White Kitchen with Stone Backsplash – Undeniable Charm of Stone Tiles

32+ White Kitchen with Stone Backsplash

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White Industrial Kitchen with Black and Brass Accents

If you love the natural charm of the brick but the original red color is too much for you, then consider painting brick tiles. This way, you can soften the sharp and strong appeal of the red brick while still taking advantage of the rough texture!! As you can see in this kitchen, the white-painted brick exposed wall creates a clean backdrop and at the same time adds a rustic sense. The bright and fresh look of the white cabinets and countertop complements the brick wall perfectly. The stylish brass and black accents keep up with the elegant appeal of the white kitchen cabinets while adding a luxurious sense.

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Off-White Kitchen Cabinets with Beige Travertine Backsplash

Accentuated by the luxurious travertine backsplash and countertops, the off-white kitchen cabinets offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere for this traditional kitchen! If you want to increase the visual appeal of your kitchen, employing backsplash tiles in different layouts is a terrific method to do it! In this beige kitchen, for example, the square travertine tiles create a nice textural look between the cabinets. On the other hand, the travertine slab backsplash behind the stove creates a cohesive look with the hood trim and provides a seamless look.

White Kitchen with Stone Backsplash

The less-than-favorable terms that may come to mind when you think of white kitchens are dull, blasé, blank, and uninteresting. White kitchens don’t get the chance to realize their full potential, though. They are undiscovered stylistic masterworks that serve as excellent blank slates for creating a place suitable for all of your cooking, entertaining, and late-night munching requirements. To enhance the casual look, a white kitchen with stone backsplash designs is one of the perfect ways.

Timeless Appeal of the White and Stone

Stone backsplashes are elegant and timeless, and add a lot of character to any kitchen. You may choose between two types of stone backsplashes: sleek, modern stone backsplashes made of granite or marble, or rough, textured piled stones for a rustic, organic feel. There will also be no shortage of concepts to implement, with designs ranging from strictly geometric to freeform fluidity. The long-term effects of a white kitchen with stone backsplash ideas should not be disregarded since stone-no pun intended stands out amid the other materials.

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White Kitchen with Stone Backsplash Ideas for Modern Design Style

The combination of white brick backsplash and the white kitchen cabinets exudes a sleek and modern appeal! The brick backsplash also provides a clean backdrop while its rough surface adds a nice textural look. Using plain white flat-panel upper kitchen cabinets prevents the anu busy look and makes the backsplash stand out more. The wooden details of the cabinets and the range hood break the white domination to bring warmth to the atmosphere. The beige stone-look porcelain floor tiles perfectly finalize the overall design and add a dose of luxury!

Best Seller Mosaic Tiles

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Rustic California gold slate mixed with burgundy glass unique look backsplash tile

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Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

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Multicolor light & medium travertine subway natural stone mosaic tile

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Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

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Farmhouse Kitchen with Exposed Brick Wall and Marble Countertops

This farmhouse kitchen is set apart with its feature exposed brick wall that creates an eye-catching backdrop! The neutral color scheme of the exposed brick wall and the timber flooring adds warmth to the atmosphere while the exposed wooden beams complement the rustic flair of the brick. For the rest, the white shaker cabinets serve a classic timeless appeal with the marble backsplash and countertops.

Is stone backsplash good for kitchen?

All the materials have advantages and disadvantages, of course! Nothing is flawless. However, kitchens benefit from a stone backsplash. You can use the stone backsplash for a very long time if it is sealed properly and kept clean regularly, regardless of the style or form you choose.

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White Kitchen with Stone Backsplash Designs and Black Accents

The contrast between the cabinets and the black custom design hood draws all the attention and looks eye-catchy. The giant marble slabs are used as a backsplash and countertops and together they bring a sense of luxury to the space. The light wood floors and the white cabinetry keep the bright view of the kitchen’s environment while making the black contrast stand out!

