Latest Kitchen Backsplash Trends – What Are the Newest Trends?

37+ Latest Kitchen Backsplash Trends

ID# 142916 | – Credit© Sheraton Interiors

Traditional Kitchen with White Subway Tile Backsplash and Monochromatic Color Palette

Traditional kitchens love monochromatic color palettes and integrating ornate touches on stove backsplashes to add visual interest while staying loyal to the white color palettes. Here the subway tiles are laid out in two different ways: running bond style and herringbone. Doing so offers extra visual interest and makes a statement while proposing a trendy look in the meantime.

ID# 142921 | – Credit© Boffe Design

Latest Kitchen Backsplash Trends with Two-Tone Cabinets and Ceramic Tiles

The arresting visual scheme of this kitchen springs from the memorable color combination of yellow and pink and its unique way of using ceramic tiles. First of all, the kitchen boasts clever ideas with white ceramic tiles by installing them vertically in a running-bond pattern, which is very rare to see. Secondly, it makes a floating shelf out of these tiles for an eccentric look. Yet, the best part is how this kitchen makes it look like some ordinary addition by using an intriguing color scheme with two-tone joinery.

Latest Kitchen Backsplash Trends

Even if backsplash trends change from time to time, some backsplash types have proven themselves to be classic. Ceramic tiles, subway tiles, white tile splash-backs, and marble backsplashes are the major never-changing on-trend looks that will never disappoint you. But on the other hand, in addition to those, the latest kitchen backsplash trends include ceiling height, multi-colored, patterned, and geometric backsplashes, giving good news for color and pattern lovers.

To take a closer look at the latest kitchen backsplash trends, if you love opened-up and breathing spaces, ceiling-height backsplashes allow you to ditch the upper wall units. Or if you don’t want to worry about cleaning grout lines, marble slab backsplashes are one of the popular faces in 2022 while providing extra functional benefits. But if you love patterns and pops of colors, you can again create on-trend looks with multi-colored and geometric backsplashes. Apart from those, you can experiment with tile layout options to make your style speak and personalize your kitchen easily. Here we have gathered the latest kitchen backsplash trends for you that will whet your appetite and inspire you for your next home-upgrading projects.

ID# 142901 | – Credit© Geometrium – Студия дизайна интерьеров

Latest Kitchen Backsplash Trends with Escher Tiles And White Cabinets

While the all-white looks continue to be a dominant kitchen theme, the recent backsplash trends find ways to jazz up such monochromatic looks. This contemporary kitchen in a Moscow apartment, for example, employs multi-colored Escher tiles to add a 3-dimensional feel. This way, the geometric patterns (here, cubes) feel highlighted, while the white cabinets provide a blank canvas for the colored backsplash to find reliance on. The colorful glass globular pendants and raw yellow stool legs befriend the Escher tile backsplash, adding pops of colors.

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ID# 142902 | – Credit© Emilie Melin architecte DPLG

Blue Ceramic Tile Backsplash with Blue Cabinets and Butcher Block Countertops

Even though the subway tiles preserve their popularity, nowadays they are rather stacked vertically for a more modern feel, and this kitchen in Paris applies the same approach. Here, the blue vertically stacked ceramic tiles provide a backsplash consisting of only one raw that transforms into white-painted walls. The blue flat-front cabinets add a splash of color to the walls, coordinated with white base counters and butcher block countertops. The terrazzo floor dotted by blue chips bound by white concrete creates a continuous look with the rest of the design.

What is the most popular backsplash right now?

Ceramic tile backsplashes are the most popular backsplash materials because they are affordable and highly customizable. So, their availability in countless design options draws attention to them. Also their ease of maintenance makes them more friendly for homeowners.


Contemporary Kitchen with Gray Herringbone Small Tile Backsplash and Marble-Look Quartz Countertops

Small tile backsplashes are one of the trending looks, providing texture-rich and sophisticated backgrounds. In this kitchen, for instance, they come in the form of herringbone. These patterns’ light gray shades offer a smooth transition between the white and dark cabinets, while the marble-look quartz countertops support the modern vibes and inject elegance. The overall theme feels complete with a dash of color contributed by brass hardware and faux leather orange stools.

