Unique Bathroom Vanity Ideas Make Statement with Creative Vanity Designs

19+ Unique Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Luxury Effect with Unique Bathroom Vanity Ideas in Stylish Design

Pink, white and gray tones are applied in an elegant bathroom design with a high ceiling and soft colors. While gray tiles take their place on the floor, the side surface of the tub is pink vertical tiles, the inner walls of the tub are white tiles facing each other and the opposite wall is dazzling with a magnificent mosaic pattern. Mosaic patterns have a design that stands out thanks to their high ceiling. The back of the closet is also pink from all sides and the upper part is in the form of a walk-in closet. In this unique bathroom design, after the magnificent mosaic motif on the back of the tub, the bathroom vanity looks great with its elegant and luxurious look.

The mirror extending to the floor with a relief flower pattern provides a magnificent view. Right in front of it, is a mini-round cabinet made of medium-toned wood takes place on it, white marble, and a bowl sink. All fixtures are selected with brass hardware, providing a luxurious look. It is a magnificent design with a very cool and characteristic appearance.

Stone and Wood Effect with Rustic Unique Bathroom Vanity in Stylish Design

In a natural and fresh rustic bathroom design, the double sink vanity consists of natural wooden legs and a beige marble countertop. An area valued as an open shelf is created at the bottom of the counter. Sink connections are also visibly exposed. Two separate marble sinks take their places stylishly. It is elegantly positioned on two mirrors in organic form. The floor and walls are an off-white color.

The bathtub, which is made of natural stone in organic form, takes its place in front of the window. The sloping side wall supports the authentic appearance. While the shower is placed on the opposite wall of the tub, the rustic atmosphere is completed by laying wooden decks on the floor. A stylish bathroom design is created.

Unique Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Bathrooms are one of the most important areas of the house where are points of purification, relaxation, and rest. Bathrooms are always the last place we use when we first enter the house, for the last time before leaving the house, when we wake up and go to bed. Magnificent spaces emerge with livable designs. When designing unique bathrooms, many designs can be made with the material, unlimited color, and pattern options, taking into account the shape and size of the space, whether it is a natural light source or the demands of the users. While the bathroom is being designed, the most effective part after the tile selection is the bathroom vanities. That’s why it is important to find the right vanity for your design. And, if you want to make a statement with your vanity, these unique bathroom vanity ideas will definitely help you!

The bathroom vanity is the highlight of the space. They play an essential role in keeping the space clean, tidy, and in good condition. They are functional. It is also essential for bathroom vanities, storage, and an organized look. It hides the plumbing effectively and stylishly and it also provides a base for the sink and counter. A bathroom vanity is the space’s most distinctive style and design element. A good vanity can be ruined by a bad vanity, while a good vanity can turn a bad bathroom into an attractive and stylish setting. For these reasons, making a careful choice helps you achieve great results.

From luxurious marbles to sympathetic wooden areas, from industrial designs to classical style cabinets, different unique designs can be created.

Black Effect in Unique Bathroom Vanity Ideas

An open concept bathroom is created in a bathroom design dominated by the noble stance of black. In the space where all the walls are black, there is wooden parquet in dark tones on the floor. Black bathroom vanity with a motif on the lids and a marble bowl washbasin with black and white veins dazzle with their luxury and cool effect. A black-framed mirror, on the other hand, gives a very stylish appearance with its backlighting. The brass hardware basin mixer offers an elegant look.

Luxury Effect of Marble for Unique Bathroom Vanity Ideas

In the bathroom design created in a luxurious atmosphere, we are faced with an interesting bathroom vanity. A pedestal washbasin design with a structural design consisting of round balls is applied. The inner chamber of the washbasin and the basin mixer is designed in gold color. Right next to it, the towel rail made of marble and gold laths provides a luxurious and stylish look. On the floor, a beige marble with dense veins creates a quality environment, while the mirror is complemented by the same marble behind it. A round mirror with a black frame takes its place stylishly. Crystal and gold-plated stalactites create unique effects. A classical luxury effect is achieved with the covered and motif decoration of the walls.

What are the trends in bathroom vanities?

