Small Dining Room Ideas Clever Solutions for Small Spaces

57+ Dining Room Ideas

ID# 109430 | – Credit© Courtney Springer Interiors

Beach Style Dining Room with Blue Dining Chairs

Wood table, wood bench, and blue chairs create a gorgeous beachy look. Yellow wicker wall decors bring mobility and complete the look perfectly. Faux fur makes a chic touch on the wooden bench.

ID# 109402 | – Credit© Iconic Design+Build

Cozy Dining Room with Rattan Drum Light

in this modern dining room,  the rattan drum light creates a focal point over the circular white top table with a metal stand. Gray curly fabric dining chairs provide comfortable seating. White oak flooring completes perfectly this cozy look. Thanks to the large windows natural light fills out space.

Small Dining Room Ideas for Imposing Styles

Having a small space doesn’t mean that you can’t have a stylish and chic dining room! You can fill your small dining room. Here are some inspirations to create a dining room in glamorous styles, in our small dining room ideas!

Find the best way to maximize small dining rooms.

It’s never easy finding ways to maximize space, but if you find that way you can transform your dining room into an inviting gathering space and you can do this without sacrificing the aesthetic. Whether you designed a room, a corner nook in the kitchen, simply a blank stretch of wall, or a foldaway dining table. There are endless options to make it right for your pleasure. These small dining room ideas will help to create your design!

You can easily change the look of any aesthetic dramatically with a carefully chosen dramatic light fixture!

ID# 109401 | – Credit© Studio Ocra Llc

Circular Dining Table with White Chairs and Arched Floor Lamp

Decorating a small space doesn’t mean avoiding large-scale prints or remarkable lighting fixtures. Large scale painting and huge arched floor lamp liven up dining room which featured with black circular dining table and white chairs.


ID# 109403 | – Credit© Grey Collective

Small Dining Nook with Tan Leather Bench and Modern Industrial Lighting

Using a bench is one of the smartest ideas to maximize the usage of small space. Tan leather bench draws attention next to the black dining chairs. The wooden table allows a clean look. Modern industrial lighting which featured black frames and chains, clear glass panes, and bare bulbs, provides a sleek modern look.


White Mosaic Tiles

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Modern white frosted and clear glass thin linear clean look backsplash tile.

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White ceramic arabesque shaped mesh-mounted mosaic tile.

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Large size white chevron marble mosaic tile for kitchen and bathroom projects.

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Modern look white elegant honed finish marble mosaic tile

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White Glass Herringbone Marble Look Mosaic Tile

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ID# 109404 | – Credit© Boun Building Pty Ltd.

Cozy Breakfast Nook Design with Circular Wooden Table

This breakfast nook design with a wooden built-in bench with gray cushions fits perfectly at the corner of the room and it maximizing the seating area. Circular wood table and white chairs with wooden legs in great harmony with the bench. Wooden and glass lighting fixture completes this cozy look perfectly.


ID# 109405 | – Credit© Koba Interiorismo

Minimalist Dining Room with Wooden Built-in Cabinets

This small dining area which featured a wooden circular table, black dining chairs, and tile red pendant lamps, represents simplicity. Elegant pendants complement the style of the dining room. Flat-panel built-in cabinets maximizing the functionality and provides storage space.

ID# 109406 | – Credit© Shape Design & Build

Eclectic Dining Room with Green Wall and Turquoise Dining Chair

Vibrant colors popping up all around this dining room and liven up the atmosphere. Wood table and cream chairs create a plain look between the colors. The turquoise dining chair complements the green wall. Daylight comes through the skylights beautifully.


Beach Style Dining Room with Blue Details

Harmony of the blue and white bring a beautiful atmosphere. The dining set features a wood-top table with a blue frame and blue and wooden dining chairs. Blue floating shelves on the white wall complements the blue details of the set.

ID# 109408 | – Credit© Yoder Homes

Small White Dining Room Ideas with Bubble Chandelier and Gold Details

A combination of white and gold creates an elegant and luxurious look. The plain white circular table creates a clean look between the colorful dining chairs. Gold details of the circular bubble chandelier complement the gold frame of the dining chairs.


