Large Kitchen Island Ideas Functional Islands with Large Surface

33+ Large Kitchen Island Ideas

ID# 157914 | – Credit© Luke Fry Architecture & Interior Design

Wood Cabinets with Black Marble Countertops and Kit Kat Tile Backsplash

The interior design of this contemporary kitchen is cloaked in warm and rich colors borrowed from wood cabinets dotting the room and warping it in warmth. This sort of natural connection to the outdoor life just adds depth to the room, which is supported by the black marble countertops. These dramatic additions solidify the integrity of the design, both topping the island and perimeter counters. Additionally, the large island features open storage, adding further character to its design. The rosy gold knobs, faucet, and island lighting fixture add to the luxury feel of the design alongside the wood cabinets. The white horizontally stacked kit kat tile backsplash lends bonus sophistication, introducing order and clarity to this already very coherent design.

ID# 157924 | – Credit© Brodware

Large Kitchen Island Ideas with Wood and Marble Backsplash

This impeccable kitchen design oozes drama with its dark wood cabinets and marble slab backsplash, again, with dramatic veining. As such, it comes as an ultimate example of a look that the year 2023 kitchen trend ideas would champion. And what defines the kitchen best is probably the colossal size of the wood island that owns this kitchen. It accommodates 3 stools that blend in with it seamlessly. Also, a weathered brass faucet hosted by the same island matches this kitchen color scheme best. Additionally, the white quartz countertops, to offset the darkening effect, bring a calming contrast and lightening effect. To complement the look, the hardwood chevron flooring adds further warmth, while glass globe-shaped pendants add a clean look.

Large Kitchen Island Ideas

Kitchen islands have never been a regretting decision; why should large kitchen island ideas be when you have the room for them? Large kitchen island ideas mean more storage, more seating, a longer/wider countertop, and more of everything for sure. The only thing is that its size shouldn’t be overwhelming or interrupt human traffic.

From wood to white, concrete, and marble, large kitchen islands come in various materials. And this variety, in turn, allows you to pick the right and more convenient option for your budget. Here we introduce you to several large kitchen island ideas, including a wide range of designs with seating and storage.

ID# 157901 | – Credit© Bella Vie Interiors

Large Kitchen Island Ideas for Marble Backsplash and Modern Pendants

Designed for a family with three children, this good-sized kitchen ensures that the design caters to the needs of family life. The resulting product is functional, aesthetic, and durable all at once. Especially, the strategic choice of materials for backsplash and countertops guarantees durability. For example, the white marble slab backsplash and countertops- as long as maintained properly- can even outlive the real estate, which makes it perfect for high-traffic rooms like kitchens. Also, here, a large kitchen island with seating for four black stools creates a sociable place for the family. The white walls, shiplap ceiling, and hardware-free cabinets complement the rest, keeping the room calm and well-illuminated. By contrast, the stools and island establish a contrast to make a counterpoint.

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ID# 157902 | – Credit© Denai Kulcsar Interiors

Traditional Kitchen with Black Raised-Panel Cabinets and Black Countertops

This all-black open-plan kitchen leans against a white-painted wall, creating a stark contrast. The full-height casement windows lend natural light to the interior to compensate for the dark color scheme of the room. Mainly characterized by black raised-panel cabinets, this traditional kitchen also sprinkles glass-front cabinets here and there. In this way, it creates a more interactive design with streaming lights. The same applies to the high-gloss finish black countertops and gray backsplash. The ultra-large island offers a hefty countertop and seating for four people, accompanied by industrial-style pendants. Together, they ensure the kitchen serves as a social hub too.

What is a good size for a large kitchen island?

The size of a kitchen island is drastically important and needs to be proportioned to the overall scale of the room. Why it is essential mainly because it might overwhelm the space and may not leave enough space for human traffic when it is oversized. Therefore, it is important to keep at least four feet of space on each side. Though the popular size for a large kitchen island is generally 80*40 inches, the good size for a large kitchen island is also dependent on the kitchen’s total area.

