Mexican Tile Backsplash Create Visual Feast with Colorful Tiles

25+ Mexican Tile Backsplash

ID# 130304 | – Credit© Diane Burgoyne Interiors

Blue and White Colors for a Beach Style Backsplash

Do you search for an ocean-like kitchen design? This beach style is perfect for it! White shaker cabinets and the backsplash create an amazing look with a mesmerizing impact. You may like to use brass hardware with white and blue to blend the stylish look with harmony. The navy blue color of the island and the back of the chairs match well. It is a good idea to match the kitchen backsplash with the island. Thanks to this, you can make the backsplash a focal point.

ID# 130315 | – Credit© UltraCraft Cabinetry

Perfect Blue with Mexican Tile Backsplash and the Wood Island

You can see the perfection of the blue color and the wooden textures. They can create both a stylish and warm look. The dark wood floors emphasize the wooden island that has a brilliant harmony with the blue kitchen cabinets. The white countertops match well with the white parts of the backsplash. And the blue patterns of it increase the elegant look matching with the blue cabinets. Lovely black handles are the perfect fit for this kitchen design.

Mexican Tile Backsplash

Did you know that the word “Talavera” is also used for Mexican tiles? A state in Mexico called Puebla is their native land. Spanish colonizers came to Mexico and arrived in the region in the sixteenth century, thanks to this, ceramic tiles started to emerge here. These tiles were in the Talavera de la Reina which is a city in Spain, the Spaniards are familiar with the process of making these tiles, so they started to settle in Puebla. With this process, Mexican tiles have come this far. It is a beautiful chance to use a Mexican tile backsplash for our homes!

These backsplash tiles provide a long-lasting surface with their functional, practical, and elegant features. To have a virtual feast, you can use a Mexican tile backsplash with your kitchen cabinets and increase the lively look in the environment. These tiles are concave which means that they are not flat perfectly, with this, you can have a natural look in your design.

ID# 130301 | – Credit© Lucvaa Kitchens

Mexican Tile Backsplash with White Cabinets and an Island

The perfect blue colors and wood textures match creates such an inviting atmosphere. You can both feel the freshness and warmth when you look at this kitchen. It is a clever idea to use natural textures in the environment to have naturality. Blue and white colors match harmoniously and thay support to wooden textures to blend in this. Blue Moroccan backsplash has a beautiful appeal that is completed by the wooden shelves.

ID# 130302 | – Credit© Bolster

Bold Colors with a Colorful Backsplash and White Uppers

Using bold and vibrant colors can be scary, sometimes. Because they are specific colors that may be hard to match with other design elements. But do not hesitate to use them if you love a dynamic and colorful atmosphere. The colorful backsplash and its both contrast and harmony with kitchen cabinets created a lively look to the interior.

Decorative Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 130303 | – Credit© Trager Kitchens and Interiors

Farmhouse Kitchen Design with Mexican Tile Backsplash and White Kitchen Cabinets

This kitchen looks spacious and fresh thanks to the ceiling and the backsplash, do not forget the white color, of course. Having a full white color for your interiors can be helpful to add freshness to the kitchen with a bright look. The focal point in this kitchen is the backsplash of course. Its mismatched blue patterns add a movement to the fresh look.

ID# 130305 | – Credit© Riad Tile

Transitional Kitchen with an Island and White Countertops

You can have both a simple and stylish look with the Mexican tile backsplash in the kitchen design. Flat-panel cabinets and white countertops complete each other with their smooth and plain appeal. The navy blue color of the island matches with the blue and white backsplash well, and thanks to its patterns there is a lively atmosphere with a freshness. Glass pendant lighting fixtures and the brass surfaces increase the elegant appeal. Besides, you will love the harmony of the blue and brass!

Mexican Tile Colors

Having one of these Mexican tiles increases the lively, dynamic look of the interior. They vary in colors such as hues of reds, oranges, blues, and yellows. You can find a sea of patterns, also. Since they can be used as mismatched patterns, the movement in the atmosphere adds a lovely appeal to the design. If you want to emphasize the Mexican tile colors in your kitchen design, it is a clever idea to use simple colors around the backsplash tiles, with this they can stand out and draw all the attention. You may like to use them in harmony with kitchen cabinets or countertops, too. So, you can choose the colors as matching ones.

