Kids Game Room Creative and Entertaining Spaces for Kids

62+ Kids Game Room

ID# 109304 | – Credit© FAB Architecture

Kids Game Room With Grass Carpet

What an interesting and beautiful choice for carpet! Carpet changes the whole environment of room. Ice cream bus tent and colorful chairs with white table make kids feel like they are in picnic! String lights support this look perfectly.

ID# 109355 | – Credit© Lincthelen Design

Kids Game Room With Climbing Wall

Climbing wall helps to blow out the energy of kids. So why don’t you use it in the kid’s room! Love the arrow patterned wallpaper placed two sides of the climbing wall. Handles of the climbing wall matches with the light wooden floor.

Kids Game Room ( LETS PLAY! ) Stunning space for your kids!

The kids game room in your home is naturally vibrant and full of playfulness. You can get your kids attraction with innovative and charming room designs and provide a space for your kids to enjoy their freedom. Here are the most stunning game room ideas for you!

Choose delightful and enjoyable themes!

A carefully chosen theme can turn a playroom into a realm of fantasy for children and a magical family escape for adults. There is an endless choice to make your dream playroom for your kids. Also, the walls are really what can set the playroom apart from other areas in the house. You could also consider adding a table for arts and crafts. Bringing both these things into one space is not easy. You can start your design with useful tips in our kids’ game room gallery.

Don’t afraid to add some storage to keep toys, books or craft materials!

ID# 109305 | – Credit© Interiors by Popov

Large Size Game Room With Climbing Ropes

Look at this amazing playground! Climbing ropes, swinging chairs, rock climbing wall, and climbing bars, provide ample opportunity for the kids to let their energy out. Colorful foam tiles provide a soft space under the climbing features. Window seat is the perfect spot to catch a break.

ID# 109307 | – Credit© Maéma Architectes

Orange Game Room With Study Desk

Even the small spaces can be considered as a game room like this design. Colorful drawers can be the smartest choice to keep stuffs for small spaces. wall mounted desk and white chair provide a silent study area. You can bring mobility with the colorful wall decors.

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White Hexagon Marble Look Glass Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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ID# 109308 | – Credit© Fabienne Delafraye

Blue Kids Room With Wooden Desk

Wooden desk and wall mounted shelf with wooden stool maximizing the functionality of spaces and provide a study space for kids. Gray wall matching perfectly with the wood.

ID# 109309 | – Credit© Mfa-Mélaine Ferré Architecture

Small Game Room With Wooden Wall

You can set place for a play area in your kid’s room. Look at this sweet tiny desk and chair! You can put a blackboard to increase your kid’s imaginary! White wardrobe for the clothes and may be toys.

ID# 109310 | – Credit© Jcra

Pink Detailed Small Room

Ignite your child’s imagination with painting sheet on the wall. Doll house, Minnie mouse toy, lila chair and pink carpet perfect for the princess! Adding a study area to make crafts or do homework. Light wooden floor bring warmness to the room.

ID# 109311 | – Credit© A-Sh

Colorful Rugs in Kids Room

Using the colorful rugs on the wooden floor provide a soft space for kids and also bring joy to the room. Look at this cute tiny kitchen! It is helping the increase kids’ creativity. The important chief of the future can grow up in this kitchen! Baskets placed under the console can ensure extra storage for the toys.

ID# 109316 | – CreditMonticello Custom Homes and Remodeling | © Photos from the Extreme Makeover Home Edition in Joplin MO

Game Room With Blue Details

What a chic and functional design for young man! Window seats with blue cabinets provide relaxing area and extra storage. Your kid can lay on the gray rug play his computer which is placed in this custom designed cabinet after done his homework! Bunk bed with ladder and study table under the bed maximizing the usage of the room.

Decorative Mosaic Tiles

Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

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Beige glass rhomboid design kitchen backsplash tile

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Black & white color with crackle glass kitchen backsplash tile

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White Beige Marble Elegant Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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Modern shape white elegant honed finish marble mosaic tile

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Luxury marble and mother of pearl mixed mosaic tile

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Mother of Pearl Waterjet White Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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Modern look white marble, elegant honed finish mosaic tile

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ID# 109317 | – Credit© Skapa Design

Game Room With Colorful Picture Frames

Create an area that will ignite your kid’s imagination with a cozy tent. Orange colored tent popping up in the room. Accessible storage at the right height is a key element for keeping the room organized and inviting. Gray baskets helping the organization of the shelves. Keep it low level so it’s easy to access their toys and books. Different shaped and colored picture frames bring mobility to the wall. You can put different paintings and your family photos! Gray walls matching perfectly with the atmosphere of the room.

