White Chevron Backsplash Ideas Eye-Catching Chevron Pattern

21+ White Chevron Backsplash Ideas

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A Flawless White Chevron Backsplash In A White Kitchen

This kitchen looks warm and cozy with white flat-panel kitchen cabinets and a medium hardwood kitchen island. Combining white and wood always works to create a fresh and adorable kitchen look. The white one-wall kitchen layout provides a simple and clear cooking space whereas the white chevron kitchen backsplash adds movement and elegance to the space. The wooden kitchen island and the wooden ceiling invite nature into the kitchen environment. Also, the green plants bring more color and support the natural kitchen look.

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Dark Hardwood Flat Panel Cabinets With White Countertop

This l-shaped kitchen looks very appealing with the beautiful hardwood and white flat-panel cabinets and a stunning white ceramic chevron backsplash. While the hardwood cabinets add charisma to the space, white cabinets include brightness to the kitchen area. The white laminate countertops provide the transition between the cabinets. Also, the white ceramic chevron backsplash adds glamour and movement to the space. The wooden shelves and the chalkboard create a café ambiance in the kitchen which makes the kitchen unique and cool. Lastly, the light stone floors bring coziness to the environment.

White Chevron Backsplash Ideas

The chevron tile pattern boasts a mesmerizing zigzag design with rectangular components arranged in a ‘V’ shape. The consistent repetition of V’s in each row gives rise to a captivating effect. The French word for rafters, “Chevron,” was given to this pattern for its angular shape, which resembles roofing rafters. It might surprise you, but the origins of this trendy design date back to the Neolithic period! Our predecessors used it in pottery, shields, and military gear. Even today, the chevron pattern has a contemporary appeal and is often used to install a variety of materials such as brick, wood, stone, and marble! So, if you want to learn more about this stunning tile design, scroll down and find inspiring white chevron backsplash ideas!

Elegance of the Chevron Pattern

A small accent wall generally seen behind a stove or kitchen sink, Chevron is particularly well-liked for backsplashes in kitchens. Chevron tile patterns can provide flair to a place without detracting from its beauty due to the area’s relatively tiny size. The pattern’s adaptability makes it suitable for kitchens with a variety of attention-grabbing characteristics. Consider heat, moisture, and stain-resistant, long-lasting materials like glass, porcelain, and ceramic when selecting tile for backsplashes. One of the most popular chevron designs is the white chevron backsplash. White chevron tiles have many appealing qualities, not the least of which is their gorgeous appearance, but what makes them particularly exceptional is their ability to create a focal point that doesn’t dominate the appearance of the space as a whole. This adaptable decorating choice is perfect for enhancing your intended design without taking center stage.

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Gray Shaker Style Cabinets With White Chevron Backsplash In A Tiny Contemporary Kitchen

This adorable modern kitchen exudes luxury and sophistication, all thanks to the exquisite white chevron kitchen backsplash. The muted hue and classic style of the gray shaker-style kitchen cabinets give off a peaceful and serene ambiance to the room, while accentuating the splendor of the chevron backsplash. A burst of radiance emanates from the white peninsula, lending brightness to the area and incorporating a small dining space for this charming kitchen. The comfy wooden barstools with their soft cream cushions make the space welcoming and inviting, exuding a sense of comfort and coziness. With the herringbone hardwood flooring harmoniously matching the chevron’s playful pattern, it creates a fluidity in the overall kitchen aesthetic that is unmatched.

White Mosaic Tiles

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Modern white frosted and clear glass thin linear clean look backsplash tile.

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White ceramic arabesque shaped mesh-mounted mosaic tile.

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Large size white chevron marble mosaic tile for kitchen and bathroom projects.