Colorful Mexican Tile Backsplash

Since Mexican tiles are hand made you can have gorgeous colors for your backsplash. You can add your unique design to them, so the kitchen you will design be unique as well. If you want warm and cozy looks, you can use brown, red, yellow, if you want fresh and Mediterranean appeal, you can use blue and blue with white. Whatever the design style is they can fit perfectly, put a harmonious look.

ID# 130306 | – Credit© Savvy Interiors/ inSIDE by Savvy

Colorful Mexican Tile Backsplash with a Wooden Hood and White Countertops

The contrast strikes back in this kitchen. The black chandeliers and the stools stand out in front of the white kitchen cabinets and their contrast adds a stylish view to the interior. The colors of the Mexican tile backsplash have a smooth harmony with the wooden hood and they add a warm welcoming effect when you look at this kitchen design. White countertops and white cabinets put integrity to this modern-style kitchen.

ID# 130307 | – Credit© Грета Вульф – Greta Wolf

Cute and Colorful Kitchen Design with a Lovely Backsplash

If you like natural colors you will love this kitchen! White brick walls of the base part with blue curtains add a cute aspect. The colorful Mexican tile outdoor backsplash has a lovely match with the blue details of the upper cabinets. The glass ceiling helps daylight to enlighten the interior well. Using colorful tiles for the countertops completes the design look.

Colorful Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 130308 | – Credit© Merida Arquitectos

Mediterranean Kitchen with Multicolored Backsplash and Floor Tiles

The only feeling is warmth and dynamism when you look at this kitchen design. A cheerful atmosphere is created by the colorful tile backsplash and floors. White countertops and white walls complete each other and the tile detail of the hood perfectly matches the backsplash. Stainless steel appliances are reminders of modern times.

ID# 130309 | – Credit© Armada Design & Build

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Design with Black Shaker Cabinets and Colorful Mexican Tile Backsplash

This black and white kitchen has a spacious and airy look despite the black shaker cabinets thanks to the ceiling and white walls. The black color has a little greenish that matches with the backsplash color well. The minimalistic gold handles on them have an elegant look with the harmony of the lighting fixtures. White base cabinets and the countertops complete the design with their match to the white walls.

ID# 130310 | – Credit© Наталия Хайруллина интерьерный фотограф

Blue and White Recessed-Panel Kitchen Cabinets with Solid Surface Countertops

Such a cute appeal! There are so many things to talk about for this kitchen with a two tone cabinetry! The harmony of the mismatched patterns of the cooktop backsplash and the lovely blue cabinets, the white solid countertops which is a perfect fit for the white uppers, the oven, the hood, the bronze handles! They all create such an amazing Mediterranean kitchen design.

ID# 130311 | – Credit© Rustico Tile and Stone

Mexican Tile Backsplash with Limestone Countertops and White Cabinets

Are you ready to feel in a Mediterranean kitchen? If so, let’s look at this kitchen. You may like to have summer sunlight in a kitchen with the materials, as in this kitchen design. The brown terra-cotta floor tiles and the limestone countertops add a natural impact thanks to their natural surfaces. White kitchen cabinets go well with them. The cooking counter has a landmark role and it draws all the attention with its Mexican tiles.

Blue Mexican Tile Backsplash

Blue color can add a fresh and stylish look to your kitchen. You may like to use this color as a backsplash. Since they are not perfectly flat, you can have an organic look with their natural surfaces. A blue Mexican tile backsplash can help you to have a focal point when you use them with simple color kitchen cabinets. White is the perfect color for them but you may like to try out other colors. It is up to you!

ID# 130312 | – Credit

U-shaped Kitchen Design with White Laminate Countertops and Recessed-Panel Cabinets

If you like to have a smooth and clean look, you may use full white kitchen cabinets. The white kitchen cabinets and the white laminate countertops add integrity to the kitchen. The recessed-panel cabinets and the knob handles increase the stylish look. Using an undermount sink keeps the integrity of the kitchen cabinets. The blue lovely backsplash put a fresh look with its Mexican patterns.

How to install a Mexican tile backsplash?