ID# 109409 | – Credit© Анна Катеринич

Blue Dining Room Ideas with Small Wall Mounted Table

Blue painted walls take this small dining room to next level. Using a wall-mounted wooden table and gray bar chairs great way to maximize the usage of space.


ID# 109410 | – Credit© Brooklinteriors LLC

Small Dining Nook with Wooden Bench and Black Dining Chair

This tiny dining room is a beautiful example of the usage of small spaces. Wooden seat and wooden floating shelves perfectly fit the recessed wall and it evaluates the areas that cannot be used. Wooden top dining chair, wooden bench, and black dining chair are enough to create a beautiful dining room.

ID# 109411 | – Credit© Cusp Interiors

Luxurious Dining Room with Moody Blue Walls

Moody blue walls create a chic backdrop for family dinners. Vintage wooden framed dining chairs with blue fabric brought their own stories to the modern wooden table. Large-scale artwork provided fun punctuations. The gorgeous white chandelier creates a graceful look with its leafy shape.

ID# 109412 | – Credit© Goater Jones London Ltd

Narrow and Long Dining Nook with Wooden Bench

A wooden bench, rectangular wooden table, and black dining chairs fit perfectly to this narrow dining room. colorful pillows and blue striped table runner liven up this neutral dining room. white pendant lighting creates a clean and simple look over the dining nook.

Decorative Mosaic Tiles

Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

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Beige glass rhomboid design kitchen backsplash tile

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Black & white color with crackle glass kitchen backsplash tile

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White Beige Marble Elegant Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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Modern shape white elegant honed finish marble mosaic tile

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Luxury marble and mother of pearl mixed mosaic tile

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Mother of Pearl Waterjet White Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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Modern look white marble, elegant honed finish mosaic tile

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ID# 109413 | – Credit© Gotham Interiors

Entertaining Dining Corner with Small Dining Set

You can create a joyful and chic look with neon lights in your dining room. In this design neon pink wall light draw attention to the elegant dining set which featured with marble top table with a gold stand and black chairs.

ID# 109414 | – Credit© Lee Luxford A+D

Modern Dining Room Ideas with Small Wooden Table and Black Charis

Wood table and black bar chairs create a sleek look over the wooden flooring. Black rectangular lighting complements the sharp edges of the table.


ID# 109415 | – Credit© Timber Trails Development Company

Scandinavian Dining Room with Rope Chairs and Traditional Lantern Pendant

Gorgeous rope dining chairs and wicker rug brings a cozy atmosphere. Black circular dining chair in great harmony with the natural elements. Gold lantern pendant lighting makes a traditional and chic touch.

ID# 109416 | – Credit© Lucy and Company

Eye-Catching Wicker Pendant in Small Dining Nook

Gorgeous wicker pendant lighting makes this nook to the next level. A small table was placed between the white leather bench and black stools with wooden legs. Art pieces and stripped pillows complete this elegant look.

ID# 109417 | – Credit© Emerald & Laurel

Small Breakfast Nook with White Window Seat with Blue Pillows

The white window seat fits perfectly to the recessed wall. Blue pillows in beautiful harmony with the white chairs with wicker seating and create a beachy look. A small white circular table is enough for your meals! Black wall-mounted lighting creates a focal point over the white window frame.

ID# 109418 | – Credit

Mid-Century Dining Room with Modern Lighting Fixture

This cozy dining room features a wood table, white chairs, and a wooden chair which placed the head of the table. Traditional wall rug complements the pattern of the wooden chair’s seating. Black lighting with bubble bulbs makes a modern touch with its color and straight and sharp shape.


ID# 109419 | – Credit© Pure Design Inc.

Small Dining Nook with Built-in Bench and Black pendant Lamps

A wood l-shaped bench with black cushions fits perfectly at the corner of the room. white top table and white chairs create a clean and chic look over the white floor tiles. Dozens of pillows bring some color to design. black pendant lamps hanging between the exposed beams and creates a focal point above the nook.

