Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas – Stylish & Elegant Nordic Decor

32+ Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas

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Minimalist Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas with White Cabinets and Concrete Countertops

The white cabinets occupy a large portion of this Scandinavian kitchen, creating a minimalist look with wood applications. The white walls help the cabinets melt into the background, making them look like extended volumes of the walls. The concrete-look Caesarstone quartz slabs used as a backsplash and countertop create a cohesive look with the modern style of the cabinetry.

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Light Wood Cabinets and White 4-inch Backsplash

This modern Scandinavian kitchen owes its well-balanced and cohesive look to the harmony of the wood and white combination. Fused with a white 4-inch backsplash and countertops, the timeless appeal of the white and wood cabinets forms a beautiful contrast that adds a different dynamic and rhythm to the space. Complementing them is a touch of green and wicker lighting that adds gestures to the kitchen.

Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas

Known for their decluttered style, neutral palettes, functional use of space, and occasional unexpected touches, Scandinavian kitchens feel cozy and warm. In the biggest picture, they are more for constituting sensitive spaces that meet the needs of the space and the emotions of the users. To serve this aim, the muted hues, such as taupe, ivory, and sage, execute a sense of calmness and warmth enriched with wood tones and textures. The space is generally designed to optimize the use of light and emphasize its clean lines with, oxymoronic enough, sophisticated simplicity. That’s why Scandinavian kitchen ideas tend to focus on the functionality of the space and how it suits its users’ needs at best.

Stylish and Elegant Nordic Decor

The Scandinavian style appeared in the late 20th century, founding its principles on mid-century design, minimalism, and industrial designs as well. Staying loyal to sleek and clean lines that take the human form as the biggest cue, it formed a new language that reflected the Nordic geography. This explains the priority set for the abundance of wood and natural light given that these countries remain in the dark for a longer course of time. Here we have 40+ Scandinavian kitchen ideas that borrow from minimalist, modern, farmhouse, and rustic designs, offering multiple ways to integrate the soothing Scandinavian feel into your home.

ID# 173001 | – Credit© Green Chip Constructions Pty Ltd

Contemporary Nordic Kitchen with Marble Backsplash and Countertops

The minimalist palette of this contemporary Nordic kitchen consists of marble features, wooden details and off-white cabinets! Each piece works harmoniously to constitute a soothing atmosphere, celebrating the beauty of simplicity. Adorned by a sleek off-white color, the shaker-style kitchen cabinets reach through the ceiling to emphasize the space height while the white stone backsplash provides a cohesive look with the cabinetry. The kitchen island greets our eyes with black-detailed pendants complementing the matte black cabinet hardware. It is paired with mid-century-inspired ergonomic design dining chairs adjustable to the human form, emphasizing the functionality and modern features of the Nordic design. Lastly, the wooden shelves are gently placed on both sides of the white range hood to create a sense of flow within the space.

ID# 173002 | – Credit© Indulge Renovations

Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas with Green and Wood Cabinets

The protagonist of this kitchen is without a doubt the green upper cabinets, making a statement with the subtle hue! Combined with wood flat-front cabinets and white subway tile backsplash, it creates a modern look. The vertically paneled doors of the upper cabinets and warm wood base ones bring the right amount of texture and warmth to offset the white look of the subway backsplash. The open shelving at the back, brass faucet and stainless steel appliances add personality to the design, highlighting its modern character. The gray floor tiles serve as complementary elements that feed the fresh and organic character of the design.

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Sage Green Cabinets with Wood Hardware and White Range Hood

Nestled under the skylights, this open-plan kitchen dialogues intimately with the lounge while the eating space mediates between the two different functions of the same room. At the rear, the sage green flat-front cabinets introduce a sense of order and a clean look, complemented by the wood cabinet hardware and floating shelves. The grayish-white backsplash provides a neutral background slightly patterned without stealing anything from the achromatic and simple nature of the kitchen. Overall, though employing a basic color and material palette, this kitchen manages to be simple yet complicated.

What makes a kitchen Scandinavian?

Creating smart and functional spaces defined by uncluttered lines and a streamlined outlook is core to Scandinavian kitchens. In other words, the main principles of the design revolve around simplicity, functionality, and efficiency. So, while designing a Scandi kitchen, keep in mind that form and the neutral shades that emphasize the forms are the key features. That’s why without knowing it, you also end up with a minimalist and modern Scandi feel. Here are some tips to make a kitchen Scandinavian:

  • Color and material palette:

Warming and comforting colors are favored to suppress the harshness of the weather. For the same reason, you can integrate wool, linens, leather, and comfy rugs to add more texture and warmth. These additions also soften the refined design language of simple Scandinavian furniture. Plus, with warming shades, you encourage the space to feel open and well-lit.

