Modern Wine Cellar Ideas Stylish Ways to Show Off Your Wine Collection

60+ Wine Cellar Ideas

ID# 122231 | – Credit© Sofia Joelsson Design

Modern Kitchen Design with White Wine Cellar

The wine cellar, dominated by light tones, looks pretty modern. The wine cellar next to the kitchen is handy. The wines placed in niches on the wall resemble the appearance of a store. It is supported by simple but stylish spotlights. Lightwood was used on the floor.


ID# 122202 | – Credit© Viking Wine Cellars

Small Wine Cellar with Light Wood Floor

The large contemporary wine room looks pretty stylish. The use of suspension tubing on the floor-to-ceiling cork forward racking to the left of the back wall gives the illusion that the wine bottles are suspended in mid-air. The label forward racking is single length, but the triple depth allows for maximum storage capacity. The light tone is preferred on the floor.


Modern Stylish and Functional Modern Wine Cellar Ideas!

A wine cellar or wine room has been found in houses since the time of the ancient Greeks. The wine cellar, which used to be only in the homes of distinguished people, is now in everyone’s house. Creating a modern wine cellar is easy now. It doesn’t matter if the room, basement, corridor are not used for this. Now, with our modern wine cellar ideas, you can find some inspiration and start to design!

Choose glass, steel, wood, and more wine cellar ideas

Creating a modern wine room is now very easy. A seated bar, a simple shelf compartment, and the process are complete! To find some inspiration for your home, you can test our modern wine cellar ideas.

They are glass steel wood and more wine cellar that suitable for all styles.


ID# 122201 | – Credit© Dana Design Studio

Wood Floor with Modern Wine Room

The minimalist-designed wine storage looks pretty stylish. Made of glass, the frames are black. Medium tone wood was used on the floor. There are metal hangers for hanging wines. Complete with a wooden cabinet and grey walls, the space is minimalist in style.


ID# 122203 | – Credit© Hanna Homes

Modern Wine Cellar Ideas With Black Wine Hangers

The color scheme of the modern glass wine storage is combined with a glass panel. Modern and minimalist style is quite dominated by white color. Black wine hangers contrast against white walls. Beige marble was used on the floor.


ID# 122204 | – Credit© Dragon Cellars

Luxury Wine Cellar with Marble Tasting Counter

Special glass wine room project that actually has a bigger focus to display unique bottles of all types of whisky. Independent glass-enclosed and refrigerated wine room with an emphasis on whisky bottle display. Marble counter and is a total glass-enclosed space with LED strips in all racks that are made with acrylic, glass, metal, and wood.


ID# 122205 | – Credit© Relief Properties, Inc.

Glass Wine Cellar with Light Wood Floor

Light tonewood was used on the floor of the wine store, which was modern and minimalist. The wine store with the glass door has black frames. These frames contrast against white walls and attract attention. A marble pattern was used on the walls of the wine room, and this image looks quite stylish.


ID# 122206 | – Credit© The Stillwater Group

Dark Wood Wine Racks with Exposed Beam and Herringbone Floor

We see the perfect harmony of wood and glass. Medium tone wood was used on the floor. The wine room floor is herringbone tile wood. The wooden sills of the glass door are mixed with glass. In the same way, the exposed beams are also wooden and integrated with the white walls. Black wine racks contrast with white walls. It is a combination of rustic and modern style.

Modern Minimalist Wine Cellar With Wood Walls

ID# 122207 | – Credit© The WhiteHouse Collection

Minimalist Modern Wine Cellar Ideas with Wood Walls

Combining wood and porcelain, beige porcelain tile was preferred on the floor in this room. It was compatible with wooden walls. There are metal wine hangers added to the wooden walls. A barrel standing in the middle is used as a table. With the painting hanging on the wall, the place looks quite modern.

ID# 122208 | – Credit© Anthony Medina Design

White Modern Wine Cellar Ideas with Wine Hangers

Large and contemporary, light-ton Wood was used on the floor of the wine room. In a room dominated by white, the walls and ceiling are white. Lighting is simple to spotlighting. Metal wine hangers suspended on white walls create contrasts. This place, with a glass wall on one side, looks quite modern.


