Spanish Style Bathroom Ideas Bring Mediterranean Glamour

31+ Spanish Style Bathroom Ideas

Old Charm with a Spanish Style Bathroom Idea

The elegance and the energy welcome you with Mediterranean breezes. The peaceful atmosphere is created by the harmony between navy blue tiles and powder pink walls. White tile walls and floors balance the colors and enlighten them while the black and white contrast brings a lively look.

Pattern Burst for a Modern Twist with Spanish Style Bathroom Floor Tiles

The mesmerizing look of the blu and white patterned Spanish-style tiles creates an optical illusion together with the mirror surface of the bathtub. The full-height wall mirror adds depth to the bathroom increasing the modern style appeal. The white subway tile wall tiles create a canvas for the colorful tiles to make them stand out with a vibrant appeal.

Spanish Style Bathroom Ideas

In general, homeowners get used to elegant bathrooms with soft beige tones and off-white or gray colors that soothe the bathroom. It is very natural if you nod off during your morning shower in one of your calm, understated bathrooms. However, if you need some colorful bathroom ideas you may need to experience energy, enthusiasm, and dynamism, such as Spanish-style bathroom ideas!

The relaxed, cozy, and welcoming design that evolved over many centuries in the areas bordering the Mediterranean Sea is the inspiration for Spanish-style bathroom ideas. Some components of Spanish-style bathroom ideas are quite enduring, having endured centuries of fashion changes due to their usefulness, beauty, and adaptability. The use of vibrant color is perhaps the Spanish-style bathroom’s defining characteristic. The color scheme for Spanish-style design is influenced by the rich, bright hues of the earth, sky, sea, and sun in this region of the world as well as by the natural beauty of the Mediterranean region.

Warm earth tones like deep orange and rusty red are frequently used in Spanish-style bathrooms, along with vibrant, sun-washed hues like brilliant whites and yellows, turquoise, and glittering blues. Colors may either dominate the room as a dominant color scheme or be noticed as vibrant splashes of color in accents like linens and decorations.

Modern Spanish Style Bathroom Idea with a Striking Copper Tub

The contrast between the blue and brown pushes the limits creating the most eye-catchy look in this Spanish-style bathroom. The soothing blue wall tiles surround the tub adding an aesthetic contrast with modern aspects. The brass ceiling light adds a touch of luxe to the bathroom’s environment.

Black and White Tile Work with Floral Patterns

The striking contrast of the black and white is softened by the floral patterns of the tiles. The black-and-white concept has a contemporary approach with Spanish-style tile works. The modern wall tiles and the vanity create a canvas for the floral tiles to stand out.

Modern Spanish Style Bathroom Ideas

Often, bathrooms are designed to look neat, gloomy, and harsh. Modern bathrooms tend to favor clean lines, neutral or monochromatic color choices, and a lack of ornate décor. Many of us still hunger for the joy and beauty of color in every room in the house, though. A modern Spanish-style bathroom idea is attainable if you combine bold color tones with the sleek lines of modern design!

Clear lines, sculpted shapes, different color schemes, and more are present in modern bathroom design ideas. No matter how big or little, wet room or en suite, your bathroom area’s size or shape, modern design is very easy to implement. Let’s add some color to these museum-like settings and have modern Spanish- style bathroom ideas to spruce up the bathrooms’ boring and contemporary appearance!

Modern Spanish Style Bathroom Ideas with Mismatched Patterns

This interior design enhances the Spanish style with a sleek and modern touch. The gray and black colors are accentuated by the movement of the mismatched wall tile patterns. The floral patterns shine thanks to the led ceiling light. The black vanity, gray floor, and wall tiles create a canvas for the floral pattern wall tiles to stand out with an organic and warm look.


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Contemporary Vibes with Dark Colors

The plain and textured wall tiles surround the cement floor tiles adding a brighter appeal while the black and white patterns of the floor tiles create a strong contrast with movement. The black shower faucet set complements the floor tiles adding a cohesive appeal. Thanks to the plain and sleek design of the tiles this bathroom has a modern look with a Spanish vibe!