  • Flooring:

Chevron and herringbone pattern wood flooring, terracotta tiles, sleek concrete flooring, printed ceramic tiles, and wood-look porcelain tiles serve as flooring options for a Scandi feel. But needless to mention, wood, including white oak, lime wood, and pine wood, is the most prominent and championed material.

  • Accessories and others:

Greeneries in the form of kitchen plants are a good way to bring nature indoors. The wood floating shelves, blackboards, step stools, chunky wooden chopping boards, vases, and ceramic and terracotta lighting fixtures can serve as complementary elements. Of course, you can expand the accessory category if you want to keep your Scandi kitchen in line with farmhouse and rustic looks. But to feed the modern look, think of the mid-century modern furniture pieces such as hourglass-shaped walnut stools and orb lighting fixtures that fit the Scandinavian soul perfectly with sleek lines, textures, and ergonomic designs.

ID# 173004 | – Credit© SFN Build

Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas with White Cabinets and Curved Island

Dotted with organic forms and materials, this Scandinavian kitchen arrests you at first sight. The white cabinets reach the ceiling, adding a sense of grandeur and expanding the kitchen vertically. These cupboards flanked by a tongue and groove door style portray a solitude projecting the life of a Scandinavian design. The curvaceous form of the wood-paneled island topped with a white marble countertop ensures timelessness while the linear white lighting fixture above the island makes a cohesive final touch that enhances the contemporary aesthetic.

ID# 173005 | – Credit© Anne Chemineau – Decor Interieur

Dark Green Cabinets with Breakfast Nook and Flower-Shaped Pendants

Once inside, the kitchen envelops you with a sense of warmth and airy fresh ambiance instantly. The liberal use of green supported by the use of wooden accents creates a well-articulated space to speak to the needs of the fast-paced world people. White walls and white terracotta backsplash in their subtle tonal variations illuminate the kitchen only by color use. Enriched by a lovely green shade, the kitchen cabinets, timber, and matte finish supply a solid and firmly established character. The wood floating shelf and countertops stand out as the major bones of the kitchen that complement the naturality of the green shades. The front side of the oversized kitchen island is transformed into a breakfast nook that is well-coordinated with the rest of the kitchen. The flower-shaped lighting fixtures complement the look of the kitchen.

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Modern Kitchen with Two-tone Cabinetry and Open Shelving

The wood finish of the top cabinets contrasts softly with the white base cupboards topped with white quartz countertops! The sleek appliances and wood open shelving further this soft contrast to create a punch of solidity while kitchen plants nestle in the corner to bring a ripple of color. The wood-detailed white island mirrors the perimeter counters for a sense of integrity and the white square tile backsplash brings a new pattern.

Nordic Scandinavian Kitchen

Nordic winters are famous for their harshness and coldness. Thus, interior designs in this geography focus on the warming elements to soften the effect of the harsh weather through warming and natural shades. That’s why Nordic Scandinavian kitchens abound in warming colors and timber. But you can also employ black and gray to create contrast and add an edgy personality to the space, which you can soften with timber and terracotta. But even if it is a light or dark color theme you aim for, just try to create a minimal scandi colour palette and use texture. For stools, for example, you can get cushioned ones made of faux leather, wool, or linen.

ID# 173007 | – Credit© Qbic Living

Nordic Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas with Travertine Floor And Wooden Cabinets

The kitchen uses light colors and organic materials to create a simple and natural palette, drawing inspiration from the Nordic style! A quiet atmosphere is evoked by the aesthetically appealing design that the brown floor tiles and natural wood cabinets produce. In order to create a visually pleasing surface, the white square tile backsplash covers the space behind the base cabinets and floating shelves. White shiplap wall paneling offers an additional layer of texture above the tiles and the white farmhouse sink heightens the cozy atmosphere.

ID# 173008 | – Credit© Kudos Design & Build Ltd

Wood Kitchen Cabinets with Beige Marble Countertops

Sometimes all you need is a somber, laid-back atmosphere with a warm touch which is exactly what this lovely Nordic design provides! To brighten up the area, open shelving and beige marble counters contrast with the wood cabinetry in this area. The light gray walls and white lighting fixtures are complemented by the big white dining table and the organically shaped wooden chairs add warmth.