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Modern look white elegant honed finish marble mosaic tile

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White Glass Herringbone Marble Look Mosaic Tile

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Stunning Gold Detailed White Chevron Backsplash and Beige Flat Panel Cabinets

The glossy white chevron kitchen backsplash with gold details is the star of this kitchen. The beige flat panel kitchen cabinets draw attention to the backsplash. The backsplash brings light and glamour to the cooking space by adding movement and shine to the cooking area. In addition, the u-shaped kitchen does look calm and natural with a creamy color scheme. The beige curtains and rush mat dining chairs add calmness and a romantic atmosphere to the kitchen environment. The glass bubble pendant lights increase the light and complete this adorable kitchen style. Lastly, the herringbone stone flooring blends perfectly with the white chevron backsplash. Besides, it supports the peaceful and romantic kitchen look.

Is Chevron tile out of style?

Are you worried that Chevron tile might be out of fashion? Put those fears to rest because Chevron tile is timeless. The beauty of this particular tile lies in its versatility. It’s suitable for both traditional and modern designs. Your kitchen will be the talk of the town when you use this tile design. You’ll be amazed at how the vibrant pattern can breathe life into your cooking space, making it feel fresh and unique. Luckily for you, it’s one of the most popular tile styles, so you’ll be in good company with other homeowners making bold kitchen design choices.

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An L-Shaped Contrastive Contemporary Kitchen With White Flat Panel Cabinets And Black Stone Floors

This l-shaped contemporary kitchen looks very stylish with the beautiful white chevron kitchen backsplash. To highlight the elegance of the chevron backsplash choosing a simple cabinet like white flat panel cabinets is a smart move. The backsplash adds movement and prevents the cabinets from looking dull or ordinary. Adding a blue open shelf unit into the kitchen corner gives color to the room. Also, the gray chevron stone flooring matches the backsplash and creates a contrast in the space which creates a modern kitchen aesthetic.

Chevron Mosaic Tiles

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White Gray Gold Chevron Marble Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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Chevron Rusty brown & gray slate mosaic backsplash tile

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Large size white chevron marble mosaic tile for kitchen and bathroom projects.

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Modern chevron backsplash tile, white gray brown color mixed chevron tile

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Warm Color Gold White Gray Chevron Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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A Luxurious Aesthetic of White Shaker-Style Kitchen Cabinets With White Ceramic Backsplash

This elegant transitional kitchen looks timeless with the white shaker-style cabinets with an attention grabber white chevron kitchen backsplash. The backsplash provides a luxurious and modern vibe to the kitchen environment. The dark blue glass-front kitchen cabinets and dark blue kitchen island with wooden countertop build contrast in the environment. The wooden kitchen island divides the space into two separate areas: the dining area and the cooking area. Choosing the same dark blue as in the cabinets and the island for the dining chairs creates continuity and coherence in the kitchen environment. Lastly, the hardwood floors bring warmth and complete the kitchen island’s woody style.

Tile Materials for White Chevron Backsplash

Are you looking for a timeless and elegant design choice for your kitchen or bathroom? Look no further than the classic chevron pattern with its sophisticated zigzag shape. When paired with white tiles, it creates a clean and fresh look that complements any interior style. But choosing the right tile material is crucial to achieving the desired aesthetic. Ceramic or porcelain tiles offer durability and ease of maintenance, perfect for high-traffic areas like the kitchen. For a more luxurious feel, opt for marble or glass tiles that add a touch of opulence to your space. And the versatility of these materials allows for creative customization, ensuring your chevron backsplash is unique and personalized to enhance the overall aesthetic of your home.

White Marble Chevron Backsplash

Being soft and porous, marble is a problematic material in the kitchen design industry. It has a wonderful appearance, but compared to most other stone replacements, it is more susceptible to stains and scratches. However, if you use marble for your kitchen backsplash rather than the countertop, you can still enjoy its unmatched beauty without worrying about getting hurt. Despite requiring a bit more upkeep, marble provides unparalleled creative opportunities and an aesthetic boost. Among the many potential materials and designs, fusions is a white marble chevron backsplash. If you desire a luxurious and timeless kitchen, go with a white marble chevron backsplash.