In the beginning, you must plan your design and take measurements. You may determine the dimensions, draw on the surface of the wall to be sure how many tiles you will need. Then, it is a clever idea to clean the walls from any surface irregularities. Removing any paint before the installation will be useful.

After all of these, laying tiles to check them is a good way to understand all the patterns. Shuffled tiles acquire the effect that you desire. You can install Mexican tiles directly on the plaster, or drywall. It can be recommended to use “green” drywall for the kitchens and bathrooms because of the moisture.

So you laid down your tiles, prepared the wall, let’s apply the thinset. You can prepare it in a container, you should mix it well to gain consistent mix. It is a clever idea to read the manufacturer’s instructions and apply them to achieve proper mixing.


Use a notched trowel, apply the thin-set thinly to the small area at first. In this way, you can understand the needs of the wall, tiles, and how to apply them. A little thin-set on the middle of the back of the tile and carefully install it. You can press the tiles when you place them to rest stably. It is not recommended to use spacers since the tiles can have different sizes. You can repeat this process until all the backsplash area is covered with Mexican tiles.

About the grouting, it will be useful to use sanded grout to avoid cracking. You can mix it in a container, of course. The rubber float is here to help you, place a sufficient amount of it onto the rubber float and apply the grout between the tiles. Working in one direction will be helpful to complete the process. After filling all the spaces, you can wait for 20 minutes to dry.

The last step is to clean the tiles with a sponge. You will need clean water to do this. It is a clever idea to have 2 containers, one is for clean water and the second one is for dirty water. Wipe the excess grout with the sponge from the surface of the tiles, then clean the sponge, continue to clean until all the tiles are cleaned. You will need 24 hours to wait for the grout to dry. When the grout dries you can seal it, with this they will be resistant to water.

ID# 130313 | – Credit | © deckerbullocksir

Granite Countertops with Blue Mexican Tile Backsplash and Yellow Cabinets

The harmony of the blue and yellow shows itself in this Mediterranean kitchen design. Using glass-front upper cabinets help to not look overwhelmed and they gain a stylish appeal. The knobs and the stainless steel hardware add their match smoothly. Thanks to all the light colors, the lovely patterns of the blue backsplash can be highlighted. This kitchen design has a welcoming and lively look.

ID# 130314 | – Credit© Wilsonart

Beach Style Kitchen with Wood Textures and Blue Colors

This L-shaped kitchen has a stylish and inviting look! The gold pendant lighting fixtures and the wood textures create an elegant harmony. The white countertops and the white backsplash match well as well as the blue cabinets and the blue cooktop backsplash. The wooden part of the hood and the wooden base cabinetry of the cooktop separate the blue cabinets with a stylish match to the island.

Blue And White Mexican Tile Backsplash

From soft to vibrant, or from dark navy blue to light blue, this blue and white Mexican tile backsplash can be a clever idea to create a fresh and lively kitchen design. It does not matter whether you will go with contemporary, modern, industrial or classic, they can draw all the attention. Thanks to their capability of being mismatched patterned they have such a special characterized look, this means you can have your very own special and unique design!

ID# 130316 | – Credit© TDM Tiling

Mediterranean Kitchen with White Cabinets and Stainless Steel Appliances

The clean white walls and the white cabinetry create integrity. The brown and colorful mismatched patterns of the floors highlight the kitchen cabinets. The blue Mexican tile backsplash stands out thanks to the simple color usage for the cabinets. White countertops complete the integrity of the cabinets and the walls. The stainless steel appliances are the reminders of the present day, without them, you would think as if this kitchen is in the 1900s.

ID# 130317 | – Credit© Bobeche Interiors

Modern Kitchen Design with Elegant Backsplash and White Countertops

Everything in this kitchen is perfectly fit for each other. The white Caesarstone quartz countertops combine with the white flat-panel cabinets. The under-mount sink keeps the integrity of that combination. The chrome handles add a minimalistic look. The white glass-front upper cabinets complete the simplicity of this modern kitchen with their plain look. All of these surround the backsplash that is used as hexagon tiles.

ID# 130318 | – Credit

Wooden Ceilings for White Kitchen and Blue and White Mexican Tile Backsplash

The rich appeal comes from the wooden textures and the stylish decoration of this kitchen design. The gold pendant lighting fixtures go well with the light wood textures that add a stylish look to the kitchen. Using dark color floors is a clever idea to highlight the whiteness of the kitchen. The lovely backsplash and the white shaker cabinets complete this elegant look.

