Small Bathroom Tile Ideas Stylish and Functional Tile Designs for Small Spaces

16+ Small Bathroom Tile Ideas

Black and White Hexagon Small Bathroom Tile Ideas

The black hexagonal tiles used on the floor in this bathroom design, which look very bright and lively with the possibility of natural light, make you feel the cool air as soon as you enter the space. While the white bathroom cabinet is designed with a double sink, white is used on the counter. The window, located in the middle of the cabinet, leaves a sweet effect. Due to the location of the window, mirrors are placed on both sides of the window in such a way that they meet the sinks. All used accessories and fixtures are chosen from brass hardware, leaving a luxurious effect in the bathroom. The shower area is separated by a glass divider. And finally, the hexagonal, linear patterned tiles used on the walls add mobility and energy to the bathroom, while creating an elegant atmosphere with its quality stance.

White Small Bathroom Tile Ideas with Black Hexagon Floor Tiles

In this transitional bathroom design, the white vertical tile backsplash creates a visual illusion and makes the space feel larger. The wood vanity offers a warm appeal while creating a harmonious look with the white tiles. The black hexagon floor tiles add another layer of texture. The rounded edge mirrors, black lighting fixtures, and brass handles make a beautiful final touch.

Small Bathroom Tile Ideas

Bathroom areas are available in many variations, wide, narrow, and with or without windows. Depending on the general style of the house, the wishes of the user, and the imagination of the designer, a choice should be made by adding quality, elegance, and functionality. The choice of tiles is a very important issue for bathrooms. Because they are the elements that determine the space and style the most. With a tile of your choice, you can make the bathroom rather suffocating and boring, and create a relaxing space with its spacious and stylish stance. Here, we gather stunning small bathroom tile ideas that can add personality to your design!

A very careful selection should be made when choosing small bathroom tiles. For example, white bathroom tiles are a good choice to create serene spaces. Of course, a pure white bathroom can be a bit soulless, so if you prefer neutral, textured tiles, it can add mobility and become a beautiful space.

On the other hand, a single tone can be made interesting by using tiles of different formats. Of course, successful designs can be made using bold colors according to tastes and wishes, for example, an authentic bathroom designed entirely in green, where you can feel the Moroccan breeze. It is among the design ideas that can be applied in the combination of double colors and tiny tiles. In short, even if you have small bathrooms, as long as there are tiles of the right size, a bathroom can be designed as you want and the right combination can be made according to the size of the space. Here, all work is a subject that changes according to the creativity of the designers.

Small Herringbone Wall Tile with White Cabinets in Transitional Bathroom Design

In the bathroom design with high ceilings, consisting of white cabinets, a white subway backsplash is used from the upper level of the tub, turning around and a few rows while using the built-in tub. Two washbasins are designed with an under-counter basin and a white countertop above the white cabinets, and they are completed with two separate mirrors at the level of the washbasins. The wall behind this countertop is tiled with small herringbone wall tiles throughout, adding liveliness to the bathroom with its gray and white tones. By using white tiles on the floor, a fresh feeling of white is created in the space. A black-equipped design chandelier and black-equipped sconces with white caps create a pleasant ambiance.

Tile Options for Small Bathrooms

Tile selection is very important in small bathrooms. The aim here is to get good effects from the space by refreshing the eyes with the right tiles and the right laying style. While light colors are the right choice for small spaces, for example, when they are laid towards the longest side, the eye follows this and creates a wider effect. Also, tiling completely in small areas can create claustrophobic effects, so tiling halfway can create a nice space with nice paint and wallpaper on the top. Chevron flooring is an example that helps to make the space look larger. Considering the shower parts with glass partitions leave a more spacious effect in the area with the effect of transparency. Generally, it uses light-colored tiles in an area dominated by dark colors and offers spacious effects in small areas with the reflective effect of the light.

Small Bathroom with Subway Tile Ideas

Durable material with a timeless appeal, subway tile is also a natural and beautiful choice for your bathroom design. They are easy to clean, versatile, and cost-effective. It can be easily used on the walls and floors of small bathrooms. Also, its natural shine reflects light, creating the illusion of more space. This makes it ideal for small spaces. Very interesting small bathrooms can be created by laying them in different ways. With a good design, it leaves an eye-catching effect in various fields.


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Small Bathroom with Subway Tile in Contemporary Design

In the bathroom, which consists of large windows, the usage areas are quite narrow. The reflection effect of light is used by using white subway wall tiles. The dark tiles used on the floor bring the spacious effect of the white walls to the fore. It offers a modern look with a light wooden hanging cabinet and a white sink counter. A sense of depth is created by using a straight mirror throughout the entire cabinet, creating a larger feeling in the bathroom.