ID# 109318 | – Credit© Marco Joe Fazio

Kids Room With Display Cabinets

Chalkboard is the most distinguish point of this design. It used as a partition wall to create a game room besides that its function. Built-in display cabinets provide plenty of storage for the toys! The small table and chair set are too adorable for words. Also, we love the skylight detail. Natural light comes through the skylight.

ID# 109319 | – Credit© Elaine Richardson Architect

Kids Game Room Design With Bunk Bed

The bunk bed is perfect for sleepovers and doubles as a hideout. Also, bunk bed ensures plenty of space to play under and above. Gray carpeted floor makes a safe alternative to hard floor. Panel next to the bed and colorful drawers make an enjoyable touch. White bookshelf with colorful baskets to put books and crafts!

ID# 109320 | – Credit© Play+Rooms

Game Room With Green Detailed Bookshelf

We love this gorgeous custom bookshelf! It is absolutely focal point of the room. Green seating area center of the bookshelf perfect point to read books or listen music. Orange tent matches perfectly with the green details and enable to private space for kids.

ID# 109322 | – Credit© Maughan Design & Remodel

Kids Game Room With Painted Wall

Hopscotch mat creates an extra space to play for kids. Floor cushion provides a relaxing area in front of the panels which designed as a city silhouette! Mountain paint on the wall gives impression of nature.

ID# 109323 | – Credit | © Burroughs Hardwoods Inc.

Contemporary Design Room

Murphy beds are may the best choice for the space usage. You can place a chalkboard or paintings under the beds so kids use these areas when they close them. Also, bed handles can use as a shelf. Light wooden material brings a distinguished modern look to this room. Black ceiling matches perfectly with the wood and creates contrast with the white wooden floor. Dinky sized table and chairs provide a study area.

ID# 109325 | – Credit© Suzanne Nichols Design Group, Inc.

Remarkable Graffiti on the Game Room Wall

Who doesn’t want a vintage arcade cabinet! Even you want to play besides your kids. Custom graffiti design brings a joyful touch to white walls. Custom designed arm chair and green pouf provide a comfortable relaxing point while you are playin games.

ID# 109326 | – Credit© Cara Woodhouse Interiors LLC

Basement Game Room With Hockey Rink

If you have a basement you can design it due to your kids interests! We love the idea that placed an ice hockey rink in the basement. This design provides a space to improve your kid’s skills. You can also spend a time with your kids and have fun! Built-in cabinets give a storage fir the equipment.

ID# 109327 | – Credit© Livi Interior Design

Blue Game Room With Slide

Custom designed slide is a great idea for kids to have fun. Blue floor cushions provide safety while kids slide down. Adding a small basketball hoop enable to extra activity. Carpeted floor creates a soft playing area.

ID# 109330 | – Credit© BDR Executive Custom Homes

Beige Room With Colorful Chair

These custom design chair brings a colorful look and also can help your kids to learn the numbers. We all know kids wants to paint walls. So why don’t you create a space on the wall with a frame to makes them happy! Wooden climbing ladder can let them blows their energy! White bookshelves help to keep room tidy.

ID# 109331 | – Credit© Louise Stapleton Interiors

Circus Themed Game Room

Sticking with a circus theme the arcade games used in this room are to simulate attractions you might find at your local circus and fairs. You don’t want to leave this room when you are spending time with your family!

ID# 109334 | – Credit© Sullkullan

Playroom in Pastel Tones

Which kid don’t want a large play kitchen in her own playroom! Kitchen has even a dining area. Pastel tones make you feel like you are in the dollhouse. Wooden shelves to put the toys and books. Kids can hang and show off their princess dresses under the shelves. Little chest and boxes provide an extra storage.