ID# 142904 | – Credit© Roundhouse

Contemporary Kitchen with Star Patterned Backsplash And Blue Cabinets

Colors and geometric patterns partake in the recent backsplash trends, offering a great alternative, especially for those who prefer energizing kitchen designs. And this one -we have here- displays a great example of this style. Designed to serve as a social hub with a combination of blue cabinets and yellow touches, this contemporary kitchen proposes a festive feel that is ready to energize its visitors and users. Informed by the open plan layout and the customer brief, it meets the standards for a functional and sociable space. For example, the hefty kitchen island adjoined with a banquette carves out enough space to gather around and cook together. The star-patterned backsplash in the back coordinates perfectly with the lighting fixture that gives the illusion of planet-like circles revolving around an orbit. These entertaining features play around with a specific theme, making the design more alluring.

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Add sophistication with our marble chevron tile in gray and white, perfect for a luxurious look with a modern flair.

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Our white glass and metal mosaic tile combines elegance with contemporary design, perfect for creating a refined look in your home.

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Introduce elegance with our white ceramic arabesque tile, featuring a beautifully detailed pattern that lends an elegant and eye-catching touch.

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Add a fresh, contemporary look with our white marble and glass mosaic tile. The bright, clean appearance and unique pattern offer a standout feature.

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The striking chevron pattern and pristine white marble of this sleek mosaic tile create a sophisticated and stylish enhancement.

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The delicate leaf pattern creates a dynamic and refined appearance for our modern marble mosaic tile.

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Featuring a marble look, our white glass herringbone tile offers an opulent charm that creates a sophisticated and timeless design.

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Latest Kitchen Backsplash Trends for Modern Kitchen with Marble Slab Backsplash

This outstanding modern kitchen employs two materials as the protagonists of the design: marble and concrete. First, the gray marble slab is used as a full-height backsplash that acts as a singular body with the concrete-finish cupboards and island. Coming in similar textured finishes and shades, they make for a sophisticated and uniform look. And what gives the gray palette a visual break are the antique brass faucet and herringbone pattern wood floor bringing the right amount of warmth to the otherwise all-gray space.

What is the trend for backsplash in 2022?

When designing a kitchen, choosing a backsplash stands apart as one of the most important decisions since it sets the tone of the overall look. And when deciding on what is the right backsplash for you, you can take a look at on-trend looks for inspiration and choose what adjusts to your kitchen better. In 2022, for example, ceiling height, marble, ceramic tile, geometric, and patterned tile backsplashes are very popular, offering great alternatives for both color and pattern lovers and also for those who prefer simple and modern looks. If you want to get to know these trending backsplashes, keep on reading!

Ceramic Tile Backsplash

Affordable and highly-customizable, ceramic tile backsplashes provide a wide variety of color, shape, pattern, and texture options. For example, polished and honed versions can give you different textures and looks. And if you love printed tiles, they can compete with encaustic tiles as well. In case you want irregularities and imperfections in tiles for the sake of a more natural feel, handmade ceramic tiles can do the job for you. But they are a bit more expensive when compared to the manufactured ones.

In addition to their aesthetic benefits and almost limitless design possibilities, ceramic tiles also provide ease of maintenance, high durability, and heat resistance. Plus, since they are pore-free materials, they don’t demand much unlike natural stones.

ID# 142906 | – Credit© Студия Татьяны Архиповой

Geometric Pattern Backsplash with Two-tone Cabinetry and Gray Countertops

Geometric patterns, as mentioned previously, are one of the most on-trend backsplash options, which is taken to another level in this contemporary kitchen. Here, the experimentation with the layout of the subway tiles results in an intriguing pattern, even though it is kept modest with white tiles. The rest is fitted with dark green wall units, white base counters, and gray quartz countertops that serve as a neutral addition.

ID# 142907 | – Credit | © Contemporary Kitchen with Latest Kitchen Backsplash Trends and Earthy Color Palette

Contemporary Kitchen with Latest Kitchen Backsplash Trends and Earthy Color Palette

Have you seen any vertically stacked ceramic tile backsplash laid in a running bond style? Well, this contemporary kitchen has a perfect example of it. Featuring a soil color palette with green cabinets and earthy ceramic tiles, it presents a modern vibe without feeling over the top while preserving a classical feel. The brass hardware and large format floor tiles create a rich and opulent design that serves this classic yet contemporary flair of the kitchen perfectly. The backsplash with the built-in appliances maintains the contemporary influence.

What is the most timeless kitchen backsplash?

A classic and high-end material, marble is one of the most timeless kitchen backsplashes along with ceramic tiles. Available both in tiled and slab formats and in multiple colors, marble suits both traditional and modern looks. Its durability, heat resistance, and long lifespan also ensure its timelessness in addition to its high aesthetic values.

