Bathroom Backsplash Provide Both Functionality and Visuality

78+ Bathroom Backsplash

ID# 123407 | – Credit© Mary Anne Smiley Interiors

Wood Vanity with Glass Countertop and Glass Tile Backsplash

In this contemporary black bathroom, a black and gray glass tile backsplash offers a sleek and stylish backdrop. The wood vanity is paired with a glass countertop which complements the shiny surface of the backsplash tiles.

ID# 123442 | – Credit© RTH Building Company

Black Pebbled Wall with Metallic Accents and Zebra Printed Towels

In this black and white powder room, the black pebbled wall brings a natural feel while creating an elegant backdrop. Metallic accents like the stand of the sink, mirror frame, and faucet add a sparkle to the design.

Bathroom Backsplash

When designing a bathroom, bathtub, shower, and vanity are the essentials. However, besides these features, choosing the right backsplash is important as other elements. But after all, decisions that you made for your bathroom, deciding a backsplash is the fun part of the job and you can be as crazy as you want. A bathroom backsplash is a vertical extension to a counter which needs to protect walls against water spills. It can be a few inches high or cover all the walls behind the vanity.

The primary function of the backsplash is protection but it is more than this. Backsplashes also add visual interest to the bathrooms and create a focal point behind the vanity. You can play with different colors, textures, and materials to finalize your dreamy kitchen. Whether it’s a classic subway tile or eye-catching metal tiles, choosing the right backsplash will elevate your bathroom design. A well-chosen backsplash brings the all components together and completes the overall look of the bathroom. Here are our favorite bathroom backsplash ideas. Scroll down and find the best material that suits your taste and budget!

Bathroom Backsplash Material

Choosing the right material for your bathroom backsplash might be the triest decision that you need to make. A bathroom backsplash needs to defend walls against water spills and it should maintain this function throughout time. It must be stretch-resistant, easy to clean and maintain. That’s why you need to choose the right material. For all these expectations, tile backsplashes have become the most popular method for homeowners and interior designers. Glass, ceramic, and porcelain tiles are the most popular material options but from metal to stone there are endless choices for a backsplash material. With their natural beauty and striking appearance, granite, quartz, and marble also gain their popularity in recent days.

Marble Backsplash Bathroom

Marble is a natural stone that has a unique beauty. This elegant stone can lend a luxurious sophistication to any space and create a timeless look. From tiny hex tiles to giant slabs, marble can be used in many different ways as a bathroom backsplash. Also, there is plenty of marble type that provides different appeals. The average cost of the marble tiles is between $15-$30 per square foot. But depending on the type of marble this price can go up. For example, Calacatta Gold Marble is a high-end stone that can cost $30 – $80 per square foot.

Also, marble is an easy-to-clean material that you can clean with warm water, dish soap, and a soft cloth. However, marble is a porous material that needs to be sealed regularly. This means marble tiles are a little bit harder to maintain but if you do this maintenance regularly, you can keep your marble backsplash as fresh as the first day.

ID# 123401 | – Credit© Cerastone Surfaces tile + stone + timber

Modern Bathroom with Marble and Wood Elegance

The elegance of marble surrounds the room and creates a luxurious bathroom. Marble tiles are used both on flooring, wall cladding and as a countertop of the vanity. The dark wood floating vanity adds a nice texture without disturbing the flawless design. Round edges of the mirrors and sconces contrast with the sharp look of the vanity to elevate the look.

1# Best Seller White Backsplash tiles for Kitchens

Sparkling White Diamonds
White Unique Glass Marble Kitchen Backsplash Tile Ba62046 6

Sparkling White Diamond

Glass & Marble Mixed Backsplash Tile

Item #: BA62046

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White modern marble chevron mosaic backsplash tile white cabinet BA631613
Marble Countertop White Marble Chevron Backsplash Tile BA631613

White Modern Marble Chevron Mosaic

Crystal White Marble chevron mosaic tile

Item #: BA631613

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Modern White Gray Subway

Unique marble comes with gray white and few brown colors

Item #: BA1034

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White Glass Metal Kitchen Backsplash Tile BA1138
BA1138 Glass Metyal Backsplash Tile 2

White Glass Metal Backsplash

Need a glittering element for your decidedly modern space?

Item #: BA1138

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White Interlocking Marble Glass Metal Backsplash Tile BA62032
White Interlocking Marble Glass Metal Backsplash Tile BA62032

White Subway Marble Glass & Metal

Add elegance and class to your project with this glass and metal mix mosaic tile.

Item #: BA62032

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White Silver Mosaic Backsplash Tile BA1206
White Silver Mosaic Backsplash Tile 1 BA1206

White & Silver Shiny, Glittery Backsplash Tile

White and silver color glass mosaic tile for elegant kitchens backsplash project.

Item #: BA1206

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Scott Norsworthy

This powder shows that even the small spaces can look beautiful and elegant. Here, custom furniture makes a big difference. The floating marble sink is fitted to the marble tile backsplash which creates a continuous look. The Black and copper details of the mirror add visual interest to the powder room.

ID# 123404 | – Credit© Santucci Group – Italy

Wood Vanity with White Countertop and Bookmatched Marble Tiles

If you want a totally luxurious look for your bathroom, there is no better option than a bookmatched marble. In this contemporary bathroom, bookmatched marble tiles offer a luxurious look while light wood vanity creates a clean and fresh look between the tiles. Mirrored upper cabinets make the space feel larger and bring depth to the design.

Glass Mosaic Tiles

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

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Gray marble & glass tile for contemporary to modern kitchens or bathroom

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Modern white frosted and clear glass thin linear clean look backsplash tile.

