Small Bathroom Vanity Creative and Stylish Vanities for Small Spaces

35+ Small Bathroom Vanity

ID# 152909 | – Credit© All Done Design Ltd

A Vanity with its Eye-catching Design in a Contemporary Bathroom

In this small bathroom, the unique vanity design makes a statement and offers an elegant appeal. The massive marble countertop adds a sense of luxury to the space. The gold accents such as the frames of the mirror and the faucet enhance the elegance and add a vintage vibe while the open shelves of the cabinets provide additional storage.

ID# 152918 | – Credit© Fraher and Findlay

An Eclectic Bathroom Design with a Small Black Bathroom Vanity

This small bathroom serves the beautiful harmony of pink and black. Here, the small black vanity stands out between the pink walls and creates a focal point. Pink color softens the sharp appeal of the black and adds a romantic feel. The black and white floor tiles complete the elegance of the black cabinets. The recessed shelf above the vanity provides additional storage space and acts as a display unit for artwork. The wall sconces, faucet, and mirror complete the vintage vibes.

Small Bathroom Vanity

Certain elements define the general character of bathroom design. One of them is bathroom vanities. There are many different design options for bathroom vanities. You can make the right combination with the materials, patterns, or colors you will use and choose the most beautiful one for your bathroom. You can enrich it with various handles and add elegance with accessories to be used together. Colors are important to change the aura of the space. For example, small spaces can be perceived as more spacious and airy with the right color. Although the first thing that comes to mind for this is light-toned colors, this can change with the right combination. On the other hand, vanities are one of the main elements for bathrooms and if you have a small space, you need to check out these small bathroom vanity ideas!

Of course, you want the vanity you choose for your bathroom to be practical in terms of use and visually appealing to the eye. With a small bathroom vanity, you can design elegant, stylish, and minimalist designs. For example, with a small floating vanity, you can save space and have a stylish bathroom.

ID# 152901 | – Credit© Interior Fox

Contemporary Bathroom Design with Moving Backsplash and Wooden Vanity

The hexagonal small tile backsplash creates a stylish and soft appearance for this tiny bathroom. This gray movable backsplash is accompanied by a small wooden bathroom vanity. While the vanity adds warmth to the space with its wooden texture, it creates a stylish look with its brass handles. The small vanity offers storage space with cabinets and drawers, as well as shelves on the bottom. Finally, these floor tiles are statement makers! They add a splash of color without breaking the soft flow.

Best Seller Mosaic Tiles

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Rustic California gold slate mixed with burgundy glass unique look backsplash tile

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Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

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Multicolor light & medium travertine subway natural stone mosaic tile

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Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

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ID# 152902 | – Credit© Emma Merry Styling

Small Bathroom Vanity And Marble Herringbone Backsplash

A great example of a small powder room. The black and white color scheme adds a vintage feel with brass accents. The herringbone backsplash is accentuated by the black small bathroom vanity and also adds depth to this bathroom. The curved doors of the small vanity break away from the traditional rectangular and straight forms, bringing an elegant and classical beauty. The white quartzite countertop beautifully complements the vanity to offer a smooth transition. Brass accessories add sparkle. On the whole, it creates an elegant yet approachable design.

What is the smallest size of vanity for a bathroom?

Vanities are essential pieces of furniture that we use every day for our personal needs. Therefore, the size is important. Typically a small-scale vanity is 24 inches in size. However, you can also find ready-made options for 18 inches on the market.

ID# 152903 | – Credit© Manu Interiors

An Elegant and Contemporary Bathroom with Herringbone Backsplash and Hexagonal Marble Floors

A classy contemporary bathroom design with a floating white small bathroom vanity. The Herringbone backsplash and hexagonal marble floor together create an airy and spacious space. The bathroom, which is a little flatter due to the roof slope, feels spacious despite this. It also adds depth with the mirror extending to the ceiling above the vanity. Brass-colored fixtures add sparkle and elegance.

White Mosaic Tiles

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Modern white frosted and clear glass thin linear clean look backsplash tile.

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White ceramic arabesque shaped mesh-mounted mosaic tile.

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Large size white chevron marble mosaic tile for kitchen and bathroom projects.

