Unique Dining Room Ideas Reflect your Personality and Style

33+ Dining Room İdeas

ID# 117502 | Houzz.com – Credit© SGDI – Sarah Gallop Design Inc.

Black Table with Colorful Chairs and Oversized Lighting Fixture

The oversized black lighting fixture takes the place and turns this otherwise ordinary dining room into a unique design. The black table is paired with leaf-patterned chairs which brings joy to space. The oversized flower painting complements the chairs and creates a beautiful backdrop for the dining area.

ID# 117518 | Houzz.com – Credit© Scribe Studio

Bright Dining Area with Circular Set and Black Framed Windows

Minimalist yet effective! This bright modern dining room serves a characteristic look with its floor-to-ceiling windows and black frames. The black dining table and wood chairs centralize the room and offer an open and airy look.

Elegant, Bold, and Unique Dining Room Ideas

Not only for family meals, but dining rooms can also be the heart of the homes. And if you are bored with classic and formal designs, dining rooms are perfect spaces to reflect your personality and go bold. So, ready to revamp your dining room? Scroll down and find the best unique dining room ideas that will inspire you!

Make your dining room stand out with a unique look

If you love to eat and hang out with your family and friends, that means a dining room is your happy place. And it doesn’t have to feel formal, you can go as crazy as you want to make this place more special. Whether your style is modern or traditional, contemporary, or rustic, from standout dining tables to eye-catching chairs, glamorous lighting fixtures to beautiful decorations, there are endless ways to redecorate or make little adjustments for your dining room. You just need to find some inspiration.

Get ready to create a standout design and add value to your home with these unique dining room ideas.

ID# 117501 | Houzz.com – Credit© Oz Interiors by Jorge Cantu

Contemporary Unique Dining Room with Gold Chandelier

Turning a sunroom into a dining room is a great way to create an eye-catching design. In this contemporary dining room, thanks to the generous glazing, the spaces have a bright and spacious atmosphere. Floor-to-ceiling windows bring the beauty of nature into the room. The wooden table and chairs complement the nature view with their materials and provide plenty of space for large family meals. The gold chandelier highlights the dining area and adds a dose of sparkle.

ID# 117504 | Houzz.com – Credit© Наталья Вершинина

Modern Dining Room with Concrete Walls and Floors

This modern dining room design is characterized by minimalist furniture and clean lines. Wood dining table and matte black leather chairs provide plenty of sitting space for large gatherings. Concrete walls offer a sleek backdrop while custom lighting fixture design serves as an art piece and completes the modernized look.

Unique Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 117505 | Houzz.com – Credit© Britt Design Group

Unique Dining Room Ideas with Black Framed Windows

This unique dining room features a modern, clean-lined, low maintenance ranch-design with luxury comfort. The wooden dining table and leather chairs are highlighted by the statement maker lighting fixture. The rectangular shape of the lighting fixture and legs of the chairs complements the black frames of the large windows. The beige rug adds a bit of coziness to the formal design.

ID# 117506 | Houzz.com – CreditWALA | © Dave Kulesza

Black Table with Gray Chairs and Wooden Cabinets

In this example, the soaring atrium is turned into a unique dining room with a black table and gray chairs. The atrium is topped by a skylight that extends along the full width of the building. Wooden cabinets are paired with a thick gray granite countertop, and they provide storage space without sacrificing style.


ID# 117519 | Houzz.com – Credit© Anthropologie

Unique Dining Room Ideas with Colorful Interior Design

This maximized design recalls a vintage Italian classic for accommodate guests over lingering dinners. Different patterns and textures beautifully blend without overwhelming. Floral patterned textiles of the chairs and circular dining table create a cheerful dining area while pastel green walls, dining room decor, and floor-to-ceiling green curtains provide a sleek and joyful backdrop. The gold and white pendant light completes this maximized style and the white rug adds a dose of coziness.

ID# 117507 | Houzz.com – Credit© HSH Interiors

Beach Style Breakfast Nook with White Built-in Bench

The beautiful combination of white and blue creates an east coast meets west coast feeling throughout the house. The white built-in bench is paired with blue cushions and colorful pillows. The blue patterned wallpaper complements the other blue details and provides a cheerful backdrop. The wood floor and wicker seating of the white chairs bring warmth to the atmosphere and complete the beachy vibes of the breakfast nook.

ID# 117508 | Houzz.com – Credit© Lisa Schmitz Interior Design

Small Dining Space with Circular Table and Blue Chairs

If you have a stunning view like this, a simple dining set is enough to create a beautiful dining room. The calm beauty of nature fills the room and creates a peaceful backdrop. This view is complemented by wooden frames and a wooden ceiling inside. The small circular table and dark blue chairs provide a plain look.


ID# 117509 | Houzz.com – Credit© Nicola Tremacoldi

Light Wood Dining Set with Modern Black Chandelier Design

The combination of natural wood and black reflects the beauty of the Nordic style. The light wood dining set centralizes the room and gives a bit of rustic vibe. Multicolored floor tiles elevate the design and bring dynamism to space. The black modern dining room light creates a modern appeal with its plain structure while black and wood bookshelves complete the design.


