Industrial Style Kitchen Ideas Add Character with Industrial Style

31+ Industrial Style Kitchen Ideas

ID# 153511 | – Credit© Серов Егор

Open Concept Kitchen with Wood and Black Cabinets

This industrial l-shaped kitchen looks very stylish and welcoming! The light hardwood flat-panel kitchen cabinets and black glass front kitchen cabinets make a great combination together. The cabinets with a gray tile backsplash and black granite countertops provide both an industrial and contemporary vibe to the kitchen. The glass front upper kitchen cabinets provide brightness to the space by reflecting the light. The exposed brick walls support the industrial kitchen style by adding movement and warmth to the space. Lastly, the wood kitchen peninsula with black granite countertops not only offers extra space but also includes a dining space in the kitchen.

ID# 153517 | – Credit© Giulia Novars

A Modern Kitchen With Glossy Gray And Brown Subway Tile Industrial Style Kitchen Backsplashes

The focal point of this contemporary l-shaped kitchen is the industrial-style kitchen backsplashes. The brown subway tile and the glossy gray glass backsplashes add an industrial style and shine to the cooking space. The gray rustic looked flat panel cabinets look great with the industrial-style kitchen cabinets. Also, using glass front upper cabinets give light and create a breathable cooking space. Lastly, the medium hardwood dining table with beige dining chairs invites elegance and warmth to the kitchen environment.

Industrial Style Kitchen Ideas

Industrial kitchens may not be to everyone’s taste, but they can make a significant statement when designed and built well! The industrial kitchen design includes brick walls and pipes, wood beams, rails mounted on the wall, and equipment with a retro aesthetic. Few other kitchen designs can match its sense of space and eclectic vibe in terms of coziness. It is one of the most ideal modern kitchen styles in the interior world. Industrial-style kitchen ideas can help you to achieve a trendy and modern kitchen.

An industrial-style kitchen has some characteristics. First of all, the open layout and tall ceilings are the most defining characteristics of an industrial kitchen. The “airy” quality of the rough appearance has contributed to its rising popularity. It typically features stainless steel equipment, exposed pipes and beams, rustic furnishings, and brick walls. The blending of the rough textures and the polished steel surfaces creates harmony in the space!

Industrial Style Kitchen Ideas That You’ll Love!

Secondly, it is very suitable for combining with other styles. Your kitchen design ideas can incorporate industrial style using simple tips and tactics. Combine raw elements with stainless steel in your furnishings; metal worktops, bar stools, floor lamps, and appliances will all add to the loft aesthetic. Pick a palette of muted colors and lighting made of brass, copper, or black steel. Concrete or stainless steel countertops will give the area a modern, sophisticated, and useful feel. Reclaimed wood adds a stunning element to the industrial design of your kitchen island and shelving.

Simplicity is another characteristic of an industrial kitchen decor. Drop the paintbrush and leave the walls naked if they are brick or concrete. One of the essential components to achieving the ideal visual balance in the industrial kitchen is naked walls. Another element to think about employing is a chalkboard. It enhances functionality while maintaining the notoriously unpolished appearance of these kitchens. To add even more flare to your industrial kitchen, select open shelves. Choose simple cabinets and backsplashes. Also, avoid using too fancy designs.

ID# 153501 | – Credit© Studio Z Design

An L-Shaped Open Plan Industrial Style Kitchen Idea With Wooden Touch

This l-shaped industrial-style kitchen looks very bright with its white subway tile backsplash wall and flat-panel kitchen cabinets. The absence of upper cabinets makes the space larger and brighter. The stainless steel appliances and glass pendant lights with gold detail highlight the industrial style of the kitchen. The wooden floors and kitchen island chairs include warmth and coziness to the space.

ID# 153502 | – Credit© Thomas and Birch – Kitchens and Living

A Black and White Industrial Style Kitchen Idea With A U-Shaped Layout

This industrial-style kitchen looks bright and inviting, letting in lots of natural light! Black flat-panel cabinets and medium hardwood, along with white laminate countertops and a marble-styled backsplash, blend together to create a minimal look. The white and concrete walls lend subtle stylishness, while the stone floors finish the industrial feel. And the wooden details of the island and the chairs bring a cozy vibe to the space.

