Backsplash for Shaker Cabinets Complete the Timeless Appeal

33+ Backsplash for Shaker Cabinets

ID# 152816 | – Credit© Designtank

Blue Kit Kat Tile Backsplash for Shaker Cabinets and Gold Accents

In this transitional kitchen, the white shaker cabinets present a clean-lined profile, and even the overhead units are kept hardware-free for a more contemporary look. The blue kit kat tiles create a sophisticated background, though lining only the top half of the backsplash area. The other part is clad in a white quartz backsplash that extends on the countertop for a seamless look. These blue kit kat tiles are also brought into dialogue with the blue cabinet shelves. The gold cabinet pulls and engineered wood flooring complement the white cabinets, finalizing the look with a sense of warmth.

ID# 152826 | – Credit© Ирина Крашенинникова

Blue Marble Backsplash for Shaker Cabinets and Wood Island

Blessed with high ceilings and full-height glass windows, the outdoors feel as if they are a natural extension of this kitchen, which makes it more alluring. And inside the kitchen, what awaits its users is a stunning blue marble backsplash that features a jaw-dropping beauty. Used on the countertops and the island, it creates a continuous look. The vibrant blue shaker cabinets take this kitchen’s energic look to the next level. By contrast, the solid dark wood island with grayish undertones brings calmness to downplay the blue cabinets.

Backsplash for Shaker Cabinets

Adjustable to any design, shaker cabinets are still part of our lives, taking their place even in contemporary designs. Sometimes kept hardware-free and sometimes featuring oversized cabinet handles, they are one of the main bones of our kitchens. And designing with them is relatively easier since they suit any design and any look. Thus, when choosing a backsplash for shaker cabinets, there are a plethora of ways to make a combination.

If you are looking for a backsplash for shaker cabinets, ahead are over 30 designs with shaker cabinets. This list showcases backsplashes ranging from subway tiles to marble slabs, quartz backsplashes, and colorful mermaid tiles. Keep reading to fire up your imagination to find a new backsplash idea for shaker cabinets.

ID# 152801 | – Credit© Galina Goliney

White Marble Subway Tile Backsplash for Shaker Cabinets and Shiplap Ceiling

Though achromatic, this contemporary kitchen makes itself stand out with tiny and well-executed details. For example, the curved edges of overhead corner cabinets add soft features. The beadboard front panels of these units also match the shiplap ceiling to create a continuous look, retaining visual integrity. The soft gentle veining on the marble subway tiles in the background makes a visual statement. And the dark wood floor finish anchors this visually lightweight kitchen design.

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Our medium tone travertine subway mosaic tile combines elegance with natural beauty, ideal for any sophisticated decor.

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Elevate your space with our custom-made limestone tile, designed to bring a modern touch to any interior with its sophisticated gray tones.

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Experience the perfect blend of modern design and classic elegance with the white and gray marble subway tile, offering sophisticated and elegant finish.

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Our white glass and metal mosaic tile combines elegance with contemporary design, perfect for creating a refined look in your home.

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Add a touch of warmth and elegance to your decor with our light ivory travertine mosaic tile, perfect for creating a welcoming and stylish atmosphere.

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ID# 152802 | – Credit© Shane Marsh Architects

White Cabinets with Blue Beadboard Backsplash and Wood Island

Opening onto a patio, this vast contemporary kitchen is light-filled and mainly characterized by white shaker cabinets. A white quartz backsplash and countertops blend seamlessly with these cabinets, acting as a singular body. Above, the blue-washed beadboard panels with light blue floating shelves bring a splash of color that switches the action mode of the kitchen on. Likewise, the V-groove range hood fixture coordinates with the other blue features. The wood island and dining table with wood stools add warming wood shades to make the design more handsome.

What backsplash goes with white shaker cabinets?

From metal backsplashes to ceramic subway tiles, marble slabs, geometric tile backsplashes, and glass tiles, a wide range of backsplash options goes with white shaker cabinets. What you need to do, first, is to decide on the look you aim for. Since white shaker cabinets are adjustable to any design, first decide with which look your kitchen should align itself. For example, if you want something more classic and luxe, you can go with a marble slab backsplash. For a more modern and sleeker backdrop, you can consider glass tiles and geometric tile backsplashes.