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Modern white glass & quartz mosaic tile, ideal for a backsplash

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Elegant Rhomboid White Glass Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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ID# 123406 | – Credit© C3 Studio, LLC

Marble Vanity with Hexagon Mirrors and Gold Details

In this luxury bathroom, the marble vanity is paired with a classic 4-Inch backsplash. Brass accents like mirror frames, faucets, and sconces add a sparkle to the design and complete the luxurious look of the marble. Dark gray floor tiles complement the hexagon mirrors with their geometrical patterns.

Glass Backsplash Bathroom

Using glass is one of the most popular materials as a backsplash for homeowners and interior designers and they provide several advantages. Glass backsplash bathroom, come in a variety of colors, sizes, and finishes which is a great way to add visual interest to walls behind the vanity. From classic subway tiles to eye-catching mosaic tiles, glass material can suitable for different styles according to your taste. The other biggest advantage of glass tiles is they are easy to clean which makes them a perfect material as a backsplash.

Also, glass is a natural material that can be recycled. So, that is perfect for environmentally-friendly concepts. Glass tiles are more affordable options than some other materials like marble. The average cost of a glass tile backsplash is between $12-$25 per square foot. This price can change according to company and location.

ID# 123408 | – CreditНадя и Гиви Ананьевы | © Сергей Ананьев

Contemporary Bathroom with Blue Glass Backsplash and Round Mirror

The beautiful appeal of the blue tile backsplash creates an eye-catching look and gives a waterfall feel with tiles’ vertical placement. The wood vanity and glass countertop allow the backsplash to take all the attention. Circular mirror and wall sconces in a harmony with the blue shaded tiles.

Porcelain Mosaic Tiles

Modern light gray long porcelain mosaic tile

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Modern beige long porcelain mosaic kitchen and bathroom mosaic

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White ceramic arabesque shaped mesh-mounted mosaic tile.

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Brown and bronze mixture of glass, ceramic for a clean contemporary kitchen backsplash

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Brown red beige small square kitchen backsplash and bathroom tile.

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6 x 6 Red & Silver color luxury look porcelain tile, Made in Italy

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ID# 118909 | – Credit© Lauren Grumbles Design

Transitional Bathroom with White Vanity and Marble Countertop

The white shaker vanity and marble countertop create a fresh and elegant look while blue backsplash tiles bring a nice texture to the design. The light blue and gold color of the backsplash tiles add interest. The large frameless mirror enhances the spaciousness of the room.

Wood Backsplash Bathroom

If you are looking for something different than a classic tile look for your backsplash, a wood backsplash bathroom might be your solution. The natural beauty of the wood can instantly warm up to space and create a unique backdrop for bathrooms. From rustic to modern, wood backsplashes can be suitable for different styles. You can use wood planks in original textures and colors or paint them to create a more clean look. Whatever your choice is a wood backsplash will bring warmth to the atmosphere and make your bathroom more welcoming.

But if you want to use wood backsplash, you need to treat wood to protect it from water spills and to make it more durable. If you are still worrying about the durability of wood, you can check the wood-look tiles. They also give a realistic wood appearance with easier maintenance. There are ceramic and porcelain tiles with a wood texture. The cost of these tiles is between $2-$10 per square foot.

ID# 118911 | – CreditDan Joseph Architects, LLC | © Dan Joseph Architects

Rustic Bathroom with Wooden Vanity and Vessel Sink

Rough textures of natural materials create a warm atmosphere in this rustic bathroom. The custom design wooden vanity is finished with a wooden vessel sink and rubbed oil faucets. For a bathroom backsplash, the same wood material with the vanity is used which provides a completed look. Wall sconces make a warm glow above the vanity.

How To Install Bathroom Backsplash?

The installation process of the bathroom backsplash depends on the type, style, and size of your material. If you are covering all the walls behind the vanity, first you need to prepare the wall and tiles. Sand and clean the wall where you intend to install the backsplash.

Before applying adhesive, you need to decide the layout of your tiles. Mark starting and endpoints. Then apply the adhesive on the wall with a trowel by using a 45-degree angle. The starting point depends on the shape of the backsplash area and the layout of the tiles. After applying the adhesive, place your tiles or sheets along the wall and press them with the trowel. Wipe down the extra adhesive on the tiles. Wait 24 hours to allow the mortar and tiles to dry.

After it completely dries, apply the grout with the grout float at a 45-degree angle. Grab a wet sponge and clean the grout from the face of the tiles. If this process is not enough to cover all the spaces between the tiles, you can repeat these steps. After the grout dries, apply the grout sealer on the grouts to protect them from staining. If your backsplash material is porous like marble, granite, or travertine, you need to seal also tiles. After all these steps you can clean your backsplash with warm water and a soft cloth.

If you are using a vanity backsplash the installation process is the same with tiles. Some vanity tops come with integral backsplashes, but generally, bathroom backsplashes come separately that needs to be attached vanity top after the installation. After installing the backsplash material, you need to apply caulk between the vanity top and the backsplash.

ID# 123413 | – Credit© Allard + Roberts Interior Design, Inc

Modern Bathroom with Black Shiplap Wall and Led Lit Mirror

The walnut vanity gives a modern look and supports a cast concrete sink and chrome faucet. The black-painted shiplap wall and the round led lit mirror create a dramatic atmosphere. The stone floor tiles add another layer of texture while wicker baskets and artworks make a beautiful final touch.

ID# 123414 | – Credit© Zola European Windows

Southwestern Bathroom with Wood Bathroom Backsplash and Concrete Sink

In this Southwestern bathroom, the palette of natural materials offers a calm and relaxing atmosphere and adds a flavor of the west. The wood bathroom backsplash creates a rustic appeal while the concrete floating sink enhances the floor space.