ID# 157903 | – Credit© Bryant Alsop Architects

Contemporary Kitchen with Statement Island and Colorful Backsplash

This high-ceiling kitchen is bestowed with a timber truss, accentuating the soaring vaulted ceiling. And below, the black flat-front cabinets constitute a contrast and add solidity to the white and plain walls. The colorful backsplash reminiscent of contemporary artwork has a cubistic edge to it, making a visual statement. Adding to that is also the kitchen island whose edges are tiled, giving a slight brick look. The concrete countertop comes as a bonus that brings texture and rawness, suiting the overall design scheme.

ID# 157904 | – Credit© Kingsgate Construction Ltd.

White Subway Tile Backsplash with Blue Island and Orange Stools

If you have a large island, don’t be modest, and make it shine. Here, this transitional kitchen makes it pop with a shade of blue. Orange upholstered stools and oversized industrial-style pendants team up with the island to turn it into a true visual focal point. Behind, a white marble subway tile backsplash along with light cream cabinets create a neutral yet warm setup for the island.

How much does an oversized kitchen island cost?

An oversized kitchen island, if it’s made of upscale material, such as marble, and has a meticulously-designed form, can go up to 10.000 USD. But typically, expect to dedicate a budget between 3000 USD and 5000 USD.

ID# 157905 | – Credit© LVZ Design

Farmhouse Kitchen with Wood Island and Glass Pendants

From the arched window to exposed wood beams, and black cabinets, this farmhouse kitchen has lots of details to feel proud of. Yet on top of that, it accommodates an oversized island that organizes the space, hosts a sink, and provides a large benchtop. Its wood base paired with black backless stools give the design a perfect purposeful finish. And overhead, barely-there glass pendants are suspended at different heights to make the design look more natural and casual.

Types of Large Kitchen Island Ideas

Islands perform multiple functions. And they can also be designed according to specific purposes, too. For example, while some are for seating, some are more for storage with open shelving and food preparation. Now let’s explore them individually.

Large Kitchen Island with Seating

Large islands can accommodate up to 6 people, which is great for socialization. If you have a larger space, feel free to adjoin them to a formal dining space. This way, you can create multiple socialization areas that lure your guests for longer stays. Also, don’t skip on statement pendants or chandeliers. Since you are going to be spending quite some time on a large island with seating, you need accent lighting. If you get it with dimmer options, you can alter the light level, thus the mood of the space.

ID# 157906 | – Credit© Peter Schaad Design Studio

Large Kitchen Island Ideas with Seating for Modern Kitchens

In this stunning modern kitchen, the large island makes a strong statement and add value to the space. It accommodates a stove, adjoined to the seating area right away. It gives homeowners the chance to serve food while it is still steaming. The gray quartz countertops provide a convenient surface that is easy to clean and maintain. The green square tiles create an accent wall, while the satin finish gives it a nice sheen.

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ID# 157907 | – Credit© Erin Interiors

Transitional Kitchen with Blue Shiplap Island and White Countertops

In transitional kitchens like this one, blue islands are generally staples, but this time, it is with a difference. Here, the blue island has a bonus shiplap design that gives it a farmhouse flair. The final product feels more dimensional and textural. Additionally, topping it is a white quartz countertop. And pairing with it are also two oversized modern pendants that are well-proportioned to the scale of the large island.

What is the largest size an island can be?

The largest size for an island could be 14 feet in length and 42 inches in width. This gives homeowners seating for 6, plenty of countertops, and storage space.

ID# 157908 | – Credit© Eurodale Developments Inc

Black Island with X-Features and Dome-Shaped Pendants

To add extra interest to your island, X-features on the edges give the island an extra fresh vibe – as proven by this kitchen. Coming in the shade of black and contrasting the white perimeter counters, this island is quite multi-functional. And what is complementing it are dome-shaped pendants and orange stools adding a jolt of color.

