Kitchen Backsplash Height – Which One Is the Right for You?

27+ Kitchen Backsplash Height

Green Vertical Glass Mosaic Tile with Kitchen Backsplash Height in Between Counter and Upper Cabinet

In the kitchen with a modern design, gray flat cabinets and white countertops combine harmoniously. A long island in the middle separates the kitchen from the living area, while at the same time creating a dining bar. Stools with black metal legs and wooden seats are accompanied elegantly. Black detailed pendant lights are beautiful additions to the space with their modern stances. Black cabinet handles are also added stylishly. Built-in appliances and under-counter sinks take their place. The hood chimney is covered and painted in the same gray tone as the cabinets, and the lower belt part is turned into a thick wood veneer, giving a striking stance.

And lastly, the backsplash, which affects the whole atmosphere and energy of the space, is chosen by choosing a green vertical glass mosaic backsplash in light tones, and the entire space between the countertops is covered from the counter to the upper cabinet and hood level. The color of the backsplash plays a big role in creating a stylish space with its style.

Green Full-Height Kitchen Backsplash Effect and White Cabinets in Dynamic and Classical Kitchen Design

The elegant harmony of white shaker cabinets and marble countertops becomes lively and energetic with the green mosaic full-height backsplash. The glossy surface of the green backsplashes exudes a quality feel. A large island in the middle is valued as both a preparation and eating area. Brass leg chairs are a stylish addition. Brass pendant lights are elegantly accompanied. It is a stylish and energizing kitchen design.

Kitchen Backsplash Height

While designing a kitchen, the colors and styles of the cabinets, countertops, and backsplash options are the most basic elements that should be chosen carefully. After choosing your countertops and cabinets, you will undoubtedly make the main emphasis on the space with backsplashes. Backsplashes attract attention with their aesthetic appearance as well as their functionality. There are numerous kitchen backsplash options to choose from, from countertop extensions to mosaic tiles to ceramic tiles in unlimited colors, patterns, and sizes. But one important detail to consider when choosing your perfect material is height. But what is the right kitchen backsplash height for your design? Some homeowners stick with a standard-height backsplash, while others want a full-height backsplash.

Depending on the users and the home, the required backsplash height can vary. The backsplash is the in-between space above the counter and under the upper cabinets on the wall. A typical height is 15″ and can also be much shorter or even taller. Varies according to the kitchen concept. If you’re also concerned about budget when making backsplash choices, a 4-inch backsplash that matches your counter may be your best bet. Less material is needed, thus reducing the cost of the backsplash to complete the project.

Two Types of Backsplash Heights in Green Cabinets Kitchen Design

The kitchen design, which is formed by the blending of the green shaker and flat-panel cabinets, turns into the form of a white marble counter with intense gray veins and a thin skirting, while a dark green square tile backsplash is added just above the counter where the stove is located, and it is laid up to the level of the hood. The outer cover of a wide hood flue runs along the counter and is covered with a combination of white tiles of different sizes. The remaining countertops are finished with paint after a thin marble skirting board.

While the brass hardware radiates an elegant and luxurious effect in the details, the wooden parquet on the floor gives a natural look. The farmhouse sink is made of the same marble as the counter and the upper cabinets next to the sink are white and glass front. It is a design with a stylish concept.

Herringbone Kitchen Backsplash with Full-Height Effect in Stylish White Kitchen Design

In the kitchen design dominated by white, together with the white countertop, the white herringbone backsplash is used in the sections where the upper cabinets are located.
It is applied up to the ceiling in places where there are windows and wooden open shelves, between the upper cabinet and the upper cabinet, providing a sense of depth. White shaker cabinets are complemented by black cabinet handles. The Farmhouse sink and stainless steel appliances also fall into place. The large island in the middle serves as both a preparation and a storage area. The black structural design and pendant lights give a stylish look. Wooden parquet in light tones complements it with a sympathetic and warm effect. It is a bright, spacious kitchen design.

What is the standard height of a kitchen backsplash?

A standard backsplash height can be from the kitchen counter to about three to six inches from the wall. Four inches is typically the most common height.

White Countertop Skirting and White Vertical Mosaic Tile with Kitchen Backsplash Height Design in between Countertops and Under Cabinets

A small kitchen design, it consists of light gray flat bottom cabinets and mid-tone wood upper cabinets with no doors and shelves. Along with the white countertop, a thick baseboard rotates, while white vertical mosaic backsplashes are added in the remaining part up to the upper cabinets. While it is an elegant and useful backsplash choice, it also keeps it fresh and spacious in harmony with the space. While taking its place in the under-counter washbasin, a cool effect is created with the brass hardware basin mixer and cabinet handles. It is a simple style that is small but opens the mind.

