Open Concept Kitchen Ideas Spacious and Functional Open Spaces

16+ Open Concept Kitchen Ideas

Wood and Dark Gray Cabinets and Cool Appearance for Open Concept Kitchen Ideas

In the modern open concept kitchen design, which consists of dark gray flat-panel cabinets and wooden tall cabinets, a gray concrete-look countertop and metal backsplash add personality. They also provide an industrial appeal. The kitchen, which consists of two cupboards facing each other, forms a breakfast bar after the end of the cupboards. It is completely made of gray concrete-looking material, providing a cool appearance. Black bar chairs complete the stylish look. In addition, a stylish wine rack, above the breakfast bar level, exhibits a very cool stance. The farmhouse sink, which is the same material as the built-in appliances and counter, looks perfect. On the floor, gray large size tiles make the space feel larger. The perfect harmony of wood and gray offers a tasteful space.

Black and Wood Cabinets with Black Countertops

It has a minimalist style, open concept modern kitchen design, consisting of light tones, grained wood, and black flat-panel cabinets. While some of the tall cabinets are wooden, black glass cabinets are applied on the upper sides. With built-in appliances, under-counter basins take their place, while chrome basin mixers accompany them. The black countertop provides a cool look. Island cabinets are also designed as black and black countertops. The island is valued both as a cooking and breakfast bar. And it adds an air of style with a natural wooden simple design stool. With high ceilings and exposed wood beams, the space is airy and stylish. On the floor, wooden parquet in light tones is laid. A magnificent design is created in a neutral style, with the nobility of black and the warm texture of wood.

Open Concept Kitchen Ideas

In ancient times, kitchens served only as a private space for preparing food. It was even kept in the background, left behind doors. But for a long time, and more and more recently, homeowners have been opening their kitchens to the dining rooms and often the dining rooms to the living rooms, creating a large, spacious, and intertwined space. Open-concept kitchen ideas, or modern, open-concept layouts in general, are perfect for casual family life or entertaining events, as they allow seamless movement and interaction from room to room. Removing the barrier between your kitchen and the social area does not only work for invitations but also creates a more spacious environment, providing a space that opens your heart.

Considering the style of the users and the general concept that will fit into the home, various variations can be tried, such as the breakfast bar counter, the cooking part, and the sitting area, while the transition can be made with a larger island, or a large dining table can elegantly separate the kitchen part and the living part. With open concept kitchen designs, kitchen models are diversified and successful designs suitable for different tastes are produced. Successful works are carried out in every style, from modern to contemporary, from traditional to transitional kitchens.

Modern Dark Gray Cabinets with Quartz Backsplash and Countertop

In a modern kitchen with dark gray plain cabinets, a white quartz countertop and backsplash are applied. The quality stance of quartz and the use of the counter and the backsplash as a whole looks amazing. Medium-toned wood parquet on the floor adds a warm ambiance to the space. Built-in appliances and under-counter washbasins are also taking their place, while a chrome basin mixer is installed. The window behind the sink makes the space bright and spacious. The kitchen cabinets, designed in the shape of a U-kitchen, separate the kitchen from the side facing the living room and also serve as a breakfast bar. Wooden stools with metal legs also adapt to the space. And the minimal design is replaced by two simple pendant lights. It is a kitchen design that is both stylish and useful.

What does an open-concept kitchen mean?

An open concept kitchen often referred to as the “big room”, means there are no walls, completely open from the living and dining areas, as well as the preparation and cooking area. In addition, the open kitchen makes these common areas appear larger and facilitates the smooth flow between them.

Black Shaker Cabinets with Wood and Brass Accents

In the kitchen design consisting of black shaker cabinets, a white quartz countertop and backsplash are applied by providing integrity. Gray veins give a cool effect. Farmhouse sinks and stainless steel appliances take their place. While a large island is positioned in the center, it is valued as both a preparation and breakfast bar, while elegantly dividing the living area and the kitchen area. Tan leather fabric chairs elegantly color the space. On the floor, wood-like ceramics are laid. Brass hardware is preferred for the sink mixer and cabinet handles, providing a cool look. A minimal pendant lighting with a glass cap is also a fine detail that completes the space. It is a stylish kitchen design.

