White Subway Tile Backsplash Classic Look & Effortless Beauty

34+ White Subway Tile Backsplash

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Modern Kitchen with White Glass Subway Tiles

In this modern kitchen, the white glass subway tile backsplash creates a clean and fresh look and adds visual interest. The varying sizes and polished and hones finishes of the glass tiles also create a mosaic appeal and bring depth to the design. Wooden shaker cabinets are paired with white countertop and metal handles which complement the stainless steel appliances.

ID# 124621 | Houzz.com – Credit© ABODE Kitchen & Design Studio

Cherry Kitchen Cabinets With White Quartz Countertops

Using cherry kitchen cabinets is a great way to incorporate color in the kitchen. Red cabinets have also undertaken the task of creating a beautiful contrast. If you also want a red-dominated kitchen, you can choose all your cabinets red and catch this domination and soften the environment with a white backsplash and white frame color. White subway tile backsplash and quartz countertop illuminated atmosphere. With the wood floor in soft tones, you can complete the floor without being too noticeable.

White Subway Tile Backsplash

In today’s market, subway tiles come in a wide range of material, color, and size options. From colorful glass to natural stones, there are plenty of ways to incorporate subway tiles into kitchens. However, none of them can beat the classic and timeless look of white subway tile. With its simple sophistication and effortless beauty, a white subway tile backsplash is a failsafe addition for any kitchen.

White subway tiles are the most popular and timeless option for kitchens that is endlessly versatile. Besides the classic staggered stack layout, these simple rectangular tiles can be laid in different patterns like herringbone, chevron, vertical stacked, or basketweave. This way you can add visual interest. Also, white subway tiles are like a black canvas that can work well with different design aesthetics. And these tiles allow plenty of freedom to play around with different textures, materials, and colors. From ceramic to porcelain, glass to natural stone, there are endless material options to incorporate this beauty into kitchens.

So, if you are thinking these tiles are boring, scroll down and find the best white subway tile backsplash ideas that will change your decision!

White Glass Subway Tile Backsplash

From its first launching to today, glass subway tile backsplash is classic for kitchens. Glass is durable and easy to clean material that is perfect for a backsplash, and when these features meet with the elegance of subway tiles, the result is undeniably perfect. One reason why glass subway tile is a popular choice is that they are versatile, especially the white ones. White glass subway tile backsplash offers a clean and fresh look that can fit any kitchen.

Also, white glass subway tiles come in different finishes like polished and matte. Polished glass tiles are the most popular choice for homeowners and interior designers. The shiny surface of the polished finished reflects and refracts the light and creates a lighter and brighter look for the kitchens. Especially for small spaces, glossy glass backsplash tiles enhance the spaciousness of the atmosphere. A matte finish has a more soft and less reflective look than a polished finish which offers a sleek appeal.

ID# 124603 | Houzz.com – Credit© JM Kitchen & Bath Design

Farmhouse Kitchen with Whtie Shaker Cabinets and Wood Island

White shaker cabinets, white countertops, and white subway tile backsplash create a bright and spacious atmosphere while glass-fronted upper cabinets and a kitchen window give an o0pen and airy feel. The center island is a deep wood that matches the hardwood floor and sets off the white cabinets. The counter of the kitchen island is expanded to create a breakfast bar with wooden stools.

ID# 124604 | Houzz.com – Credit© Tanya Schoenroth Design | © Janis Nicolay

Modern White Kitchen with Flat-panel Cabinets and Stacked Backsplash

Clean, minimal, and timeless! This white kitchen creates a supermodern look with its white flat-panel cabinets, stacked tile backsplash, metal handles, and stainless steel appliances. The stacked layout of the white glass subway tiles complements the shape of the upper cabinets while making the space feel brighter with their glossy surfaces. White grouts of the tiles allow this beautiful and sleek pattern to stand out. The light wood floor breaks the white domination in the room and brings warmth.

