Glass Subway Backsplash – Timeless Elegance with Glamorous Appeal

15+ Glass Subway Backsplash

Black Countertop Green Unique Glass Subway Beveled Glass Backsplash Tile BA8013

ID# 180301 – Product BA8013 – Green Glass Subway Backsplash Tile

Green Glass Subway Backsplash with Black Granite Countertops

Wow… If you are looking for a statement maker backsplash design, that might be the one! This glass subway tile backsplash adorned with gorgeous shades of green adds a captivating perspective. With its unique textures that are the reminiscence of precious gemstones and beveled edges, this mosaic offers coastal beauty with a touch of opulence. Black granite countertops are the perfect choice to complement this dazzling look. The gray shaker cabinets provide a sleek and elegant foundation for the eye-catching textures of the backsplash and countertops!

White Quartz Countertop Blue Subway Tile BA8002

ID# 180310 – Product BA8002 – Blue & Beige Glass Subway Backsplash Tile

Two-tone Kitchen Cabinets with Multicolored Subway Tiles

White, wood, and a touch of blue. This contemporary kitchen gives some beachy vibes with its well-chosen color palette. The wooden base cabinets occupy a good amount of space, layering the kitchen with warmth and texture. While the beige hues of the subway tiles complement this warm sense, the blue color transitions add serenity to the space. The white countertops and the white glass-fronted upper cabinets enlighten the room with their clean and bright appeal.

Glass Subway Backsplash

Having originated in the 1900s in England and originally used in metro stations, subway tiles have been part of our lives since then. From wall cladding for metro stations, these tiles got transported to interiors and started to become a preferable option for fireplace surrounds, pool designs, bathroom walls, and kitchen backsplashes. Subway tiles come in a wide variety of materials, like marble, ceramic, or metal, and one of them is a glass subway backsplash that comes with a glamorous look, adding a luminous effect. Environmentally conscious and recyclable, glass subway tile backsplash designs have a high aesthetic value on the overall look. Thanks to their translucent structure and glossy finish, these tiles can engage with natural light effortlessly and make the space feel larger.

Perfect Combination of Timeless Elegance and Dazzling Appeal: Glass Subway Tile Backsplash Ideas

In addition to their aesthetic benefits, glass subway tiles are also easy to maintain and clean. Due to their non-porous nature, these glass tiles don’t require sealing, unlike natural stones. So, if you don’t feel adventurous enough and prefer to play safe but still want to create a timeless elegance with a glamorous appeal, a glass subway backsplash can provide a new outfit for your kitchen. To familiarize yourself with some examples, here we have gathered inspiring kitchen designs to show the importance of choosing glass subway tile backsplashes!

Best Seller Mosaic Tiles

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3 BA8005

ID# 180302 – Product BA8005 – Blue & Gray Metallic Glass Subway Backsplash Tile

Modern White Cabinets with White Countertops and Blue Backsplash

The soothing design of the glass subway tile backsplash bottles up enough character and interest to this contemporary kitchen. Featuring white cabinets and white quartz countertops, this kitchen makes an unexpected twist with the blue backsplash. Adorned by gorgeous blue and gray textures, these glass tiles come with a beautiful sheen without feeling over the top. The plain appeal of the cabinets and countertops allows the backsplash tiles to be the star of the show.

How to install a glass subway tile backsplash?

Before the installation process, first, you need to prepare the area. Clean the wall surface and make sure that there is no bump. If there is any, you can use sandpaper to flatten the wall. Once you clean the wall space, remove the dust with a soft cloth.

The second is to get a cardboard of the same size as the backsplash area or it could be any material which can be able to take proportionate weight of the tiles. You can place tiles here to check out how they fit. This is also good because you will know how many have to be cut for the outside/corner edge tiles. What else you can do is draft an electric layout on the cardboard and then arrange the tiles based on the scheme. If a few tiles need to be cut, a simple glass tile will be enough.


Now after you cut the tiles, it is time to spread the adhesive or mortar. Then press the tiles on the mortar. In order to make sure that the gaps are of equal size use the spacers. After that is completed and the mortar is totally cured, you can remove the spacers. The next task is to fill the spaces using a grout float. When you are embedding the grout just cross the float at 45 degrees and keep an eye that the grout is filling the gaps. Begin wiping away the cured grout with a sponge before it completely dries. Let the grout dry, and use a soft cloth to wipe the surfaces and remove haze.

