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61+ Home Bar Ideas

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Transitional Home Bar Ideas with Black Cabinets and Wood Backsplash

The impactful appearance of the transitional bar is emphasized by the LED lights behind the wood shelves which provides a beautiful backdrop for the Jack Daniels bottle collection which acts as an eye-catching decor! The wood backsplash carried from the back wall to the side walls. The black shaker cabinets are paired with black granite countertop, undermount sink, and nickel accents.

ID# 89538 | Houzz.com – Credit© JSE Interior Design

Glossy Blue Subway Backsplash with Brass Fixtures

The glossy blue subway tiles are definitely a statement maker and when they are combined with brass fixtures, the result is outstanding! The beverage collection on the glass shelves in a harmony with the blue backsplash. For the bar area black cabinets paired with a white quartz countertop create a strong contrast with cabinets. The gray counter chairs with gold legs make the final touch beautifully.

Outstanding and Stylish Home Bar Ideas

After a long day, there is nothing better than relaxing with a glass of cocktail. So, what about including your very own bar at your home? Here are some of the best home bar ideas for creating a practical and well-designed space for a good drink!

Create a perfect space for entertaining with a home bar

Why drive to the local pub when you can have it all at your own home? Home bars not only provide storage space for beverage collections but also help to create an entertainment space luxuriously. The powerful impact of the home bar instantly creates a sense of luxury and comfort for your family or friends. You can create an elegant look for your bar with some brass details or make it more entertaining with pop-up colors. Also, whether your home has a small or large space, you can create your very own bar with a clever organization and the right material choice. Check out these incredibly diverse home bar designs, each of them has a wow factor!

You can always get creative on your home bar. Colorful bar cabinets, marble or quartz countertops, beverage fridges, lighting fixtures, and more!

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Dark Blue Shaker Cabinets with Wood Countertop and Brick Wall

The beach-style bar offers entertaining space for home parties with friends! The brick wall makes an architectural statement in this beach-style home bar and brings an industrial appeal as a backdrop. Dark blue shaker cabinets paired with gray countertops, undermount sink, and nickel faucet. The gray floating shelves in a harmony with the brick wall. For the bar area cabinets paired with wood countertop which extended to create a sitting area with gray bar stools. The bubble pendants with black finishes contribute to the industrial feeling of the brick wall.

ID# 89505 | Houzz.com – Credit | © Moxie Design Studio, LLC

Dark Wood Cabinets with Chevron Backsplash and Bar Cooler

This transitional bar delivers a sharp aesthetic and an air of casual sophistication with its beautiful material choices. Dark wood upper cabinets and open shelves display the glasses and bottles beautifully while chevron backsplash creating a focal point between the cabinetry. Lower cabinets paired with a white countertop bring a contrasting look with the dark shades. Beverage fridges are the perfect option for the bar.

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Beach Style Home Bar Design Ideas with Chevron Backsplash

Just because you have a small space does not mean you cannot install a bar in your home. Here, the bar placed the gap between the white walls and it provides everything you need in a bar. The chevron backsplash complements the beach style of the house with its blue details and creates an eye-catching backdrop behind the white floating shelves. Dark wood cabinets feature a white quartz countertop and a bar cooler.

ID# 89508 | Houzz.com – Credit© Rumor Design + reDesign

Teal Cabinets with White Countertop and Orange Details

Go bold with teal! This contemporary home bar serves a unique and joyful look with its teal cabinets and orange details. The orange decors create a strong contrast with the teal color which elevates the look. The multicolored chevron backsplash complements the wood shelves and brings warmth to the atmosphere with its natural tones. Frosted glass doors slide via a steel rail and skateboard wheels to reveal floating shelves.

ID# 89510 | Houzz.com – Credit© Greenauer Design Group

Rustic Home Bar Ideas with Wood Cabinets and Granite Countertop

Warm and cozy! Natural wood cabinets, granite countertop, and glossy gray subway backsplash create a dramatic wet bar. The backlit lights emphasize this dramatic look and create a stronger design.