Rustic Spanish Style Bathroom Ideas

Rustic interior design is a fantastic way to showcase your love of organic materials, vintage furnishings, and distinctive architectural details. This entails showcasing components like wood beams, clay and stone embellishments, and antique lighting fixtures. It is possible to combine two styles if one style is not enough! The colors and warm vibes of the Spanish style will be enhanced by the rustic touch!

If you’re intrigued by this, think about experimenting with rustic Spanish-style bathroom ideas. It doesn’t have to be expensive to turn your Spanish-style bathroom into a rustic haven for you and your guests. Bathroom photos abound, ranging from spectacular makeovers to more subdued designs with rustic touches. Shiplap walls, patterned wallpaper (plaid and flowers are typically a wonderful choice), Spanish-style bathroom tile ideas, sliding barn doors, or even a walk-in shower may all be used to enhance your space. You may choose! Therefore, if you’re unsure of how to incorporate rustic elements into your bathroom, these rustic Spanish-style bathroom ideas may serve as inspiration.

Rustic Spanish Bathroom Design with Patterned Tiles

This bathroom welcomes you with a cozy and warm atmosphere. The dim light of the interior and the wood floors with wood cabinetry create homey vibes with a serene look. The rustic charm is accentuated by the Spanish-style star patterned floor tiles for the tub. The plant and the lighting details add a luxurious appeal. The star-patterned floor tiles bring dynamic appeal with a contrasted look.


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Exposed Brick Wall with a Shiny Copper Bathtub

The luxe charm of the bathtub is balanced by the exposed brick wall. The patterned floor tiles add a dynamic appeal with stylish contrast. The shiny surface of the bathtub reflects the floor tiles just like a mirror and adds illusion to the environment with depth. The color palette of the bathroom provides a bright and energetic atmosphere with a rustic charm.

Rustic Spanish Style Bathroom Idea with Arched Top Entrance

The walk-in shower welcomes you to have a fresh shower with Mediterranean vibes. The beautiful and elegant design of the floral tiles creates a stylish contrast with the floor tiles. The brown color hue of the floors adds a warm atmosphere while the white walls surround the bathroom with a fresh environment. The light color wall tiles and the white walls complement each other adding a balanced look.

Small Spanish Style Bathroom Ideas

When it comes to living in a tiny place, the bathroom usually takes the biggest hit. If your bathroom is quite small, you might be looking for small Spanish-style bathroom ideas to brighten up the area. Don’t worry though; even a small bathroom can be attractive. If you’ve ever attempted to add more storage to a small bathroom, you are aware of how difficult the task may seem. With the help of small Spanish-style bathroom ideas, these cramped spaces might serve as your energy boosters.

These creative small Spanish-style bathroom ideas go beyond merely optimizing the useable square footage to demonstrate how bold design elements can work in even the tiniest rooms. Here are the best tricks for making cramped, occasionally windowless bathrooms, half-baths, and powder rooms feel delightfully roomy. With the right small Spanish-style bathroom ideas, your little area might wind up becoming your new favorite place.

Small Spanish Style Bathroom Ideas with Pink Tiles

The lovely pink hues of the tiles add an elegant and energetic appeal to this small bathroom. The arched edges of the tiles and the mirror combine each other adding a cohesive appeal in terms of geometry. The brass detail is the signature of luxe and they enrich the bathroom with a glamorous look. The white sanitary ware and the white tiles balance the pink color adding harmony.

Mismatched Hexagon Tiles for a Powder Room Design

This powder room will amaze your guests! The beautiful Spanish-style patterns of the hexagon tiles and the wooden floors have a matching color palette that adds a cozy and lively atmosphere to the powder room’s environment. The black accents harmonize with the patterns and add a stylish appeal. Thanks to the white walls the Spanish-style patterns of the hexagon tiles stand out with a stunning look.

What is Spanish style?

