Modern Bathroom Backsplash Sleek and Plain Appeals as a Backdrop


ID# 132501 | – Credit© Hemma Interiors

Light Gray Modern Bathroom Backsplash and White Countertops

The biggest advantage of wall-mounted vanities is that you can easily clean the floors. Having a modern appeal is a plus. The vertical-lined patterns of the backsplash ceramics make the interior look higher. The white countertops framing the wood cabinets add a modern appeal with the mirrors. The rounded corners of the mirrors soften the geometrical look and put a stylish look to the atmosphere.

ID# 132525 | – Credit© QuarterLab Design Build

Wood Flat Panels and Black Hardware with Wood Frames and Gray Harmony

Thanks to the gray wood backsplash the light wood frame mirror and the floating vanity have a striking look. With the contrast of the white countertop and the black faucets, the stylish look pushes the limits. It is a good idea to use black hardware to increase the movement of the interior.

Modern Bathroom Backsplash

Like other rooms of the house, bathrooms are one of the places that excite us about design. Bathrooms are the areas where we rest with long showers and sometimes prepare in a hurry, so it is understandable to want them beautifully designed. Backsplashes are one of the design elements for the bathrooms. They can protect your walls from water splashes as the kitchen backsplashes. If you like simple and plain designs a modern bathroom backsplash is a perfect fit.

You can achieve stylish and sleek looks with a modern bathroom backsplash. You can use bold colors or neutral colors. It is possible to have sharp contrasts between the colors. The materials also can change the atmosphere, the wood materials can add warmth, the stone can bring a natural aspect. You can choose many colors of materials for modern bathroom backsplash ideas according to your design style and taste.

The Gray and Wood Harmony with Mirrors

Thanks to the gray stone tiles, the wooden cabinets have a natural look. The thick countertop makes a difference for the vanity design. You can use full-height mirrors to create an illusion and add depth to the interior. The white ceiling and the gray floors with the walls bring a bright look to the bathroom.

ID# 132503 | – Credit© Robeson Architects

Modern Bathroom Backsplash with a White Vanity and Wood Cabinets

If you like to push the limits, having a bathroom vanity without a mirror is one of the alternatives. You can highlight the modern bathroom backsplash and the vanity itself by doing this. Gray and the light wood color have a soft contrast with a stylish harmony. Thanks to the gray color the white vanity and the wood cabinets stand out more.

Modern Mosaic Tiles

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Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

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Modern shape white elegant honed finish marble mosaic tile

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Modern beige long porcelain mosaic kitchen and bathroom mosaic

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Modern look white marble, elegant honed finish mosaic tile

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Modern chevron backsplash tile, white gray brown color mixed chevron tile

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ID# 132504 | – Credit© Eric Meglasson, Architect

Modern Bathroom Backsplash and Elipse Mirrors with Wood Cabinets

The minimalist design elements bring such a stylish and elegant look to the bathroom. The wood cabinets add warmth and the white modern backsplash bring movement to the walls with their lovely patterns. You can have pendant lighting fixtures for the illumination of the bathroom to make a difference. The light wood cabinets and the white countertops put a chic look with their harmony.

ID# 132505 | – Credit© BLD Homes

White Hexagon Tiles and Black Frame Mirror with a Wood Vanity

The more simple the more stylish look you can get, as in this bathroom. If you do not want to have a countertop you can use the upper surface of the vanity. The vessel sinks bring an elegant look with their round shape. The only movement comes from the white hexagon tile backsplash which covers the entire wall. The dark grout of the hex tiles emphasizes the beautiful pattern. The black frames and the black faucets contrast to these tiles put a stylish look.

ID# 132506 | – Credit© Elite Custom Homes

White Modern Bathroom Backsplash with a Thick Countertop and Black Decors

The black decors, faucet, open shelving contrast to white modern backsplash wall strikes with elegance. Also, the vertical layout of the white subway tile backsplash enhances modernity. The wood floating shelve brings a warm look and the thick stone countertop joins this look with its naturality. White ceramics have a minimalistic design look and increase the modern appeal of the bathroom.

