Black Bathroom Backsplash Add Elegant and Dramatic Vibe

29+ Black Bathroom Backsplash

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Wood Countertops and a Black Flat-Panel Floating Vanity Design

The chain pattern of the black porcelain tile backsplash and the black floating vanity design complement each other adding a contemporary look to the bathroom. The wood countertop design and the white vessel sink soften the sharp and masculine look of the backsplash and vanity. The ellipse shape of the mirror creates a contrast to the sharp geometry of the bathroom design components.

ID# 142337 | – Credit© Sider Bros. Builders Ltd

Beach Style with White Cabinets and Marble Countertops

The white flat-panel cabinets and chrome hardware of the floating vanity design provide a cohesive appeal with the gray marble countertops. The black and white mosaic tile backsplash harmonizes with the gray countertops creating a stylish appeal. The backsplash tiles also bring movement to the bathroom’s environment

Black Bathroom Backsplash

Black is a classic and timeless hue that is always in trend with backsplashes. It also gives the room a more upscale look and helps to create contrast or a serious atmosphere. A great alternative for a black bathroom backsplash can complete a dark area or add a gorgeous accent to a room that is neutral or pastel in color.

When choosing a bathroom backsplash, black bathroom backsplashes are the most popular since they are simple to maintain and provide texture to the area. Black tiles and slabs come in a wide range of styles. They might be contemporary hexagon tiles in various sizes, edgy black subway tiles, matte honeycomb tiles, glazed square tiles, lengthy, thin tiles with a herringbone pattern, and more. You may either opt to match the style by utilizing complementing grout or choose to emphasize your backsplash with contrast grout, such as white or gray.

ID# 142310 | – Credit© Framed Renovations

Black Bathroom Backsplash with Subway Tiles for a Transitional Design

The timeless design look of the subway tiles meets with the sophistication of the black color. The black subway tile bathroom backsplash and the dark wood vanity complement each other providing a modern look to this transitional bathroom design. The white vessel sink and countertops create a contrast that matches the white grout of the backsplash.

ID# 142311 | – Credit© Лашин Сергей | студия VPROEKTE

Stacked Stone Tiles for a Contemporary Design Style with Dark Colors

The black color in different materials provides a contemporary design look. The gray tiles create a soft contrast blending with the veins of the brown floor tiles. The floating vanity and the stacked stone walls complement each other creating a natural touch. Having a frameless mirror keeps the unified look of the black design look.

Are backsplashes in bathroom outdated?

Although it is occasionally feasible to go without a backsplash, it is nevertheless advised in bathrooms. If your sink counter does not directly face the wall (like a pedestal sink), a backsplash is solely necessary for cosmetic reasons. A backsplash is effectively your final line of protection in either a kitchen or bathroom application before water, oil, food, or other potentially harmful substances reach your wall. It’s a good idea to have a backsplash in place even if you have no interest in creating an intricate, striking backsplash.

ID# 142312 | – Credit© Stephani Buchman Photography

Black Bathroom Backsplash with Wood Vanity and a White Integrated Sink Countertop

The wood flat-panel cabinetry design of the vanity and the black hardware provide a modern contrast to this contemporary bathroom design. The black patterns of the floor tiles match the black wall tile backsplash of the bathroom. The white integrated double sink countertop design has a striking contrast to the black tile bathroom backsplash.

Material Options for Black Bathroom Backsplash

The layout of the black backsplash in your bathroom has been chosen, but what about the available backsplash materials? To protect our walls from moisture or water splashes and to improve the aesthetics of our bathrooms as a design feature, material options for black bathroom backsplash designs may be something you want to learn more about.
Black bathroom backsplash alternatives come in a variety of materials with varying maintenance needs, toughness, water resistance, and heat resistance. Ceramic material is the most popular material, but you may also use marble, black glass tile, or both. Let’s take a look at some material options for black bathroom backsplash designs for inspiration.

