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24+ Industrial Kitchen Backsplash

Industrial Kitchen Backsplash with Black Cabinets and Exposed Brick Walls

The classic exposed brick walls and backsplash designs are one of the signature design elements of the industrial kitchen design. While the black flat-panel kitchen cabinets provide a contemporary and sophisticated appeal with the black countertops, the brick backsplash design creates a warm and stylish look with texture. The concrete floors and the ceilings complement the industrial design style look perfectly.

Blue Chevron Tiles for a Ceramic Industrial Kitchen Backsplash Design with Black Cabinets

The pureness of the blue chevron ceramic tile backsplash stands out thanks to the black kitchen cabinetry canvas. The chevron pattern provides movement and adds an aesthetic contrast to brown surfaces such as wooden ones. The metallic gray island and the stainless steel appliances complement each other creating a modern atmosphere.

Industrial Kitchen Backsplash

Industrial design can be for you if you want a distinctive look for your kitchen that combines contemporary materials with raw, tactile building elements. Kitchens with industrial designs frequently have reclaimed wood cabinets, open ceiling pipes, wood ceiling beams, exposed brick walls, and stainless steel surfaces. Consider using an industrial kitchen backsplash design to stand out in your designs. Industrial-style kitchens are characterized by bare and basic elements with a moody aesthetic. It mixes absolutely retro elements with modern refinement, creating a warm and vibrant atmosphere. The choice of darker hues is balanced by the natural light coming in through the huge windows and lighting fixtures. You can utilize your industrial kitchen backsplash according to these!

Backsplashes enhance the aesthetics and practicality of any kitchen. An old factory or industrial warehouse should be evoked in industrial kitchen backsplash designs, which also demand utilitarian décor ideas, salvaged objects, and a dark and dismal look. Brushed and polished metals, such as iron and steel, concrete, and bare brick impression wall finish, are used to create this ambiance. Let’s scroll down and see some of the gorgeous and stylish industrial kitchen backsplash designs.

Black and White Contrast with the Freshness of the Plants

The black kitchen cabinets and the white environment create a striking contrast with an industrial look. From the white wood floors and the white subway tile backsplash design, this kitchen provides a clean and stylish look with an industrial design style charm. The green plants provide such a fresh and natural atmosphere to the kitchen adding a pop of green color.

Exposed Brick for an Industrial Kitchen Backsplash with Black Cabinets

The dim atmosphere of the kitchen comes from the black ceilings and the black kitchen cabinets. This atmosphere is boosted by the fabulous look of the chandelier, of course. The exposed brick backsplash complements the black cabinetry design with an industrial touch. Thanks to the light gray color of the floors, the dim atmosphere is well balanced and the environment is well enlightened.

What is an industrial-style kitchen?

Industrial design first appeared in 1950s America. When creative groups created residential areas to facilitate a better work/life balance. For homes, it was common to find old warehouses. These have lots of open space and huge windows that let in a lot of natural light. Homemakers in the general public imitated the use of robust and natural materials like concrete and stainless steel. They discovered how to make use of the basic architectural features of their surroundings.

It combines a pragmatic and effective aesthetic with a raw, tactile style. Furthermore, it evolved into the wildly popular modern industrial kitchen trend. Although it sometimes includes old and salvaged components, it is usually elegant and fashionable. Additionally, the industrial design creates an environment that is warm and distinct while yet being edgy.

The use of several professional appliances is another characteristic of an industrial kitchen. For instance, built-in refrigerators and dishwashers are frequently seen on countertops. It’s not unusual to see many appliances tucked in close together. For instance, the area may include double under-counter refrigerators or two dishwashers. Induction cooking technology is another favorite of cooks in industrial-style kitchens. Cooktops with sous vide capabilities, a type of precise cooking utilizing a bain Maire, is standard. Of course, real pizza cooks will want a pizza oven for pizzas of restaurant standard.

Pop of Red with Appliances with Light Wood Cabinets

The pure glass sheet backsplash is a perfect idea! It shows the concrete wall design and protects the wall from splashes making a stylish difference. The red appliances provide a pop of color and add an energetic atmosphere while combining with the brick wall and the black ceilings. The flat-panel wood cabinets and the white countertops enlighten the dark colors creating a fresh and clean look.

Industrial Kitchen Backsplash with White Subway Tiles and Concrete Countertops

A little rustic, a little industrial! The wood kitchen cabinets and the concrete countertops complement each other adding both a brutal design look and natural aspect. The white subway tile backsplash provides movement and a familiar look with a clean design. The light gray color of the backsplash grout creates a matching look with the concrete surfaces.

