4 Inch Kitchen Backsplash Traditional Backsplash Height

24+ 4 Inch Kitchen Backsplash

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Green Traditional Kitchen Design and Marble 4 Inch Kitchen Backsplash

Shaker kitchen cabinets in dark green tones are accompanied by marble countertops in white-gray tones and continue as a 4-inch kitchen backsplash. The marble looks great between these dark kitchen cabinets. The 4-inch kitchen backsplash continues as a shiplap in the same color as the kitchen cabinet. This reinforces the traditional style of the kitchen. There is an open shelf in the middle of the kitchen’s upper cabinets, and this is a detail that completes the design. Parquets in medium wood tones increase the warmth of the environment. Brass washbasins add an elegant touch. It invites nature to this space with its wooden stools and leather upholstery.

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Black Cabinets with Wood Countertop and Subway Tiles

This contemporary kitchen design features black shaker cabinets, a wooden countertop, and a 4-inch wood backsplash. The wood countertop of the base cabinets adds a warm feel to the black color. The white subway wall tiles contrast with the cabinets and add visual interest. The gold accents such as the hardware and faucet complement the sophisticated look of the black.

 4 Inch Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen backsplashes are as diverse as the homeowners who choose them. They can be anything you want them to be, and you can choose the one that best suits you and your unique preferences. What’s more, they can help make the kitchen a reflection of personal style. A backsplash is one of the visually prominent details in a kitchen. Traditionally, the backsplash height is 4 inches. For many years a 4-inch kitchen backsplash has been a popular option for homeowners. Yes, a full tile backsplash gains popularity these days but if you want to keep it classic, here are some 4-inch backslash ideas that will inspire you!

With the introduction of an upside down backsplash, new surface materials, and tons of options to choose from, the way has been paved for amazing new kitchen design ideas. However, the traditional backsplash is also easily used in today’s kitchens due to its appearance and use as a transitional component.

A standard backsplash extends high enough from the back of the counter to a height that will protect the wall from most splashes or spills without overwhelming the space. Also, the wall space between the top of the Backsplash and the bottom of the upper cabinets can be used for small accent pieces or artwork. When crafted from matching countertop material, a 4-inch kitchen backsplash creates a clean and neat look.

ID# 145501 | Houzz.com – Credit© Trevor Brown Architects

Contemporary Kitchen with Black and White Color Scheme

In this contemporary kitchen, the white hexagonal wall tiles directly draw attention and create a nice textural look. The dark gray cabinets, granite countertop, and 4-inch backsplash create contrast with the white tiles and serve a timeless look. The lighting fixtures and the hanging pots on the wall bring some industrial vibes. The kitchen island provides additional storage space with its open shelves.

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Green Cabinetry with Terrazzo Backsplash and Countertop

What a colorful and cute kitchen design! The terrazzo countertop and 4-inch backsplash are the stars of this kitchen and they instantly elevate the overall look. The green cabinets create a harmonious look with the terrazzo and provide an elegant look. The gold details complement this elegance. The wood floating shelves add visual interest to the plain white wall and also provide additional storage space. The wood herringbone parquette adds a nice textural look to the floor.

Are 4-inch backsplashes outdated?

Although a 4 inch backsplash is generally considered outdated, it is possible to create modern kitchens with this style. It can be used in any area according to the style and taste of the person. The fact that it continues with the bench and some backsplash also provides integrity. Thus, it is possible to use a different material afterward or leave it as a plain wall in a suitable color.

ID# 145503 | Houzz.com – Credit© Jo Cowen Architects

Big Open Plan Modern Kitchen with Dark Gray Cabinets

This contemporary kitchen design features dark gray kitchen base cabinets. The gray countertop continues as a 4-inch kitchen backsplash and completes the modern appeal of the cabinetry. The white upper cabinets act as part of the white walls. The wood flooring breaks the monochrome color scheme and brings warmth.

Material Options for 4 Inch Kitchen Backsplash

Creative designs can be made with backsplash colors and textures. You can use non-traditional materials for the backsplash and get different and personal designs. Granite, marble, quartz, metal, wood, tile stamped concrete and more can be chosen for this. The desired style can be easily achieved with any material. The important thing is their compatibility with other elements. Many different materials can be used for a 4-inch kitchen backsplash. It has no restrictions. But since the 4-inch kitchen backsplash is widely considered as the continuation of the counter, it is useful to choose the appropriate material for the counter.

Granite 4 Inch Kitchen Backsplash

When choosing a backsplash, durability is important as appearance. Among all the material options, granite is one of the most durable natural stones. because of its porous surface, it needs to be sealed regularly but the elegance of the granite is worth a little more maintenance. When a 4-inch kitchen is used as a backsplash, it can be considered together with the counter and great designs can be created.