ID# 142908 | – Credit© Margot Le Métayer

Ceramic Square Tile Backsplash with Black Cabinets and Timber Floating Shelf

Replacing the all-time favorite 3*6 typical metro tiles are the square subway tiles in this modern kitchen that aligns itself with Nordic aesthetics with decluttered lines, black cabinets, and a functional layout. These ceramic square tiles present themselves in a white-and-gray color palette with subtle tonal variations for a more natural feel. Above, the timber floating shelf brings a layer of texture and warmth, while the black cabinets anchor the look.

ID# 142909 | – Credit© No Space Like Home

Cream Cabinets With Gray Ceramic Tile Backsplash and Cream Countertops

In this beach-style kitchen, ceramic tiles have proved one more time their high customizability. Printed with intertwined geometric patterns, these gray ceramic tiles create a visual focal point effortlessly. The cream cabinets and blue base units make a great color combination that suits the coastal vibe of the kitchen. The sideboards with scalloped details and herringbone floor add extra movement to the design, while cream countertops and cabinet handles create visual consistency.

ID# 142910 | – Credit© Ouvrage

Ceiling-Height Backsplash with Black Cabinets and Wood Island

Ditching upper cabinetry in favor of a ceiling-height backsplash is one of the most on-trend looks in 2022. This way, not only the kitchen is given extra height but also feels roomy and lightened up. Here, especially, the use of white ceramic tiles and their stacked layout serves the space perfectly by compensating for the compactness of the kitchen. The rest feels complete with black cabinets, a fluted-design wood island, and reeded glass upper wall units that stylize the kitchen.
This newly designed kitchen looks fresh and is given extra height with a ceiling-height ceramic tile backsplash.

Marble Backsplash

Available in slab and tile formats, marble backsplashes can create any look you aim for. Either you can keep them at standard size or take them up to the ceiling; in either case, they will make for an engaging and well-articulated backdrop for your kitchen. We all know how marble slabs make fantastic additions. But marble also suits and works best with mermaid and hexagon patterns, especially when the tiles are kept smaller. They provide a texture-rich and sophisticated background. Also, if you love uniform and well-integrated looks, you can envelop the range hood fixture with marble and choose book-matching countertops as well. This way, you can create a visual continuum and achieve consistency within the space.

ID# 142911 | – Credit© Homekin

Calacatta Gold Marble Backsplash with Brass Hardware and White Cabinets

One of the most expensive and remarkable marble types, Calacatta gold marble creates a big design moment in this modern kitchen. Featuring pronounced brownish veins on a white base, it presents itself as one of the perfect candidates for a slab backsplash. And here, it not only reaches up to the ceiling but also envelops the range hood and countertops for a seamless look. To keep the focus on the marble, the rest is kept as simple as possible with white cabinets and brass hardware that honor the marble with soft and humble touches.

ID# 142912 | – Credit© Dizeh Group

Latest Kitchen Backsplash Trends with Marble and Two-Tone Cabinets

A high-end material, marble has proven itself to be a true classic, making an appearance in various design themes. And here it is integrated into a transitional kitchen that plays with contrasts and pastel shades. Brass hardware champions the combination of blue and white shaker joinery, while the white marble backdrop oozes elegance and adds an artsy feel betwixt.

What is the most popular tile pattern?

Subway tiles are still the most popular tile patterns. But rather than their typical 3*6 inch versions, recently the slimmer, and larger formats are more popular options. Plus some designers and homeowners prefer experimenting with layout options which allows for more geometric trendy looks. And, resulting schemes look satisfying and bring a contemporary voice to kitchens.

ID# 142913 | – Credit

Marble Picket Tile Backsplash and Black Appliances with Orb Lighting

Ceiling-height marble backsplashes are another popular backsplash option that is particularly used to open up the space and create a true focal point. Forgoing upper wall units to make use of the marble to the fullest, this contemporary kitchen goes with a full-height picket tile marble backsplash that lends sophistication. The use of medium-size tiles provides a relatively easy-to-clean surface and less grout. The white countertops, black kitchen island, and sleek black appliances complement this look while bringing eye-catching details and strong contrasts. Likewise, the orb lighting and shell-shaped bar stools introduce soft forms to create a more unregulated look.

ID# 142914 | – Credit© Cambro Contracting

Chevron Marble Tile Backsplash with White Shaker Cabinets and Black Hardware

This traditional kitchen honors the gray chevron marble tile backsplash by making it the centerpiece of the kitchen. The white shaker cabinets define the main visual scheme of the kitchen, and the black cabinet hardware adds nice gestures to the joinery. The blue kitchen island adds a pop of color, while the traditional Turkish runner provides extra comfort and warmth underfoot.

