Minimalist Living Room Ideas Minimal Yet Effective Designs

63+ Living Room Ideas

ID# 115522 | – Credit© Joanna Pera Duvocelle

Mid-Sized Minimalist Living Room Ideas with Contemporary Style

This bright and spacious minimalist living room features an exposed beam white ceiling, white walls, light wood floors, contemporary furnitures which adds an enjoyable twist to a minimal setting.


ID# 115501 | – Credit© Moontower

Colorful Minimalist Living Room Ideas with Concrete Floor

This mid-sized open concept living space is a serene, colorful spot with its white walls, concrete floors, and trendy contemporary room furniture.


‘Less is More’! Gorgeously Minimalist Living Room Ideas

There is no limit when it comes to creating a living room with clean lines of minimalist décor. If you are thinking the outcome will be cold, you will be pleasantly surprised- the minimal look is simple, beautiful, and as colorful or neutral, bold and calm you want it to be! Check out these minimalist living room ideas with fewer but impactful elements! 

Chose the right color palette!

The minimalist living room does not have to be basic or boring. With so many options for wall surface, furniture style, lighting, and flooring, you can design a minimalist living room with unique elements that also add to the overall style of the room. Experiment with natural textures and pops of color to make an inviting and cute living room.

Curious about how to pull off a minimalist space? This beautiful selection will give you all the possibilities of a minimalist approach.

Contemporary Living Room with Minimalist Decor

This bright open concept living room has an impressive black ceiling design as a focal point. The minimalist style is complimented by medium tone brown wood floors, a metal fireplace, and a comfortable beige couch. A circular hanging fireplace completes the look beautifully.


ID# 115504 | – CreditChristopher Simmonds Architect | © Double Space

Gray Couch with Gray Fireplace and Concrete Tile Floors

This open concept, the contemporary living room is a perfect resting nook with a neutral color palette of white walls, concrete tile floors, gray furnitures, and an inviting black fireplace. The wood-burning fireplace creates a warm and intimate atmosphere.


ID# 115505 | – CreditKariouk Associates | © Photolux Studios (Christian Lalonde)

Minimalist Living Room Ideas with a Warm Color Palette

This chic contemporary living room consisting of dark wood floors, white and wood walls has chic design elements with the cozy warm palette together to create a minimalist interior.


Gray Armchair with Curly Rug and Dark Gray Fireplace

Imagine taking your book and your coffee and lying down with the warmth of the fireplace in this beautiful corner! This nook of a modern living room manages to evoke a warm and inviting feeling with its double-height white ceiling, white walls, dark gray slate tile fireplace, medium brown wood floors, and minimalist decor.


ID# 115507 | – CreditSteffen Welsch Architects | © Rhiannon Slatter

Contemporary Family Room With Colorful Decor

This large open concept living room is a unique example of incorporating a bright color palette into a minimal style decor with its medium tone wood walls, white walls, gray terrazzo floor, contemporary piece of furnitures with colorful accents.


Scandinavian Living Room with Black Fireplace and Floor Lamps

Simple but functional! This design shows us that we can create beautiful spaces without too many elements. This mid-sized living room with medium tone wood floors, white walls, and a black fireplace is a fine example for creating the perfect Scandinavian nook. Incorporating a neutral palette, contemporary seating and black accents creates the ultimate relaxing area.


ID# 115509 | – Credit© Floisand Studio

Scandinavian Living Space with Colorful Accents

A minimalistic rendition of a chic Scandinavian style in a mid-sized open concept living room brings clean lines of Danish furniture and colorful accents with light wood floors and white walls.


ID# 115510 | – Credit© Allison Burke Interior Design

Scandinavian Reading Nook with Leather Armchair and Colorful Painting

Grab your book and blanket and dive in the stories on this cozy reading nook. This comfy little corner of a living room has the ultimate chic take on a minimalistic interior. Light wood floors, white walls, and colorful Scandinavian furniture create an intimate atmosphere.


ID# 115511 | – Credit© Julie Maigret Design

Minimalist Living Room Ideas with Chic Modern Decor

This beautiful minimalist living room offers a rich and tasteful design with its white walls, black and white fireplace, dark brown wood floors, completed with colorful modern furnitures.


