Home Library Ideas Cozy, Relaxing and Stylish Reading Nooks

41+ Library Ideas

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Elegant Staircase Library with Wood Details

Placing a bookcase in your staircase is a great idea to evaluate the dead spaces. Here, navy-blue dominates the atmosphere while the wood floor adding warmth. The combination of wood and blue gives a sense of beachy feelings. Small poufs provide a comfortable reading area next to the bookcase.


ID# 107929 | Houzz.com – Credit© Neville Johnson Ltd.

Bright And Spacious Lounge with Green Accent Wall

Bright, intimate, and cozy! Grab your coffee and a good book, lie down on the sofa, and get lost in the novels! A simple shelving system allows to shine the green out while providing a storage area with its cabinets.


Beautiful Home Library Design Ideas in Different Styles!

There’s something special about the home library ideas that gives relaxation and creates visual beauty. If you are a bookworm and you have a book collection lying in your home, you can find some inspiration from these beautiful home library ideas in our gallery.

Do not afraid to show books with home libraries!

We are in the digital age but the feeling of a good book in your hands is indefinable. When it comes to design a home library, from staircase bookcases to shelves, the opportunities are endless. You can store books on simple bookshelves or place a wall library that is dedicated to your house. Also, creating a true space for books adds a focal point to your home no matter how classic or transitional, rustic or eclectic. With these stunning home library ideas, you can create comfortable, personal, and unique designs in your home!

You can incorporate a library in your living spaces, kitchen, or even into your bathroom!

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Eye-catching Home Library Design with Vintage Desk

Thanks to its primary color palette, this office design looks delightful! The vibrant color saves the office from the ordinary and transforms it into an eye-catching design. A built-in bookcase provides plenty of space for books and includes storage with drawers. An antique wood desk, colorful pendant, and decoration objects bring some vintage vibes.


ID# 107905 | Houzz.com – Credit© J.P. Franzen Associates Architects, P.C.

Attic Room with Pink Built-In Library And Window Seat

If you have enough space to create a playroom for your kids, you can decorate it with vibrant colors to pull their attention like this design. This custom home bookcase provides plenty of space for your kid’s books and also creates a reading nook with a window seat.

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Elegant Corner with Purple Wall And Recessed Niches

If you don’t have an extra area for a home library, recessed niches can be your solution! Here, purple wallpaper creates an elegant look. purple sconces in great harmony with the wallpaper. White recessed niches provide a space to display the book collection and some decors beautifully. Wicker baskets add additional storage while bringing warmth to the atmosphere.


ID# 107907 | Houzz.com – Credit© GöhlerTreppen GmbH&Co.KG

Traditional Wood Staircase with Large Home Library

What a visual beauty! The wood home library creates a relaxing atmosphere while stretching all around the wood staircase. The staircase and library provide a harmonious atmosphere in the hall. Beige floor tiles and exposed beams complete this style perfectly.


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Contemporary Home Office with Wood Shelving And Skylight

If you want to create a more spacious look with a library, plain shelves can be a great solution for your design. You can display books as well as your art collection on these shelves. White tables, white chairs, pendants, wood shelves, and natural wood floor create a perfect industrial look for working space.


ID# 107909 | Houzz.com – Credit© O&A Design

Eclectic Kids Playroom with Gray Home Library

Designing a library for your children is a very important detail to encourage them to read! Gray’s two-story library creates an accent beside its function and provides a beautiful and elegant backdrop for this kids’ playroom. Your kids can get some books and read them on the gray comfortable banquette or they can make paintings on the dinky-sized desk and chairs. A white chandelier with gold details makes an elegant finish.


ID# 107910 | Houzz.com – Credit

Eclectic Living Room with String Lights and Leather Armchairs

Thanks to the combination of the textures, exposed brick, concrete exposed beams, and the string lights that add a touch of whimsy, this living area that is filled with chic details and designer furnishings and accessories, has a cozy and warm aesthetic. The plain home library creates a sleek backdrop behind the leather armchairs. Large window help illuminate this small living space with natural light and brings an airy feel.

ID# 107912 | Houzz.com – Credit© ADesign

Outstanding Red Home Library Design with Cozy Lounge Chair

This beautiful reading nook is one of our favorites! The vibrant color of this unique design directly pulls the attention in the room. The shelving system perfectly fits into this custom feature. Gray lounge chair and floor lamp with a bubble bulb make cozier and more elegant this corner to read books!


ID# 107915 | Houzz.com – Credit© Bury Kirkland Ferri

White Home Library Ideas with Wood Details and Colorful Armchairs

Library, comfortable armchairs, and a novel, you have everything to spend quality time on! White library combined with wood shelves and provides plenty of space for your collection. Pink and floral printed armchairs create a bit of a romantic and joyful atmosphere. A wood coffee table with a glass top makes a vintage touch.


