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37+ Game Room Ideas

ID# 109105 | – Credit© Custom Audio Video

Loft Game Room Ideas with Video Gaming Area

This loft has different features for everyone. Ping-pong table, arcade machines, and table soccer for those who enjoy more classic activities. Also, a video gaming area with separate screens for gamers! Pendant lightings were placed all along with the room.


ID# 109106 | – Credit© Suzanne Nichols Design Group, Inc.

Modern Game Room Ideas with Large Oval Game Table

A large wooden game table with gray chairs allows enough space for game nights! Blue LED lights on the game table take attention to the black table cloth. Rectangular art pieces and dot patterned floor to ceiling curtain liven up the atmosphere.


Colorful, Elegant, and Entertaining Game Room Ideas

Who wouldn’t want a space in their home solely devoted to the purpose of having fun? You can design a game room in the entire basement, attic or unused corner of your garage or living room! Check out our game room ideas before this transformation.

Combine the different activities

Game room plans have various features, taking into account a specific target audience. You can go with high-tech features like televisions, computer screens, and game consoles, or more traditional features like boardgames, arcade machines, and pool tables or you can combine these features. Whatever your choice game rooms allow a space that can spend entertaining time with your family! We gather some game room ideas in different styles.

Don’t forget to use a lightning feature to elevate your design!


ID# 109134 | – Credit© Suzanne Nichols Design Group, Inc.

Joyful Graffiti Art on Gaming Room Walls

Who doesn’t want a vintage arcade cabinet! Even you want to play besides your kids. Custom graffiti design brings a joyful touch to white walls. Custom-designed armchair and green pouf provide a comfortable relaxing point in this kid’s game room while you are having fun with games.


ID# 109102 | – Credit© Park Place Design, LLC

Red Colored Game Room Ideas with Colorful Painting

The vibrant red wall and colorful painting on it liven up this gray room. Neon green plant pot creating contrast with the red wall. Gray bar chairs and a wood-top table next to the wall. gray top pool table elevate the look.


Decorative Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 109103 | – Credit© Zero Latitude

Entertaining Space-Themed Game Room Design Ideas

Love the dark and joyful space theme! The gorgeous ceiling feels like you are traveling between galaxies. The red pool table and air hockey table allow different activities on the carpeted floor. Graffiti art on the back wall completes the entertaining look perfectly.


ID# 109104 | – Credit© T2thes Design + Build

Individual Gaming Sections at Colorful Game Room

You can build separate sections for each gamer. This way, every family member can have their own choice of games to play. Televisions are placed on the stone walls with graffiti art. Gray circular sofa seats, placed in front of individual gaming screens. Brown identical decor units create a harmonized look.

ID# 109126 | – Credit | © PB teen

‘Game On’ Wall Décor with Elegant Cozy Furnishings

The first thing that catches your attention in this game room is custom gaming chairs next to the table soccer. You can sit and get relax while playing video games or watching movies! Besides its main function, you can use the table soccer as a coffee table. Beige curtains make a clean look behind the gaming area. Wall decors elevate the design.

ID# 109108 | – Credit© Norris Architecture

Ping-Pong Table Converted to Dining Area in Rustic Atmosphere

A wooden ping-pong table makes a plain and elegant touch to this rustic space. drop-down lighting hanging on the exposed wooden beams. Cocktail tables and white bar chairs are placed on both sides of the entrance door. wooden flooring completes the look perfectly.

Floor Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 109112 | – Credit© Select Development Group

Wooden Custom-Made Pool Table in Elegant Game Room

Modern pool table with dark wooden frame and gray broadcloth placed center of the room and bring elegancy. A silver chandelier hanged between the exposed wooden beams over the pool table. Wooden flooring completes the look perfectly.

Star Wars Themed Game Room Ideas with Air Hockey Table

ID# 109113 | – Credit© Legacy Custom Built Homes

Star Wars Themed Game Room Ideas with Air Hockey Table

If you are a fan of a movie, you can design your game room with the theme of that movie. In this room, the walls are covered with gorgeous Star Wars wall paintings. The black air hockey table fits perfectly with the theme. Light gray carpeted floor brings a wider look between the dark colors.