Small Open Concept Kitchen

Having a small open-concept kitchen has many advantages. The small open kitchen receives more natural sunlight, thus providing better ventilation. Because in small houses, the kitchen area is relatively small, and the open concept creates a spacious area. And at the same time, it saves space, unnecessarily separate sections of small areas can make spaces more boring.
You can also interact with guests or other people in the house while cooking or spending time in the kitchen. If there are children, it becomes easier to keep an eye on them.
Small open-concept kitchens are types of kitchens that are generally applied in studio apartments or small single-person homes and that can both functionally relax the space and create small, stylish spaces.

Small Kitchen Design with Glossy Green Square Tile Backsplash

The kitchenette design, which consists of black cabinets and wooden coatings, offers the mood of a full bar. While the cabinets, counter, and backsplash are entirely in black, and white quartz of the bar counter facing the living area. At the same time, a small dining table and chairs add another function, while the cedar part is leaning against the quartz forehead. A dark green Zellige tile backsplash adds drama to the atmosphere. Its glossy texture provides a cool, stylish look. This small space becomes the most noticeable part of the house.

Large Open Concept Kitchen

The idea of a large open-concept kitchen is becoming a must-have concept, especially in modern and contemporary homes. Recently, it has been designed to make the interior as fluid as possible and simplify the structure and decoration as much as possible without sacrificing functionality. For this reason, it is a practical move to remove the barrier between the kitchen and social areas. Spacious living space is created with certain transition styles as a whole. Designs that can be thought of together with large island benches and large dining tables are made. The islands, which are generally located in the middle, distinguish the sitting area and the cooking area.

Large Open Concept Kitchen Ideas with White Cabinets and White Backsplash

The kitchen design, which consists of white shaker cabinets, is accompanied by a wooden counter and a white subway backsplash. The glossy surface of the backsplash adds a luxurious effect. While stainless steel appliances and farmhouse sinks take their place, the chrome basin mixer and cabinet handles display a stylish stance. This large open concept kitchen with a high ceiling creates a spacious and bright feeling by making the walls white. The large island in the middle serves both as a preparation and a breakfast bar. White stools are the details that complete the concept. Mid-tone wood parquet on the floor creates a warm ambiance in this white kitchen. The stalactites on the island adapt to the space as a modern and minimal choice. It is a successful work for Large open concept kitchen design.

Open Concept Galley Kitchen

Galley kitchen ideas, named after a ship’s galley, were initially associated with simplicity and designs in tight spaces. Because there is no room for unnecessary details on an average ship. However, the reason why it works in kitchen layouts is that they are ergonomically robust. Placing everything in such a way that you can easily reach them is important and details that will make life practical.
Open concept galley kitchens can be part of a much larger space, consisting of a long parallel-running island and a wall-mounted kitchen.

Modern Galley Kitchen with Wood Backsplash and Gray Flooring

In the open-concept galley kitchen design, black flat cabinets complete the perfect harmony of black countertops and wooden backsplash. While creating a very stylish and cool environment, the gray flooring creates a dark, sophisticated, and noble atmosphere. The wooden backsplash pervades the entire space and brings warmth. Built-in appliances and under-counter washbasins take their place, while the chrome basin mixer and black cabinet handles of the same color accompany the cabinets in style. While the kitchen island creates a galley-style concept with the other cabinets, it also provides a stylish distinction between the living and dining areas. It is a stylish kitchen design.

Open Concept Kitchen with Island

Kitchen designs are getting more and more popular day by day. People see it as a living space, not just a cooking space. Of course, the contribution of open concept designs is great, with the living rooms and dining rooms being planned together in a completely open way, large-scale design ideas are formed.
In the island, open concept kitchen design, you can separate the cooking, dining, and living areas with a beautiful and functional transition. Most island kitchens are organized along two or three walls with a freestanding counter section in the middle. Thanks to this layout, it can easily open from the main entrance into a living room or dining room. In many island kitchen designs, comfortable seating areas can be planned on the island and both preparation and eating sections can be easily solved in one place. In some cases, in line with the demands of the users, it eliminates the need for the dining room, thus opening up more space in the living room.