ID# 142915 | – Credit© Cheverell

Country Kitchen with Gray Marble Slab Backsplash and Black Countertops

Using not one but two different backsplashes is another way of creating a trendy look. This country kitchen, for example, utilizes a gray marble slab backsplash behind the stove, while the rest of the walls are supported with a ceramic subway tile backsplash laid in a running-bond style. This way, it zones different functions of the kitchen, ensuring a sense of diversity. Plus, the black grout between the metro tiles adds a punch of modernism, which coordinates them with the black countertops.

Subway Tile Backsplash

The most timeless option subway tile backsplashes have preserved their popularity for years and they still commonly form part of kitchen designs. Available in multiple formats, they are given modern looks and adjusted to the needs of modern spaces. Especially slimmer versions and square subway tiles seem to be trendier nowadays. You can also stack them vertically and horizontally or in basketweave patterns to modernize the kitchen and give your background a trendier look.

ID# 142917 | – Credit© Black Box Architects

Beadboard Cabinets with Subway Tile Backsplash and Quartz Countertops

This soothing kitchen design abounds in shades of white warmed up with cream-painted walls. And it uses white beadboard cabinets topped by white quartz countertops and subway tiles as a backsplash. The larger format of the subway tiles expands the visual scheme, offering a design trick, while the biomorphic-shaped oversized ceiling lighting fixture creates a focal point overhead.

ID# 142918 | – Credit© Marion Alberge

Latest Kitchen Backsplash Trends with Blue Subway Tiles And White Cabinets

Informed by its location near the metro station, this modern open-plan kitchen in Paris uses a blue subway tile backsplash that brings a retro New York subway look into the kitchen. The white cabinets and countertops provide a clean and neat look that defines the kitchen zone perfectly. The brass linear lighting fixture and timber floating shelves inject a healthy dose of warmth and texture to accompany the stunning blue subway tiles.

ID# 142919 | – Credit |© Gallerie B

All-White Transitional Kitchen with Subway Tile Backsplash and Dark Wood Floor

Serving a family of five, this all-white transitional kitchen offers a humble design that is easy to navigate. The white countertops, white shaker cabinets, and the all-white island unit make the used items easy to spot. In the background, the 3×6 typical subway tile backsplash ensures the timelessness of the design, and a dark wood floor finish creates visual drama and grounds the all-white look.

Ceiling-Height Backsplash

A ceiling-height backsplash can be a marble slab, quartz slab, and ceramic tiles, depending on the budget and taste of the homeowners. And if you would like to emphasize the form of the tiles, you can use large format tiles and apply black grout that will give your kitchen a modern and trendy vibe. Since ceiling-height backsplashes mean a lack of upper cabinetry and thus more breathable space, using them is one of the best ways to open more space on kitchen walls.

ID# 142920 | – Credit© Field Day Studio

Eclectic Kitchen with Yellow Cabinets and Square Tile Backsplash

For those who love bold touches, we can’t think of anything better than mustard yellow cabinets that come with a masculine vibe unique to them. Here combined with dark brown countertops and light wood plank floor finish, they feel calmed down and balanced. And in the background, the ceiling-height white square tile backsplash provides a perfect setup. These white tiles are contrasted with black grout for a more whimsical look. The peculiar wall sconces feel like anachronistic touches along with the white fireclay butler sink.

ID# 142922 | – Credit© studio mkn

Marble Slab Backsplash with White Beadboard Cabinets and Black Fixtures

When the topic is ceiling-height backsplashes, it is impossible not to talk about marble slabs. As one of the favored materials for full-height backsplashes, marble slab backsplash steals the show in this contemporary kitchen, peeking out behind the black range hood dressing. And it is enveloped by white beadboard cabinets that serve as a frame.

ID# 142923 | – Credit© Studio Lifestyling

White Cabinets and Floating Shelves with Latest Kitchen Backsplash Trends

As mentioned before, recently, white square subway tiles have ditched metro styles and become a new popular face in modern and beach-style kitchen designs. Here they are combined with white cabinets and floating shelves that make for a well-balanced and airy look.

Patterned Tile Backsplash

Patterned tile backsplashes can feature a wide range of patterns from stars to geometric patterns, circles, and floral patterns. They are also available in numerous colors which you can combine with black, gray, and white cabinets to create a neutral setting for a well-balanced look. But with complementary features, you can continue adding pops of colors to put them into dialogue with patterned tile backsplashe.

