Spanish Tile Backsplash Unique Patterns & Vibrant Colors

30+ Spanish Tile Backsplash

ID# 130909 | – Credit© UltraCraft Cabinetry

Dark Navy Blue Shaker Cabinets with Wood Hood and Wood Island

Such a lovely and inviting look this kitchen has! If you want to increase a cheerful but stylish look, you can use blue and light wood colors for the kitchen design. Using black handles helps the navy blue cabinets to have integrity. In this way, they can create harmony with the light wood surfaces. The white quartz countertops provide a simple look with the navy blue flat-panel cabinets. The brass faucet and the brass pendant lighting fixtures team up together and they increase the chic look. It is a clever idea to match the blue tile backsplash with the navy blue cabinets. Furthermore, their match looks stunning!

ID# 130916 | – Credit© Грета Вульф – Greta Wolf

Energetic Kitchen with Natural Colors and Blue Wood Floors

This rustic kitchen has lovely colors! The blue and the white colors are the main colors which are supported by the greens, yellows, and reds. Those cute curtains for the base cabinet area and white brick walls of the base part add a beautiful match together. The mismatched patterns of the Spanish tile backsplash have lovely colors to spice up this kitchen design.

Spanish Tile Backsplash

The most important place of our home is, of course, the kitchen! Whether you like to prepare food or not, you spend most of the time here. For this reason, you may like to have some aesthetic designs for your kitchen designs. If you know what kind of design style you go with, it is easier to choose a backsplash for your kitchen cabinets. You may want to have a focal point for your kitchen, if so, a Spanish tile backsplash is a perfect fit for you! Centuries ago these tiles were made in Spain, they can be made from ceramic and clay. From the time of 17th Century, Spain is exporting these amazing tiles to the world. They have unique patterns, lovely colors, and can add an energetic look to your kitchen’s atmosphere, also have a custom design thanks to their ability to be made by an artist.

It does not matter whether your design style is contemporary or classic, traditional or modern, you can use a Spanish tile backsplash with almost every design style! They have stunning colors and patterns which you can blend with every design style. Mostly they are used in bathrooms, showers, kitchens, or sometimes they can be for a characteristic wall that is needed for your design. If you like some energetic and eye-catchy look, you can choose or make a design these tiles for your backsplash! Scroll down and find stylish Spanish-style backsplash ideas!

ID# 130901 | – Credit© 3 Fold Design Studio

Transitional Kitchen with Black Hood and Spanish Tile Backsplash

This transitional kitchen has a beautiful contemporary design style thanks to the flat-panel cabinets and the white Premium Natural quartz countertops. If you want to add an authentic and antique look you may like to use Moroccan-inspired tiles. Whether contemporary or classic, you can use almost every design style. The black hood and the wood exposed beams put a harmonious look with the wood flat-panel cabinets. The grayish color patterns of the backsplash with the white base the black hood match well with them.

ID# 130902 | – Credit© Julia Chasman Design

Eclectic Kitchen Design with Dynamic Colors of a Spanish Tile Backsplash

A cheerful and inviting look welcomes you in this gorgeous kitchen design. It is a perfect idea to use dark navy blue shaker cabinets to emphasize the dynamic colorful backsplash tiles. To balance this dynamic look you can use white countertops and add a line to separate the dark and colorful appeal. Using gold hardware adds a more stylish look to the kitchen and helps to catch elegance. The wood shelves are one of the inviting and warmth-adding elements while the natural stone countertop adds elegance.

ID# 130903 | – Credit© COAT Design Remodel

Beach Style Kitchen with Gray Countertops and Multicolored Backsplash

The white shaker cabinets stand out thanks to the dark wood floor and the beige color walls in this Spanish-style kitchen. They also have eye-catchy design elements such as black handles that contrast to white cabinets and those lovely multicolored tile backsplash. The dark gray patterns of the backsplash have a lovely harmony with the gray countertops.

Color Options for Spanish Tile Backsplash

When you decide to use a Spanish tile backsplash for your kitchen cabinets, you will be welcomed by a sea of alternative tile colors! You may get lost in color options for Spanish tile backsplash! Do you want a romantic atmosphere, cozy look, or some glamor for your cabinets? You can find every option in this endless sea of color options. The white colors for some pure simplicity or noble look, the blue colors to add some fresh atmosphere, gray ones to put a stylish touch, or black and white Spanish tiles to have some modern look.