ID# 157909 | – Credit© West of Main Design

Large Kitchen Island Ideas with Seating and Statement Pendants

This freestanding wood island’s countertop is extended on all sides, which provides a laid-back dining zone for homeowners. And the stools are chosen to be backless so that they can be tucked under the overhanging extension. In this way, they don’t steal from the walking space. Plus, their orange colors pop beautifully against the wood base of the island, while overhead, geometric lighting fixtures create a statement. Their well-executed gold detailing adds further interest to them.

Are kitchen islands outdated?

Kitchen islands are here to stay as part of our kitchen lives due to their functional and aesthetic benefits. And one of the main reasons for that is how they add flexibility to the design while organizing the space. In addition to their provision of storage, benchtop, and seating, they can also be a home for appliances and sink.

In terms of aesthetics, if you want to contribute to the overall design aesthetic, an island is again a great addition. Some designers, for example, use it to introduce contrast, warmth, or new material to kitchens. Though, some prefer islands to hold a mirror to the perimeter counters. In both ways, they add to the functional and aesthetic value of the design.


White Shaker Cabinets with Marble Countertop and Lantern Pendants

In this transitional kitchen, white shaker cabinets create a carte blanche for the island to be the visual focal point. Topped by a gray marble countertop and paired with upholstered stools, it is the ultimate epitome of sophistication. Not only does it add a high aesthetic value but also acts as a multi-functional utility object allowing for socialization. Complementing it are lantern pendants reimagined through modern design principles, thus counteracting the classical finishes defining the kitchen’s main setup.

ID# 157911 | – Credit© Blended Interiors

Transitional Kitchen with Blue Island with Seating

While one edge of this kitchen island offers seats, the other edge is designed as a waterfall to provide an extra benchtop. Painted blue, this half-waterfall island design makes a modern statement. And its large body can accommodate up to 5 to 6 people, creating a social hub where household members and guests congregate. In the rest of the room, a trio of black pendants helps anchor the island to the design. Geometric-patterned wallpaper design serves as a backsplash, taken up to the ceiling in place of upper cabinets. It, in turn, gives the kitchen more open space, making the kitchen look more inviting and brighter.

Large Kitchen Island with Storage

A larger island means larger storage space. As far as we know, no one would like to say no to more storage. In this extra space, you can keep your unsightly gadgets and unused kitchenware. Or you can utilize it as a pantry to stow your herbs, spices, and dried, and junk food. So, installing an island with storage is the greatest way to maximize the functionality of your kitchen design. Before deciding on it, check these inspirational ideas.

ID# 157912 | – Credit© Popham Interiors

Split-Level Large Kitchen Island Ideas with Storage and Rattan Pendants

This L-shaped kitchen is given a better definition with the kitchen island. Its split-level design turns it into an eye-catching piece of furniture. With this well-thought-out design, the kitchen island comprises two compartments. One is for seating and informal dining and the second is for open storage. And in terms of design, there is also a subtle color shift- from gray to white- to make a visual distinguishment as well.

ID# 157913 | – Credit© GIA Bathrooms & Kitchens

Black Cabinets with Marble Backsplash and White Island

One of the best ways to add interest to a kitchen island is open storage where you can exhibit your essentials or keep your cookbooks. Especially when you have the space, there is no reason not to add one. If you are worried about visual clutter, there is no need. The sculptural accessories emulating organic patterns only contribute to the contemporary feel of the room. Here, for example, this modern kitchen stores its books in the storage of the white island that also serves as a seating and food preparation zone. And to complement them, it uses black flat-front cabinets and a white marble slab backsplash, which together create an ultra-modern, high-contrast, and timeless design.

Extra Large Kitchen Island

Depending on the available space, kitchen islands can be extended in width and length. Do you, for example, want to add more storage or have a longer benchtop? Or better, do you want to add an extension for seating? An extra-large kitchen island could perform any function you want it to. Scroll down and see these stunning island designs with extra space.