Modern Mexican Tile Backsplash

Fashion trends always change, so we can have every style in our homes, one day its time will come! Modern times create their modern solutions, when the word “modern” comes to mind you may think of flat panels, simple interiors but the design is not such a thing. You can have gorgeous Modern Mexican tiles for your backsplash to create a stylish interior design. Let’s look at what can be done for the backsplash!

ID# 130319 | – Credit© Weespaces

Blue and White Mexican Tile Backsplash with White Countertops and Dark Cabinets

You may like to have dark cabinets to emphasize the white and blue Mexican tile backsplash. It is a clever idea to use white countertops to highlight this lovely backsplash. The wooden floating shelves create a stylish and harmonious look with the dark cabinets. The mismatched patterns of the tiles add a beautiful movement and a lively atmosphere.

ID# 130320 | – Credit© Heidi Caillier Design

Modern Backsplash Tiles in a Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

The contrast of the white subway tiles and the Mexican tiles for the backsplash create a beautiful appeal. Using different tiles for the cooktop backsplash adds chic and movement to the kitchen. No need to talk about how stylish is the harmony of the brass handles and the dark blue cabinets, of course. The white countertops and the white backsplash complete each other, with the help of the wooden floating shelves the Mexican tile backsplash stands out!

Unique Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 130321 | – Credit© Granada Tile

Light Blue Cabinets with White Countertops and Chrome Hardware

A complete modern look strikes with its lovely colors and stylish hardware! The glass-front cabinet and the chrome hardware complete each other adding a chic look. The color transition between the light blue color and the white countertops put a balanced look. The colors of the Mexican tile backsplash have harmony to the cabinets and countertops, which helps the kitchen design to create integrity.

9 X 9 Mexican Backsplash Tile

Providing a minimalist and vintage look, 9×9 Mexican tiles will be a great choice for your kitchen backsplash. You can have them in a variety of colors such as blue, orange, red, yellow or combine them with mismatched patterns. A dynamic and lovely look will welcome you at the end of the design. You can use them for cooktop backsplash, as well. It is a nice way to separate the backsplash and create a focal point with a stylish look.

ID# 130322 | – Credit© WoodCo

Single Wall Kitchen Cabinets and a Modern Backsplash with Mexican Patterns

There is movement and an inviting look in this kitchen. The color match of the backsplash tiles with the gray flat-panel cabinets and the backsplash create a stylish appeal. Thanks to the white floating shelves the backsplash can stand out. Beige countertops and the floors create harmony well. You may like using flat-panel cabinets with minimalistic hardware that helps you to have a simple but stylish look.

Best Seller Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 130323 | – Credit© RL Concetti

Contemporary Kitchen with a Modern Backsplash and White Countertops

The strong contrast creates a powerful impact when you look at this kitchen. The dark brown cabinets and the white countertops put this contrast very well. The brass hardware and pendant lighting fixtures add a stylish view. The Mexican tile modern backsplash is the most eye-catchy element in this kitchen.

Where to get Mexican backsplash tile?

There are a lot of options to get Mexican backsplash tiles. You can purchase from the websites. Also, local home improvement stores sell these tiles. You can also check out our website to find different alternatives with different price options and shop stylish backsplash tiles.

ID# 130324 | – Credit© Daria Trebol

Contemporary Kitchen with a 9X9 Mexican Backsplash Tile

So cute! The 9×9 Mexican tile backsplash has such a lovely elegance with the paintings on the white kitchen cabinets. This is a new approach to contemporary design! You do not have to use plain surfaces every time. The black countertops and the black appliances look perfect with the black pendant lighting fixture creating a contrast to white surfaces.

ID# 130325 | – Credit© Weespaces

Industrial Kitchen Design with Brick Walls and Blue Cabinets

The bricks walls and the industrial design style are inseparable duos! The blue cabinets white countertops complete each other stylishly. You may hesitate to use a 9×9 Mexican tile backsplash with industrial style but do not! They create such a chic look together. The brownish-red and the blue colors add a harmonious appeal to the stunning blue pattern of the tiles.

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