Marble Effect with Half the Spaces Between Countertops and Ceiling for Kitchen Backsplash Height

In a Scandinavian-designed kitchen, kitchen cabinets made of wood close to dark tones and a white countertop are combined, while in the half the spaces between counter and ceiling, the beige marble backsplash settles in with a luxurious effect. In this kitchen design, where the upper cabinets are not used, brass sconce lighting takes its place to illuminate the counter. While taking its place in the under-counter sink, brass hardware cabinet handles are added with a luxurious effect. It adds a natural atmosphere to the wooden parquet in light tones. Embroidered paper-mâché and motifs at the point of pendant lighting add a classic feel. It is a stylish classic modern design.


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Black Backsplash Full-Height Effect in White and Black Kitchen Design

The kitchen design, which is formed by the contrasting harmony of black and white, consists of black shaker lower cabinets and white upper cabinets. The white countertop is combined with the black subway backsplash. The backsplash is laid up to the ceiling, giving the users the sense of depth that black feels. The cool effect of black affects the whole place. Industrial-style stove and farmhouse take their place in the sink. Thanks to the window behind the sink, the space has a bright and spacious appearance. Dark wood on the floor adds a warm ambiance to this contrasting kitchen.

What is the Right Backsplash Height?

Choosing a backsplash is the most important element of a kitchen design. A kitchen backsplash that sits on the wall between your counter and cabinetry protects your wall from kitchen spills and stains. Some homeowners continue the same material by extending the countertop material up to the wall to create a backsplash, while others cover it with tiles or other durable materials as much as they want or to a certain height.

When making all these decisions, the way of design, your wishes, and how much time you spend in the kitchen is an important factor. Because, for example, you did not cover your entire wall with a backsplash and paint the wall after a certain height, but if you are a person who cooks a lot, this can be difficult for you, because backsplash used against splashes are easy-to-clean products. However, oil and stain cleaning that splashes on wall paints can be more troublesome, unlike others.

Apart from these, different variations emerge with various design ideas. While making these choices, the budget to be spent is an important issue that will guide you when making a decision. Considering all these, you can easily apply any design following the design.

Standard Height Kitchen Backsplash

A standard backsplash height continues from the kitchen counter to about three to six inches of the wall, and four inches is typically the most common height. Kitchen backsplashes are often created using the same materials as your kitchen counters, such as granite, marble, or quartz. However, backsplashes are also made of ceramic and mosaic tiles with an unlimited variety of examples. It is a section that is completely selected and adjusted according to the design.

It’s a cost-effective upgrade that can be quickly added to your kitchen. A standard height backsplash uses much less material and takes less time to craft. If you’ve already chosen an expensive bench, using it at standard height will also be a cost-saving option. For example, if you have open shelves above, you can extend your backsplash up to 8 or even 10 inches.

Other good aspects of a standard-height kitchen backsplash are that it’s easier to clean, and if you need to replace or repair a broken piece, you can handle it with ease. Cleaning your backsplashes with warm water and a soft sponge is an easy and practical way of cleaning.

One of the downsides to choosing a standard-height backsplash is that it takes up less wall surface, so the walls are exposed to cooking spatter. For this reason, it will be a more useful method to complete the back of the stove at full height.

Modern White Cabinets with Green Glass Sheet and Granite Countertops

In the open kitchen concept design designed in a modern line, white flat-panel cabinets and dark gray granite countertops combine in a cool way. A short, 4-inch  backsplash is added with the same material, while a green glass sheet backsplash is added from its end to the upper cabinet level. Combined with a beautiful transition, these two materials give a cool and stylish look. It takes its place in built-in appliances and under-counter sinks. The exposed part of the U-shaped kitchen cabinets is used as a breakfast bar. The tile-colored fabric chair also adds vitality to the space. Yellow glass pendants are also the fine details of the space. The black and white patterned tiles on the floor attract attention with a contrasting harmony and separate the kitchen area with a clear line. It is a stylish space.