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Modern look white elegant honed finish marble mosaic tile

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White Glass Herringbone Marble Look Mosaic Tile

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ID# 152904 | – Credit© Indie & Co.

Scandinavian Style Small Bathroom Vanity Like a Wall Unit

The small bathroom vanity acts as a wall unit with its wood texture. This integrated vanity is very functional and very advantageous in terms of storage, with the panel and upper cabinets that continue behind the toilet. It offers a clever design example for small bathrooms and counter space. The vanity in dark wood tones is defined by the mosaic counter. Brass color fixtures and bathroom accessories add sparkle to this area.

How do you pick a vanity for a small bathroom?

First of all, the dimensions of the bathroom are very important. Small spaces can be very functional when they are used wisely. The entire bathroom design should be reviewed without leaving any dead space. Floating vanities are the ideal option for small spaces. Because it hangs, it is not bulky to the eye, and also a shelf can be added underneath for more space.

ID# 152905 | – Credit© Lathams

Contemporary Bathroom Design Revived with Turquoise Vanity

A wonderful liveliness with turquoise color! Contemporary bathroom design with marble backsplash in light gray tones and herringbone white floors is colored with a turquoise small bathroom vanity. With this detail, fresh air is blowing into the bathroom. Brass color fixtures add a stylish touch and add warmth to this space.

Color Options for Small Bathroom Vanity

You can choose the ideal color for small bathroom vanities according to the overall design of your bathroom. For example, you can emphasize the small vanity with a dark color and make it stand out. Of course, the backsplash used in the background also plays a big role in this issue. A spacious and large space perception can be created with a white vanity and a white backsplash. If you want to see examples of white, gray, blue, black, and wooden small bathroom vanity options, scroll down.

Small White Bathroom Vanity

When we think of white, we think of cleanliness and purity. As such, we can understand that it is highly preferred for bathrooms. A white vanity can easily fit into a design and work great with multicolored or patterned backsplashes. You can create contrast with black handles on a white vanity, or pair it with a white backsplash. There is no doubt that there will be a design suitable for different styles and tastes. Scroll down and find these different alternatives!

ID# 152906 | – Credit© Muchmore Design

Mid-Century Style Bathroom with a Minimalist Vanity and Tile Backsplash

The Mid-Century Style Bathroom is defined by the white tile backsplash that extends to the ceiling and covers all surfaces. The small floating white vanity is complemented by a porcelain sink. With its minimal style, it fits perfectly into this space. The niche formed right in front of the vanity provides an advantage in terms of usage, while adding depth to this area with the mirror. A spacious area is created with natural lighting coming from the ceiling. Black luminaires make a stylish touch with the contrast they create.

ID# 152907 | – Credit© Todd Sutherland

Contemporary Bathroom Design with Small White Bathroom Vanity

Stacked vertically and stretching to the ceiling, the kit kat tile backsplash offers a super modern look for this all-white bathroom. While the black armature adds a stylish touch, the round mirror adds depth to the area. While the space gains light with its large and patterned windows, it also adds elegance to this space in terms of aesthetics. In this spacious bathroom design, the small white bathroom vanity fits perfectly with its minimalist and modern line. The gray floor breaks the white domination and brings visual interest by creating contrast.

Is 18-inch vanity too small?

18inchvanities are a great option for small bathrooms because they offer plenty of storage space without taking up too much room. Of course, you can choose larger vanities according to your space in the bathroom.

ID# 152908 | – Credit© Patrick + Rosie

A Cute Contemporary Bathroom Design with Rose, Green, and White

The pink vertically stacked tile backsplash extends to the ceiling in the shower section, while it continues halfway up the wall in the vanity section. This backsplash color, adds a cute air to the bathroom and gives a feeling of warmth. This lovely mood is supported by the light green patterned tiles on the floor. The resulting contemporary bathroom design is complemented by a small floating white vanity. With its modern look, it takes its place in this bathroom without straining the eyes. The brass fixtures add a stylish touch.