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Modern Coziness with Brass Hardware and Marble Countertops

Wow… This kitchen perfectly showcases the sophisticated and timeless allure of the minimalist aesthetic. Even though the kitchen has a plain gray-and-white color palette, the well-chosen features make a strong statement. As such, the outstanding bookmatched marble backsplash directly draws attention and creates a visually pleasing focal point. The plain and naïve design of the light gray kitchen cabinets allows the backsplash to be the star of the room while the handle-free design of the cabinets provides an ultra-modern appeal. Enriched by a two-tier design, the large kitchen island provides additional counter space and also a dining area thanks to its table extension.

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White Kitchen with Stone Backsplash Ideas and Marble

If you want to jazz up your backsplash area? Then mixing different layouts for the tiles will help you to achieve this goal! In this transitional kitchen, for example, the marble subway tiles cover the gap between the upper cabinets and countertops to create a timeless and sleek appeal. On the other hand, the marble herringbone tiles behind the stove create a focal point that enhances the overall look. The stainless steel appliances perfectly complete the transitional aesthetic while the black island contrasts to complement the luxurious sense of the marble stone.

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Black and White Kitchen Design with Pink Wall

The use of color produces a different flow in this kitchen. The black section of the ceiling, the pink part of the wall, the white cabinetry and ultimately a white gorgeous backsplash that is mixed with the black granite backsplash! The white cabinets’ basic and minimalistic design complements the black granite backsplash and countertops perfectly while the black stools of the tiny island complete the look.

Stone Backsplash Materials for White Kitchens

Stone backsplashes are popular among homeowners and interior designers for a number of reasons. A stone backsplash’s dramatic and magnificent look is by far its most visible and alluring characteristic. If you utilize a stone backsplash, the finished product will give your kitchen a magnificent look. You may choose a stone backsplash material for a white kitchen depending on your tastes and the style of your kitchen from a selection of material options. You may add a rustic charm with a brick backsplash or a glam touch with a marble backsplash.

These backsplashes will be a wonderful addition to your kitchen no matter what you choose! A stone backsplash is a perfect material for a backsplash due to its high durability as well as its aesthetic appeal. And by using the right technique, you can preserve their extraordinary beauty for years to come! So, if you want to give your white kitchen a touch of organic beauty, consider stone backsplash materials for white kitchens.

White Kitchen with Marble Backsplash

The metamorphic rock known as marble has undergone extensive pressure alteration and it starts as limestone that crystallizes under pressure to become this stone! Additionally, limestone reacts with mineral impurities in the soil nearby to produce gorgeous and varied shades of marble. One of the colors you may use for a beautiful and opulent kitchen is a white kitchen with marble backsplash designs! The most enticing aspect of a marble backsplash is unquestionably its rich appearance and feel of it.

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White Shaker Cabinets with Black Hardware and Marble Tiles

Emphasized by a dark wood floor, the white kitchen cabinets create a timeless elegance for this transitional kitchen! The marble hexagon tile backsplash complements the sophisticated look of the cabinetry and adds a nice textural look. The black paneled front of the kitchen island contrasts with the white features to create a striking focal point.

Travertine Mosaic Tiles

Multicolor light & medium travertine subway natural stone mosaic tile

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Try a Sample

Light beige and brown travertine with glass inserts mosaic tile in a diamond pattern

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Try a Sample

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Contemporary Design Style with Sleek Surfaces and Beaded Cabinet Fronts

The gray marble slab backsplash, countertops and island look eye-catchy when you look at this contemporary and timeless kitchen design. The white beaded kitchen cabinet fronts provide a canvas for the gray marble to make it stand out and draw all the attention. The black hardware and the faucet create a contrast with gray and white surfaces.

What backsplash looks good in white kitchen?