ID# 152803 | – Credit© Blue Tea Kitchens and Bathrooms

Mid-Century Modern Kitchen with Fluted Glass Cabinets and Square Tile Backsplash

This mid-century modern kitchen design boasts fluted glass cabinets, a white square tile backsplash, and black shaker cabinets. While the beautiful glassware shares its silhouette behind the fluted glass, the white countertops portray a contrast with the cabinets. Complementing them is a sense of warmth introduced by the brass accents and wood cabinet shelves. Coming in the form of wall-mounted rails, these brass accents keep the most needed kitchen utensils within arm’s reach in a utilitarian mindset. As for the wood cabinet shelves, they bring texture, stimulating the senses of kitchen users and oozing warmth.

Backsplash Color Options for Shaker Cabinets

While white, gray, and black are the most popular color options, blue, beige, and green follow these neutral shades. Feel free to use different saturations of these colors, depending on the mood you want to evoke. Below we share a wide range of backsplash designs for shaker cabinets. Just take a closer look at them to get a better idea.

White Backsplash for Shaker Cabinets

White ceramic subway tiles, glass tiles, and quartz or marble slabs are sought-after backsplash materials for shaker cabinets. They encourage the space to feel larger and brighter. And if you want to avoid grout cleaning, just go with quartz slabs. Unlike natural stones, they don’t require any sealing.

ID# 152804 | – Credit© Refined Cabinets Inc.

White Backsplash for Shaker Cabinets and Black Island

This transitional kitchen makes a statement with its black island that brings contrast to the perimeter counters and whose hefty countertop provides ample food preparation zone. The brass wire stools and oversized brass lighting fixtures overhanging the island turn this island unit into a true focal point. And what peeks out behind it is white shaker cabinets with yellow undertones and X-detailed top units, giving the kitchen a farmhouse spin. By contrast, the white ceramic subway tile backsplash is stacked vertically to bring a contemporary edge to the kitchen.

White Mosaic Tiles

Experience luxury with our elegant white mosaic tile, featuring a rhomboid design and a sophisticated mix of shell glass and marble.

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Our glass mosaic tile combines a pure white finish with a modern design to deliver a bright, elegant appeal, perfect for enhancing any room.

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Add sophistication with our marble chevron tile in gray and white, perfect for a luxurious look with a modern flair.

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Our white glass and metal mosaic tile combines elegance with contemporary design, perfect for creating a refined look in your home.

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Introduce elegance with our white ceramic arabesque tile, featuring a beautifully detailed pattern that lends an elegant and eye-catching touch.

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Add a fresh, contemporary look with our white marble and glass mosaic tile. The bright, clean appearance and unique pattern offer a standout feature.

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The striking chevron pattern and pristine white marble of this sleek mosaic tile create a sophisticated and stylish enhancement.

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The delicate leaf pattern creates a dynamic and refined appearance for our modern marble mosaic tile.

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Featuring a marble look, our white glass herringbone tile offers an opulent charm that creates a sophisticated and timeless design.

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ID# 152805 | – Credit© Roger Thompson

Spacious Kitchen with Shiplap Ceiling and Oak Floor

This spacious rustic kitchen is nestled under a whitewashed shiplap ceiling, spanning a vast space. It is outfitted with white shaker cabinets, a wood linear floating shelf, and white countertops. The LED-strip lighting inserted into the cantilevered shelf provides accent and task lighting for the white square tile backsplash. The range hood hidden inside a cabinet keeps the design clutter free, along with the sleek built-in appliances. The oak floor adds a rustic flair to finalize the kitchen aesthetic without compromising the modern style of the room.

Should the backsplash be lighter or darker than the cabinets?

When designing a kitchen, a healthy combination of dark and light shades is required to provide an efficient working space. And to achieve that, well-planned color coordination among the main bones of the kitchen- countertops, cabinets, and backsplashes- is necessary. If, for example, your kitchen has light cabinets, you may want to go with a darker backsplash. It, in turn, adds depth and dimension to the background. Or you may want your cabinets to anchor your backsplash, then it is better to keep cabinets darker.