Modern Industrial Kitchen Backsplash

Want a kitchen that is contemporary, attractive, easy to maintain, adaptable, and looks professional? Then you should try a modern industrial kitchen backsplash! A professional look distinguishes the industrial kitchen. It imitates the frugality of a professional kitchen utilized by skilled cooks. However, a modern industrial kitchen backsplash is not your average minimalist space. Instead, it contrasts a wide range of materials. Additionally, it makes extensive use of customization to infuse the area with personality.

Modern industrial kitchen backsplash combines an aesthetic of raw, textured beauty with usefulness and effectiveness. And it evolved into the really well-liked modern industrial kitchen trend. While usually sleek and fashionable, it also includes salvaged and antique aspects. An environment that is both edgy and full of warmth and uniqueness is created by using industrial style. Let’s deep dive into the modern industrial kitchen backsplash design alternatives that we have gathered for you!

Modern Industrial Kitchen Backsplash with Flat-Panels

The charcoal and light wood flat-panel kitchen cabinets provide a stunning view with a loft design aspect. The sleek and flawless appeal of the cabinetry design meets with the industrial design style. The neutral colors create a plain and welcoming look with an industrial design style touch. The wood panels provide a warm atmosphere while the charcoal cabinetry design balances the modern look. The wood panel backsplash complements the kitchen cabinetry and put a finishing touch.

Vibrant and Warm Look with Black Countertops and Wood Cabinets

The stark white color of the tiles, floors, walls, ceiling, and slab backsplash provides a striking contrast with the black details. This contrasted look is balanced by the flat-panel wood kitchen cabinets creating a warm atmosphere. The black countertops complement the black details and accents in the kitchen adding a sophisticated look. The white slab backsplash provides a clean and sleek look with a modern appeal.

Modern Industrial Kitchen Backsplash with Concrete Countertops and Natural Wood Cabinets

The clean design look of this kitchen welcomes you with an industrial charm. The natural wood flat-panel kitchen cabinets and the concrete countertops complement each other harmoniously. The black hardware and the dark gray flat-panel upper cabinets provide a matching look adding a little contrast. The white subway tile backsplash enlightens the dark color palette of the kitchen harmonizing with the natural wood kitchen cabinets.

How do you warm up an industrial kitchen?

If you want to warm up an industrial kitchen design, here we have gathered some ideas for you!

Use Bright Lights

Light gives one a sense of security and joy. Both the high ceilings of traditional kitchens and the loft-style industrial kitchens are attractive settings for pendant lighting. Allow the light to shine and fill the room with warmth. Wide shades on low-hanging pendant lights, in particular, scream industrial lighting as no other fixture can. You may either purchase them already created or even make them yourself from salvaged antiquities.

Utilize hanging lighting and as much natural light as you can to illuminate your industrial kitchen. A room’s mood is notably warmed by sunlight.

Kitchen Cabinets and Open Shelving Systems

In an industrial kitchen, open shelves or shutting kitchen cabinets are both functional. Choose your preferred option to enhance the room and fit your taste. To optimize kitchen storage and functionality in your kitchen, choose both closed and open shelves. Kitchen cabinets should be painted a high gloss white to match the gleaming stainless steel equipment. can even use cabinets made of stainless steel.

In the setting of an industrial kitchen, these look sleek. To anchor the area, you might want to think about using a commercial appliance. Open shelves are a logical choice since industrial kitchens are popular due to their feeling of openness and airiness. They beautifully display the organic texture and color of a brick wall.

Use Reclaimed Wood

Few trends can equal industrial kitchen design for adding a retro vibe to a modern space. To add contrast and softness to concrete walls and floors, browse antique shops for some vintage furniture.

Reclaimed wood may be used for shelves or as cladding for an island. It gives your kitchen concept a rustic touch. Reclaimed wood has a long history and an elegant patina that creates a cozy atmosphere.

Add Color

Industrial kitchens are utilitarian rooms that are well suited for white paint’s simplicity. Fit it on a wall here or there, allowing the bare edges to keep the overall design neutral.

Walls made of concrete or brick make statements in their original architectural form. To enhance the appealing aesthetics of your industrial kitchen, keep them exposed.

Using splashes of your favorite colors, give the industrial environment a sense of homey warmth. These bright spots will make the area feel cozier. The opulent metal and concrete backdrop might draw attention to colorful accents that will soften the look.

To make cold concrete floors more comfortable, add a rug. Install heated stone worktops to provide even more contrast to the cool floor.

Contemporary Appeal with Black Tiles and a Brick Wall

The warm texture of the exposed brick wall meets with the natural look of flat-panel kitchen cabinets. The black tile backsplash design provides a harmonious look with the cabinetry adding a contrast to the white countertops at the same time. If you want to have a contrast and bright appeal with a striking statement, light concrete tones for the floors and the walls are perfect for this mission to enlighten the darker colors in the kitchens.