Since white color is a timeless and the most versatile color, you can enhance your white kitchen look nearly with every backsplash. From stone slabs to glass tiles, a white kitchen can be complemented by any of them. However, if we may give any suggestions, to create a contrast a black backsplash is a perfect fit, softer contrast can be created by a gray backsplash. To increase the movement and texture tile backsplashes are perfect.

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White Kitchen with Marble Backsplash Designs and Contrasting Island

The combination of small details; fixtures, textures, tones and color contrasts come together to create a dramatic effect, and we love it! The deep black shade of the island stands out in front of the white kitchen cabinets creating a contrasting look. The marble slab backsplash elevates the elegant look of the white cabinets and enriches the atmosphere.

ID# 168510 | Houzz.com – Credit© Homekin

Contemporary Kitchen with Marble Subway Tiles and Brass Accents

Surrounded by the captivating allure of the Calacatta Gold marble, this contemporary kitchen welcomes you with a luxurious sense! The marble subway tiles surround all the wall spaces to create an eye-catching backdrop. Using the same marble texture on the range hood cover and the countertops enhances the impact of this stone and also creates a continuous look. The naïve look of the white shaker cabinets complements the marble textures while the brass hardware and other accents enhance the luxurious feel by adding a dose of glam.

ID# 168511 | Houzz.com – Credit© Porebski Architects

All White Kitchen with Stone Backsplash and Metallic Hardware

If you want to jazz up your white kitchen just a little bit, consider using marble tiles instead of a classic white subway tile backsplash! This way you can create a nice textural look and still incorporate the timeless allure of the running-bond pattern. In this contemporary kitchen, for example, the marble subway tile backsplash stands out between the white cabinets and enhances visual interest instantly. The curved edges of the furniture soften the space while the range hood cover features ship-lapped cladding to match the ceiling.

Is it hard to clean stone backsplash?

Although appealing, stone backsplashes are riskier. Many of them can be penetrated. They break apart! Honed natural stones like marble, slate, or limestone may become stained by grease. Keeping a clean cooking and dining space requires routinely cleaning your kitchen backsplash, no matter the design.

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Gray and White Kitchen with Glass Pendant Lights

If you want to go with a classic white-and-gray color scheme, use backsplash tiles to make it stand out! To delineate the stove zone in this modern kitchen, for example, a marble mermaid tile backsplash is used. Glass pendants complete the polished and beautiful atmosphere created by this. The aesthetic is further enhanced by chrome tapware and backless stools!

White Kitchen with Brick Backsplash

A backsplash is a crucial component of your entire design; it needs to be durable, simple to clean well-harmonized, and appealing. A white kitchen with brick backsplash designs exhibits each of these qualities by drawing attention to a particular location, emphasizing the design, and even adding color, pattern or texture! Brick is a practical choice that will maximize the potential of your kitchen and understated accessories in a rustic industrial design are now quite trendy. It is one of the most often used materials for kitchen backsplashes because it is durable and can be used inside or outdoors. Brick may be used in your kitchen design in a variety of ways, from exposed brick walls to brick-look tiles!

ID# 168513 | Houzz.com – Credit© LIDA Construction

White Kitchen Cabinetry with Blue Island and Quartz Countertops

If you want a different look for the background, a brick backsplash can add a striking appeal. For instance, in this kitchen, a full-height backsplash sticks out among the white accents and immediately improves the entire design. White shaker cabinets with white quartz counters that open up the room go well with them. The blue statement island enhances the whole design to add drama and a splash of color, and the glossy counters have a lovely sheen to them.

ID# 168515 | Houzz.com – Credit | © 4arts

Red Brick Backsplash with Green Painted Walls

While the fusion of white cabinets and a brick backsplash exudes a timeless charm this kitchen boldly breaks the mold by infusing captivating accents into this classic pairing. The white cabinets and gray countertop establish a timeless allure to act as a canvas for the interplay of colors that follows. Enter the unique color palette, where the red brick backsplash artfully harmonizes with the overall scheme! And then, there’s the pièce de résistance – the green-painted walls! These walls set the stage, creating a sleek and tranquil backdrop that elegantly contrasts with the vibrant red accents to amplify visual intrigue!

