Attic Room Ideas Clever and Beautiful Sloped Ceiling Designs

43+ Attic Room Ideas

ID# 117907 | – Credit© Thorp Design

Attic Bathroom with Gray Clawfoot Freestanding Bathtub

An attic bathroom perfectly provides the calm and relaxing feel that we want in bathrooms. In this attic, the quirky array of slopes and angles adds a character to the finished space. Also, you might think that placing just a bathtub is not enough for the bathroom. But in this way, you can emphasize the bath area. This gray clawfoot freestanding bathtub makes a statement under the sloped ceiling and creates a focal point.

ID# 117930 | – CreditCallwey | © Jan Baldwin

Farmhouse Kids Room with Pastel Green Walls and Ceiling

The mix of contrasting textiles in different patterns and colors offers a cozy folk look. This lush mix of textiles stands against the soft green paint of the walls and ceiling. The heavy beams and wooden walls of this attic room become a soft and intimate cabin-like atmosphere. The natural light that comes through the window emphasizes the beautiful shade of green.

Well-designed Dreamy Attic Room Ideas

Designing an attic space might be tricky because of the sloped ceilings, angular dormers, or awkward shapes. However, evaluating your attic with extra living space is a great way to make the most of your home’s square footage. Here are some of the best attic room ideas that will inspire you.

Evaluate the unused areas with clever organization

Attic rooms are more than dust or cluttered storage spaces. With a clever organization and the right layout, an attic can be transformed into anything based on your needs. From a bedroom to a home office, bathroom to game room, attics provide a space for intimate, private escapes. However, designing such a space comes with many challenges. That is why you need to be careful with your furniture. Otherwise, the space under a sloped ceiling might feel catastrophic. For a tip, placing custom built-in cabinets according to dimensions is a great way to evaluate unused corners and low outer edge, and maximize functionality. Also, bright color schemes will help you to enhance the spaciousness of the atmosphere.

If you want to learn about how to decorate your attic, scroll down and find 43 beautiful attic room design ideas that will help you.

ID# 117901 | – Credit© Edward Ogosta Architecture

Minimalist Attic Room Ideas with Cushions and Wood Library

When designing a spare room in your attic, you do not have to fill it with too much furniture. In this minimalist attic, cushions, rug, and library enhance the spaciousness created by the high ceiling and generous glazing. Two cream cushions and a cream rug create a cozy resting nook while the wood library provides storage space without overwhelming.

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ID# 117902 | – Credit© Bjurfors Göteborg

Attic Bedroom Design with White Painted Wood Planks

Turning your attic into a bedroom will provide a romantic atmosphere because it’s perfect to get some privacy. This mostly white attic bedroom gives a bit of rustic feel with its white painted wood planks. The double-size bed centralizes the window and creates a beautifully symmetrical look. White paper lantern pendants enhance the brightness in the room while tiny black touches like a floor lamp and pillows contrast with the whites for a more impactful look.

ID# 117903 | – Credit© One Room at a Time, Inc.

Rustic Attic with Exposed Wood Beams and LED Lights

The rustic attic features a dark blue sofa, two matching armchairs, a blue, and yellow rug, and a built-in TV console. Short hallways lead to the dormer windows, required to meet the daylight code for space. The exposed wooden beams and floor parquets increase the rustic feel. The LED lighting on beams adds great daylight effects.

ID# 117904 | – Credit© J.P. Franzen Associates Architects, P.C.

Kids Playroom with Pink Built-in Bookshelf and Window Seat

Dedicating a room for your kids is a great way to increase their imagination and an attic can be a perfect space for this. This kids’ game room offers a hideaway for children’s books and toys. The custom built-in bookshelf makes a statement with its bold pink color. It also includes a window seat with a hidden cabinet. Reading nook beneath sunny window invites readers of all ages. Dinky-sized white desk and blue chair are perfect for making crafts, or painting and drawing.