ID# 115512 | – Credit© Arc Disseny

Comfortable Gray Sofa with Colorful Pillows and Wood Coffee Table

This mid-sized minimalist living room with light wood floors and white walls has been designed with lots of fun accents including the white ceiling that has unique LED lighting, a mirror wall, and colorful contemporary pieces of furniture.


ID# 115513 | – Credit© Unique Homestays

Gray Tufted Chester Sofa with Moder Fireplace and Concrete Walls

This minimalist living room presents a fresh take on the contemporary interior with its concrete walls, black metal fireplace, concrete ceiling, and a minimal amount of multicolored furnitures that has a contemporary style.


ID# 115514 | – Credit© Modscape

Contemporary Living Room with Natural Color Palette

This minimalist living room has a breathtaking Australian landscape view that has inspired its natural-toned color palette consisting of medium tone wood floors, white wood ceiling, white walls, and a minimal amount of contemporary furniture.


ID# 115515 | – Credit© Jessi Eve

Contemporary Living Room Ideas with a Cozy Minimalist Style

This indoor-outdoor living room design perfectly reflects the cozy aspect of minimalistic style with its medium tone brown wood floors, white walls, and contemporary furnitures enriched with shades of green.


ID# 115516 | – Credit© Flussocreativo Design Studio

Contemporary Living Room with Blue Green Themed Décor

What an interesting and beautiful furniture design! These furnitures are truly a work of art. This striking living room is designed tastefully with a contemporary minimal style including sea-green walls, concrete floors, and trendy furniture with shades of gray and blue.

ID# 115517 | – Credit© Llabb

Contemporary Living Room with Minimal, Earth Toned Decor

The ideal warm and chic minimalist living room in this contemporary style house with iconic modern furniture selection, light wood floors, white walls, and earth-toned accents all over. Eye-catching colorful artworks create a focal point behind the sofa. White subway tiles provide a clean backdrop.

ID# 115518 | – Credit© Dekora

Elegant Scandinavian Family Room with Leather Details

We loved the harmony of cream and brown color! This color palette creates an intimate and warm atmosphere. A mid-sized, minimalistic living room with white walls, concrete floor, neutral-toned Scandinavian furnitures with rich brown accents that completes the soft and calm atmosphere.


ID# 115519 | – Credit© Le Anne Sofia

Brown Leather Armchairs with White Brick Fireplace and Wood Shelf

This gorgeous living room has designed with a minimalistic Scandinavian style using beige walls, neutral-toned furnitures with brown accents, white wood floors, and a white stone ribbon fireplace which makes the room the perfect cozy spot for resting and gathering.


ID# 115521 | – Credit© OWN

Contemporary Living Room with Gray Couch and Wood Coffee Table

A double-height, open concept living room celebrates the minimalistic decor and neutral tones of a contemporary style. Concrete walls, concrete floors, black furnitures with wood accents provide a cozy and intimate atmosphere.


ID# 115523 | – Credit© The New Design Project

Minimalist Living Room Ideas with Beige Palette

This small minimalist living room with an all-beige palette has serene and offers a very chic design to rest. The room features light wood floors, beige walls, beige and gray contemporary furniture with black accents. Glass top coffee table in a harmony with the gray sitting set.


ID# 115524 | – CreditНаталья Константинова | © Студия “”

Gray Couch with Green Wall Paint And Black Rug

This minimalist living room incorporates a contemporary multicolored palette to an updated minimalistic style using concrete tile floors, white and green walls, a gray couch, a white coffee table, and a black patterned rug.


ID# 115525 | – Credit© Studio Hilgetag

Scandinavian Style Mid-Sized Living Room with Minimal Design

An elegant minimalist living room designed with a minimalistic Scandinavian style offers a soft and calming space using white walls, medium tone wood floors, and neutral-toned furniture with copper accents.

ID# 115526 | – CreditAtelier Alma | © HU-713291208

Scandinavian Living Room with Neutral Toned Minimalist Decor

This minimalist living room is designed around a simple yet very chic Scandinavian style and completed with a light wood floor, white walls, and neutral-toned contemporary furnitures.

ID# 115527 | – Credit© MAKE Design

Minimalistic Living Room Ideas with Industrial White Brick Walls

This minimalist living room is designed to complement the industrial interior, creating a cozy nook. The design blends minimalist neutral-colored decor and edge of industrial style including white brick walls, exposed concrete ceiling, gray marble tile floors, and soft gray furnitures.