Is stone tile outdated?

Natural stone-inspired tiles are still quite popular. The appearance of marble and other precious stones is replicated in several of these extra-large ceramic tile slabs. These indicate that we cannot declare stone tile backsplashes to be out of date.

ID# 168516 | Houzz.com – Credit© Woldon Architects

Contemporary Kitchen with Brown Brick Backsplash and Wood Cabinets

This modern kitchen does a great job of establishing a warm ambiance because of how well the white cabinets capture light. Additionally, the warm mood is improved by giving the brick backsplash a brownish finish and using it with wood countertops! The wood floating shelves are positioned on the brick wall as a linking element to make optimum use of the available space. Of course, we couldn’t forget to note the large window and the skylights on the slanted ceiling which add to the room’s vastness!

ID# 168517 | Houzz.com – Credit© Cuisines Steam

Exposed Red Brick Wall with White Island and Black Table

Enriched by the captivating allure of the full-height brick backsplash, this modern kitchen feels airy and well-lit. The white kitchen island is expanded with a black table and stools that create a contrast with the white surfaces. As a final touch, the linear lighting fixture above the island makes a warm glove and enhances the modern vibes!!

White Kitchen with Soapstone Backsplash

Backsplashes made of soapstone are crafted from talc-rich metamorphic rock that has been mined. The amount of talc in the soapstone determines its hardness and, in turn, whether or not it is appropriate for use in architecture. Typically, soapstone with a talc concentration of 30% or less is used for countertops, tiles and backsplashes. Because of its impermeable characteristics, soapstone is a common material for backsplashes. A soapstone backsplash can withstand damage from acids and alkalis. Because of this, it is exceedingly improbable that you could etch or scar a soapstone backsplash. If you have a white concept for your kitchens, according to these advantages, a white kitchen with soapstone backsplash designs can be the ideal way for your dreamy kitchen design!

ID# 168518 | Houzz.com – Credit | © Lesley Brookes Design

Scandinavian Kitchen with Black and White Color Scheme

The matte surface of the black soapstone backsplash and the countertops create a stylish contrast with the white kitchen cabinets! This contrast is softened by the wood floor which provides a natural appeal. The modern and sleek look of the matte black cabinet hardware perfectly complements the elegance of the backsplash and the countertops that draw the eye with their sleek design and deep black shade.

White Kitchen with Slate Stone Backsplash

The slate stone’s bright hues, silky gloss and smooth rippling patterns combine to produce a unique elevated look. Visitors are encouraged to have a seat in the kitchens and enjoy the richness that slate adds to white kitchens naturally. A type of metamorphosed rock that formed on the seafloor is called slate. A substance strong enough for the majority of backsplash uses is produced naturally when masses of water and minerals from the ocean floor smash the rock. You can’t really abuse this backsplash material much further than it has already been. Let’s look at some design ideas for a white kitchen with slate stone backsplashes as you could desire to employ this ideal material in one!

ID# 168519 | Houzz.com – Credit© Homes By Design Innovations Inc.

White Kitchen with Slate Stone Backsplash and Stainless Steel Appliances

The countertops and the slate stone backsplash complement each other creating a sleek and warm appeal. This appeal is boosted by the plain white kitchen cabinets. These white kitchen cabinets stand as a canvas for the backsplash and countertop design to make them stand out! The stainless steel appliances and the brushed nickel hardware complete the modern design of the cabinetry.

White Kitchen with Travertine Backsplash

When it comes to house renovation, a few small adjustments may assist give the entire structure a new lease on life, providing it with much-needed rejuvenation and value. It is surprising how changing the backsplash tiles can help give a white kitchen area a new look, but this depends on the tools and techniques utilized, of course. One of those materials is travertine. A white kitchen with a travertine backsplash may enhance your kitchen’s stark white look with a stylish warm atmosphere.

