Black Tile Backsplash Sophisticated & Dramatic Tile Designs

35+ Black Tile Backsplash

3D Texture of a Black Tile Backsplash with White Shaker Cabinets

The gothic charm fills this kitchen with an alluring attitude. The white shaker cabinets and the matte black hardware combination is a classic, however, this classic look is elevated with those 3d textured black tiles. The patterns of the backsplash draw all the attention and create a focal point in the kitchen.

Black Kitchen Cabinets with a Black Square Tile Backsplash And White Countertops

The white quartz countertops divide the black kitchen cabinets into two zones highlighting the black square tile backsplash. The medium-tone herringbone wood floors make the black kitchen cabinets stand out more. The texture and the movement of the black square tile backsplash look eye-catchy.

Black Tile Backsplash

In addition to giving the space a more sophisticated appearance and contributing to the development of contrast or a solemn ambiance, black is a traditional and timeless color that is always in style with tiles. An excellent option for a contemporary black tile backsplash will bring a stunning accent to a space that is neutral or pastel in hue or will complete a dark room.

Black tile backsplashes are the most popular because they are easy to maintain and give texture to the space when you want a black backsplash. Black tiles come in many different varieties. These can include trendy hexagon tiles in a variety of sizes, edgy black subway tiles, matte honeycomb tiles, glazed square tiles, long, thin tiles covered in a herringbone pattern, and others. You may choose to accent your backsplash with contrast grout, such as white or gray, or keep the style consistent by using complementing grout.

Black Tile Backsplash with Green Shaker Cabinets and Black Countertops

You can create a texture with a sophisticated appeal with a black backsplash, as in this kitchen. The beautiful green shaker cabinets and the matte black hardware combines with the black countertops and the backsplash putting a matching and blending look. The light wood floors emphasize the cabinetry making them stand out.


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White Shaker Uppers with White Countertops and Wood Base Cabinets

Such energy! Thanks to the black picket tiles with white grout the texture and the stylish view draw all the attention. The white shaker cabinets and the white countertops enlighten the black backsplash while combining with the wooden base cabinetry design. Also, the white grout of the backsplash creates a matching look to the white surfaces.

What goes with a black tile backsplash?

Before deciding on the color of your cabinets and backsplash, you must decide on the aesthetic you desire. To bring emphasis to your black backslash, choose light cabinet colors like white, cream, or light gray. For a sexier and more dramatic impact, match the black backsplash with the black cabinets. These days, both homeowners and interior designers choose the all-black look. An extra nice option is wood cabinetry. By pairing black backsplash with wood cabinets, a harmonious impression of warmth, neutrality, and elegance may be created.


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Fireclays for a Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Design

Thanks to the medium-tone wood floors, this kitchen provides such a warm atmosphere. The white kitchen cabinets and the wood harmony is boosted by the black tile backsplash creating stylish contrast. The subway tiles are as classic and make a timeless appeal. The black island and the white worktop keep up the contrasting look with the white kitchen cabinets and the black countertops with a black backsplash.


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Contemporary Kitchen Design with Flat-Panel Wood Cabinets and a Black Tile Backsplash

The black basketweave tile backsplash brings a deep dark texture to the wood flat-panel kitchen cabinets creating a contemporary appeal. Using paneled appliances is a terrific idea to keep up the cabinetry design’s unity. The white countertops and the waterfalls of the peninsula enlightens the black tiles adding a clean and crisp look.

Dark Blue Shaker Cabinets with White Countertops and Brass Hardware

This moody kitchen welcomes you with an elegant appeal. While the white countertops enlighten the dark blue shaker cabinets and the black backsplash tiles, the brass hardware enriches them with a luxurious glam. This glamorous appeal creates an elegant look. The black appliances and the black tile backsplash complement each other creating a sophisticated look.

Types of Black Tile Backsplash

Once you have decided to use a black backsplash, you will explore that there are types of black tile backsplash designs. You will start to consider what type of mood and character or style you will create in your kitchens. For instance, you can use a black subway tile backsplash to enhance the timeless appeal. It is possible to have a black hexagon tile backsplash to keep up with the contemporary design look with a versatile movement. Herringbone and chevron tiles are popular to make a strong statement with a textured touch.

You can choose from types of black tile backsplash designs to make a strong statement in your kitchens. Whatever the design style you will have, such as contemporary or classic, the types of black tile designs can help you to achieve your desired kitchen design.