What color tiles are best for small bathrooms?

Considering that most sanitary ware will be white, the best tile color for small bathrooms would be off-white, light gray, creamy ivory, and beige, depending on taste and the overall look you want to achieve. This will also help separate the walls from the fixtures. At the same time, the spaciousness of light colors will be reflected.

Beach Style Bathroom Design with White Subway Wall Tiles

In the beach-style bathroom design, mosaic patterned tiles on the floor add mobility, while white subway wall tiles balance the space. The cabinet is made of light woods with a louvered door design that offers an authentic look. It is completed together with the under-counter sink and white countertop. All faucets and accessories are chosen with black accents, creating a stylish line. Sconce lighting positioned on both sides of the mirror creates a sweet look. A naive design that opens people’s minds has been formed. It is exactly an authentic and simple cottage bathroom.

Small Bathroom with Herringbone Tile Ideas

Herringbone tiles are of great interest in every area where they are used. They have an active yet stylish stance. Depending on the colors chosen, the effects it leaves on people differ. It can be used easily in desired areas with its large and small sizes. It is a product that attracts attention in small bathroom designs and it attracts all the attention with its attractive stance. For example, it can be applied to one wall and continue with a single color on the other sides, leaving wide effects with optical illusions. These tiles, which we have started to come across frequently on the floors, can make the space look a little larger than it is by creating an effect of width when laid on the long side, again in small areas.


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Black and White Bathroom with White Vanity

In this black and white bathroom, patterns and textures stand out and offer a stylish look. Also, this bathroom is a perfect example that you can use black color in even small areas! The black herringbone wall tiles create a bold and eye-catching backdrop. The white grout emphasizes the herringbone pattern. The white vanity with a marble top creates a contrast with the black tiles and stands out next to the blacks. The black and white penny floor tiles complement the monochrome color scheme of the other features and add a nice texture. The brass details break the color scheme and add a dose of sparkle.

Small Bathroom with White Tile Ideas

White can create the right effects wherever it is used and always looks good. It is also an indispensable color in small bathrooms. Because it leaves a good impression with its fresh and bright stance. In bathrooms with natural lighting, it creates a functionally expanding effect with its reflective effect.


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White Large Hex Tiles with Blue Floating Vanity

In this bathroom, which consists of large white hexagon tiles, the blue floating vanity stands out between the light colors and creates a focal point. Using large tiles is a great way to make the space feel larger in small spaces and this bathroom hexagon tiles do this job perfectly. The rounded bathroom mirror creates contrast with the sharp edges of the hex tiles and softens the overall look.

Is it better to have big tiles in a small bathroom?

In a small bathroom, it is very advantageous to use large tiles. Since there are fewer joint lines, the walls and floor will be less divided and the room will appear visually spacious.

Contemporary Bathroom with Colorful Floor and Walk-in Shower

In the modern bathroom design, in which very popular terrazzo floor tiles are used, the cabinet and walls are used in white, creating a clear beauty in the space. The interior of the walk-in shower is completely vertical, white subway tiles are used, while the back of the tub is ceramic at a slightly higher level than the tub, and the remaining upper part continues as paint. In this bathroom, where a minimalist and modern elegance comes to the fore, vertical wall tiles stand out by creating a stylish effect. In addition, gold-colored fixtures and accessories make a stylish impression.

Small Bathroom with Vertical Tile Ideas

Horizontal tiles make the bathroom appear wider, while vertical tiles make it appear longer. You need to act by knowing which of these looks and feelings is more important to you. Vertical tiles are the right choice if you want something unique. However, since it is more difficult to lay vertical tiles, it is useful to work with a good ceramicist. When you use vertical tiles, you add more depth and texture. It is an option that gives good results in small bathrooms with different design shapes, by using it in various ways, such as two-color or up to half tile paint.

How do you tile a small bathroom to make it look bigger?

To make a small bathroom look bigger, add lots of natural light if you can, and try to keep everything the same color as possible, you can even go all white. You can paint the ceiling the same color as the walls. You can mix tile and wall colors according to the design style or you can lay tiles up to the ceiling. Take care to make a seamless combination between material transitions. Integrate by using transparent glasses in the showers. You can use large mirrors.

How much does it cost to tile a small bathroom?

Tile for a small bathroom ranges from an average of $1,000 per square foot, or $12 to $23, depending on the size of the bathroom and the tile you choose. Do not forget that the labor fees also differ according to the contractor or the people you will deal with.

Small Blue and White Powder Room with Window

In this very small powder room, the blue and white color scheme offers a fun yet elegant appeal. The white vertical wall tiles and light gray tiles give an open and airy feel to the space while the blue paint above the tiles creates a contrasting look and adds visual interest.