As a kind of limestone, travertine is porous and somewhat soft, making it a good choice for a backsplash in white kitchens. This is not an issue, but to prevent mold and mildew, it will need to be sealed with a coat or two of sealer. The hues cream, red, gray, white, and brown are among the many options for travertine tiles. Consider arranging the tiles in a mosaic style if you’re looking for a modern look in your white kitchens. Rustic kitchens benefit from travertine tiles in the brick style, while Tuscan-style kitchens might benefit from a combination of square and diamond-shaped travertine tiles. For this kitchen’s design, pick these tiles in cream or beige. Let’s scroll down and see some of the gorgeous design options for a white kitchen with travertine backsplash designs.

Natural Stone Mosaic Tiles

Rustic California gold slate mixed with burgundy glass unique look backsplash tile

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Multicolor light & medium travertine subway natural stone mosaic tile

Try a Sample

Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

Try a Sample
Try a Sample

Grey blue with rusty earth tones Brazilian slate mosaic tile with red glass inserts.

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White & gray marble flower pattern floor wall mosaic tile

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White pearl and marble mixed mosaic tile, elegant look for projects.

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ID# 168521 | Houzz.com – Credit | © Candic Brown Designs

White Cabinets with Black Countertops and Metallic Hardware

The white shaker cabinets and the naïve minimalistic brushed nickel handles combine with each other creating a luxurious and elegant touch! The frosted glass-fronted upper cabinets bring an open and airy feel to the space while the black granite countertop creates a striking contrast with the cabinetry to enhance the sophisticated appeal. Last but not least, the gray shades of the travertine subway tile backsplash soften this sharp contrast and add a rustic charm to the overall design.

ID# 168522 | Houzz.com – Credit© Rencraft Ltd

Traditional Kitchen with Beige Color Palette

This hand-painted, traditional kitchen perfectly combines luxury with practical family life. Classic Aga elements, a gracefully paneled chimney, an intricate mantle, and the iconic farmhouse sink coexist harmoniously with a contemporary color palette. The black granite countertop directly draws attention between the beige hues and enhances the luxurious sense. On the other hand, the travertine backsplash creates a focal point behind the stove and complements the warm and inviting feel of the off-white shaker cabinets.

White Kitchen with Rustic Stone Backsplash

Do you want to remodel your white kitchen yet want a distinctive, appealing design? Consider a white kitchen with rustic stone backsplash ideas to have an eye-catchy design look. The backsplash’s stark, unadorned appearance gives your white kitchen a hint of cozy industrial design, effectively making it the focal point of your house. A rustic stone backsplash represents the rough nature that is the signature of the rustic design style. The untouched textures and natural elements will fill your white kitchens with an ultimate casualty.

However, if you are a dirty chef, be aware that this material takes a little more upkeep than the typical backsplash materials. Depending on the kind of stone placed, dust and splashes might gather in the crevices and cracks of the stone, necessitating frequent resealing. But nothing that a well-planned cleaning regimen can’t take care of! If you ask us, it’s a tiny price to pay for such a lovely texture! Let’s see some of the stylish views of a white kitchen with rustic stone backsplash designs!

ID# 168523 | Houzz.com – Credit© Collaroy Kitchen Centre

White Kitchen with Rustic Stone Backsplash Designs

The stone texture of the subway tile backsplash surrounds the kitchen with a natural touch! Framed by white shaker cabinets, this eye-catching backsplash brings a rustic charm to this country kitchen. The white quartz countertops complete the bright and fresh look of the cabinetry while the wood kitchen island complements the naturality of the backsplash.