Glass Mosaic Tiles

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Traditional Home Bar Ideas with Gray Cabinets and Wood Floor

This light shade of gray can elevate any space with an elegancy. Gray shaker cabinets, glass front cabinets, white backsplash, quartz countertop, and wood floor offer a charming traditional bar. The white backsplash brings dynamism to the cabinetry. Traditional pendant light creates a focal point above the sink and makes the final touch beautifully.

ID# 89512 | Houzz.com – Credit© Manomin Resawn Timbers

Basement Bar with Gray Counter Chairs and Bronze Pendant Lights

Soft gray walls, exposed beams, and a dramatic bar top make this home bar a welcoming place to hang out with friends! The wood bar makes a statement and provides a large sitting space with gray counter chairs. The paneling behind the wine bottles and wood shelving complements the bar while glossy white subway tiles bring a fresh and clean look.

ID# 89513 | Houzz.com – Credit© Plain and Posh

Small Chic Home Bar Ideas with Stainless Steel Appliances

Using all-white furniture is a smart choice in small spaces like this design. The white cabinets, glass-fronted upper cabinets, quartz countertop, and stainless-steel appliances serve a bright appearance even the has a compact space. Blue glasses behind the glass doors and vases on the counter liven up the atmosphere.

ID# 89516 | Houzz.com – Credit | © Katrina Stumbos Interior Design

Living Room Bar Nook with Gray and White Backsplash

The living room bar nook features white lower cabinets, glass-fronted upper cabinets, quartz countertop, beverage fridge, and white and gray mosaic tiles as a backsplash. White and gray tiles make up the backsplash in a mosaic pattern under glass-fronted upper cabinetry. Rich wood flooring adds a minimal and simple theme as a base to this area.

ID# 89518 | Houzz.com – Credit© Tiburon Homes LLC

Metallic Glass Backsplash with Wood Open Cabinets

The neutral color scheme of this contemporary home bar provides a calm and relaxing atmosphere. So, you just need to grab your cocktail and chill in here! The metallic glass backsplash tile creates a sleek backdrop for the bar. Wood open cabinets in a harmony with the backsplash. Wood bar cabinets are finished with a granite waterfall countertop which adds a dramatic look.

ID# 89519 | Houzz.com – Credit© Natalie Howe Design

Elegant Black Home Bar Ideas with Leather Counter Chairs and Bubble Pendants

The black home bar tucked under an arch provides an elegant place for making a drink. The all-black furniture of the bar creates strong contrast with the white arched wall. The backsplash is a custom blend of non-iridescent and iridescent black glass which provides a stunning backdrop for the beverage collection. The built-in black wine racks blend beautifully with the backsplash. The bar counter is finished with brown leather counter chairs and highlighted by bubble pendants.

ID# 89520 | Houzz.com – Credit© Harriet Hughes Interior Design

Dark Wood Cabinets with Green Counter Chairs and Brass Details

The combination of dark wood cabinetry, brass inlay detailing, and a touch of green offers timeless and beautiful elegance in this luxury home bar. The large bar counter makes a statement with its brass details. Gold pendant lights pull the attention to the counter. Green tufted counter chairs complement the warm look of the woods with their natural color. At the back, the mirror backsplash emphasizes the wide beverage collection.

ID# 89521 | Houzz.com – Credit© Marie Verthuy

Industrial Home Bar Ideas with Turquoise Stools and Brick Walls

This industrial home bar gives the sense of an Irish pub with its brick walls, wood u-shaped bar, and turquoise bar stools. Wooden shelves hung on the brick wall and provide a space for bottles. The wooden bar provides a large preparing area with its u-shaped counter. Turquoise bar stools bring joy to the atmosphere while the wood floor completing the industrial style.

ID# 89522 | Houzz.com – Credit© Wine Cellar Experts

Custom Built-in Wine Storage with 3D Wood Backsplash

Built-in cabinetries always be helpful for space-saving. This built-in wine storage gives a rustic feel with its dark wood cabinets and wood backsplash. The 3D surface of the backsplash brings dynamism between the cabinets and this impactful look is emphasized by spotlights. Glass shelves provide a seamless look for the backsplash while lower cabinets keep a lot of bottles for storage.