Although the phrase “Spanish style” is most frequently associated with architecture (stucco walls, red tile roofs, rounded arches), there is also a Spanish style aesthetic that can be applied to the inside of residences, including the furnishings and décor. Dark, intricately carved timbers, colonial influences, and a warm color scheme are characteristics of Spanish-style interior design.

The Spanish-style interior design draws inspiration from the Mediterranean region and uses a color scheme of blues, greens, whites, and browns. Due to the frequent use of terracotta tiles for floors and roofing, the warmth of terracotta reds and oranges are additional significant actors in Spanish color schemes. Along with ceramics, wrought iron, candlesticks, and carved wood, stone and ceramics are frequently used in Spanish design. Copper-colored metal embellishments are also crucial to this design aesthetic.

For intriguing visual depth, Spanish interior design uses rich plaster or stucco texture on the walls. To add more definition and color to these textured walls, gentle neutral glazes are frequently applied. Richly woven tapestries and wrought iron grilles are frequently used in Spanish wall décor to add a rustic, opulent touch. The number of accessories is maintained to a minimum, with a preference for grouping a few bigger things, such as urns, vases, planters, and pots.

Color Splash of a Small Spanish Style Bathroom Idea with Pink and White Hues

The pink and white harmony greets you with an elegant appeal. While the tiny hexagon white tiles add minimalistic texture to the bathroom, the pink Spanish tiles draw all the attention. Brass faucets and details complement this pink and white bathroom with a touch of luxe.

Wooden Vanity Top and Full-Height Mirror with a Bright Atmosphere

The ceiling windows allow the bright sunlight to wash you while you boost your energy in this stylish bathroom. The wood countertop of the vanity and the white sanitary ware complement each other blending with the bright atmosphere. The mismatched patterns of the Spanish-style tiles add a cozy and homey environment for you to feel serene.

White Spanish Style Bathroom Ideas

White is the most timeless color for any room and bathroom. This color can easily combine with any style and color or texture creating a fresh environment. If you do not like the bold and warm colors of the Spanish-style design, but like the patterns or style, you can still have it! Thanks to the white color, you can embrace your bathroom’s environment with white Spanish-style bathroom ideas.

The patterns and the white color will combine with each other creating both contrast and movement in the environment of the bathroom. You can enhance the small space if it is a small bathroom, for instance, the white color can help you to have a Mediterranean breeze in a spacious environment. Let’s deep dive into the white Spanish-style bathroom ideas and see how can you apply them!

An Elegant Contrast in a White Spanish Style Bathroom Idea

The naïve design of the Spanish-style tile patterns fills the entire bathroom with an elegant appeal. The black and white contrast is softened by those stunning floral patterns of the wall tiles. The white hexagon wall and floor tiles add movement with a contemporary look. The black shower faucet set and the white hexagon tiles add a stylish contrast harmonizing with the black and white Spanish-style wall tiles.

Beige Spanish Style Bathroom Ideas

Although beige may seem like a boring color, these gorgeous bathrooms are everything but. A beige bathroom may have a calming effect and be a light-hued color scheme suitable for either traditional or modern settings. It also works well with Spanish-style accents. The strength or beauty of a beige bathroom depends on your style. The decor of your Spanish-style bathroom may stand out if you use beige since it is peaceful, neutral, and adaptable to Mediterranean vibes. Let’s examine this gorgeous color in more detail with beige Spanish-style bathroom ideas!

Beige creates a neutral appearance with calming undertones by emulating the warm undertones of brown and the crisp components of white. It is the perfect complement to any other color, altering the meaning and effect of the environment based on the colors it interacts with. What wonderful news! It gives us many alternatives for a beige Spanish-style bathroom idea and lets us play around with various hues, textures, and undertones. A neutral hue like that, meanwhile, is challenging to deal with. For it to properly exhibit its wonderful traits, a good contrastive method is required. One of the stunning beige Spanish-style bathroom ideas below will win your heart.