ID# 123415 | – Credit© Nar Design Group

Farmhouse Bathroom with Gray Vanity and Wood-look Tiles

This eclectic industrial design serves the rough textures in their most luxurious state. The floating vanity features a rough-cut wood top, white vessel sink, and chrome faucet. The round mirror creates an accent with the sconces. Wood-look tiles are used on the flooring and backsplash which enhances the rustic vibe.

Metal Backsplash Bathroom

With their glamorous effect, metallic accents are in rising trend lists and backsplash s a great way to incorporate metal into the design. From shiny brass to sleek stainless steel, metallic backsplashes come in a wide range of types, colors, and sizes. The contemporary appeal of the metal backsplash offers a distinctive look and creates an eye-catching focal point in the bathrooms. Metal sheets are perfect to create a sleek modern look. But if you still want to create a classic tile look, there are plenty of metal tile options.

Besides being used as a perfect backsplash on its own, metal can also be combined with glass, stone, or other materials and create stunning looks. Metal backsplashes are incredibly durable and easy to clean materials. Metal is nonporous and provides a hygienic surface which makes them a perfect material for kitchens. The average cost of the metal tiles is $15-$30 per square foot.

ID# 123416 | – Credit© Coppin Designs

Dark Gray Vanity with Copper Penny Tile Backsplash and Quartz Countertop

The copper penny tiles take this otherwise ordinary bathroom to the next level! The metallic backsplash provides a distinctive focal point behind the vanity while the gray vanity and quartz countertop create an elegant look. Metallic frames of the rectangular mirrors complement the bathroom backsplash.

ID# 123417 | – Credit© Rachel Chidester Designs

Rustic Vanity with Copper Bathroom Backsplash and Black Floor

In this farmhouse bathroom, the copper backsplash makes a modern twist against the rustic look of the wooden vanity. Even the backsplash tiles don’t cover the wall behind the vanity, they make a big difference for the overall look. The brass finishes of the sconces complement the metallic tiles.

Do You Need Backsplash In Bathroom?

Water spills and moisture can be a big problem for bathrooms especially wet areas like behind the vanity. So, you’ll likely benefit from
Installing a backsplash. Besides its function, installing a backsplash is a great way to personalize your bathroom and create your dreamy bathroom.

ID# 123419 | – Credit© L. Pearson Design

Stainless Steel Subway Tile Backsplash with Custom White Vanity

The stainless steel subway tile backsplash provides a unique look for this beach-style bathroom. The custom white vanity, frameless mirror, wall-mounted faucet, and metal sconces complete the contemporary look of the backsplash while blue and white artworks enhance the beachy vibe.

ID# 123421 | – Credit© Touijer Designs

Walnut Floating Vanity with Metal Tiles and Round Mirror

This sophisticated powder room features a walnut floating vanity, white countertop, stainless-steel backsplash tile, round mirror, and black accents. The natural texture of the walnut vanity brings warmth to the atmosphere while the shiny surface of the metallic tiles contrasts with this warm appeal and creates a unique look.

Travertine Backsplash Bathroom

Just like marble, travertine is one of the popular materials used for bathroom applications. Travertine is a durable and cost-effective material that can elevate the bathrooms. The soft color palette of the travertine emphasizes the natural striation of the stone which will never go out of style. From tumbled to polished, travertine backsplash comes in different finishes that can be incorporated into different styles. Also, care and maintenance of the travertine are easy. The average cost of a travertine backsplash is between $20-$35 per square foot.

ID# 123422 | – Credit© Josephine Hurley Architecture

White Sink with Mirrored Cabinets and Travertine Tiles

In this contemporary bathroom, travertine tiles are used on all the surfaces which provides a serene and calming atmosphere. The white wall-mounted sink serves a minimal look while mirrored upper cabinets make the space feel larger and brighter.

ID# 123423 | – Credit© Fred Sauger Architecte

Farmhouse Bathroom with Warmth of Natural Textures

Wooden floor and ceiling panels offer a cozy farmhouse style for this bathroom. Wood bathroom vanity is paired with white vessel sinks and chrome faucets. The travertine tile backsplash complements the wood textures with its neutral color. The frameless mirror is placed into the recessed niche.

ID# 123424 | – Credit© TVL Creative Ltd.

Mediterranean Bathroom with His and Hers Vanity Units

This interior design serves the combination of function, simplicity, and the beauty of a neutral palette. The floor and large accent wall are covered with dramatic travertine tiles which creates a warm Mediterranean-inspired bathroom. Floating wood vanities, white vessel sinks, black-framed mirrors, and other black accents in a harmony with the travertine tiles.

Bathroom Backsplash Tile Style

Bathroom backsplashes come in a wide range of materials, colors, and styles and tiles are the most popular option for a backsplash. From modern geometric patterns to a classic herringbone pattern, backsplash tiles offer an array of styles. You can go with a glossy white subway backsplash to create a timeless look or colorful mosaic tiles to give a striking appeal.

Mosaic Backsplash Bathroom

Mosaic tile is a combination of different tile colors, sizes, shapes, and materials. These unique combinations act as a piece of art and offer a distinctive focal point as a backsplash application. From natural stones to glass, porcelain to metal, any type of material can be used as a mosaic tile. The average cost of mosaic tiles starts at $15-$25 per square foot but because mosaic tiles can contain different materials, the actual cost may vary. Generally, mosaic tiles come on a mesh-mounted sheet which provides an easy installation.

ID# 123425 | – Credit© Haven Interiors Ltd.