Modern Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 117510 | Houzz.com – Credit© 株式会社 持井工務店

Eclectic Dining Room with the Beauty of Natural Wood

The eclectic dining room features different wooden textures that offer a rustic appeal. These wooden textures stand out against the bright white walls. The metallic pendant light completes this rustic vibe and makes a warm glow above the wooden dining set. Potted plants and ivy complement the natural feel of the woods and create a foresty look.

ID# 117511 | Houzz.com – Credit© Raffaele Caruso Architetto

Formal Dining Room with Unique Lighting Fixture

In this modern dining room, the custom lighting fixture takes the formal design to a next level and brightens up space with its colorful bubble bulbs. The black dining table and gray chairs offer a minimalist look and allow the lighting fixture to stand out.

ID# 117512 | Houzz.com – Credit© Beautiful Habitat: Design & Decoration

Elegant Dining Nook with Built-in Banquette and Wood Wall Panel

This contemporary dining nook offers a comfortable and casual space for the family to come together. The white built-in banquette provides a comfortable seating area with dark gray cushions. Organic elements like natural woods, brass, and the flowing, organic patterns of the fabrics soften the strong look of the black and enhances the coziness of the design.

ID# 117513 | Houzz.com – Credit© House of Jade Interiors

Transitional Unique Dining Room Ideas with Brass Chandelier

In this transitional dining room, the concrete and wood table is paired with cozy benches and black chairs. The black frames of the windows stand out between the white walls and create a sleek backdrop. The brass chandelier adds a dose of luxury and sparkle to the design.

ID# 117515 | Houzz.com – Credit© Ana Claudia Design

Unique Dining Room Ideas with Floral Wallpapered Ceiling

The overall style of this unique dining room is a mixture of modern and traditional, feminine, and masculine, with lots of depth without overwhelming. The floral wallpapered ceiling and the organic shape of the colorful rugs make a big difference in this design and give uniqueness. The wood dining table and black chairs create a minimalist look between the colorful and textural elements. Light gray walls are neutral enough but still add depth to the atmosphere. The Castile dining room chandelier brings a traditional vibe and makes a warm glow above the dining set.


ID# 117517 | Houzz.com – Credit© An Artful Life

Unique Dining Set with Wall-mounted Shelves and Black Chandelier

In this Scandinavian dining room, the cold feel of the monochromatic palette is warmed by natural wood textures. The wooden dining set and wall-mounted shelves serve as an art piece with their organic shapes. Floor-to-ceiling glass doors provide a connection to the outside, whilst oversized skylights and full picture windows allow the entire space to savor morning and evening sunlight. The black chandelier completes the modernized look.


Unique Dining Room Ideas with Turquoise Flooring and Dark Blue Ceiling

The turquoise flooring brightens up this high ceiling open space and brings the ocean into the room. The wooden dining set looks like floating on the ocean and completes the beachy vibe with its natural material. The dark blue ceiling panel and the ocean painting complement the flooring.

ID# 117503 | Houzz.com – Credit© Айгуль Султанова

Wood Dining Table with Black and Orange Chairs and Marble Floor

If you have a budget or just want to change a few things in your dining room, painting the walls is the easiest and cheaper option. In this contemporary dining room, walls are painted in mustard yellow, gray, and white. This beautiful combination creates a cohesive and sleek backdrop for the wood dining room table and black chairs. Also, adding an orange chair changes the formal look of the dining set. Marble floor tiles make a luxurious twist against the cozy design. Small painting and gold pendant light beautifully complete the design.

ID# 117520 | Houzz.com – Credit© French-Brown Floors Co.

Black and Gold Dining Set with Gold Chandelier

The sophistication of the black and gold surround this unique dining room and create a glamorous design. The circular dining table is surrounded by black and gold chairs and it makes a statement with its sculptural design. The circular shape of the gold chandelier complements the table and creates a focal point above the dining area. Light wood floor and beige curtains make a cozy twist against the luxurious furniture and bring warmth to the atmosphere.

Elegant Luxurious Dining Nook with Modern Black Spider Lighting

The gold accents catch the eye at first sight and keep things interesting without creating visual chaos in this dining room. Black spider lighting covers the whole ceiling and creates a visual feast over the nook. The dining nook features a gold velvet bench, a black oval dining table, and gold dining chairs.

ID# 117523 | Houzz.com – Credit© Todd Zwigard Architects

Long Wooden Table with Black Chairs and Chandelier

In this spacious dining area, the wood frames of the floor-to-ceiling windows are complemented by a large wood dining table and a wood floor. The long table is surrounded by black chairs and highlighted by a black chandelier design and the natural edges of the table give a rustic feel. The high-ceiling structure of the house gives a bunch of character to the spaces.