ID# 89523 | Houzz.com – Credit© Landmarks West

Gray Cabinets with Elongated White Hexagon Backsplash Tile

This gorgeous dark gray cabinetry and white countertop complete this look to perfection. The white elongated hexagon tiles as a backsplash bring a nice texture between the cabinets. The gray floating shelves are a great idea to show off more the backsplash. This elegant look is finished with a large wood table which provides plenty of preparing space and also space for hosting friends!

ID# 89527 | Houzz.com – Credit© Collaborative Design Group-Architects & Interiors

Industrial Game Room with Exposed Ceiling and Brown Floor

If you have a game room, you should include a bar in it! This industrial game room bar is placed at the corner and brings a rustic vibe with the materials’ rough surfaces. The darn wood cabinetry is finished with a granite countertop. open cabinets for the upper part create an open and airy feel and allow the brick wall to stand out. Here is a good DIY example that you can easily do by yourself: wine barrels as a bar stand. Wine barrels paired with two wooden slabs on the top and bottom complete perfectly the rustic style.

ID# 89528 | Houzz.com – Credit© Splashworks – SWKB Design Build

Modern Black Bar with Wood Panels and Beverage Fridges

The bold appearance of the black color can instantly elevate any design, even the tiny ones! Here, the small black bar is hidden in the full-height cabinets but when the doors opened black cabinets, backsplash, and countertop serves an elegant look. Two beverage coolers paired with white countertop and brass handles. The black backsplash provides a continuous look behind the glass-fronted cabinets and glass shelves. Wood panels surround the cabinetry as a box and bring warmth.

ID# 89529 | Houzz.com – Credit | © Landmark Building Contractors LLC

Transitional Wet Bar with Beige Backsplash and Diagonal Wine Racks

Inspiration of a transitional home bar with wood shaker cabinets, diagonal wine racks, quartz countertop, undermount sink, nickel faucet, beige backsplash, white pendant light, and light wood floor. The beige backsplash brings a nice texture between the cabinetry while the diagonal wine rack in the upper cabinets creating a visual beauty with the wine bottles.

ID# 89533 | Houzz.com – Credit© Lighting Superstore

White Flat-panel Cabinets with Gray Countertop and Wood Backsplash

Traditional features and contemporary design come together in this transitional home bar and which creates a comforting and timeless ambiance. The dark wood panels as a backsplash make a strong statement. The wood floating shelves act as part of the wood wall and provide a space for glasses and some decors. The gray countertop provides a smooth transition between the dark wall and white flat-panel cabinets. The gold sconces add glam to the design.

ID# 89536 | Houzz.com – Credit© Renovation Planning & Interiors

Beach Style Home Bar Ideas with Blue Cabinets and Granite Backsplash

This edgy and trendy home bar doesn’t need much décor to captivate. The blue flat-panel cabinets already act as an artwork with its bold color, built-in wine racks, and glass-fronted cabinets. The gray granite backsplash and countertop contribute to the warm tone of the blue. The clear glass doors of the upper cabinets display the beauty of the glasses and some decors.

ID# 89531 | Houzz.com – Credit© Marmol Export USA

Elegant Man’s Cave with Luxury Home Bar Ideas

Elegant bar design for the man’s cave! The luxurious design offers a space where you can grab your beer and hang out, party with your companions, or simply watch a game. The built-in cabinets and shelves create an eye-catching backdrop for the bar. The mirror backsplash emphasizes the beverage collection. Traditional pendants hung above the bar with quartz countertop and make a warm glow.

ID# 89540 | Houzz.com – Credit© True North Development

Mirrored Hexagon Backsplash Tile with Black Marble Countertop

We already familiar with mirror backsplashes but these mirrored hexagon tiles are like a piece of art! The mirrored hexagon backsplash tile creates a dramatic look and adds a nice texture between the gray cabinets. Gray shaker cabinets transformed into glass-fronted cabinets on the upper parts. The black marble countertop contributes to the dramatic look created by the backsplash.