ID# 145504 | Houzz.com – Credit© Traditional Bespoke Furniture

Blue and White Kitchen Cabinets with Wood and Marble Accents

A kitchen design consisting of blue and white in a traditional style. Dark blue shaker cabinets are accompanied by granite gray benchtops. There is also an island in this L-shaped kitchen. The granite countertop continues as a 4-inch kitchen backsplash and then as a white wall. In the part where the hood is located, there is a cream glass backsplash. The choice of a 4-inch kitchen backsplash adds elegance to the kitchen here. A very bright spacious space with white shaker upper cabinets and white ceilings. On the wooden parquet in medium wood tones, blue cabinets look eye-catching. The 3 pendant lamps on the island add elegance to this area.

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Gray Granite 4 Inch Kitchen Backsplash and Countertops

A kitchen design dominated by traditional wood. Natural wood flooring gives the kitchen naturalness and warmth. It features a wooden body island and a granite countertop in gray tones. Granite, which is a natural stone, harmonizes very well with wood. On the other side, there are white shaker lower and upper cabinets. Among these white cabinets, the granite countertop continues as a 4-inch kitchen backsplash and extends to the upper cabinets behind the sink. With this choice, a different design is achieved by adding movement to the kitchen.

What is the standard-size backsplash for the kitchen?

The standard backsplash height, depending on you and your home, can vary. But a standard backsplash continues from the kitchen countertops to approximately three to six inches up the wall, with four inches typically being the most common height.

ID# 145506 | Houzz.com – Credit© Rencraft Ltd

Traditional Kitchen with Off-White Cabinets and Cream Floor Tiles

This traditional kitchen features off-white shaker cabinets, a black 4-inch backsplash, and black countertops. The dark color of the countertop creates a strong contrast with the whites and adds visual interest. The beige floor tiles add some rustic vibes and complement the soft appeal of the cabinetry. The beige subway tile backsplash creates a textural look behind the stove.

ID# 145507 | Houzz.com – Credit© Artichoke

Granite 4 Inch Kitchen Backsplash in a Special Design and Copper Details

The copper oven located between the white shaker cabinets looks eye-catching. This copper oven is in perfect harmony with copper pans and pots in the kitchen. In addition, the metal hood has a copper strip detail at the bottom. This distinctive style kitchen feels like it was designed for a very professional cook. Here, the granite countertop in gray tones continues as a 4 inch kitchen backsplash, followed by a white small rectangle tile backsplash, adding a different feel to this subway style kitchen. There are basalt stone shelves instead of cabinets in the upper parts of the kitchen. These stone shelves are located on stone brackets. On the floor, the design is completed with cream-colored limestone.

Can I tile above a 4-inch backsplash?

The short answer is yes. 4 inch backsplashes have a classic and beautiful appeal bu they don’t provide enough protection. Tiling above a 4-inch backsplash is a great way to protect your walls against water and food spills. Also, mixing and matching materials are one of the hottest trends of 2023!

ID# 145508 | Houzz.com – Credit© Fable Interiors

Black Granite 4 Inch Kitchen Backsplash Between Midnight Blue Shaker Cabinets

Among the midnight blue shaker cabinets here, a black granite countertop, a 4 inch kitchen backsplash from the same material, and a continuation tile backsplash in metro style gray tones look great. The cream-colored floor tiles add a warm feel and complete the overall look. Thanks to the window behind the sink, the kitchen, dominated by dark colors, looks very bright. The bookcase between the upper kitchen cabinets gives a warm appearance. The upper cabinets, which start over the counter, continue to gradually shorten in length and add movement to the kitchen. Brass hardware complete the elegance of the blue cabinetry.

Marble 4 Inch Kitchen Backsplash

Marble is one of the most precious natural stones in the world that offers a timeless appeal and it is a very popular material for kitchen backsplashes. Marble is a very long-lasting material and it is very easy to clean. However, due to its porous surface, you need to seal it regularly. So, if you have a marble countertop, completing it with a 4-inch marble backsplash is the most easy and failsafe option.

ID# 145509 | Houzz.com – Credit© Danielle Victoria Design Studio P/L

White Transitional Kitchen with Wood Flooring

An eye-catching white kitchen design on wood parquets. The large window opening and the skylights on the sloping ceiling enhance the brightness of the room. The gray marble countertop and backsplash perfectly match the bright white cabinets and the white square tiles. On the side of the window, marble slab extends to the ceiling, while on the other side, a white tile mosaic backsplash fills the are between the cabinets. Thus, in general, a wonderful kitchen in the traditional style.