Small Gray Bathroom Vanity

Gray is one of the most versatile colors that can appear in many different tones from light gray to dark gray. It is a color that is widely used in designs today and can be easily combined with many other colors. Therefore, it is widely used in bathrooms as a backsplash or on the floor. It is a color option that can be very suitable for small bathroom vanities. It can add calm to vibrant backsplashes with a light gray tone, or it can come out first by accentuating it with a dark shade of gray.

ID# 152910 | – Credit© Beatrice Holland Designs & Interiors

Mid-Century Bathroom with a Small Gray Bathroom Vanity

A very friendly and immersive mid-century bathroom design. The light gray vanity with minimal modern lines looks great with a white countertop and backsplash. The touches made with the brass handle, faucet and mirror add sparkle and warmth. The floor consisting of gray-white triangles adds a friendly atmosphere to this space.

Should a vanity go wall to wall in a small bathroom?

In most cases, the answer to this question is yes. Especially in small bathrooms, if the vanity goes from wall to wall, the unused spaces consisting of gaps will also be valued. Of course, this may change depending on the overall design and direction of the bathroom. However, a wall-to-wall vanity creates unity and is pleasing to the eye.

ID# 152911 | – Credit© Di Oro Interiors Ltd

A Stylish Contemporary Bathroom Design with Marble Integrated Sink

It offers a stylish look with the double vanity made of light gray marble and the shelf under it. It pairs perfectly with white. Integrity is achieved with a backsplash of the same color on the floor and in the shower area. Contemporary bathroom design is defined by floating vanity integrated sinks.

Small Blue Bathroom Vanity

With the blue color, a dull and plain area can be given a feeling of freshness and vitality. First of all, blue, which evokes the sky and water, is also a frequently preferred color for bathrooms. The small blue bathroom vanity can be combined with a white quartz countertop and thus you can get a very stylish design. Even if you like more natural environments, the harmony of blue and wood always gives very good results. The blue vanity and wooden bench may be suitable for you.

ID# 152912 | – Credit© Project London

Transitional Bathroom Design with Small Blue Bathroom Vanity

A transitional bathroom design that gets moving with the small blue vanity. A small bathroom can be cleverly designed to make it very functional and spacious, just like in this bathroom. The area which is divided into two with glass, has a shower section on one side and a blue vanity on the other. It creates a heartwarming feeling with its blue color in the bathroom where the walls are white. It is a stylish and warm touch with the brass handles on the blue vanity. A white countertop completes the vanity, and the long mirror on it adds depth to the bathroom. The small hexagonal tile backsplash in the shower part makes this area fun.

ID# 152913 | – Credit© Ben Sage Photography

Contemporary Bathroom Design with Black, White, and Blue

In general black and white make a design look serious and charismatic. In this bathroom, the small blue vanity and accompanying white countertop are added to the black and white combination. The black shiplap backsplash, which extends horizontally to half the wall, continues with black and white capillary marble. With its blue color in front of the black shiplap backsplash, the vanity adds color to the space and breaks the cold air of this place.

ID# 152914 | – Credit© Lived In 365 Limited

A Pleasant Design with a Small Teal Bathroom Vanity

A contemporary bathroom design offers a one-of-a-kind appeal with its backsplash and vanity designs. The green backsplash makes a statement with its starburst pattern while the teal vanity create a cohesive look with the tiles. The white penny floor tiles and the wall paint balance the intense patterns and textures. The brass fixtures and the globe sconce add some midcentury vibe.

Small Black Bathroom Vanity

Black color is eye-catching in designs and requires courage. With the black color you choose for a small bathroom vanity, you can highlight it and make it eye-catching. You can enrich it with gold, brass, or silver details and get very stylish designs. The black small bathroom vanity can be eye-catching with the contrast it creates in front of a white backsplash. A black vanity that can be used not only with white but also with many other colors. For example, you can have a calm image with light gray marble backsplashes, or you can create noble and charismatic designs by using dark tones.

ID# 152915 | – Credit© Moodesignz

Contemporary Bathroom with Spotted Backsplash and Black Vanity

The tile backsplash with black and white speckles on gray continues on the floor and defines contemporary bathroom design. The window in the roof slope plays a major role in the spaciousness of this area. The small black vanity fits perfectly into this space and stands out with its color and texture.