ID# 122209 | – Credit© Dragon Cellars

Modern and Elegant Wine Cellar Ideas with Tasting Table

Modern and elegant wine racks made with lighted painted metal framing and acrylic and glass shelving with steel cables. LED strips are embedded to provide a unique ambiance. In the center, there is a metal, wood, and glass tasting and work table for serving and decentering open wines while in an enviable setting.


ID# 122210 | – Credit© Butler Armsden

Modern Wine Storage with Metal Laminated Panels

The materials used in this wine room are plastic and metal panels. The wall is made of metal laminated panels. The countertop is stainless steel. The shelves are manufactured by acrylic architectural plastics. thanks to the reflective property of the metal material, it has added depth to space and looks bigger than the mean.


ID# 122211 | – Credit© Vineyard Wine Cellars

Modern Climate-Controlled Wine Room with Walnut Base

This modern climate-controlled wine cellar in Dallas, Texas compliments the style and elegance of the surrounding space. The insulated glass sidelights on either side of the entry door perfectly frame a column of bottles. Airflow is routed within the millwork to ensure a perfect climate without any components of the refrigeration system being visible in the room. The wine racking system includes a walnut soffit and base, metal vertical supports, and clear acrylic cradles to support each bottle.


Understair Wine Storage with Wood Floor

The wine cellar under the stairs gives a very stylish appearance. It is possible to create elegance in a small space by using black wine hangers. Lightwood was used on the floor. The same tone continues on the steps of the wooden staircase.


ID# 122213 | – CreditErica Winterfield Design | © Ihor Pona

Diagonal Wine Racks with Basalt Stone Wall 

Chipped basalt stone tiles were installed on the wall. Beige color is preferred on the floor of this stone wine cellar. Dark coffee wine cabinets are in harmony with the floor. Integrity is ensured with the wooden table used.


ID# 122215 | – Credit© Mia Karlsson Interior Design

Wood Wine Storage with Wood Floor

Wood material predominates in the wine cellar. There are wooden cabinets and hidden lighting. White color is preferred on the ceiling and continues the simplicity.


ID# 122216 | – Credit© Papro Wine Cellars & Consulting

Glass Wine Cellar with Wood Open Cabinets

In the wine cellar, where glass and wood were used, medium tone wood was used on the floor. White was preferred on the ceiling and mixed with a rectangular wooden suspended ceiling. Finished with LED lighting. A self-contained water-cooled wine cellar refrigeration system was installed in the adjacent cabinet.


ID# 122219 | – Credit© Toll Brothers, Inc.

Light Tone Wood Floor with Simple Wine Storage

The wine cellar in the hallway looks pretty stylish. It has a glass door and reliefs were used on its walls. Lightwood was preferred on the floor. The space looks stylish with accessories used on the wall.


ID# 122220 | – CreditBCI Hawker | © Mark Lloyd – Real Property

Gray Ceramic Floor With Modern Gray Wine Cellar Ideas

Gray ceramic tiles were used on the floor of the wine cellar, which was small but contemporary. The floor is accompanied by grey cabinets and shelves. There are also metal wine hangers.


ID# 122221 | – CreditНикита Теплицкий | © Никита Теплицкий

Modern Minimalist Wine Rack with Concrete Staircase

The minimalist wooden wine cellar, built under a concrete staircase, looks very trendy. The harmony of the concrete wall and wooden wine cellar is perfect. The black balustrade of the staircase contrasts with the concrete wall. The final touch is that the place looks quite modern and contemporary with the paintings hanging on the wall.


ID# 122223 | – Credit© 3rd Dimension Graphics

Light Wood Open Cabinets with Metal Hangers

The wine room was formed by a combination of industrial and modern styles. Lightwood was used on the floor. There are grey metal racks. Metal hangers were preferred for hanging wines on the wall.