Multicolored Bathroom Backsplash with Gray Washstand and White Top

This multicolored mosaic backsplash tile is absolutely unique! Not only provide a distinctive backdrop but the backsplash also adds a character to the design. The light gray vanity, countertop, mirrored cabinet, and metallic sconce create a clean and minimal look and allow the backsplash tiles to stand out.

ID# 123426 | – Credit© Hollier Studio

Black and White Bathroom with Glossy Mosaic Backsplash and Black Vanity

This black and white bathroom is a perfect example that how to give a big impact with a few goods. The glossy white mosaic tiles create a clean and fresh backdrop while the black vanity comes in front of the white features. The strong contrast between the black and white enhances the luxury feel.

ID# 123427 | – Credit© Sublime Spaces

Pink Bathroom Backsplash with Brass Accents and Round-edged Mirrors

Pink, black, white, and a dose of gold. You can never go wrong with this color scheme! In this bathroom, the pink penny tile backsplash is accentuated by pink stacked tiles on the other walls. The black vanity brings a strong appeal and breaks the soft look of the pink tiles. White vanity top and round-edged mirrors complete the design flawlessly while brass accents add sparkle.

Subway Backsplash Bathroom

From its first launching to today, subway tile backsplash is classic for bathrooms. With their clean lines, subway tiles are a representation of simple sophistication. The classic, clean beauty of the subway tiles provides a timeless look. Also, subway tiles are beautifully versatile that can look modern or traditional, contemporary or transitional. The original subway tiles were made from a white glazed ceramic tile in 3×6 inches. However, today subway tiles come in an array of colors, patterns, and materials. Standard subway tile costs around $3-$8 per square foot but the actual cost depends on the material, company, and location.

ID# 123428 | – Credit© KSB Build

Sophisticated Bathroom with Black, White and Gold Color Scheme

The fully-covered white subway tile walls and bathtub, and black hexagon floor tiles offer a characteristic bathroom design. Thite vanity and bathtub are finished with black counters which complement the floor tiles and the black grout of the subway tiles. Brass details such as faucets, shower kits, handles, and the mirror frame enhance the luxury level of the design.

ID# 123429 | – Credit© Jag Kitchens

Black and White Bathroom with Onyx Vanity Top and Herringbone Tiles

The bold appearance of the black onyx vanity top makes a statement in this contemporary bathroom. The natural veining of the onyx highlights the sense of luxury while brass accents complete this sense. White herringbone tile bathroom backsplash adds a nice layer of texture without overwhelming. The black frame of the mirror complements the black vanity and softens the design which consists of sharp edges.

ID# 123430 | – Credit© LOUD Architecture & Interior Design

Glossy Green Subway Tiles with White Washstand and Mirrored Cabinets

When the classic look of the subway tile meets with a bold color, the result is just perfect! Here, glossy green subway tiles cover all the walls and offer a unique distinctive look. The small floating white vanity, wall-mounted brass faucet, and mirrored cabinets serve a minimal look in order not to draw attention from the tiles.

How High Should Bathroom Backsplash Be?

The classic eight of the bathroom backsplash is 4-Inch but today, interior designers and homeowners using a full backsplash that can extend until the ceiling. Full backsplashes give a more modern look and allow you to create a distinctive focal point behind the vanity. Also, full backsplashes are a better way to protect walls against water damage. But this type of backsplash may cost more than a standard 4 inches backsplash.

ID# 123431 | – Credit© Wildly Illuminating

Dark Wood Washstand with Gray Glass Subway Tiles and Linen Wallpaper

This exquisite powder room features a dark wood washstand, granite vanity top, wall-mounted faucet, frameless mirror, gray glass backsplash tile, and blue linen wallpaper. Gray subway tiles serve as bathroom wainscoting to protect walls. The frameless mirror creates a visual illusion with the help of the sconces. The crystal chandelier and sconces add a luxurious feel to the design.

Victorian Bathroom With Checkerboard Floor And Gold Accents

ID# 123432 | – Credit© Finch Interior Design

Victorian Bathroom with Checkerboard Floor and Gold Accents

Victorian style is all about the glory and this bathroom totally hits that feeling. The black and white color palette offers a timeless look while brass accents emphasize the design. The checkerboard porcelain tile floor, black and white ornate toilet, white sink, the black enclosure of the walk-in shower, and marble subway tiles are finished with brass details like the shower kit, mirror frame, and faucets.

ID# 123433 | – Credit© True North Development

Marble Vanity with Green Tile Bathroom Backsplash and Crystal Sconces

The green gemstone tile dominates this contemporary bathroom and brings the old world right up to the modern-day. Marble vanity, brass details, marble floor, and crystal sconces complete the luxurious look of the green tiles.

Stacked Backsplash Bathroom

Stacked is a simple pattern that offers a modern look for bathrooms. This sleek look is created by stacking the tiles laid one atop the other and creating a grid pattern. A stacked pattern can be laid in both vertical and horizontal ways. Vertically stacked tiles are a perfect way to emphasize the height of the bathroom. This modern appearance works well with clean shapes and crisp angles or contrasts with organic shapes.

ID# 123434 | – Credit© BCI Hawker

Coastal Powder Room with Light Wood Washstand and Gray Countertop

This tiny powder room gives a coastal vibe with its lovely color palette. The blue tile backsplash draws attention while the light wood washstand, gray countertop, white sink, and gold wall-mounted faucet create a fresh look.

ID# 123435 | – Credit© Glynis Wood Interiors

Contemporary Bathroom with Blue Stacked Backsplash and Patterned Floor

The flat-panel gray vanity with a quartz countertop provides plenty of storage space, besides its visual beauty. The stacked layout of the light blue subway tiles creates a sleek and serene backdrop while flower-patterned floor tiles add visual interest to the room.