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A Contemporary Kitchen With A Fabulous White Marble Chevron Backsplash

This contemporary kitchen looks sleek and bright with its fabulous white marble chevron backsplash. The white and light hardwood flat-panel kitchen cabinets give the kitchen a minimalistic aesthetic. They also highlight the backsplash. The chevron backsplash adds pattern and style to the cooking space. The l-shaped kitchen looks very bright and open because the light color palette works very successfully. The gray countertops give a shiny look, too. The dark countertops prevent the space from being too bright. Thus, the laminate countertops balance the light kitchen look. In addition, the light wood dining table with white dining chairs match perfectly the kitchen’s layout and design. It completes the white and wood light. Lastly, the wooden framed large windows increase the light in the kitchen environment and they invite the outdoors into the room.

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The Pure Feeling of White Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets with White Backsplash

The luxurious and sophisticated touch that the marble brings is nothing short of breathtaking. Its natural beauty, showcased through its distinctive veining, creates an absolute stunner of a focal point in the heart of your home!! The white color of the marble backsplash and countertops works wonders in enhancing the brightness of the entire space, creating an airy and refreshing atmosphere that you won’t be able to get enough of. What’s even more mesmerizing is the clever combination of blue accents in the form of dining chairs and glass front cabinets. These touches of blue add a pop of color to the kitchen and create a visually appealing contrast against the white marble.

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Yellow Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets In U-Shaped Tiny Kitchen

Combining white and yellow shaker-style kitchen cabinets with white marble chevron kitchen backsplash creates such a unique kitchen look. This traditional u-shaped small kitchen looks very airy thanks to the backsplash. The backsplash not only adds movement to the cooking area but also provides more light to the space. Yellow cabinets bring joy to the space and invite warmth. The brown quartz countertops balance the yellow-white look. Also, the brown-colored stone flooring matches the countertops and supports the balanced warm kitchen look.

How do you lay tile in a chevron pattern?

The backsplash area needs to be ready initially. The area can be cleaned and sanded to provide a solid, smooth surface that is ready for installation. After cleaning, mark the backsplash area with painter’s tape, then take the electrical switches out.

If you’re using tiles, lay them out on the counter to decide how they should be arranged. By doing so, you can prevent mismatched pieces and identify which tiles require chopping. Because the chevron pattern requires extra care, you might need expert assistance. The chevron design installation takes longer and requires more skill and ability to achieve that flawlessly matched appearance. Depending on the color scheme you’ve picked for your chevron tiles, placing could also need skill. Therefore, to finish your chevron tile jobs, you could need to contact professional tilers.


It’s time to install the tiles when you’ve finished the preparation. Using a notched trowel and small amounts of thin-set mortar, apply the mortar before starting to put the tiles on top of it. Put spacers between the tiles to secure them. Up till all surfaces are covered, repeat these procedures. Place the tiles there for a minimum of one night. When the mortar has dried, remove the spacers. Being a natural stone, marble needs to be sealed before grouting. Apply the stone sealer with a towel. Next, a grout trowel is used to apply the grout at a 45-degree angle. Wait 10 seconds, then clean the tile surfaces with a wet towel to remove the haze. When the grout has fully dried, wipe the surfaces clean. To prevent discoloration, caulk the joint between the backsplash and the counter.

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The Elegance of White Marble Chevron Backsplash In A Romantic White Kitchen

The delicate white shaker cabinets compliment the splendor of the backsplash and bring life to the room, creating a bright and dynamic atmosphere. Not only does the marble backsplash exude a timeless and classic feel, but the L-shaped layout also exudes a sense of warmth and coziness that will make you feel instantly welcomed. As you cast your gaze upwards towards the ceiling, the inviting wooden panels will provide a cozy feel that will warm your heart!!

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An Elegant Transitional Kitchen With White Marble Chevron Backsplash

The transitional kitchen single-wall open-plan kitchen looks elegant with the stunning white marble chevron backsplash. The white shaker-style kitchen cabinets with marble chevron backsplash make the kitchen chic and classic. The white kitchen island gives both extra counter space and a dining area to this small kitchen. In addition, the wooden floors balance the light kitchen look. The black leather dining chairs add luxury and contrast to the space. Lastly, the diamond-patterned rug creates movement on the floor which supports the dynamic backsplash look.