ID# 124605 | Houzz.com – Credit© Anne Grice Interiors

Dark Wood Cabinets with White Countertops and Upper Cabinets

The full-height stacked glass tile backsplash and polished resin upper cabinets create a clean, bright look in this modern kitchen while dark wood perimeter cabinets and kitchen island contrast with the bright shades to create a more impactful design. The white countertop of the cabinets complements the backsplash and upper cabinets and adds a dramatic feel with their waterfall edges.

Herringbone White Subway Tile Backsplash

Besides their classic traditional looks, white subway tiles are beautifully versatile that can look modern or traditional, contemporary or transitional. Not only for the materials, but different patterns also provide this versatility. For herringbone white subway tile backsplash, the tiles are installed at a 45-degree angle and short tile edges end at a 90-degree angle. This simple twist on the placement creates a distinctive pattern as a backsplash.

ID# 124607 | Houzz.com – Credit© Sheila Mayden Interiors

Traditional Kitchen with Marble Countertops and Brass Accents

This traditional kitchen features white shaker cabinets, marble countertops, stainless steel appliances, a white herringbone backsplash, and brass accents. The herringbone backsplash adds a nice texture between the shaker cabinets while brass accents like hardware, pendant lights, and details of the range hood add a sparkle to the design.

ID# 124608 | Houzz.com – Credit | © Beacon Street

Light Gray Kitchen Cabinets with White Countertops and Glossy White Backsplash

In this kitchen, light gray shaker cabinets, white countertops, white herringbone backsplash, and stainless steel appliances create a timeless traditional look. The glossy finish of the white herringbone tiles adds a clean and fresh look while the dark wood floor contrast with the other features to create a luxurious look. The small picture above the hood creates a focal point on the backsplash.

What size white subway tile for a kitchen backsplash?

When choosing the size of the subway tiles, you need to consider the style and size of your kitchen. Small and medium subway tiles are better for small backsplash areas, and large subway tiles complement larger and more open areas. The most common size of the white subway tile is 3×6 inches. This size is perfect to create a classic look of subway tile backsplash. Besides this classic look, from mini tiles like 1×2 inches to larger ones like 4×12, 6×12, or 2×20, there are different sizes to incorporate your kitchen backsplash.

ID# 124609 | Houzz.com – Credit© DTSH Interiors / Designed to Sell Homes, LLC

White Kitchen with Hardwood Floor and Glass Pendant Lights

This kitchen design perfectly represents the timeless beauty of white. White shaker cabinets and kitchen island are paired with quartz countertops, an undermount sink, and metallic hardware. The gray grouts of the herringbone backsplash enhance the impact of the tiles by emphasizing the beautiful pattern. The hardwood floor and wooden counter chairs bring warmth to the atmosphere while glass pendant lights make a warm glow above the island.

ID# 124610 | Houzz.com – Credit© DSM Construction

Dark Gray Cabinetry with Wooden Kitchen Island and Counter Chairs

The combination of white, gray and wood offers a sleek, elegant yet warm transitional kitchen design. The white herringbone backsplash makes a modern twist against the traditional style of the gray shaker cabinets with its geometrical shape and black grout. The concrete countertop of the island complements the natural look of the wooden island and counter chairs.

ID# 124611 | Houzz.com – Credit© Neha Rajora Designs

Eclectic Kitchen Gray Island and Black Accents

This kitchen gives a warm and welcoming feel! The white shaker cabinets and herringbone backsplash create a clean and fresh backdrop while the black grout of the tiles complements the black marble countertop and black hardware. The glass-fronted upper cabinets and shelves bring an airy feel. The gray kitchen island is paired with a white countertop and wooden stools.

White Beveled Subway Tile Backsplash

A white beveled subway tile backsplash is similar to original subway tiles but the beveled one has a slight slope at the edges. These slopes bring depth to the design and make the tiles more visible. Just like the classic white subway tiles, beveled ones also work well with different kitchen styles from contemporary to traditional.