ID# 168524 | Houzz.com – Credit© Studio DA

White and Wood Cabinets with Red Brick Backsplash and Clear Glass Sheet

This contemporary kitchen ensures a warm and welcoming ambiance with a wow factor by creating a distinguished cooking zone with a brick backsplash! Yes, the natural beauty of the brick is undeniably stunning, but maintaining it can be a difficult effort due to its porous nature. As a result, covering the brick tiles with a clear glass sheet backsplash is an excellent approach to boost the durability of your cooking area.

Stone Backsplash Types for White Kitchens

White kitchens can be complemented by the ageless material of stone. Since ancient times, walls and floors have been covered in stone. Today, it is still extensively utilized in those locations as well as for backsplashes in white kitchens. With a timeless hue like white, you may enhance this timeless material! There are several sizes, dimensions, and designs of stone backsplash types for white kitchens.

For a variety of reasons, stone backsplashes are popular among homeowners and interior designers. The magnificent and alluring look of a stone backsplash is its most captivating characteristic. Depending on your tastes and the layout of your kitchen, you may choose from a range of stone backsplash types for white kitchens, including stone tiles and stone slabs. Whatever you decide, the stone backsplash will be a reliable addition to your white kitchen.

White Kitchen with Stone Slab Backsplash

Kitchen countertops made of natural white stone are lavish and dramatic. They are elegant, durable, and classy. What makes us remain there then? A daring trend among designers and homeowners is to extend your stone slab up the wall to build a backsplash that perfectly matches a white kitchen. A single piece of natural stone that runs the length of the wall is turned into a stone slab backsplash. The backsplash made of a solid surface looks quite different from a backsplash made of normal tiles. A white kitchen with stone slab backsplash ideas provides a dramatic, cohesive appearance.

Thanks to modern computer-aided manufacturing, natural stone can now be produced in thin, light slabs that are perfect for use as wall coverings instead of more conventional options like subway or mosaic tile. The impression of a continuous plane between the countertop and the backsplash gives a white kitchen a very minimalist sense. The backsplash takes the main role in designs that are modern or contemporary. A white kitchen with stone slab backsplash designs can achieve the perfect balance between a modern form and a timeless, traditional material.

ID# 168525 | Houzz.com – Credit© Lydia Maskiell Interiors

Modern White Kitchen with Stone Backsplash and Countertops

When combined with wooden accents, the minimalist approach of white cabinets produces a simple and modern ambiance! These elements may be seen on the surface of the stool legs and as a framing for the granite backsplash. The excellent granite material utilized as a backsplash and counters completes the minimalism. Their harmony improves as stainless steel materials become more modern. The granite material as well as the wooden elements, give off a natural vibe. The kitchen appears to be well-designed and well-lit!

Does stone backsplash need to be sealed?

The backsplash in the kitchen would benefit greatly from the installation of natural stones. These stones may shield your walls from spills of water or grease and feature a range of natural colors. However, as the stone backsplashes are organic and porous, sealing is necessary to help stop fading over time.

Simply said, surfaces made of real stone require frequent sealing. This is so that it may absorb microorganisms, food particles, and liquids that are used throughout our houses because the stone is a naturally porous material.

ID# 168526 | Houzz.com – Credit© Avant Stone

Modern Kitchen with Gray and White Color Scheme

The vertical lines of the wall and the lower sections of the cabinets are a beautiful distinguishing element of this simple and plain minimalistic modern white kitchen. The diagonal-cut waterfall-like grey granite looks flawlessly modern! The dark brown wooden floors complement the black appliances and the grey granite backsplash and countertops complement the white tone of the simple cabinets.

ID# 168527 | Houzz.com – Credit© MMAD Architecture

White Kitchen with Stone Slab Backsplash with a Modern Look

Elegance and functionality converge seamlessly in this contemporary culinary space! The juxtaposition of plain white cabinets and countertops creates an understated canvas against which the gray stone slab backsplash and island front boldly emerge. The cabinetry’s handle-free design further accentuates the kitchen’s ultra-modern aesthetics.

How do you maintain stone tiles?

