Modern Backsplash for Dark Cabinets Complete the Sleek Modern Style

35+ Modern Backsplash for Dark Cabinets

ID# 148214 | – Credit© Красюк Сергей

Modern Black Backsplash with Transparent Stools and Marble Countertops

In this contemporary kitchen, the matte finish cabinets create a soft contrast with the polished marble countertops and glowing built-in appliances that blend into their surroundings. Adding to them are the chrome fixtures, chrome Led pendants, and transparent stools that spice up the look. The green leaves bring a breath of freshness. The concrete floor brings an industrial edge, and the black seamless background finalizes the look.

ID# 148218 | – Credit© num.21

Black Cabinets with Gray Backsplash and Countertops

Gray backsplashes are best if you want to avoid all-black looks and also don’t desire any strong contrast. This contemporary kitchen, for instance, also eschews extreme contrasts. Rather, it creates a balanced look for the perimeter counters with a gray backsplash and book-matching countertops. In the rest, the orange stools add a dash of color. And the stone-look finish floor by the cooking zone brings a rustic flair without stealing from the contemporary character of the kitchen.

Modern Backsplash for Dark Cabinets

Though crafting a design moment with dark cabinets comes effortlessly- because they are dramatic and opulent- they sometimes can challenge us in certain ways. Thus, it is important to know about materials, color coordination, and how different elements work together. In this round-out, a modern backslash for dark cabinets does remain our concern. By discovering them you will get to know the fail-safe color and material options with the dark cabinets.

A modern backsplash for dark cabinets ranges from white ceramic tiles to gray marble slabs, black fish scale patterns, and glass sheets. As for the dark cabinets, they come in dark green, blue, brown, gray, and black. And each choice can make a dramatic difference in the overall aesthetic. So, to get a better idea, check out this blog and get inspired on how to incorporate a modern backsplash for dark cabinets in your upcoming home-upgrading project.

ID# 148201 | – Credit© Chalk Studio

Modern Backsplash for Dark Cabinets and Concrete Floor

Oozing elegance, this contemporary kitchen is generously sized, bringing together dark and timber cabinets for a sense of balanced aesthetic. The all-black perimeter counters blend seamlessly with the black backsplash and countertops. The concrete island and speckled-finish concrete floor register an industrial edge to the kitchen. The linear lighting fixture and upscale appliances keep the kitchen in line with contemporary looks, while the final product presents itself moody and warming all at once.

Modern Mosaic Tiles

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Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

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Modern shape white elegant honed finish marble mosaic tile

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Modern beige long porcelain mosaic kitchen and bathroom mosaic

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Modern look white marble, elegant honed finish mosaic tile

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Modern chevron backsplash tile, white gray brown color mixed chevron tile

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ID# 148202 | – Credit© TMT Renovations& Build

Marble Backsplash and Marble Countertops with Black Cabinets

If your kitchen receives enough sunlight, feel free to go with dark cabinets and pair them with light-colored backsplash and countertops- as showcased by this modern kitchen. Here, the spectacular marble slab backsplash and countertops are coupled with black flat-front cabinets. To create a continuous look, the oversized kitchen island mirrors the perimeter counters, running parallel to them. Yet it also differentiates itself from the rest of the design with gold accents. These gold stripes and gold-detailed pendants overhanging the island bring the glam. This way, the island serves as a focal point, tinged with warmth and bonus luxury.

What backsplash looks best with dark cabinets?

Finding the right backsplashes for dark cabinets can often be a daunting task. Thus, it is sometimes better to keep things simpler for a timeless and classic feel. For example, white quartz and white ceramic subway tile backsplashes pair perfectly with dark cabinets. It doesn’t matter whether the cabinets are dark blue, brown, black, or dark green. White glass sheets again are practical and seamless options that come with a shimmering effect. The translucent nature of the glass also compensates for the cabinets’ dark shades. It also further brightens up the kitchen by letting lights travel around the room.