ID# 124612 | Houzz.com – Credit© Kitchen Magic

White Subway Tile Backsplash with Beveled Edges and Glossy Finish

Charcoal, grey, and white color scheme creates a simplistic yet timeless kitchen design. Each feature speaks for itself. The simple and minimalistic look of the classic arctic white subway tile makes a big impact on this kitchen with its beveled edges. The white shaker cabinets give a classic traditional look while the marble countertop adds a sense of luxury. Rubbed oil bronze knobs and handles nicely contrast with the other features to elevate the look.

ID# 124614 | Houzz.com – Credit© KrimsonHAUS

Black and White Modern Kitchen with Brass and Wood Accents

This black marble countertop is definitely a statement maker! It instantly lends sophistication and takes this otherwise ordinary kitchen to the next level. White cabinetry, beveled subway tile backsplash, and stainless steel appliances create a modern and minimal look while the black countertop makes a luxurious twist. Brass handles complement the luxurious feel of the marble.

Matte White Subway Tile Backsplash

Matte white subway tile backsplash offers a more smooth and less reflective surface than polished tiles. This soft surface creates a sleek and modern look that provides a clean and fresh look for kitchens. Matte tiles are generally used in contemporary styles and matched with high gloss cabinets.

ID# 124615 | Houzz.com – Credit© Cambria

Two-tone Cabinetry with White Subway Tile Backsplash and Wood Accents

This timeless kitchen features two-tone cabinetry which is paired with Cambria Brittanicca Gold countertops, an apron-front sink, and a mix of open shelving and matte black accents. The quartz countertops add a sense of luxury while the light wood floor, shelves, and the trim of the range hood bring warmth to the atmosphere without breaking the sophisticated design. The white subway tile backsplash adds a nice texture. The elegant look of the black and white shaker cabinets is completed with brass knobs.

ID# 124616 | Houzz.com – Credit© Jordan Design-Build Group

Full-height White Subway Tile Backsplash with Black and Brass Accents

Different textures and patterns beautifully blend in this transitional kitchen and offer a one-of-a-kind design. The full height tile backsplash evokes the exposed brick and creates a clean and fresh backdrop for the custom wood-clad hood and decorative brass sconces. Using white backsplash and countertops gives a spacious feel. Black shaker cabinets are paired with a white countertop and brass hardware. The usage of black and brass is continued on the starburst pattern of the floor tiles.

ID# 124617 | Houzz.com – Credit© Block Brothers Custom Cabinets

Dark Gray Cabinetry with Stainless Steel Countertop and Wood Shelves

The stunning pattern which is created by a white subway tile backsplash draws attention at the first sight and creates an eye-catching backdrop. The black grout of the tiles complements the sconce, faucet, and handles. Wooden floating shelves allow the backsplash to stand out while dark gray shaker cabinets and black handles provide an elegant look. Stainless steel countertop and appliances bring an industrial feel.

White Glass Subway Tile Sizes

White glass subway tiles come in a wide range of tile sizes and when choosing the size of the subway tiles, you need to figure out what type of pattern you want in your kitchen. 3×6 inches is the most classic and popular size for these tiles. This classic size offers a timeless appeal that elevates the overall look of the kitchens. Besides this classic size, there are many other sizes. 4×12, 3×12, 3×8, 6×12, 3×9 are the other most popular white glass subway tile sizes. Larger tiles like 3×12, 4×12 create more modern looks, and smaller ones are great to add a distinctive texture.

Cost Of White Subway Tile Backsplash

Generally, glass subway tiles are affordable. The average cost of a white subway tile backsplash is between $25-$35 per square foot. But of course, the cost of glass tiles depends on the style, quality, company, and location.

Cabinet Colors for White Subway Tile Backsplash

White subway tile backsplashes are clean and bright choice that can pairs well with different cabinet colors. You can increase this spaciousness with white cabinets or contrast with dark cabinets or create a warm look with oak cabinets. Here are some cabinet colors for the white subway tile backsplash to find some inspiration.