ID# 123436 | – Credit© Cristina Cusani

Scandinavian Bathroom with Wooden Vanity and Beveled Subway Tiles

In this Scandinavian bathroom, the wooden floating vanity brings a rustic vibe between the clean lines. The beveled edges of the subway tiles highlight the beautiful pattern while gray upper walls complete this look. Black framed round mirror and the gray sconce creates a focal point above the vanity.

Backsplash Style

When choosing the style of your bathroom backslash, you need to consider the overall style of the bathroom. Modern and contemporary styles gain popularity in recent days. Clean lines and sleek looks dominate the rising trends lists. Besides these, classic bathroom styles like farmhouse, rustic, beach are still on the table and they will continue to be so.

Modern Bathroom Backsplash

Modern style is the representation of the minimalist design approach. Geometrical shapes, natural materials, minimalist decors, and basic color schemes are the essentials of the modern style. From classic rectangular tiles to unique hexagon tiles, there is plenty of material and shape option to create a modern bathroom backsplash. Generally, modern bathroom backsplash tile continues up to the ceiling for more continuity and a sleeker look.

Granite Backsplash Bathroom

Granite is a natural stone that offers a unique look with beautiful patterns. This unique look gives endless design options and creates a luxurious focal point. Granite backsplashes come in many different colors and patterns that you can incorporate into any kitchen. Besides its visual beauty, granite is a strong and durable material that provides easy-to-maintain surfaces. But granite is a porous stone which means it needs to be sealed regularly. A granite bathroom backsplash can cost something between $30-$60 per square foot.

ID# 123437 | – Credit© Erica Bryen Design

Large Bathroom Vanity with Bookmatched Granite Slabs and Countertop

The bookmatched granite slabs create a stunning appeal for this master bathroom. The elegance of the granite is carried from walls to countertop to create a continuous look. Wooden floating vanity complements the earthy color scheme of the slabs.

ID# 123439 | – Credit© Mhm Living, Llc

Luxurious Marter Bathroom with Pink Granite Backsplash and White Vanity

The lovely pink color of the granite bathroom backsplash adds an instant character to this design. White shaker vanity with quartz countertop and acrylic handles in a harmony with the pink color. The luxurious feel of the granite is continued as marble on the floors.

Pebble Stone Backsplash Bathroom

Pebble stone backsplash bathrooms are created by using many tiny pebbles that bring the earthy look of nature. This natural look offers a serene, spa-like atmosphere for relaxation. Pebbled backsplashes are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. You can even create a pebble stone bathroom backsplash by using real pebbles on your own or find the mesh from your local home improvement store. Generally, pebble tiles come on a mesh that provides easy installation. The average cost of these tiles is $6-$15 per square foot.

ID# 123443 | – Credit© OPaL DC

Custom Walnut Vanity with Marble Countertop and Bronze Knobs

The combination of natural materials and a neutral color palette offers a spa-like feel for this beach-style bathroom. The custom walnut vanity is paired with a marble countertop, bronze knobs, and chrome faucets. The oriental shape of the mirrors adds a traditional vibe while gray pebbled walls elevate the design.

ID# 123445 | – Credit© Design Associates – Lynette Zambon, Carol Merica

Rustic Bathroom with Concrete Vanity and Wood Panels

In this rustic bathroom, the concrete vanity paired with brown stand with open shelves and double black faucets. Stone backsplash contributes to the vanity design. Black sconces, wall-mounted faucets, wicker baskets, and decors in the cabinets complete the rustic atmosphere perfectly.

ID# 123446 | – Credit© Limitless Building

Modern Gray Bathroom with Concrete Wall and Floor Tiles

This bathroom design serves the neat beauty of simplicity. The marble vanity is paired with black drawers, an undermount sink, and a black wall-mounted faucet. Concrete wall and floor tiles complete the minimalist design while circular mirror softens the look.

ID# 123447 | – Credit© Nexus Designs

Minimalist Bathroom Design with Black Floor and Mirrored Cabinets

The strong contrast between the black and white offers a timeless and stylish look for this modern bathroom. The marble vanity, mirrored cabinets, and white walls stand against the black floor to create a luxurious feel.

ID# 123448 | – Credit© Côme Ménage (Re-a.d)

Black Bathroom with Concrete Walls and Recessed Shelves

Stylish and sophisticated. This black bathroom is a real statement maker and it features black floating vanity, recessed shelves, concrete walls, and a circular mirror. The large mirror and the greenery plant bring fresh air to the all-black atmosphere.

ID# 123449 | – Credit© Hemma Interiors

Gray Stacked Bathroom Backsplash with White Grouts

The wooden floating vanity, wall-mounted faucets, and mirrors create a minimalist bathroom design. The gray stacked tile backsplash adds a slight texture without overwhelming. Also, the vertical placement of the tiles makes the space feel higher and brighter. Medicine cabinets are hidden behind the mirrors which provide additional bathroom storage.

ID# 123450 | – Credit© Meg Blu Home

Modern Bathroom with White Stacked Subway Tiles and Black Hexagon Tiles

Different patterns which are created by different tiles transform this small bathroom into a unique design. Tiny white subway tiles are used as a bathroom backsplash. The stacked backsplash offers a sleek backdrop while black hexagon tiles add another layer of texture to the floor. The small floating vanity, black, and brass accents serve a minimalist look.

Farmhouse Bathroom Backsplash

Farmhouse style has a warm and cozy feel that offers a homey ambiance. Installing a farmhouse bathroom backsplash is a great way to complete this atmosphere. From modern to rustic there are plenty of ways to incorporate a backsplash for your country-styled bathroom. The clean and fresh appeal of the subway tiles stands against the rough textures and creates a balanced look. If you want to create a more rustic look, brick or wood backsplashes pair well with this style. But, if you want to give a more unique look, patterned tile backsplashes are popular these days and are a wonderful way to add interest.