ID# 109114 | – Credit© Alexandra Dixon Interiors

Eclectic Game Room Ideas with Colorful Circular Rugs

This eclectic room features a game console with a metal stool, a white table, and red, black, and white chairs, and a jukebox. Circular colorful and red rugs on the hardwood floor, complete the look perfectly and bring joy to the room.


ID# 109115 | – Credit© Louise Stapleton Interiors

Pac-Man Themed Game Room with U-shaped Blue Velvet Sofa

Vibrant colors popping all around the game room! A large u-shaped sofa allows a comfortable seating area while you are playing Pac-Man on the huge screen. on the left side smaller screen is placed on the remarkable wall paint which is designed as a Pac-Man gaming area.

ID# 109116 | – Credit© Baxter Interiors

Farmhouse Game Room Ideas with Wooden Pool Table

Pool table with dark wooden frame and black broadcloth placed center of the room and in a harmony with the other features. Gorgeous chandelier hanging on the exposed beams. An air hockey table is placed in the left corner. White window seat with leather cushions see and shaker drawer and open shelves with shaker cabinets provide a storage area.


ID# 109119 | – Credit

Contemporary Colorful Family Room with Table Soccer

A comfortable navy-blue sofa allows a space in which you can play some board games like Battleship! Table soccer provides the additional activity. Some wall decors liven up the atmosphere.

ID# 109120 | – Credit© Burnham Design

Beach Style Family Room with Table Soccer and Window Seat

You can transform your small attics into a beautiful game room even with few features. Custom-designed white table soccer provides an entertaining activity. Star-shaped pendant lighting right above the table. A blue window seat with colorful pillows completes the look perfectly.

ID# 109121 | – Credit | © Marina Dagenais

Colorful Store Curtains in Minimalist Game Room

It lovely place to gather with your family around the wide black table and have some fun! Wooden table soccer next to the window. Colorful store curtains and stools are tailored for the atmosphere of a fun design.

ID# 109122 | – Credit© Rochelle Cote Interior Design

Game Room Ideas with Pac-Man Themed Ceiling

The remarkable ceiling with the Pac-man theme looks gorgeous over the space. A large black sofa and window seat provides a comfortable seating area on the black wall. Colorful cushions, pillows, and wall décor complete this entertaining look.


ID# 109123 | – Credit© Devise Design

Arcade Machines Combined with Graffiti Wall

If you don’t have a large room to transform a game room, you can still design it in a small room with simple touches like this design. A pinball machine and arcade machine are enough! Graffiti walls help to catch the game room atmosphere.

ID# 109124 | – Credit© Carolyn Parker Interior Design Ltd.

Elegant Contemporary Game Room Ideas with Pink Details

If you have decided to transform your high-ceiling attic into a game room, then here is an idea! Each part was designed perfectly in this room. Pool table and table soccer allow different activities. Light wooden console separating game area and seating area. Pink details like pillows, carpet, and wall decors are eye-catching. Additional loft designed with the help of the high-ceiling. LED lightings providing a comforting atmosphere.

Transitional Family Room With Pool Table And Table Soccer

ID# 109101 | – Credit© Wildheart Design

Transitional Family Room with Pool Table and Table Soccer

This transitional game room features a billiard table with a traditional wooden frame and gray broadcloth and wooden table soccer with black legs. Blue velvet counter chairs and gold top cocktail table make an elegant touch. Drop-down lightings bring more attention to the pool table and table soccer.


ID# 109125 | – Credit© HB Design

Minimalist Design with Outstanding Wall Decor

Blue ping-pong table placed on the blue and black striped rug. The gorgeous wall clock fits perfectly on the white wall and creates a focal point behind the table.

ID# 109127 | – Credit© Roberson Building Group

Transitional Game Room Ideas with Teal Wall Panels

The correct use of different colors can take your design to the next level. Teal wooden panels covered the whole wall. Animal patterned wallpaper used the upper sides of the walls. Black game table with red side chairs placed next to the wall. colorful seating set and marble coffee table in a harmony with the other features. Shaker cabinets with marble countertop and a wine cabinet hidden behind the wall panels.


ID# 109129 | – Credit© Magleby Construction

Elegant Pool Table Room with Family Pictures

Love the idea that covers the walls with family pictures! It brings warmness to space. The plain wooden rack holder fits perfectly to the white wall. Silver chandelier right above the pool table.