ID# 173009 | – Credit | © Cantilever K3

White Cabinets with Subway Tiles and Open Shelving

It is not a secret that Scandinavian design has been influenced by industrial looks that emphasize decluttered spaces, functionality, and contrasts. This Scandinavian farmhouse kitchen style with an industrial subtext plays with these three principles. The black details of the white cabinets bring a sense of edginess that you would expect to see in an industrial kitchen. The white cabinets and wooden shelves paint a contrast to the darker features of the space while the white subway tiles add a nice textural look. Lastly, kitchen plants placed on the wood shelving almost add a tropical touch, bringing a breath of fresh air.

Minimalist Scandinavian Kitchen

Minimalist designs and Scandinavian kitchens have a similar mindset. The former group prioritizes the basic essentials of the clean and mostly empty space that generally tends to be monochromatic, ornament-free, open, and functional. The latter group favors the warming shades and abundance of textures, which can even grow similar to the modern farmhouse and rustic kitchens on demand.

To create a minimalist Scandinavian kitchen, get sleek cabinetry, stay loyal to a minimal palette of whites, light cream, and light gray, and use statement backsplashes such as marble and terrazzo to prevent the space from looking too monotonic. Most importantly, make sure that the space feels open enough and maximize the use of natural light.

ID# 173011 | – Credit© Forgeworks Architects Ltd

Eat-in Kitchen with White and Wood Cabinets and Green Wall

The simple color and material repertoire of this eat-in interior design consists of white and wood cabinets, gray chevron wood flooring, and an accent wall painted in light green. Yet, this kitchen is enhanced with a cozy nook distinguished by a concrete top that emulates a café atmosphere. The white subway tile backsplash creates a timeless appeal between the cabinets while the dark floor tiles bring depth to the space. The resulting scheme offers cool vibes made approachable through shades of green and wood textures.

ID# 173012 | – Credit© Peter Schaad Design Studio

White Marble Backsplash and Countertops with Plywood Cabinets

Invited by the natural lights through the windows, this minimalist kitchen feels enlivened and brightened! The combination of plywood and green cabinets with white backsplash and countertops fits the design formula of Scandinavian kitchens. Yet, the most eccentric touch comes with an orb lighting fixture that is recontextualized with a brass addition to blend into this overarching Scandinavian look.

What backsplash is good for Scandinavian kitchens?

Marble ( white, gray), terrazzo, glass sheet, limestone, white subway tile, whitewashed brick, mirror, and window backsplashes are some of the most popular backsplash options for Scandinavian kitchens. Feel free to use each of these materials with wood cabinets and slab-front cabinets in shades of white and cream.

ID# 173013 | – Credit© Living Edge

Minimalist Kitchen with Wood Linear Lighting Fixture

This white Scandinavian style kitchen enhanced with wood and black accents provides a visually appealing space. While the worktops, backsplash and modern kitchen cabinets are all white, the black bar stools give contrast and a sense of opulence. The island and flooring are made of wood which adds warmth to the space and breaks up the color scheme.

ID# 173014 | – Credit© Zunica Interior Architecture & Design

Light Wood Cabinets with Concrete Floor and Black Pendant Light

This sleek minimalist kitchen is surrounded by the smooth elegance of light wood which creates a warm ambiance. White surfaces like the backsplash and countertops balance out the dominance of the light oak cabinets. The white backsplash’s geometric design offers a wonderful texture between the slab doors without detracting from the minimalist style!

Modern Scandinavian Kitchen

Modern Scandinavian kitchens, just like the previous ones, use lots of wood, a color palette of whites, grays, and blacks, and natural light. If you wish you can go monochromatic and add brass hardware to enliven the space. But if you want to tinge your space with a touch of color, try the Scandinavian blue, a muted blue mixed with gray, that evokes the Scandi feel immediately. All-black looks, again, are very much preferable in modern interiors. Integrate some wood with wishbone stools, modular lighting fixtures, and a wooden round table, and it feels all integrated, cozy, functional, and sophisticated.

ID# 173015 | – Credit© H. Miller Bros

Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets with Gray Marble Backsplash

The outstanding color and material palette of this earthy-toned modern kitchen is filled with organic textures and clean lines that embody Scandinavian design at best. The wooden kitchen cabinets and the island are in full synchrony not to mention the stunning wooden panels that cover the upper parts of the wall. Though, the centerpiece of this kitchen is without a doubt the multifunctional island which houses the cooktop. It allows homeowners to directly serve themselves from the stove, creating a more intimate and warmed-up eating space.