ID# 142924 | – Credit© Auhaus Architecture

Latest Kitchen Backsplash Trends with Patterned Tiles and Curved Island

The white-and-black diamond patterned tile backsplash stands out between the black flat-front cabinets, creating a trendy design moment. It is accompanied by a custom-designed timber island with an undulating form. The dark color scheme is softened with warming wood shades to achieve a purposeful casualness.

ID# 142925 | – Credit© Poly Studio

Multi-Colored Patterned Tile Backsplash with Wood Cabinets and Concrete Floor

This kitchen design is a juxtaposition of various colors and different textures, showcasing skillfully what contemporary kitchens are all about. In other words, pops of colors, clean lines, and a functional layout all come together to serve the needs of the space and its users. In the background, the multi-colored geometric pattern backsplash introduces an eye-catching color palette downplayed by timber cabinets. On the floor, the speckled-finish concrete floor brings an industrial edge without stealing from the contemporary flair of the kitchen. The raw orange counter legs layer the space with another dash of color that keeps the all elements awake.

What size tile is best for the kitchen backsplash?

What size tile is best for the kitchen backsplash depends on the size of the space. For example, it is recommended to use tile sizes that are well-proportioned to the scale of the space. But in small kitchens, to give the kitchen extra height and width, you can use large format tiles or slab backsplashes. Doing so helps the kitchen feel more sizeable and roomier. As for the large spaces, the medium-size tiles generally go well, which also reduces the number of joints you will get.

In terms of functionality, larger tiles are also easier to cut and install. But if you have too many corners to be covered in your kitchen, small tiles are better in such spaces since they can adjust themselves to the small gaps easily.

ID# 142926 | – Credit© Maytree Studios

Yellow Patterned Backsplash with White Cabinets and Brass Fixtures

Colors have a language of their own, injecting certain moods into the space. And if you are looking for something that will cheer you up immediately, you can consider a yellow backsplash. This contemporary kitchen, for example, goes with one of those gorgeous yellow backsplashes treated with white geometric patterns. It nicely adds a splash of color without feeling over the top. And the sporadic injections of wood and brass fixtures accompany this eye-popping backsplash, playing up its humble yet bold contribution to the space.

ID# 142927 | – Credit© Мила Колпакова

Patterned Hexagon Tile Backsplash with White Cabinets and Black Countertops

Contrasting kitchen designs never disappoint. But what makes them better and more trending is a splash of color and pattern as exemplified by this eclectic kitchen. Here we have white shaker cabinets topped by black countertops. The green patterned hexagon tile backsplash adds up to this striking contrast, enlivening the genteel atmosphere with a small dose of color.

Geometric Tile Backsplash

One of the most trending looks in 2023 is geometric tile backsplashes. These geometric patterns include hexagon, herringbone, chevron, rhomboid, and Escher patterns that create eye-catching backgrounds. You can also get them in multicolored versions.

ID# 142928 | – Credit© PlaidFox Studio

Country Kitchen with Latest Kitchen Backsplash Trends and White Cabinets

Just because it is a country kitchen doesn’t mean that it looks outdated. With the right backsplash, you can give the kitchen a modern spin immediately. This one, for example, uses a chevron pattern backsplash that feels very modern. The tiles’ gray and white shades echo the overall design aesthetic of the kitchen fitted with white cabinets and a gray range hood.

ID# 142929 | – Credit© PULSAR DESIGN INC.

White Picket Tile Backsplash with Wood Cabinets and White Countertops

Among all the geometric tile backsplashes, perhaps the most popular one is the hexagon splash-back. Here its elongated version (picket tile backsplash) is used and taken up to the ceiling to make a statement. The rest of the space is defined by wood cabinets and white quartz countertops that keep the focus on the backsplash.

What is the most popular trending tile look in 2022?

Colorful ceramic tiles and geometric patterns offer the most popular tile looks in 2023. 

ID# 142930 | – Credit© Suzi Appel Photography

Hexagon Tile Backsplash with Black Cabinets and Gray Countertops

Here we have another hexagon tile backsplash introducing a biophilic element. It is paired with black cabinets and gray quartz countertops that follow the color guide of the backsplash to create a visually consistent scheme. The designers also don’t forget to add a surprising element that comes with a trio of copper pendants as a glamorous touch.

