, and nautical wheels. – Credit© Janet Shea Interiors – Credit© JLV Creative


Industrial Bathroom

Industrial style is all about raw materials and open concept spaces. The industrial bathrooms offer an edgy yet elegant design with their raw surfaces, neutral materials, and metal accents. If you want to create a stand-out look, you might consider the industrial bathroom.

When it comes to industrial style there is a degree of elegance that comes from the unfinished look. Usage of the brick walls, exposed beams, concrete floors, metal pipes, is the best way to encompassing the industrial feel in your bathroom. Also, industrial style is a versatile concept that can works perfectly with other styles such as modern and rustic. You just have to decide which one you want! – Credit© Context – Credit© Simon Tong Associates


3. Bathroom Colors

Selecting a perfect color scheme for your bathroom might be tricky because there are endless options. The colors of the bathroom play a crucial role in creating visual value to any bathroom. Whether you are working on small or big spaces, with the right color scheme you can make a big impact on your bathroom. Even the small powder rooms can turn into eye-catching spaces. From bold and dramatic hues to more soft neutral tones, a chic bathroom paint color can change all designs! Scroll down and find how to incorporate beautiful shades into your design.

White Bathrooms

White is the representation of cleanliness and pureness, and it is the best color that creates a timeless bathroom. White is a classic color choice and provides a clean and fresh look and a calming atmosphere in bathrooms. But it doesn’t mean that they have to be boring. White bathrooms allow you to be creative because they act as a black canvas. You can add some natural wood textures to create a warmer atmosphere or incorporate some black accents to make a more impactful look. Whether you want to jazz up an all-white bathroom suite or add pattern and color white bathrooms will never fail you down! – Credit© KANDO STUDIO – Credit© Arcologic Design


Black Bathrooms

The black bathroom trend is on the rise. So, can we say the black is the new white? When it comes to designing a bathroom, fresh and bright whites are the first choice because of it reflects the feeling of cleanliness so well. But if you want to create a chic, sleek and timeless bathroom, black will never let you down.

Black has a bold aesthetic and makes a strong style statement. This stylish and sophisticated color adds a touch of this dramatic hue to your bathroom and easily matches with other shades. From black fixtures to eye-catching black tiling, there is plenty of ways to incorporate black into your bathroom. If you love this trend but don’t know how to include your design, check out our favorite fabulous black bathrooms to get inspiration! – Credit© Dion Group Projects


Blue Bathrooms

The blue color is the representation of the calm and relaxing vibe of the ocean. Navy, aqua, royal, teal, and more! The wide color range of the blue from calm and serene pastels to bold and energetic navy blues, allows you to create a timeless blue bathroom. So, if you want to incorporate color into your bathroom and also provide an elegant look blue might be the right decision.

Whether it is an ocean-themed wallpaper or mermaid tiles, coastal decors, or a blue painted vanity, blue bathrooms give the serene and tranquil atmosphere that you want in a bathroom. With a little help from the wood accents and white furniture, you can create your dreamy blue bathroom that will never go out of style! – Credit© JDL Homes Vancouver – Credit© M.J.Harris Group


Gray Bathrooms

You might think that gray is a boring color but with the right approach, gray can work well in an elegant, sophisticated, and stylish bathroom. As in the past, the gray color is still a popular choice for bathrooms today. Sometimes it is used as a sleek backdrop, and sometimes it is used to highlight accent features. Wherever it is used, gray will always be a timeless, calming, and classy choice for bathrooms.

This versatile color literally goes with everything. You can combine gray with some black accents to create a luxury look or merge with some wooden elements to bring a cozier and warmer atmosphere. One of the big advantages of this color is you can use it in both small and large spaces. You just need to choose the right shade for your bathroom. – Credit© Woods & Warner – Credit© Mcmahon and Nerlich


Beige Bathrooms

When it comes to designing a bathroom, beige is another popular color choice for the bathrooms. It is a great color to achieve an ultimate tranquil retreat in the bathroom. From modern to traditional, beige color can work with different styles. 

You might think that beige bathrooms are boring but thoughtful décor and artworks, beautiful tiling, cozy rugs, and right bathroom furniture could make your beige bathroom as beautiful as calm and relaxing. You can add some bright whites and creams to create a fresh and clean look or ass more bold colors like black and brown to bring some drama. Because the beige has soft hues, it can provide a perfect base for different color combinations. – Credit© Bower Architecture