ID# 157915 | – Credit

Monochromatic Kitchen with Extra Large Kitchen Island Ideas

When you have this amount of space, everything gets bigger for the sake of a well-proportioned design. And for this kitchen, probably no one would disagree with how the island stands out despite the monochromatic scheme of the kitchen. Here, this extra-large kitchen island offers a hefty countertop, perhaps which is even more than necessary. But it looks gorgeous, feeling quite settled without looking out of place. It accommodates an integrated sink that doesn’t hurt its sleek look and four stools. If needed, more stools can be added, too. And overhead, a spectacular lighting fixture accompanies the island. It is comprised of glass globe shades of various sizes brought together to form a shape that reminds us of a glass-made cloud. And it suits this all-white, airy, and light-filled aura of the room fantastically.

ID# 157916 | – Credit© TYCON Building Solutions

Transitional Kitchen with Black Pendants and Granite Countertops

Keeping this colossal interior space bright and airy is the all-white walls and whitewashed ceiling along with a compendium of windows. Well, the tricky part is that when you have such a big room, how do you ensure that it is well-ventilated or lit enough? This kitchen shows you how. Inside, it goes with white cabinets that blend in seamlessly with the white walls. To complement it, a granite-topped large island is brought in. Designed as a waterfall island, it adds a sense of flow. Two oversized pendants overhang it, providing task and accent lighting.

ID# 157917 | – Credit© Alair Homes Regina

All-White Kitchen with Black Lighting Fixtures and Stools

This all-white achromatic kitchen adds depth to its design with floating shelves and a fluted-design range hood fixture and the island. Plus, the off-white backsplash and countertops bring a subtle hint of color to soften the all-white look. The black backless stools tucked under the island countertop and black modern chandeliers assert contrast. It, in turn, makes the design look extra impactful and dimensional.

Large White Kitchen Island

For those seeking an achromatic kitchen or aiming to bring contrast to dark cabinets, a white kitchen island is a way to go. It can brighten up the kitchen, creating the illusion of a larger space. For extra interest, its edges can be rounded or a more dimensional front panel could be installed. For farmhouse looks, X features can be added to the edges.

ID# 157918 | – Credit© smarterBATHROOMS+

Modern Kitchen with Large Kitchen Island Ideas

This well-curated kitchen design prides itself on its modern details that also nod the heritage architecture. Though bridging different features in harmony is a daunting task, this kitchen pulls it off. And it achieves it with vertically slim-lined white island and perimeter counters. Complementing it is a wood range hood fixture that channels warmth. The linear lighting fixture and backless modern stools are very minimalist, adding impactful gestures to the overall look. And on the floor, the white tiles add a sense of a floating feel rather than anchoring the look. This choice, in turn, gives the room a more free-spirited feel.

ID# 157919 | – Credit© Studio 15b – Architecture + Interior Design

White Waterfall Island with Quartz Backsplash and Black Cabinets

While this contemporary kitchen creates contrasts, it also doesn’t skip on adding softening transitions and subtle hints of color. For example, the waterfall island is paired with bluish-gray bar stools that match the floor. The gray wall units with marble-effect quartz backsplash also offset the contrast between the white island and black full-height cabinets.

How big should an island be to seat 6?

A kitchen island should be at least 42 inches wide to seat 6 people. As for the length, according to experts, 28-30 inches should be enough for each seating space.

ID# 157920 | – Credit | © PRG Architects

White Kitchen with Window Backsplash and Boho-style Pendants

This all-white kitchen is added interest with Boho-style pendants, a wood upper cabinet, and black appliances. These additions give the room much-needed warmth, contrast, and personality to prevent it from looking too jarring. The white waterfall island with timber countertops offers a bar countertop, which could also be used as a cutting board. The final product is a light-filled kitchen with lots of room to move around.

ID# 157921 | – Credit© Minosa | Design Life Better

Marble Slab Backsplash and Spider Pendants with White Island

This contemporary kitchen hides so many little details and unveils itself slowly, which makes it unique in many ways. For example, the curved ends of the hood and the undulating design on the front panel of the island are rare-to-see features. Though they are kept understated in shades of white, they still manage to catch your eye. And behind, the gray marble splash-back adds further elegance, while the spider pendant with globe shades presents a very casual rhythm.