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An Industrial Kitchen With A Unique Style

This industrial-style kitchen looks very stylish with its unique layout! While one part of the kitchen is white dominant, the other part is predominantly wood. This wooden kitchen area connects the living room with the kitchen with a u-shaped wooden peninsula. This layout makes this industrial kitchen unordinary. The dark hardwood kitchen cabinets with dark hardwood countertops add elegance to the space while the white cabinets with white laminate countertops in the sink area provide light to the kitchen. The blue ceramic tile backsplash provides color and fun to the kitchen. Also, the wood hardwood floors and white cabinets blend these two different kitchen styles.

What is an industrial-style kitchen?

Exposure to the elements, wide open spaces, and deceptively simple design are the hallmarks of industrial kitchen ideas. They use various materials piled together to create a kitchen that prioritizes design and practicality. Industrial kitchens are sociable rooms that combine cozy amenities and subtle design, despite their unadorned look.

ID# 153504 | – Credit© Design House London Inc.

A Fresh Industrial Style Kitchen Idea With Open Galley Layout

The brick wall is the star of this industrial-style kitchen. When you enter the room the first thing you recognize is the beautiful brick walls. These walls scream “industrial” to us. The white and blue shaker-style kitchen cabinets with white ceramic backsplash add coziness to the space. The kitchen island offers extra space for both eating and storing purposes. The industrial lighting and hardwood floors complete the cozy kitchen look. Lastly, the wooden dining table with blue dining chairs adds more color and warmth to the space. Overall, this stylish kitchen shows a kitchen can be both inviting and industrial.

ID# 153505 | – Credit© Croma Design Inc.

A Trendy L-Shaped Industrial Kitchen With Dark Wood Flat Panel Cabinets

This L-shaped industrial kitchen looks very elegant and stylish with its earthy color scheme! The dark hardwood flat panel kitchen cabinets with dark marble countertops and brown marble backsplash look very rich and create a dramatic appeaò. The white walls and the white concrete ceiling provide light to the space. Thus, the kitchen doesn’t look claustrophobic or dark. The marble table with white dining chairs adds an eating space to the space.

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A Small Industrial Kitchen With A Beautiful Brick Wall

This l-shaped small kitchen area is a good example of how to create a cozy industrial kitchen. The brick walls and the hardwood flat-panel cabinets provide an industrial look to the tiny cooking space. Also, the bricks create an accent wall. Choosing a simple cabinet style makes the space less chaotic, and more industrial. The dark gray kitchen island with white quartz countertops and white details provide this small kitchen extra space for both storage and eating purposes. The plants on the brick wall and the open shelf unit invite coziness to the space. The herringbone-style hardwood floors support the cozy kitchen look and add warmth to the space.

How Can I Make My Kitchen Look Industrial?

Accessibility to the elements, wide open spaces, and deceptively simple design are the hallmarks of industrial kitchens. To create a kitchen that prioritizes both design and practicality, it uses a variety of materials piled together. Industrial kitchens are sociable rooms that combine cozy amenities and subtle design, despite their unadorned look. If you are renovating your kitchen and you want to create an industrial-style kitchen, we offer you some tips about how you can make your kitchen look industrial.

First, choose the right material that is suitable for an industrial-style kitchen.

This is a very important step because materials and textures are the most critical features of an industrial kitchen. Industrial home kitchens frequently use a variety of artificial and organic materials. To get an eclectic aesthetic, you can combine classic and modern features, or you can keep everything the same for a more polished look. You can choose one of these materials: brick or stone, shiny metals such as polished copper and chrome, wood, synthetics such as concrete or laminate, ceramic tiles, and glass. A variety of these materials are popular in industrial kitchens to their recognizable eclectic design. It’s up to you to make the decision based on your choices for interior style.

Secondly, choose the layout of the kitchen.

The main goal of an industrial kitchen is to create a sense of openness and flow. They function especially effectively in vast areas or for people who want open-concept living. To encourage coziness, it will still be necessary to divide your kitchen into different areas. Consider adding a breakfast bar or island to your industrial kitchen design layout, as well as a separate table for formal dining. Additionally, a small industrial kitchen can be created in a short space. To avoid having a cluttered feeling, choose your materials and design influences wisely. Also, you can add movable or foldable furniture pieces too.