ID# 123451 | – Credit© Olamar Interiors

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom with Custom Mirrors and Wooden Shelves

White subway tile backsplash, custom mirrors, and brass accents like faucets, sconces add a modern vibe to this farmhouse bathroom. The light wood vanity and wood floating shelves perfectly reflect the cozy feel of the farmhouse style.

ID# 123453 | – Credit© Richard Felix-ashman Design

White Oak Vanity with Granite Countertop and Backsplash

Thanks to the material choices this bathroom gives a cozy yet elegant feel. The white oak vanity is paired with a thick granite countertop, backsplash, and brass faucets. The wooden planks reflect the country vibe while white subway tiles add a fresh look to the bathroom.

Beach Bathroom Backsplash

Beach style or coastal décor is known for its white, blue, and beige color scheme and rope, jute, and wood accents. White, beige, or wood backslashes can also be suitable for beachy bathrooms but for this beautiful relaxing theme, a blue tile backsplash is indispensable. From eye-catching mosaic tiles to fresh glass tiles, you can bring different shades of the ocean into your bathroom by using a backsplash tile.

ID# 123454 | – Credit© Blue Tea Kitchens and Bathrooms

Beach Style Bathroom with Blue and White Patterned Tile Floor

Eclectic and refined! The timber floating vanity is fitted with a marble countertop and a white vessel sink in this beach-style bathroom. The encaustic concrete floor tiles are paired with elongated white subway tiles on the walls. The blue and white patterns of the floor tiles bring the ocean to your feet!

Rustic Bathroom Backsplash

Rustic aesthetics gains popularity in recent days. The cabin-like feeling of the rustic style offers a calm and relaxing atmosphere that everyone needs in their bathrooms. Wood backsplashes are the most popular and maybe suitable option for a rustic bathroom. There are plenty of ways to style a chic rustic bathroom backsplash from rough wood planks to white-painted shiplap. Wood-look tiles also help you to catch this feeling and they are much easier to maintain and clean.

ID# 123456 | – Credit© FiveWest Interiors

Rustic Powder Room with Black Washstand and Stone Countertop

In this rustic powder room, the black painted washstand draws the attention between the earthy colors. It is paired with a stone countertop and vessel sink which enhance the rustic appeal. The wood backsplash, gray stone floor tiles, wood-framed mirror, and bronze sconces complete the atmosphere.

ID# 123457 | – Credit© Kevin Gray Interiors

Rustic Bathroom with Oversized Mirror and Pebble Tile Flooring

The rustic bathroom features a walnut washstand, granite countertop, rubbed oil faucets, wood wall planks, a walk-in shower, and pebble tile flooring. The oversized mirror creates a visual illusion and doubles the size of the room while rubbed oil accents add a vintage flair.

ID# 123458 | – Credit© Rufty Custom Built Homes and Remodeling

Mountain style Powder Room with Stone Accent Wall

The stone wall is accentuated with gray walls and it provides a stunning backdrop for the vanity and mirror. The floating wood vanity is paired with black granite countertop and stone vessel sink which complement the accent wall. The wood-look floor tiles, wooden stool, and black pendant lights are in a harmony with the cozy feel of the mountain style.

Backsplash Color

Choosing a backsplash color is important because it completes the overall look of the bathroom. With its cleanliness and pureness, white is the most popular color option for bathroom backsplashes and it will probably always remain so. Besides white, beige, blue, and gray are also popular color choices for homeowners. For those looking for a bolder look, black is a nice and elegant option.

White Bathroom Backsplash

White is the representation of cleanliness and it can create a fresh look in any space. So, no wonder why a white backsplash is the most popular choice! From glossy glass tiles to luxury marble tiles there is plenty of different material, style and budget option for white bathroom backsplash.

ID# 123459 | – Credit© Carmit Oron Interior Design

Midcentury Bathroom with Glossy White Chevron Backsplash

The combination of wood, black, white, and a dose of gold offers a chic and elegant bathroom design. Glossy white chevron tiles create a sleek backdrop while custom wood vanity complements the tiles with its herringbone texture. The marble countertop of the vanity and the brass accents enhance the luxury level and black floor tiles make this design more powerful.

ID# 123460 | – Credit© Porebski Architects

White Transitional Bathroom with Shaker Vanity and Carrara Marble Countertop

The combination of the white washstand, Carrara marble countertop, and glossy white subway tile backsplash create a simple yet effective white bathroom design. The thickness of the marble countertop makes a statement. The black frames of the mirrored cabinets provide a nice contrast and tie in with the washstand handles.

ID# 123461 | – Credit© Blackband Design

Marble Subway Tile Bathroom Backsplash with Marble Vanity and Patterned Floor

The luxurious feel of the marble is reflected by subway tiles as a backsplash and a statement maker vanity. The black and white patterns of the floor tiles add visual interest to the bathroom while yellow flowers in the vase brighten up the atmosphere.

Beige Bathroom Backsplash

Beige is great to achieve a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere in the bathroom. The beige bathroom backsplash comes in an array of different materials like glass, travertine, marble, porcelain, and more. If you want to create a spa-like feeling there is no better color than beige.

ID# 123463 | – Credit© Visbeen Architects

Light Wood Washstand with Beige Bathroom Backsplash and Black Accents

The warm appeal of the wood textures is paired with crisp white accents to create a stylish contemporary bathroom. The beige bathroom backsplash adds a slight texture while the large mirror creates a focal point with its black frame. Gray stone floor tiles also add another layer of texture.

