Colorful Kitchen Ideas Joyful Color Schemes & Impactful Looks

63+ Colorful Kitchen Ideas

ID# 118111 | – Credit© Moises Esquenazi & Associate

Red Shaker Cabinets with Marble Countertop and Subway Tile Backsplash

Red shaker cabinets with silver handles bring joy to this small kitchen. Marble countertop and undermount sink with pullout faucet preferred on the cabinets. Modern white backsplash tiles provide a textured but clean look. The traditional rug on wooden flooring creates an intimate atmosphere.

ID# 118139 | – Credit© Studio Stamp

Eclectic Colorful Kitchen Ideas with Turquoise Backsplash Tiles and Pink Pendants

You can elevate your neutral kitchen with small colorful details. In this design turquoise backsplash tiles and pink pendant lamps over the wooden dining table which is surrounded by gray chairs, color up this neutral kitchen. wooden parquets are preferred for flooring.

Joyful, Welcoming, and Colorful Kitchen Ideas

There’s nothing bad about neutral kitchens but adding color is the best way to create a more welcoming and livelier kitchen. Bright, bold kitchen color schemes will give an instant personality to the hub of your home. Here are some inspirational colorful kitchen ideas to help you create the hue-infused space of your dreams.

Choose the right color to elevate your kitchen.

Choosing the right color is a must since it will set the tone for space, and in fact, since the kitchen is probably where you spend the most time at your house. You can color up your kitchen with vibrant colored cabinets or choose an eye-catching backsplash in a white kitchen or create an accent wall with pop-up wall paint. Whether you choose colors makes a personal twist on the cooking space. Click through for inspiring colorful kitchens that prove color has a place in the heart of your home!

The classic kitchens aren’t going anywhere, but colorful kitchen cabinetry creates an impactful wow factor!

ID# 118101 | – CreditAntonio Perrone Architetto | © Stefano Caruana

Small Kitchen Design with Yellow Upper Cabinets and Black Wall

Yellow cabinets popping up on the black wall with the help of the LED lights around the cabinets. White lower cabinets with stainless steel countertop create a contrasting look in front of the black wall.

ID# 118102 | – Credit© Студия “Атаманенко, Архитектура и Интерьеры”

Yellow Flat-Panel Cabinets with White Quartz Countertop

Yellow lower cabinets with white countertop, shine out next to the white colors. Herringbone details are embroidered on the upper yellow cabinets. White backsplash creates a spacious look.

ID# 118103 | – Credit© WM Design & Architecture Ltd.

High Ceiling Farmhouse Kitchen with Black and Purple Cabinets

In this design, black flat-panel cabinets with marble countertop and farmhouse sink are placed along the single wall. The kitchen island with black and purple cabinets and marble countertop centralized the room. Glass bubble chandeliers hanged from the high ceiling and creates a clean look over the kitchen.

ID# 118104 | – Credit© Sk Interior Designs

Eclectic Colorful Kitchen Ideas with Purple Flat-Panel Cabinets

In this retro kitchen purple flat-panel cabinets in great harmony with the turquoise walls. Colorful rug under the wooden dining table and chairs complements vibrant colors of the wall and cabinets. Single pendants bring an industrial look with their red wires.


ID# 118105 | – CreditФлагманский шоурум Häcker Moscow | © Andrey Sorokin

Dark Purple Modern Kitchen Design with Wooden Flooring

Purple flat-panel cabinets with quartz countertop create a clean and sleek look! The handless system for opening drawers and cabinets made it possible to avoid unnecessary accents in the interior. The dining area is made of quartz stone. Two different types of lighting are used over the kitchen and dining area. Large white chandelier preferred for kitchen and black pendants which hanged from purple LED lighted recessed ceiling, for the dining area.