ID# 152806 | – Credit© Ivy + Piper Pty Ltd

Monochromatic Kitchen with Subway Tile Backsplash and Glass Front Cabinets

This traditional kitchen plays safe, building its design on timeless patterns such as subway tiles and a monochromatic palette, an all-white look. The white grout between the metro tiles gives the background a fresh and retro feel. Likewise, the white shaker cabinets bring a classical finish. Overhead, the glass-front cabinets expose the eye-catching glassware, making the design more intriguing. The engineered wood floor finish brings the right amount of warmth to break up the monochromatic palette. And a beverage cooler enriches the kitchen’s repertoire, adding a luxurious detail.

ID# 152807 | – Credit© Bella Vie Interiors

Marble Slab Backsplash with Black Island and Shiplap Ceiling

Designed to serve a family with three active children, this kitchen fulfills the expectations of a kitchen as a workhorse. For example, it goes with durable materials such as marble for a backsplash and white shaker cabinets for a timeless feel. Used in a slab form, the seamless backsplash makes for a practical design, saving home cooks from cleaning grout joints. And the shaker cabinets come hardware-free to provide a sleeker profile to keep the kitchen in line with contemporary designs. Accompanying them is a black island kept big enough to accommodate four people while creating a social hub. The wood floor injects warmth and texture underfoot, which is again a strategic decision. The kitchen also receives enough sunlight for the wellness of kitchen users. And the white color scheme along with the white-washed shiplap ceiling expands the impact of natural light, making it perfect for a family kitchen.

ID# 152808 | – Credit | © D Lesley Brookes Design

Gray Cabinets and Wood Island with White Backsplash

Opening toward a garden view and graced with plenty of sunlight, this transitional kitchen ensures everything sits in harmony. The gray shaker cabinets and wood island ensure there is enough color and warmth. The white countertops and a square tile backsplash further the openness of the kitchen. And the galley-style layout enjoys smooth human traffic, while the multi-functional island offers ample storage and a dining area.

Gray Backsplash for Shaker Cabinets

Gray marble slabs, gray geometric tiles, and gray subway tiles are some of the most popular gray backsplashes for shaker cabinets. Depending on the material, they may create different impacts on the kitchen. Though gray backsplashes are generally considered to bring a gloomy and edgy ambiance, when they are combined with warm shades, they can also make the design look cozy and homey.

ID# 152809 | – Credit© Northern Beaches Kitchens and Bathrooms

Gray Marble Backsplash for Shaker Cabinets and Linear Lighting Fixture

This beach-style open-plan kitchen makes its backsplash to be a true showstopper. Elegant and sophisticated, this marble slab backsplash continues on the countertops and kitchen island as well. Used to tie the two different arms of cabinetry together, it also ensures visual integrity. The white shaker cabinets create a blank canvas for the marble to do all speaking. The sleek appliances, gold hardware on shaker drawers, and the linear lighting fixture round up the overall kitchen aesthetic. The herringbone wood flooring delivers warmth with modern bar stools.

ID# 152810 | – Credit© Intrim Group Pty Ltd

Marble Backsplash with Black Island and White Cabinets

When every inch of a kitchen is designed with a purpose, it just shows. And this country kitchen is one of them, speaking volumes of luxury and proposing a very purposeful look. Bridging old and new; farmhouse and modern, here, it offers a restful repose. The bold veins on the marble find resonance in the black island that brings a dramatic piece of furniture. The white farmhouse sink with a gold bridge faucet brings warmth and further stylizes the kitchen. The chevron wood flooring runs across the room to pull this open floor plan together. And by just merely looking at the couch, we can say that the kitchen is designed to match the lounge and vice versa.

Should the backsplash be the same color as the cabinets?

A backsplash could be the same color as the cabinets or even feature a contrasting shade or a vibrant hue. It rather depends on the look homeowners aim for. Yet all they need to pay attention to specifically is that the kitchen is lit enough and offers an efficient working space.