ID# 123464 | – Credit© Bryant Alsop Architects

Beige Bathroom with Mirrored Wall and Wood-look Tiles

Covering all walls with a mirror is a great way to enhance the space feel and create a spacious atmosphere. In this contemporary beige bathroom, the mirrored wall under the sloped ceiling doubles the room space and brings depth. The mirrored wall is accentuated by wood look tiles on the lower walls and floor. Black pendant lights and faucet nicely contrast with the lighter shades.

Gray Bathroom Backsplash

Gray is a versatile color that can fit in any style. This versatility makes a gray is a perfect option for a backsplash. A beautiful gray backsplash helps create an elegant, sophisticated, and stylish bathroom with the right approach and material!

ID# 123466 | – Credit© Phillip Smith General Contractor, LLC

Gray Bathroom with Marble Tiles and Metallic Accents

Different shades of gray offer a sleek and relaxing bathroom. The gray shaker vanity with quartz countertop creates a harmonious look with the gray marble tiles which cover the walls and floor. Metallic sconces, handles, and faucet complement the cool undertone of the gray.

ID# 123467 | – Credit© Penman Brown Interior Design

Contemporary Gray Bathroom with Marble Floating Vanity

This design purveys elegance through modern simplicity. Marble floating vanity makes a big impact in the space and creates a harmonious look with the gray backsplash tiles and circular mirror. Bronze faucets make a vintage touch to this contemporary look.

Black Bathroom Backsplash

When it comes to the bathroom, brighter colors are the first choice because of it reflects the feeling of cleanliness so well. But it doesn’t mean that you can use black. A well-chosen black backsplash can instantly elevate the overall look of the bathroom and lends sophistication.

ID# 123468 | – Credit© Raykon Construction

Glossy Black Accent Wall with Glass Pendant Lights and Beige Floor

In this contemporary bathroom, the glossy black bathroom backsplash creates a dramatic atmosphere between the white walls. The stacked layout of the tiles brings a modern appeal. Black and gray washstand, metallic knobs, and glass pendant lights complete this dramatic look while the beige floor brings warmth.

ID# 123469 | – Credit© Quadrant Design Architects

Modern Minimalist Bathroom with Chevron Tiles and Vessel Sink

Modern, minimalist, and effective! This contemporary bathroom offers a luxurious feel with its high-end materials while serving a minimal design. The black chevron tile bathroom backsplash creates an accent behind the wooden vanity with a marble countertop. The thickness of the countertop elevates the design. The circular shape of the vessel sink and mirror softens the overall look.

ID# 123470 | – Credit© Jette Creative

Modern Jet-Black Bathroom Backsplash with Light Wood Washstand

In this guest bathroom, the light wood vanity and the waterfall quartz countertop pop against the jet-black bathroom backsplash which creates a super modern backdrop. Vanities’ countertop merges with the stone slab on the right side and provides a continuous look. Frameless mirrors and gold sconces create an eye-catching look with the black tiles. The Black and white patterned floor completes the vanity.

ID# 123471 | – CreditPaolo Fusco Photo | © Paolo Fusco

Black Vanity with Wood Countertop and Patchwork Tile Bathroom Backsplash

Using the bold appeal of the black offers a distinctive vanity area in this contemporary bathroom. The black patchwork tile backsplash adds a texture without disturbing the design flaw. The backsplash is dressed with black floating vanity. The wood countertop brings warmth to the atmosphere while the white vessel sink and oval mirror brighten up the space.

ID# 123472 | – Credit© Traci Connell Interiors

Black and White Bathroom with Marble Floor and Brass Accents

The timeless beauty of black and white! The black shaker vanity makes a statement with its thick white countertop. The countertop is fitted with white shaker cabinets. The black subway tile backsplash and white grouts balanced the overall design while brass accents, marble floor tiles, and the large mirror lend sophistication to this transitional bathroom.

Blue Bathroom Backsplash

Blue color represents the calm and relaxing evocative of the sea and sky. From calm and serene pastels to bold navy blues, the wide color range of the blue bathroom backsplash can create a perfect backdrop for bathrooms.

ID# 123473 | – Credit© Meredith Lee

Light Blue Bathroom with Console Sink and Blue Tiles

The light blue square tiles cover all surfaces and create a calm and relaxing atmosphere with their soft shade. The console sink brings a luxurious feel with its marble countertop and metallic stand.

ID# 123474 | – Credit© bhp Architekten + Generalplaner GmbH

Generalplaner GmbH , Bielefeld

The clean look of the wooden textures creates a super-modern appeal while blur mosaic tiles and light blue upper walls give a sense of pool. The frameless mirror brings depth to the atmosphere and LED lights to add drama to the design.

ID# 123475 | – Credit© Jaffa Group Design Build

Glossy Blue Subway Tile Backsplash with White Vanity and Red Pendants

The beautiful oversized subway tile is lined up perfectly and gives this bathroom character and appeal. The red streaming of the pendant lights contrasts with the blue tiles and emphasizes the design while the white floating vanity creates a fresh look.

Slate Mosaic Tiles

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Rustic California gold slate mixed with burgundy glass unique look backsplash tile

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Dark gray subway slate wall tile, modern, unique and natural look.

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Grey blue with rusty earth tones Brazilian slate mosaic tile with red glass inserts.

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Dark gray slate subway tile for a contemporary yet timeless kitchen backsplash

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Chevron Rusty brown & gray slate mosaic backsplash tile

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Rusty brown and gray color slate tile mixed with burgundy color iridescent glass tiles.