ID# 118106 | – Credit | © Анна Поминова

Purple and Cream Flat-Panel Cabinets with Beige Backsplash Tiles

Purple flat-panel cabinets with marble countertop, in great harmony with upper cream cabinets. Black granite tiles are preferred for flooring. Beige backsplash tiles create a bridge between purple and cream. The unused upper parts of the cabinets create an excellent space to display your decorative plates.

ID# 118108 | – Credit© Виола Левина

Small Modern Kitchen with Red Lacquer Cabinets

Red lacquer cabinets with a gray countertop make a livelier kitchen atmosphere. Gray granite tiles are preferred for flooring. Red paints on the white ceiling complement the red cabinets and highlight the location of the spotlights.

ID# 118109 | – Credit© Design Rush

Contemporary Kitchen with Red Lacquer Cabinets and Red Chairs

Built-in red lacquer cabinets create a focal point in this white atmosphere. On the other side, white lacquer cabinets with a black countertop are preferred. White dining tables and red chairs centralize the room under the linear lighting fixture.

ID# 118112 | – Credit© KAREL Architecte d’intérieur

Modern Kitchen with Red Lacquer Cabinets and Central Island

Red lacquer flat-panel cabinets with a white laminate countertop create a tasteful and modern look in this large kitchen. central island with res cabinets and white laminate countertop surrounded by white bar chairs. Reddish tiny backsplash tiles complement the red color of the cabinets. Silver linear pendant placed over the central island. Large granite tiles are used for flooring.

Elegant Kitchen Design With Red Upper Cabinets And Marble Backsplash

ID# 118113 | – Credit | © Дизайнер Юлия Арефьева

Elegant Kitchen Design with Red Upper Cabinets and Marble Backsplash

Red flat-panel upper cabinets popping up between the neutral colors. Black marble backsplash creates an elegant look. Light wooden cabinets and black marble countertop with undermount sink and black faucet placed along a single wall. Wooden bar table and black bar chairs provide a small but functional dining space. black pendants hanging over the dining area.

ID# 118115 | – Credit© CréA’SM – Conception et fabrication sur-mesure

Purple Kitchen Design with Shaker Cabinets and Wooden Countertop

Purple shaker cabinets with butcher block countertop placed in l-shape. Stunning wall paint behind the range hood complements the cabinets. Same purple shaker cabinets and wooden countertop used on the central island. Also, the wooden top of the island expanded to be used as a dining table surrounded by silver chairs. Matte gray pendants hanging over the island. White floor tiles, walls, and ceiling allow to shine out the purple color.

ID# 118116 | – Credit© Ace Kitchens & Shopfitters Pty Ltd.

Modern White Kitchen Ideas with Colorful Spot Lights

Colorful spotlights bring a disco feeling to this kitchen! white flat-panel cabinets with a black countertop create a clean look and reflect the stunning colors of spotlights perfectly. White central island and black countertop with undermount sink and faucet surrounded by steel bar stools.


ID# 118117 | – Credit© Красюк Сергей

Pink Luxurious Kitchen-Dining Room with Gold Upper Cabinets

In this design, while the pink features add sweetness to the atmosphere, it also creates a luxurious look. White cabinets with a black countertop create a spacious look between the eye-catching colors. The gold color is preferred on the upper cabinets and it complements the metal stand of the dining table with a black marble top. pink velvet dining chairs create a luxurious look and the glass chandelier supports this look. cotton candy pink walls complete the atmosphere perfectly.

ID# 118118 | – Credit© Maria Stepanova

Colorful Kitchen Ideas with Purple Upper Cabinets and Pink Dining Chairs

Purple flat-panel upper cabinets create an elegant look. Gray cabinets and a white quartz countertop complete this look perfectly. The white backsplash provides a clean look between the cabinets. Pink dining chairs around the wooden dining table complement the purple cabinets.