Ceramic Black Bathroom Backsplash

If selecting a material for the backsplash in a black bathroom is something you don’t want to stress yourself too much about, you may use ceramic materials without much trouble. The most frequent type of backsplash material is ceramic tile. They are inexpensive, have a vast selection of colors and designs, and are easy to install. While protecting your walls from ugly and even damaging water splashes, a ceramic black bathroom backsplash may enhance and beautify your bathroom.
Even the hue black has several color and shape options in the ceramic backsplash market. Herringbones, hexagons, or picket tiles may provide movement to a ceramic black bathroom backsplash design. The fact that a ceramic black bathroom backsplash is affordable and has a variety of design options is its most important quality.

ID# 142314 | – Credit© Architected

Ceramic Black Bathroom Backsplash with a White Wall-Mount Sink

The ceramic black bathroom backsplash niche and the white ceramic square tiles provide a perfect contrast in this contemporary bathroom design. The black accents match the black backsplash and keep the contrasting look alive. The frameless mirror design adds depth with a sleek look.

ID# 142315 | – Credit© Carriage Lane Design-Build Inc.

Eclectic Design with Hexagon Wall Tiles and Wood Vanity with White Countertops

The black hexagon wall tiles draw attention, indeed. If you want to create visual interest in your bathrooms, you can rely on this type of ceramic tile easily. The black color wall makes the vanity stand out and the black hardware harmonizes with the black backsplash wall adding a cohesive appeal.

Does black look good in a bathroom?

If you’re designing a bathroom, black is a great option. The dark color has a sophisticated and traditional sense that may go well with a wide range of interior design styles. It also seems sleek and elegant.

ID# 142316 | – Credit© Ryan Linnegar Photography

Scandinavian Design with a Ceramic Black Backsplash with a Wood Vanity

The ceramic black backsplash wall and floating wood vanity provide a stylish contrast adding a contemporary design look to the bathroom. The black vessel sink harmonizes with the black backsplash wall adding a unified appeal. The graphic pattern of the gray floor and wall tiles of the bathroom adds movement to the interior.

ID# 142317 | – Credit

Small Square Tiles for a Double Sink Wood Vanity Design

If you want to make a difference you can play with the mirrors, as in this bathroom! While the mirrors look eye-catchy, the black square tile backsplash and black countertops provide a unified appeal. The double sink wood vanity design adds contemporary sleekness to the room with a warm appeal.

Black Marble Bathroom Backsplash

Worktops, backsplashes, flooring, cladding, and even furniture accents are just a few uses for black marble. Of course, black marble isn’t the only type of marble used for this, but it’s obvious that it adds a sense of exclusivity and elegance to any situation. Think about a black marble bathroom backsplash. The concept for a black marble bathroom backsplash might provide exquisite designs that are gorgeous.
The fact that this stone originated on continental platforms that absorbed a substantial volume of sediments with significant organic compounds and carbonate under anoxic circumstances explains much of its dark hue. This kind of deposit was discovered all over the world at a variety of geological phases during the Mesozoic and Paleozoic epochs. Just like other marble colors, black marble bathroom backsplash designs can vary based on the different types of black marble. We’ve given you some options for your black marble bathroom backsplashes down below!

ID# 142318 | – Credit© Peter Schaad Design Studio

Black Marble Bathroom Backsplash with Black Vanities and White Countertops

The contrast between the black and white color draws attention in this bathroom, thanks to the black marble backsplash, black vanity design, vessel sinks, and white countertops. The white veins of the marble harmonize with the white countertops and beige tiles of the bathroom creating an organic flow with a sense of luxury.

ID# 142319 | – Credit© Studio Black Interiors

Modern Design with Wood Countertops and White Flat-Panel Vanity

The marble and black color provide luxury and sophisticated look to the bathrooms. The white flat-panel vanity design with wood countertops adds a warm appeal while the black marble tile walls and black ceramic tile floors surround them with a mysterious luxury. The contrast between the tiles and vanity design is balanced by the white grout that matches the white flat-panel cabinets.