Like your granite countertops, your stone backsplashes should be frequently sealed, especially if they are made of tiles that are spaced apart by grout lines! A tough sealant will shield your stone backsplash from liquids, food and grease. They will also be a lot simpler to clean as a result of this.

ID# 168528 | Houzz.com – Credit© Minosa | Design Life Better

Luxurious Interior with Marble Surfaces

Enriched by the undeniable charm of the marble, this contemporary kitchen exudes a modern luxurious look. The giant marble slab as a backsplash directly draws the attention between the whites and creates a striking focal point. Using the same marble stone for countertops creates a continuous look while the minimalist design of the cabinets and the range hood provide a sleek foundation for the space. The other statement maker feature of this kitchen is the large white island that enhances visual interest with its paneled front. The naïve lighting fixture design perfectly complements the modern aesthetic and the wooden counter stools finalize the design, adding warmth to the atmosphere.

ID# 168529 | Houzz.com – Credit© Imperfect Interiors

White Kitchen with Stone Slab Backsplash Designs and Countertops

The shaker cabinets and the shaker-paneled appliances keep up the unified appeal of the white kitchen. The black stone slab 4-inch backsplash and the countertops contrast the white shaker cabinets with a sleek and modern appeal. The red and black checkered floor tiles enhance the traditional aesthetic of this farmhouse kitchen!

White Kitchen with Stone Tile Backsplash

Thin, square, or rectangular coverings called tiles are often composed of strong materials like ceramic, stone, metal, baked clay or even glass! They frequently cover a variety of surfaces, including floors, walls, borders and backsplash walls. Deciding all of these alternatives when designing a kitchen might be difficult. Regardless of the type of surface, you select for your white kitchen, a white kitchen with stone tile backsplash ideas adds a lot of beauty and character to the room!

ID# 168530 | Houzz.com – Credit© Popham Interiors

White Flat-Panel Cabinets with Black Granite Countertops

Using complementing contrasting tones of backsplash and countertops serves kitchens just as well as matching countertops and backsplashes. A beige natural stone backsplash and black granite countertops, for example, complement each other nicely in this contemporary kitchen. To provide a feeling of diversity in the kitchen, the honed travertine backsplash tiles create a delicate contrast with the glossy counters. The timber floating shelves are also employed to create a feature wall that highlights the kitchen island to achieve integrity while brass decorative accents transmit a feeling of grandeur.

Slate Mosaic Tiles

Try a Sample

Rustic California gold slate mixed with burgundy glass unique look backsplash tile

Try a Sample

Dark gray subway slate wall tile, modern, unique and natural look.

Try a Sample

Grey blue with rusty earth tones Brazilian slate mosaic tile with red glass inserts.

Try a Sample

Dark gray slate subway tile for a contemporary yet timeless kitchen backsplash

Try a Sample

Chevron Rusty brown & gray slate mosaic backsplash tile

Try a Sample

Rusty brown and gray color slate tile mixed with burgundy color iridescent glass tiles.

Try a Sample

Picket Design Rusty brown & gray slate mosaic backsplash tile

Try a Sample
Try a Sample

ID# 168531 | Houzz.com – Credit© Gatti Brothers Ltd.

Transitional Kitchen with Gray Backsplash and Wood Flooring

The stunning gray marble backsplash wow with the eye-catching arabesque pattern. The white shaker cabinets perfectly complete the elegant appeal of the arabesque backsplash while the quartz countertops complement the tiles with their marble-look texture.

ID# 168532 | Houzz.com – Credit© Evelyn Eshun Design Inc.

Black and White Kitchen Cabinets with Chevron Tiles

If you want to create a striking focal point with your backsplash, consider chevron tiles! Captivated with an eye-catching zig-zag pattern, these tiles offer a stylish look for your kitchen, especially when meet with the luxurious marble texture!! In this transitional kitchen, for example, the marble chevron backsplash stands out between the classic white shaker cabinets to enhance the overall look.

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