ID# 118119 | – Credit© Delphine Maumot

Modern Clean Kitchen Design with Blue Ceiling and Bubble Chandelier

If you can’t give up neutral cabinets but still want to add some color to your kitchen, why you are not brightly painting your ceiling? Here, the blue ceiling creates a welcoming kitchen and brings a dramatic look. A bubble chandelier stands out under the ceiling. light wooden flat-panel cabinets with a white countertop create a clean and modern look designer. Central island with white countertop used as a dining table and benches placed around it. Colorful art piece brings joy and creates a focal point.

ID# 118120 | – Credit© John Webb Construction and Design

Colorful Kitchen Ideas with Turquoise Shaker Cabinets and White Quartz Countertop

A combination of vibrant colors and natural materials creates a tropical atmosphere in this kitchen. Turquoise shaker cabinets and white quartz countertop with farmhouse sink and faucet placed along a single wall. Shiny gray tiles are preferred as a backsplash. Orange bar chairs are placed next to the kitchen island. The tile on the back of the island was hand-painted and imported to us finishing off this quirky one-of-a-kind kitchen. Wicker pendants complete the atmosphere.


ID# 118121 | – Credit© Moskow Linn Architects

Farmhouse Kitchen Design with Neon Green Cabinets and Wooden Central Island

A combination of the vibrant color and natural materials create an outstanding design. Neon green cabinetry and black countertop with undermount sink and single handle faucet, popping up between the woods which create a rustic atmosphere. Wooden central island with a white quartz countertop complements wooden walls and ceiling. Black bar stools make a rustic touch.

ID# 118122 | – Credit© Quality By Design Home Renovations

Contemporary Green and White Kitchen with Flat-panel Cabinets

Green flat-panel cabinets preferred for the upper part and green color popping up between the whites. White flat-panel cabinets with white quartz countertop! The green console with a white top provides extra space at the center of the kitchen.

ID# 118123 | – Credit© Cindy Aplanalp & Chairma Design Group

Traditional Colorful Kitchen Design with Soft Blue Shaker Cabinets

Bright blue shaker cabinets create a cozy and elegant kitchen. large central island with a marble countertop provides plenty of space. Pink and purple upholstered benches in great harmony with the cabinets. Bronze lantern lights hanging over the island and lights make a traditional touch.

ID# 118124 | – Credit© Caroline Couzens

Moss Green Wall and Mosaic Tile Backsplash

Bring it up the moss green on the wall with mosaic backsplash tiles! When blue, green, and grey mosaic tiles combined with the moss green wall create a stunning backdrop for this kitchen. Gray flat-panel upper cabinets complete the look simply and cleanly. Wooden central island with quartz countertop with single sink and faucet complements the green shades its natural material.

ID# 118125 | – Credit | © Architetto Isabella Franco

Scandinavian Modern Kitchen with Green Walls

Using colorful wall paint will help you to put your white flat-panel cabinets forward. Another striking element of this design is the use of two different countertop materials. One is a wooden counter under the open shelves, the other is a white countertop with an undermount sink and faucet. Wooden herringbone parquets complete the Scandinavian style.

ID# 118126 | – Credit© WeisCoello arquitectos

Colorful Kitchen Ideas with Orange Flat-panel Cabinets and Blue Details

Orange flat-panel cabinets bring a joyful atmosphere to this kitchen. Blue details create a beautiful contrast with the orange. White central island with stripes and white countertop centralizes the room. Neutral tiles on the wall and floor create a contrast with this modern look but this combination still looks stunning.


ID# 118127 | – Credit© Coughlin Architecture

Kitchen Design with Red Flat-Panel Cabinets and Pink Neon Light

Red flat-panel cabinets perfectly fit in the recessed wall. pink neon light that spells out ‘candy’ creates a stunning atmosphere and adds a sense of cuteness. L-shaped island with white cabinets and white countertop attached to the wall.

ID# 118128 | – Credit | © Big Chill

Scandinavian Kitchen Design with Pink Kitchen Appliances

Love the idea that using colorful appliances between the white cabinets and white countertop with undermount sink and pulldown faucet. The simplicity of the white cabinets allows the pink appliances to shine out. The black kitchen console with a wooden countertop provides extra storage. Wicker pendant and wicker store curtain complete this Scandinavian style.