ID# 89541 | Houzz.com – Credit© White Hart Design

Modern Wet Bar with Blue Cabinets and White Shelves

Example of a small minimalist single-wall wet bar with navy-blue cabinets, white quartz countertop, white floating shelves, and brass accents. The navy-blue color of the cabinets stands out between the whites and serves an elegant look. The brass accents contribute to this elegancy. The white wallpaper brings nice texture behind the floating shelves.

ID# 89542 | Houzz.com – Credit© Renew Properties

Glamorous Wet Bar Design with Crystal Chandelier

When gray, which already offers a stylish appearance, combines with gold, an elegant and luxurious design emerges. Gray cabinets and white quartz countertop team up with gray and white backsplash nicely. The brass faucet and ice bucket add glam to the design while bronze knobs complementing the traditional style of the cabinets.

ID# 89544 | Houzz.com – Credit© Robin Gannon Interiors

Light Gray Wet Bar Cabinets with Stainless Steel Backsplash Tiles

The oval window and stainless-steel backsplash tiles are the stars of this transitional wet bar. The light gray cabinets are paired with vintage bronze pulls, a built-in beverage fridge, and a black countertop that holding a round undermount sink paired with a vintage bronze gooseneck faucet. The stainless-steel tiles bring an industrial vibe. The oval window is flanked by light gray glass front cabinets at the top which displays the kitchenware beautifully.

ID# 89545 | Houzz.com – Credit© Plain and Posh

Light Blue Cabinets with Wood Plank Backsplash

The combination of the light blue paint and wood textures offers a warm and welcoming transitional bar. The Benjamin Moore Solitude color in a harmony with the wood plank backsplash which brings warmth to the atmosphere. The wood plank backsplash is fitted with a blue shelf flanked by glass-front cabinets and a single shelf. The white quartz countertop was placed on the cabinets and two bar coolers.

ID# 89546 | Houzz.com – Credit© Dream Finders Homes

Small Beach Style Home Bar Ideas with Stainless-steel Shelves

In this small home bar, white cabinets are fitted with the quartz countertop and a beverage fridge. The beige countertop brings warmth to the atmosphere. The stainless-steel floating shelves compliment the beverage fridge and bring a contemporary appeal. Colorful glasses on the shelves act as beautiful décor and complete the look.

ID# 89548 | Houzz.com – Credit© Салон “Бомонд”

Brick Bar with Wood Counter and Bar Chairs

The vaulted ceiling, stone walls, and gray floor provide a characteristic space for this home bar. The brick barn with a wood counter makes a statement and brings an industrial vibe to the atmosphere. Wood counter chairs complete the bar design harmoniously.

ID# 89550 | Houzz.com – Credit© SHM Architects

Black Soapstone Countertop with Creamy Arabesque Backsplash Tile

The lovely blue paint of the shaker cabinets and glass-fronted cabinets creates a romantic and intimate atmosphere in this transitional bar. The blue cabinets are fitted with a black soapstone countertop and gold handles. Floating wood shelves and creamy arabesque tiles with tan grout add a Spanish flavor and provide an open and airy look.

ID# 89551 | Houzz.com – Credit© Design First Interiors

Espresso Cabinets with Soapstone Backsplash and Countertop

The sleek modern bar is placed into the kitchen and creates a contrasting look with the white kitchen cabinets. The espresso bar cabinetry serves a modern look with its clean lines and sharp edges. The black soapstone backsplash and countertop bring a dramatic look and this drama is emphasized by backlit lights under the single shelf.

ID# 89554 | Houzz.com – Credit© LIDA Homes

Traditional Wet Home Bar with All-wood Furniture

The lacquered wood cabinetry represents timeless elegance! With its open shelves, drawers, glass-fronted cabinets, built-in wine racks, and drawers, it provides plenty of storage space beside its visual beauty. The brown onyx countertop and wood backsplash complete the cabinetry perfectly.