ID# 132507 | – Credit© Imperial Kitchens

Elongated Elipse Mirrors and Wooden Vanity with White Quartz Countertop

The white color hues and the wood textures bring such a stylish harmony. The white Corian quartz countertop and the white bathroom sink match together adding harmony with the white backsplash. Using wall-mounted black faucets contrasts with the white backsplash and brings a little movement. The mirrors are simple which increases the plain look of the bathroom.

ID# 132508 | – Credit© Platinum Homes

Geometrical Patterns of Modern Bathroom Backsplash and White Vanity with Black Ceramic Floors

Thanks to the black hexagon tile ceramic floors and the white vanity, the backsplash’s black and white geometrical patterns stand out. Also, the black and white tile backsplash provides an eye-catching backdrop. You may like to use brass wall lighting fixtures, hardware, and faucets the luxury look will come to life. The white surrounding and the black floors add a stylish contrast to the bathroom.

ID# 132509 | – Credit© Moodesignz

White Hexagon Modern Bathroom Backsplash with Wall Mounted Vanity

If you like to play with patterns, this bathroom backsplash is a perfect inspiration for you! The simple but cleverly designed wall-mounted vanity and the circle mirror blend with the hexagon tile backsplash. A horizontally applied wood cabinet creates harmony with the black parts of the vanity. It is a beautiful choice to use a black faucet to have a contrast.

Tile Materials for Modern Bathroom Backsplash

Since the technology provides many tile material options, you can lose yourself in this endless alternative sea. Tile materials for modern bathroom backsplashes can change many things such as bringing a warm look or natural atmosphere. You can choose some of the tile materials for a modern bathroom backsplash such as marble, ceramic, or wood tiles and surfaces. Modern design style can help you to create simple lines and go with geometrical shapes with a sleek look. Their durability and maintenance are other facts that you should think about. According to these criteria, you can choose your materials.

Modern Marble Bathroom Backsplash

Marble backsplashes can provide durability and are heat resistant. The ability to be visually appealing is a plus. They offer elegance for the bathrooms and the natural look of these stone materials brings a stylish appeal. They are available in many forms such as slabs or tiles. With these, you can create simple and stylish views with a modern marble bathroom backsplash.

ID# 132510 | – Credit© Chamberlain Architects

Black and White Contrast for a Minimalist Design Style Bathroom

The white marble countertop and the backsplash create a seamless view. The black pendant lighting fixtures add a sophisticated look with the black frames of the mirror. The under-mount sinks keep the integrity of the countertop and do not break the seamless view. You can match the countertops and backsplash with the floors.

ID# 132511 | – Credit© Michael Fogarty Building Design

Gold Sanitary Fittings and Modern Marble Bathroom Backsplash with Gray Countertops

If you like to have a focal point for your bathroom vanities, it is a great idea to use a thick marble countertop with a marble backsplash. By doing this you can have integrity and a focal point. The gold sanitary fittings add luxurious a look with the gray marble textures. The wood cabinets also have a pleasant harmony with the gold sanitary fittings. White tiles for the floors and the walls make the interior bright and fresh. The elongated ellipse mirror softens the sharp rectangular designs

Hexagon Mosaic Tiles

Blue & gray hexagon glass & marble mix mosaic tile.

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Hex glossy glass tile with gray veins.

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White Marble Small Picket Design Backsplash Mosaic Tile

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Picket Design Rusty brown & gray slate mosaic backsplash tile

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White Hexagon Marble Look Glass Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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ID# 132512 | – Credit© Nexus Designs

Floating Vanity with Brown Floors and Mirror

Thanks to the mirrors this bathroom gets an illusion and depth. Brown floors emphasize the white marble floating vanity and the backsplash stylishly. Using wall-mounted chrome faucets brings a monochromatic look with the white marble textures. The simplicity creates a chic and elegant look for this bathroom.