ID# 118129 | – Credit© Hanna Tunemar Inredare & Stylist

White and Yellow Contemporary Kitchen with Wooden Flooring

White and yellow colors create a cheerful and cozy atmosphere. Yellow wall popping up between the white flat-panel cabinets. LED light under the cabinets helps bring out the eye-catching color of the wall. The same yellow color is preferred on the kitchen island. The yellow pendant perfectly completes this cheerful look. Wooden flooring brings a warmer atmosphere.

ID# 118130 | – Credit© Vahena Marsili Interiors

Colorful Kitchen Ideas with Red Upper Cabinets and Orange Central Island

Love the harmony with the orange and red colors! Red flat-panel upper cabinets completed with orange open shelves. Orange central island with a white quartz countertop complements the gray flat-panel cabinets with its gray stripes. Wooden flooring brings a warmer atmosphere.


ID# 118131 | – Credit© Alma-nac

Yellow Kitchen Design with Colorful Herringbone Parquets

How interesting and also the beautiful design is it to use colored herringbone parquets? Vibrant colored parquets popping up between the wooden parquets and bring joy to this kitchen. yellow flat-panel cabinets with white stripes create a modern and sleek look.

ID# 118132 | – Credit© Студия Enjoy Home

Mustard Yellow Shaker Cabinets with White Subway Backsplash Tiles

This Kitchen showcases black appliances and mustard yellow shaker cabinets with a black countertop against the white subway tile backsplash. kitchen counter expanded in an l-shape to create a dining area with gray counter chairs. Large geometric pendants complement multi-color hex tiled flooring.

ID# 118133 | – Credit© Dulux Accredited Painters

Colorful Kitchen Ideas with Pastel Yellow Wall and Olive-Green Stools

If you don’t like vibrant colors and still want to color up your kitchen, pastel tones can be your solution. Here, pastel lemon-yellow walls and lemon-yellow and olive-green stools around the marble kitchen island in beautiful harmony and create a soft and clean look. Dark wooden parquets are preferred as flooring.


ID# 118134 | – CreditR2 Studio Architects | © Andy Stagg

Colorful Kitchen Ideas with Yellow and Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Materials avoid bland white surfaces and create a positive haptic experience through robust materials and finishes. Concrete backsplash creates a clean look between the yellow and blue flat-panel cabinets. Unique red stools create contrast with the cabinets. White geometric pendants make a modern touch over the central island with a concrete countertop.


ID# 118135 | – Credit© Greengage Interiors Limited

Purple Lacquer Flat-panel Cabinets with White Central Island

A combination of white and purple creates an elegant and luxurious design. purple lacquer flat-panel cabinets covered all walls. White central island with white quartz countertop and white circular dining table creates a clean and spacious look between purples. Purple dining chairs complement the cabinets.

Teal Hexagon Backsplash and Yellow Pendant Lamp in Colorful Kitchen

Teal backsplash tiles popping up between the white flat-panel cabinets with a white quartz countertop. These tiles are the perfect combination between the antique ceramic tradition and contemporary design. Yellow pendant light over the white kitchen island creates a beautiful contrast with the teal tiles.

ID# 118137 | – Credit© Jade Maria Interior Design & Home

Colorful Kitchen Ideas with Blue Shaker Cabinets and White Bubble Pendants

The soft blue color of the shaker cabinets creates a welcoming atmosphere. Recycled glass countertop and black appliances complete the design of cabinets. The same granite is used also as a backsplash. Tiny floating shelves evaluate the blank area of the white wall. White bubble pendants make a modern touch over the kitchen.


ID# 118138 | – Credit | © Aidan Design

Transitional Kitchen with Green Central Island and Copper Hood

Vibrant green island color, which complements the warm tones of the copper hood and brass cabinet hardware. Custom-fabricated backsplash tile complements the green island with its blue and green patterns and it creates a stunning backdrop for white shaker cabinets with gold appliances. Brown leather counter chairs and wooden flooring in a harmony with the green island.