Light Gray Shaker Cabinets with White Quartz Countertops

In the kitchen, which offers a pastel look with light gray shaker cabinets, a white countertop, and a standard-height backsplash are added, while the part of the stove is covered with a gray corrugated panel covering the ceiling. The magnificent stylish harmony of white and light gray is eye-catching. The hood is painted the same color grey, and brass hardware appliqués are elegantly added on either side. Brass hardware cabinet handles are also stylish, with fine details. It adds a fresh and fresh look with wooden parquet in light tones and white walls throughout the house.

Modern Kitchen with Matte Black Cabinets and Gray Countertops

In the kitchen design, which is created with the cool effect of dark tones, black flat cabinets are used together with the gray countertop, while the standard height kitchen backsplash continues from the same material. Then, a wood panel backsplash is applied from that height to the ceiling. The warm energy of wood is formed between dark tones. Black, gray, and wood make a wonderful trio. Built-in appliances and under-counter sinks take their places, while the island in the middle is valued as a dining bar and black-legged bar stools are added with their modern lines. The glass dome pendant lighting is added in harmony with its minimal elegance. The wooden parquet on the floor also adds a warm ambiance.

Standard Height Green Square Backsplash Effect in Green Cabinets and Wood Countertops Kitchen Design

In the kitchen design, which consists of green shaker cabinets, the wooden counter leaves a sympathetic effect. It harmonizes sweetly with the green color. A standard height backsplash design is completed by laying three rows of green square tiles. While the glossy surfaces of the backsplashes offer a quality look, they have a harmonious energetic effect on the concept. Instead of upper cabinets, green wood open shelves provide an authentic concept.

While the Farmhouse sink takes its place, the cooking section is located on the island. An industrial design of red lighting is placed for lighting over the sink. Brass hardware cabinet handles and sinks mixer is also elegantly added. On the floor, gray stone flooring provides a natural effect. It is a lively beautiful kitchen design.

Wood Effect for Standard Height Kitchen Backsplash in White Cabinets and Wood Open Shelving Small Kitchen Design

The kitchen, which has a minimal design, has a combination of white and wood. It is a kitchenette consisting of white flat-panel cabinets and wooden, open shelves. It is complemented by a wooden countertop and a standard-height kitchen backsplash of the same wood. The warm feeling of wood blends successfully with white cabinets. Everything else is completed with the same color paint as the room. It takes its place in built-in appliances and under-counter sinks. The round metal hood is interesting with its modern style. The mini white dining table and chairs complement the space beautifully.

Black Effect with Standard Height Kitchen Backsplash in Modern Kitchen Design

In the modern kitchen design consisting of black flat-panel cabinets and black countertop, the black standard height backsplash is tiled to a certain height and the rest continues with white paint up to the ceiling. The island in the middle is valued as both a storage and preparation bench. The under-counter sink is also located here. Minimal, black pendant lights are also in place. The gray flooring on the floor provides a sophisticated effect. It is a cool and stylish kitchen design.

Light Green Cabinets and White 4 inch Backsplash 

In the kitchen design, which consists of pastel tones, green flat cabinets are accompanied by white countertops. A standard-height backsplash is added from the same countertop material, and a very pale pink paint covers the entire space up to the ceiling. Since there is a large part of the window behind the counter, the backsplash at this height can be used easily. It is completed by adding built-in appliances, and an under-counter sink. White pendant lights and metal cabinet handles create fine details that complete the space. The white flooring on the floor also leaves a spacious effect in the space.


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Marble Effect with Standard Height Kitchen Backsplash in Cream Color Cabinets Design

Finished with cream-colored shaker cabinets, a gray countertop, and a gray standard-height backsplash, the kitchen has a marble effect. From the end of the backsplash to the ceiling, the green corrugated coating is added with its stylish and stylish appearance. The Farmhouse cooker and its elegant hood and under-counter sink take their place. Brass hardware lavender faucet and cabinet handles take their place in the space with their luxurious effects. The long narrow window behind the sink provides a bright and spacious area. The natural wood on the floor adds a natural look.

Terrazzo Standard Height Backsplash Effect in Pastel Kitchen Design

It combines flat-panel green cabinets with light wood open cabinets and green upper cabinets in an energizing, chirpy kitchen design. The walls are pink in very pale tones and a natural look is given by applying raw wood flooring on the floor. Terrazzo is completed with marble countertops and terrazzo standard height backsplash, while the rest of the upper cabinets are finished with the same paint. This kitchen design, which is a very sweet concept, is a beautiful place consisting of pastel tones. Brass hardware cabinet handles and a black stool complete the space.