ID# 132513 | – Credit© Interior Fox

Modern Marble Bathroom Backsplash and Hexagon Patterns with Wood Vanity

Such a bright and lively look! The brass surfaces create an amazing atmosphere with the light gray hexagon marble tiles. This backsplash tile is also used on the shower wall which creates harmony. The wood vanity with white marble countertops put an elegant look and the brass surfaces join this look, too. The wooden cabinets and the brass have a sleek look together.

How do I choose the bathroom backsplash?

It is necessary to follow a few steps to choose the bathroom backsplash. First of all, by determining your design taste and which design style you will go with, you will reduce the endless sea of options a little bit. After deciding on these, the second most important thing is the circulation area in the bathroom. So, what will be where? Do you want to see the toilet door or the shower when you enter the bathroom? Or the bathroom counter? The tile sizes will change according to space planning and the storage that you will need for the bathroom.

Do you need to use large cabinets or drawers, or do you want to use only a countertop? Whatever color tone and material you have decided to go with, you are now ready to decide on the bathroom tiles. If you want to create a focal point, then you can use a sharp contrast, if you want harmony you can use natural elements with neutral colors. The backsplash can be any material and color but firstly you should think about these steps to decide.

ID# 132514 | – Credit© Jonathan Williams Luxury Kitchens

The Harmony of the Brass and Light Gray for a Contemporary Bathroom

Can not keep your eyes off the arched top beveled edge tilt mirror! The brass surfaces add a luxurious look with the white marble countertop and the backsplash. Arched handles and the arched edges of the mirrors soften the interior. Using pendant lighting fixtures brings movement to the walls.

ID# 132515 | – Credit© .garcia designs

Modern Marble Bathroom Backsplash with White Countertops

The black frames contrast to gray marble backsplash and white vanity. The brass details of the vanity designed as handles and sanitary fittings bring a luxurious look with the wall lighting fixtures. The marble tiles placed horizontally help the bathroom look wider. The vertical lines of the vanity panels create a contrast to marble backsplash with their lines.

ID# 132516 | – Credit© Alpha Granite

Geometrical Contrast with Shapes for a Modern Design Style

It is clever to use geometrical shapes in contrast to each other! The round mirrors, trough sink, and the other rectangular design elements create movement, too. The marble backsplash wall and the shower wall create a beautiful match together. This cohesive look increases the stylish and simple view.

Pink Cabinets for a Vanity and Modern Marble Bathroom Backsplash

The brass is used with white and blue hues, normally. However, the pink and brass harmony looks amazing! The white marble backsplash and the countertop take the sleek look to the next level. The circle mirrors, knob handles, and wall lighting fixtures put a matching look in terms of geometry. Thanks to the white walls and the light color floor tiles the pink vanity stands out stylishly.

Modern Ceramic Bathroom Backsplash

Ceramic materials can offer strength, aesthetic look, and durability. Since the ceramic material is the most famous for floors, walls, and backsplashes of the bathrooms, you can create an endless combination with a modern ceramic bathroom backsplash. Dozens of color and pattern alternatives can help you to find your perfect design. Bright or dark, airy or serene, the ceramic material can create such atmospheres.

ID# 132518 | – Credit© Some Studio

Modern Ceramic Bathroom Backsplash with Wall-Mount Sink and a Wall Niche

The wall-to-wall mirror creates an illusion and adds depth to the bathroom. If you do not want to use cabinets and countertops, a wall-mount sink is a good alternative. The light gray tile floors and the white ceramic walls create a sleek harmony together. Thanks to the wall niche and the white wall ceramics the bathroom has movement. The chrome sanitary fittings join the sleek look.

ID# 132519 | – Credit© Compound Concrete

White and Black Contrast for a Stylish Bathroom

The simplicity can create amazing looks for the interiors. The contrast of the white and black ceramics brings elegance and increases the sleek look of the simplicity. The black frame of the circular mirror and the white backsplash ceramics add a striking visuality. Using a black wall-mount sink keep the plain look. Thanks to the black floors the white ceramic backsplash wall and the mirror stand out more.