ID# 109131 | – Credit© Bliss Home Theaters & Automation, Inc

Entertaining Indoor Bowling Alley with Sky Printed Ceiling

Look at this custom-designed ceiling! You can track your bowling scores on the blue comfortable sofa. The edgeless coffee table fits perfectly on the colorful carpeted floor. built-in display cabinets provide storage space and also you can show off your bowling bowls on them. Vintage arcade games are also available for leisure.

Modern Neon Lighting Which Spells Out ‘Game Over’

Decorations and lightings are important features when you are designing a game room. Look at the Combination of vibrant colors! ‘GAME OVER’ sign with blue curtains and colorful wallpaper just perfect for a game room design. Gray sofa with colorful pillows makes an elegant touch. Drawers under the sofa provide additional storage space.

Family Room Design with Arcade Machine and Armchairs

Don’t have a whole room you can devote to recreational activities? An unused corner of a family room can easily act as a recreation area with the help of an arcade machine! The remarkable chandelier creates a clean look over the yellow and brown armchairs. Soft colors are used on wallpapers and curtains.

ID# 109135 | – Credit© ALH Home Renovations, LLC

Tropical Basement Game Room with Open Ceiling

Dark brown open ceiling, tropical wallpapers, and green door make you feel like you are in a tropical forest! A brown-green floor with a drawing of the trees completes this look. You can sit on leather car chairs and race a car on the computer or feel the nostalgia with a pinball machine rights reserved. You can even make matches on the football table. Lantern lamps providing the lighting with this remarkable pendant lighting.

ID# 109137 | – Credit© BK Interior Design

Black and Red Game Room with Large Pendants

The black, white, and red color scheme brings a modern and clean style. A ping-pong table and dartboard are present. There is even a blackboard for the kids to draw on. Giant pendant lightings hanging on the exposed beams. A loft designed for extra usage by taking advantage of the high ceiling.

ID# 109109

Gray Toned Game Room Ideas with Black Ping-Pong Table

Black ping-pong table placed center of the room. Disco ball lighting right over the table. A wide black framed glass door sliding through the ceiling with a mechanism and allows an easy passing to the terrace.


ID# 109107

Luxury Elegant Game Room Ideas with Navy Blue Seating Set

Each feature in this living room shines up under this gorgeous ceiling. Navy blue sofas and armchairs provide a comfortable and elegant seating area over the white carpet. Chrome coffee tables are used as a chess tables. Black-based pool table with chrome legs placed between the seating area and bar. Black cabinets at the behind, create a luxurious backdrop.


Colorful Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 109110

Modern Gray Family Room with Concrete Ping-pong Table

Ping-pong table with concrete legs in great harmony with gorgeous concrete walls. Green plant and light wooden ceiling liven up this modern design.

ID# 109111

Plain Mediterranean Game Room with Pool Table and Arcade Machines

The pool table with a wooden frame and black broadcloth make an elegant touch under the exposed wooden beams. Arcade machines allow you to feel the nostalgia!

ID# 109117

Cozy Contemporary Game Room with Wooden Ping-Pong Table

Love the combination of natural colors! Wooden ping-pong table on the gray rug in a harmony with the window seat with red velvet and cream leather cushions. Different lighting features are used over the seating area and gaming area.

ID# 109118

Simple Entertaining Gaming Living Room with Pops of Color

A Gray sofa with pillows that spell out “play” and gray poufs allows comfortable seating and perfect for the game room’s atmosphere. Some selected arcade games lined up behind and a mini snack bar and fridge are present too.

Best Seller Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 109128

Geometric Wallpaper with Yellow Table Soccer

Custom-designed yellow table soccer placed in front of the blue wallpaper. Wall decors that spell out “goal” match perfectly with the table soccer. Gray wooden floor and pouf make a clean and plain touch.

ID# 109130

Attic Designed as A Basketball Court in Red and Black

If you have enough space and you love basketball, why not design a basketball court in your home? This wide room can also provide a space for different activities.

ID# 109136

Bright Game Room Ideas with Natural Materials

Wooden-top cocktail tables and wooden stools with red details allow a relaxing area in the game room. you can sit gather around the tables and watch a ping-pong game while sipping your drinks.

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