Apart from those, to create a moody and edgy atmosphere, gray backsplashes serve the kitchen well. Also, wood panel backsplashes create a natural look. And the stainless-steel options ensure longevity and provide unparalleled durability. You can also use it as countertops. For those looking for something luxurious and glamorous, copper, bronze, and gold backsplashes also make the dark cabinets stand out.

ID# 148203 | – Credit© Dalecki Design

Black Cabinets with White Countertops and Mirror Backsplash

Visited by streaming lights, this contemporary kitchen feels extra inviting. And relying on the daylight that it harvests, it goes with all-black flat-front cabinets. Yet to prevent any potential moody and depressive mood, it complements them with a smoked glass backsplash and white countertops. These additions lighten up the interior, accompanied by a waterfall island. On the floor, the seamless poured concrete runs across the combined-concept room to pull the space together. If you want to keep the space as free as possible, go with flush mounts instead of pendants. They provide task and accent lighting for the island.

ID# 148204 | – Credit© Cranberry Design

Dark Blue Cabinets with Brass Hardware and White Floating Shelves

This U-shaped modern kitchen is well-appointed with dark blue cabinets that add elegance and brass hardware that delivers instant warmth. They are accompanied by a mirror backsplash that not only brightens up the kitchen zone but also makes it feel more spacious. Serving the same function are also the white floating shelves to enhance the sense of spaciousness. Plus, here, using corner shelves is a strategic decision to fit the corners as cabinets would take up much more space. The integrated sink and low-profile electric hob also help the kitchen to preserve its sleek profile without causing any visual clutter.

Dark Mosaic Tiles

Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

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Gray marble & glass tile for contemporary to modern kitchens or bathroom

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Dark gray subway slate wall tile, modern, unique and natural look.

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Grey blue with rusty earth tones Brazilian slate mosaic tile with red glass inserts.

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Gray Blue glass white marble subway mosaic tile for on-trend kitchen backsplashes

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Picket Design Rusty brown & gray slate mosaic backsplash tile

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White Hexagon Marble Look Glass Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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ID# 148205 | – Credit© Hamiltoun

Wood Panel Backsplash with Dark Cabinets and LED Pendants

Though small, this contemporary kitchen has everything it needs and even more. First, it offers a beautiful juxtaposition of dark cabinets paired with a wood panel backsplash. The white full-height cabinets fade into the white-painted walls. And the wood open cabinet adjoined the peninsula adds further interest to the wall. The white thick engineered countertop of the peninsula extends to offer a cozy seating spot for homeowners and guests. The white floor tiles signify the kitchen zone, demarcating it from the laminated parquet-coated living room. Overhead, the white LED pendants accentuate the design.

ID# 148206 | – Credit© NOWDESIGN

Modern Backsplash for Dark Cabinets and Black Countertops

Utilizing a modern backsplash doesn’t prevent you from integrating natural vibes. This contemporary kitchen, for example, uses black ceramic hexagon tiles to introduce a biophilic pattern, while the wood ceiling furthers the organic ambiance of the kitchen. In the rest of the design, the black flat-front cabinets and marble countertops still manage to ensure diversity with a combination of polished and matte finishes. The light timber floor-to-ceiling cabinets build on the existing narrative by adding more warmth and texture.

Modern Backsplash Color Options for Dark Cabinets

Dark cabinets can sometimes be tricky. That’s why to play safe, generally neutral shades like white, black, and gray backsplashes are used more. Available in a wide range of material options, these shades enrich cabinets in several ways. For example, white backsplashes lighten it up. Dark backsplashes with dark cabinets create visual drama. To offset all-black schemes, you can use polished finish backsplashes. As for the gray backsplashes, they are versatile and soft, bringing subtle shades of color. Additionally, they are best if you don’t want to surrender to extreme contrasts that consist of bright whites and pitch blacks.

Modern White Backsplash for Dark Cabinets

Even though dark cabinets embrace colorful touches, nothing exudes elegance and timelessness as a modern white backsplash does. Whether it is the subway tiles, marble slab, glass sheet, or quartz you go with, a modern white backsplash always has something to contribute to the design aesthetic. First, they lighten the kitchen up. Secondly, they make it feel more spacious. Thirdly, if you want to add a pop of color, you can always do so by changing the complementary elements. It could be a lighting fixture, a kitchen plant, a painting, and so on.