The last thing on the to-do list is the caulking of the countertop edge and the backsplash. Caulking is one of the easiest tasks that can be done using simple a caulk gun. To complete the process, you must ensure that water or liquid dirt does not seep through the joints, which can cause unforeseen long-term damage to your plaster.

black countertop with white backsplash tile

ID# 180303 – Product BA1012 – Glass & Marble White Mosaic Backsplash Tile

White Transitional Kitchen with Black Countertops

In this transitional kitchen, the black granite countertop adds a dose of contrast to the otherwise all-white color palette. The white shaker cabinets and a white subway mosaic tile backsplash create a seamless whole. With its glossy finish, the white mosaic tiles reflect the light and enhance the space feel with a luminous sheen. The chrome cabinet hardware perfectly complements this glossy appeal. On the floor level, the medium-tone wood floor breaks the monochrome color scheme and adds much-needed warmth to the space.

White Glass Subway Backsplash

When it comes to color options for backsplash tiles, white comes in front with its clean, timeless, and versatile appeal. And to complement the pureness of the white color, glass material will be perfect. Whether you want to create a seamless backdrop or enhance the space feel, white is a life-saver and multi-purpose color and with the glass material, you can serve the same purposes. White glass subway backsplash tiles provide a wonderful blank canvas for other colors and materials to go together harmoniously. Be it modern, traditional, Scandinavian, beach-style, or farmhouse, these tiles can be complementary elements for any design aesthetic.

White Kitchen Glitter Design Backsplash Tile BA8001

ID# 180304 – Product BA8001 – Sparkled Glass White Subway Tile Backsplash

White Shaker Cabinets with White Glass Subway Backsplash Tiles

There is something undeniably beautiful about all-white kitchen designs and this one is no exception! This timeless monochromatic look executes an airy and welcoming atmosphere. Consisting of white shaker cabinets, white quartz countertops, and white glass subway tile backsplash, it proposes a lifetime look. Even though white shaker cabinets serve a plain appeal, the slight textures, which are the reminiscence of marble stone, of the glass subway tiles and quartz countertops enhance visual interest. The brass cabinet knobs soften the stark white colors and add much-needed warmth with a touch of sparkle.

Glass Mosaic Tiles

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White Cabinet Countertop Glitter Design Backsplash Tile BA8001

ID# 180305 – Product BA8001 – White Sparkled Glass Subway Backsplash Tile

White Kitchen with Wood Range Hood

Awash with white, this transitional kitchen fosters a welcoming atmosphere, a peaceful place for natural lights to play around! Since the wall space behind the stove is the most vulnerable area, using backsplash tiles is a must. As you can see in this transitional kitchen, the white subway tile backsplash creates a nice textural look behind the stove. White cabinets and white quartz countertops perfectly complement the bright appeal of the backsplash.

How to clean glass subway tile backsplash?

Due to their non-porous skin, glass tiles are very easy to clean materials. For daily cleaning, a simple cloth and warm water will be enough. You can also add some dish soap. But don’t use some abrasive cleaners or scrubbers which can cause scratches on the glass surfaces. If you are working with stubborn stains, you can make a solution of equal parts of vinegar and water.

White Quartz Countertop Gray Cabinet Herringbone Marble Look Mosaic Backsplash Tile BA5503

ID# 180306 – Product BA5503 – Marble Look White Glass Herringbone Backsplash Tile

Gray Shaker Cabinets with Brass Hardware

If you want to use subway tiles but do something different, you can lay them in a herringbone pattern as in this transitional kitchen! This way you can add dimension and give the kitchen a modern spin. Unlike the classic glass subway tile options, this tile is adorned with marble-like textures that add a touch of opulence. The white quartz countertops seamlessly blend with the white base of the white glass herringbone tiles. The gray shaker-style kitchen cabinets are slightly contrasted with the white backsplash and countertops. And one final touch comes with brass cabinet hardware that adds glow and much-needed warmth.

How to cut glass subway tile backsplash?

There are various types of devices that you can use to cut the glass tiles among others. These tiles, even if they are classy and long-lasting, are very fragile and might become damaged due to problematic installation. Therefore, you should only use the proper instrument. If all you need to do is cut a few glass tiles for a small area, then a simple glass cutter will suffice. But in case you want something more pro that will prevent as much damage, a wet saw or angled grinder would be a reasonable choice. Yet, such equipment is usually quite expensive compared to a glass cutter. You can also get in touch with your local home improvement store to find out whether there are any renting options.