White Countertops and White Subway Tiles With Dark Grout for a Modern Industrial Kitchen Backsplash

The dark grout of the white subway tile backsplash provides texture and movement to the sleek look of the kitchen cabinetry design. The black flat-panel kitchen cabinets and the white countertops put a stylish contrast combining with the backsplash design. The greenery adds a Scandinavian design look and creates a welcoming atmosphere.

Hexagons and Penny Tiles with Dark Gray Countertops and Black Kitchen Cabinets

Thanks to the white hexagon tile wall the black kitchen cabinetry design stands out with a contrasting appeal. The black penny tile backsplash design complements the dark color palette and adds texture with movement. This movement is boosted by the white hexagons and the brick wall design. The combination of the vintage elements with sleek black cabinetry design provides such a stunning look.

Rustic Industrial Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchens are the heart and the soul of homes, so it is quite understandable to add a personal touch with a mixture of styles. You can have the ideal modern appeal with little touches such as having a rustic industrial kitchen backsplash design. A well-balanced fusion of two radically dissimilar styles will add your very own touch to the kitchen. Rustic and industrial interior design are often combined because they go so well together. The end effect is a contemporary setting that exudes warmth and coziness.

If you want to mix these two styles, you will realize that both of the styles use unfinished or rough surfaces. Rustic design style has rough surfaces, industrial design style has unfinished textures. If you do not like the cool atmosphere of the concrete ceilings or floors, you can add a warm touch with a rustic industrial kitchen backsplash. Let’s see some of the cozy and stunning examples of rustic industrial kitchen backsplash ideas.

Rustic Industrial Kitchen Backsplash Design with Bricks

The coziness of the rustic design style meets with the cool and stylish atmosphere of the industrial design style in this kitchen. The concrete floors, metallic cabinetry panels, and the stark white environment welcome the warmth of the brick backsplash design. This combination creates a stylish and homey vibe that makes you feel at your home.

Loft Design with Wood-Look Tiles and Dark Cabinetry Design

The wood-look backsplash tiles provide excellent protection and an aesthetic look. The dark gray flat-panel kitchen cabinets have a textured surface that creates a stylish appeal. The dark floors and the cabinetry design emphasize the backsplash tiles creating an enlightened appeal. The concrete ceilings and the cabinetry design complement each other adding a texture and stylish appeal to the kitchen’s overall look.

Vintage Vibes with a Rustic Industrial Kitchen Backsplash Design

The old wood countertop of the cabinetry has a modern and vintage look at the same time. This look creates a warm and familiar atmosphere in the kitchen. The white-painted brick wall backsplash design provides texture and pattern to the kitchen’s overall look. The vintage vibes continue with the hood that has beautiful patterns on it. The old and new combination provides a perfect example of the rustic industrial kitchen backsplash design.

Tile Materials for Industrial Kitchen Backsplash

A balanced design concept and the use of raw materials are hallmarks of industrial kitchen backsplashes. An otherwise frigid area may be made to feel cozy, calm, and evocative of its industrial past by using a combination of colors, textures, and patterns. To create a backsplash, tile is one of the best and easiest ways and if you want to have an industrial touch, you may want to know the tile materials for industrial kitchen backsplash designs.

From metal tiles to ceramic tiles, there are many alternatives for tile materials for industrial kitchen backsplash designs. Cabinetry design, countertops, and the general environment of the kitchen can affect your backsplash design, however, you can balance these impacts by using suitable tile materials for industrial kitchen backsplash design. Let’s scroll down and learn!

Metal Industrial Kitchen Backsplash

Metal surfaces are one of the materials that you can find in industrial kitchen designs. These commercial design reminders for your kitchens can improve your kitchen’s overall design look. Since metal tile tends to heat up more quickly than other materials, it is uncommon for a backsplash. However, it gives any kitchen a contemporary, industrial vibe and gives it more depth, brightness, and texture.

Metal industrial kitchen backsplash designs may be both stylish and durable, drawing inspiration from the tenacious work ethic of factory employees. More than anything else, a metal backsplash emphasizes durability and functionality. These backsplashes are the ideal modern industrial features that give the entire kitchen a more spacious feeling thanks to the highly polished and reflecting natural metal quality.

Metal Industrial Kitchen Backsplash with Stainless Steel

The mixture of the materials provides such a strong appeal in the kitchen. The stainless steel backsplash and the countertops combine perfectly with the seamless white flat-panel kitchen cabinets. The cabinetry design, countertops, and metal backsplash create a flawless contemporary appeal with an industrial design style touch. The wood floors and furniture add a warm atmosphere with a loft design look.

Blue Cabinets with White Stone Countertops

The matching look of the metal tile backsplash and the island fronts provide a complemented look while the blue kitchen cabinets and the white stone countertops create a natural atmosphere. The mixture of the old and new makes a strong statement with a classic touch. Thanks to the white floors and the environment, the dark color palette of the kitchen has an enlightened appeal.