Black Subway Tile Backsplash

The majority of people throughout the world choose the color black, which is one of the newest fashions. When preparing to renovate or design a home, the kitchen is the area that requires the most consideration when choosing a décor theme and ideas. In recent years, black subway tile backsplash designs have gained a lot of popularity and elevated positions as a sign of wealth. You may create a contemporary and lovely atmosphere in your kitchen decor by using subway tile and its cool and free look.

There are many lovely black tile designs to pick from on the market. The greatest tile choice may make a significant difference in the kitchen’s appearance. So, if you’re planning a home renovation and are seeking some truly fantastic kitchen remodeling ideas, you’ve come to the perfect spot. We’ve gathered some fantastic black subway tile backsplash ideas to give your kitchen a contemporary feel.

Matte Black Subway Tile Backsplash with Gray Shaker Cabinets and Black Countertops

The timeless appeal of the black subway tile backsplash and the black countertops complement the gray shaker cabinets creating a stylish and soft contrast. The matte black hardware joins this contrasting look, too. The light gray color of the backsplash grout makes a textured appeal adding depth to the kitchen’s overall look.


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Contemporary Kitchen Design with Wood Countertops and White Kitchen Cabinets

This contemporary design kitchen has loft vibes that create a stylish look with an ultramodern attitude. The light wood countertops and the black subway tile backsplash complement each other most gorgeously. Thanks to the white environment and the white kitchen cabinets the black surfaces are enlightened well.

Black Subway Tile Backsplash with White Grout and White Countertops

The glossy surface of the black subway tile backslash adds an illusion and contrast to the white kitchen cabinets. The stainless steel appliances and the hardware complement each other modernizing the kitchen’s overall look. The white grout brings the subway tile pattern to life and makes it stand out.

Should I do a Black backsplash?

The color of your backsplash will depend on the kitchen design you pick. If you want your kitchen to look cheerful and bright, choose a lighter backsplash in shades like white, ivory, or light gray. If you value gloomy clothing and peace with a powerful statement, black or dark gray are good selections.

Dark Green Shaker Cabinets and White Countertops with Brass Hardware

The dark green shaker cabinets and the brass hardware bring such a sophisticated appeal. The luxurious glam of the brass hardware complements the dark green shaker cabinets. The black subway tile backsplash elevates the dramatic appeal and makes a strong statement. The white countertops enlighten the dark design and create a contrast.

Scandinavian Design Kitchen with a Black Subway Tile Backsplash

The large window openings allow nature to come inside! The meeting of the green and the wood flat-panel cabinets creates such a natural and fresh environment. The white countertops and the black subway tile backsplash create a contrast that is blended into the natural atmosphere. Even though there is a black backsplash, this kitchen provides a bright and airy environment.

Black Herringbone Tile Backsplash

Rectangular subway tiles made of ceramic, glass, porcelain, metal, and natural stones are arranged in a pattern called a herringbone that mimics fishbones. A minor variation on the traditional rectangular tiles may make a great impact and give kitchens a unique focal point. Herringbone complements both classic and modern design styles, depending on the material. When you use a black herringbone tile backsplash for your kitchens you will have a strong statement with a sophisticated appeal.

Herringbone backsplash tiles in white and marble are traditional choices for kitchens. Yes, they are lovely and classic, but if you want something unique, check out these gorgeous black herringbone tile backsplash ideas. If your cabinets are all the same color or if you want to transform the spirit of your kitchen with a touch of drama or texture, think about the black possibilities!


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Black Herringbone Tile Backsplash with White Countertops and Wood Cabinets

The wood flat-panel kitchen cabinets and the black hardware combination create such a stylish and minimalistic appeal. The black appliances and the black herringbone tile backsplash complement each other adding a unified appeal. The white shelves and the white countertops brighten up the environment creating a clean and sleek appeal.

Wood Kitchen Cabinets with a Blue Quartzite Island with Waterfalls

The quartzite island and its waterfalls draw all the attraction. The blue and brown veins of the quartzite bring such an aesthetic contrast. The wood kitchen cabinets and the black countertops complement each other bringing a classy appeal while the black herringbone tile backsplash increases the movement of the kitchen’s environment.

Black Hexagon Tile Backsplash

Hexagonal tiles are one of the most popular choices for homeowners and interior designers in the market today. Hexagon tiles may be utilized for a variety of purposes, from fireplace surrounds to shower floors, from the bathroom to the backsplash. The most common application of hexagonal tiles is for kitchen backsplashes. Mostly we see them in white or gray hues but today we search for the black hexagon tile backsplash ideas!