ID# 157922 | – Credit© Alair Homes Forest Hill

Large Kitchen Island Ideas with Luxury Marble and White Cabinets

Here, all-white flat-front cabinets wouldn’t even be noticed if it weren’t for the black glass sheet backsplash. This stark contrast sets the tone of the design, leaving the rest to the island. The marble-carved island with bold grey striations on a white base oozes luxury, adding an upscale element. It is paired with grey stools that match the grey veining on the island. Ceiling-mount white directional lighting fixtures provide task lighting, fading into the background just like the cabinets. It is only a gold faucet and green leaves that add pops of color, enlivening the kitchen instantly.

ID# 157923 | – Credit© Highview Kitchen Ltd

White Island with Marble Countertop and Black Stools

Here we have another all-white kitchen that goes with fail-safe design features such as white shaker cabinets and marble countertops. And with these features, it attains timelessness, while the stove backsplash brings a glittering effect. The lantern pendants with bronze accents and black bar stools complement the overall aesthetic while constituting contrast.

Large Wood Kitchen Island

Do you need warmth and texture in your kitchen? Get your large kitchen island in wood. From curved-edge ones to units with fluted fronts, and dark and light-colored ones, wood kitchen islands are various. If you don’t want it to be all-wood, you can add extensions with quartz or marble countertops. Also, if you seek a rustic look, reclaimed wood islands and old wood consoles could make for immersive looks.

ID# 157925 | – Credit© Kristin Adam Design

Ribbed Design Wood Island with Marble Countertop and White Subway Tile Backsplash

Ribbed island designs are one of the most popular and eye-catching design trends in contemporary kitchens. And this beach-style kitchen has a great example of it. Here, this ribbed wood island brings curved edges that deepen the artistic mood of the space. The same approach also finds embodiment in the marble countertop design with rounded edges. These soft features, in turn, also come back as safety precautions, lessening the possibility of getting hurt when one is in rush and moving fast.

Aside from those, this beach-style kitchen lays its foundation on the juxtaposition of wood and white that ensures timelessness. The white kit kat tile backsplash mimics the ribbed design of the island in its own way to create a continuous look. Lastly, the ceiling-mounted directional lightings add small gestures to the ceiling. This minimal and functional choice is strategic given the already pattern-rich design.

ID# 157926 | – Credit

Large Wood Kitchen Island with Gray Countertops and Glass Pendants

Here, the large wood island is paired with five industrial-style stools and topped by a gray polished countertop. Behind, the white flat-front cabinets and slab backsplash create a bright setup. The gold accents and glass pendants also help brighten up the kitchen, adding a glamorous vibe without breaking the design’s approachability.

Marble Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 157927 | – Credit© SGDI – Sarah Gallop Design Inc.

Dark Wood Island with Lantern Pendants and White Countertop

Nestled under a coffered ceiling, this traditional kitchen boasts a dark wood island that creates a visual drama. It is surrounded by white shaker cabinets that make a counterpoint to its dark corpse. And the white quartz countertop of the island puts the island into dialogue with the rest to establish a connection between the central and perimeter area. Overhead, a trio of stylish lantern pendants anchors the island to the design. Spotlights used throughout the ceiling provide ambient lighting for the entire kitchen.

ID# 157928 | – Credit© Jenny Martin Design

French Country Kitchen with Large Kitchen Island Ideas and Brass Dome-Shaped Pendants

In this French country kitchen, the protagonist of the design is surely the wood that is balanced out with white additions. Here, first of all, the wood accent beams add depth and lend interest, drawing eyes upward. This way, the kitchen gains a little extra depth. The wood island is integrated into the overall design aesthetic with white spindle stools and a white modern countertop. Behind, the display cabinets and white subway tile backsplash give the kitchen a farmhouse flair. They communicate transparency and share the daily life of the kitchen. Likewise, the timber floating shelves accentuate the backsplash, being provided accent lighting with brass wall sconces. And finally, the look is complemented with oversized dome-shaped pendants in a brass finish that will patinate over time. Eventually, they will look even more charming.