ID# 89556 | Houzz.com – Credit© CKD Remodeling

Beverage and Entertaining Center in Living Space

This transitional bar in the living space offers a gathering place for family and friends without going to the kitchen a hundred times. Also, it provides a separation between the living room and dining room. The high-end materials like white cabinets, quartz countertop, beverage fridges, chevron backsplash, and bubble pendant, provide a varied look, visually separates the area from the rest of the space, and can create a focal point.

ID# 89558 | Houzz.com – Credit© EK Interiors

Beige Cabinetry with Quartz Countertop and Wood Backsplash

Inspiration for a timeless single-wall home bar with beige cabinets, quartz countertop, wood backsplash, glass-fronted cabinets, beverage fridge, and wood floor. The elegant pattern on the glass cabinet doors serves a unique look. The wood backsplash is an interesting choice but actually, it works with the beige cabinets!

ID# 89560 | Houzz.com – Credit© R.J. Gurley Construction

Colorful Eclectic Backsplash Tile with Bold Pattern

In this organic modern home, the material palette is neutral and minimalist except where the home bar is concerned. Colorful tile in a bold pattern enlivens the space and signals that it’s where the party gets started! Black hanging shelves provide to display the bottle collection. The wood cabinetry paired with a red countertop along the wall while the stainless-steel countertop bringing a contemporary appeal to the bar. The large glass pendant lights make a warm glow above the bar.

ID# 89561 | Houzz.com – Credit© Manchester Architects, Inc.

All-wood Home Bar with Gold Onyx Slab as a Backsplash

All-wood: warm and intimate! In this contemporary home bar, wood texture surrounds all the surfaces and offers an elegant look. The gold onyx slab as a backsplash makes a statement and adds a luxury feel to space. the onyx slab is fitted with wood panels and glass shelves. The bar area features wood cabinets, a black countertop, wood counter chairs, and wood pendant lights. The bar counter was raised to a higher level with an onyx slab.

ID# 89501

Transitional Bar with Cappuccino Shaker Cabinets and Chevron Backsplash

This transitional corner home bar offers a warm and sophisticated space with cappuccino-colored lower cabinets, brass hardware, and a chocolate-brown ceiling. Lower shaker cabinets paired with white quartz countertop. The white upper cabinets display the bottles and glasses with glass doors. The chevron backsplash tile makes the final touch beautifully while glass shelves with brass rack providing additional space for decors or glasses.

ID# 89503

Black Cabinets with Bronze Backsplash Tile and Gold Chandelier

The high-end materials elevate this small contemporary bar and serve an elegant look. The roughly textured glazed surface of the bronze backsplash tile creates a unique and eye-catching look between the black cabinets. The black cabinetry is completed with black granite countertop, silver square knobs, and matte black faucet. The gold chandelier creates a focal point between the upper cabinets and highlights the beautiful backsplash tile.

ID# 89506

Contemporary Home Bar with Onyx Backsplash and Wood Shelves

In this contemporary bar, the interior designer wants to add a wow factor with the gold onyx backsplash. The backlit lights allow the onyx slab stands out further. The onyx slab is accentuated with wood cabinets on both sides. The stainless-steel bar with black countertop is completed with wood counter chairs which complement the wood cabinets.

ID# 89514

Rustic Modern Home Bar Ideas with Glossy Orange Backsplash

Clodagh Core, Facet In/Out tiles from Ann Sacks add a wow factor to this rustic meets modern bar. This one-of-a-kind backdrop will be a conversation piece for years to come! The vibrant color of the backsplash pops up between the wood cabinets and creates a dynamic look with its 3D surface. Thanks to the neutral color pallet, this backsplash is the star of the bar. Wood shelves in a harmony with the backsplash. Wood cabinets finished with stone countertop, small undermount sink, and black faucet.

ID# 89515

Farmhouse Home Bar Ideas with Exposed Beams and Brick Walls

Thanks to the exposed beams and brick walls this rustic meets industrial bar setup has already a strong character. Brick walls provide a stunning backdrop. The natural wood bar is paired with a granite countertop which is raised on the sitting side. The wood counter chairs in a harmony with the bar. Gray shaker cabinets are also paired with the same countertops and include drawers, bar cooler, and wine rack.