Beige Spanish Style Bathroom Idea with Organic Feeling

The lime plaster makes you feel cozy and relaxed! The white environment and textures are accentuated by the beige rugs which increase the warm and cozy appeal of the bathroom. Textured walls always create a peaceful and homey atmosphere. The candlelights boost the cozy vibes increasing the warm atmosphere.

Elegant and Chic Design with Modern Lines

The brass mirrors and the white picket tiles complement each other adding a luxurious appeal with the brass pendant lighting fixtures. The arched top window creates a cohesive appeal with the picket tiles, mirrors, and pendant lights in terms of geometry. The stone vanity increases the expensive appeal.


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Beige Spanish Style Bathroom Idea with Textured Walls

This gorgeous view welcomes you with an elegant and warm atmosphere thanks to the plaster. The textured walls make the environment cozy and homey. The frameless mirror adds depth and illusion without breaking the whole design look.

Blue Spanish Style Bathroom Ideas

It’s easy to understand why blue is one of the most favored (not to mention flexible) colors. There is something for everyone, and the options are endless, with colors ranging from robin’s egg and ocean to blue and navy. Since the Spanish design style has beautiful tones of blue the combination of the perfect warm hues with these color tones will brighten your bathrooms with a sense of freshness and naturality. If you want to spruce up some energy in your bathrooms, you can go with blue Spanish-style bathroom ideas!

Blue might be the hue of the sky outside your bathroom window or it can conjure up images of the deep blue sea and fond recollections of a beloved vacation. It is calming and evocative and blends well with many different hues. Here are some of our favorite blue Spanish-style bathroom ideas. There are warm and cold tones available for every taste, room size, and orientation.

Blue Spanish Style Bathroom Idea with a Stunning Bathtub

Those beautiful blue and white tiles create stunning art behind the freestanding bathtub. The blue and white tiles are the most eye-catchy design elements in this bathroom of course. The white surrounding, bathtub, and floors create a simple canvas for the tiles to make them stand out. The freshness of the blue color combines with the white color adding a natural look.

Mosaic Tiles with a Gorgeous Pattern and Color Harmony

The blue and white mosaic tiles create a gorgeous pattern and texture to the shower wall. The floral pattern of the mosaic tiles expresses the shape of the sun when the Mediterranean sea welcomes the most. The wood stool adds a contrasted look to the tiny blue pieces of the mosaic tiles creating an aesthetic view. To have a fresh shower, this bathroom design is a perfect fit for you.

Blue Spanish Style Bathroom Idea with Brass Touches and Floral Patterns

The light beige and the dark blue hues of the Spanish-style tiles fill the entire bathroom with movement and organic flow. Thanks to the blue shaker cabinets and white sink, there is a cohesive and harmonious appeal with the floral patterned tiles. The white walls and the ceiling emphasizes the patterned tiles helping them to stand out. The luxurious touch of the brass surfaces brings a sense of richness.

Spanish Style Bathroom Backsplash

One of the most important rooms in our homes is the bathroom, of course. You can start your day with a fresh shower, or you can end your exhausted Monday with a serene shower. To freshen up and add an energetic flair to your bathrooms, a Spanish-style bathroom backsplash can be one of the clever solutions! A Spanish-style bathroom backsplash is ideal for you if you want your bathroom to have a focal point. These Spanish tiles, which can be made of clay or ceramic, were first produced in Spain hundreds of years ago. Spain has been supplying the rest of the globe with these amazing tiles since the 17th century. They may be crafted by an artist and have a bespoke design in addition to having distinctive patterns, attractive colors, and the capacity to bring an enthusiastic aspect to the ambiance of your bathroom.

No matter what your preferred design aesthetic is—contemporary, traditional, or modern—you can utilize a Spanish-style bathroom backsplash with practically any kind of decor. They offer gorgeous colors and patterns that you can mix and match with any design theme. They are typically used in bathrooms, showers, and kitchens, though occasionally they may be used for a distinctive wall that is required for your design. For your bathroom backsplash, you may pick or create a design with these tiles if you want a vibrant and eye-catching appearance. Discover chic ideas for a Spanish-style bathroom backsplash by scrolling down!