ID# 152916 | – Credit© Muchmore Design

A Blue Transitional Bathroom with Small Black Bathroom Vanity

The combination of the dark blue shiplap backsplash that is as standard 4 inches tall, and the white wall offers a clear view. Brass-colored fixtures and lamps, on the other hand, add sparkle to this color combination and increase its elegance. The environment, which is natural and warm with the dark blue backsplash, takes on a charismatic image with the small black vanity. The vanity also matches perfectly with the black-framed shower section. With its blue patterned floor, this transitional bathroom design energizes you.

ID# 152917 | – Credit© Emma Merry Styling

Contemporary Bathroom Design is Dominated by the Colors Black and White

The handleless vanity with black panel cover continues up to the niche behind the toilet and provides a wonderful unity. It impresses with its vanity design that ends with a white countertop. The white marble backsplash with its elegant texture adds to the elegance of this contemporary bathroom. There is a luxurious touch with gold-colored fixtures.

How to install a small bathroom vanity?

When installing a vanity, one of the most important tips is to check the plumbing supply lines and pipes that connect to the sink. If you need to realign them, you can do it yourself or seek professional help. Because if this process goes wrong, your bathroom might be submerged!

When you decide on a vanity, you can start by measuring its height and marking where you want to fix it on the wall. You should do the same for the width. If your chosen vanity has a back, then you will need to make some cutouts for the pipes to fit. The vanity is then ready to be placed. Follow the pre-drawn outline to get it in place and make sure the holes in the back line up properly with the pipes.

Then you will need to adjust your counter and sink. Apply silicone to the mounting area, place the mounted sink in the sink, and press firmly. When everything is done and dry, connect the pipes and water supply to the drain. Finally, don’t forget to attach the bench to the wall. Now you can start to use it!!

Small Wood Bathroom Vanity

Wood warms us with the naturalness it adds to designs with its natural texture and veins. In this way, small wooden bathroom vanities also stand out despite their size and add fresh and natural air to the space. A wooden vanity can be combined with a marble, quartz, or porcelain countertop very comfortably. It is not difficult to include wood in a design, so it is often preferred.

ID# 152919 | – Credit© A2studio

Transitional Bathroom Design where Pastel Tones Come together

A transitional bathroom design consisting of pastel tones offers a warm atmosphere. The tile backsplash, which consists of tones of cream color, offers a naive image. The small wooden mid-century vanity, which blends perfectly with its natural texture, adds warmth to this space with its white washbasin. A lively and dynamic atmosphere comes with the colorful flooring.

ID# 152920 | – Credit© Anna Rickard Interiors

Small Wood Bathroom Vanity in an Eclectik Green Bathroom

With its natural form and without a lid, the small wooden vanity has an air of being out of nature. The open shelves under the vanity provide additional storage space for towels or toilet paper. This style manages to change the atmosphere of the bathroom. The eclectic-style bathroom also features a green backsplash, and green walls accompanied by a black and white star-patterned floor tile. In this bathroom, where naturalness and elegance come together, a stylish accent is made with brass accessories.

ID# 152921 | – Credit© Blue + Green Interiors

A Contemporary Bathroom Design with Wooden Vanity and Blue Backsplash

Beautiful colors come together in this contemporary bathroom design. The retro-style blue glossy tile backsplash in the shower section refreshes the air of this bathroom with its color. The combination of blue and wood adds a warm atmosphere to the spaces in general. The small wooden vanity looks great in front of the light gray marble floor and backsplash. While adding movement to this area with the shape and veined texture of its lids, it also creates a natural environment.

Backsplash Options for Small Bathroom Vanity

There are many different application styles and backsplash sizes for bathroom backsplashes. The backsplash can be installed to the ceiling, in 4-inch sizes, or even more, and one different backsplash can be applied according to your taste. You can create different and fun spaces by using colorful walls or wallpapers together with the backsplash. We can preserve the integrity of the space with the surrounding backsplash. Subway tiles and marble backsplashes stacked horizontally or vertically are very popular.