White Subway Tile Backsplash with Dark Cabinets

Using a white subway tile backsplash with dark cabinets is a great way to create a contrasting look that elevates the design. And the clean and fresh look of the white subway tiles will help the kitchen feel bright and spacious.

ID# 124618 | Houzz.com – Credit© Paper Moon Painting

Two-tone Black and White Kitchen with Elegant Touches

The updated traditional vibe of this kitchen offers a sophisticated space with a timeless look. The black-painted shiplap wall creates an accent and pulls the attention to the kitchen. The two-tone black and white cabinets are balanced with a white subway tile backsplash and white countertops. The copper range hood creates a focal point between the white upper cabinets while the peninsula with leather counter chairs provides an entertaining space for family gatherings.

ID# 124619 | Houzz.com – Credit© reDesign home

Transitional Home Bar with Glass-fronted Cabinets and Brass Sconces

This small home bar features black cabinets, a soapstone countertop, glass-fronted upper cabinets, white subway tiles, and brass accents. White subway tiles create a clean and fresh base and emphasize the strong look of the cabinetry by creating a nice contrast. The upper glass-fronted cabinets display the beautiful glass collection.

White Subway Tile Backsplash with Cherry Cabinets

Cherry cabinets are versatile wood colors that can work with different tiles. Using white subway tiles with cherry cabinets is a great way to balance the warmness of the cherry cabinets and the brightness of the white subway tiles.

ID# 124620 | Houzz.com – Credit | © Eoin Lyons

White Subway Tile Backsplash with Red Kitchen Cabinets

The beautiful shade of red transforms the kitchen cabinets and gives them a unique appeal. Red cabinets are paired with thick black countertops to elevate the design. Applying a subway tile backsplash on a large area is a great step to reveal the red and black colors of the kitchen.

ID# 124630 | Houzz.com – Credit© Butter Lutz Interiors, LLC

Contemporary Kitchen with Small Modern Bohemian Accents

The black grouting of the white subway tiles creates a strong accent wall and provides an eye-catching backdrop for the large white range hood. Also, black grouts complement the black countertops of the white cabinets, black island, and black hardware. Little bohemian accents like a traditional rug and leather counter chairs make this kitchen more liveable and welcoming.

White Subway Tile Backsplash with Gray Cabinets

White subway tiles are one of the most popular backsplash materials for gray kitchen cabinets. This combination creates a cohesive look that can lend a sleek sophistication to any kitchen.

ID# 124622 | Houzz.com – Credit© Зуева Анна

Black and White Kitchen with Beige Ceiling

In this contemporary kitchen, the dark gray shaker cabinets serve an elegant and sophisticated look while the stacked white subway tile backsplash makes a modern twist against the traditional style of cabinetry. The circular white dining table, colorful chairs, and bubble chandelier add a quirky vibe to the atmosphere. Multicolored floor tiles add another layer of texture. The beige ceiling paint softens the sharp contrast between the white and black and brings warmth.

ID# 124623 | Houzz.com – Credit© Charleston Home + Design Mag

Gray Wood Cabinets with White Countertop and Wooden Floor

The combination of the different wooden textures makes a big difference in this transitional kitchen. The gray wood cabinets are paired with a white countertop and white subway tiles to create a balanced look. Stainless steel appliances bring an industrial vibe while wooden flooring makes a warm touch.

White Subway Tile Backsplash with Oak Cabinets

The oak cabinet was a popular choice for kitchen cabinetry in the 1980s and ’90s and it continues to be seen in some kitchen designs. However, if you want to change the typical orange oak finish, installing a new backsplash is a better way to give a fresh look than replacing all cabinetry. When the modern geometric shape of the white subway tile meets with the oak cabinets, it will turn your old kitchen into a modern look.

ID# 124624 | Houzz.com – CreditCrown Point Cabinetry | © Crown Point Cabinetry

Rustic Kitchen Cabinets with White Subway Tile Backsplash and Marble Countertop

Reclaimed Chestnut cabinetry reaches all the way to the ceiling to create plenty of storage space. The stunning textures and grains of the natural wood cabinets give a warm and intimate feel. The white subway tile backsplash and a white marble countertop add a clean and fresh look between the woods and make a modern twist against the rustic appeal of the cabinetry.