ID# 109335 | – Credit© Pebble Design

Lego Themed Gaming Room

Great idea that designing room with a theme which your kid loves! Colorful Lego pieces popping up in this white room. Yellow Lego paint on the wall and cabinets with Lego doors catching the atmosphere. Bunk bed allows a playground both under and above. Wall-mounted seating with Lego shaped pillows! Kids can draw whatever they want on the blackboard. Even the black ladder fits the theme.

ID# 109336 | – Credit© Studio Stamp

Kids Room With Themed Road Mat

Make floor play child’s play and encourage them to use their imaginations with a themed road mat. Playmats are easy to roll up for storage when not in use. Play tent provides a soft and private space on the hardwood floor. Tiny white chair and desk matching perfectly with the white floor and get the natural light from the pictured frame window. Huge dinosaur swinging on the ceiling is an enjoyable touch!

ID# 109337 | – Credit© Stokkers & Co

White Kids Room With Display Shelves

Playing on the floor all the time is no fun so pave the way for school with a dinky sized bench that is perfect for make crafts, or painting and drawing. Crafting materials can be a good decoration object if you put in jars! Also, it keeps the room tidy. This fish shaped decorations complete the look perfectly!

ID# 109338 | – Credit© Target Home

Room With Dotted Netting

What an excellent space to make chitchat under this gorgeous netting! Pastel blue and pink small chairs and gold detailed table brings a modern look. Birdcage shaped pendant lightning. White bookshelf to help organize the books and toys.

ID# 109340 | – Credit© Target Home

Black and White Kids Tent in Playroom

You can maximize the functionality of the room with using under the counter. Children love nothing more than building a den, but protect your sofa cushions by creating a fabric teepee for your little nippers to play in. this cozy tent provides this space for them. Also, you can color up your white walls with the paintings which your kids made. The beige rug looks perfect on the light wooden floor. Wooden baskets help to organize toys.

ID# 109342 | – CreditA-Sh | © Joan Bracco

Kids Game Room With Play Kitchen

Yellow washi tape and a small shelving system turn an untapped corner in a kid’s bedroom into a playhouse. You can even place a play kitchen with all kitchen stuffs for little chiefs! Wall mounted lightbulbs popping on the wall with the help of the black washi tape around it.

ID# 109344 | – Credit© Sarit Shani Hay Studio

Cindrella Carriage in Playroom

Look at this gorgeous custom made Cindrella carriage! Your kids feel like a princess in this room. A custom floor to ceiling chalkboard was created for the children to have the ability to express themselves through art.

ID# 109345 | – Credit© Savvy Design Group

Cozy Kids Gameroom With Play Kitchen

How adorable this tiny play kitchen! It has even a fridge! Your kids can make a rest in the black and white stripped tent after cooking delicious meals. Natural lights come through large window. White ceiling to floor curtains matches beautifully with the atmosphere. Colorful wall decor brings a joy to room and may be of interest to kids.

ID# 109346 | – Credit© Baird Brothers Fine Hardwoods

Blue Hammock in Kids Room

Place Ceiling mounted blue hammock is a smart way out your baby to sleep. Even parents may want to lay on this cute hammock. Love the idea that transform a sandal to a bookshelf! Fox patterned laundry basket can used as a storage for toys!

ID# 109347 | – Credit© Timothy Lenz

Plain and Cozy Kids Game Room

You can create a playroom even the pastel color pallet so the room can be in a harmony with the rest of the home. Black and white stripped tent popping up in the room. Cream curly rug provide plenty of play area on the dark hardwood floor. Large bamboo armchairs provide a comfortable seating area!

ID# 109349 | – Credit© Coats Homes

Playroom in the Attic

Colorful dotted rug hits the eye directly. It provides an enjoayble space to play. You can bring the playground at home with the small slide and other activities! Built-in bookshelves fit perfectly in the slope of attic. Television placed middle of the shelves so you can open some cartoons and watch together with your kid.

ID# 109306 | – Credit© Sapana Jain

Eclectic Kids Room With Colorful Ground

Colorful stools and tables to play and make crafts! Remarkable graffiti matches perfectly with the room. Great idea that designed a lightning as a Rubik’s cube! Colorful ground provides additional comfortable playing area.