ID# 152811 | – Credit© Peter Schaad Design Studio

Green Cabinets and Gray Backsplash with Gray Countertops

This kitchen goes with a standard 4 inch gray marble backsplash that extends on the countertop. It is accompanied by a combination of gray and white shaker cabinets. In other words, it is guaranteed natural colors and brightness in this kitchen. The timber floating shelves and kitchen plants bring biophilic design elements, making the design more relaxing and peaceful. Even though the 4 inch backsplashes are outdated, this design shows that you can transform a dated element into a stylish detail!

ID# 152812 | – Credit© PURE Design Inc.

Gray Herringbone Tile Backsplash for Shaker Cabinets and Colorful Runner

Transitional kitchens love geometric backsplashes, and this one is no exception. Employing a gray herringbone tile backsplash between white shaker cabinets, it makes a visual statement. The wood kitchen island brings a traditional feel and instant warmth, which is modernized with orange backless stools. Likewise, a colorful, geometric-patterned runner brings a bohemian feel, taking the design to the next level. And a yellow gold sputnik-inspired lighting fixture overhangs the island, adding extra charm to the design.

ID# 152813 | – Credit© YourStyle Kitchens Ltd

Gray Picket Tile Backsplash and White Shaker Cabinets with White Countertops

To make a backsplash pop, choose an eye-catching pattern and use its large formats – as showcased by this transitional kitchen. Here, the gray picket tile backsplash stacked horizontally reaches up the ceiling to achieve a full impact. Its gloss finish further dramatizes them without feeling over the top. The white shaker cabinets frame it on all sides with white cabinets to keep it as the centerpiece of the room.

Black Backsplash for Shaker Cabinets

Black-on-white, black-on-gray, and black-on-black are popular color combinations with black backsplashes. And shaker cabinets can come in light, dark, or middle tones to create a well-balanced look. If your kitchen receives enough sunlight, feel free to go with a dark backsplash for dark cabinets. By keeping the walls white, you can compensate for the dark design elements as well.

ID# 152814 | – Credit© Kitchens by Emanuel

Black Backsplash for Shaker Cabinets and Black Cabinets

Dressed in black from top to toe, this open-plan contemporary kitchen distinguishes itself from the rest of the room. From the black flat-front cabinets to the black countertops, everything feels seamless. The black Escher tile backsplash incorporates geometric forms, and the curved kitchen island deepens the artistic mood of the space. The black floral pattern floor tiles zone the kitchen, separating it from the parquet-coated lounge area. The under-cabinet LED-strip lighting, wall sconces, and flush mounts provide the kitchen with a good lighting system. Diffusing warm and cool lights, these lighting fixtures ensure the kitchen has enough depth and dimension.

ID# 152815 | – Credit | © KaBé Design

Black Subway Tile Backsplash with White Shaker Cabinets and Gold Accents

This transitional kitchen integrates a black island and a black subway tile backsplash to achieve a two-toned effect with white shaker units. Consisting of larger formats of subway tiles, the black tile backsplash also extends up the ceiling, owning the room, so to speak. The gold cabinet hardware, intriguing lighting fixtures, and warm wood flooring round up the overall design aesthetic by bringing warmth and a touch of glam.

Blue Backsplash for Shaker Cabinets

Looking for a sense of serenity? A light blue backsplash is a route to go. However, if you love more dramatic looks, give a chance to dark blue backsplashes. And get them in kit kat tiles to make the design more sophisticated. If you have black shaker cabinets, you can even use black grout between the blue backsplash tiles to retain integrity.

ID# 152817 | – Credit© Dakota Homes

Blue Mermaid Tile Backsplash for White Cabinets and Wood Island

Paying homage to mid-century design looks, this transitional kitchen juxtaposes a warming wood island, vibrant blue shades, and crisp white cabinets. In the background, featuring variegated shades of blue, the mermaid tile backsplash creates a true focal point. As the tiles get less and less toward the upper part, they add a fun twist to the background. The white shaker cabinets give this intriguing design an extra chance to pop. And the globe-shaped pendants with their aged-looking profile overhang the wood island, evoking nostalgic feelings.