Spanish tiles can come in vibrant colors and patterns for your kitchen backsplashes. Their ability to create spectacular designs increases your kitchen’s appeal one step further. Let’s see which color spice up your kitchen!

White Spanish Tile Backsplash

White colors have some benefits over other colors such as making a small kitchen look big and bright! You can also have a contrast with dark pale colors or simply black which adds characteristics to the kitchen. A white Spanish tile backsplash will be the one if you want to add some contrast or movement to your kitchen furniture. Whether with pale or vibrant colors the white Spanish tile backsplash will spice up your kitchen with dynamism thanks to their lovely patterns.

ID# 130904 | – Credit© Normandy Remodeling

White Spanish Tile Backsplash with Dark Gray Recessed-Panel Cabinets and White Quartzite Countertops

If you want to have old-world charm in a contemporary design style kitchen you can use a white Spanish kitchen backsplash, as in this kitchen. The farmhouse sink and the backsplash tiles add a lovely reminder of the farmhouse style. The beautiful harmony of the white recessed-panel cabinets and the gold handles put an elegant view. You may like to use a soft contrast, for this, dark gray color is a perfect fit for white cabinets.

ID# 130905 | – Credit© Hakwood

Wood Panels and Beige Patterned White Spanish Tile Backsplash with Dark Navy Blue Shaker Cabinets

The warmth of this kitchen pantry comes from the wood panel backsplash with floating shelves and the charming ceramic tile backsplash, of course. Using the dark navy blue shaker cabinets with wood textures adds an amazing elegance to the atmosphere. The brass handles also join this elegance with their naïve designs. The white Spanish tile backsplash complements the stylish design of this kitchen pantry. Using a simple white countertop also increases the stylish look of this interior.

ID# 130906 | – Credit© Interior Design Imports

Mediterranean Kitchen Design with Wood Cabinets and

This kitchen welcomes you with its warm and stylish look. The brown tile floors, wood kitchen cabinets, and beige countertops blend creating a harmonious look. From the barstools to the hood, from the Spanish tile backsplash to the floors this kitchen has all Mediterranean design style appeal with the historic Spanish Colonial interior. To have this kind of warm atmosphere with this kind of design style, it is good to use natural colors. You may like to use blues, tans, brown shades, or terra-cotta.

Blue Spanish Tile Backsplash

Spanish tiles can provide soft and curvy lines and patterns with striking color ranges. Thanks to their ability to create unique custom designs, you can have stunning colors and patterns for your backsplashes. If you want a focal point for your kitchen cabinets they are the perfect fit for this mission. You can choose a blue Spanish tile backsplash if you want a fresh and Mediterranean sea breeze for your kitchen atmosphere. They can provide an elegant look and freshness for your kitchen cabinets.

ID# 130907 | – Credit© Heidi Caillier Design

Dark Navy Blue Shaker Cabinets with Blue Spanish Tile Backsplash

You may like to go with modern lines with a farmhouse kitchen. It is possible, of course, and it creates such a stylish look as in this kitchen. Let’s start with the harmonious elegance of the dark navy blue shaker cabinets and minimalistic brass handles. Their chic look is an indisputable fact. Using white quartz countertops is another stylish choice to increase the elegance of the kitchen design. You can separate the whole backsplash with completely different style tiles such as separating the white subway tile backsplash with the blue Spanish tile backsplash for the cooktop. These steps can help you to create a difference.

ID# 130908 | – Credit© Murphy Moon Design

Blue Island with White Shake Cabinets and Light Wood Floors

Using colors of course is a cheerful game when you design a place. If you want to create a fresh interior the blue and white color harmony is the perfect choice for this. Do not forget to blend wood floors with blue color panels. They also have a strong impact on creating a stylish look. You may want to emphasize only the island and match it with the backsplash. To spice up the kitchen design a little bit, you can use a blue Spanish tile backsplash with the blue color panels and use white surroundings to highlight them.

Gray Spanish Tile Backsplash

Are you ready to modernize your Spanish tiles? You can have a unique combination of patterns with soft contrast and smooth harmony. Mismatched patterns have an amazingly elegant look with a gray Spanish tile backsplash. Mostly, modern and contemporary design style kitchen cabinets have this color for Spanish tile backsplash to add a joyful look and movement to the cabinets. If you want to use simple colors to emphasize the backsplash, gray colors and patterns are the best choices for them!