ID# 148207 | – Credit© Drake+Khan Design

Marble Backsplash with Display Cabinets and Gold Accents

This contemporary kitchen offers a genteel atmosphere, juxtaposing white and dark cabinets to curate a designer look. The gold accents and marble slab backsplash contribute to the upscale feel of the kitchen, while the light wood floor brings warmth and texture underfoot.

ID# 148208 | – Credit© Charles Maccora Design

Modern Backsplash for Dark Cabinets and Polished Concrete Floor

Blessed with a high ceiling and interspersed with clerestory windows, this contemporary kitchen creates a solid look for itself with dark flat-front cabinets. And to honor them, it goes with a white seamless backsplash and white countertops that lighten up the cabinets. The stainless-steel appliances assert a glam aesthetic. And the polished concrete floor finish recontextualizes itself in this contemporary room, bringing a stylish touch.

ID# 148209 | – Credit© Lazcon Pty Ltd

Black Beadboard Cabinets with White Marble Backsplash and Rustic Floor

Taking cues from the farmhouse designs, this contemporary kitchen deploys black beadboard upper units and rustic floors to pay homage to the country looks. By contrast, the white marble slab backsplash and countertops modernize the kitchen instantly. Likewise, the kitchen island presents itself with its clean and refined lines, which makes it suitable for contemporary looks. Overhead, an eye-catching pendant further accentuates the island that is vertically placed to the stove zone.

What backsplash is on trend in 2022?

Backsplash trends in 2022 are ceiling height, gloss-finish, marble slab, and ceramic geometric pattern backsplashes. And in terms of colors, they often come in light color palettes. As such, we can say that trending backsplashes of this year aim to encourage the kitchen to feel larger and more spacious. Ceiling height and slab backsplashes make the design feel more cohesive. And in such kitchens, generally, the upper units are traded with linear floating shelves, wall sconces, and sleek range hood fixtures that don’t lead to any visual confusion. In contemporary and even traditional kitchens, ceramic tile geometric backsplashes also have been another popular backsplash design. Hexagons, Escher tiles, chevron, and herringbone patterns have been commonly used.

ID# 148210 | – Credit© The Kitchen Design Centre

Modern Backsplash for Dark Cabinets and Open Shelves

Arabesque Statuaria is one of the most popular and intriguing marble versions- as proven by this modern kitchen. Here, it defines the far wall, reaching up to the ceiling to enhance the openness. It is paired with dark wood cabinets that create visual drama and open shelves that add extra interest to the backsplash. The built-in appliances don’t cause any visual confusion, and the overall look feels sleek and clean enough to make the backsplash the centerpiece of the kitchen.

ID# 148211 | – Credit© Studio Black Interiors

White Square Tile Backsplash with V-Groove Island and Black Cabinets

Designed as a modern family home, this stylish kitchen abounds in timeless materials and shades, from timber to bold charcoal colors, and stone countertops. This way, it promises longevity while oozing elegance. The black cabinets come together with a muted blue V-groove island, whose half-waterfall edge gives it a modern treatment. The backless wood stools add warmth to the interior with the wood floor finish. In the background, the white gloss-finish square tile backsplash strengthens the modern character of the kitchen. And its polished finish captures natural light for a sense of playfulness to create an enjoyable atmosphere rather than distant and too refined.

ID# 148212 | – Credit | © PUUSTELLI MOSCOW

White Hexagon Tile Backsplash and White Countertops with Dark Cabinets

To soften dark cabinets, integrate wood upper units- as showcased by this contemporary kitchen. Here, they play up the organic dynamics of the kitchen with a white hexagon tile backsplash. The use of large format tiles expands the backsplash, while white countertops enhance the openness. Also used on the floor, this time, multicolored hexagon tiles get caught on having fun, interlocking with each other like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. White countertops enhance the openness, and barely-visible lip pull notches in the same color as the cabinets allow for easy grip for an ergonomic design.