ID# 118140 | – Credit© Kim Duffin for Sublime Luxury Kitchens & Bathrooms

Colorful Kitchen Ideas with Green and Blue Details

A combination of the vibrant colors and unexpected shape of the island counter creates a fun and funky kitchen design. Green wall popping up between the white cabinets. A Green and blue kitchen island with a white countertop elevates this design. spotlights placed on an old surfboard which is totally perfect for this funky theme.


ID# 118141 | – Credit© Draisci Studio

Yellow and Green Flat-panel Cabinets with White Countertop

Yellow flat-panel upper cabinets in great harmony with the green flat-panel cabinets and white countertop with undermount and faucet. The skylight provides the get maximum daylight.

ID# 118144 | – Credit© H2O Kitchen & Bath Raleigh

Minimalist Kitchen with Pastel Blue Wall and Red Chair Cushions

While the pastel blue wall creating a soft atmosphere, red cushions of the white dining chairs directly popping-up and creating contrast with the wall. Modern white cabinets and quartz countertop with an undermount sink and unique faucet create a clean look. White paper lanterns, white dining tables, and white chairs are preferred for the dining area.


ID# 118145 | – Credit© Joybird Furniture

Midcentury Colorful Kitchen Ideas with Blue Appliances and Yellow Countertop

A combination of vibrant blue and yellow creates perfect contrast and a livelier atmosphere for this kitchen. White cabinets completed with yellow countertop. Also, the same white cabinets and yellow countertops are used on the kitchen island. Blue appliances create an eye-catching look. Yellow rugs complement the countertops.


ID# 118146 | – Credit© Lars Remodeling & Design

Escondido Kitchen with Colorful Cabinets and Yellow Walls

A kitchen with a theme is always fun to design and this colorful Escondido kitchen remodel took it to the next level in the best possible way. Artistic, hand-painted murals represent the Spanish style gorgeously. Colorful shaker cabinets and wooden countertop with undermount sink and pink faucet, complete this theme perfectly. Besides the pop-up colors, natural materials are preferred for ceiling and flooring.

ID# 118147 | – Credit | © Zinc Art + Interiors

Minimalist Small Kitchen with Orange Stove and Floral-Patterned Floor

White flat-panel cabinets with zinc countertop allow shining orange stove out. Orange backsplash provides continuity till the range hood. Black framed art pieces create a symmetrical look over the countertop. The floral patterned wooden floor brings joy to this kitchen.

ID# 118149 | – Credit© Taomi Design

White Shaker Cabinets with Red and White Backsplash Tiles

This kitchen features white shaker cabinets, black appliances, and a white countertop with a double bowl sink and faucets, against red and white backsplash tiles. While white and red tiles are used diagonally as a backsplash, they are used vertically on other walls. Yellow floor tiles create a beautiful contrast with the red tiles.

ID# 118150 | – Credit© Design 4 Space Pte Ltd.

Hello Kitty Themed Long Kitchen with Pink Cabinets

Even if you are an adult and still enjoy cartoons, this Hello-Kitty-themed kitchen is perfect for you. This design contains a lot of sweetness with its pink flat-panel cabinets with a white countertop. White cabinets are preferred for the upperparts. Beige floor tiles take you to the sweet Hello-kitty sticker on the white door.

ID# 118151 | – CreditGleba+Störmer | © Hejm Berlin

Small Red Kitchen Design with White Ceiling and Floor

Using some colors in your kitchen is beautiful but what about the paint whole kitchen in one color? This design shows us that this idea can work very well. Red flat-panel cabinets, red appliances, a red countertop with a red faucet, and red decorations create a stunning look between the white floor and ceiling.