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Picket Design Rusty brown & gray slate mosaic backsplash tile

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ID# 123476 | – Credit© Blackband Design

Navy Blue Bathroom Backsplash with Wood Floor and White Vessel Sink

The metallic appeal of the navy blue bathroom backsplash creates an accent behind the marble floating vanity and the white vessel sink. Blue details of the pendant lights complement the backsplash while the wood floor brings warmth to the atmosphere.

ID# 123477 | – Credit© Anne Rae Design

Blue Mermaid Tiles with Blue Washstand and Glass Vessel Sink

The stunning look of the navy-blue mermaid tiles offers a unique bathroom design with a navy blue washstand, blue glass vessel sink, marble countertop, circular mirror, and sconces.

ID# 123478 | – Credit | Una Casa Inspirada en El Verde | © Slow & Chic – Interiorismo

Light Blue Herringbone Tiles with Gray Vanity and Light Wood Floor

The combination of blue, white and wood offers a serene beach-style bathroom. The blue herringbone tiles are accentuated by white wall paint for the upper walls to enhance the space height.

ID# 123402

Contemporary Powder Room with Marble Subway Tile Backsplash

In this contemporary powder room, the marble vanity offers a harmonious look with the marble subway tiles while black accents make the design more powerful. The frameless mirror softens the look with its circular shape and creates a focal point on the backsplash tiles.

ID# 123405

Dark Wood Vanity with Brass Accents and Marble Bathroom Backsplash

The dark wood vanity stands out between the bright shades and makes a statement with its bold color. The vanity is paired with a white countertop and brass hardware which enhance the elegance. The floor-to-ceiling hexagon marble bathroom backsplash offers a sleek backdrop for the vanity, gold sconces, and mirrored cabinets.

ID# 123410

Small Gray Vanity with Wood Bathroom Backsplash and Black Floor

In this small bathroom, the rustic appeal of the wood backsplash contrasts with the clean and fresh look of the gray vanity. This contrast makes a distinctive twist and elevates the design. Black floor tiles and wall sconces next to the mirror add a dramatic effect to the bathroom.

ID# 123412

Scandinavian Bathroom with Wood Wall Planks and Hexagon Floor Tiles

The wooden wall planks feature frameless mirrors, wooden floating vanity, white vessel sinks, and integrated medicine cabinets, and they make the whole room glow. The gray hexagonal floor tiles bring a modern appeal and add another texture to the design.

ID# 123418

White Vanity with Quartz Countertop and Bronze Penny Tiles

Bronze penny tiles create a glamorous backdrop for the vanity with their glossy surfaces. A white vanity table with a waterfall quartz countertop stands out between the dark shades and creates a contrasting look to elevate the design. Gold handles and the gold frame of the mirror complete the glamorous look of the bathroom backsplash.

ID# 123420

Tiny Powder Room with Gold Wall Tiles and Marble Sink

Tiny yet effective. Although this powder room has a very tiny space, the gold backsplash tiles and marble sink create a luxurious design and distract the compact sizes of the room. Brass wall-mounted faucet to complement the backsplash while glass bubble pendant light gives an open and airy feel.

Limestone Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 123438

Transitional Bathroom with Gray Granite Wall and Floor Tiles

This transitional bathroom features a dark wood vanity, white countertop, frameless rectangular mirrors, metallic sconces, gray granite tiles, and white faux fur. Thanks to the window opening, the bathroom has a bright and spacious atmosphere.

ID# 123440

Transitional Bathroom with Pebbled Accent Wall and Oversized Mirror

The soft color scheme of this transitional bathroom offers a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The pebbled backsplash creates an accent with the black-framed oversized mirror. The luxurious look of the marble vanity contrast with the casual feel of the pebbled wall to enhance the design.

ID# 123441

Beach Style Powder Room with Starburst Mirror and Drum Pendants

The natural wood countertop is paired with a white cabinet as bathroom storage. The pebbled wall and floor are accentuated with white shiplap panels. The starburst mirror creates a focal point on the pebbled wall while drum pendant lights making a warm glow.

ID# 123444

Dark Gray Stacked Pebbled Tiles with Custom Mirror and Metallic Pendants

This rustic powder room has a wow factor! The custom-made mirror frame is the centerpiece of the design and it offers a unique look. The dark gray stacked pebbled tiles add a custom touch to the walls while the stone vessel sink complements the tiles. Metallic pendant lights make a warm glow and create a dramatic atmosphere.

ID# 123452

Rustic Vanity with Black Granite Countertop and White Bathroom Backsplash

In this farmhouse bathroom, the dark wood vanity and black granite countertop create a rustic appeal while the white subway tile backsplash contrast this appeal with its clean and fresh look. The black grout of the subway tiles highlights the beautiful pattern and offers a characteristic backdrop.

ID# 123455

Black Washstand with Black Hex Tiles and Brass Details

The black hexagon floor tiles and glossy white subway tiles offer a bold and stylish bathroom design. The black washstand is fitted with an antique brass vintage hook, handles, and spout faucet in a white quartz vanity countertop. All these brass accents emphasize the design while the black mirror frame complements the washstand.

ID# 123462

White Shaker Style Vanity with Gray Countertop and Calacatta Bathroom Backsplash

In this transitional master bathroom, the white shaker vanity is dressed with a gray countertop, black handles, and rubbed oil faucet. The fully tiled Calacatta marble tile backsplash adds sparkle with its gold highlights. Oil rubbed bronze sconces flank a lightly distressed wood mirror.

ID# 123465

Midcentury Bathroom with Gray Tiles and Bubble Pendant Lights

In this gray and white bathroom, gray tiles are used as a backsplash and flooring. These tiles are accentuated by white walls on both sides to create a dynamic look. White washstand, marble countertop, and frameless mirrors create a clean and fresh look in front of the gray tiles while bubble pendant lights complete this fresh look.

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