Lastly, selecting the right color palette for your industrial-style kitchen is crucial. The right colors can highlight the beauty of the kitchen. In industrial-style kitchens, the most popular colors are dark and neutral colors. You can choose dark hues (greens, blues, grays), soft neutrals (beige, silver tones), and bold colors such as black or bright monochromes.

Industrial Style Kitchen Cabinets

Because they take up a lot of room in your kitchen, cabinet choice is very crucial during design. You can use your imagination when choosing industrial-style kitchen cabinets for your kitchen, which is an advantage. Kitchens with an industrial rural feel might benefit from traditional designs like shaker-style cabinets. Also, you might select shiny, handleless cabinets if your style is more modern. You can finish your cabinets with a wooden countertop. If you want to have a cutting-edge style, consider choosing shiny stainless steel or concrete-effect finish for the worktops. Do not forget cabinet handles. They affect the style of your kitchen too. Gold-finished and minimal cabinet handles work nicely with the industrial style.

ID# 153507 | – Credit© Фабрика мебели “Реформа”

Elegant Industrial Style Kitchen Cabinets With Flat-Panel Layout

This industrial kitchen looks breathtaking with its stunning dark gray flat-panel industrial kitchen cabinets! By combining gray cabinets with wooden shelves and a wooden kitchen island, a stylish and elegant kitchen look is achieved. In addition the white walls and the high ceiling prevent the kitchen from looking too dark and narrow.

ID# 153508 | – Credit© ANNTE design

Light Hardwood Flat Panel Industrial Style Kitchen Cabinets In A Small Kitchen

This small l-shaped kitchen looks very cozy and trendy with its industrial style light hardwood flat panel kitchen cabinets. The cabinets with a concrete backsplash and countertops provide light and freshness to the cooking space. The brick wall and the concrete ceiling support the industrial kitchen style perfectly. The brick wall adds coziness and warmth to the space. Also, the gray dining table with black chairs completes the industrial kitchen look.

ID# 153509 | – Credit© MVA Architecte

An Industrial Kitchen With Medium Hardwood And Black Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinets

The simple hardwood and black flat-panel kitchen cabinets with marble countertops look phenomenal in this one-wall kitchen. As soon as you enter the kitchen, the first thing that catches your eye is the beauty of the marble. It adds elegance and richness to the kitchen. Using the same marble as a backsplash creates continuity and increases the effect of the marble in the space. Also, the dark hardwood floors blend perfectly with the industrial kitchen look and the floors invite coziness to the space. Thus, this industrial kitchen looks cozy and classic.

ID# 153510 | – Credit© Donolux

Matte Black And Wood Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinets In A Tiny Industrial Kitchen

This tiny kitchen looks very adorable and stylish with its rich black matte and light hardwood flat-panel kitchen cabinets. Combining dark and light colors makes industrial-style kitchens unique and trendy. The gray granite countertops and the concrete backsplash provide a smooth transition between the light and dark kitchen cabinets. The white tile walls invite light to the space. Thus, this tiny kitchen looks spacious and fresh.

Industrial Style Kitchen Backsplash

Backsplashes provide your room with a fashionable touch while protecting your walls from spills. You can use the design of your backsplash in industrial kitchens to draw attention. The use of stainless steel panels or colored glass or ceramic tiles can add visual interest. The use of bricks or crudely hewed stone is an additional choice. These industrial-style kitchen backsplash ideas make your kitchen stylish and unique.

ID# 153512 | – Credit© Cuisines Steam

A Brick Wall As An Industrial Style Kitchen Backsplash

This kitchen is a very good example of using a brick wall as a kitchen backsplash! The industrial kitchen has a minimal style which creates a calm cooking environment. White flat panel kitchen cabinets with black quartz countertops and a white kitchen island with white quartz countertops draw attention to the stunning industrial-style kitchen backsplash. The choice of small upper glass front kitchen cabinets highlights the beauty of the brick wall backsplash and makes the kitchen look spacious and fresh. Adding black items such as a dining table with dining chairs creates contrast in the kitchen. Thus, the kitchen looks very trendy and industrial.

ID# 153513 | – Credit | © Patti Wilson Design Inc.