Most current and contemporary designs and minimalist styles use hexagonal tiles. They may also be present in other design styles, too. One of the classic hues, black is a daring option for the décor in kitchens. The good news is that you don’t need to worry about utilizing black hexagon tiles in your kitchens. The use of black tiles in kitchens, particularly on the backsplash, is growing in popularity. A kitchen with a black hexagon tile backsplash and white grout highlights the geometry of the tiles while also giving texture to the area. Larger black hexagon tiles with white grout on the walls provide a striking and lovely design statement. A black hexagon tile backsplash looks attractive in both glossy and matt finishes.

Black Hexagon Tile Backsplash with White Shaker Cabinets and White Countertops

The black elongated hexagon tiles create a beautiful texture between the white kitchen cabinets. The white quartz countertops and the white kitchen cabinets create a canvas for the black backsplash to make it stand out more. The white grout also adds a matching look with the white shaker cabinets and countertops. The stylish contrast looks eye-catchy between the black and white.

White Flat-Panel Kitchen Cabinets with Wood Countertops

The warm atmosphere and modern appeal welcome you to this kitchen, thanks to the medium-tone wood floors and the wood countertops. The white flat-panel cabinets and the black hexagon tile backsplash create stunning contrast. This contrast blends with the wood surfaces. The hexagon backsplash provides movement and texture to the kitchen with a modern and stylish appeal.

Should the backsplash be light or dark?

You might want to utilize a black backsplash in your kitchen if the cabinets and counters are light in order to give the space depth. To balance out the dark and light tones of the other aspects, the design should be used. If your kitchen’s cabinetry or countertops are really dark, a colorful backsplash might help the space feel open.

Elongated Blach Hexagon Tile Backsplash with Black Flat-Panel Cabinets and Brass Hardware

The wood open shelving and the brass hardware complement each other with the all-black cabinetry. The white countertops enlighten the black cabinets and the elongated hexagon backsplash. Using paneled appliances is a terrific idea to keep up with the unified appeal of the black kitchen cabinetry design.


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Dark Kitchen Cabinets with White Countertops for a Modern Design Style

The black flat-panel kitchen cabinets and the white countertops create the ultimate contrasting look. The light wood kitchen floors highlight the black kitchen cabinetry creating an enlightened appeal. While the black hexagon tile complements the black flat-panel cabinets, it is enlightened by the white countertops.

Black Hexagon Tile Backsplash and White Kitchen Cabinets with Black Sconces

This kitchen has such an attractive appeal thanks to the black elongated hexagon tile backsplash. The backsplash is accentuated by the wood open shelving system which increases the naturality. The brass hardware and the wood surfaces complement each other creating a matching look while the brass hardware enriches the kitchen with a luxurious touch.

Black Square Tile Backsplash

Although the backsplash may be seen between the cabinets and the appliances, it is still important. It may be utilized to tastefully tie everything together or deflect attention from the stoves and sink. After all, one’s perception of a backsplash’s beauty is subjective. Using a black square tile backsplash is one technique to grab everyone’s attention.

The timeless classic of square tiles has never been out of style. Until a few decades ago, the standard square size was 20×20 or 33×33 cm. Today, the most popular square size is 60×60 cm since it can be utilized in both large and small settings. Huge sizes are a current trend in interior design concepts. The backsplash area is 60 cm tall, making it simple to install 60×60 tiles on your backsplash wall. On the other hand, large square tiles result in fewer seams, extending spaces and volumes by providing surfaces with a sense of continuity. To heighten this impression, nearly hide the joints. You can create a sophisticated appeal with a black square tile backsplash and make it seamless with rectified tiles. Let’s scroll down and see some stylish examples of black square tile backsplash designs!

Black Square Tile Backsplash with Black Cabinets and Countertops

The glossy surface of the black square tile backsplash harmonizes with the glass-front upper cabinets reflecting light and adding illusion. The black kitchen cabinets and the black countertops complement each other. Their matte finish highlights the square tiles creating a unified look.

Brick Wall and Flat-Panel Wood Cabinets with White Countertops

The brick stone wall draws all the attraction and its color hue matches the flat-panel wood cabinets. This matching look is boosted by the wood countertops of the island. The white countertops and the wood cabinetry design harmonize with each other adding natural vibes to the kitchen. The glossy black tile creates a mirror effect adding depth and illusion.

Sleek Appeal with Black Shaker Cabinets and a Black Square Tile Backsplash

The sense of gothic vibes welcomes you to this kitchen. The square tile backsplash has a matte finish that complements the cabinetry and the hood, bringing a rustic charm. The black countertops and the white frame of the range hood add a contrasting appeal, however, this contrast blends with the all-black design adding only a movement to the kitchen’s environment.