What colour goes with black bathroom backsplash in a bathroom?

In a bathroom, black is usually a very dangerous color to pair with other hues. There are, however, several really intriguing choices. Three great color combinations for black are white, beige, and white marble. Black bathroom backsplashes mix well with white, grey, brown, and even blue decor. Additionally, it’s crucial to embellish your room with things like plants, eye-catching lighting, and other furniture and fixtures such as brass or gold.

ID# 142320 | – Credit© Александра Никулина

Black Marble Bathroom Backsplash and Countertops for a Modern Vanity Design

If you want to add a warm touch to your contrasting design look, it is better to balance it with a wooden texture, as in this modern bathroom design. The contrast between the white and black colors is well-balanced by the wood flat-panel floating vanity design. The white veins of the black marble harmonize with the white tiles creating a matching look.

Black Glass Tile Bathroom Backsplash

Tiny glass pieces with a transparent covering on one side are used to create glass tiles. They are available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and designs and may be easily incorporated into a variety of locations, including bathroom walls and backsplashes. Numerous alternatives depend on your particular design concept. They may be created with a broader range of surface types than ceramic or porcelain, which contributes to their appeal. Additionally, they have the propensity to reflect light, making a black glass tile bathroom backsplash more practical! This will enable you to make your very own black glass tile bathroom backsplash.

Whether it is a glass mosaic tile or not, a black glass tile bathroom backsplash may convey the sleek, unadorned look of modern design while also providing movement. You might need some assistance with the design of your black glass tile bathroom backsplash because there are so many different pattern options such as herringbones, chevrons, or basketweave tiles. Everyone has “that design” for their bathrooms, whether or not they get help.

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Black Glass Tile Bathroom Backsplash with Black Countertops for a Contemporary Design

The glitter effect of the black glass tile bathroom backsplash draws all the attention. The gray floor and wall tiles emphasize the wood flat-panel vanity design with black countertops and a black glass tile backsplash design. The frameless mirror increases the contemporary design look with depth.

How can I brighten up my black bathroom?

If you want to add a little brightness to your bathroom, you can use neutral or light colors. Using a light wood vanity design with white countertops can be an option for you.
It is always a good combination to have a black-and-white contrast in the bathrooms. Use light colors more dominantly to emphasize the sophistication of the black color.
If it is possible, have more daylight, or use led lights. Sconces are good, too.
Brass or gold accents can bring a luxurious touch to your bathrooms with more light.
Using reflective surfaces is a good idea.
Have greenery to feel the freshness in your bathrooms.
Have frameless large mirrors to enhance the depth and airy interior.

ID# 142322 | – Credit© smarterBATHROOMS+

Double Freestanding Vanity for a Contemporary Design Style

The gray floor and wall tiles surround the double freestanding sink vanity design. The black marble and glass backsplash separate the open shower with a seamless look. The airy atmosphere has a stylish and elegant design look.

Tile Styles for Black Bathroom Backsplash

Once you’ve decided to utilize black bathroom backsplash tiles, you’ll discover that there are several tile styles for black bathroom backsplash designs available. You’ll begin to think about the tone, character, and/or style you want to evoke in your restrooms. For example, a black subway tile backsplash may heighten the classic appearance. The current design style may be maintained with a black hexagon tile backsplash with flexible mobility. For a bold statement with a textural touch, herringbone and chevron tiles are popular.

You may create a bold statement in your bathrooms by selecting one of the many tile styles for black bathroom backsplashes available. The several forms of black tile backsplash designs will allow you to obtain your ideal bathroom design, regardless of the design style you will have, such as modern or traditional.