Two-Tone Black and Wood Cabinets with Patterned Backsplash

The kitchen design, which consists of black raised panel cabinets and light wood island cabinets, is accompanied by a white countertop and a gray-black patterned tile backsplash behind the stove. Built-in appliances and under-counter washbasins take their place, while the chrome basin mixer and cabinet handles display a stylish and elegant stance. In the open concept kitchen, the island and the kitchen area are separated. The island serves both as a preparation and a breakfast bar. Black chairs impress with their stylish classic modern style. Brass stalactites over the island add a luxurious-looking elegance. On the floor, wooden parquet in light tones offers a warm and spacious view.

Open Concept Kitchen Ideas with Island in Elegant Design

A dynamic and warm atmosphere is blowing in the kitchen, which consists of a combination of medium-tone wooden flat cabinets, white countertops, and black and white patterned backsplash. The island serves as a functional space for this open concept kitchen, while the island cabinets are black and match the white counter with black veins. The island also serves as both a preparation and a breakfast bar, accompanied by stylish black chairs. Stainless steel appliances take their place, the hood chimney with a marble-like material adds a luxurious look, while a brass belt rotates at the bottom. It creates an elegant effect. Cabinet handles, basin mixer and pendant lighting details, and brass hardware provide a cool look.

Are open-concept kitchens going out of style?

According to new research, the open concept kitchen seems to be going out of style. The reason is that people adapt their homes to adapt to working at home. With it, a new lifestyle trend is emerging.

Is the open kitchen concept better?

Open concept kitchens are a great idea for small homes. By making the spaces intertwined, it makes the house appear wider than it is. The open kitchen also creates a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Why do people like open-concept kitchens?

Open concept kitchens make your home look bigger. It is very important that you feel comfortable during the time you spend in your living room, kitchen, and dining room. Being able to move freely between these areas will make it easier for you to feel comfortable.

Modern White Kitchen Design with Light Wood Flooring

This kitchen design welcomes you with a white color scheme. The combination of white countertops and white backsplash perfectly completes the bright look of the modern white cabinets. Choosing white paint on the walls leaves a bright and shiny effect. Built-in appliances and the farmhouse sink take their place, while the large island design serves as both a preparation and a dining table. A wooden stool with white legs adds a sweet color. On the floor, medium-toned parquet adds a natural atmosphere by breaking the white density of the space. Elegant pendant lighting on the island provides a stylish look.

Modern Open Concept Kitchen

With their modern open concept kitchen designs, minimalist cabinets, neutral color palettes, and some metallic accents, they have a subtle elegance that will never go out of style. Successful designs emerge by blending modern design with an up-to-date and stylish look with other styles, including traditional and industrial. For example, inviting designs can be created with a burst of color on an item of furniture, wall, or cabinets. While striking results can be achieved with assertive color palettes according to the wishes of the users, serene designs can be created with simpler, soft designs.

Modern Open Concept Kitchen Ideas in Black Effect Design

This open concept modern kitchen design, which consists of black flat-panel cabinets, black countertops, and a black backsplash offers a cool and modern look. Built-in appliances and under-counter washbasins take their places, while on a large island made of dark wood, both the cabinet and the countertop create a continuous look. The pendant lighting on the island fits very well in an authentic and modern structure. The wide, full-length windows that cover the entire space provide a bright and spacious space.

Does open concept increase value?

When we ask real estate professionals, they agree that an open layout can increase your home’s resale value. Some homes sell up to 15% more than sectional floor plans. And this way, homeowners can make an even bigger profit.

Light Wood Kitchen Cabinets with Black Accents

Gray marble countertop and backsplash create a cohesive look in the open concept modern kitchen design, which consists of light wood flat-panel cabinets in light tones. While the island serves to separate the cooking and sitting areas, it also serves as a preparation and breakfast bar. The under-counter sink completes the cabinetry, while the black stools elegantly harmonize with the modern concept. While built-in appliances take their place, the hood chimney with an aged surface in dark gray tones adds more personality. And upper cabinets and glass cabinets on both sides of the hood create an open and airy feel. The sink mixer and cabinet handles provide a stylish stance. It consists of a simple and stylish kitchen design.