A Neutral-Toned Industrial Style Kitchen Backsplash With Huge Ceramic Tiles Layout

In this stylish kitchen, there are many industrial items. A brick wall, wooden details, simple kitchen cabinets, and a gorgeous industrial-style kitchen backsplash. The black and white flat panel kitchen cabinets create a contrastive kitchen look. These kitchen cabinets with marble countertops highlight the ceramic kitchen backsplash and the brick wall. Although the kitchen island is very elegant, the focus in the kitchen is on the industrial-style kitchen backsplash. The backsplash provides a smooth transition between black and white cabinets. Also, thanks to the backsplash, hardwood floors and decorative items fit into the space smoothly.

What colors go well with industrial?

Dark interiors will suit your sense of style if you want a moodier industrial vibe. Darker color schemes, such as deep dusty blues with an exposed brick wall, provide you with an up-to-date canvas on which to work. Lighting in this type of space is crucial since it must be brightly illuminated to prevent a dark sensation!

Also, the color schemes that are inspired by nature and the earth and pastel hues blend incredibly well with the industrial look. With a reclaimed wood industrial dining table, olive green, brown, or deep taupe open-plan kitchens look stunning. The recycled materials blend in beautifully with the room’s natural decor.

ID# 153514 | – Credit© Alex Lukey Photography

A Metal Industrial Style Kitchen Backsplash In A Wooden Kitchen Layout

This industrial l-shaped kitchen has a welcoming, cozy and warm vibe with its rich medium hardwood flat-panel kitchen cabinets and dark hardwood floors. Combining different wood styles prevents the wood from looking ordinary and boring in the environment. The metal industrial-style kitchen backsplash adds shine to this warm environment and prevents the wooden look from tiring the eyes. Also, thanks to the glass front wooden cabinets, the cooking area looks more spacious and bright.

ID# 153515 | – Credit© Rad Design Inc

A Gray Glass Kitchen Backsplash In An Industrial Kitchen

The single-wall industrial kitchen looks very bright and stylish thanks to the white raised panel kitchen cabinets with gray quartz countertops. While kitchen cabinets create an inviting and calm kitchen environment, the gray glass industrial-style kitchen backsplash adds an industrial and modern feel to the kitchen. The dark dining table with dining chairs not only adds warmth to the environment but also completes the industrial kitchen look.

ID# 153516 | – Credit | © Князева Вероника /студия “ProIntDesign”

Blue Glossy Subway Tile Backsplash In A Small Industrial Kitchen

This tiny industrial kitchen looks very unique and stylish with its blue glossy subway tile backsplash and brick wall. Combining these two patterns creates wholeness and continuity in the space. White flat-panel kitchen cabinets help to give attention to these backsplashes. Also, the wooden stools with green leggings and the green curtain add more color and movement to the space and they highlight the backsplashes.

ID# 153518 | – Credit | © Tatiana Nikitina Photography

A Gray Porcelain Backsplash In A Industrial Kitchen

This industrial kitchen looks warm and cozy thanks to the beautiful medium hardwood flat panel and glass front kitchen cabinets. The gray porcelain industrial-style kitchen backsplash highlights the cabinets and balances the warm wood kitchen look. The quartz countertops blend perfectly with the backsplash and add richness to the kitchen cabinets. Also, the white walls make the space look more spacious and fresh.

ID# 153519 | – Credit© DAY Interior

A Tiny U-Shaped Industrial Kitchen With White Subway Tile Backsplash

This small u-shaped industrial kitchen looks very spacious and fresh thanks to the white flat-panel kitchen cabinets with gray quartz countertops! The white subway tile and brick wall backsplash add style and movement to the cooking space. The use of the left part of the u-shaped worktop as a kitchen island provides an eating area for this small kitchen. In addition, the brick walls add color and warmth to the space.

Industrial Style Kitchen Island

A kitchen island offers extra counter and storage space just where you need it, at the junction of the cooking, cleaning, and food preparation areas. An island itself might become the center of the kitchen if it is furnished with fixtures and equipment, such as a sink and cooktop or bar stools for dining. Because of its many uses, an island is one of the best investments you can make for your kitchen. Also, a kitchen island provides a style to the space and you can use it with many different kitchen interior styles.

One of the popular kitchen island styles is the industrial style kitchen island. An industrial-style kitchen island usually uses concrete, wood, and metal as materials. With these materials, it is easy to capture the industrial kitchen style and they allow homeowners or designers to create different and original kitchen island designs. Thus, if you want to achieve a unique and trendy kitchen look, you can find or design an industrial-style kitchen island.