Black Subway Tile Bathroom Backsplash

One of the newest trends is the color black, which is preferred by the vast majority of people worldwide. The bathroom is one of the rooms that need the most thought when selecting a décor theme and ideas while planning to restore or create a home. Black subway tile bathroom backsplash designs have grown significantly in popularity and status as a symbol of affluence in recent years. Subway tile, with its cool and freestyle, may help you create a modern and attractive ambiance in your bathroom décor.
On the market, there are many stunning black tile designs to choose from. The best tile selection might significantly alter how the bathroom looks. So, if you’re thinking of redesigning your house and are looking for some bathroom remodeling ideas that are genuinely excellent, you’ve come to the right place. For a classic look in your bathroom, check out these great black subway tile bathroom backsplash ideas.

ID# 142323 | – Credit© Alair Homes Forest Hill

Black Subway Tile Bathroom Backsplash with a Graffiti for a Contemporary Design

The contrast between the black and white gains energetic vibes thanks to the graffiti on the backsplash wall. While the black subway tile bathroom backsplash and shower walls provide a timeless classic look, the colorful graphic design adds a dynamic feel to the bathroom. White floor tiles and bathtub enlighten the black color adding a modern touch.

ID# 142324 | – Credit© Build Professional

Modern Design with Flat-Panel Cabinets And White Marble Countertops

To emphasize the subway tile pattern, you can use white grout, as in this modern bathroom design. While the black subway tile backsplash and walls provide an ageless look, the white marble countertops enrich the bathroom’s interior with an expensive feel. The white floor tiles and white countertops complement each other keeping the contrasting design alive.

Black Hexagon Tile Bathroom Backsplash

One of the most popular options available to homeowners and interior designers nowadays is hexagonal tiles. Hexagon tiles may be used for a range of projects, including backsplashes, shower floors, and fireplace surrounds. Hexagonal tiles are most frequently used for backsplashes. However, today we are looking for ideas for black hexagon tile bathroom backsplashes to get inspired by their stunning designs.
Hexagonal tiles are used in the majority of modern and minimalist designs. They could also be seen in other types of design. Black, a timeless color, is a daring choice for bathroom decor. The good news is that using black hexagonal tiles in your bathrooms won’t cause you any trouble. Black tiles are becoming more and more common in bathrooms, particularly for the backsplash. The geometry of the tiles is highlighted by the black hexagon tile bathroom backsplash and the white grout, which also adds texture to the space. Larger black hexagon tiles on the walls with white grout provide a beautiful and stunning design statement. The black hexagon tile bathroom backsplash looks stylish in both glossy and matte finishes.

ID# 142325 | – Credit© TK Design KITCHENS | BATHROOMS | INTERIORS

Black Hexagon Tile Bathroom Backsplash with a Dark Blue Floating Vanity

The black elongated hexagon or picket tiles are placed horizontally to create visual interest in the bathroom. This look is accentuated by the pop of dark blue color. The flat-panel floating vanity is enlightened by gray wall tiles and white countertops with a white vessel sink. The round mirror creates a contrasting look to the picket tile backsplash in terms of geometry.

ID# 142326 | – Credit© Casa Perfecta Inc

Contemporary Design with a White Wall-Mounted Sink and Black Accents

The black hexagon tile bathroom backsplash wall draws attention creating a contrasting look with the white bathroom design components. The white wall-mounted sink keeps it simple while the backsplash tiles stand out with texture thanks to their small size and white grout. Black accents bring a matching look to the black hexagon tiles.

Black Herringbone Tile Bathroom Backsplash

Herringbone, or fishbone-inspired, the pattern is used to arrange rectangular subway tiles made of ceramic, glass, porcelain, metal, and natural stones. A small change to the conventional rectangular tiles might have a significant effect and provide a distinctive focal point for bathrooms. Depending on the material, herringbone goes well with both traditional and contemporary design aesthetics. You may make a bold statement in your bathroom with a refined appeal by using a black herringbone tile bathroom backsplash.
White and marble herringbone backsplash tiles are classic options for bathrooms. Yes, they are attractive and timeless, but if you’re looking for something different, check out these lovely designs for black herringbone tile bathroom backsplash. Consider the possibilities of black if your cabinets are all the same color or if you want to add some drama or texture to your bathrooms.