ID# 122225 | – Credit© Timeless Wine Cellars

Modern Brown Wine Cellar with Barrel Tasting Table

The wine cellar, dominated by dark colors, looks quite elegant. Light grey was used on the ground. Dark brown cabinets contrast against the floor. The brown wood wall has metal wine hangers. A testing table has been created thanks to the barrel. The finishing touch is complete with modern lighting.


ID# 122226 | – Credit© Timeless Wine Cellars

Light Wood Modern Wine Cellar Ideas with Marble Floor

The wine cellar lined with light brown wooden wine cabinets looks modern. Black marble was used on the floor. Thanks to black marble, wine cabinets become the focus.


ID# 122227 | – Credit© Design House

Black Wine Room with Multicolored Floor Tiles and Crystal Chandelier

In the wine room, multicolored tiles were preferred. Brown wine cabinets are powered by spotlighting. With the flamboyant chandelier used, the place has gained a contemporary and elegant appearance.


ID# 122228 | – Credit© Hill House Interiors

Modern Dark Color Wine Cellar Ideas with Lighting

We can understand the importance of lighting in this place. The black tile was used on the floor. It has become a focal point with illuminations in the wine cellar, where dark colors dominate.


ID# 122229 | – Credit© Starr Homes

Metal Hangers with Light Wood Floor and Colorful Painting

The wine cellar, where metal wine hangers are dense, looks trending. Open wood was used on the floor. There are metal hangers along the long thin corridor. Space, supported by LED lighting, gets a modern look with a table hanging on the wall.


ID# 122230 | – Credit© PentaVia Custom Homes

Black Steel Wine Hangers with Wood Tasting Table

Black steel wine hangers on the wall contrast to the light wooden floor. The wooden beam and white walls are in harmony. LED lighting used in the wooden beam gives a simple but stylish image. Space is completed with the modern table used.


ID# 122232 | – Credit© Nicole Forina Home

Glass Modern Wine Cellar Ideas with Colored Accessories

The corner, dominated by white color, looks quite modern. Grey ceramic tile was used on the floor. The wine cellar is lined with glass. Space is colored with accessories. The place was revived with the picture hung on the wall and the used seat.


ID# 122233 | – Credit© Allaboutthewow

Contemporary Wine Room with Herringbone Floor Tiles

The wooden walls and multicolored floor tiles look harmonious. Modern and minimalist, the wine cellar also has metal hangers. Complete with plain spotlighting.


ID# 122234 | – Credit© Design West

Black Kitchen Cabinets with Wine Handles and Blue Wall Tiles

Black shelves which are located on the blue glossy tile wall contrast. Marble was used on the floor of the wine storage area. Glass wine is also in the kitchen. Light ton wood is used on the kitchen floor. Black cabinets contrast with white kitchen countertops.


ID# 122235 | – Credit© Andrea Canedo Design

Elegant Dining Room with Glass Wine Cellar and Stone Wall

Two materials were used in the ground. The floor of the wine warehouse is marble and the other is dark tonewood. The two materials are mixed. There are black metal hangers on the brick wall, and wines are hung there.


ID# 122236 | – Credit© McNeil Company Builders

Traditional Wine Room With Glass Panels and Tasting Table

Floor-to-ceiling glass panels were used. The full view was provided by custom-built white oak cabinets. LED accent light and decorative stone tile are stylishly integrated within the cabinetry resulting in a truly unique wine cellar. Light tone wood mixed with grey concrete on the floor. The modern look of the basement wine room is completed with a wooden table.


ID# 122237 | – Credit© Wilson Lighting

Black Wine Hangers with Abstract Painting

Medium tone wood was used on the floor. The wooden floor contrasts against the white walls. Metal wine hangers are hanging on the walls. Space, complete with accessories, has a modern style.


ID# 122238 | – Credit© StudioBecker

Modern Wood Wine Wall with LED Lights

Two materials are mixed in the wall. concrete and wood panels were used. They’re both in harmony. The wines are hung on a wooden panel wall. The wall is accentuated with lighting. Medium tone wood was preferred on the floor.