Small Bathroom with Large Tile Ideas

Bathrooms are one of the most important spaces in homes. It is a place we use when we first enter the house, the last one we use before leaving the house, and a place where we are cleaned and refreshed. Considering these reasons, we do not always work in large and spacious areas when designing a bathroom. But we have to create designs that will make the best impact, no matter how small the spaces are. From this point of view, in small bathrooms, big tile ideas give very good results. When you see large tiles, a wider perception is created by giving the brain a wide warning. In addition, since the joints of large tiles will be less, the space is completed more completely without cutting it. In this way, it is one of the best designs for small bathrooms. It is almost a saving design.


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Beige Bathroom Design with Wood Floating Vanity

This beige bathroom offers a tranquil environment for the mind and body to unwind. The large travertine tiles and the timber textures of the vanity create a cohesive look together and enliven with a touch of brass! The rounded edge mirror completes the minimalist aesthetic of the overall look.

What direction should you lay tile in a small bathroom?

When you want your space to appear wider horizontally, you can lay the bathroom wall tiles horizontally. If you have a limited floor space but only a long bathroom, you may want to choose this option. It will visually open up the space and give you the illusion that the space is wider and taller than it is.

Large Marble Tiles with White Freestanding Bathtub

In this luxurious master bathroom design, the large marble tiles take the stage and provide a unique look. The tiny black shower floor tiles create contrast with the white marble tiles while adding depth to the atmosphere. The white freestanding bathtub at the center creates a focal point and offers a spa-like atmosphere.

Small Bathroom with Patterned Tile Ideas

Patterned tiles are good ideas for small bathrooms. But if you are using it on the floor, it is beneficial to balance the space by choosing something simpler, if you are using the walls, and if you are using it on the wall, the floor. Otherwise, your small bathroom can become more suffocating. Of course, different results can be obtained with different designs. Patterned tiles make the areas used fun and colorful, creating chirpy concepts that open the mind.


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Minimalist Bathroom with Colorful Backsplash Tiles

This minimalist bathroom design is a perfect example that even the small details can make big differences! The colorful patterned backsplash tiles directly draw attention and bring joy to the atmosphere. The colorful tile effect continues the mirrored upper cabinets which reflect the same tiles on the shower wall. Mirrored cabinets emphasize the impact of the tiles. The beige wall tiles, white toilet, and floating sink serve a very minimal look and allow the colorful tiles to stand out!

Unique Bathroom Design with Stunning Wall Mural

If you want unusual designs, you will love this bathroom! In this bathroom, each feature acts as a piece of art! The tropical mural on the wall behind the freestanding bathtub creates a visually pleasing appeal and turns this bathroom into a one-of-a-kind design. The colorful floor tiles complement the beautiful color palette of the mural. The unique wall coverings on the upper parts add more value to the design. In the shower, pink hexagon tiles complete the overall color scheme while adding another layer of pattern.

What size does tile look good in a small bathroom?

In a small bathroom, large tiles look good. With fewer joint lines, the walls and floor stand more whole and the space visually expands. Because when our eyes see large tiles, our brain automatically associates them with a large area, making us think that we are looking at a larger area than it is. Large-sized tiles also have the advantage of requiring less grout, less installation time, and less maintenance.

Using smaller tiles, such as mosaics, will give you multiple lines of grouting, giving you the feeling of being enclosed in a box that makes your bathroom feel smaller. However, this does not mean that you should not use small tiles. You can create beautiful designs by combining them with larger tiles of different sizes.


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Small Modern Bathroom Design with Patchwork Tile Ideas

In the modern bathroom design consisting of gray floor and white square wall tiles, one wall adds vitality and color by using completely patterned tiles. Patterned ceramics, including shades of blue, have an energizing look. It consists of a plain white cabinet and white countertop, while the countertop sink accompanies them. A mirrored top cabinet adds depth to this small bathroom.

Eye-Catching Blue Tile Design with Starburst Pattern

We are faced with an unusual bathroom design. In the bathroom, in which blue and white linear patterned ceramics are used, the floor, the single wall in the shower, and the part of the ceiling that comes into the shower create a moving visual of different lengths. Everything else in the bathroom is designed in white, and all attention is focused on blue. It is a very dazzling design with its almost wave-like feeling.

Do small tiles make a room look bigger or smaller?

Large tiles make small rooms look larger. Smaller rooms appear larger when larger tiles are used, as the joint lines are thinner and less frequent as part of the layout. Large-format tiles also make floors look neater. Therefore, it creates the illusion of more space. Small tiles, on the other hand, are not very good to be used everywhere in small areas, as they can create a narrowing effect with dense joint lines. But work can be done with large tiles.

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