ID# 132520 | – Credit© Marble Builder Direct

Wood Cabinets and Modern Ceramic Bathroom Backsplash with Green and White Colors

The freshness and the naturality are created by the green ceramic backsplash and white walls with the floors. The white countertop with the wood floating vanity looks simple and stylish. You can complete the wood textures with brass sanitary sittings. The frameless square mirrors keep the simplicity and increase the stylish look.

ID# 132521 | – Credit© CG&S Design-Build

Wood Flat-Panel Cabinets and a White Single-Sink With Wood Frame Mirrors

This bathroom can make you feel at home. The wood flat panel cabinets, the carpet, the wood frame mirrors bring warmth and an inviting look. Thanks to the white ceramic backsplash the built-in vanity can stand out more. It is a good choice to use brown tile floors to create harmony with the wood cabinets. The white single-sink helps this vanity to keep its stylish look with simplicity.

ID# 132522 | – Credit© Студия Enjoy Home

Floating Vanity with Modern Ceramic Bathroom Backsplash with a Wallpaper

The bright and lively look of this bathroom comes from the colorful wallpapers and multicolored floors. Modernity does not mean using only simple colors, you can use lively design elements to bring an interior alive. The gray ceramic backsplash and the brass hardware put harmony with the wood flat panel drawers. If you want to increase this harmony, the brass frame mirror is a good alternative.

Modern Wood Bathroom Backsplash

You do not have to use tiles for a backsplash, there are other alternatives such as using wall paint or wood backsplash! If you like the modern design style you can go with a modern wood bathroom backsplash. It is possible to use painted wood backsplash or original wood patterns for the backsplash. If they are properly sealed and maintained, they can help you to create modern and natural looks for the bathrooms. A wood backsplash is a perfect material for do-it-yourself projects. You need a few working types of equipment to make your design!

ID# 132523 | – Credit© Marianne Simon Design

Modern Wood Bathroom Backsplash with White Cabinets and Brass Hardware

The white color hues are used cleverly in this master bathroom design. You can see such stylish hues creating a beautiful harmony with the brass hardware and sanitary fittings. The black mirrors and the black accentuated wall lighting fixtures create contrast with the white vanity and white wood backsplash. Thanks to the vertically placed walls, the bathroom has a wider look. You can brighten up your bathroom with these kinds of details.

ID# 132524 | – Credit© NEST Design Group

A Sophisticated Place with a Gray Floating Vanity and a Vessel Sink

The gray floating vanity pops up from the wood backsplash wall. The wood and gray harmony always bring a warm look to an interior. The brass mirror and the pendant lighting fixtures bring a sophisticated appeal. Thanks to the brass surface and the wood harmony you can feel the sleek look.

Tile Styles for Modern Bathroom Backsplash

The first thing to design a place is to know which design style you will go with. If you are certain about this, the second phase is to decide what colors you will be using. Tile styles for modern bathroom backsplash can be in any color which is parallel to your design taste. It is possible to create contrasts, harmonious looks, natural views.

You can use white with wood vanities to have a warm and inviting atmosphere, the blue is helpful when you want a fresh look, the black can be a creator for a masculine and serene view, gray can add a sleek look with brass materials.

Modern White Bathroom Backsplash

Sometimes bold colors can fade in time according to design trends. However, white is a timeless and neutral color that you can use anytime and with any material and color. You can use a modern white bathroom backsplash with wood vanities, or create contrast with black materials. If you have a small space it is better to use white color thanks to its bright look the space will have a wider and spacious look.

ID# 132526 | – Credit© Architect George

Modern White Bathroom Backsplash with Wood Vanity and White Countertop

The minimalist design of the tiles and the wood vanity brings a beautiful movement to the interior. Thanks to the white bathroom backsplash with the white walls the daylight spread through the windows and brightens up the bathroom. You can use a darker color to emphasize the walls and the vanity. The frameless mirror creates an illusion and brings depth to the bathroom.