ID# 142931 | – Credit© Casa Verde Construction

Rhomboid Pattern Backsplash with Brass Accents and White Cabinets

If you would like to jazz up your kitchen backsplash, you can sprinkle brass tiles as showcased by this sleek contemporary kitchen with white cabinets. You can start by taking the backsplash up to the ceiling to give you more space to experiment with the tiles. Then you can place some glamorous brass tiles that will spice up the backdrop.

ID# 142932 | – Credit© Mon Concept Habitation

Latest Kitchen Backsplash Trends with Escher Tiles and Black Cabinets

This compact yet well-curated kitchen in Paris owes its urban and dynamic look to the Escher tile backsplash. It is placed as if it has missing puzzle pieces to add extra movement to the walls, while the black cabinets are just there to anchor this stunning splash-back.

White Kitchen Backsplash

Especially a great option for small kitchens, a white kitchen backsplash makes a great addition to any space. From penny round mosaic to kit kat mosaic, white quartz slab, white ceramic, zellige tile, and glass sheet backsplashes, a white kitchen backsplash is available in a wide array of material and pattern options. That’s why there is no need to be concerned about too-white looks. You can always make them feel more intriguing and dimensional with the right pattern options. But if you would like to take it to the next level, you can always integrate metal tiles to create diversity. For example, Escher and hexagon tiles are very suitable for such color mixes.

ID# 142933 | – Credit© Smith & Smith Kitchens

Contemporary-Industrial Kitchen with Latest Kitchen Backsplash Trends

All-white kitchens can be given movement with good backsplash choices. For example, small tile and ceiling-height backsplashes can elevate the overall feel of the space immediately. Even if they look plain from a certain distance, they can reveal themselves slowly, making the design more intriguing just like this small hexagon tile backsplash in this contemporary-industrial kitchen.

Decorative Mosaic Tiles

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Experience timeless elegance with our white and beige marble mosaic tile. The delicate flower pattern provides a chic and classic enhancement.

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ID# 142934 | – Credit© Danielle Victoria Design Studio P/L

Monochromatic Kitchen with Marble Slab and Square Tile Backsplashes

Looking for something more adventurous for your monochromatic kitchen? Why not use two different backsplashes? You can use a marble slab to create a feature wall while utilizing a square tile backsplash to define the main cooking zone and food prep worktops. Check out this kitchen design to see how such a combination looks together.

What backsplashes are out of style?

Busy-pattern granite countertops look a bit outdated nowadays. Even most of the traditional kitchens have upgraded themselves by using chevron and herringbone patterns and slab backsplashes to speak to the needs of modern design concepts.

ID# 142935 | – Credit© WALA

White Kitchen with White Marble-Look Quartz Backsplash and Brass Range Hood

White kitchens are popular, providing countless opportunities for statement finishes. Here the marble-look quartz backsplash is graced with a brass range hood, creating a focal point together.

ID# 142936 | – Credit© dreigegeneinen

Latest Kitchen Backsplash Trends with Concrete Countertops and Wood Cabinets

This texture-rich contemporary kitchen in Berlin has an amazing combination of concrete countertops with wood cabinets. And right above them stretches a white square tile backsplash, creating a clean and airy feel.

Unique Mosaic Tiles

The luxurious white mosaic tile, made from pearl and marble, presents a unique design that enhances any design.

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Our black and white arabesque mosaic tile features a water jet cut pattern that offers both uniqueness and luxury.

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The unique pattern of the white and gray marble tile, waterjet cut for precision, adds both a dynamic feel and a luxurious touch.

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Discover the beauty of our white and gray dot marble mosaic tile. The eye-catching pattern and elegant finish deliver a luxurious enhancement to kitchens.

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Experience modern sophistication with our white marble backsplash mosaic tile that features a bold geometrical design.

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The luxurious white and gray waterjet mosaic tile features a delicate, soft pattern that enhances any space with its rich appeal.

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Experience the refined beauty of calacatta gold marble mosaic tile. Its small cube shape combines simple chicness with a luxurious touch.

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Experience timeless elegance with our white and beige marble mosaic tile. The delicate flower pattern provides a chic and classic enhancement.

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Achieve a modern look with our pure white marble mosaic tile, featuring a geometrical shape that adds a sleek and sophisticated touch.

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Introduce a romantic flair with our white and gray marble mosaic tile. The delicate leaf pattern provides a unique, elegant touch perfect for creating a refined atmosphere.

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ID# 142937 | – Credit© Naibu Design

Natural Kitchen Design with Green Cabinets and White Tile Backsplash

This soothing natural kitchen design is outfitted with green cabinets and a white tile backsplash that provides a timeless feel while ensuring its relevance and trendy look in the long term.

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