ID# 89517

Black Shaker Cabinets with Gold Details and Wood Floor

When black meets gold, the result is stunning! Benjamin Moore Black shaker-style cabinets serve an elegant and timeless look for this transitional home bar. The black backsplash tiles make a dramatic atmosphere with its glossy surfaces and black onyx countertops contribute to this atmosphere. The black onyx bar counter with black stands is completed with leather bar stools with gold details. The light wood floor breaks the black domination in the room and brings warmth.

ID# 89509

Deep Navy Cabinetry with Quartz Countertop and Spotlights

The deep navy cabinetry and multicolored backsplash tile bring elegance to this transitional home bar. Spotlights in the display cabinets and above the backsplash emphasize the beauty of the deep blue. The quartz countertop in a harmony with the cabinets and adds a dose of luxury to the bar.

ID# 89524

Rustic Corner Home Bar with Glass-fronted Cabinets and Brick Wall

The home has already served a characteristic look with the brick wall and open ceiling which give an industrial feel. The wood bar cabinets make a rustic touch to this industrial space. The white quartz countertop adds a sense of luxury while glass pendant lights making the final touch flawlessly.

ID# 89525

Monochrome Home Bar Design with Backlit Marble Wine Cellar

If you want to create a timeless and elegant home bar, the black and white color scheme will never let your down! This home bar serves a sleek look with modern simplicity, careful detailing, and luxurious choices in materials. The marble wine cellar centralizes the wall and creates a visual beauty with the hanging wine bottles. Black bar cabinets are placed on both sides of the cellar so, the beautiful marble brings forward further. The marble stone continues as a tasting table with a waterfall edge. The table was completed with gray counter chairs.

ID# 89526

Navy-blue Cabinets with Walnut Countertop and Brass Fixture

In this small transitional home bar navy-blue shaker cabinets, brass fixtures, and a dark walnut countertop and shelves come together harmoniously and create an elegant look. The bold navy-blue cabinetry pops up between the white walls. Different shaped wine glasses act as a décor on the walnut shelves. The wall décor above the sink creates a focal point.

ID# 89530

Gray Cabinetry with Gold Backsplash and Vertical Wine Racks

Small yet glamorous! Using a statement maker material on the backsplash is a great idea to elevate small spaces. The gold geometrical backsplash adds a glam between the grays. It definitely is the star of the design and it will be a conversation piece for years to come! The dark gray cabinets paired with a concrete countertop and vertical wine racks were placed on both sides of the backsplash. The conic pendant light makes a warm glow and highlights the gold backsplash.

ID# 89532

Contemporary Home Bar Ideas with Black Hexagon Backsplash Tile

In this contemporary bar, black hexagon backsplash tile brings instant character to space while adding a nice texture. The wood cabinets are paired with a gray granite countertop. The hidden glass racks are definitely a space-saver for small areas. The metallic frame of the glass-fronted upper cabinets and stainless-steel fridge bring a contemporary appeal.

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Navy-blue Cabinetry with Gold Details and a Touch of Wood

So small and so elegant! The transitional mini home bar fitted the gap between the walls but with its high-end materials, it still serves an elegant look. The use of navy blue and gold joined with a touch of wood creates a crisp, modern feel. The bold navy-blue color stands out between the white walls. The glossy blue subway backsplash provides a continuous look. The blue upper cabinets reach the ceiling while glass-fronted cabinets serve an eye-catching look. For the lower part, the bar cooler was placed between the wood drawers and paired with a quartz countertop.