ID# 107916 | Houzz.com – CreditOlivier Gay Architecture & Design | © Frenchie Cristogatin

Black Bookcase with Fireplace and Colorful Details

Love this bold color choice! A combination of black and vibrant colors creates an eye-catching eclectic look. A black fireplace and gold framed mirror centralized the bookshelves and make a symmetrical backdrop for this living space. Colorful chairs popping up in front of the black and harmony with the geometric printed rug and black coffee table.


ID# 107918 | Houzz.com – CreditPaul Testa Architecture | © Dug Wilders

Contemporary Dining Area with Floor To Ceiling Bookcase

This is a great example of using a bookcase as a separation. The timber bookcase reaches the ceiling and separates the dining area from the other spaces. Gray dining table surrounded by gray and yellow chairs and create clean and simple design next to the bookcase. Pendants above the dining area make a warm glow.


ID# 107920 | Houzz.com – Credit© Muuto

Scandinavian Living Room with White and Wood Bookcase

If you are bored with the classic home library ideas, you would love this design! Rectangular and square units come together and create an elegant reading nook with a library. Wood units between the whites complement the wood floor and bring warmth to the atmosphere.


ID# 107921 | Houzz.com – Credit© Hem Design Inc.

Modern Wood Home Library Ideas with Boxes

This wood library design represents the beauty of simplicity! The boxes, which each have an opening on one side, can be connected vertically or horizontally to form chains. So you can create your unique library in different shapes and easily adapt them to your different sized spaces.


White Home Library Ideas with White Ladder

If you are bored with white blank walls, give yourself the pleasure of displaying your collection of books and art pieces on this plenty of shelf space with a ladder for the upper parts. Gray sofa and wood-framed armchairs create a minimalist living room with perfect cozy Scandinavian appearance. Green plants liven up the atmosphere.


ID# 107924 | Houzz.com – Credit© Neville Johnson Ltd.

Light Oak Bookcase Design with Blue Walls

This beautiful light oak library is perfect for homes with high ceilings. It also features bespoke artwork display areas that have been seamlessly integrated into the design. A skylight provides a bright and spacious living area with a large cream sofa with colorful pillows, and a gray carpeted floor.


ID# 107925 | Houzz.com – Credit© Nicolaj Bo™

Three Sided Bookcase And Storage Unit with Black Walls

A three-sided bookcase transforms this otherwise dead space into a multifunctional one. It perfectly fits the edge of the black walls. Natural wood material matches with the wood floor and brings warmth to the atmosphere.


ID# 107926 | Houzz.com – Credit | Marco Antùnio

Contemporary Bedroom with Circular Book Shelves And Wicker Hanging Bed

Who would not want to lie in this wicker-hanging bed! Besides this stunning bed, each feature of this bedroom is like an art piece. The unique and attractive circular bookcase design is visually striking. It surrounds the window and creates a focal point. A large circular carpet complements the bookcase and provides a soft surface under the bed.


ID# 107927 | Houzz.com – CreditStiff and Trevillion | © Kilian O’Sullivan

Simple and Clean Book Shelves with Storage Unit

If you want a large but simple library design, this one will be your favorite! You can use these kinds of libraries in different styled houses. Here, this sleek design provides a spacious backdrop for the dining area and creates an accent with the help of books. Dining table surrounded by wood chairs with black seats. Matte black modern dining room lights hung above the table.


ID# 107904 | Houzz.com – Credit© Meyer & Grave Treppenbau

Modern Staircase Book Shelf Design with Yellow Shelves

We love the eye-catching contrast between grey and neon yellow! This floating staircase around the two-story bookcase creates a cool structured and graphic visual. You can grab a novel and dive into the story while you are sitting on this eye-catching design!


ID# 107932 | Houzz.com – Credit© Coats Homes

Small Home Library Ideas In Cozy Living Room

Besides providing visual beauty, libraries are a great way to transform unused corners in your home, and you can use them even in small spaces. Here, the slanted bookcase perfectly fits the corner and creates a relaxing reading nook with a grey lounge chair.


ID# 107933 | Houzz.com – CreditEmil Eve Architects | © Mariell Lind Hansen

Two Story Home Library Ideas in Industrial Style

The industrial style of this house creates warm and welcoming interiors with a palette of rich textures and materials. It features two-story light oak bookshelves, a brick wall, a black vintage fireplace, and wood floor parquets.


ID# 107935 | Houzz.com – CreditKilburn Nightingale Architects | © Charles Hosea

Two Story White Book Unit with Grey Floor

This two-story book unit is a marvel of built-in architecture that any book-lover would adore. It also surrounds the door while providing plenty of space for your favorite books. Thanks to the color palette and large window openings, this entrance hall is quite bright and spacious.

ID# 107938 | Houzz.com – Credit© Ascher Davis Architects, LLP

Modern Home Library Ideas with Red Chair and Ladder

The cozy reading corner features simple shelving, a red ladder, and a comfortable lounge chair. The wood floor brings warmth to the atmosphere.