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ID# 117905 | – Credit | © T-Space Design & Build

Rustic Game Room with Vaulted Ceiling and Brick Walls

This rustic attic room is a perfect space to hang out with friends! The vaulted ceiling and brick walls give a bunch of character to this attic game room. The brick walls create a masculine aesthetic. The game area is created with a pool table and a table soccer and highlighted by gray pendant lights. At the back two red sofas, a TV, and a brick fireplace create a comfortable seating area.

ID# 117906 | – CreditGeometra Design Ltd. | © Arnal

Home Gym with Dark Wood Floor and White Walls

The attic floor is an ideal area to let you exercise every day. In this home gym, the dark wood floor stands out against the white walls and ceiling and creates an impactful look. Using few features in the design makes the space feel larger.


ID# 117908 | – Credit© Robert Rhodes Architecture + Interiors

Transitional Bathroom with White Penny Tiles and Black Floor

Thanks to the well-designed layout, the sloped angle of the ceiling is not disturbing the eye, even it adds an architectural value to this attic bathroom. The white wall-mounted sink is fitted with a nickel stand. The frameless mirror makes the space feel larger while white sconces highlight the washing area. In the shower, white penny tiles bring a nice texture to the design while the frameless glass door of the shower creates a seamless look.

ID# 117909 | – Credit© Olivier Chabaud Architecte – Paris & Lubéron

Attic Bedroom with Beautiful Wooden Structure

If you have a beautiful structure of your house, like this design, there is no need to hide it with walls or paints. And attics are the best places to display such beautiful structures. In this attic bedroom, the wooden structure stands out between the white walls and makes an architectural statement. Also, the rough surfaces of the wood materials give a rustic feel. The white floor bed and carpeted stand create a cozy and warm atmosphere.

ID# 117910 | – Credit© Tim Cuppett Architects

Guest Room with Two Single Beds and Red Chequered Rugs

This attic room is transformed into a cozy spot for guests to sleep. The guest room features twin beds and a tiny white side table. The red chequered rugs bring a node texture and warmth to space. The large colorful drum light hung above the staircase, and it makes a statement between the minimalist elements.

ID# 117911 | – Credit© Robin Pelissier Interior Design & Robin’s Nest

Attic Master Bedroom with Rich Textiles and Textures

If you want more privacy and a little piece, attic bedrooms might be perfect for you. In this contemporary bedroom, the position of the double-size bed in front of the window might seem awkward. But don’t worry too much if that means your headboard will be in front of the window. You can still get plenty of natural light. Also, the colorful patterned fabrics give an intimate feel while blue wallpapers bring the bedroom a polished, modern appeal.


ID# 117913 | – Credit© Budget Blinds of North Winston-Salem

Monochrome Scandinavian Bedroom with Light Wood Floor

One of the most beautiful parts of the attic is the gorgeous ceilings and structures. In this Scandinavian bedroom, the black details such as bed linens, a floor lamp, and curtain blinds, pull the attention under the beautiful white vaulted ceiling. The strong contrast between the black and white create a strong characteristic look. The light wood floor breaks the monochrome color scheme of the room and brings warmth to the atmosphere. It also enhances the Nordic feel.

ID# 117914 | – Credit© BPC Architecture

Cozy and Bright Bedroom with Wood Pendant Lights

When you are working on the attic room, bright color schemes will always be helpful. In this contemporary bedroom, white walls and white furniture offer a spacious atmosphere. The red printed bed linen and wood pendant lights stand out between the whites. The warmth created by the wooden floor is complemented by the pendant lights.

ID# 117915 | – Credit© Amamar Design

Bright Attic Room Ideas with Skylights

Thanks to the generous skylights, this attic room serves as a modern sunroom! The warmth of the natural light fills the room and creates a visual illusion. The traditional rug provides a smooth surface on the hardwood floor. So, this room becomes a yoga space with a view of Dolores Park and lots of natural light.