ID# 89535

White Transitional Home Bar Ideas with Wicker Piece of Art

The wicker piece of art pulls the attention at the first sight between the white cabinets. It creates a focal point and gives a unique look to this transitional bar with white shaker cabinets, gray countertop, bar cooler, wood floor, and wicker baskets. The use of natural materials provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

ID# 89537

White Shaker Cabinets with Reclaimed Wood Shelves

Three reclaimed wood shelves on a shiplap wall add charm to this wet bar and bring warmth to the white space by breaking the domination of the white. Decors, kitchenware, and fruits on the shelves make the space more livable and welcoming. The white shaker cabinets feature a white countertop, undermount sink, nickel faucet and handles, and a bar cooler.

Contemporary Home Bar Ideas with Wine Cellar and Wood Walls

The gorgeous contemporary home bar with a wood bar, onyx countertop, beige counter chairs, bubble pendants, black hanging bar cart, and wood floor, complete with a large wine cellar at the back. The wine cellar and wood wall provide a sleek backdrop for the bar. The colorful piece of art brings joy to the atmosphere. The onyx countertop makes a statement and is highlighted by the glass bubble pendants.

ID# 89543

Glamorous Wet Bar Design with Crystal Chandelier

This gorgeous, glamorous white bar design is compelling and sophisticated! The single wall white cabinetry offers a timeless traditional style with beautiful craftsmanship. The lower cabinets boast a quartz countertop, gold handles, and bar cooler. The upper glass-fronted cabinets display the beautiful kitchenware and continue as a closed cabinet at the top. The marble backsplash and the crystal chandelier increase the luxury level of the space.

ID# 89547

Wood Cabinets with White Counter and Wood Floating Shelves

This sleek modern bar offers everything you need with its compact design. All bar fitted into the recessed wall which provides space-saving. The white counter of the wood cabinets expanded through the wall to create a sitting area with white counter chairs. The wood floating shelves complement the cabinets while creating a dynamic look with the counter. The white mosaic backsplash adds a texture behind the bar without distracting the design.

ID# 89549

Electric Blue Lacquered Cabinets with Geometric Wallpaper

The transitional wet bar features electric blue lacquered cabinets and a geometric pattern wallpaper that makes space look like a work of art! The wallpaper provides an eye-catching backdrop for the cabinets. Gold corner shelves, faucet and handles, and bubble chandelier make the design more glamorous while the wood floor bringing warmth to the atmosphere.

ID# 89552

Diamond Backsplash Tile in White, Gray and Gold

This elegant Texas bar features a pared-back palette of white cabinets and a diamond backsplash tile in white, gray, and gold. Shaker cabinets fitted with a beverage fridge in the middle. The diamond-shaped backsplash and backlit lights in the glass-fronted cabinets make the design more powerful and characteristic.

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ID# 89553

Gray Onyx Bar with Red Acrylic Counter Chairs

If you want to create an impactful look, try the onyx stone! The gray onyx bar turns this small space into an eye-catching design. Red acrylic bar chairs contrast with the onyx and make a colorful touch. The beige backsplash tile provides a sleek backdrop and in a harmony with wood cabinets and floating shelves.

ID# 89555

Hidden Bar with Wood Cabinets and Beverage Fridge

This contemporary home bar is kept away from plain sight but it is still nearby when needed situations call for a party with friends or just a relaxing sip before bed! The hidden bar features wood cabinets, a beverage fridge, a beige countertop, and glossy white and beige backsplash tiles. The two spotlights make a warm glow above the cabinetry.

ID# 89557

All-black Home Bar Ideas with Chevron Backsplash and Cute Painting

The all-black features of the unique home bar stand out in the white recessed wall. The custom wood cabinetry is painted on black which creates a strong characteristic look. The black chevron backsplash brings a texture with its beautiful pattern. The soapstone countertop in a harmony with the backsplash and cabinets. The cute French Bulldog painting distracts the cool appearance of the design and increases the cuteness level.

ID# 89559

Dark Timber Cabinetry with Gold Onyx Island and Waterfall Countertop

In this contemporary open concept kitchen, the back-lit gold onyx and marble waterfall island countertop contrasts with dark timber cabinetry and makes a warm glow at the center of the room. The custom photographic backsplash embraces the surrounding color theme. The parrot on the glass pendant lights acts as a design element and adds a dose of cuteness!

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