ID# 132527 | – Credit© Home, Made

White Heaven for a Bathroom with Minimalistic Touches

The simplicity can create many visual effects for an interior. The white color hues that are used for the bathroom create a striking look with a sleek appeal. Thanks to the white backsplash and the white environment the circular mirror stans out with its wooden frame. It is possible to say that the mirror and the white backsplash bring a little movement to the bathroom.

ID# 132528 | – Credit© Allaround Lab

Black Floating Vanity and Modern White Bathroom Backsplash

The sharp contrast of the white and black is softened by the wooden floors. This brings also warmth a lively look. The black flat panel cabinets and the countertop have integrity and can stand in front of the white bathroom backsplash. You can use frameless mirrors to keep the simple look alive.

Are 4-inch backsplashes outdated?

A 4-inch backsplash is a budget-friendly solution for the countertops, so anyone may want to use it. According to this, they will be always timeless. However, trends and styles change, materials change, so if they are used extraordinarily with new materials and modern styles, they can not be outdated. On the other hand, if they are used in a normal way they will be always outdated.

ID# 132529 | – Credit© Cooper Build

Modern White Bathroom Backsplash with a Niche and a Stand Alone Sink

The stand-alone sink is unquestionably brilliant! The black vertical rods of the sink create a contrast to the white backsplash and gray wall tiles. The pendant black frame mirror and the black bathroom shelves of the niche join this contrast with their simple looks. The bathroom decor on the shelves adds visual interest to the space. The white backsplash has a unique pattern that adds movement to the interior.

ID# 132530 | – Credit© La Valise Rouge

White Solid Surface Countertops and Green Vessel Sinks with Black Details

The white fish scale tile backsplash creates an otherworldly beauty to the interior. Their sophisticated look increases the chic appeal of the vanity design. You can add color to black and white contrast, as in this bathroom. The black frame mirrors, black faucets, the black vertical rods of the vanity put contrast to the white backsplash. The dark green vessel sinks colorize the interior and increase the stylish look.

Modern Blue Bathroom Backsplash

Blue is the color of freshness, sea, and sky, it refers to peace and purity. You can combine them with wooden surfaces which brings an amazing view. The stone materials such as white marble or granite will be perfect fits with the blue backsplash. If you like an eye-catchy look for your bathrooms, you can use a modern blue bathroom backsplash. The serenity and energy can be both in the same area!

ID# 132531 | – Credit© Mary-Beth Oliver

Modern Blue Bathroom Backsplash and Wood Wall-Mount Vanity with White Countertops

You can use dark colors with a glossy surface! The dark blue porcelain tile backsplash draws all the attention, it creates depth with the mirrors and it joins the luminous atmosphere. The white countertop draws a straight vertical line and emphasizes the wood flat panel cabinet vanity. The black hardware put a contrasted sleek look to the wooden surfaces.

ID# 132532 | – Credit© VIRSTAK Design

Liven Up Your Bathroom with Lİgthing Fixtures and Simple Designs

The blue chevron tile backsplash and the wood flat panel cabinets add a stylish and modern look, of course. The circular mirrors create a contrast to the patterns of the chevron tiles. They look like portals on the wall. The white countertop and the white flat panels match each other horizontally. Thanks to the spotlights and the pendant lighting fixture the backsplash draws all the attention.

ID# 132533 | – Credit© Naibu Design

Wood Wall-Mount Vanity and Modern Blue Bathroom Backsplash

The brass frame ellipse mirror and the blue bathroom backsplash create a stylish look with harmony. You can increase the harmony by using light wood vanity. It is a good idea to have a wood countertop to keep the integrity of the cabinets. The white vessel sink and brass faucet also bring a luxurious look to the bathroom design.