White Subway Tile Backsplash with Brown Cabinets

A white subway tile backsplash looks beautiful with brown cabinets. Whether it’s light or dark brown, white subway tile backsplash with brown cabinets will look a little more special with white subway tile backsplash.

ID# 124625 | Houzz.com – Credit© Dream Kitchens, Inc.

Traditional Kitchen with Wood Raised-panel Cabinets

Doesn’t the beauty of the island’s soapstone countertop take your eyes off? The color matching of this countertop with the multicolored handmade backsplash behind the stove is very thoughtful. The dark wood perimeter cabinets and white upper cabinets add the traditional air to the whole kitchen with their raised-panel style.

Countertop Colors for White Subway Tile Backsplash

Whether you go with matching or contrasting colors, the color choice of the countertops is important for the kitchen backsplashes. You can create a continuous look with white countertops or contrast your white subway tiles with a black countertop to emphasize the design. If you want to create a more cohesive and softer look a gray countertop might be the solution.

White Subway Tile Backsplash with White Countertops

Using a white subway tile backsplash with white countertops creates a continuous color flow that offers a simple and clean background. Especially in small kitchens, this combination increases the spaciousness of the atmosphere. The other advantage of using white on both backsplash and countertop is versatility. You can incorporate the white tiles and countertops into different kitchen styles and colors.

ID# 124626 | Houzz.com – Credit© Ember & Brune

Gray and White Kitchen with Glossy White Subway Tiles and Wood Floor

In this transitional kitchen, the gray and white color scheme creates a sleek and timeless look while wooden accents make the atmosphere warmer. The glossy finish of the white subway tile backsplash provides a brighter space. Using a white color for upper cabinets and countertops completes this spaciousness.

ID# 124627 | Houzz.com – Credit© Christine’s Designs

White Kitchen Design with Metal Pendant Lights and Shiplap Ceiling

This kitchen features white shaker cabinets, white glass subway tile backsplash, stainless steel appliances, white countertops, gray counter chairs, and metallic pendant lights. Pendant lights bring an industrial feel and complement the appliances while white cabinets, countertop, and backsplash create a clean and minimalistic backdrop. The white shiplap ceiling brings a warm and cozy feel.

How to install a white subway tile backsplash?

When installing a white subway tile backsplash, first you need to prepare the walls for the application. Sand the roughness and patch the holes on the wall and clean it with an all-purpose cleaner. Define the boundaries of the backsplash with painter’s tape. Now you are ready to install the tiles. Apply the mortar with a V-notch trowel in small sections. Whether your tiles come with a mesh or individual pieces, applying the mortar in small sections is important. If you apply it to all the surfaces it will dry until the last piece. Then stick the tile on the mortar. Do these steps until cover the all backsplash area.

If you need to cut tiles, use a proper cutting tool for the material that you used. Insert the spacers per tile side and wait overnight to dry. Take out the spacers and wipe down the tiles with a cloth and cleaner. Sweep the grout over the tiles with a float using a 45-degree angle and make sure to fill all the spaces. After wait about an hour to set the grout, wipe the tiles with a wet sponge. The final touch is caulk. You need to caulk where tiles meet the countertop. Be sure to tape off the area that you don’t want to caulk and remove these tapes before it fully dries.

White Subway Tile Backsplash with Black Countertops

Strong contrasting combinations like black and white creates a visually dramatic kitchen. A white subway tile backsplash with black countertops offers a timeless appeal which creates a welcoming kitchen design. Be careful selection of other appliances like handless, faucets or lighting fixtures. You can install matte black hardware to complement the black backsplash or use brass accents to add a luxurious feel to this monochromatic combination.