ID# 109420 | – Credit© Ponciano Design

Corner Dining Nook with Crystal Chandelier

The Black built-in bench perfectly fits the window wall. Wood table between the black chairs and wooden flooring create a warmer and cozier look between the black colors. The crystal chandelier makes a glow over the nook.

ID# 109423 | – Credit© Suzanne Childress Design

Contemporary Dining Room with Red Chairs and Colorful Wallpaper

Red dining chairs draw the whole attention in this dining room and creates a perfect contrast with the traditional wood table. Colorful wallpaper brings beautiful mobility to the walls. The wood mirror complements the wooden table. Black faux fur completes this contemporary look.

ID# 109425 | – Credit© Cline Rose Designs

Luxurious Details in Bright Dining Room Design

This monochrome dining room design represents the elegancy. A white u-shaped window seat with gray cushions looks stunning in front of the black window frames. Circular white tables and black chairs complete the elegant design. Wall-mounted lamps with gold details placed on both sides of the window.

ID# 109429 | – Credit© InDé – Créateurs D’identités

Small Dining Room Ideas with Navy-Blue walls and Wooden Table

The wood table and wooden bench create a brighter look between the darker colors. Navy-blue walls and black chairs bring an elegant atmosphere. Black framed mirrors placed like a window on the blue wall provide a wider view.


ID# 109431 | – Credit© Hutker Architects

Dining Nook Design in Neutral Color Palette

This neutral dining room features a cream leather bench, cream top table with black legs, and cream chair. A gorgeous white pendant lamp creates a focal point over the dining set. The wooden coffee table make a warm touch.


ID# 109432 | – Credit© Masterwork Builders

Elegant Dining Room with Built-in Bench and White Cabinets

This dining room design is a perfect example of the maximum usage of the space. a built-in bench placed perfectly between the white shaker cabinets. Wood tables and wicker chairs create a warmer atmosphere. Wall-mounted black lights draw attention to the bench and it complements the gold appliances of the cabinets.

ID# 109433 | – Credit© Safae Interior Design

Gray Dining Nook with Built-in Bench and Bubble Chandelier

Gray bench with gray cushions placed in the recessed wall perfectly. It is a good example of evaluating unavailable areas. The wallpaper in gray tones gives depth to the dining room. Black circular tables and black chairs with wicker seating create an elegant look under the modern bubble chandelier.


ID# 109435 | – Credit© BuiltIN Studio

Navy-Blue Walls and Bubble Chandelier in Small Dining Room Ideas

The branching bubble chandelier gets an industrial treatment. Rather than the smooth and perfect bubbles, this design makes a raw and uneven look next to the gorgeous navy-blue walls. Navy blue wall maximizing the functionality of the space with built-in shelves and a built-in bench with cream cushions. The wood frame of the cream fabric dining chairs makes a warmer touch to this formal look. The white top table finished the look simply and cleanly.

ID# 109436 | – Credit | © Manhattan Home Design

Contemporary Dining Room with Modern Black Lighting

Modern black light with LED sticks creates a focal point over the dining set and complements the black leather cushions of the wooden dining chairs. The white circular table creates a clean and simple look between the chairs. Herringbone parquets and floor-to-ceiling natural wood cabinets bring mobility to the wall and floor.

ID# 109437 | – Credit

Beach Style Breakfast Nook with Small White Dining Table

A combination of the different textures and materials can elevate your dining nook like this design. L-shaped window seat with blue pillows allows plenty of comfortable seating area. A circular white table and wooden chair bring a warm and cozy look. The wicker pendant lamp completes perfectly this design.


ID# 109438 | – Credit© Summer Thornton Design, Inc

Transitional Dining Room Design with Rope Chandelier

Blue sofa under the purple art piece popping up between the white features. A white circular table is placed between the white wicker chairs and the blue sofa. Custom-made rope chandeliers make an elegant touch over the dining set.