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Spanish Style Bathroom Backsplash with Marble Countertops and White Cabinets

The beautiful pattern of the Spanish-style bathroom backsplash draws all the attention. The floor-to-ceiling tile design makes the tiles stand out with a stylish aspect. Thanks to the gray-to-white color transition of the environment, there is a striking contrast with a vibrant appeal. The wood frame mirror and the brass faucet create a harmonious appeal with the Spanish-style bathroom backsplash.


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Contemporary and Elegant Design with Beige Color Palette

The elegant look of this bathroom design welcomes you with a contemporary appeal. The minimalistic design of the vanity and the backsplash tiles add a luxurious look with warm vibes. The beige hues are reminders of the Spanish beaches that welcome the warmth of the sunrise and are set with a beautiful view. The elegance and the movement fill the entire bathroom with a minimalistic touch.

How to decorate a Spanish Style bathroom?

Beautiful and cozy, rooms decorated in a Mediterranean style. Here are some tips for creating a Spanish-inspired bathroom. You’d be surprised at how simple it is!


Arches are a typical component of Spanish design, and they may add some classic character to a bathroom. A huge mirror or a creative place with candles or potted plants to provide beauty may go perfectly in the bathroom dome area.

2-Spanish Tiles!

Bright bathroom tiles are a need! These keep a Spanish bathroom from being bland or monotonous, which is the very last thing it ought to be. Even better, you may combine and match several tile styles for a more diverse look.

3-Wooden Walls

Although wooden walls in the bathroom may seem strange, they actually create a chic ambiance. They may become the bathroom’s center point, highlighting the welcoming quality of Spanish design. Additionally, wood complements a variety of hues beautifully, adding a substantial, earthy aspect to the blazing design.

4-Go Darker with Wooden Details

Choose bathroom cabinets or wooden shutters in dark, polished wood if you want to emphasize the attractiveness of darker wood in Spanish bathrooms, especially if you are constructing a vintage space. This has a feel of rural Spain, yet it also works in a more contemporary setting.

5-Use Many Different Colors!

Don’t be afraid to use a variety of colors in your bathroom, not only when it comes to the tiles you choose. When creating a Spanish bathroom, earthy tones work particularly well. However, for maximum effect, use a few colors in vivid tints. The combination of blue, green, orange and yellow is delightful.

6-Mediterranean Lightings

In a Mediterranean bathroom, a chandelier might be a wonderful accent. It emanates style and originality, giving the bathroom a sanctuary-like atmosphere. Depending on the style you desire, pick a modern or vintage fixture.

7-Exposed Beams

Adding exposed ceiling beams is a cunning method to direct attention higher. A striking chandelier works nicely with exposed beams to guarantee Spanish style in your house.


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Spanish Style Bathroom Backsplash with a White Cabinetry and Stone Countertop Sink

The bronze tapware and the framed mirrors complement each other creating a cohesive look. While the stone countertop sinks add a stylish and rich appeal, the Spanish-style bathroom backsplash creates a romantic backdrop to the contemporary design of the white cabinetry. High style rules supreme in a gorgeous ensuite that combines Spanish flair with a modern twist.

Contemporary Touch with Flat Panel Cabinets and Pastel Tones

The clean and plain design of the bathroom vanity cabinetry creates a sleek appeal with a Scandinavian design touch. The Spanish-style backsplash complement the contemporary style that combines with the countertops stylishly adding a warm and homey vibe to the vanity design.

Spanish Style Bathroom Vanity Ideas

The vanity is the bathroom’s center of attention. They are practical and make a big difference in maintaining the area’s order, cleanliness, and beauty. The bathroom vanities are responsible for organizing and storing bathroom supplies. It effectively hides plumbing and unsightly pipes. It serves as the base for the sink basin and counter. While a bathroom vanity has several practical purposes, it also acts as the space’s most overtly decorative and aesthetically dominant focal point. A beautiful vanity may transform a boring bathroom, just as an ugly vanity will ruin a beautiful one. You become aware of their relevance as you design!

