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27+ Pantry Wine Cellar

Gloss White Wood Cabinets With Modern Pantry Wine Cellar

ID# 122504 | Source – Credit© Joseph and Curtis Custom Wine Cellars

Gloss White Cabinets With Modern Built-in Wine Cellar

This contemporary wine cellar is made of chrome metal wine racks and high gloss white cabinets over wood. The floor is marble and the cellar holds over 900+ bottles and has a cooling system.

Wood Cabinet And Beige Countertop With Pantry Wine Cellar

ID# 122522 | Source – Credit© Brooks McDonald Architecture

Wood Cabinets with Beige Countertop and Wine Cellar

Made entirely of wood material, the wine cellar has a stylish style. It has wooden shelves and a wooden cabinet. It has a cream-colored countertop. Small but elegant, the wine racks are completed with lighting. you can host wine tasting events with this wine collection.

Kitchen, Living Room, Hallway, and More Pantry Wine Cellar Ideas!

Think you don’t have room for a wine cellar or home pantry wine storage? Think again. And buy wine cans and bring them home without thinking about the places you travel. You can keep them anywhere. In your living room, in your kitchen, in the hallway, even in your bedroom! Now with our pantry wine cellar ideas, you can find some inspirations!

Choose glass, stone, wood, and more pantry wine cellar ideas.

Don’t worry if your house wasn’t built with a wine cellar. There is an easy way to display collections that you receive or store. Check out our great wine storage ideas for small pantry wine cellars. To incorporate it into your home, you can test our pantry wine cellar ideas.

They are glass stone wood and more wine cellar that suitable for all styles.

122506 Transitional Pantry Wine Cellar With Exposed Wood Beam

ID# 122506 | Source – Credit© Manomin Resawn Timbers

Transitional Pantry with Display Cabinets and Wine Racks

The exposed dark wood beams contrast against the white walls and make the dark wood wine cellar the focal point. The glass wine cellar has a black frame and contrasts against the white walls.

White Door And Wood Shelves With White Door Pantry Wine Cellar

ID# 122507 | Source – Credit© DeAngelis Custom Homes

White Cabinets with Wine Racks and Glass Door

The place, dominated by beige colors, looks quite modern. The wine cellar, located in the hallway and above the door, attracts attention. There are wines placed on wooden shelves above the White door. Beige marble is preferred on the floor. The White and wood harmony is perfect. Wooden frames hung on the wall also support this harmony.

Blue Walls And Wood Cabinets With Pantry Wine Cellar

ID# 122508 | Source – Credit© Anthony Medina Design

Wood Cabinetry with Navy Blue Walls and Wine Racks

Medium-tone wood cabinets with blue walls are very compatible. There are metal hangers on the wall, and wines are hung. Medium tone wood was used on the floor. It is finished with a mirror with a wooden frame.

Wood Cabinets And Red Wall With Pantry Wine Cellar

ID# 122509 | Source – Credit© Wine Cellar Experts

Wood Cabinets and Red Wall With Pantry Wine Cellar

There are wooden cabinets that are of Vintage style. The red wall in the center of the closet becomes the focal point, attracting attention. There are small marble countertops. Medium tone wood was used on the floor. The wall was used to back-lit and the wines were hung in front of it. It makes wines a focal point.

Vertical Glass Pantry Wine Cellar With Dark Floor

ID# 122510 | Source – Credit© Millesime Wine Racks

Vertical Glass Pantry with Wine Cellar

The vertical glass wine cellar looks quite modern. Wines are lined up on steel shelves. Wine bottles create a visual feast in the living space. The dark wood used on the floor contrasts against the white walls.

Dark Wood Pantry Wine Cellar With Brick Ceiling

ID# 122511 | Source – Credit© Giammarino and Dworkin

Dark Wood Cabinetry With Wood Countertop and Brick Ceiling

In a place dominated by light tones, the dark wine cabinet contrasts and attracts attention. Brick was used in the ceiling. Light tonewood was preferred on the floor. Glass doors and lighting have added modern air. The wet bar provides plenty of space for preparing cocktails!