Modern Black Backsplash for Dark Cabinets

As a timeless classic, we are familiar with stunning modern black marble backsplashes. But sometimes you may need something different. For example, have you ever considered modern black mermaid tile backsplashes? Polish them and make them pop between the dark cabinets. What about KitKat mosaic tile backsplashes? They give you a texture-rich and contemporary look. You can stack them vertically or horizontally to create a provocative presence with them. To create a fun twist with black backsplashes, you can also consider beveled subway tile backsplashes. Not only do they entertain the space but also add dimension to the background.

ID# 148213 | – Credit© Kitchens by Emanuel

All-Black Kitchen with Escher Tile Backsplash and Curved Island

This ultra-sophisticated kitchen is characterized by an all-black color scheme. It, features Caesarstone jet black worktops, black vertical slates cladding the curved island, and a black Escher tile backsplash. With geometric patterns and curved forms, the black shades are given intriguing forms to make the kitchen more expressive with a designer look. The green undertones, a timber floating shelf, and Led-strip lighting further stylize the kitchen, softening the dark shades. The final product, albeit black, is set against white-painted walls, which makes the kitchen a true statement piece by itself.

ID# 148215 | – Credit© Le Atelier

Geometric Pattern Black Backsplash with Yellow Pendants and Black Cabinets

If you want to break up the monochromatic look without making it too obvious, go with a geometric pattern black tile backsplash- as showcased by this kitchen. Here, the white diamond pattern black tiles clad the walls, reaching up to the ceiling. As they do so, they form bigger triangles that command attention. In the rest of the space, the black cabinets topped by polished black countertops create a seamless look. The wood upper cabinets and a wood dining table offset the all-black scheme. And a trio of yellow pendants awakens the whole design, popping against the black background.

Modern Gray Backsplash for Dark Cabinets

Gray is a versatile color that serves as a medium to soften dark cabinets. But unlike white, it doesn’t make it too obvious and doesn’t create a dramatic contrast. That’s why it makes the design feel more casual and relaxed. Gray marble, gray glass or ceramic subway tiles, and gray glass sheets are some of the popular modern gray backsplashes.

ID# 148216 | – Credit© First Avenue Homes

Gray Marble Backsplash and Marble Island with Dark Cabinets

Led through internal stairs lit by Led strip lighting, this super-contemporary kitchen is refined and sophisticated. It welcomes its users with a stunning gray marble backsplash and a marble-volume island that brings an upscale feel. At the far wall, the black beadboard upper units elongate the kitchen on the horizontal axis, while overhead, the white false ceiling zones the kitchen in its own way. On the floor, the speckled-finish poured concrete adds a fun twist to the serious top half of the kitchen.

ID# 148217 | – Credit© Марина Светлова

Modern Backsplash for Dark Cabinets and Wood Peninsula

This pint-size contemporary kitchen prides itself on the dark gray marble backsplash taken up to the ceiling. It does away with the upper cabinets to provide more breathable space. The dark flat-front cabinets and a wood countertop that serves as a peninsula complement the rest. The black faucet with a half-brass and half-black finish adds an intriguing touch. Overhead, the wire pendants reminiscent of spiders and binocular ceiling-mounted lighting fixtures execute a designer look.

Dark Cabinets Color Options

Dark brown, wood, blue, green, gray, and black are very popular dark cabinet options. These cabinets don’t only include dark gray and black shades. You could still make it dark while using more dynamic colors such as blue and green.

Modern Backsplash for Dark Gray Cabinets

If you want to avoid any extremely contrasting shades, you can trade dark black cabinets with dark gray counters. Versatile and much softer, dark gray cabinets add a relaxed but also slightly moody ambiance. You can pair them with wood accents, chrome hardware, and white marble backsplashes. For a more metropolitan look, you can utilize ceramic geometric tile backsplashes in white shades to build subtle patterns. But if you want the patterns to pop, then go with multi-colored backsplashes. This combination is especially popular in contemporary and Scandinavian kitchens. To finalize the look, you can also bring in colorful glass pendants to make the design more expressive.