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A Cozy White Kitchen With White Shaker Style Cabinets and Hardwood Floors

To highlight the charisma of a white marble chevron kitchen backsplash choosing white shaker-style kitchen cabinets is a smart move. The cabinets make the backsplash the focal point of the room. The backsplash adds a style to the cooking area and it adds movement. Thus, the cooking space has a dynamic, and appealing vibe. White can create cold and dull kitchen spaces. But in this kitchen, the backsplash and the blue kitchen island prevent the whiteness from creating a boring and ordinary kitchen vibe. Also, the hardwood flooring and the wood decors invite coziness and warmth to the space. For these reasons, this kitchen is not lifeless or unremarkable. It is fashionable and impressive.

White Glass Chevron Backsplash

The glass chevron splashback is a fantastic material for kitchens since it is highly strong and resistant to extreme heat. It is simple and quick to install and, because of its mirrored effect, which reflects light to give the impression of a larger area, quickly makes your kitchen feel twice as spacious. A glass chevron backsplash offers multiple color options. If you have a narrow or small kitchen area a white glass chevron backsplash is the right backsplash option for you. It not only makes your kitchen fresh and open, but also it makes the space look more spacious.

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A Stylish Wood and Metal Cabinets With White Glass Chevron Backsplash

Oh my goodness, have you seen the absolutely stunning white glass chevron backsplash? It’s simply breathtaking! Not only does it create movement and sophistication in the room, but it also brightens the atmosphere, making it the perfect space for cooking. And let’s talk about those sleek black laminate and wooden flat-panel kitchen cabinets – they provide just the right amount of modernity and warmth, creating the perfect contrast against the white glass of the backsplash. And have you seen those metallic countertops? They add an industrial touch, enhancing the visual appeal of the space even further. I love how the black panel divides the cooking area, creating two unique spaces with their own distinct styles. And the cohesive use of white and black flat-panel cabinets throughout the whole design is simply brilliant. It ties everything together flawlessly!

White Ceramic Chevron Backsplash

Ceramic tiles have been a widely favored material for interior design for decades because of their adaptability, durability, affordability, and attractive appearance. Ceramic tile is one of the most popular backsplash materials. Because ceramic tiles are less susceptible to bacteria and molds because of their impenetrable hard surface, which makes them water and moisture-resistant. Ceramic backsplashes are low maintenance and offer a clean, hygienic environment that is essential in a kitchen. They are the best among other materials for kitchen designs since they are rigid and have a hard surface.

Ceramic backsplashes are strong and a wonderful option for residential or commercial kitchen designs since they are impervious to moisture, stain, scratch, and crack resistant and offer an additional layer of protection against damage. They are frequently utilized in modern kitchens and come in a broad variety of hues, patterns, and textures. In addition, ceramic backsplashes come in matte, glossy, super glossy, glazed, and unglazed finishes. They come in a huge variety of styles, prints, and textures. One of the trendiest ceramic tile backsplash options is the white ceramic chevron backsplash. White ceramic chevron backsplash adds glam to the cooking space and it lasts a long time until you get bored of it. If you want to have a strong and elegant kitchen backsplash, the white chevron ceramic backsplash is the right choice for you.

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Blue Cabinets With White Ceramic Chevron Backsplash and Wooden Countertops

The white ceramic chevron backsplash is the focal point of this calm and joyful kitchen! The white and blue shaker-style kitchen cabinets do not look ordinary because the white ceramic chevron backsplash provides a pattern and an eye-pleasing aesthetic to the cabinets. Adding light hardwood open shelves to the space is a good way to invite warmth and a modern look to the kitchen area. The wood countertops continue the wooden shelf look and create coherence in the space. The blue peninsula offers extra counter space for this small cooking part of the kitchen. The wooden dining table with yellow dining chairs completes the kitchen’s adorable and trendy look. The blue and yellow look very good together. Additionally, they include joy in the space amazingly.