Shell Glass Elegant Backsplash Tile BA8023 1

ID# 180307 – Product BA8023 – White Pearl Glass Long Mosaic Backsplash Tile

White Kitchen with White Stacked Glass Subway Backsplash

This is another great example of how rectangular tiles can be used in different ways. This long and thin glass backsplash laid in a vertical stack will add a modern dimension to your space. The glamour of these shell glass tiles illuminates between the white shaker cabinets and white quartz countertops. With the black cabinet hardware that gives the contrast needed, the appearance of the whole kitchen has been enhanced.

Is glass subway tile good for backsplash?

Timeless and versatile, a glass subway tile makes for a great backsplash in kitchens. Thanks to their subtle elegance, these tiles can be integrated into modern, traditional, farmhouse, Scandinavian, transitional, and beach-style kitchens and many other designs that go unmentioned. 

The other biggest advantage of these tiles is their wide range of color, pattern, and texture options. Whether you want to create a seamless backdrop with a white tile or want to add a focal point with vibrant shades, a glass subway tile backsplash can give a new outfit easily to your kitchen or bathroom.

The simple rectangular shape of these tiles can be laid in several ways. From classic running bond to herringbone, diagonal, basketweave, and vertical/horizontal stacking are only some of the layout options. With these different layouts, you can add dimension to your space.

Is glass subway tile expensive?

Although glass tiles blend style and function seamlessly, they might be pricer than ceramic or porcelain tiles. The average cost of a glass tile ranges between $8-$30 per square foot.

Blue Glass Subway Backsplash

Associated with oceans and the sky, the blue color brings peace, serenity, and calmness to interiors. And if you want to go with a classic subway pattern but still want to add a pop of color, a blue glass subway backsplash will add dynamism to your kitchen. even though blue tiles are associated with beachy-style kitchens, you can still incorporate them into different design aesthetics from modern to contemporary, farmhouse, traditional, and Scandinavian.

If you want to create beachy vibes for your kitchen, pair your blue glass subway backsplash with white cabinets and quartz countertops. And add some natural materials like wooden shelves or woven pendants to complete the coastal breeze. For a modern spin, you can also stack them vertically or horizontally to introduce order and clarity to the background.

White Kitchen Blue Glass with Sparkle Design Subway Backsplash Tile BA8010

ID# 180308 – Product BA8010 – Sparkled Blue Glass Subway Tile Backsplash

White Cabinets and Countertops with Blue Glass Subway Backsplash

With its gorgeous blue color transitions, which are the reminiscence of the sea, this blue glass subway tile backsplash gives you a coastal-inspired elegance in a classic subway pattern. The soft blue shades provide a serene and relaxing feel in the room while the glossy finish adds a luminous effect. The white cabinets, countertops, and floating shelves draw a plain appeal that allows the backsplash tiles to stand out even more!

2 BA8005

ID# 180309 – Product BA8005 – Gray & Blue Metallic Glass Subway Tile Backsplash

Modern Blue Backsplash with Black Kitchen Countertops

Contemporary kitchens love pops of colors, and this one is no exception. This kitchen celebrates the contrasting unity between the white cabinets and black countertops while the blue backsplash adds a pop of color. With their sleek matte finish and handless door design, the white cabinets provide a bright and spacious atmosphere for the space. The black quartz countertops create a striking contrast against the white cabinetry to add a touch of opulence. The glass subway backsplash not only creates an eye-catching focal point but also brings a dimension to the space.

Subway Mosaic Tiles

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Modern Blue Cabinets Blue Glass Large Herringbone Mosaic Backsplash Tile BA5507

ID# 180311 – Product BA5507 – Blue Glass Herringbone Backsplash Tile

Modern Blue-Gray Kitchen Cabinets with Marble Countertops

Another great example of how classic rectangular tiles make a statement in a herringbone pattern! In this beach-style kitchen, the blue glass herringbone tile backsplash directly draws attention between the flat surfaces of the cabinets, creating a focal point. This coastal backsplash design is complemented by bluish-gray cabinets. The stainless steel appliances complement the modern style of the cabinets while the gray marble countertops add a touch of luxury to the design.