ID# 153520 | – Credit© Studio Sheen Interior Design

A Stunning Red Industrial Style Kitchen Island With A Rustic Touch

This industrial kitchen looks very unique with its brick walls and red industrial-style kitchen island! The red-toned kitchen’s each corner looks authentic and trendy. The dark hardware flat-panel kitchen cabinets with orange glass backsplash add warmth and cuteness to the cooking space. The brick walls and gray stone floors provide an industrial look to the space while the beautiful kitchen island offers a rustic style to the kitchen.

ID# 153521 | – Credit© My House Design/Build/Team

A Fresh and Bright Industrial Kitchen With A Stylish Kitchen Island

This kitchen looks very airy and spacious with its white flat-panel kitchen cabinets and white walls. When you enter the cooking area the first thing you notice is the gorgeous medium hardwood industrial-style kitchen island with a grey marble countertop. The kitchen island has a minimal design which makes it more attractive. The wooden barstools with black metal leggings perfectly complete the industrial and minimal kitchen island. The gray stone floors completely support the bright and fresh industrial kitchen look.

ID# 153522 | – Credit© | Виктор Штефан

A Wooden Industrial Style Kitchen Island With A Dining Table Layout

Combining light and dark color hues is one of the key elements for creating a stylish kitchen. In this stylish kitchen, light hardwood panel kitchen cabinets create contrast with the dark blue ceiling and gray concrete countertops. A dark gray concrete backsplash completes this contrastive kitchen look. Also, a concrete-topped industrial-style kitchen island not only offers an eating area but also provides continuity and wholeness in the space. Using wood and black metal chairs completes the contrastive look, too.

Industrial Style Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

Expressing your creativity in the kitchen is a blast with industrial style lighting fixtures! From sculptural lights with exposed components to vintage pendant lights, you can revel in the unique looks and textures of these eye-catching pieces. And if you need a little help making your kitchen functional, why not combine these fixtures with some spotlights? Every choice is an opportunity to infuse your space with your own personal touch.

ID# 153523 | – Credit© Studio Sheen Interior Design

Industrial Style Kitchen Lighting Fixtures With Silver and Glass Details

The wood design in this kitchen is breathtaking. The medium hardwood panel kitchen cabinets and the dark rustic ceiling blend perfectly. The wood combination makes this kitchen trendy and unique. To prevent having a dark and suffocating environment using white walls and light stone floors helps. The walls and floors invite light into the space. Also, the industrial-style kitchen island which has the same design pattern as the cabinets looks unique and offers an eating area to this l-shaped kitchen. Lastly, the industrial-style glass and silver pendant lights add brightness to the environment.

ID# 153524 | – Credit

Industrial Style Kitchen Lighting Fixtures With A Unique Design

This white industrial kitchen looks very fresh. White kitchen cabinets with black granite countertops brighten the cooking area. The wooden kitchen island not only prevents the white from tiring the eyes but also adds warmth to the environment. Also, the kitchen island provides a galley kitchen style. The absence of upper kitchen cabinets makes the space larger and more spacious. The concrete floors support the industrial kitchen vibe and balance the white kitchen look. In addition, the industrial-style kitchen lighting fixture with black and glass design adds style and brings out the details in the kitchen.

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ID# 153525 | – Credit© Rad Design Inc

A Minimal Industrial Style Kitchen Lighting Fixture

The minimalism of this white industrial kitchen offers a calm and welcoming kitchen area. The white flat-panel kitchen cabinets with white laminate countertops look simple yet elegant. The neutral-toned ceramic tile backsplash adds warmth and depth to the cooking space. The hardwood floors not only provide movement but also invite warmth to the kitchen space. Also, the industrial-style kitchen lighting fixture which is minimal black pendant lights highlight the kitchen layout and make the space airier and fresher.

How much does an industrial kitchen cost?

The cost of building an industrial kitchen varies from $25,000 to $100,000.

ID# 153526 | – Credit© Интерьерная студия VizDiz

Industrial Style Kitchen Lighting Fixtures With Elegance

This dark color schemed industrial kitchen is trendy and authentic. The black walls, black glass front, and flat-panel kitchen cabinets do not make the kitchen environment dark or suffocating because of the beautiful light hardwood cabinets and countertops. The light hardwood cabinets and countertops on both kitchen island cabinets provide light and warmth to the space. Also, the brick wall backsplash adds color to the cooking space. Lastly, the industrial-style kitchen lighting fixture with copper detail invites coziness and stylishness to the kitchen.