ID# 122239 | – Credit© Regal X Inc.

Glass and Wood Wine Cellar As A Separation Element

No extra room is needed for the wine cellar. The wine cellar in the living room has a modern appearance. Beige marble was used on the floor. It’s covered with glass. There are metal black wine straps.


ID# 122241 | – Credit© Walker Workshop

Wood Flat Panel Cabinets with Glass Wine Storage

The style of the wine cellar is modern and minimalist. Wood material was used extensively. Floor to ceiling natural wood cabinets create a clean look. The ceiling is white, making the cabinets stand out. The glass in the ceiling adds refreshment to space. There are wines on wooden shelves inside the glass cabinet.


ID# 122242 | – CreditBlack Glass Wine Cellar With Wood Floor | © Hierarchy Development & Design

Black Glass Wine Cellar With Wood Tasting Table

The wine corner, consisting of a black wall, brick, and glass, looks quite contemporary. The black exposed beam contrasts against the white walls, making the wine corner the focal point. Medium tone wood was used on the floor. Made of natural wood, the table has a stylish appearance.


ID# 122243 | – Credit© Chelsea Kloss Interiors

Modern Wine Cellar Ideas with Wood Staircase

The wine cellar under the wooden stairs has a modern style. Lightwood was used on the floor. The wall of the wine cellar is brick. Wines are hung thanks to black metal hangers. The finishing touch is complete with a table and chair. It acquires industrial and modern appearance.


ID# 122245 | – Credit© Dragon Cellars

Small Wine Storage with LED Lighting in Living Room

A wine cellar with a Modern style is located in the center of the house. Supported by LED light, the wine cellar becomes the focal point. A marble is preferred on the floor.


ID# 122246 | – Credit© Mia Rao Design

Modern Living Room with Wine Storage and Wood Cabinets

This Chicago penthouse features custom wine storage with seating. A dual wine cooler with glass and steel doors, flank a serving area featuring a humidor drawer. Rich ink blue sectional and leather lounge chairs create the perfect tasting area.


ID# 122247 | – Credit© Advanced Woodwork, INC.

Light Tone Wood Modern Glass Wine Room Ideas

The glass basement wine cellar integrated with a black panel wall has a modern appearance. Lightwood was used on the floor. Inside the wine cellar, there are wine hangers.


ID# 122248 | – Credit© Imagination Wine Cellars

Glass Modern Wine Cellar Ideas with Kitchen Island

Light tone colors dominate the space. Beige Wood was used on the floor. There is a glass wine cellar, and wines are hung there. There is a dark kitchen island. Its countertop is light in color. It is complete with modern lighting.


ID# 122249 | – Credit© Cable Wine Systems

Luxury Glass Wine Storage with Staircase

The glass wine cellar under the stairs looks pretty stylish. The minimalist wine cellar mixed with wood and glass is the focus. It is accompanied by the glass and a wooden staircase.


ID# 122250 | – Credit© Eklektik Interiors

Rustic Modern Wine Cellar Ideas with Dark Wood Cabinets

The wine cellar, dominated by dark colors, is quite modern. Shades of Grey were used. It has a dark wooden table. Wines are hung on the metal wires on the wall. The custom design of this wine room stays true to its modern aesthetics.


ID# 122251 | – Credit© Joseph and Curtis Custom Wine Cellars

Small Wine Room with Steel and Glass Material

Made with stainless steel and glass, the modern wine cellar design is quite stylish. It contrasts against white walls and attracts attention. The dark wood was used on the floor. Wines are lined up on the shelves. Complete with simple lighting.


ID# 122252 | – Credit© Canett Furniture AS

Wood Barrel As A Wine Storage and Vintage Decors

There is not always a need for large spaces for the wine cellar. A minimal wine cabinet made from a barrel looks quite stylish and cozy.


ID# 122253 | – Credit© Architectural Plastics, Inc

White Wine Room with Frameless Glass Doors

In the living room, where the white tone dominates, there is a wine cellar. The glass wine cellar attracts immediate attention. The designers at Architectural Plastics created a “column of light” in the center of the wine cellar made from LED light panels. Clear acrylic wine racks were then placed around the column to complete the space.