Stone Industrial Kitchen Backsplash

If you want to redesign and remodel your kitchens, you can try out a stone industrial kitchen backsplash design. The unique and eye-catchy look of these backsplash designs will accentuate your kitchens with a warm and welcoming look. The rough look of the stone industrial kitchen backsplash ideas can create a taste of a welcoming design look. The natural vibes of the stone backsplash improve your kitchen’s overall look with an industrial design style charm.

If you do not mind any upkeep and maintenance work a stone industrial kitchen backsplash will be a great choice for your kitchens. They create both visually aesthetic looks and durable material solutions. With appropriate maintenance work, you can keep the stone industrial kitchen backsplash for years to come. Consider having a stone industrial kitchen backsplash design if you want to add a natural touch to your kitchens.


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Stone Industrial Kitchen Backsplash Design with Brick and Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Black iron profiles and the dark gray kitchen cabinets complement each other adding the ultimate industrial design style vibes. The white floor tiles and the white countertops enlighten the environment with the white walls and ceilings. The brick wall and the backsplash provide the classic look of the industrial design style and complement the kitchen’s overall look with a warm atmosphere.

Flat-Panel Wood and Gray Kitchen Cabinets with Black Appliances

The more modern and sleek the more loft style you will get, as in this kitchen. The modern flat-panel wood and dark gray kitchen cabinets provide perfect harmony with contrast. The light wood kitchen cabinets and wooden details create a warm and natural look to the kitchen. Having a handleless design is a terrific idea to emphasize the industrial design look. The gray slab backsplash and the countertops complement the kitchen cabinetry adding a sleek and plain appeal.

Stone Industrial Kitchen Backsplash And White Countertops with White Kitchen Cabinets

The white flat-panel kitchen cabinets and the white countertops provide a contemporary appeal while the stone tile backsplash and the floating wood shelving system add a warm atmosphere with a rustic charm. The greenery and the wooden accents with furniture combine the kitchen’s look with a warm and natural atmosphere.

Ceramic Industrial Kitchen Backsplash

You may use ceramic materials with ease if choosing an industrial material for the backsplash area is something you don’t want to worry about too much. The preferred backsplash material is often ceramic tile. They come in a huge variety of colors and styles, are reasonably priced, and are simple to install. A ceramic industrial kitchen backsplash might make your space more attractive and functional while shielding your walls from unsightly and potentially dangerous food and water splashes.

The market for ceramic backsplashes offers a variety of color and form choices. In a ceramic industrial kitchen backsplash, herringbone, hexagon, or picket tiles might add movement. The most notable features of a ceramic tile backsplash are its affordability and variety of design options. Let’s check out the simplest and least expensive choice, which is a ceramic industrial kitchen backsplash design.


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Black Ceramic Industrial Kitchen Backsplash with Stone Countertops and Open Shelving

The black subway tiles and the black kitchen cabinets complement each other with a sophisticated look. The black accents join their look providing a contemporary appeal. The wood and black iron open shelving system represents one of the signature looks of the industrial design style kitchens. The stone countertops and the white environment brighten up the black color palette adding a stylish contrast.

Energetic Vibes with Spanish Tile Front Island and Green Cabinets

In general, red, white, and black hues provide an industrial design-style kitchen look. However, it is still possible to use colors and patterns from different styles to create this trendy look. The white wood tile kitchen floors and the island complement each other creating a fresh and dynamic appeal while the black iron details and the wood open shelving system provide the industrial design look.

What backsplash goes with an industrial kitchen?

If you want to decide on a backsplash for an industrial design kitchen, a brick or stone backsplash is one of the signature elements you can easily go with. However, if you want to make a difference, you can try out glass sheets or metallic backsplashes. Glass is a material that you can combine with every design style and you can use glass tiles to complement the industrial kitchen design.

Bright Environment with White Color Palette and Contrast

The black countertops and the black details create a contrasting look with the white wood kitchen cabinets. The gray island and the gray wood floors provide a monochromatic appeal in the kitchen while the wooden tops of the stools add a pop of texture and warmth. The gray subway tile backsplash adds a cohesive appeal to the gray island and joins the monochromatic design look. The white grout of the backsplash matches the white wood cabinets and provides a unified appeal.

White Subway Tile Ceramic Industrial Kitchen Backsplash with White Countertops and a Brick Wall

The dark navy blue shaker cabinets and the black faucet create a farmhouse touch in this modern industrial design kitchen. The brick walls and the dark colored kitchen cabinets combine stylishly providing a contemporary appeal. The brick wall is accentuated by the white ceramic tile backsplash. The versatility of subway tile backsplash shows itself even in industrial kitchens!

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