ID# 142327 | – Credit© Studio Black Interiors

Black Herringbone Tile Bathroom Backsplash with White Countertops and Wood Cabinets

The herringbone layout of the subway tiles provides movement to the bathroom and adds a sophisticated modernism with its matte black surface. The white countertops and white vessel sinks increase the contrasting look while matching the white grout of the black backsplash tiles. The wood vanity has a sleek design look and adds a warm atmosphere to the bathroom.

ID# 142328 | – Credit© Luke Zeme Photography

Double Sink Wooden Vanity Design for a Contemporary Style

The curved wood finish of the double sink floating vanity softens the sharp geometry of the contemporary design bathroom. The black herringbone tile bathroom backsplash adds texture and contrast to the curvy edges. The beige floor and wall tiles harmonize with the wooden vanity design providing a unified appeal.

ID# 142329 | – Credit© Thorpe Concepts

Transitional Design with a Black Herringbone Tile Bathroom Backsplash and Wood Vanity Design

The brass accents and the black herringbone tile bathroom backsplash wall create such an elegant and eye-catchy look. The medium-tone wood vanity design and white integrated sink countertops complement each other adding natural harmony to the bathroom. The light floor tiles emphasize the vanity and black backsplash wall.

Black Chevron Tile Bathroom Backsplash

There are almost as many alternatives for black bathroom backsplash patterns as there are for backsplash tiles. Fortunately, the pattern should be simpler to follow once you’ve decided on your tile or tiles. The chevron layout tile backsplash design is one of the backsplash pattern options. The chevron pattern produces a symmetrical zigzag pattern. Similar to the herringbone, it is composed of two similar rectangular tile blocks that come together at each point. However, a diagonal cut at the edge of each rectangle allows for the creation of a continuous zigzag pattern as opposed to a staggered one. You can use a black chevron tile bathroom backsplash from all the alternatives to bring a sophisticated appeal.

The chevron pattern is a vivid, current, and eye-catching pattern that was made famous by fashion houses like Missoni in the 1950s and 1960s. These days, it gives interior spaces a modern, dynamic look and is commonly used with vivid colors, such as black, to produce eye-catching designs. Since it is a little trickier to install, the black chevron tile bathroom backsplash design is often offered as an integrated pattern. Although it is doable to install, expert accuracy is necessary when shaping and positioning the tile to ensure the design is symmetrical and properly placed.

ID# 142330 | – Credit© House of Hues Interiors

Scandinavian Design with a Black Chevron Tile Bathroom Backsplash And White Vanity

If you will use black color in your bathroom, always add white contrast. There is a reason that white and black colors create a perfect design looks with their contrast. The patterned floor tiles emphasize the vanity while the black chevron tile bathroom backsplash creates a striking contrast with it while adding a contemporary pattern to the bathroom.

ID# 142331 | – Credit© Kendall Ansell Interiors

Contemporary Design with Light Wood Flat-Panel Vanity and White Countertops

The light wood flat-panel cabinets of the vanity and the black hardware provide an eye-catchy contrast. The black chevron tiles draw attention with their stylish zig-zags. The white countertops and under-mount sink keep the simplicity of the bathroom vanity design alive. This bathroom has such a stylish minimalistic design look.

What color vanity goes with a black bathroom backsplash?

When you have a black backsplash in your bathroom, a white vanity is the first design option that comes to mind. The classic black-and-white contrast fills the bathroom with a modern appeal. However, wood texture is one of the perfect alternatives you can use for a vanity with a black backsplash in your bathroom design. Then comes, beige, dark blue, or gray vanity designs. A black vanity design with a black backsplash is the last choice you can use, do not afraid, the room will have a contemporary and mysterious serenity.