Metal Pantry Wine Cellar With Dark And Light Kitchen Cabinets

ID# 122512 | Source – Credit© Sdc.Build

Kitchen Pantry with Wine Cellar and Dark Wood Floor

The kitchen, dominated by dark tones, has a metal vertical wine cellar. The dark wood was used on the floor. There are dark kitchen cabinets. At the same time, in the other part of the kitchen section, there are white kitchen cabinets. Dark cabinets contrast with white kitchen cabinets. one side is light and one side is mixed with dark tones.

Dark Shaker Cabinets With Small Pantry Wine Cellar

ID# 122513 | Source – Credit© Stalburg Design

Dark Shaker Cabinets With White Marble Countertop

In this pantry wine cellar, gorgeous dark shaker cabinets frame the view. White marble countertop and gold handle ad a touch of luxury. Wallpaper with texture and a picture light play off the dramatic hardware to give some glam. It has a paneled under-the-counter wine cabinet. Dark tonewood was used on the floor. Gray walls provide integrity.

Minimal Pantry Wine Cellar With Dark Wood Floor

ID# 122516 | Source – Credit© Kristin Drohan Collection and Interior Design

Minimal Pantry Wine Cellar With Dark Wood Floor

The minimal wine racks are positioned on the stair pitch. There is a ladder in that door on the side and the railing is a gate. The dark wood was used on the floor. Contrasts against white walls.

Minimal Pantry Wine Cellar With Metallic Resinous Floor

ID# 122517 | Source – Credit© Merrick Design and Build Inc.

Minimal Pantry Wine Cellar Ideas With Metalic Resinous Floor

Metallic resin flooring was used on copper plating on the floor. In the minimal wine cellar with a glass door, wines were hung on the wall with metal hangers.

Wavy Walls And Wood Cabinets With Elegant Pantry Wine Cellar

ID# 122518 | Source – Credit© Compassionate Arts International

Wavy Walls and Wood Cabinets With Elegant Pantry Wine Cellar Ideas

Wooden cabinets are mixed with the wavy walls. There are medium-tone wooden wine racks. The beige tile was used on the floor. The place looks quite elegant with a barrel table and a table hanging on the wall.

Terra Cota Floor And Vintage Rug With Pantry Wine Cellar

ID# 122519 | Source – Credit© Simmons Estate Homes

Wine Room Design with Terra-Cota Floor and Vintage Rug

Terra-cotta was used on the floor of the wine room, which is a Vintage style. There are wooden cabinets, and colored tiles are used backsplash. The Vintage door invites us to the wine racks. Vintage-style rugs were used on the floor.

Orange Wall With Pantry Wood Shelves

ID# 122521 | Source – Credit© ATD Contracting Services Inc.

Orange Wall With Pantry Wood Shelves

The orange wall with wooden shelves is incredibly harmonious. The same tone of tile was used on the floor. Complete with a wooden door, the space looks modern and fun.

Pantry Wine Cellar With Light Wood Floor

ID# 122523 | Source – Credit© Remanente Design Ltd.

Pantry Wine Cellar With Light Wood Floor

The wine racks, located under the stairs, have a glass door and its entrance looks quite modern. The wine cellar, with wooden shelves inside, is small but useful. Light tonewood was used on the floor.

Glass Door And Wood Frame With Coastal Pantry Small Wine Cellar

ID# 122525 | Source – Credit© Intimate Living Interiors

Small Corner Wine Storage with Open Shelves

Clear tones dominate the space! Next to the white wall, the wooden wine storage stands very stylish. It has a glass door and wooden dark frame and attracts attention. There are wooden shelves. The gray color was used on the floor. The used seating group has a coastal style with wooden tables and plants.

Small Pantry Wood Wine Cellar With Shaker Cabinet

ID# 122527 | Source – Credit© Dreamworks Builders

Small Wine Cellar With Shaker Cabinet and Wood Shelves

The small wine storage is on the wooden wall. There are wines on the hangers that hang on the wooden wall. The White bench and grey cabinet located next to it are in harmony. There are wooden shelves on the wall. Undermount sink has been preferred. The white walls are in harmony with the lightwood used on the floor.

Small Pantry Wine Cellar With Beige Seat Set

ID# 122528 | Source – Credit© Felicity Interiors

Small Pantry Wine Cellar With Beige Seat Set

The minibar in the Modern living room is quite stylish. It has a dark brown wooden door. The same tone was used on the floor. They are accompanied by beige seats. The space is complete with gold detailed accessories.

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