ID# 148219 | – Credit© Lydia Maskiell Interiors

Modern Backsplash for Dark Cabinets and White Countertops

One of the best ways to avoid black and white contrasts-which feels extreme for some- is to use dark gray cabinets- as displayed by this modern kitchen. Here, the dark gray cabinets team up with white Escher tile backsplash. It feels contemporary and geometric but with a sense of subtleness due to its matte white finish. The wood accents and white countertops lend interest and brightness, respectively. The galley-style island runs parallel to the perimeter counters, mirroring them. On the base, the dark gray panels are installed on the dark black base that adds depth to the island. The intriguing pendants and backless stools stylize the island, while the skylight provides ambient lighting for the entire kitchen.

ID# 148220 | – Credit© Hamiltoun

I-Shaped Kitchen with Wood Panel Backsplash and Wood Countertops

Just because you have a wood panel backsplash and wood countertops don’t mean that you end up with a rustic look. This I-shaped contemporary kitchen, for example, is outfitted with flat-front cabinets with a wood panel backsplash, offering a seamless look with clean lines. The built-in appliances and a beverage cooler feel at home. The black-and-white contrasts achieved with a black peninsula and floor tiles extend the material and color palette of the kitchen, creating a designer look.

 Should the backsplash be lighter or darker than the cabinets?

As a rule of thumb, generally, backsplashes are kept lighter than cabinets. This way, counters function as an anchor for light backsplashes. However, it is also common to go with dark backsplashes and light countertops. This also works well when you want to add more depth and dimension to the background. Plus, with a gloss finish, you can always offset its dark shades to a certain degree. Also, keep in mind that it is also important to take the third element– countertops- into consideration. For a well-balanced look, the color coordination of the cabinets, countertops, and backsplash is very determinative. For example, you can go with a white backsplash and black cabinets. And to create a soft transition, you can use gray countertops.

ID# 148221 | – Credit© Croma Design Inc.

Marble Subway Tile Backsplash and Brass Hardware with Black Countertops

This small yet self-contained kitchen uses white and dark gray cabinets together and creates a perfect balance. The marble subway tile backsplash that stretches from ceiling to ceiling echoes the overall color scheme. And the polished black countertop solidifies the connection between the marble and the cabinets. The brass hardware, runner, and light wood floor bring the right amount of warmth and accent to temper the cool and neutral color scheme of the kitchen.

ID# 148222 | – Credit© Stephani Buchman Photography

Marble Backsplash with Drum Pendant and Gray Cabinets

The protagonist of this contemporary kitchen is without a doubt the stunning modern slab backsplash that also makes a perfect trim for the hood. The rest of the kitchen is fitted with dark gray countertops and gray veneer cabinets to play up the overall aesthetic. They also give the design more movement. Complementing them are also gold hardware, the gold stripe on the hood, and a stunning oversized drum pendant overhanging the island. Altogether they pack the kitchen with style and an eye-pleasing aesthetic.

Is it better to have light or dark cabinets?

If you have a small kitchen that doesn’t get enough sunlight, then it would be better to avoid dark cabinets and instead, use lighter cabinets. This, in turn, helps you achieve a visually lightweight look that makes the kitchen feel larger and brighter. However, if your kitchen has enough sunlight and is vast enough, feel free to go with dark cabinets that create a dramatic effect overhanging the kitchen. Dark cabinets also look more sophisticated, rich, and opulent. With gold metal additions and marble slab backsplashes, you can build upon that opulent feel. The resulting product gives you a classic finish and timeless design aesthetic.

ID# 148223 | – Credit© Rosa

Stacked Subway Tile Backsplash with Gray Cabinets and Floating Shelves

To update your subway tile backsplash, flip and stack them vertically -as showcased by this kitchen. This way, they modernize your kitchen instantly. To complement them, you can benefit from dark gray flat-front cabinets, white countertops, and chrome hardware that supports the contemporary look. For a touch of warmth, also bring in timber floating shelves and use them to exhibit your kitchen plants.