There are so many materials you can choose from for your backsplash. For example granite, quartz, marble, ceramic, or porcelain. You can lay these materials in herringbone, hexagonal, zigzag, or flat and create aesthetically beautiful bathroom designs. You can also use wood, stone, and brick from more natural materials and reflect nature in your bathroom.

ID# 152922 | – Credit© Cassidy Hughes Interior Design

Yellow and White Eclectic Style Backsplash Options for Small Bathroom Vanity

The eclectic style likes to use the same pattern in at least two places. In this bathroom, the flooring consisting of yellow-white-black colors used on the floor comes again as a backsplash. Thus, harmony is achieved. This colorful style is accompanied by a wooden small bathroom vanity with its natural texture. The wooden texture of the freestanding vanity, which can easily adapt to any space, takes its place in this eclectic bathroom.

ID# 152923 | – Credit© ALL & NXTHING

A Contemporary Bathroom Design with a Wooden Vanity and an Off-White Tile Backsplash

It consists of an off-white vertically stacked tile backsplash, including all the walls and ceiling. In this way, unity is provided and the bathroom feels like it is stretching upwards. The small wooden single vanity, on the other hand, adapts to different materials in the same style with its cover consisting of vertical bars. With its wood color, it adds color and warmth to this monotonous bathroom. Black fixtures, on the other hand, add a stylish touch to the design with the contrast they create.

ID# 152924 | – Credit© Muchmore Design

Backsplash Options for Small Bathroom Vanity in a Yellow Midcentury Style

Bathroom design in a yellow midcentury style. The yellow rectangular backsplash covers almost the entire surface of the bathroom. Since it is a tiny bathroom, the vanity section is designed in a more integrated way. The vanity section is covered in the same way as the backsplash and consists of a two-section shelf as storage space. In this completely monotonous bathroom, we see that the backsplash can also cover the vanity.

Types of Small Bathroom Vanity

If you are wondering what kind of small vanity you can choose for your bathroom, a small modern bathroom vanity, small floating bathroom vanity or a double small bathroom vanity may be an option for you. You can choose a single or double vanity according to the dimensions of your bathroom. You can take a look at the examples we offer so that you can choose the most beautiful vanity for you visually as well as being small but very functional and reflecting your style in the best way.

Small Floating Bathroom Vanity

Floating bathroom vanity refers to cabinets that do not touch the floor. We can also define floating bathroom vanities as suspended in the air. Small floating vanities are also becoming more and more popular due to minimalist aesthetics. It’s an option that appeals to many different styles as it is frequently used in modern bathrooms. These vanities are also very practical in terms of cleaning, as they hang on the wall and do not come into contact with the floor. At the same time they have the feature of making the area more spacious. If you want to make your small floating bathroom vanity even more functional you can add a shelf underneath and create space for your towels.

ID# 152925 | – Credit© Balance Interior Design

Design of a Contemporary Bathroom with Rose and Green Colors

A very elegant and naive contemporary bathroom design with a small floating rose vanity with soft-close doors. It also takes on a modern and stylish atmosphere with its white integrated washbasin and golden faucet. The patterned floor in green and white colors adds movement to this area and stands out due to its floating vanity. Frames as accessories add a warm atmosphere to this space.

ID# 152926 | – Credit© VORBILD Architecture

A Modern Bathroom Design with a Wood Small Floating Bathroom Vanity

A modern bathroom design in earth tones. Despite the multicolored herringbone backsplash, it offers a simple and serene atmosphere. The small floating vanity with a soft-close drawer in dark wood tone offers an elegant look with its shaker covers and white countertops. The bathroom design, where a luxurious touch is made with the golden color frame, creates a natural environment with floating vanity and earth tones.

ID# 152927 | – Credit© Sturdy Evolution Developments Ltd

Contemporary Bathroom Design Combined with the Energy of Yellow

A contemporary bathroom design reflecting the energy of yellow. A yellow and white retro-style backsplash invites sun and lights into the bathroom. The backsplash and floating vanity come to the fore with the dark tones of the floor. The interior of the floating vanity with open shelves, being yellow, harmonizes with the energy of this bathroom and provides storage underneath.