ID# 124629 | Houzz.com – Credit© KrimsonHAUS

Modern White Kitchen with Black and Wood Accents

The beautiful crisp white color of the shaker cabinets creates a timeless look for this kitchen while a white subway tile backsplash completes this look. The bold black color of the marble countertop stands out between the whites and adds a bunch of character while bringing a luxurious feel. Brass handles complement this luxurious feel and the light wood floor brings warmth to the atmosphere.

White Subway Tile Backsplash with Marble Countertops

The combination of the white subway tile backsplash with marble countertops perfectly blends the vintage charm of the subway tiles and the luxurious feel of the marble. For a clean and fresh look, you can go with Carrara Marble countertops and finish the white subways with gray grout to complement the marble. Or for a bolder look, use a black marble countertop and white subways with black grout.

ID# 124632 | Houzz.com – Credit© reDesign home

Bright Kitchen Design with Beadboard Island and Marble Countertop

This transitional kitchen gives a cozy feel with its light gray shaker cabinets, beadboard kitchen island, wood floating shelves, and black and white floor tiles. The marble countertops of the cabinets make a luxurious twist while the white range hood, marble subway tile, and wooden shelves create an accent wall.

White Subway Tile Backsplash with Brown Countertops

Brown countertops have a natural look that offers a warm and cozy atmosphere in kitchens. They can easily work with different backsplash colors but when brown meets with white, the result is just perfect. White subway tile backsplash with brown countertops reflects the charming country feel. However, this combination can also work with different kitchens according to their style.

ID# 124633 | Houzz.com – Credit© Przemek Carlsson

Scandinavian Kitchen with Beveled Subway Tiles and Wood Countertop

The reclaimed wood countertop breaks the white domination in this Scandinavian kitchen and brings warmth to the atmosphere. Also, it adds a nice texture with its beautiful natural patterns and grains. White shaker cabinets, beveled subway tile backsplash, and stainless steel appliances create a clean, simple yet effective look.

ID# 124634 | Houzz.com – Credit© Stylingbolaget

Light Gray Cabinets with White Tile Backsplash and Dark Wood Countertop

This Scandinavian kitchen is a great example that how to use the area under the sloped ceiling. Light gray shaker cabinets and floating shelves are perfectly placed under the ceiling to maximize space usage. The black grouts of the subway tiles and wooden countertop add a character to the design while the wooden countertop makes a rustic twist.


ID# 124613

Transitional Kitchen with White Subway Tile Backsplash with Gray Granite Countertop

In this transitional kitchen, white shaker cabinets and white beveled subway tile backsplash perfectly blend and create a cohesive look as a backdrop. Upper cabinets are extended all the way to the ceiling to take advantage of vertical space and enhance the storage space. The gray color of the granite countertop complements the stainless steel appliances and hardware while the wooden floor brings a warm feel to the atmosphere.

ID# 124606

Beach Style Kitchen with Navy Blue Cabinets and Herringbone Backsplash

The combination of the blue, white, and wood offers a serene and welcoming atmosphere and brings the calmness of the sea into the kitchen. Navy blue cabinets create an elegant look while brass hardware enhances this elegance. The white herringbone backsplash adds another layer of texture while the beveled edges of the tiles emphasize the beautiful pattern. The wooden range hood creates a focal point and complements the kitchen island. The glass spider chandelier brings modernity.

ID# 124602

White Cabinets with Marble Countertops and White Subway Tile Backsplash

White shaker cabinets and white subway tile backsplash create a cohesive look while black handles emphasize the cabinetry by creating a nice contrast. The dark wood kitchen island with a marble countertop complements the wooden flooring while dark blue leather counter chairs make an elegant touch. Glass pendant lights highlight the island and complete the design by giving a fresh feel.

ID# 124631

Eclectic Kitchen with Pastel Blue Cabinets and Oversized Range Hood

The lovely blue color of the kitchen cabinetry is heartwarming! The combination of this blue shade and brass gives a vintage vibe. The dark blue range completes this vintage feel while marble countertops add a dose of luxury. The wooden trim of the range hood complements the wooden kitchen island. The white subway tile backsplash is used behind the stove to add another element of texture.

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