ID# 109358 | – Credit© Karen Smuland Architect, LLC

Kids Game Room With Climbing Wall

Bigger kids will love this bedroom that is totally decked out for a climber. Colorful climbing holds go from wall to ceiling. Green rug catches with the wooden details and complete the natural look with the feeling of grass.

ID# 109359 | – Credit© Wills Design Associates

Ceiling With Sky View in the Game Room

Gorgeous sky view brings amazing atmosphere and helps your kids to falling asleep. Colorful handles for little climbers! Drawers under the stairs maximizing the functionality and provide extra storage. Blue striped rug between the wooden materials gives the feeling of the beach.

ID# 109301

Joyful Game Room With Remarkable Wallpaper

Adding a black plus shapes on the pure white wall become a remarkable choice. Black and white colored small tent provide a private space to dream of in their worlds for your kids.

ID# 109332

Blue Game Room With Pink Details

What an amazing two-story game room design. If you have siblings this design can end the small disagreements between them! Blue and pink color make contrast in a beautiful way. Black ladder helps to climb upstairs.

ID# 109302

Gorgeous Game Room in Attic

Attic can become an ultimate playroom for kids. Look at this perfectly fit cozy floor cushions and dozens of colorful pillows! The carpeted floor provides soft and comfortable place to play. Adding wooden ceiling mounted swings bring warmness and also provide extra activity.

ID# 109303

Colorful Game Room With L-shape Sofa

You can create a space for your kids even in your living room! Carpeted floor matching perfectly with the l-shape sofa. Display cabinets are great choice to keep toys. Colorful touches as pillows or pouf create more enjoyable place for kids.

ID# 109312

Kids Room With Graffiti Wall

Gorgeous custom graffiti popping up in the room. Colorful poufs provide a comfortable seat for playing video games. You may want to spend more time than your kids in this room!

ID# 109313

Small Game Room for Kids

Drawers are your best friends in the small areas. They maximizing the usage of space. this little gap perfect area to use as a game room. Blue kitchen, little guitar, bicycle and even a swinging giraffe!

ID# 109314

Chalkboard in Kids Game Room

We love the idea that using whole wall as a chalkboard. You may afraid that this look in your living room but it certainly helps to ignite your kid’s creativity and also helps to spend time with your kids while you are relaxing in living room.

ID# 109315

Room With Chalkboard

Using the chalkboard wall create a plenty of space to draw or study for children. Your kids practice even their music notes! Wooden table brings a warmer look and ensure a private space for kids. Gray curtains match perfectly with the room. You can create more playing areas with the carpeted floor.

ID# 109321

Kids Game Room With Floating Shelves

Reading and picture books are a vital part of your child’s development. These floating shelves are a great way to make reading time. Blue and red circular shaped carpet makes a soften spaces on the hardwood floor. Letters on the wall are a perfect addition if your child is still learning to read. Blue pendant light brings a modern touch to the room.

ID# 109324

Pink-blue Kids Game Room

If you have plenty of space for the playroom you can placed even a cand shop! Look at this tiny bench. Your kids can make a picnic after get threats at candy shop. Large armchair makes a comfortable relaxing point. Flower patterned tent provide a private space to play for kids. Blue-pink carpet gives the impression of flower beds.

ID# 109328

Colorful Game Room Design

Love the color palette popping up on the gray room. Each detail chosen conscientiously. You can sit and play games or watch a movie with your family on the colorful l-shaped sofa. You can sit also on the soft carpeted floor. Wooden detailed coffee table and floating shelves brings a cozy look and match with the stone fireplace. Green stickers designed as a forest.

ID# 109329

Beach Style Kids Game Room

A funky green rubber floor gives the impression of grassy fields and makes a safe alternative to hard floor. Blue painted wall and yellow, orange, blue and green stripes on the ceiling brings the beachy look. Orange chairs create a contrast on the green carpet. White board provide a plenty space to draw or study for kids.

Room With Wooden Chairs

Cabinets, drawers and shelves can save your life if you are designing a game room for kids. They hide the messy look of the toys with the help of baskets. Wooden chairs make a natural touch to the room. Colorful rug provide a plenty of comfortable playground.