ID# 109439 | – Credit© Sun Soul Style Interiors

Modern Bubble Chandelier over Small Minimalist Dining Set

Plain wooden dining chairs with black legs and a white circular table create a sleek and modern look on the wooden flooring. The gold bubble chandelier shines out over the dining set and makes a glamorous touch.

ID# 109440 | – Credit© Third Coast Interiors

Monochrome Dining Room with Animal Printed Wallpaper

A white built-in bench in a harmony with the black and white animal printed wallpaper. Gray fabric chairs and black dining room tables create a modern look. Gold pendant lamp popping up in this monochrome design.

ID# 109441 | – Credit© Kermarec – Menuiserie & Rénovation

Neutral Dining Room with Wooden Dining Set

Clean and simple lines create a modern dining corner in this Parisian house. Wooden window seat with gray cushion defines by the black wall paint. Curvy shapes of the wooden table and chairs creating contrast with the sharp edges of the bench. A wall-mounted arm lamp provides a sleek look.

ID# 109442 | – Credit© Habiteum

Small Dining Room Ideas in Earthy Color Palette

in this modern dining room, the gold leaf-shaped pendant light brings a warm glow to these earthy colors. Wood table and gray, black, and tan chairs create a modern and chic look. Using different colors and textures on the chairs elevates this dining room. Modern white cabinets are preferred for the kitchen.


ID# 109443 | – Credit© IH Studio

Small Dining Set with Colorful Wallpaper and Gold Rose Pendants

In this open concept kitchen, timeless pendant lights with the trendy and charming rose gold hue create an eye-catching look over the wood table and white chairs. Tree patterned wallpaper brings joy to this dining room. White cabinets with butcher block countertop provide a separation between the spaces.


ID# 109444 | – Credit© Duet Design Group

Formal Dining Room with Leather Dining Chairs

Oval-shaped wood table and black leather chairs and a wooden buffet create a formal but intimate look on the dark wooden flooring. Cream rope lighting and floral printed curtain bring a cozy look and liven up space.

ID# 109446 | – Credit© Plaid Fox Studio

Modern Scandinavian Dining Room with White Dining Table and Wood Chairs

This Scandinavian dining room features a white circular table and wooden chairs with gray fabric. Black pendant light with gold detail creates a focal point and makes a strong touch. Gray faux fur completes the Scandinavian style.

ID# 109447 | – Credit© Noble Abode

Small Dining Room Ideas with Teal Dining Chairs

Adding a pop of color can change the whole atmosphere of your dining room. The teal color of the dining chairs creates an elegant look around the white circular table. The orange color on the art piece creates a perfect contrast with the chairs.


ID# 109448 | – Credit© Hibner Design Group

Corner Dining Room Design with Wooden Flooring

You can create a dining area by evaluating a wall of your living room. This dining area features a small black bench, white table, and black chairs. White spotlights draw attention to the dining set. Black framed painting fits perfectly to the white wall.

ID# 109452 | – Credit© Naboo

Elegant Dining Room with Leather Chairs and Gray Curtains

Love this modern neutral look! Floor to ceiling gray and white curtains provide a wide atmosphere in this elegant dining room. brown leather chairs with gold legs and glass top table on the white oak flooring. Two custom-designed pendant light and picture frames complete this modern look perfectly. Beautiful green plants liven up space!

ID# 109454 | – Credit© West Chin Architects & Interior Designers

Small Modern Dining Set in Family Room

If you don’t have room to dedicate for a dining room you can create a dining area in your living spaces. Modern black lighting over the circular dining table and cream fabric chairs define the area of the dining space. black framed dining chairs with cream fabric allow a comfortable seating area around the table.

ID# 109455 | – Credit© Merve Kahraman Products & Interiors

Colorful Dining Room Ideas with Small Circular Marble Table

If you don’t want to use vibrant colors and still some color touches, you can create your design in pastel tones. Pink and blue paints are used on two different walls. Yellow ombre curtains bring the sunset hues to the dining room. Custom-designed Astro-rug defined perfectly the dining area. Marble and walnut table placed in the middle of the velvet brass chairs. Ziron Chandelier above the dining nook. Bookshelf designed in the shape of a bicycle popping up in front of the pink wall.