ID# 152818 | – Credit© Ангелина Аскери / Angelina Askeri Interiors

White Cabinets with Blue Diamond Tile Backsplash and Gold Fixtures

This kitchen is well-appointed with a blue diamond tile backsplash and gold accents used throughout to pull the design together. Here, while the white shaker cabinets provide a blank canvas for the room, they make the room feel more spacious. Reaching up the ceiling, the cabinets also ensure there is enough storage, compensating for its smallness. And a white island helps develop a sense of space for the kitchen, paired with richly textured comfortable stools. These stools along with the opulent lighting fixtures create a more formal dining area. And the oil-brushed gold fixtures puncture the design.

Backsplash for Different Colored Shaker Cabinets

White and gray backsplashes are always a fail-safe option whatever the color is on your shaker cabinets. If you have dark cabinets, then it would be better to pick a light color for the backsplash to achieve balance. And for light shaker cabinets, consider colorful backsplashes to jazz up the look. Or you can also create a white-on-white scheme that is calm and slows the passage of time.

Backsplash for White Shaker Cabinets

While white-on-white designs are still popular, contrasting and colorful backsplash options are also considerable for white shaker cabinets. Depending on the mood you want to achieve, you can choose your backsplash accordingly. For example, for a beach-style kitchen, give a chance to a blue glass subway tile backsplash. Or for a bohemian or eclectic kitchen, match your white shaker units to a yellow square tile backsplash. And you can always add more interest to a kitchen with white shaker cabinets with shelves, glass-front units, and plants.

ID# 152819 | – Credit© Eclectic Creative

Soft Green Backsplash for White Shaker Cabinets and Waterfall Island

Blessed with skylights, this contemporary kitchen goes with a nature-inspired design, which is evident in a muted sage green backsplash, Tasmanian oak flooring, and timber bar stools. Altogether they give the design a healthier look, translating an outdoor life into an indoor way of living through textures and colors. And to complement them, white shaker cabinets and a waterfall island enhance the openness and lightness of the design. The final product is more than satisfactory, offering a peaceful retreat in the company of a light color scheme.

ID# 152820 | – Credit© Collaroy Kitchen Centre

Country Kitchen with Wood Island and White Cabinets

This open-plan country kitchen boasts white cabinets that brighten up the interior instantly. And a brick-look backsplash in dark gray shades gives the stove alcove a sense of authenticity. Right across the perimeter counters is a wood island that lends warmth and a healthy look. The ornate design of black bar stools bridges country and contemporary looks, making a very effective and impressive addition to a country kitchen. On the floor, limestone-looking tiles provide the kitchen with another natural finish.

ID# 152821 | – Credit© Dieppe Design

Gray Backsplash for Shaker Cabinets and Gold Hardware

This transitional kitchen prides itself on its intriguing and eye-striking glass-front cabinets. Featuring these glass panels in their slim and vertical versions, they transcend the conventional form of these units. The same eccentricity is also observed in the style of gold hardware inserted into the white base shaker counters. And in the rest, the gray square tile backsplash gives the design a more modern feel. It is thoughtfully paired with a gray island for the sake of color coordination.

ID# 152822 | – Credit© Triple Dot Design Studio

White Shaker Cabinets with White Square Tile Backsplash and Wood Island

This natural kitchen design borrows some rustic elements to warm up its white shaker cabinets, countertops, and white backsplash. Featuring square subway tiles, this backsplash provides a seamless backdrop for the kitchen. In the center of the room is a wood island that gives the design a sense of earthliness. Its shadow-line router-ed design makes it even more intriguing, while black hardware used both on the island and perimeter counters tie the design together.

Backsplash for Dark Shaker Cabinets

To balance out dark shaker cabinets available in dark wood, dark blue, brown, and gray shades, consider light-colored backsplashes. If you wish, you can treat them with a gloss finish to further brighten up the interior. Or just go with glass tiles or glass sheets that already come with a beautiful sheen. To support these light-colored backsplashes, add metallic accents and use golden or chrome fixtures. Or to soften the design, you can add kitchen plants and integrate wood accents.

ID# 152823 | – Credit© New Leaf Design Studios

White Backsplash for Shaker Cabinets and Wood Hood Fixture

This open-plan industrial kitchen features black shaker cabinets paired with a white subway tile backsplash and white quartz countertops. This contrasting scheme is also warmed up with a touch of texture introduced by a wooden shiplap hood fixture. Overhead, it is also the black suspended shelf that gives the design a truly industrial feel, along with the steel hardware.