Designing Spanish-style bathroom vanity ideas is one of the options you have if you want to grab everyone’s attention and make a statement. Each and every home plan has a wonderful bathroom layout that is completed with a gorgeous modern, traditional, boho, or rustic vanity unit. From ultra-contemporary designs with shallow glass basins and waterfall taps to rustic wood vanities with vessel sinks and matte black faucets, we’ve seen them all and liked them all. If you’re sick of bathrooms that look neat and uninteresting, it’s time to switch to Spanish-style bathroom vanity ideas and inject some Mediterranean breeze into the area!

Spanish Style Bathroom Vanity Idea with Beige Countertops

This antique chest serves as a stylish vanity with its gorgeous handles and drawers. The beige countertops and the backsplash complement the classic mirror adding an elegant appeal. The mirror and the wall lighting fixtures add a finishing touch to this Spanish-style bathroom vanity design.

Modern Wooden Design with an Arched Top Mirror

Such a contemporary appeal with ancient materials! The terracotta floor tiles and the wooden vanity design complement each other adding natural vibes to the interior of the bathroom with a modern touch. The arched top mirror and the pendant lighting fixture increase the contemporary appeal with their unique design.

Spanish Style Bathroom Vanity Ideas with Stone Countertops

The warm and intimate Spanish atmosphere welcomes you with stylish wooden vanities. The blue tiles for the mirror niche create a contrast to the dark wood vanities adding an aesthetic appeal. The white walls and the light beige floor tiles brighten the wooden surfaces providing a fresh environment.

Spanish Style Bathroom Floor Tiles

There are several alternatives for Spanish-style bathroom floor tiles, and like with many other interior design choices, trying to decide which tile is best for your area may be overwhelming. But don’t worry, we’ve done the research and selected a few of the best ones for bathroom floor tiles for you.

There is a bathroom design for every taste. It could be challenging to narrow down your options when there are so many lovely Spanish-style bathroom floor tiles available. To make this process simpler, consider how the scale of the tile will impact the area. For instance, big format tiles are a great option for a large bathroom since you’ll need fewer of them, they’ll be simpler to install, and you’ll spend less money on labor. To add light and the illusion of space, choose mid-sized white-dominated patterned bathroom floor tiles for small bathrooms.

Spanish Style Bathroom Floor Tiles with a Modern Black and White Contrast

The stunning Spanish patterns accentuate this powder room’s floor adding a beautiful contrast with black and white colors. The white subway wall tiles surround the floor tiles providing a canvas for them to stand out. The black-and-white contrast increases the movement of the environment with the patterns. The Spanish style creates a warm and familiar atmosphere.

White Shiplap Backsplash with White Countertops and Gray Cabinets

The light gray cabinets and the white countertops add a modern farmhouse touch to this bathroom with the black framed mirrors and the black faucets. The contrast between the white shiplap backsplash wall and the mirrors is complemented by the black faucets. The blue floral pattern of Spanish-style bathroom floor tiles changes the atmosphere with an intimate and chic appeal.

Modern Design with Floating Wood Vanity and Stone Countertops

The impact of the wood creates a warm atmosphere with a modern touch thanks to its plain design. The white stone countertop and the black framed rectangle mirrors boost this modern look. The Spanish floor tiles that enhance the warm and intimate appeal of the bathroom with a welcoming atmosphere soften this geometrical combination.

Spanish Style Bathroom Floor Tiles for an Energetic Interior Design

The blue cabinetry design and the brass details elevated the glamorous look of the bathroom. The white subway tiles and sand color walls balance the colorful appeal. The black accents and the floor tiles complement each other adding a contrasted look to the light-colored environment. The harmony of the blue cabinetry, brass details, and floor tiles boost the energetic appeal.

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