Modern Kitchen Design Style with Dark Countertops and Paneled Appliances

The black backsplash behind the stove and the black countertops complement each other creating a contrast with the flat-panel white kitchen cabinets. This contrast makes a stylish and sleek appeal, indeed. The paneled appliances help to keep the unified appeal of the kitchen cabinetry’s overall look.

Dark Wood Kitchen Cabinets with Dark Countertops

The monochromatic appeal of this kitchen creates a rustic appeal. The square tile backsplash stands out with its light color grout creating texture and depth. The paneled appliances keep the unified appeal of the monochromatic kitchen appeal. The wood surfaces also bring natural vibes to the kitchen’s atmosphere.

Black Penny Tile Backsplash

Looking for an eye-catchy look for your kitchen backsplash designs? Your best option could be a black penny tile backsplash design. These little tiles give the rooms a beautiful texture and increase their overall appeal. A black penny tile backsplash might not be the first option for kitchen backsplashes, unlike white subway tiles, but that is precisely why it is a fascinating concept to stand out in the current tile market. These tiles’ subtle texture allows you to use them to design a classic and stylish kitchen.

Bold, sophisticated, and beautiful! Black has unquestionably a distinctive appearance that can completely alter the mood in a space. Finishing your black penny tile backsplash with white grout will help to enhance this remarkable appeal. Your backsplash will have a distinctive and captivating appearance because of this stark contrast. Let’s check some of the stylish and gorgeous design alternatives for a black penny tile backsplash!


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A Black Penny Tile Backsplash with Wood Uppers and Butcher Block Countertops

The penny tile backsplash has a white grout that makes the penny tile pattern stand out and puts a textured appeal on the backsplash wall. The movement of the backsplash fills the plain appeal of the white flat-panel base fronts and wooden flat-panel uppers. The butcher block countertops complement the wooden uppers keeping up the modern and natural appeal.

Small Kitchen Design with Dark and White Cabinets

The black countertops and the dark flat-panel kitchen cabinets create a stylish and plain appeal. The white flat-panel upper cabinets and the light environment enlighten the dark cabinets and the black countertops. The black penny tiles create a texture with their white grout and increase the movement of the environment.

Black Tile Backsplash Materials

Your kitchen’s black tile backsplash arrangement has been decided, but what about the components? You might want to find out more about the black tile materials because they are there to protect our walls from moisture, food, or water splashes as well as to enhance the appearance of our kitchens as an aesthetic design element.

The black tile materials differ in terms of upkeep requirements, toughness, water resistance, and heat resistance. The most widely used option is ceramic, but you may also choose stone, black glass tile, or both. Let’s look at the black tile backslash materials for you to get inspired by!

Black Ceramic Tile Backsplash

If choosing a material for a black tile backsplash is something you don’t want to worry about too much, you may choose ceramic materials without any difficulty. Ceramic tile is the most widely used material for backsplashes overall. They come in a huge variety of colors and styles, are reasonably priced, and are simple to install. A black ceramic tile backsplash may beautify and accentuate your kitchen while also shielding your walls from unsightly and potentially harmful food spatter.

In the ceramic backsplash sector, even the color black has a wide range of color and form alternatives. However, a black ceramic tile backsplash design may provide the movement with herringbones, hexagons, or picket tiles. The most significant feature of a black ceramic tile backsplash is that it is budget-friendly with many design alternatives.


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Black Ceramic Tile Backsplash with a Geometric Pattern Contrast and White Countertops

The beautiful and eye-catchy movement is created by the black backsplash, of course. The white color chain pattern of the ceramic tile backsplash matches the white quartz countertops and keeps the contrasted look alive. The black cabinets and the white quartz countertops create a modern contrast while the black backsplash tiles increase this modern appeal with their unique pattern design.


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Wood Kitchen Cabinets with Wood Countertops

The stylish look lures you to this kitchen. The glossy ceramic tile backsplash draws all the attention with its black color. The glass pendant lighting fixtures add an elegant appeal with a modern design look. Thanks to the wood kitchen cabinets and the wood countertops, the kitchen has a modern and natural appeal with a stylish look.

Are black backsplashes trendy?

Nothing will please quite like black backsplash ideas when you require a significantly dark backsplash. If you want a backsplash or contemporary environment that is distinctly modern, you may dazzle and captivate with classic black hues. Black need not be gloomy and depressing. Instead, use black’s inherent drama to make your kitchen come to life. Black backsplash tiles come in a variety of styles, including vintage, charming, and eclectic as well as slick, polished, and professional. In conclusion to these, we can say that black backsplashes are trendy!