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White Shaker Style Cabinets With Black Kitchen Island 

The contrast in this open-plan kitchen makes the kitchen very elegant and modern. Pairing white shaker-style kitchen cabinets with a black kitchen island is a genius way to create a contrast to the space. The white ceramic chevron backsplash adds shine and movement to the cooking space. The golden cabinet holders invite luxury to the environment. The wooden floors offer warmth and support the elegant and stylish kitchen look.

What is the difference between Chevron and herringbone backsplash?

The herringbone pattern is constructed from rectangular pieces of equal size stacked in a staggered zigzag pattern. Herringbone is easily recognized by the way that each rectangle is perfectly carved such that the ends of each plank or tile meet to the side of the other. An inverted V shape known as a chevron has each side meeting at the tip without a break. Also, the herringbone has a ninety-degree angle while the chevron has a forty-five-degree angle.

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The Minimalist Effect Of Gray and Dark Hardwood Flat Panel Cabinets In An L-Shaped Kitchen

The white ceramic chevron backsplash is the attention grabber in this bright l-shaped kitchen. The light gray flat-panel cabinets draw attention to the backsplash. The stunning backsplash invites elegance to the space. Adding a dark hardwood cabinet area provides extra storage space and balances the light kitchen look. The wooden dining table with dark brown leather chairs supports the minimal and chic kitchen style. Lastly, creating a sitting area in front of a large window makes the space unique and functional.

Modern White Chevron Backsplash

Every home has a kitchen, which is where every member of the family spends at least one hour each day. Because it receives the most traffic and serves as a reflection of your lifestyle and personality, your kitchen requires special attention. Choose the correct kitchen tiles to set the mood you want, enhancing the entire aesthetic of your home. Options include vintage, modern, vivid colors, and neutral tones. Not only is choosing the proper sort of tile crucial, but so is paying attention to the tile’s color, pattern, and design.

Kitchen backsplash tiles should be both aesthetically pleasing and very practical. The appropriate kind of tiles for your kitchen are crucial because they will aid you in maintaining the area’s fresh, clean, and pleasant atmosphere. In this case, a modern white chevron backsplash can accomplish everything you want from a kitchen. It adds style and aesthetics to your kitchen. Thus, you can never go wrong with the beauty of the modern white chevron backsplash.

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The Harmony Between Hardwood and White Flat Panel Cabinets In An L-Shaped Scandinavian Kitchen

This l-shaped Scandinavian kitchen is a convenient example of the less is more trend. The simplicity of the medium hardwood and white flat-panel kitchen cabinets makes the kitchen very sleek and trendy. To add movement and glamour using a modern white chevron backsplash works perfectly. The backsplash not only brings light to the space but also increases the visual feast of the kitchen. Using different shades of wood creates movement and prevents the kitchen from being ordinary. The wooden dining table with dark wood dining chairs adds a classic and cozy aesthetic to the environment. Lastly, the chevron patterned rug completes the chevron backsplash.

Porcelain Mosaic Tiles

Modern light gray long porcelain mosaic tile

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Modern beige long porcelain mosaic kitchen and bathroom mosaic

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Try a Sample

White ceramic arabesque shaped mesh-mounted mosaic tile.

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Brown and bronze mixture of glass, ceramic for a clean contemporary kitchen backsplash

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Brown red beige small square kitchen backsplash and bathroom tile.

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6 x 6 Red & Silver color luxury look porcelain tile, Made in Italy

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White Flat Panel Cabinets With A Sleek Modern White Chevron Backsplash

Taking a peek at the single-wall open-plan Scandinavian kitchen feels like stepping into a trendy and chic space. The simplicity of the design is breath-taking and the modern white chevron backsplash steals the show. The medium hardwood and glossy white laminate flat-panel kitchen cabinets offer a touch of modern and sleekness to the kitchen, making it irresistible. The modern white chevron backsplash not only adds glamour but also texture to the cooking area, making it pop! The white laminate countertops wonderfully balance the shiny kitchen look giving the kitchen an overall calming vibe. The chrome appliances bring contrast, creating a beautiful balance with the wooden floors that supports the beautiful wooden cabinets. As a whole, this kitchen showcases an amazing example of minimalism and offers a stylish touch to any home.