ID# 152824 | – Credit© Esq Design

Marble Backsplash and Countertops for Dark Cabinets with Gold Hardware

Leading through a dining room through a cased opening and outside through a glass door, this transitional kitchen enjoys its floor plan. And its design is dramatic and opulent which packs it with style and character. The marble slab backsplash extending on the countertops seamlessly joins dark cabinets to ooze quirkiness. The kitchen island mirrors the perimeter counters, drawing parallel to the farmhouse designs with its giant X details on the sides. The gold hardware, wall sconces, and oversized pendants round up the overall aesthetic. And the wood floor runs across the entire space to pull the rooms together.

ID# 152825 | – Credit© Case Design/Remodeling Halifax

White and Blue Shaker Cabinets with White Countertops and Penny Round Tile Backsplash

This bright and welcoming transitional kitchen is divided into two sections with two-tone joinery that comes in white and blue shades. Mingling through synchronized energy, these cabinets make the kitchen calm and energic all at once. And between them, a white penny round tile backsplash creates a modern and sophisticated look that looks almost seamless from distance. Additionally, a blue mermaid tile backsplash accentuates the stove, bringing extra interest to the backdrop. Complementing all of these are gold cabinet handles that inject a healthy dose of glam to finalize the overall look.

What is trending backsplash 2023?

From bold patterns to colorful tiles, organic forms, textured splash-backs, and ceiling-height natural stone slabs, trending backsplashes in 2023 have something for everybody’s taste. If you can’t give up on the classic looks of marble slabs or ceramic and porcelain tiles, they are popular this year too. Additionally, glossy tiles and geometric backsplashes await to energize kitchens, add movement, and capture light.

ID# 152827 | – Credit© AIYA bureau

White Square Tile Backsplash and Blue Cabinets with Escher Floor Tİles

Here we have another contemporary kitchen where there is just so much going on. First, the white square tile backsplash taken up to the ceiling creates a modern and graphite look on the walls. To complement it, the dark blue cabinets serve as an anchor. And opposite them is a white island paired with a black suspended shelf and rounded hood bringing an industrial edge to the kitchen. And finally, on the floor, the multi-colored Escher tiles echo the overall color scheme, retaining visual integrity inside the room.

Traditional Mosaic Tiles

Our black and white arabesque mosaic tile features a water jet cut pattern that offers both uniqueness and luxury.

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Our mother-of-pearl and marble waterjet white mosaic tile combines a unique design with a luxurious finish for an elegant touch.

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Discover the beauty of our white and gray dot marble mosaic tile. The eye-catching pattern and elegant finish deliver a luxurious enhancement to kitchens.

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The luxurious white mosaic tile, made from pearl and marble, presents a unique design that enhances any design.

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Our brown and beige travertine mosaic tile offers a touch of refinement, featuring elegant glass accents and a sophisticated diamond pattern.

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Introduce elegance with our white ceramic arabesque tile, featuring a beautifully detailed pattern that lends an elegant and eye-catching touch.

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The marble mosaic tile in white and gray features a flower pattern, providing a delicate and sophisticated look.

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ID# 152828 | – Credit© West of Main Design

Quartz Backsplash for Shaker Cabinets and Traditional Runner

This contemporary kitchen draws its roots from farmhouse designs, which is evident in green shaker cabinets, gold accents, a traditional runner, and a wood island. Yet in the background, a white quartz slab backsplash modernizes the kitchen instantly. The geometric glass pendants with gold details ooze luxury and a contemporary flair.

Backsplash for Light Shaker Cabinets

Coming in muted shades of pink, green, blue, yellow, and many more, light shaker cabinets create a design that grows akin to a dreamland. Why not create your own? Pick one of your favorite colors and paint your shakers to remodel your kitchen. You can go with colorful backsplashes as well. Mermaid tiles, hexagons, subway tiles, or patterned backsplashes can liven up the interior. Or to bring a calm design, light cream backsplashes or marble slabs offer great options to choose from.