ID# 148224 | – Credit© The Wood Studio

Modern Backsplash for Dark Cabinets and Gray Countertops

Here, what greets us is astonishing hand-finish walnut panels and gray gloss-finish cabinets. As such, cool and warm shades capture the necessary balance. In addition to those, the walnut shelves and exhibited flowers and accessories add personality to the open cabinet that serves as a wet bar. Plus, it also features spotlights that provide accent lighting for this area, creating a cozy atmosphere when there is no daylight.

Modern Backsplash for Dark Blue Cabinets

Azure, navy, indigo, and many more. Even dark blue cabinets have a plethora of saturations to evoke different moods. For a more cheerful look, for example, you can choose blue azure. And for a moodier and more elegant look, navy and indigo blue shades are more suitable. With white countertops, subway tile backsplashes, and marble slabs, you can complement the dark blue cabinets. If you want to add an earthy vibe, feel free to go with a wood panel backsplash that registers warmth and texture.

ID# 148225 | – Credit© Tatiana Wojtan Studio

Transitional Kitchen with White Subway Tile Backsplash and Two-Tone Joinery

Looking for something colorful and dark? Dark blue cabinets are the way to go. Just mix them with white cabinets and a white subway tile backsplash to create a transitional look that offers the best of both worlds. Here, this transitional kitchen also plays safe and takes the backsplash up to the ceiling to look more cohesive.

Hexagon Mosaic Tiles

Blue & gray hexagon glass & marble mix mosaic tile.

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Hex glossy glass tile with gray veins.

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White Marble Small Picket Design Backsplash Mosaic Tile

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Picket Design Rusty brown & gray slate mosaic backsplash tile

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White Hexagon Marble Look Glass Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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ID# 148226 | – Credit© Case Design/Remodeling Halifax

Modern Backsplash for Dark Cabinets and Mosaic Accent

This transitional kitchen uses a blue mosaic stove backsplash that consists of alternating shades to highlight its dark blue cabinets. The white apron-front sink, the antique brass hardware, and the display cabinets give the kitchen a farmhouse flair. And it does so without sacrificing its modern look, thanks to the stainless-steel appliances and clean-line joinery.

Are dark cabinets in Style 2022?

White oak cabinets and cabinets with nude and taupe tones have been more popular throughout 2022-more than dark cabinets. But dark wood cabinets and contrasting color schemes built upon white and black are also in style. In the upcoming year, 2023, dark cabinets are expected to preserve this popularity and promise to be more trending and on-demand.

ID# 148227 | – Credit | © Designers Plus

Dark Blue Cabinets and Gold Hardware with Glass Pendants

The arresting look of this kitchen mainly derives from the patterned tile backsplash that ditches the upper cabinets. As such, it serves as the centerpiece, accompanied by dark blue cabinets that add a dash of color. In the rest of the look, all complementary elements come together to make for a fully-fledged aesthetic. These elements include gold hardware, globe glass pendants, and white countertops that enhance the openness of the kitchen.

ID# 148228 | – Credit© Elle Peters Design

Marble Backsplash with Blue Cabinets and Herringbone Floor

To bring an earthy note to the design, this transitional kitchen goes with a marble backsplash that features brown veining (not blue- even though the cabinets are blue) Used both as a backsplash and countertops, the marble perfectly coordinates with the rustic wood floor finish. The herringbone patterns add vibrancy and movement to the kitchen.

ID# 148229 | – Credit© Eagleview Construction

Modern Backsplash for Dark Cabinets and Red Runner

This transitional kitchen bridges old and new skillfully. From the dark blue cabinets to the modern white subway tile backsplash, and traditional red runner, each element blends harmoniously. Brass hardware further punctures the design. And the final product feels functional, soothing, and stylish enough to cater to the needs of modern life.