ID# 130910 | – Credit© Titus Built, LLC

Gray Spanish Tile Backsplash with White Kitchen Cabinets and Gold Hardware

You can use the gold hardware with the white kitchen cabinets to have luxurious look. If you want to increase this look it is a good idea to spice up the cabinets with a gray Spanish tile backsplash. So, as not to overwhelm the view, you can use light color countertops. The dark wood floors help the white kitchen cabinets to stand out.

ID# 130911 | – Credit© VanderHorn Architects

Country Kitchen with White Recessed-Panel Cabinets and Wood Island

Country kitchen design style has lovely curves, and this makes the kitchen look more organic with natural appeal. The wood exposed beams, the wood island, and the floors add a warm atmosphere to the kitchen design. Combining wood textures with white cabinets creates a stylish harmony. If you want to add more movement to the design you can use those lovely gray Spanish tile backsplash.

Black And White Spanish Tile Backsplash

If you like to go with a classic color combination which is the black and white contrast, you can use it for your Spanish tile backsplash, as well. You can have a sophisticated look for your kitchen cabinets with the bold contrast of black and white Spanish tile backsplash. It draws all the attention when it is used with contemporary design style, or plain designs, thanks to its bold patterns. If you want to emphasize the patterns of the backsplash it is better to have simple colors around them.

ID# 130912 | – Credit© Northland Design & Build

Farmhouse Kitchen with Black and White Spanish Tile Backsplash

If you like the contrast of the black and white colors and use them simply in your design, you can match the black countertops with black and white backsplash, and use the kitchen cabinets only in white color. It is a clever idea to have the handles in black color to keep the contrast simple. Having light wood floors helps the kitchen cabinets look simple, and they harmonize with each other stylishly.

ID# 130913 | – Credit© R. Fleming Construction

Farmhouse Kitchen Design with White Shaker Cabinets Combining Gray Countertops and Dark Wood Hood

The black handles used with the white cabinet are already the glass of fashion and the mold of form. The dark wood floors match with the dark hood creating harmony. You can use color transitions such as using light gray colors, white color cabinets, and black and white backsplash. To make a difference you can use a Spanish tile backsplash for the white kitchen cabinets and using white and black colors can help you to have a stylish contrast.

ID# 130914 | – Credit© Chic on the Cheap

White Shaker Cabinets and Small Wood Island with White Quartz Countertops in a Mediterranean Kitchen Design

Having stylish contrast increase the movement in your interiors. It is a good choice to have dark wood floors with a wood small island to have harmony with the white kitchen cabinets. If you want to spice up a little bit you can use a Spanish tile backsplash with lovely patterns as in this kitchen. They match with the black handles, and this creates a stylish look.

Colorful Spanish Tile Backsplash

Creating an eye-catchy kitchen cabinet design is super easy with the colorful Spanish tile backsplash! These colorful tiles take your kitchen cabinets to the next level thanks to their mismatched, colorful, unique patterns. If you decide to have a dynamic, stylish, and colorful design element as a focal point for your kitchen cabinet design, this colorful Spanish tile backsplash idea is the perfect fit for this mission. You can use them in a contemporary design style, modern style, classic or traditional design style. They can harmonize almost every design style.

ID# 130915 | – Credit© The Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn

Light Beige Shaker Cabinets and White Subway Tile Backsplash with Colorful Spanish Tiles

A warm and friendly look welcomes you in this kitchen. You can create an aesthetic view with colorful Spanish tile backsplash using it as separation for the main backsplash tiles. Using the light colors dominantly can help the cooktop backsplash to stand out. This kitchen has good illumination thanks to the light surfaces and the daylight. Pairing the black color handles with the dark colors of the patterns of the backsplash tile is a clever idea to have a stylish view.

ID# 130917 | – Credit© C & C Partners Design/Build Firm

Dark Wood Recessed-Panel Kitchen Cabinets with Colorful Spanish Tile Backsplash

If you like Mediterranean kitchens and a warm look with cozy vibes, this kitchen is the perfect fit for you. First of all, the gorgeous wood recessed-panel kitchen cabinets have a beautiful harmony with the black handles. They create integrity together. Using gray countertops is a good idea, this way, you can have a matched look of the stainless steel appliances and the countertops. The colorful Spanish tile backsplash is eye-catchy between the dark color cabinets.