ID# 117524 | Houzz.com – Credit© Stan & Co. Quality Painting

Black and White Dining Room with Glamorous Chandelier

The strong contrast between the black and white offers a powerful dining room design with a circular table, black velvet chairs, black chandelier, black and white curtains, wallpaper, and white floor tiles. The black chandelier and black velvet chairs enhance the luxury level of the design while black dotted wallpaper adds a funky vibe. The Black and white patterns of the dining room curtains bring a traditional appeal.


ID# 117526 | Houzz.com – CreditFAB Architects | © Gareth Gardner

Cozy Dining Nook Design with Timber Wall Cladding

The small yet bright dining nook design features a bespoke timber built-in banquette, pink cushions, wood table, stools, a skylight, and timber wall cladding. The timber wall cladding brings dynamism to the blank white walls and creates a unique backdrop while wood herringbone parquets bring warmth to the atmosphere.

ID# 117527 | Houzz.com – Credit© Design Squared Architects

Open Concept Dining Area with Brick Wall and Concrete Floor

In this example, the dining area with a wooden table, banquette, and black chairs is placed under the skylight. The brick wall brings a rustic appeal while provides a sleek backdrop. Gray concrete floor tiles complement the earthy material of the bricks.

ID# 117528 | Houzz.com – CreditTeb Interiors Inc. | © Stephani Buchman

Elegant Dining Nook with White Bench and Gray Tufted Cushions

Rich textiles and patterns turn this small dining nook into an eye-catching design. The beautiful, tufted cushions of the white built-in bench distract the compact sizes of the nook and create an elegant look. The nook is completed by the black table and black and white chairs. The gold legs of the chairs add sparkle to the design while the dark wood floor enhances the warmness of the atmosphere.

ID# 117529 | Houzz.com – Credit© Wesley-Wayne Interiors, LLC

Blue Dining Room with Gorgeous Colorful Wall Decor

In this design, each feature serves as an art piece! Blue side chairs creating contrast with the red dining table on the blue rug. Colorful orb-shaped dining room wall art looks glamorous on the white wall. The large painting in a black picture frame in a harmony with the other features and creates a focal point behind the table.


ID# 117530 | Houzz.com – CreditMaillot Homes | © Phil Crozier

Unique Dining Room Ideas with Dark Floral Wallpaper

Different colors, patterns, and textures are beautifully coming together in this eclectic dining room without overwhelming. The combination of black and green offers a luxuriously elegant look while floral wallpapers bring a dramatic and romantic feel. Also, using floral wallpaper breaks the sharp look of the black and gives a feminine look. The black wainscoting and green floor-to-ceiling curtains enhance the luxury level of the design. The white table stands out between the dark shades and offers a clean and fresh look with the glass chandelier. The geometric stripes of the chairs bring a modern appeal.

ID# 117531 | Houzz.com – Credit© Studio Sven

Geometrical Gold Light with Hexagon Mirror Pieces

The gold lighting fixture popping up in this dark dining room and make a warm glow above the dining set. Sharp edges of the lighting create contrast with the curvy dining chairs. Hexagon mirrors on the ceiling bring mobility to the ceiling and also, the dining room beautifully reflects on it. Black and navy-blue walls bring an elegant and chic look while the wooden top dining table complements the wooden floor.

ID# 117533 | Houzz.com – Credit© Merrett Houmoller Architects

Contemporary Dining Area with Concrete Walls and Ceiling

The raw concrete look of the accent wall and ceiling add character that never made it into the original new build! The white built-in banquette is finished with gray cushions to comfortable seating. The wood table completes the earthy look of the concrete while orange and black chairs bring a modern appeal. The floors are finished in white resin, complementing the raw concrete walls and ceilings.

ID# 117514

Lakefront Log Cabin with Whitewashed Interiors

The whitewashed logs offer a whimsical flavor and create a bright and spacious cabin design. Stylish chairs are placed around the dark wood table. The funky chandelier that is designed from reclaimed light sockets and the Moroccan wool rug adds a playful touch.

ID# 117516

Wallpaper with Teal Geometrical Shapes in Eclectic Dining Room

Teal strikes on the dining room wallpaper complement the teal cushions of gold-framed chairs. Combination of the teal and gold creates an elegant look between the white walls. The wooden dining table completes the look beautifully.

Decorative Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 117522

Contemporary Dining Room with Gray Walls and Ceiling

Using the same gray color on the ceiling and walls allows a wider and dramatic atmosphere to this gray dining room. White wainscoting perfectly defines the level of the dining area and brings a traditional feel. Wooden dining table surrounded by black chairs on the wooden flooring. Bubble lighting gives the feeling of a balloon and brings joy with its shape.

ID# 117525

Unique Dining Room Ideas with Red Swinging Chairs

If you want to enhance the uniqueness of your dining room, replace your formal chairs with swinging ones. The unique design features red swinging chairs, a wood table, and a white structure. These swinging dining chairs are stylish, sassy, and good fun all at once. Besides the children, this enjoyable design will be the favorite space for you and your friends!

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