Modern Large Kitchen Island

Modern large kitchen islands generally have multi-layers to distinguish the dining area from the food preparation zone. But surely, such multi-levels have high aesthetic value too. For example, cantilevered extensions and overhang countertops add a contemporary edge to standard bases. All-concrete and all-marble designs are also very much championed as modern islands. Fluted and ribbed design islands are also great options for wood and texture lovers.

ID# 157929 | – Credit© Chronis Building & Design

Modern Large Kitchen Island Ideas with Wood for Contemporary Kitchen

Packed with details, this contemporary kitchen offers more than a successfully-designed cooking space. First of all, it comes as an epitome of an austere aesthetic that is assertive in its way, especially thanks to a modern large kitchen island. Secondly, designed in a split-level style so that the seating section doesn’t bleed into the food preparation zone, this island serves as the visual focal point. Its two-story look keeps the eating area at the height that a regular dining table would be. Thus, this staggered arrangement gives the island more dimension while making it more ergonomic. In terms of its design, again, the material choices create another level of visual separation with wood extension and the main white quartz countertop.

In the rest, a marble slab backsplash, white counters, and black full-height cabinets complement the look. With the use of color-blocking, each section reserves a distinguished look for itself, being kept well-lit with clerestory windows.

ID# 157930 | – Credit© Impala Kitchens and Bathrooms

Gray Marble Island with Cluster Pendant and Marble Backsplash

This modern island is designed in a half-waterfall style to create a cozy and laid-back dining space at one end. And on the other end, it has a standard finish designed to serve as a countertop and storage space. Catering to the needs of family life and featuring a sociable space, this open-plan kitchen is also adjoined to a formal dining area. As such, it offers multiple socialization corners, while the durable finishes guarantee the design’s sustainability in the long run. Gray marble countertops and the backsplash, are, for example, two key features, promising longevity- as long as maintained properly. What accentuates the overall look is a cluster pendant made of glass shades that contribute to the contemporary aura.

Modern Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 157931 | – Credit© Best Builders ltd

Split-Level Island with Wood Extension and Contemporary Lighting Fixture

This clean kitchen design is delivered fresh light through the skylights, while the white color palette expands the light across the kitchen. Positioned under the skylights, the sculptural island carves out a space for itself and its wood extension. Designed as a split-level unit, it offers a bar counter at a lower height to host 5 people. The wood lighting fixture, right above, mimics a fan, adding another contemporary form. And on the floor, the poured concrete flooring creates a seamless and clean-lined floor design, which brings a level of fluidity.

ID# 157932 | – Credit© Jonathan Cross Interiors

Modern Kitchen with Concrete Island and Black Counters

Interspersed with picture windows, this modern kitchen is light-filled enough to go with a darker palette. And inside, the dark backsplash, black base counters, and black countertops, though all come in black shades, are given individuality with patterns and textures. To complement them, a centrally-positioned concrete island is introduced. And it comes as an enclosed rectangular box that looks like a natural extension of the concrete floor. Together, they sculpt a contemporary look, making a counterpoint to the green outdoor views.

ID# 157933 | – Credit | © Stuart James Associates Limited

Large Kitchen Island Ideas with White Countertop and Antique Mirror Backsplash

In this modern open-plan kitchen, white and gray cabinets are enriched with layers of well-executed details. For example, an antique mirror subway tile backsplash creates a reflective background with a lived-in feel. Opulent pendants with thoughtfully crafted brass detailing overhang the island. Designed as a large unit with seating, the island has a white countertop falling over the edges to create a waterfall effect. Each piece has its own character yet gives birth to a harmonious whole. And the final product is well-balanced with a designer look and warmed up with further brass accents.

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