ID# 130918 | – Credit© NewStudio Architecture

Dark Gray Shaker Cabinets and the Glass Front Cabinets with White Quartz Countertops

You may like to go contemporary design style with Mediterranean kitchen, as in this design. The dark gray base cabinets and the black handles add a stylish appeal together. It is a good choice to use light gray floors to create a soft color transition. The white quartz countertops and the white subway tiles for the backsplash add a harmonious look to the kitchen. You can separate the backsplash wall using a cooktop backsplash. If you do not sure to use what type of separation you can use a colorful Spanish tile backsplash that draws all the attention.

Backsplash Types and Styles

If you like to have square tiles with vibrant, curvy, floral patterns Spanish tiles are the most useful ones. They have tones of alternatives and even you can have custom designs. But you can get lost in this sea of options. There are backsplash types and styles that can refer you to choose your Spanish tile design. Modern, antique look and hand-painted Spanish tile backsplash options can help you to decide your backsplash types and styles.

Modern Spanish Tile Backsplash

The world changes and the design trends change according to that. For this reason, every year has its modern lines, trends. You can use old, antique look materials from the past years to have a new wave of inspiration. The Spanish tiles can be modernized in terms of the patterns and the lines. You will find more geometrical and less curvy patterns if you search for modern Spanish tiles. You may like to have a stylish movement for your kitchen cabinet design and for a match you can use a modern Spanish tile backsplash!

ID# 130919 | – Credit© Sharp and Grey Interiors

Modern Spanish Tile Backsplash with White Shaker Cabinets and Blue Island

The wood accent of the white hood and the white shaker cabinets add an amazing appeal together. It is a clever idea to use mid-tone wood floors with a blue island to add a harmonious look. You can use gold handles with the white cabinets to increase the stylish look. The modern Spanish tile backsplash matches with the blue island and adds a chich appeal to the kitchen.

ID# 130920 | – Credit© S. B. Long Interiors

Modern Design Style for Mediterranean Kitchen with White Recessed-Panel Kitchen Cabinets

This kitchen has a striking look with the help of the colorful modern Spanish tile backsplash. It draws all the attention thanks to the white kitchen cabinets. The red colors of the patterns of the backsplash match well with the brown floors. Light gray countertops complete the design look with a finishing touch.

What is a Spanish tile backsplash?

Traditional Mexican and Spanish designs meet with tiles, the most important feature of them is they are handmade. They are made from ceramics and clay. With this, you can have a variety of benefits from them such as strength, durability, unique custom designs, and lovely patterns with beautiful colors. You can use them for your backsplashes to spice up your kitchen designs. Whether contemporary style or farmhouse, you can use every kind of design style with them.

ID# 130921 | – Credit© Savvy Interiors/ inSIDE by Savvy

Modern Kitchen with Spanish Touches and White Cabinets

Modern kitchens can have colorful and organic patterns, too. This kitchen has a lovely brown modern Mexican tile backsplash. The white recessed-panel cabinets and the light gray countertops complete each other with a stylish modern appeal. The wood hood and the backsplash pattern colors match well and team up together. Black chandeliers put a contrast with the white color cabinets and they balance the harmony well.

ID# 130922 | – Credit© TVL Creative Ltd.

Modern Spanish Tile Backsplash with White Shaker Cabinets and White Quartz Countertops

U-shaped kitchen design draws all the attention with one element! The modern Spanish tile backsplash! The white shaker cabinets and the brass handles always add elegance to the design, of course. Combining the white cabinets with white quartz countertops helps the daylight to spread equally and illuminate the interior well. It is a good idea to match stainless steel appliances with the gray colors of the backsplash patterns.

Antique Look Spanish Tile Backsplash

Using contrast as a design element is mostly done with colors or textures. But there are different contrast which you can make between the past trends and modern trends. This can create such a perfect difference for your kitchen cabinet designs. As an example, if you have a Scandinavian minimalistic look design style for your kitchen you can use an antique look Spanish tile backsplash! They can create both the new modern feeling with the charm of the old times. This contrast adds a striking effect to your kitchen cabinet designs.