ID# 115528 | – Credit© MAKE Design

Contemporary Living Room with Multicolored Minimal Design

This contemporary living room features a minimalistic approach to a multicolored design achieved by its light wood floors, white and concrete walls, neutral-toned décor with red accents complimenting the dynamic interior setting.

ID# 115529 | – Credit© Hudson Design Architecture & Construction Mgmt

Muticolored Armchair with Wood Coffee Table and Gray Rug

This beautiful open concept living room has a captivating lake-side view, complemented with a minimalist design including concrete walls, concrete floors, and chic, gray, and blue-toned furniture.


ID# 115530 | – Credit© Chioco Design LLC

Mid-Sized Family Room with Pastel Tones

A mid-sized open concept, contemporary living room that radiates softness thanks to its pastel-toned minimalist style, influenced by romantic garden views from the corner window. The simple design includes white and wood walls, terrazzo floors, and tasteful contemporary furniture.


ID# 115531 | – Credit© Mageia Design

Gray Living Room with Marble Coffee Table and Abstract Artwork

This mid-sized living room is designed with shades of gray and contemporary minimal style. The room has white and gray walls, a concrete tile floor, gray-toned chic furnitures with blue accents.


ID# 115532 | – Credit© Blejer Architecture

Large Leather Sofa with Colorful Pillows and Contemporary Wall Decor

This chic and elegant living room design offers a tasteful decor in a contemporary interior with white walls, medium brown wood and concrete floors, hip ceiling, and competed with stylish, earth-toned minimal furnitures.


ID# 115533 | – Credit© Atelier Nyood

Scandinavian Living Room with Parquet Floors

This beautiful, renovated Parisian apartment features a contemporary living room with the characteristics of Scandinavian style in the most minimal way. The room has special design elements including medium brown herringbone parquet floors and wooden furnitures.


ID# 115534 | – Credit© Tecum Arquitectura

Mid-Sized Contemporary Living Room with Minimalist Design

The double-height contemporary living room features white walls, light wood floors, and beautiful minimalist furnitures with wood accents.

ID# 115535 | – Credit | © Noe Prades Studio

Bamboo Lounge Chair with Wood Buffet and Wicker Lampshade

This contemporary living room in a renovated apartment has the ultimate romantic atmosphere achieved by warm, minimalist decor. The room offers white and wood walls, medium tone wood floors, and earth-toned furniture selection.


ID# 115536 | – Credit© Volta

Gray Sofa with Yellow Pillows and Oversized Colorful Artwork

This mid-sized contemporary living room is filled with bright colors used along with a minimalistic style of light gray wood floors, beige walls, and neutral-toned modern furnitures.


ID# 115538 | – Credit© Iconic Design+Build

Contemporary Living Room with a Dark Minimalist Style

This mid-sized living room has a strong take on a minimalist style with white walls, medium tone wood floors, and modern furniture with bold, black accents that gives the feeling of a chic bachelor pad.

ID# 115539 | – Credit© Right Design Agency

Colorful Family Room with Built-in Home Library

This stunning living room design features a double-height ceiling that brightens up the room along with white walls, dark brown wood floors with stylish contemporary décor with a fresh color palette.


ID# 115540 | – Credit© Fluido Architettura

Reading Nook With Wood Home Library and Yellow Lounge Chairs

This unique living area offers characteristic design elements that manage to create an inviting space with a minimalistic approach. The room has white walls, a dark brown wood library that defines the space, light wood floors, and a pop of yellow with contemporary furnitures. Wood cabinets provide plenty of storage space besides their visual effect.


ID# 115502

Minimalist Room with Mid-Century Modern Decor

This serene living room with white walls, concrete floors, white ceiling, and Mid-Century Modern style furniture mixes a relaxed attitude of minimalism and a vintage feeling in this small house.

ID# 115520

Black and White Minimalist Living Room Ideas with Scandinavian Decor

This white minimalist living room has a fresh character and a comforting atmosphere with its neutral color palette used in white walls, light wood floors, chic Scandinavian furnitures, a black fireplace, and tasteful decorative elements.

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