ID# 122255 | – Credit© Nano Llc

Transitional Dining Room with Wine Racks and Green Wall

Multi-colored tiles were used on the floor. Wooden cabinets are in harmony with yesilan walls. Glass is mixed with the same tone wooden table. It is completed with a modern chair.


ID# 122257 | – Credit© Evolution Wine Rooms

Wood Minimalist Wine Cellar with Glass Shelves

The wine cabinet, where glass and wood are blended, looks stylish. The dark wood was used on the floor. Such a corner in your home makes your home modern.


ID# 122258 | – Credit© Sofo Kitchens

Minimalist Small Wine Cellar with Wood Floor

There is no need for extra room for the wine cellar. Even a closet is enough. The wooden wine cabinet made on the white wall is minimalist and modern. Medium tone wood was used on the floor. It has been quite a trend wine cabinet to save space.


ID# 122259 | – Credit© Orf L.L.C.

Modern Wine Cellar Ideas with Marble Countertops

We see the perfect harmony of marble and wood in this stone wine cellar. White Oak was used on the floor. White marble countertops were used. It is perfectly mixed with white oak. The wines hanging on the wooden wall look quite stylish.


ID# 122260 | – Credit© Imagination Wine Cellars

Stylish Modern Wine Cellar Ideas with Black Floor

The glass wine cellar is stylish and minimalist. It is positioned in the living room. Black marble was used on the floor. The walls and ceiling are white. The floor contrasts against the walls. The wines hung on the wall were enhanced by lighting and became the focal point.


ID# 122214

Contemporary Wine Room with Concrete Wall

In this wine cellar with contemporary style, concrete was used on the wall. Gray metal hangers have been used extensively, and the wines give the feeling of floating out of the air. Light tonewood was preferred on the floor.


ID# 122217

Modern Wine Cellar Ideas with Mirror Wall

In the wine cellar, where light colors dominate, light gray ceramics were used on the floor. The walls are white with metal wine hangers. A full mirror was used on the back wall, increasing the depth of the space.


ID# 122218

Modern Wine Room with Wood Shelves and Drawers

The wine cellar, located under the stairs, is modern but also vintage. It has a black glass door. It’s quite impressive and inviting. It has a wooden ceiling and wine racks. Black wine hangers are available on the white walls. Medium tone wood was also preferred on the floor.


ID# 122222

Modern Brown Wine Racks with Black Marble Floor

The floor of the wine cellar, located in the corner of the house, is black marble tile. It is very beautifully mixed with a dark wooden floor. Hidden LED lighting was used in brown wine cabinets. In this way, cabinets are highlighted very nicely. White walls give calmness while at the same time highlighting brown wine cabinets.


ID# 122224

Understair Wine Room with Glass Doors

The wine store used under the stairs is minimalist and stylish. Coastal light wood was used on the floor. The wine storage use under the stairs is sealed with glass.


Gray Modern Wine Cellar Ideas with Marble Floor

Consisting of vertical and horizontal shelves, the wine cellar has a very modern appearance. The gray tile was used on the floor. The color of the wine shelves is also Gray. The two are in harmony. It also has metal wine hangers.


ID# 122244

Glass Wine Cellar with Beige Floor

The wine cellar, located in the hallway of the house, has a modern style. The beige color was used on the floor. The walls a white in color. the wine cellar is made of glass and has black metal hangers.


ID# 122254

White Kitchen Cabinets with Black Wine Room

The wine cellar in the kitchen is quite handy. The floor was dark and made of glass. White kitchen cabinets with white countertop contrast against the floor and refresh the space. With spotlights used, the wine Cellar takes on a stylish appearance.


Small Wine Room with Wood Walls and Black Hangers

This wine unit is combined with a dark wood panel. The wall color of the wine cabinet is beige. Medium tone wood was used on the floor. The wine unit has become the focal point for those who use light color inside.

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