ID# 107940 | Houzz.com – CreditSustainable Kitchens | © O’Beirne – Lukonic

Double Height Lounge with Slanted Bookcase

White walls give an exceptionally airy feel without being too clinical, in part thanks to the wood ceiling. Bespoke bookshelves and comfy seating make the living area an inviting reading nook. Wood coffee table and wood floor add some rustic vibes.


ID# 107941 | Houzz.com – Credit© Hallmark Building Group, Inc.

Farmhouse Hall with Built In Home Library Ideas

The doorway bookcase makes use of the dead space above the door frame perfectly and brings elegance with its grey color. Wood ladders and antique books complement the rustic atmosphere of this farmhouse. All rights reserved.

Scandinavian Modern Parlor with Clean Lines

A neutral color palette of this living space provides an intimate feeling. This bright and spacious design features a minimalist library, a grey lounge chair, and a grey carpet. Library also hides the dead space under the staircase. Thanks to the tall height of the house, the bedroom is placed in the loft.

ID# 107902

Midcentury Family Room with Colorful Library

If you want to add a little bit of joy to your living spaces, how about painting your bookcase with rainbow colors? This colorful library design allows a bright and cozy space to hang out in! A floral printed lounge chair, wood coffee table, and beige curtains complete this atmosphere.

ID# 107911

Contemporary Lounge with Pink Sofa And Black Shelves

Vibrant pink sofa popping up between the neutral colors and provides a comfortable reading nook with colorful pillows. Gray carpet on the multicolored floor, in a harmony with the pinks. Plain black shelves filled up with dozens of books behind the sofa. The black ladder helps to reach the upper levels of the library.

ID# 107913

Elegant Transitional Living Room with Architectural Details

Chic transitional living space boasts a gray l-shaped couch with colorful pillows, a dark gray pouf with a metallic finish, a teal and beige rug, and wood bookcases. Wood bookcases perfectly fit between the large window openings. The eye-catching ceiling details bring a personality to this space.

ID# 107914

Farmhouse Grey Home Library with Chandelier

If you have a high-ceiling living space, accentuate them by taking shelving right to the top and add a comfortable armchair to create a reading nook, like this farmhouse living room. you can reach the upper shelves with the help of the wooden ladder. The classic chandelier with a bronze finish, hanged above the armchair and makes a dramatic touch.

ID# 107917

Traditional Game Room with Teal Home Library Ideas

The high gloss teal color of the home library and books take this game room to the next level! Old books and some decors make a visual beauty behind the antique game table and traditional patterned chairs. A pendant lamp with a gold finish and rug perfectly completes the atmosphere.

ID# 107919

Double Height Interior with Upper Loft and Custom Ladder

These contemporary bookshelves are excellent for loft decorating and a great way to evaluate the dead spaces. Wood and aluminum rolling ladder provides access to the upper level. Natural light comes through the large window openings and creates a warm atmosphere with the help of wood features.

ID# 107928

Rustic Living Space with Accent Chairs And Concrete Home Library

You can create a home library in a cozy corner with a couple of armchairs, bold lighting, and a few accents, like this modern rustic living room! The concrete bookcase perfectly fits between the windows and it creates a continuous look till the beams. Gray velvet armchairs with gold finishes and gold lighting make a luxurious touch to this rustic atmosphere.

ID# 107930

Wood Home Library Ideas with Colorful Books

If you want to more organized look in your library, gather novels together, and dedicate a color for each shelf to emphasize the contrast. Now you can feel the beauty of the rainbow in your home. The blue velvet sofa makes a big impact in front of the wood shelving. Large carpet on the floors that match the white background.

ID# 107931

White Console and Bookcase as a Separation Unit

In this design, the designer created a separation between the lounge and the other spaces with a room divider that’s also a console and a bookcase. It is a perfect way to evaluate large spaces. The beige pouf in front of the console provides comfortable seating to read your favorite novels!

Loft Library Design in Double Height Lounge Design

In this contemporary design, the bookshelves stretch all the up the high ceilings. So, the height of the space looks even further and it creates a stunning backdrop for the living spaces. A large lighting fixture hanged above the cream sitting set and it completes the design without straining the eye.

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ID# 107936

Wood Exposed Beams with White Home Library Ideas

The exposed beams are an honest expression of the structure of the house, and they bring warmth, grain, texture, and dimension to the upper plane of the room. The white library serves a modern look with clean lines and it completes with a large grey couch. It is also used as a separation between the dining and living areas.

ID# 107937

Industrial Staircase with Wood And Black Shelves and Glass Floor

A designer made the most of the unusual area, adding shelves and a library ladder to create a book repository around the landing. The wood and black details of the staircase create an industrial look. The partial glass floor of the landing gives an airy and spacious look.

ID# 107939

Wall Mount Wood Shelf Unit with Black Finishes

Opt for a modular shelving system for a clean, linear aesthetic, as exemplified in this space. It’s perfect for a home study, where storage is of utmost importance. It is a good idea to use a large leather pouf instead of a coffee table.

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