How to install a 4-inch kitchen backsplash?

The installation of a 4-inch backsplash is much easier than a tile installation. Before starting, ensure that the back of the backsplash and the wall are both clean. once clean the surfaces, apply construction adhesive with the caulk gun. Then apply a thin layer of silicone to the surface of the slab which meets with the countertop. Now, set the slab in place and hold pressure on it. Once install the backsplash, apply silicon between the slab and countertop and that’s it!

ID# 145511 | Houzz.com – Credit© HURST + GILLANDERS

Modern and Simple Design with Marble 6-inch Kitchen Backsplash

Very modern, eye -catching, and at the same time lively kitchen design! The wood-paneled upper cabinets create a visual feast while the sage green base cabinets offer a sleek and elegant appeal. The black flat cover that extends from floor to ceiling breaks this integrity, and then the metal refrigerator. The marble textures of the backsplash and countertop perfectly complete the modern lines of the furniture.

ID# 145512 | Houzz.com – Credit© Lisette Voute Designs

Contemporary Kitchen Design with Blue Shaker Cabinets

A contemporary kitchen design combined with blue shaker cabinets and white color. A perfect harmony between these blue shaker cabinets, the marble counter in gray tones, and the 4-inch kitchen backsplash continue as a white mosaic. This detail adds a very pleasant atmosphere to the kitchen and gives it a sparkle. The nobility of the blue color, on the other hand, comes to the fore when used together with white, and it harmonizes very well with the gray tones of the parquet. Metal oven, on the other hand, does not stand out in this area, although it has an industrial atmosphere with their style.

ID# 145513 | Houzz.com – Credit© Charlie Kingham | Guildford

Light Gray Kitchen Cabinets with Marble Countertop and Chrome Hardware

A traditional kitchen design with shaker upper cabinets reaching up to the white ceiling on medium-tone parquet. In the kitchen, which also has an island, gray tones of countertop and marble 4-inch kitchen backsplash are accompanied. After the marble, there is a mirror backsplash. This adds depth to the space and gives it a different feel.

ID# 145514 | Houzz.com – Credit© Harvey Jones Kitchens

Grey Marble 4 Inch Kitchen Backsplash Stands out Among Cream Color Cabinets

A large and contemporary kitchen design with cream shaker cabinets. The washbasin is also located on the large island in the middle, where a marble countertop with a predominance of white takes its place. The wooden stools accompanying this island add warmth to it. On the other side, a gray marble countertop and backsplash complement the cream-colored shaker lower cabinets. Thus, the 4-inch kitchen backsplash also comes to the fore. A marble backsplash behind the stove creates a focal point and it highlights this area. In the upper cabinets of the kitchen, the occasional use of glass detailed doors adds movement.

Quartz 4 Inch Kitchen Backsplash

Thanks to its durability and the wide range of style options, quartz become one of the most popular materials for kitchen backsplashes and countertops. Unlike other natural stones like marble or granite, one of the most important advantages of quartz is that it has a non-porous structure. This man-made material is not only easy to maintain and hygienic but also durable, stylish, and long-lasting. It does not allow bacteria to multiply on it and is resistant to stains.

ID# 145515 | Houzz.com – Credit© Chris Snook

Blue Kitchen Cabinets with Exposed Brick Wall

In this transitional kitchen, the navy blue kitchen cabinets serve an elegant look while the exposed brick wall makes a rustic twist. The white 4-inch backsplash and countertop bring a fresh look to the kitchen. The black kitchen island and the pendant lights complement the rustic industrial feel of the bricks. Stainless steel appliances make a great final touch.

Should a 4-inch kitchen backsplash match with countertops?

There is no certain rule that a 4 inch backsplash needs to match the countertop. However, using the same material for both surfaces is a great way to create a continuous look in your kitchen. On the other hand, it is much more affordable choice than purchasing new material. You can contact with your stone supplier to use matching backsplash and countertop.

ID# 145516 | Houzz.com – Credit© The Main Company

Contemporary Kitchen with Blue Cabinets and White Backsplash

This contemporary kitchen design shows the wonderful harmony of blue and white. The blue kitchen cabinets create an elegant look while the white countertop, backsplash, and farmhouse sink bring a fresh and clean look. The exposed brick wall makes a rustic twist against the cabinetry. The single floating shelf complements the rustic appeal of the bricks and adds visual interest.

ID# 145517 | Houzz.com – Credit© CAST – by The London Joinery Co.