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Contemporary Design Style Kitchen with a Black Ceramic Tile Backsplash

The black ceramic backsplash and its white grout bring a texture to this plain black kitchen design. The flat-panel cabinetry and the black countertops allow the led lighting to glow on them increasing the contrasted look of the black ceramic tile backsplash design. The all-black kitchen design has a clean and plain appeal that harmonizes with the led lighting.

Green Kitchen Cabinets with White Countertops and Open Shelves

The flat-panel green kitchen cabinets are accentuated by brass hardware that adds a luxurious touch. The white countertops enlighten the green cabinets and the black ceramic tile backsplash. The backsplash has such a unique contrast with its white patterns of it. The patterns and the contrast create an organic flow.

Black Glass Tile Backsplash

Glass tiles are made of tiny glass pieces with a transparent coating on one side. They may be readily incorporated into a variety of settings, such as bathroom walls and kitchen backsplashes, and are offered in a broad variety of colors, patterns, and designs. With regard to your specific design concept, there are several options. Their attractiveness stems from the fact that they may be produced with a wider variety of surface types than ceramic or porcelain. They also tend to reflect light, which makes a black backsplash more useful! You’ll be able to create your very own black glass tile backsplash thanks to this.

A black glass tile backsplash, whether or not it is a glass mosaic tile, may transmit the clean lines and unadorned appearance of the modern design style and offer movement. There are so many pattern alternatives that you might need some help with the design of your black glass tile backsplash. Whether or not they receive assistance, everyone has “that design” for their kitchens.

Black Backsplash with Black Quartz Countertops and Brass Hardware

The chevron pattern of the black glass tiles and the brass hardware create the ultimate glamor to this kitchen. The black and white quartz island is the most eye-catchy design element in the kitchen, however, it blends with the white kitchen cabinets with black backsplash and countertops keeping up the contrasting look.

Light Wood Shaker Cabinets and Stone Countertops for a Bold Kitchen Design

Thanks to the stone countertops and the stone slab backsplash behind the stove, the kitchen has a natural and stylish appeal with a sleek look. The light wood kitchen cabinets harmonize with the countertops and the backsplash behind the stove brightens the environment. The bold look of the glass subway tile backsplash shines with its glossy surface adding a luxurious touch.

White Shaker Cabinets with Dark Wood Base Fronts and Glass Tile Backsplash

The white shaker cabinets and the flat-panel wood base fronts complement each other creating a natural and fresh environment. The white countertops and the glass tile backsplash add a contrasted look and texture to the cabinetry design. The wood and the white harmony is always a stylish choice even with a black glass backsplash design.

Black Stone Tile Backsplash

There is a common misconception that backsplashes with stone tiles seem more rustic. Stone tile backsplashes also offer a contemporary feel due to the wide variety of available materials. Stone veneers or layered stones are more suited to achieving a contemporary aesthetic due to their crisp appearance and sharp edges. These stone tiles or slabs may be utilized to make a contemporary black stone backsplash and provide lovely views into your kitchens because of their adaptability to suit any kitchen design. A black stone tile backsplash design can create both a rustic and modern appeal to kitchens.

However, there are a few disadvantages to stone tile backsplashes. Serious home chefs may want to avoid utilizing stacked, rough stones or institute a regular cleaning routine because spills and wayward oil will make their way into the crevices. Additionally, sealing natural stone is a continuous process. Exactly how frequently? The frequency of resealing will depend on the kind of stone; for instance, travertine requires more frequent sealing than granite since it is more porous. Stone tile backsplashes, especially black ones, may bring countless aesthetic benefits and opulence to everyone’s favorite gathering place if you’re willing to put in a little work. For design ideas for your very own kitchen, look at the chic black stone tile backsplashes below.


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Black Stone Tile Backsplash with White Quartz Countertops and Black Shakers

The black slate backsplash stands out thanks to its matte and strong appeal. The floating wooden shelves and the black stone tiles create a natural contrast adding a Scandinavian touch to this modern farmhouse design kitchen. The black shakers and the white quartz countertops complement the backsplash tiles keeping the contrasted look alive.


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Contemporary Kitchen Design with White Flat-Panel Cabinets Fronts

Separating the cabinetry zones with the colors is a perfect idea! The black flat-panel cabinets and the white cabinetry create stylish contrast. The handleless cabinetry design prevents any busy look on the cabinetry and allows you to create an eye-catchy backsplash design with an aesthetic appeal. The black stone backsplash adds naturality and texture to the kitchen keeping the contrast with the white countertops and the cabinets.

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