ID# 132534 | – Credit© Fireclay Tile

An Elongated Ellipse Mirror and Wood Cabinets with White Single Sink Countertop

The black details add a stylish look to the bathroom. The black hardware and the wood complete each other while the black wall lighting fixtures contrast to the white wall and bring movement. The other black features like the black sanitary fittings also join these black details and complete the stylish look. The hexagon tile floors and the white walls brighten up the interior. The vertical subway tiles keep this bright and fresh appeal.

Modern Gray Bathroom Backsplash

If you like a sense of calm and conformity gray can provide them with a warm look. The hues of the gray color can change any atmosphere with a different meaning, lighter gray tones can bring a fresh and stylish look, darker tones can add serious, warm, neutrality. These depend on the materials that you will combine with gray color. You can use a modern gray bathroom backsplash with wood countertops which can provide a Scandinavian appeal, or you can use a dark gray backsplash with white marble countertops or white vanities to create a sleek and smooth contrast.

ID# 132535 | – Credit© Mirabuild

Modern Gray Bathroom Backsplash with a Circular Mirror and One Piece Pedestal Sink

The minimalistic patterns of the gray ceramic and their harmony to the white pedestal sink. The frameless circular mirror puts depth and stands harmoniously on the wall. Using a wall-mount faucet keeps the simplicity. Chrome materials blend in the gray atmosphere of the bathroom.

ID# 132536 | – Credit© Dalecki Design

Black Frame Circular Mirrors and Dark Wood Flat Panel Cabinets

Thanks to the light gray ceramic walls the dark wood flat panel cabinets of the vanity stand out. The black frames of the mirrors join the dark color usage and create a masculine look. The white countertop and the white vessel sinks bring contrast to dark cabinets. You can use a darker tone of the wall ceramic for the floors to create a monochromatic look.

ID# 132537 | – Credit© Lichelle Silvestry Interiors

Modern Gray Bathroom Backsplash with Light Wood Cabinets and Brass Sanitary Fittings

The light gray color of the rectangular tiles creates a soft elegance with the light wood flat panel cabinets. For more luxury, you can add brass sanitary fittings and brass frames for the mirrors. The floating vanity cabinet keeps its stylish look harmonizing with the light gray modern bathroom backsplash.

What backsplash is out of style?

Since fashion harmonizes the old with the new, the design styles can do the same. However, there are some out-of-style backsplashes such as 4” classical granite backsplashes, the all-around tiles, old-style glass backsplashes, neutral mosaic tiles, etc. The technology and the design industry offer new designs, always. The new patterns are winning ones, so you can use all-around tiles if you want, but you can not find the 2012 product. They do not sell it anymore, so you can create a new twist to out-of-style looks.

ID# 132538 | – Credit© Hummel Custom Carpentry and Remodeling

A Scandinavian Look with Light Wood Cabinets and Black Lighting Fixtures

The matte black color surfaces increase the stylish look with their contrast to white surfaces. Completing the white walls with light wood cabinet vanity helps the bathroom interior to have a brighter atmosphere. You can match the wood cabinets with brass details. White countertops and the light gray backsplash create a cohesive look.

ID# 132539 | – Credit© Bryant Alsop Architects

Gray Modern Bathroom Backsplash with a Wall-Mount Single Sink and Black Faucet

The elongated ellipse mirror has a gray frame which completes the gray modern backsplash with harmony. The white wall-mount single sink adds minimalistic contrast with the black hoop of the sink and the black faucet. Thanks to the monochromatic color transition between white and gray the sink and the mirror create a simple and stylish look.

ID# 132540 | – Credit© Norman Design Group, Inc.

Multicolored Floor Tiles and Double-Sink Bathroom with Wood Shaker Cabinets

If you like to have a warm and intimate atmosphere for your bathrooms you can use wood shaker cabinets with white countertops and black hardware. This is a simple and stylish approach for a familiar bathroom design. The multicolored floor tiles bring a sleek movement to the interior. The double-sink countertop and the thin frame mirrors create a chic harmony together. You can use a gray herringbone tile backsplash to complete the white countertop.