ID# 117917 | – Credit© Sullkullan

Playroom with Dinkey-size Furniture and Pastel Color Scheme

Which kid doesn’t want a large play kitchen in her own playroom! The kitchen has even a dining area. Pastel tones make you feel like you are in the dollhouse. Wooden shelves to put the toys and books. Kids can hang and show off their princess dresses under the shelves. Little chest and boxes provide extra storage for this kid’s room.

ID# 117919 | – Credit© Stone Creek Builders

Eclectic Playroom with Colorful Geometric Carpeted Floor

If you have an attic, turning it into a playroom is a great way to expand kids’ ideas and enjoy playtime. In this eclectic kids’ game room, the colorful geometric prints of the carpeted floor change the whole atmosphere while creating a fun space for kids. Colorful dinkey-size chairs and colorful poufs complement the carpet. White walls allow to stand out the colorful elements while providing a bright and spacious atmosphere.

ID# 117921 | – Credit© London Basement

Attic Bathroom with Fun and Bold Mural Design

Using murals is a great way to create unique and fantastic interior designs. In this cute bathroom, the use of a photographic mural makes a small space huge. The wonder woman paints on the sloped ceiling to create a focal point and adds humor to the design. The painting continuous on the freestanding bathtub as bubbles. If you are thinking to use murals, you can hire a mural artist. Or you can try some DIY stickers for an easier and cheaper option.

ID# 117923 | – CreditRipples Bathrooms | © Paul Craig

Gray and White Bathroom with Glass Shower Tiles

Placing the shower at the tallest part of the room maximizes the headroom of this gray and white bathroom. The gray glass shower tiles create a focal point while the frameless glass separations give a seamless look. Gray tiles accentuate the shape of the sloped ceiling and enhance the design. The gray floating vanity enhances the floor space and complements the shower tile.

ID# 117925 | – CreditJohnson + McLeod Design Consultants | © John Sinal

Beach Style Family Room with Built-in Window Seat

This attic room turns into a cozy family room with a comfortable built-in seat, sofa, and armchairs. The white built-in seat is recessed into the wall and creates a focal point with the circular window. The gray rug provides a soft floor space on the dark wood floor. The glass tops of the coffee table and side table create an open and airy feel while pendant lights and sconces make a warm glow.

ID# 117926 | – Credit© Lindstrom Restoration

Traditional Bathroom with Gray Clawfoot Bathtub

This transitional bathroom features a gray clawfoot bathtub, black stool, and cream curtains. The gray bathtub makes a statement while curtains provide privacy and light control. The gray tongue and groove walls enhance the traditional feel and bring out the beautiful angles of the ceiling. The crystal flush mount light adds a dose of sparkle.

ID# 117927 | – Credit© Lindstrom Restoration

Victorian Attic Room Ideas with Tongue and Groove Paneled Ceiling

Thanks to the cream tongue and groove paneled ceiling, this attic room has already a character. The single bed, white bench, beige lounge chair, and cream rug create a cozy bedroom under the beautiful ceiling. The green and red prints of the curtains color up to the design while lamps make the final touch.

ID# 117928 | – Credit© Sarah Wittenbraker Interiors

Attic Room as a Home Office with Butterfly Wallpaper

Placing the desk under the shortest part of the room is a great way to evaluate the unused areas. This attic room is transformed into a cozy home office with a white desk, wood chair, white floor lamps, and butterfly wallpaper. The triangle wall creates a focal point with the help of the wallpaper and a small window. The black and white floral cushions of the chair and the green handles of the desk complement the joyful wallpaper.

ID# 117929 | – CreditMarrimor | © Janis Nicolay

Scandinavian Home Office with Minimalist Furniture

The white desk, gray chair, and blue side table create a minimalist home office. The study area centralizes the small window opening. So, it maximumly takes the advantage of natural light and also serves a symmetrical look under the vaulted ceiling.