ID# 153527 | – Credit© Remodel

Black Metal Industrial Kitchen Pendant Lighting

The minimalistic aspect of this industrial kitchen is breathtaking. This kitchen is a great example of the less is more ideology. The beautiful hardwood and gray flat-panel kitchen cabinets with black quartz countertops blend perfectly. The concrete backsplash is one of the most essential elements of this industrial kitchen. Using the same material and design as in the cabinets and countertops in the kitchen island provides continuity and harmony in the environment. Also, the black metal pendant lights are a great representation of how industrial-style kitchen lighting fixtures should look. These lights complete the industrial minimal kitchen look.

ID# 153528 | – Credit© ZHILIN’S DESIGN STUDIO

A Fun Glass Industrial Style Pendant Lighting

This industrial kitchen looks very unique and stylish. The kitchen has two parts: the cooking area and the eating area. This divided yet blended look is achieved by using different color schemes. The brick wall and rich hardwood peninsula are the elements of the eating area whereas the white-dominated part of the kitchen is the cooking area. White flat-panel kitchen cabinets with white subway tile backsplash and black quartz countertops offer spacious and bright cooking space. The element of the eating area such as the metal chairs and the hardwood peninsula add warmth and coziness to this industrial kitchen. Also, the black and white industrial-style kitchen lights with glass increase the industrial look of the kitchen.

Industrial Style Kitchen Shelves

It might be challenging for many homeowners to locate appropriate kitchen space. These days, it’s critical to maximize all available spaces. However, a shelving system might be the best choice for proper organization and storage in kitchens of all sizes! The amount of space that a shelving system frees up on the floor is its best perk. They can be used for both domestic and professional applications because of their adaptability. Whether you need to store kitchen items, having shelves ensures that you never run out of storage space. Each of these racks has a purpose and unique characteristics. Fortunately, industrial shelves are very trendy. An industrial style kitchen shelf has lots of different designs and materials such as wood, plastic, and metal. This type of shelf not only offers extra storage but also can be handy to create a trendy kitchen look.

ID# 153529 | – Credit© Paragon Kitchens

Industrial Style Kitchen Shelves With Wooden Touch

This kitchen looks very trendy with beautiful brick walls and chequered tile floors. Combining two different textures in one room usually creates a unique look. This industrial kitchen is a great example of that. The white flat-panel kitchen cabinets blend these two different textures perfectly. Choosing simple kitchen cabinets is a wise choice because this choice prevents the textures from creating a chaotic kitchen look. The wooden industrial-style kitchen shelves help to widen the space and add style to the kitchen. Also, the shelves provide both extra storage space and a different design layout.

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ID# 153530 | – Credit | © Фотограф Георгий Трушкин

Industrial Style Kitchen Shelves In A Colorful Kitchen

This blue-dominant industrial kitchen has a cozy and welcoming atmosphere! Combining blue kitchen cabinets with wood items such as industrial kitchen shelves and countertops creates a stylish and fresh industrial-style kitchen look. Preferring industrial-style kitchen shelves instead of the upper kitchen cabinets makes this small kitchen look wider than it is. Also, these industrial-style kitchen shelves prevent the panels on the ceiling from making the cooking area look stifling and narrow. In addition the white walls not only make the space bright but also highlight the beauty of the shelves and the cabinets. Lastly, pairing light blue chairs and a blue door with blue cabinets provides continuity and a calm environment.

ID# 153531 | – Credit© New Leaf Design Studios

An Elegant Kitchen Shelves With Industrial Design

The dark hardwood floors and the industrial-style kitchen shelves are the focal points of this kitchen. The hardwood details in this kitchen look very elegant and rich. The wood touch fulfills the basic characteristic of the industrial-style kitchen. The white walls and glossy white subway tile backsplash invite light and freshness to the cooking area. The dark hardwood shaker-style cabinets with white quartz countertops and kitchen island add a modern touch to the space. The industrial-style kitchen shelves provide extra storage space and offer a trendy and modern look to the kitchen.

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