Rustic Open Concept Kitchen

Open concept In the design of a rustic kitchen, there is a certain warmth and charm. At the heart of the house, the kitchen, dining area, and living area are thought together to create a comfortable and useful look, while giving a rustic feel with a variety of decorating ideas, from weathered wooden beams and painted cabinetry to stone floors and farm tables. This classic style lends an inviting feel to any home, whether in the city or the countryside, whatever the overall concept of the home. In both small spaces and large spaces, it can look equally stylish. When it comes to rustic design, the beautiful combinations of wood and stone are an undeniable pair. Successful designs are created with various variations depending on the shape, size, and location of the space.

Rustic Modern Kitchen with Black Backsplash

In the rustic open concept kitchen design, wood and dark tones create a dramatic atmosphere. Wooden parquet flooring on the floor, wooden beams, and flooring on the ceiling create a natural space. A floor-to-ceiling window on one side diffuses the gloomy atmosphere of the place by making it bright. Dark wood cabinets, black backsplash, and counter look gorgeous. It blows the winds of rustic air. The island serves as both a preparation and a dining table, while the Farmhouse takes the place of the stove and the under-counter sink. Authentic pendant lights are beautiful details that complete the space.

Farmhouse Open Concept Kitchen

Open concept farmhouse kitchens have a warm, nostalgic feel to them. These concept designs are a perfect blend of old and new. Farmhouse kitchens are also similar to rustic kitchens in their style. But of course, it consists of rustic, denser wood, stone, and an authentic spirit. They offer inviting spaces with painted cabinetry, rustic elements, industrial flair, wood shelves, shipyard walls, exposed beams, and a neutral color combination. Cabinet colors such as white, beige, and brown are are most common colors in a classic farmhouse. For a more interesting effect, painted cabinets can be a great alternative. Farmhouse sinks, on the other hand, are a very popular option in all kitchens in general with their unique aesthetic stance.
Besides, if you want a more modern look, you can create a warm farmhouse style with clean and minimalist details. The designs of a more modern farmhouse kitchen with small details have been increasing especially recently.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Natural Wood Cabinetry and Zellige Tiles

Black marble countertop and green square backsplash create a shooting effect in the kitchen design, which consists of natural wood shaker cabinets. The rough and shiny texture of the backsplash stands out with an original look. In this place, which is an open concept farmhouse kitchen design, the island in the middle serves as both a preparation and a breakfast bar. Wooden stools with green metal legs provide an authentic elegance. Gray floors on the floor and wooden beams on the ceiling reflect the typical farmhouse style. A wide hood chimney which is the same shade of green as the backsplash along with the walls creates a continuous look. The green and the sincere atmosphere of the wood add serenity to the space.

How do you close an open kitchen?

Sliding doors are perfect options to close open kitchens. Using a sliding door gives you options to completely close the kitchen, allow partial access, or leave it fully open. Adding glazed cabinets, pass-through or partial cabinets provides the ability to divide the kitchen without closing it completely.

Dark Gray Cabinets and Marble Countertops with Stylish Design in Farmhouse Open Concept Kitchen

In the farmhouse open concept kitchen design, which consists of dark gray cabinets, a gray-yellow dense grained countertop and tumbled stone brick backsplash are applied. The dark wood parquet on the floor and wooden beam details on the ceiling perfectly complete the farmhouse style. A large island in the middle also serves as a breakfast bar. Wooden chairs create an elegant detail. While the farmhouse sink and the farmhouse take their place, the brass hardware cabinet handles and the sink mixer creates an air of luxury. It consists of a large, spacious, and stylish open concept farmhouse kitchen design.

How do you keep an open concept kitchen clean?

Firstly, purchasing an efficient hood is a very important consideration. For easy cleaning, choosing a stone floor will provide a practical cleaning. You can insulate it by turning it into a semi-open kitchen using glass panels and cutting some view angles. Natural ventilation is very important, you can open kitchen windows. By ensuring your regular cleaning habit, you can always use it cleanly.

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