ID# 118152 | – Credit© Amanda Louise Interiors

Luxurious High Ceiling Kitchen with Green Shaker Cabinets

Green cabinets with a wooden countertop popping up between the white shaker cabinets. Gold handles on the cabinets complement the large gold pendants. Pink and orange striped stools are placed next to the white center island with a white quartz countertop.


ID# 118153 | – Credit© Apartment Jeanie

Eclectic Colorful Kitchen Ideas with Pink Chandelier and Leopard Patterned Table

Striking patterns and popping colors chaotic atmosphere and it is beautiful! White kitchen cabinets and white island represent the simplicity in this chaos. The yellow ceiling defines the kitchen area. Yellow and pink patterned wallpaper, pink chandelier, leopard patterned dining table, and black chairs other features of the room.


ID# 118156 | – Credit© European Kitchen Design

Contemporary Colorful Kitchen Ideas with Mint Green Cabinets and Acrylic Orange Chairs

Amazing combination of colors gave immediately a fresh clean feeling to this well-designed kitchen layout. Mint green cabinets and mint green bar stools creates perfect contrast with the acrylic orange dining chairs. White cabinets preferred for the upper parts. Three white pendants and spot lights make a warm glow over the kitchen.


ID# 118154

Farmhouse Kitchen-Dining Room with Red Flat-Panel Cabinets

Cherry kitchen cabinets with red countertop are popping up between the neutral colors and make a modern touch to this rustic atmosphere. The same red color is used also as a backsplash. A small wooden dining table and black chairs placed center of the room. Lighter wooden parquets define the kitchen area.

ID# 118107

Neutral Kitchen with Red Central Island and Wooden Flooring

Central island with red flat-panel cabinets and white quartz countertop directly draws the attention between the neutral colors. Bronze lighting makes a rustic touch over the island. Wooden parquets are preferred for flooring. Light wood cabinets create a natural and clean backdrop.

ID# 118110

Turquoise Shaker Cabinets with Quartz Countertop and Wooden Backsplash

Turquoise shade shaker cabinets with white quartz countertop placed in l-shape. The red bar stool creates contrast with the turquoise cabinets perfectly. Pullout kitchen faucet with farmhouse sink. Wooden wall panels are preferred as a backsplash and white shelf hanged on it.

ID# 118114

Purple Flat-Panel Cabinets with Shiny Teal Backsplash

The colorful glow on the teal backsplash tiles gives us a unicorn feeling! Purple flat-panel cabinets in great harmony with the backsplash. white flat-panel upper cabinets and white quartz countertop with undermount sink and silver faucet allow the to backsplash shine out.

ID# 118142

Eclectic Colorful Kitchen Ideas with Pop-Art Painted Cabinets

Look at this stunning interior design! The wall of the high cabinets, including the refrigerator, is painted in a gorgeous pop-art design. purple flat-panel cabinets in a harmony with the painted cabinets. Flower patterned floor tiles complete this eclectic style.

ID# 118143

White Flat-panel Cabinets with Shiny Blue Backsplash Tiles

Plain white cabinets and white countertop with undermount sink and faucet, provide a simple and clean atmosphere to shine bright blue backsplash tiles out. Open shelves great to display colorful pots. Blue store curtains complement the backsplash. Wooden parquet preferred for flooring.

Midcentury Colorful Kitchen Ideas with Bright Orange Range Hood and Stove

Beautiful kitchen in a 1950’s mid-century modern home in Yellow Springs Ohio the Teal accent backsplash tile really sets off the bright orange range hood and stove. Natural materials are preferred for the rest of the kitchen. Natural wood cabinets with white quartz countertop placed in l-shape. Wooden floating shelves compliment the cabinets. Large black granite tiles are used for flooring.

ID# 118155

Small Dining Area in One Wall Open Kitchen

Red-colored dining chairs popping up in this white dining room. Same red color used as a backsplash. White shaker cabinets with white countertops in one wall kitchen. Glass top table under the white pendant lighting.

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