ID# 117931 | – Credit© Making Spaces

Attic Room Ideas with Red Brick Wall and Traditional Rug

The raw look of the red brick is a statement maker! If you have lucky enough to have brick walls, there is no need to hide them behind the paints or panels. In this attic bedroom, the red brick wall creates an accent behind the bed and gives an industrial feel. Geometric prints of the bed linen and the blue and red traditional rug enhance the eclectic vibe in the room.

ID# 117933 | – Credit© All Done Design Ltd.

Minimalist Shower Design with Concrete Tiles

Simple yet effective! The walk-in shower is perfectly placed in the awkward triangle space under the sloped ceiling. The gray paint and concrete tiles enhance the impact of the design between the white walls. Black frames of the glass partition emphasize the triangle shape created by the ceiling. The concrete tiles are also used on the floor and define the shower area. The concrete floor tiles are accentuated with wooden planks. The simple white sink with a black stand completes the design.

ID# 117934 | – Credit© Busy Bees ApS

Scandinavian Family Room with Cozy Cushions and Bamboo Ladder

Sometimes it is enough to put some cozy cushions and blankets to create a beautiful design. In this attic room, the combination of white, black, and green serves the sleek beauty of the Scandinavian style. The stark white walls offer a clean and fresh look while skylights bring the warmth of natural light. Black and white patterned cushions, bamboo ladder, greenery potted plant, and cowhide rug offer a cozy resting nook in the family room.

Cute Girls Room with Teak Writing Desk and Pink Velvet Chair

The vintage teak writing desk stands out between the stark whites and soft shades. The desk includes a built-in mirror and plenty of drawers, so it is a girlie piece of furniture. The pink velvet chair makes an elegant touch while the butterfly painting brings joy to the atmosphere. The white single bed is placed under the lowest part of the ceiling. This layout enhances the spaciousness of the room.

Attic Room Ideas with White Dresser and Tall Mirror

The white vintage dresser and mirror become the centerpiece of this attic guest room. A bunch of decorations such as the guitar, vase, a picture of a walrus, and the old beer and soda crates personalize the room and gives a homey feel. The exposed wooden beams bring a rustic feel to the white-dominated design.

ID# 117939 | – Credit© Brickstack Architects

Bright Home Office with Colorful Butterfly Decors

This attic room is dedicated to a large office area. A wood floating desk is placed all along the walls in a u-shape. The desk is complemented with the same wood shelves. Instead of cabinetry, using wooden planks gives an open and airy feel. The colorful butterflies hung from the ceiling and breaks the serious atmosphere of the home office.

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ID# 117940 | – Credit© Matthew Caughy Interiors

Beach Style Living Room with Shiplap Ceiling and Walls

The small attic transforms into a coastal living room with neutral furniture and a striped rug. The horizontal orientation of the white shiplap walls makes space feel wider while vertical shiplap panes on the ceiling make it taller. The gray sofa, wooden lounge chair, black armchair, and wooden coffee table create a cozy and inviting living room. The greenery potted plant brightens up space while the blue and white striped rug enhances the beachy feel.

ID# 117941 | – CreditScenario Architecture | © Luke Hayes

Playful Attic Room Ideas with Gray Sofa and Wood Bookshelf

The attic room was transformed into a cozy resting nook with a dark gray sofa, a blue chair, and a small built-in bookshelf. The wooden bookshelf perfectly evaluates the unused area under the staircase. This playful space is brightened by skylights. The curved steel walls are lined with fishnets to protect kids. These fishnets become a beautiful architectural element.

ID# 117942 | – Credit | © Shanele Soares

Contemporary Home Office with White Furniture and Wood Floor

Inspiration of a contemporary home office with white furniture and light wood floor. The white furniture like desk and bookcases are placed along the wall and make space feel longer. The small window creates a focal point at the end of the room while the light wood floor breaks the white domination in the atmosphere and brings warmth.