Modern Backsplash for Dark Brown Cabinets

Illuminate the dark brown cabinets with white glass sheets and white marble backsplashes. Also, seamless white quartz backsplashes provide an excellent and modern background. To further lighten up the kitchen, you can also build a more dimensional lighting system with pendants, spotlights, and Led strip lighting. And for warmth, light-beige backsplashes make an excellent pair with dark brown cabinets.

ID# 148230 | – Credit© Damco Kitchens

Modern Backsplash for Dark Cabinets and White Countertops

This kitchen knows how to use monochromatic colors while keeping it refined, simple, and sophisticated all at once. First, it goes with a white backsplash and white countertops that deliver smooth aesthetics. The dark brown cabinets anchor them for a more solid and opulent look. The Led strip lighting and spotlights fill the kitchen with abundant natural light.

ID# 148231 | – Credit© Yulia Starikova

Ceiling-Height Backsplash with White Countertops and Peninsula

This contemporary kitchen proposes a restful repose with the well-balanced dynamic it establishes with white full-height and dark brown base cabinets. The solid stone ceiling-height backsplash complements them with light brown striations for a more natural look. The white countertops cantilever. And they create a waterfall edge with no cabinet to create a peninsula that distinguishes the kitchen from the living room.

Black Mosaic Tiles

Dark gray subway slate wall tile, modern, unique and natural look.

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Gray marble & glass tile for contemporary to modern kitchens or bathroom

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Dark gray slate subway tile for a contemporary yet timeless kitchen backsplash

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Black & white color with crackle glass kitchen backsplash tile

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ID# 148232 | – Credit© Potvin Kitchens & Cabinetry

Two-Tone Cabinets with White Countertop and White Backsplash

For a change, use two-tone cabinetry to create visual diversity. Here, this modern kitchen employs dark brown and medium timber cabinets. And to prevent them from darkening the kitchen, it pairs them with a white backsplash and white countertops that modernize the kitchen instantly.

Modern Backsplash for Black Cabinets

Modern backsplashes for black cabinets can be both tiles or slabs. From marble slabs to black quartz, and black glass sheets, you have a plethora of seamless design options. As for the tiles, basketweave subway, stacked subway, hexagon, mermaid, and patterned tiles modernize the kitchen instantly. Also, feel free to introduce colors via backsplashes, which modern kitchens love.

ID# 148233 | – Credit© OM DESIGN

Modern Backsplash for Black Cabinets and Exposed Hood

In this contemporary kitchen, the showstopper of the design is the geometric tile backsplash without a doubt. Going up to the ceiling, it creates a very dynamic background dotted with hexagons and diamonds. The dark cabinets and dark countertops ground the backsplash, while the exposed range hood brings a high-end feel.

What goes well with dark cabinets?

Authentic and dramatic dark cabinets, though featuring unassuming aesthetics, ooze drama, and opulence. And with the right color backsplashes, you can emphasize their rich character. Starting from sharp whites to beiges, grays, blacks, cool tones, and oranges, dark cabinets go well with a wide range of colors. For example, the bright white colors create a beautiful contrast with dark cabinets. Sage green, light warm shades, and light grays soften the dark cabinets, offering a solid and approachable aesthetic. But for a more metropolitan and even perhaps industrial feel, oranges, reds, and yellow can be incorporated into the kitchen.

Other than those, marble and glass backsplashes, concrete floors, concrete islands, colorful pendants, and metallic accents are also welcomed cordially by dark cabinets.

ID# 148234 | – Credit | © Александр Хом

White Backsplash and White Island with Black Cabinets

Here, what greets us is another contemporary kitchen outfitted with black cabinets, a white backsplash, and a white island unit. In the background, the rows of variously sized cabinets present a layered look that adds depth and dimension.

ID# 148235 | – Credit© Pascon Group Pty Ltd

Gorgeous Kitchen with Statement Backsplash and Black Cabinets

The fluted glass backsplash sets this modern kitchen apart from many other kitchens. It is framed by black cabinets to emphasize its unmatchable beauty. The marble waterfall island of the cabinet also brings another elegant element. It softens the black cabinets with the glass backsplash.

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