ID# 10942

Cozy Dining Room with Wooden Table and Blue Glass Pendant Lamps

This dining room which featured white side chairs and a wood table creates a cozy look. Blue glass pendants in different shapes complete the look simply and cleanly. The Gray buffet at the corner allows a storage space.

Small Corner Dining Nook with Blue Chairs and Recessed Niche

This small dining nook features an l-shape bench with cream leather cushions, a wood table, and blue chairs with wooden legs. Wooden legs placed in the recessed niche perfectly. Wine bottles create a visual feast in the niche.

ID# 109424

Small Dining Room Ideas with Wood Table and Black Chairs

This neutral dining room gives a minimalist a plain look. Wood top table with black legs and black dining chairs placed on the wooden flooring. Wood pendant light gives a warm glow over the dining set.


ID# 109426

Minimalist Breakfast Nook with White Corner Bench and Wooden Wall Decors

A white l-shaped built-in bench with beige cushions creates a plain look at the corner of the room. black circular table and gray fabric chairs create contrast with the bench. Wooden wall decors elevate this look and bring mobility to the gray walls.

ID# 109427

U-Shaped Dining Nook with Turquoise Drape Chandelier

A stunning turquoise chandelier creates a focal point in this gray and white dining room design. The marble top table perfectly fits between the u-shaped built-in bench with gray cushions. White dining chairs allow an extra seat. Green shades on the pillows create a contrast with the turquoise chandelier. Flower pictures in the small frames create a gorgeous symmetrical look.

ID# 109428

Corner Breakfast Nook with Built-in Bench and Small Circular Table

A white window seat with gray cushions perfectly evaluates the corner of the room. dozens of pillows allow a comfortable seating area. White circular table and white chairs in a harmony with the seat. Floral dining room curtains add joy to the atmosphere.

ID# 109434

Scandinavian Style Dining Room Ideas with Small Dining Set

Whitetop table with gold stand, wooden dining chairs, and bubble pendant light with gold detail creates a gorgeous Scandinavian look. Macrame wall décor gives an ocean feeling with the blue shades.

ID# 109445

Modern Gray Dining Room Ideas with Black Small Dining Set

The circular carpet under the circular table and black chairs define perfectly the dining area. Geometrically shaped lighting creates contrast with the circular shapes and brings a warm glow with tiny LED lights. Large-scale painting colors up this dining room beautifully.


Floor Mosaic Tiles

Try a Sample

Multicolor light & medium travertine subway natural stone mosaic tile

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Dark gray slate subway tile for a contemporary yet timeless kitchen backsplash

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White & gray marble flower pattern floor wall mosaic tile

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White Gray Marble Leaf Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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Modern look white marble, elegant honed finish mosaic tile

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ID# 109449

White Luxurious Dining Room Ideas with Small Acrylic Dining Set

Perfect corner to place a dining set! Floor-to-ceiling windows allow to get maximum daylight to the dining space. Glass top table and acrylic chairs create a clean and elegant look. A modern silver chandelier with tiny bulbs completes this luxury dining room.


ID# 109450

Small Dining Room Ideas with Blue Traditional Patterned Carpet

Blue traditional patterned carpet and goldfish printed wallpaper liven up this dining space. wood table and white chairs create a clean and plain look between the rug and wallpaper.


ID# 109451

Monochrome Dining Room with Stunning Floor Lamp

Black mega floor lamp creates a focal point over the dining set which featured with black circular table and black chairs. A combination of the black materials brings an elegant look to the wooden flooring.

ID# 109453

Minimalist Dining Room Ideas with Small Table and Gray Chairs

The minimalist dining room features a glass-top dining table with wooden legs and gray fabric chairs. The bronze legs of the chairs are eye-catching between the pastel colors. Art pieces are in great harmony with the atmosphere. Black wall mounted lamp brings a sharpness with its color.

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