ID# 117943 | – Credit© Two Hands Interiors

Bohemian Attic Room with Window Seat and Floral Wallpaper

This small attic room is a great space for the whole family. The rich textiles, cushions, ornamental plants, and floral wallpaper offers a charming bohemian style. The bohemian style of the design gives an expressive and artistic accent in an aesthetic atmosphere. The window seat provides comfortable seating and a playing area with its dozens of pillows. The white shiplap ceiling makes space feel wider with its vertical orientation.

ID# 117912

Craftsman Bedroom with Exposed Wood Beams and Antique Chest

The rustic look created by the exposed beams, window frames, and floor covering is complemented by a bed-end antique chest. The double-size bed is centralized the small window and two black-framed artworks.

ID# 117916

Farmhouse Bedroom with Shiplap Ceiling and Pink Curtains

The cozy bed linens and beige rug enhance the farmhouse feel created by the shiplap ceiling, exposed beams, and wooden floor. The brown leather armchair and a wood coffee table create a cozy resting nook next to the windows. Pink curtains color up space and create a sleek backdrop.

ID# 117918

Minimalist Attic Room Ideas with Plywood Panels

The plywood panels surround all surfaces in this attic room and offer a serene cabin-like feel. The similarly colored wooden bed frame lends a sense of serene continuity and looks like it floats in the stripped-down space. The minimalist design of the bed frame looks naïve and elegant. The white and gray bed linen gives a comfy feel while the white floor lamp makes the final touch.

ID# 117920

Attic Room ideas with Navy-blue Built-in Cabinets and Window Seat

If your attic has a small space, using built-in cabinets will help you maximize functionality. In this small attic, the navy-blue cabinets create an accent wall with plenty f storage space and a window seat. The bold color of the cabinets pulls the attention to the corner and distracts the compact dimensions of the room. The cream armchairs and window seat offer a cozy resting nook while brass accents enhance the traditional feel.

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ID# 117922

Small Attic Room Ideas with Gray Lounge Chair and Bookshelf

There is no better place than a private attic room for a cozy and quiet resting nook. This small attic is turned into a comfy yet elegant nook with a gray and wood lounge chair and bookshelves. The modern floor lamp highlights the chair to provide more light for reading.

ID# 117924

Eclectic Living Room with Blue Velvet Chester Sofa

The shiplap ceilings and exposed beams already offer a charming farmhouse style. The combination of natural wood textures and traditional patterns brings a cozy feel into the room. Blue Chester sofa popping up on the traditional carpet in this natural atmosphere! It contrasts with the wooden elements and gives a luxurious feel with its blue velvet fabric. Green plant supports the natural look. The custom floor lamp looks stunning.

Contemporary Kids Room with Acrylic Hanging Chair

Hanging chairs are a great option to create a fresh and light look in small spaces. In this interior design, the circular acrylic hanging chair becomes the central piece and gives an open and airy feel. It also enhances the floor space of the attic room. The white built-in cabinets provide plenty of storage space for toys. The small green details like paper lanterns at the corner or circular rug bring a joyful atmosphere.

ID# 117935

Attic Room Ideas with Blue Built-in Cabinets and Window Seat

The navy-blue painted built-in cabinets create an instant focal point while providing storage space for books and artworks. Also, the cabinetry includes a small window seat to provide a cozy resting nook. The wood desk and white chair centralize the room to enjoy the view out of the window. The multicolor rug brings a nice texture to the room. Two bubble pendant lights hung from the ceiling and make a clean final touch.

ID# 117938

Attic Kids Room with Study Area and Yellow Rug

Just as a playroom is important for children, a study room is also very important to encourage them to study. This attic room offers plenty of space for all needs of the kids. The white desk and white leather chair create a private study area with a yellow rug. The dragonfly patterns of the rug bring a fun look to the hardwood floor. The white cabinets hide all the toys and other stuff of the kids.

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