ID# 152928 | – Credit© TOTUS

A Black Small Floating Bathroom Vanity with Light Blue Backsplash

A contemporary bathroom design with a backsplash reminiscent of clouds where symmetry is at the forefront. With two white sinks and a cloud blue backsplash the black floating vanity unit compromises its rigid stance and blends perfectly with the contrast, it creates in the space. Gold mirrors and fixtures add a touch of luxury.

Modern Small Bathroom Vanity

With modern small bathroom vanities, comfortable and stylish designs can emerge. Small bathroom vanities can be highlighted with different methods and become the star of the bathroom, even if it is small. It can be done using assertive colors or materials for this. Small vanities are a great option for stylish and modern bathrooms.

ID# 152929 | – Credit© ABI Interiors

Modern Small Bathroom Vanity in Walnut-Tone

The walnut-tone floating vanity and the white Italian Carrara marble countertop offer a modern look and add warmth to this bathroom. A serene atmosphere is created with the gray backsplash covering all the walls and the natural textured flooring. Matte gold fixtures add an air of luxury.

Glossy Mosaic Tiles

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

Try a Sample
Try a Sample

Hex glossy glass tile with gray veins.

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Elegant Rhomboid White Glass Mosaic Backsplash Tile

Try a Sample

Modern white frosted and clear glass thin linear clean look backsplash tile.

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Try a Sample

ID# 152930 | – Credit© studio.skey

A Modern and Spacious Bathroom Design with a Dark Wood Vanity

White marble is one of the first materials that come to mind when it comes to modern. In this spacious bathroom design, the white marble wall and floor tiles offer a sleek and elegant appeal with a sense of luxury. The dark wood floating vanity stands out between the whites and creates a focal point.

ID# 152931 | – Credit© Style and Stage

Modern Small Bathroom Vanity with Hexagonal Backsplash

A narrow space meets a very functional and eye-pleasing design. The earth-toned hexagonal backsplash offers a fresh atmosphere. This place is complemented by a single sink small wooden floating vanity. While adding warmth with its texture, it also creates a comfortable space with its size and location.

Small Double Vanity Bathroom

Double vanities are very popular lately and offer great convenience in terms of use. Double vanity bathrooms allow couples and siblings to use the bathroom at the same time. You can take a look at the examples for the small double vanity bathroom.

ID# 152932 | – Credit© We Love Build

A Colorful Bathroom Design in an Eclectic Style

This eclectic bathroom design features blue bathroom vanity that gives a joyful sense to the atmosphere. Even if the bathroom vanity is small, it accompanies two sinks that enhance functionality. The white-gray marble countertop continues a part as a backsplash and looks very modern. The floor consisting of green and white stripes adds movement to this area.

ID# 152933 | – Credit© NW3 Interiors Ltd

Small Double Vanity Bathroom in a Scandinavian Style Bathroom

This wooden double vanity with gold details makes a statement in this Scandinavian bathroom design. Adding a soft and warm atmosphere with the natural texture of wood, the bathroom offers a stylish and timeless look with the marble herringbone backsplash glow on the top. The burgundy backsplash tiles add visual interest by creating contrast. The checkered floor tiles and the brass accents make a perfect final touch.

How to organize a small bathroom vanity?

In small bathrooms, organizations gain more importance. If you have a small vanity, there are plenty of ways to organize it without compromising its appearance. Trays, decorative baskets, racks, and shelves are the most ideal ways to add extra storage to your bathroom.

ID# 152934 | – Credit© Russell Hewes Ltd

A Contemporary Bathroom Design with the Harmony of Marble and Wood

Single slab splashback continues in the same way on the whole wall and floor. This style, which offers an overall cold atmosphere, is broken by the dark wood modern vanity countertop and adds a warm touch to this space. The double bathroom vanity cover has the same texture as the backsplash. Thus, harmony is achieved. A contemporary bathroom with a special design.

ID# 152935 | – Credit© Golden Design

Transitional Bathroom Design with Wood Small Double Vanity Bathroom

The mid-tone wood double vanity evokes a modern style with its grained and handleless surface and marble countertop. Even in small spaces, you can use a double vanity with the right design. Brass color fixtures are a stylish touch with lamps and mirrors and offer a wonderful example of a transitional bathroom.

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