ID# 130923 | – Credit© Ópera de Domingo

Scandinavian Kitchen Design with Wood Countertops and Antique Look Spanish Tile Backsplash

The perfect match of the antique Spanish tile backsplash with the light wood countertops adds a familiar and inviting look to the atmosphere of this kitchen. The pale blues of the backsplash tiles have a lovely harmony with the wooden surfaces. To have bright look it is a good idea to use cabinets in white colors. Having white handles also helps to keep the integrity of the white color design.

ID# 130924 | – Credit© Flooring Factory LLC

Beige Walls with White Kitchen Cabinets and an Island

Wood ornaments of the island cabinets and the black knob handles add a lovely contrast to the interior. If you want to add some artwork to your kitchen, you can use antique look Spanish tile backsplash, because they are all handmade. The good illumination enlights the kitchen with the help of the light beige floors and white kitchen cabinets.

ID# 130925 | – Credit© Lindsey Adams Construction Inc.

Antique Look Spanish Tile Backsplash for Cooktop and Beige Kitchen Cabinets with White Appliances

This Mediterranean kitchen provides a warm atmosphere with beige colors and wood textures. The dark wood floors highlight the beige kitchen cabinets and white appliances blend with them harmoniously. Matching the dark wood panels of the island with the dark wood floors is a clever idea to create stylish integrity. White countertops and the white appliances complement each other and the antique look Spanish tile backsplash for the cooktop shows off with elegance.

ID# 130926 | – Credit© British Standard by Plain English

Light Green Kitchen Cabinets with Wood Countertops and Black Handles

Using wood countertops and light green cabinets adds a natural look thanks to their natural colors. Matching the wood countertops with the wood floors helps the light green kitchen cabinets stand out. The most stunning design element is, of course, that light green color backsplash. It has lovely patterns matching with the green cabinets.

Hand Painted Spanish Backsplash Tile

As you know Spanish tiles are created from ceramics and clay and their very special feature is that they are handmade which means you can have custom designs. They can add a unique atmosphere to your interiors whenever they are used. Aesthetic decorations are created by the artist for your hand-painted Spanish tile backsplash and you can see every touch of the brush strokes that the artist made. You can see that every single tile is also unique!

ID# 130927 | – Credit© Design Studio on 2nd

Hand Painted Spanish Backsplash Tile with White Quartz Countertops and White Shaker Cabinets

The white shaker cabinets have minimalistic contrast with the black knob handles. If you want to keep this minimalistic look, you may use white Silestone quartz countertops. Wood peninsula and the wood floors add a warm atmosphere and that hand-painted Spanish tile backsplash put a finishing touch to this stylish kitchen.

ID# 130928 | – Credit© Interior Design Imports

Mediterranean Kitchen Design with Wood Cabinets and Gray Countertops

You can feel the familiar and inviting look of this kitchen thanks to the wood surfaces and the brown backsplash. The backsplash patterns are eye-catchy with their harmonious match to the wood cabinets. Using light gray countertops does not bother the view, and they help the backsplash to stand out.

What color cabinets with Spanish tile backsplash?

If you want to emphasize the Spanish tile backsplash in your kitchens, the white cabinets are perfect to highlight those tiles. You can use different colors with them such as white and gray cabinets which helps the Spanish tiles to show off. Because whether dark or light colors if you keep them in simple you can make the tiles stand out. The wood cabinets mostly have brown or yellowish tiles that create harmony with them but white and gray kitchen cabinets are always more powerful to show your Spanish tiles.

ID# 130929 | – Credit© Tom Meaney Architect, AIA

Strong Contrast of the Dark Wood Exposed Beams and the White Kitchen Cabinets

If you want to make a different approach to the backsplash design, it is a good idea to frame them with a line, as in this kitchen. The contrast has a strong effect in this kitchen that helps the hand-painted Spanish tile backsplash to stand out. Using gray countertops also adds a soft contrast and creates a color transition stylishly.

ID# 130930 | – Credit© GMT Home Designs Inc.

Contemporary Kitchen Design with Hand Painted Spanish Tile Backsplash with Wood Countertops

It is a perfect idea to use a Spanish tile backsplash in a contemporary design style kitchen! It gives a perfect contrast stylishly between the design styles. Using the countertops in wood textures helps you to add a warm look to the kitchen. The minimalistic chrome handles also add a naïve appeal to the white kitchen design. The hand-painted Spanish tile backsplash draws all the attention thanks to its artwork!

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