Modern Black Bathroom Backsplash

Black is a bold color that you can create stunning views with it. The dramatic and strong style statement of the black can bring a sophisticated look to your bathrooms. A modern black bathroom backsplash can create sharp contrasts with white, you can accentuate it with gold elements and bring a luxurious look. Black is one of the timeless colors that you can use always. With a modern black bathroom backsplash, you can achieve a stylish and sophisticated look.

ID# 132541 | – Credit© Oblik3D

Modern Black Bathroom Backsplash and Floors with White Floating Vanity

The gray walls, the black floors, and the black backsplash create a stylish serenity together. Thanks to the dark background, the white floating vanity stands out. The high gloss cabinets bring a depth with the mirrors. A very simple and sleek look has been designed for this bathroom.

ID# 132542 | – Credit© Brákara Design

Black Frame Circular Mirror and Black Vanity with Black Iron

If you like a noble and masculine look you can use a black backsplash for vanity to create a focal point. Thanks to the white floors and the walls the only eye-catchy design element is the black ceramic backsplash wall. Then The black vessel sink, black sanitary fittings with black irons of the vanity follow the black design style.

Geometric Mosaic Tiles

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Blue & gray hexagon glass & marble mix mosaic tile.

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Multi Color Marble Diamond Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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Modern shape white elegant honed finish marble mosaic tile

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White Marble Small Picket Design Backsplash Mosaic Tile

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Picket Design Rusty brown & gray slate mosaic backsplash tile

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White Hexagon Marble Look Glass Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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Modern look white marble, elegant honed finish mosaic tile

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Modern look white square white marble mosaic tile for kitchen and bathroom projects.

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ID# 132543 | – Credit© Masellis Designs

Light Wood Flat Panel Cabinets and Modern Black Bathroom Backsplash with Brass

You may hesitate to use black backsplash for your bathrooms, since it may cause a darker atmosphere but do not hesitate. As in this bathroom, the black backsplash with the wood vanity and white countertops create a bright and vibrant look. To add more luxury you can use brass lighting fixtures for the walls and the brass frame mirror. The black handles complete the black bathroom backsplash and bring harmony.

ID# 132544 | – Credit© Interior Design Alchemy

Hexagon Tiles with Wood Cabinets and Double-Sink White Countertops

The wood cabinets and the white double-sink countertops create an amazing harmony together. You may want to emphasize the vanity backsplash, if so, it is a good choice to use a black hexagon tile backsplash for the vanity. Having brass details such as wall lighting fixtures of the frames of the mirrors can increase the luxurious look. The white ceramic floors and the white walls highlight the wood vanity and its black backsplash.

What backsplash looks modern?

Simple and plain backsplashes are always modern and can help you to gain a stylish look.

ID# 132545 | – Credit© Vanessa Wegner Architect

Modern Black Bathroom Backsplash and Wood Countertops with a Console Sink

There is a luxurious view in this bathroom thanks to the wood countertops and the black backsplash. The black and wood harmony brings a sleek appeal. You can finish the edges of the black tiles with a wooden line to create a matching look with the countertops. A simple and stylish look comes alive in this bathroom.

ID# 132546 | – Credit© Quadrant Design Architects

White Countertops with a Vessel Sink and Brass Details

It is a good choice to use a black frame circular mirror on the black chevron tile backsplash wall. They combine each other stylishly. The white countertops and the white sink have a bright look thanks to the black backsplash. The wood flat panel cabinets keep harmony. The brass handles and the faucet increase the luxury in the bathroom.

ID# 132531 | – Credit© Ioanna Lennox Interiors

Modern Black Bathroom Backsplash and White Marble Countertops

The black tiles of the backsplash wall look amazing with their patterns. The vertical lines create a contrast to the circular brass frame mirror that brings a style to the bathroom. Using white marble countertops is a stylish choice to create a focal point. The chrome legs of the vanity and the sanitary fittings have a sleek harmony with the gray veins of the countertops.

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