Gray Glass Subway Backsplash

Being a timeless and versatile shade, the gray color has warmer and cooler hues that can be adjusted to any kitchen design. and when this versatile color meets with a classic subway pattern, the result is just amazing! Gray glass subway backsplash designs also feature the same characteristics. If you want to create a sleek modern look, pair your glass tiles with gray or white cabinets and add some metallic accents. You can warm up the subtle gray shades with wooden countertops, timber cabinets, and timber floating shelves. If you want to create a dramatic appeal, you can combine it with black cabinets, black countertops, and poured concrete floors.

Gray Modern Cabinet Gray Beige Subway Glass Backsplash Tile BA8010

ID# 180312 – Product BA8009 – Gray & Beige Glass Subway Mosaic Backsplash Tile

Gray Glass Subway Backsplash Tile with Black Countertops

Even though solid gray backsplash tiles have a sleek and elegant appeal, a more textured surface will give you a statement-maker look! As you can see in this contemporary kitchen, the glass subway tile backsplash is adorned with gray and beige textures that act as a piece of art. While the gray base cabinets and black countertops complement the dramatic appeal of the tiles, the pure white upper cabinets enlighten the atmosphere.

Glass Subway Mosaic Backsplash

After originating in Mesopotamia, mosaic tiles became popular in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. They have been used for works of art and thanks to their ability to produce unique and creative designs, they started to become one of the most popular interior design elements. In today’s market, there is an endless array of mosaic tile designs that can be used for a variety of places from pools, showers, bathrooms, kitchen walls and floors, and kitchen backsplash is one of the most important of them.

Glass tiles as backsplash materials are warmly welcomed for being non-porous, versatile, low maintenance and durable. Therefore, if you’re feeling brave and want to make a unique twist on the classic subway layout, glass subway mosaic backsplash tiles are a good option, as they come in a huge variety of sizes, colors and textures.

Beige Kitchen Cabinets Rose Gold Beveled Edge Glass Backsplash Tile BA8009

ID# 180313 – Product BA8006 – Rose Gold & Beige Glass Mosaic Backsplash Tile

Off-white Cabinets with Glossy Glass Mosaic Backsplash

Even though the running bond pattern is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to subway backsplashes, you can create a variety of layouts by using these rectangular tiles. As you can see in this traditional kitchen, the rose gold and beige glass subway mosaic tiles act as a piece of art and create a stunning focal point. With its dazzling colors, polished finish, and beveled edges, these tiles also bring dimension to the space. The off-white cabinets with their creamy beige undertone complement the warm appeal of the backsplash tiles.

White Mosaic Tiles

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Glass and Stone Subway Backsplash Tile

Among all the different types of backsplash tiles, it can be tough for you to find out which one will give the best look to your kitchen. But don’t feel bound to stick with just one kind of tile material if you want to make a big impact! Even though glass subway tiles have a timeless beauty, you can mix glass and stone materials, if you want to enhance the visual interest of your backsplash!

Marble, travertine, granite, quartz and more. Stone backsplash tiles come in a wide range of material options, each one having a different influence. Needless to say, glass and stone subway backsplash tiles can give you all you want: serenity, peacefulness, timelessness, and durability. So, if you are ready to learn how to combine different materials, check these examples!

black granite countertop marble glass white backsplash tile

ID# 180314 – Product BA1012 – White Glass & Marble Mosaic Backsplash Tile

White Lacquer Cabinets with Black Granite Countertops

Blessed with natural light, this black and white kitchen welcomes its users with a bright and airy ambiance, playing the beauty of sunlight with a white dominant color scheme. The white kitchen cabinets with their lacquer finish enlighten the atmosphere while the black granite countertops create a contrasting look with a touch of opulence. The white glass and stone mosaic backsplash tiles contribute to the timeless design and harmonize seamlessly with the white cabinets.

Is subway tile out of style 2024?

Due to their subtle elegance and timeless appeal, subway tiles will always be around. Since subway tiles are the staple of kitchens, they will never go out of style and will never feel or look dated. However, to make a modern twist, you can try different layout options!

gray cabinet with white countertop white backsplash tile BA62038

ID# 180315 – Product BA62038 – Glass & Quartz Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash Tile

Dark Gray Cabinets with Quartz and Glass Subway Backsplash

This transitional kitchen is well-appointed with dark gray cabinets that fill the interior space with a wave of elegance. Between the dark gray kitchen cabinets, the white and silver mosaic tile backsplash adds a dazzling look. The white quartz countertops seamlessly blend with the white tiles. The silver chips enhance the visual interest of the overall look. The metallic cabinet hardware perfectly complements the silver accents.

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