ID# 173016 | – Credit© Caroline McCredie

Modern Scandinavian Kitchen Design with Marble Backsplash and Sleek Appliances

This modern kitchen is colonized by white cabinets that introduce uncluttered clean lines, aspiring to create a sensible flow! To block this jarring white look, the gray marble hexagon backsplash comes in and creates a slight contrast. The sleek appliances support the modern lines while the dining table contributes layers of contrast. The wood benches dose the space with a sense of warmth, accentuated by oversized white pendants that enhance the modern aesthetic.

ID# 173017 | – Credit | © Lesley Brookes Design

Monochromatic Modern Kitchen with Black Hardware and Wood Floor

If you can’t give up on all-white kitchens, this kitchen has a couple of tips on how to redefine them in a Scandi context. First, you can start by using flooring in wood or contrasting shades to add personality and give your kitchen a specific rhythm. You can also benefit from gold fixtures to warm up the space while kitchen plants pop out against the all-white background and color the space as here. In general, contrasting elements such as black and gold fixtures and softening materials like wood are the best assistants in monochromatic kitchens.

ID# 173018 | – Credit

Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets with Gray Granite Slab Backsplash

Come have a look at this gorgeous kitchen that skillfully combines quaint Scandinavian design cues with modern components! The dramatic dark gray backsplash gives a striking flash of contrast while the soothing tones of the white and gray cabinetry work together to create a welcoming and open atmosphere. The light gray counters maintain the rooms modern and sophisticated appearance while adding a homey yet chic atmosphere. Modern black accents offer the ideal touch of refinement for all your cooking and entertaining needs across the entire design!

ID# 173020 | – Credit© Maxim Maximov

White and Pink Cabinets with Terrazzo Backsplash and Wood Countertop

This kitchen’s otherwise neutral design is immediately improved with colorful touches! A cheerful focal point is created in this scandi style kitchen by the pink top cabinets and terrazzo backsplash. The white flat-panel cabinets give these features a crisp, modern framing and foster an airy open atmosphere. The contrast between the dark wood counters and the light wood flooring adds visual appeal. Enriched by gray seats and black pendant lamps, the peninsula extension functions as a dining space.

Rustic Scandinavian Kitchen

If you love to exaggerate the repertoire of natural elements, you can make your Scandinavian kitchen look more rustic. As both kitchens love an abundance of natural light, organic textures, and wood, there is no reason for them not to marry. To curate a rustic Scandinavian feel, you can use whitewashed brick backsplashes and insert dramatic and reclaimed wood materials.

ID# 173021 | – Credit |© Elia Madorin 3D

Rustic Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas with Beige Kit Kat Tile Backsplash

This rustic Scandinavian kitchen celebrates both styles, adjusting rustic features to its streamlined profile. For example, the raw texture of the beige Kit Kat tile backsplash is camouflaged and is given full space to provide a swath of blank walls while the flat-front door style of the cabinets and the circular range hood support its modern outfit.

Small Scandinavian Kitchen

Scandinavian kitchens love open-plan layouts, finding a corner for themselves in the main living room, and just feeling comfortable even if it is a small spot. So, don’t despair if you think your kitchen is too small to create a fully-fledged Scandinavian kitchen. Just focus on the main premises of the design: decluttered space, natural and sculptural forms, neutral shades, contrasts, and functionality. If you need storage, use sleek cabinets that fade into the background or dark wood cabinets that reach the ceiling, and use these cabinets to frame the backsplash that gives you the ultimate contemporary Scandi feel that is sleek, functional, and clean.

ID# 173022 | – Credit© Konpak

Small Scandinavian Kitchen Design Ideas with Sage Green Cabinets

This small yet stunning Scandinavian kitchen feeds on sage green cabinets paired with a white square tile backsplash and white quartz countertops! This cozy look is alleviated by the light wood flooring while the accessories such as cookbooks add more character to the room. Elegantly placed in a very small space, this Nordic design builds its total look on a clean layout enriched with textures.

ID# 173023 | – Credit© TP Interiors

Cozy Scandinavian Kitchen with Full-Height Backsplash Gray Cabinets

In small kitchens, the color palette is more important to emphasize and play with the proportions of the space! This small Scandinavian kitchen, for instance, uses gray cabinets to create a sleek and plain base. The white full-height backsplash and countertops with a glazed finish offer a glossy surface that refracts the light for a sense of spaciousness. The u-shape of the cabinets neighbor the cozy peninsula that comes in shades of gray and is clad in vertical wooden panels on the front side to embody the Scandi feel.