All White Contemporary Kitchen Design with Black Accents

This monochrome kitchen design offers a sleek and elegant appeal with a bright atmopshere. In this kitchen, the white flat panel cabinets, marble countertops, and backsplash create a timeless look. The black accents such as the floating shelf and bar chairs contrast with the white features and bring some modern vibes.

Metal 4 Inch Kitchen Backsplash

It is possible to achieve an extraordinary kitchen design with the metal 4-inch kitchen backsplash. It is known that metal is mostly used in professional kitchens or restaurant kitchens as a countertop and as an ongoing backsplash. However, it is a material that can be easily used in homes. The metal exhibits excellent resistance to heat and can be easily cleaned. However, it requires careful handling as it can be easily scratched. Although metal is a somewhat cold material, it gives the kitchen a modern look with an industrial touch. Since metal is also a hygienic material, it provides a great advantage in the kitchen.

ID# 145518 | Houzz.com – Credit© Sustainable Kitchens

Industrial Kitchen with Natural Wood Cabinetry and Metal Backsplash

If you have a limited kitchen space, using some creative ideas might be helpful to maximize space usage. In this kitchen design, the wheels of the kitchen island make it more functional and help you to use the area more efficiently. The wood kitchen cabinets and the metal backsplash provide a modern and simple appeal. The colorful lighting fixtures above the island make an unexpected twist and elevate the design.

Wood 4 Inch Kitchen Backsplash

Wood is a natural material that is one of the most popular textures for interior designs. From flooring to wall paneling, we are seeing this material in plenty of different areas of usage, and kitchen backsplashes are one of them. Scroll down and find stunning 4 inch wood backsplash ideas!

ID# 145520 | Houzz.com – Credit© Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens

Colorful and Cute Kitchen Design with Wood 4 Inch Kitchen Backsplash

The harmony of light blue shaker cabinets and wood creates a very warm atmosphere. The wooden countertop and the 4-inch backsplash complete the lovely blue shades. The red stove draws attention and blends perfectly with the contrast it creates with this design. The white subway tile backsplash behind the stove provides a durable surface while adding a modern vibe with its stacked layout.

What is the trend for backsplash in 2022?

In 2023, patterned tiles, glossy finishes, and natural stones with earth shades are the most popular design aesthetics for kitchen backsplashes.

ID# 145521 | Houzz.com – Credit© deVOL Kitchens

Country Style Kitchen Design with Red Brick Floor

In this country-style kitchen design, the wooden counter and 4-inch kitchen backsplash stand out between the light color scheme. The light gray kitchen cabinets serve a classic yet timeless appeal while the brick floor tiles bring visual interest by creating contrast. The white farmhouse sink used here reinforces the traditional country house perception. A simple and eye-catching kitchen design.

White Kitchen with 4 Inch Backsplash

Among all the colors, white is the most classic and timeless option for kitchen backsplashes. It represents cleanliness and purity. White blends in with every color, texture, and material, so it is a savior and can easily be included in any design. That’s why using a white 4-inch backsplash will be the most failsafe option for your design.

ID# 145522 | Houzz.com – Credit |© Maresa

Beige Kitchen Cabinets with Patterned Floor Tiles

A contemporary kitchen design with an L-shaped island. Off-white shaker cabinets take their place on the ethnic patterned tiles in black and white colors on the floor. The black countertops and backsplash complement these cabinets. Here, white subway tile splashback adds sparkle to this place with its shiny texture. In one part of the kitchen, shaker cabinets extending to the ceiling take their place, and in the other part wooden shelves. The wood-colored island benchtop adds warmth to this space.

How many inches should a backsplash be?

A standard backsplash continues from the kitchen countertops to approximately three to six inches up the wall, with four inches typically being the most common height.

ID# 145523 | Houzz.com – Credit© Harvey Jones Kitchens

Traditional Kitchen Design with Off-White Shaker Cabinets

Off-white shaker kitchen cabinets are accompanied by a black countertop and a 4-inch backsplash which create a strong contrast. The kitchen takes on fresh air with the light leaking through the windows and flower accessories. The cream-colored tiles on the floor are in harmony with the walls.

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ID# 145524 | Houzz.com – Credit© Peter Schaad Design Studio

Green and White Shaker Cabinets with Farmhouse Sink

The harmony of green, black, and wood! Kitchen design with a very natural and relaxing effect. Green and white shaker cabinets take their place on parquets close to dark wood tones. The white lower cabinets in front of the black-framed window integrate with the granite countertop and 4 Inch backsplash in gray tones and then continue as a white wall. There is no cabinet on this wall, and two wooden shelves take its place. On the other side, green shaker cabinets extending from floor to ceiling add freshness to this space with their color and invite nature inside. A very modern kitchen design emerges with a 4 Inch backsplash.

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