Where should my backsplash end?

How high your kitchen backsplash should be is entirely up to user preference. Many homeowners complete their backsplash levels with the lower part of their upper cabinets. However, some choose to take backsplashes to the ceiling. This can make the kitchen feel taller and draw attention to the wall. It is a situation that is completely adjusted according to taste and design.

White Effect for Standard Height Kitchen Backsplash in Stylish Scandinavians Kitchen Design

In the kitchen, which combines white shaker cabinets, white countertop, and white standard height backsplash, the gap between the end of the backsplash and the upper cabinets creates integrity with the same color tone as the wooden corrugated panels and cabinets. Wooden parquet in very light tones is laid on the floor. While it takes its place in the under-counter washbasin, the metal basin mixer and cabinet handles add a stylish look. The elegant effect of white is felt throughout the kitchen.

Full-Height Kitchen Backsplash

A full backsplash design continues from the counter to the bottom of the upper cabinets and can even extend to the ceiling depending on the design. If you want a big visual impact, you can apply the same stone slab as your counter or choose any of the backsplash designs in an unlimited number of colors, patterns, and sizes. While full slabs provide the most modern, minimalist look, you can add a variety of tile patterns to the back of the hob, breaking up the backsplash and introducing more traditional styles or new textures. Take care to choose a model that harmoniously combines the cabinet and the counter. You can choose a backsplash that matches or contrasts with the cabinetry. Thanks to the backsplash, you create a gorgeous focal point in the kitchen, no matter which direction you choose.

Create an Accent wall with a Ceiling-Height Backsplash

In addition to the beauty of covering the entire counter with a backsplash, it also protects the walls against spills and splashes. Stone, marble, porcelain, ceramic, or glass backsplash tiles are fairly easy to maintain and will fade over time without being permanently cleaned due to spills and splatters. Need the most protection around the sink and stove. Because these areas are the parts that are used intensively and most damaged by water and oil.

There are options for full-height backsplashes, from an all-counter backsplash to a ceiling-to-ceiling option. Although the cleaning process is the same, for backsplashes that continue up to the ceiling, a ladder is essential for cleaning. Considering these reasons, it should be well thought out and decided whether it will go up to the ceiling or whether it will be laid between the counter (15-18”) up to the level of the upper cabinet.

Another disadvantage of full-height backsplashes is that a larger budget is required. Material and labor prices will increase compared to others.


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White Subway Full-Height Kitchen Backsplash Effect with Wood and Black Kitchen Cabinets Design

It consists of mid-tone wooden shaker cabinets, black island cabinets, and black wood veneered hood chimney. While the white countertop is elegantly accompanied, the white subway tile backsplash is applied up to the ceiling, fully revealing the elegance of white. Brass hardware cabinet handles and brass ball pendant lighting elegantly form the details of the space. It is completed with medium tones of wooden parquet on the floor.

White and Wood Cabinets with White Subway Full-Height Backsplash in Transitional Kitchen Design

A transitional kitchen style design is formed by the warm and elegant combination of white and wood. While the white countertop takes its place, the white subway tile backsplash is applied up to the ceiling, and the bright and luxurious effect surrounds the entire space. The elegant and fresh feeling of white looks amazing. The hood chimney is covered with the same wood as the wood coating applied on the island cabinets. On both sides of the hood, white open shelves are placed. While the island is used for preparation, it is also valued as a dining bar and is accompanied by black bar chairs. Black cabinet handles and black sconce lighting are the fine details in the space. On the floor, light-toned wooden parquets provide a natural effect.

Does the backsplash go behind the range?

Backsplashes should run behind the stove and between the counter and under the upper cabinets. But it does not need to go behind the refrigerator. Backsplash should be where oil and water splashes, and spills occur.

Transitional Kitchen with White Shaker Cabinets and Metal Hardware

In a stylish kitchen design with white shaker cabinets and white countertops, a gray marble mosaic herringbone full-height backsplash is added with a luxurious effect. The industrial stove and metal cabinet handles are fine details added to the space. Wooden parquet in dark tones on the floor gives a stylish look. It is a transitional kitchen design with an elegant elegance.

Traditional Kitchen Design with Wood Accents

In a complete traditional kitchen design, the old-new combination is beautifully rendered. Classic design details are handled delicately. While white shaker cabinets and white marble countertop are combined, it continues as a white marble backsplash up to a certain height, and from its end to the ceiling, tiny herringbone backsplashes are laid in gray tones. Continuing the gray backsplashes up to the ceiling adds a touch of style. The traditional style cooker and hood stylishly take their place.