ID# 173024 | – Credit© Space Craft Joinery

Black Cabinets and Wood Open Shelving with White Tile Backsplash

Enjoy a home bar with sage green base cabinets that create a sense of calm and tranquility that is stylish, minimalist and inviting! The wood upper open cabinets give the room warmth and a natural texture that strikes a balance. A patterned backsplash injects a burst of visual appeal and personality into the design and turn it into a mesmerizing focal point. The inclusion of gold details such as hardware and fixtures, gives the whole design a hint of elegance and sophistication.

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Tiny Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas with White Cabinets and Peninsula

If you don’t have a place for a kitchen island and are not sure how to integrate personality into a small kitchen, this kitchen offers a bunch of ideas. You can start by using a peninsula to create a laid-back eating space! Sticking to light shades for cabinets like white, as here, achieves a cozy atmosphere while the use of a window in place of walls for the top half enhances the openness without compromising privacy. To add extra interest, benefit from visual accents such as wooden panels, minimalist stools and accessories.

ID# 173026 | – Credit | © Studio Trio

Two-tone Cabinetry with Herringbone Backsplash and Brass Hardware

Though small, this Scandinavian kitchen packs a variety of natural elements and textures together! To name them, white herringbone backsplash, quartz countertops, sleek white cabinetry and medium-tone wood cabinets develop a well-structured cohesive look. The richly stained wood contrasts with the crisp white colors of the backsplash that supports the sleek and streamlined features of the cabinets. The dark wood chevron pattern flooring coordinates with the upper cabinets to bring the space together.

Backsplash Ideas for Scandinavian Kitchen

You can put natural materials on the top of your list of backsplash options for Scandinavian kitchens. Marble, limestone, travertine, and zellige tiles along with glass sheet, ceramic, and quartz backsplashes are very popular. You can confidently use marble with pronounced veins as the Scandinavian kitchen cabinets’ decluttered lines and sleek features allow for that. But if you want to reinforce the sleek look, glass sheet backsplashes provide a seamless look, ensuring a sense of flow.

ID# 173027 | – Credit© Дмитрий Кашемиров

Light Gray Kitchen Cabinetry with Patterned Backsplash Tiles

Layered textures enhance the Scandinavian kitchen’s airiness and transport the homeowners’ senses on a visual and tactile adventure. Everything about the cabinet, from the materials to the shapes, establishes a strong personality and has a clear purpose. The white shaker-style cabinets create a light and airy ambiance, and the white quartz countertops enhance this lightness with their textured surfaces that resemble marble. The blue backsplash tiles with patterned designs provide visual interest to the wall by bringing movement and variety.

ID# 173028 | – Credit© Sola Kitchens

Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas with Quartz Backsplash and Wood Cabinetry

In this Scandi kitchen, the white quartz backsplash with gray detailing creates a seamless background. The cool shades of the quartz help it blend into the surrounding environment occupied by white cabinetry while its glazed finish communicates with the glass lighting fixture above the wooden peninsula effortlessly.

ID# 173029 | – Credit© Davonport Kitchen & Home

Scandinavian Kitchen with White Marble Backsplash and Countertops

This Scandi-inspired kitchen feels bright and spacious enough thanks to the white shaker cabinets. Combined with a white marble backsplash that lends plenty of texture, the kitchen provides an intriguing background. The large white island gently makes itself included in this space, paired with wooden stools and metallic pendant lights that diffuse warm light for a cozy ambiance.

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ID# 173030 | – Credit© Demardi

White Tile Backsplash for White and Black Cabinets

A subway tile backsplash or not? An alternative version of it comes with these square tiles for a more modern and graphic look that suits this sleek outfit of this Scandi kitchen! The gray grout between the tiles achieves a timeless feel which coordinates with the black tall cabinets.

ID# 173031 | – Credit© Stickland Wright Architects + Interiors

Two-tone Cabinetry with a Sophisticated and Earthy-tone Backsplash

If your kitchen cabinets are two-toned, pick a backsplash that sits in the middle of the two hues, like this opulent gray marble backsplash, which plays a crucial part in tying the entire look together. Huge family gatherings can be held at the huge wooden kitchen island in the middle, which is topped with a marble countertop.

ID# 173032 | – Credit© studio gamp!

Multicolored Backsplash Tiles with Wood Kitchen Countertops

Anyone who enjoys geometric and vibrant decor will adore this Scandinavian kitchen. Furthermore, this Scandinavian kitchen is a study of both. Through a backsplash and tiled island, it introduces red and blue and ensures integrity by presenting a continuous aesthetic. Additionally, the two-tiered island’s seating area offers additional aesthetic value. White cabinets and butcher block counters serve as the basic setup in the remaining spaces, which just replicate the main Nordic design aesthetic repertory.

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