ID# 152829 | – Credit© Миксон — мебель на заказ

Triangle Tile Backsplash for Blue Shaker Cabinets and Gold Hardware

This transitional kitchen is ready to impart a sense of calmness to its kitchen users with its muted blue shaker cabinets that pick up on the sky color. And between them, a white ceramic triangle tile backsplash gives the kitchen a speedy contemporary upgrade. The gold hardware punctures the cabinets with a sense of warmth, while the multi-colored star-shaped floor tiles make the entire room pop. Overall, this transitional kitchen proves that floor design is as important as the design of the upper section. Especially if you have a small kitchen and don’t want to cause any clutter, you can make a statement with your floors.

ID# 152830 | – Credit© Let’s Talk Kitchens & Interiors

White Quartz Backsplash for Shaker Cabinets and White Countertops

Nestled under wooden exposed beams, this transitional kitchen bridges rustic vibes with modernism. While the white countertops and white quartz backsplash give the kitchen a clean backdrop, the green shaker cabinets bring a classical finish. Referring to nature through their beautiful green shades, these cabinets pair perfectly with the timber island trolley and an antique buffet. Inherited from the old kitchen, these antique additions preserve the old spirit of the home, respecting their aged look.

Decorative Mosaic Tiles

Bring elegance and modernity with our glass and metal mosaic tile, offering a stylish and refined finish.

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Our Beige and Cream Glass Mosaic Tile features a dynamic rhomboid design, serving as a modern and stylish element.

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Experience timeless elegance with our white and beige marble mosaic tile. The delicate flower pattern provides a chic and classic enhancement.

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Achieve a modern look with our pure white marble mosaic tile, featuring a geometrical shape that adds a sleek and sophisticated touch.

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Featuring a refined leaf pattern and radiant marble surface, our white mosaic tile provides a chic and glamorous look.

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Our mother-of-pearl and marble waterjet white mosaic tile combines a unique design with a luxurious finish for an elegant touch.

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Experience modern sophistication with our white marble backsplash mosaic tile that features a bold geometrical design.

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ID# 152831 | – Credit© GIA Bathrooms & Kitchens

Off-White Cabinets with Two-Tiered Island and Marble Backsplash

This L-shaped contemporary kitchen is graced with natural light diving into the kitchen through the skylight. The off-white cabinets inserted into this monochromatic kitchen expand the impact of streaming light with pleasure. Though shaker units, they are treated as flat-front cabinets and kept hardware-free to achieve a sleeker profile. And between these cabinets, a marble slab backsplash makes a statement with its dramatic veining. Coming in a slab format, it also saves homeowners from cleaning grout lines, which makes it a more practical option. Opposite the backsplash is also a two-tiered island that has two sections for eating and food preparation. The former is supported by richly textured and extra comfortable dining stools. The latter is a marble-clad countertop that pulls the design together by building a correlation between the island and perimeter counters via the marble.

ID# 152832 | – Credit | © Александра Хасанова

Dramatic Kitchen with Gray Backsplash and Dark Countertops

This dramatic contemporary kitchen is mainly characterized by a contrasting scheme achieved with warm and neutral shades. The cream shaker units with dark wood overhead cabinets mingle, developing a sense of intimacy. The gray marble backsplash with black countertops, by contrast, creates a gloomy atmosphere that brings an anti-thesis. In the rest, the integrated sink and an electronic hob blend harmoniously with the countertops for a decluttered design. The laminated parquet flooring with grayish undertones brings a sense of earthliness to the room.

ID# 152833 | – Credit© плитка из старого кирпича

Colorful Kitchen Design with Mermaid Tile Backsplash and Green Shaker Cabinets

If you need a little bit of encouragement to go for a more colorful design, here is one. This transitional kitchen is like a color study, juxtaposing green and pink shaker cabinets that create a very dynamic look. And to complement them, it, again, goes with a colorful multi-colored backsplash, this time in more warm and neutral shades. The copper lip-pull notches and wall-mounted rail introduce metallic touches to downplay the pops of colors. And on the floor, one more time, multi-colored floor tiles bring more patterns, creating a festival-like ambiance in the room.

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