The Farmhouse sink and metal cabinet handles are also elegantly added. In the middle, it is combined with a wooden classical-style cabinet and marble countertop. The vintage style looks interesting. In authentic style pendant lighting, they are the fine details that complete the space. While the floor is parquet in dark tones, natural elegance is added to the ceiling with mid-tone wood flooring. The window behind the sink helps to illuminate the space.

What is the minimum height for a backsplash?

Generally, the backsplash should be a minimum of three inches above the surface of the counter. It is usually installed at a height of four inches. These backsplashes can be in any material or color, but matching cabinets and countertops create stylish looks.

White and Wood Cabinets with Black Elongated Hex Tiles

In a kitchen design designed in modern lines, there are white and wooden shaker cabinets. Wooden cabinets are applied in the lower cabinets and white cabinets in the upper cabinets. Thin, long, brass hardware has elegant details with elegant cabinet handles. While taking their place in built-in appliances, white quartz is chosen as the countertop. And the black hexagonal full-height backsplash with its cool effect adds magnificently. It adds a stylish line to the space.

White Shaker Cabinets with Subway Tiles and Blue Island

In a stylish transitional kitchen design, white shaker cabinets and a white countertop accompany them as a full-height white subway backsplash. The fact that the white backsplashes go all the way to the ceiling, where there are no upper cabinets, creates a clean and spacious feeling. In the parts where there are no upper cabinets, wooden open shelves are formed with black connecting rods. Black cabinet handles are added to the space with their stylish stances.

The island with a large working area in the middle is completed with blue storage areas underneath and a white countertop, while stools with wicker seats and black legs are placed in the interior. The glass lantern elegantly accompanies the pendant lighting. On the floor, wooden parquet, thanks to its natural texture, adds an original atmosphere to the space. It is also an elegant transition kitchen design.

What is the short backsplash called?

An average 4-inch backsplash is made as an extension of the countertop design that extends 4 inches from the wall. One of the main reasons homeowners choose this backsplash option is its cost. Because it uses less material than a full backsplash, it can be done with less money to fabricate and install.

Cool and Stylish Design with White Marble Full-Height Kitchen Backsplash Effect and Black Cabinets

The kitchen design, which has a luxury and cool concept, consists of a black and marble duo. In the kitchen, which consists of black wooden flat cabinets and glass front upper cabinets, a white marble counter with intense gray veins and a backsplash offer a magnificent look. The quality and luxury effect of marble is almost dazzling. Thanks to its use as a full-height backsplash, the marble truly stands out. While the Farmhouse sink and built-in cooker take their place, the island in the middle is completely covered with marble and is also valued as a dining table. Black bar chairs add coolness. This cool design is also complemented by a chevron-tiled wooden parquet.


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Dusty Rose Color Square Full-Height Kitchen Backsplash Effect with Burgundy Cabinets Design

In the kitchen design, which consists of unusual colors, there are flat-panel cabinets on the side. White countertops and square backsplashes in shades of rose and pink are applied up to the ceiling, at full height. The glossy texture of the backsplashes provides a lively effect. By choosing the same color as the cabinets in the refrigerator, the burgundy color completely dominates the space. While it takes its place in the under-counter sink, brass hardware accompanies the sink mixer. The mirror behind the sink offers an unusual design in kitchens. Choosing the floor light helps to balance these dark tones. It is also a living kitchen design.

What is the trend for backsplash in 2022?

For kitchen backsplashes, a modern style is effective, with clean and straight lines and neutral color schemes being the center of attention in the 2022 trends. You can apply classic subway tiles in a stacked arrangement to give them a more modern feel. Besides, geometric tiles such as hexagons and triangles are also good options for creating a modern appeal.

Black and White, Patterned Full-Height Kitchen Backsplash Effect with Blue Cabinets Design

There are black and white patterns in the kitchen design, where the dynamic effect of the patterned full-height backsplash is felt. The blue shaker accompanies the cabinets and the white counter. Farmhouse lavabo takes its place behind the window, while the island in the middle is valued both as a preparation and a breakfast bar. Dark-toned parquet on the floor also adds quality air. The patterned backsplash going all the way to the ceiling attracts all the attention and also becomes the favorite of the place.

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