What is a chevron tile?

The Chevron tiles are truly exceptional, boasting a one-of-a-kind design. The standout pattern forms a captivating upside-down “V” or zigzag shape that imbues any room with remarkable character. Seeing these tiles in person is a breathtaking experience, stirring feelings of awe and wonder that will leave you mesmerized.

ID# 146819 | Houzz.com – Credit© Арина Волкова

A Sleek And Open Scandinavian Kitchen With White Flat Panel Cabinets

This white-dominant Scandinavian kitchen looks like heaven! The modern white chevron backsplash adds movement and elegance to the white flat-panel and light beige shaker-style cabinets. The beige shaker style cabinets include color in the cooking space. It prevents the kitchen from looking too bright and dull. The white countertops and white appliances blend perfectly with the white kitchen look. Also, the wooden floors offer warmth and coziness.

Small White Chevron Backsplash

It’s crucial to choose the correct high-ticket products for a kitchen renovation that complement the little touches. Although you might begin with the cabinets or countertops first, keep in mind that your backsplash can have a significant impact. It not only fulfills a practical need but also enhances the overall aesthetics of the kitchen. Speaking of aesthetics, it is necessary to talk about the beauty of the small white chevron backsplash. This backsplash style offers you not only a stunning kitchen look but also it is budget-friendly. It adds movement and works for both small and medium-sized kitchen spaces. If you want to have an eye-pleasing kitchen and you don’t want to invest time in cleaning, the small white chevron backsplash is waiting for you!

ID# 146820 | Houzz.com – Credit© Shirley Meisels

The Chicness of White Shaker Style Cabinets With Small White Chevron Backsplash

This magnificent kitchen will leave you enchanted with its exquisite blend of sophistication and homely comfort. The small but striking white chevron backsplash, in perfect harmony with the stunning gray marble countertops, creates an ambiance that’s sure to captivate your senses. The white shaker-style cabinets add a touch of grace to the backsplash and countertops, accentuating their beauty and making them the center of attention. Be sure to feast your eyes on the kitchen island, adorned with white stools – it’s a breathtaking sight to behold! Using the same marble countertops and coordinating with the cabinet color, the kitchen island creates a seamless and unified look that’s sure to leave you in awe.

Best Seller Mosaic Tiles

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Rustic California gold slate mixed with burgundy glass unique look backsplash tile

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Try a Sample

Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

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Multicolor light & medium travertine subway natural stone mosaic tile

Try a Sample
Try a Sample

Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

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Large White Chevron Backsplash

Are you tired of the same old backsplash style with tiny tiles? It’s time for a change. Consider giving your kitchen a sleek upgrade with a large white chevron backsplash. Not only will it make your space feel more grand and luxurious, it will also minimize grout lines and create a seamless, modern look. With this addition, your kitchen will radiate an air of refined elegance and cleanliness. Say goodbye to conventional aesthetics and hello to sophistication.

ID# 146821 | Houzz.com – Credit© QUALIRENOVATION

A Trendy Scandinavian Kitchen With White Laminate Flat Panel Cabinets 

This Scandinavian kitchen looks very trendy and cute. Combining white flat-panel cabinets with a large white chevron backsplash brings light and elegance to the space. The light wood countertops invite warmth and coziness to the cooking area. The high-raised upper cabinets with wood handle complete the wooden kitchen aspect. The mint walls include joy and calmness to the space. Also, the gray stone floors include a cool style to the kitchen.

Is a white chevron backsplash good for the kitchen?

Any place benefits from the refinement and elegance of white chevron tile. Thus, a white chevron backsplash can bring a charismatic and luxurious look to your kitchen. Also, it blends well with any kitchen look.

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