ID# 109339

Floating Shelves in Playroom

Jutted out wall recycled with the help of the shelves and blue seating. Reclaimed wood shelves above for toys and books. Behind the shelves, black and white wall covering adds interest. Kids can play games or do their homework on this white workspace.

ID# 109341

Blue Detailed Game Room With Hammock

Children can be bored easily. You’ll need to create a few different activity areas within the room. Blue-orange ceiling mounted hammock supply this need. Your kids can lay on the floor and get in the dreams while looking at this sky viewed ceiling. Colorful painting books on the floating shelves.

ID# 109343

Playroom With Blue Carpet

Black and white play tent, dinky sized table and stools are perfect for the play room design. Kids can play on this blue, soft carpet. Small backboard, animal figure and picture frames bring mobility to the mint green wall! Tiny gray cabinet and wooden basket is enough for tiny toys.

Kids Game Room With Haniging Bubble Chair

Different designed hanging chairs makes an enjoyable touch to the room. You and your kid can take a nap or read a book on it! Black store curtains on the pure white walls match perfectly with the stripes of the play tent and rug. Picture frames provide the continuity of the strip look. Colorful dotted rugs popping up on the dark wooden ceiling. white shelves fit and create a clean look.

ID# 109350

High Ceiling Game Room

This playroom was designed in such a way to accommodate changing needs as the children grow. We love the mini window seat which same colored with the wall panel and tiny bookshelves. Colorful cozy tent and blue swinging chair! Small colorful sofa on the gray carpeted floor.

ID# 109351

Kids Game Room With Window Seat

Love the colorful birdcage shapes on the wallpaper! Window seat with red cushion and dozens of colorful pillows provides the perfect spot for curling up or playing with toys. It also provides storage with drawers under it. Hanging macrome chair gives another activity to kids. Dinky sized colorful chairs and desk on soft, white rug. Great idea that use the table as a chalkboard!

ID# 109352

Playroom With Colorful Floor Cushions

Colorful floor cushions are the perfect choice for the kid’s room. It gives soft playground and also provides a safety of your kids. Colorful dots on the walls bring a joy to the white walls. If your kids get bored to play on ground they can sit on these gorgeous yellow chairs and make crafts or paint!

ID# 109353

Playroom With Colorful Painted Wall

The spaces which you have reserved for your children’s playrooms in your living rooms allow you to spend time together or your eyes will be on your children while they are playing. Triangle painted wall is the focal point in the room. White display cabinets and drawers fits perfectly on the wall and provide a storage for the kids stuff. Zigzag patterned carpet floor can ignite your kids imagination and they can create games on it.

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ID# 109354

Secret Game Room in the Kids Bedroom

If you have enough ceiling height, you can create an additional ceiling and make a private space for your kid’s game room. It also helps to keep the room tidy. Kids can play even the climbing ladder! Black mats protect kids when there are clmbing.

ID# 109356

Plain Kids Game Room

You don’t have to fill the room with lots of things. Cozy play tent small console and dinky sized chair and table can be enough! Large cow painting makes an enjoyable touch. White curly rug allows to soft playground on the hard wood floor.

ID# 109357

Custom Made Playroom With Built-in Shelves

Remarkable circular padded cushions provide a relaxing space for kids. They can lay down and take nap or read books! Built-in shelves help to storage toys and books. Swinging tiger on the striped rug!

ID# 109360

White Room With Blue Padded Cushions

Custom designed loft with circular seating. Blue cushions are focal point of the room. Loft design allows an extra space for workspace. Your kid can climb with the colorful handles to the upper floor or read a book on this gorgeous seating. Supports of the loft used as a libray. Gray carpet create a soft playground on the dark wood floor.

ID# 109361

Beach Playroom in the Attic

Which kid don’t want these colorful toys! Your kid ca play with toys on the blue-yellow detailed rug. Also, they can keep their toys in the display cabinets. Hanging flower pots are great way to put toys! Love the black plus shapes on the white walls!

ID# 109362

Kids Game Room With Climbing Rope

If climbing wall is not enough, check out this climbing feature made from heavy duty cargo rope! Wooden stools and table. Wooden cabinets with colorful drawers for storage. kids can play and ignite their imaginations with wooden dollhouse.

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