ID# 142332 | – Credit© Studio Black Interiors

Black Chevron Tile Bathroom Backsplash with a White Floating Vanity

The black tiles of the bathroom surround the white flat-panel floating vanity design adding a stylish contrast. Thanks to the black wall and floor tiles the simplicity of the white floating vanity stands out with a contemporary design look. The black chevron tile bathroom backsplash brings movement with a minimalistic design appeal.

Black Penny Tile Bathroom Backsplash

In search of an eye-catching design for your bathroom backsplash ideas? A black penny tile bathroom backsplash design can be your finest choice. These little tiles offer the rooms a lovely texture and raise their aesthetic value. Unlike white subway tiles, a black penny tile bathroom backsplash may not be the most popular option for bathroom backsplashes, but that is precisely why it is an intriguing idea to stand out in the current tile market. Because of their delicate texture, you may use these tiles to create a timeless and fashionable bathroom.

Stylish, audacious, and lovely! Without a doubt, black has a unique aspect that may drastically change the atmosphere of a place. Adding white grout to your black penny tile bathroom backsplash will help to further this stunning appeal. This sharp contrast will give your backsplash a distinctive and fascinating appearance. Let’s look at some chic and lovely backsplash options for a bathroom with black penny tiles!

ID# 142333 | – Credit© Croma Design Inc.

Wood Vanity with Black Wall Tiles and Round Mirror

The black penny tile backsplash is the only design element that draws all the attention with its texture. The penny tile pattern provides movement and elegant appeal to the bathroom. The white walls, toilet, and countertops create a contrasting look with those tiles increasing the modern design look of the bathroom.

ID# 142334 | – Credit© Andrew Child Architecture

Dynamic Appeal with the Floor and Wall Tiles

The tiny penny tiles add movement and dynamic appeal to the bathroom. The floor tiles expand as a backsplash wall creating a unified appeal. The wood niche brings a natural atmosphere and harmonizes with the brass accents stylishly.

ID# 142335 | – Credit© Muti Kitchen & Bath

Modern Design with a Wood Freestanding Vanity and Gold Details

The dark wood round freestanding vanity and white sink create a gorgeous harmony with the black penny tiles. The black penny tiles and their white grout create texture and depth to this modern bathroom. The black floor tiles harmonize with the pennhy tile wall creating a contrast to the white design components of the bathroom.

Black Mosaic Tile Bathroom Backsplash

Mosaic tile is one of the most popular options for creating a gorgeous, contemporary bathroom backsplash. There are many stunning tile selections that are sure to wow whether you’re building a new backsplash or remodeling an old one. Black is one of the prominent colors for the bathroom backsplash made of mosaic tiles. The black mosaic tile bathroom backsplash is beautiful and inspiring. These tiles stand out in any bathroom because of their ability to create depth and movement wherever they are used. If you want to add some drama with a stark contrast to your white cabinets, a black mosaic tile bathroom backsplash would be a terrific accent.
A chic and contemporary option is lovely black mosaic tiles. The right bathroom cabinets and black mosaic tile bathroom backsplash designs are far from being dark and dreary, and they offer a great background for bathroom interior design that makes the color pop.

ID# 142336 | – Credit© BiglarKinyan Design Planning Inc.

Black Mosaic Tile Bathroom Backsplash with Black Countertops

The glitter fills the entire bathroom thanks to the black mosaic tile backsplash. The black countertops complement the black backsplash while the white cabinets provide a contrasting look with them and the black hardware. The white sink joins the white cabinets. The frameless mirror adds visual illusion to the black mosaic tile accent wall.

ID# 142338 | – Credit© Beachwood

Eclectic Design with Wood Countertops and Stone Vessel Sink

While the wood countertop design with a stone-look vessel sink draws attention, the matte black mosaic tiles complement them with a contemporary touch. The small square tiles of the mosaic backsplash bring movement to this eclectic bathroom with a minimalistic design look.

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