It would be good to choose light tones to make the bathroom look clean and fresh. You can accompany it with a quartz countertop. This material mimics marble but is non-porous, making them durable and stain-resistant. It is a very popular type of material in bathrooms. Also, gray shades with black and white accents make the bathroom look spacious and natural.

Vintage Style Bathroom Vanity Ideas in Unique Design

In the bathroom design with a nostalgic atmosphere, white and gray veined marble is elegantly laid on the floor, while a white-green motif wallpaper on the walls has an effect that takes you back to ancient times. The vintage tub with blue legs completes the space and offers a stylish look. The part of the tub where the shower faucets are connected is covered with the same marble as the floor.

Next to the bathtub, the vintage-style bathroom vanity is designed in white with a motif and a drawer. An old fashion model is formed in a traditional style. It is stylishly complemented by the same marble countertop as the floor and back of the tub, and a high plinth. The chrome sink and shower mixer take their place. Above the sink, a minimal rectangular mirror and two sconces on the sides add a nice look. The large window in the bathroom offers a bright and spacious area.


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Blue Color Influence in Unique Bathroom Vanity Ideas

In the bathroom design, which consists of minimalist and modern lines, blue tones are processed harmoniously. On the floor, the parquet is laid in light tones. While some dark blue rectangular tiles are applied to the walls, the bathroom transitions from vanity level to light blue tiles. In this bathroom with a simple design, a bathroom vanity made in the style of a wooden bench and a white, round sink take its place. The wall-mounted black basin mixer and black-framed round mirror provide minimal elegance. An orange hanging open shelf completes the space, along with a black stool and a stylish towel rack. It is a unique bathroom design with a stylish appearance.

Which vanity is best for the bathroom?

Bathroom vanities come in a variety of materials, styles, and sizes, allowing users to create storage space under sinks and complete the concept decoration of the space. The best model for bathrooms is a design that fits in square meters without making the room feel cramped. Choosing a vanity is mostly based on personal taste. Different variations work best for everyone after a variety of personal considerations, such as modern styles or traditional flair, whether you want storage or minimal style. The size of the space is the most important detail that will help you determine the option styles.

Stylish Design in Unique Bathroom Vanity Ideas

In the unique bathroom design with an airy design, black and white large patterned terrazzo tiles are laid on the floor. The walls are covered with tile-colored corrugated panels up to half, and the same color paint is applied to the upper part up to the ceiling. A light system is created through the grooves, creating an elegant effect. A round washbasin with a black floor connection impresses with its ostentatious stance. It harmoniously accompanies the sink in the black toilet bowl. Decorative objects are placed right next to the sink, and the black vanity lighting directly above it offers an elegant appearance. The full-length mirror, which coincides with the back of the sink, adds depth to the space. It is a magnificent design with a noble stance of assertive colors.

Modern Unique Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Bathrooms are one of the most important points of a house. It should be a calm, relaxing environment, and at the same time, it is desired in a design that is pleasing to the eye. While making bathroom vanity designs, different alternatives can be created for every style.

Beautiful bathroom designs can be created complete with a beautiful modern vanity unit. Modern designs generally have more straight lines and simple and elegant appearances. It comes in many different alternatives. For example, by combining shallow glass sinks with waterfall faucets, we can see them all in different variations, from contemporary designs to boat sinks and rustic wooden sinks with matte black taps. Unique spaces can be created with interesting color tones.

Pastel Tones and White Tile with Modern Unique Bathroom Vanity Ideas

In the modern unique bathroom design, which consists of white, marble-like ceramics, tiles up to the upper level of the door and then up to the ceiling is completed with a powder pink corrugated coating. From the floor to the round, standard countertop level, powder pink tones display a splendid view with a corrugated coated bathroom vanity and bowl washbasin above it. It has a minimal, stylish design. The full-length mirror with rounded corners takes its place behind the sink. The pendant lighting consisting of rose gold glass lanterns is elegantly suspended from the side of the sink. A stylish harmony is achieved in the bathroom with the sink mixer, shower heads, shower cabin frame, and rose gold hardware.

Black and Gold Effect in Modern Unique Bathroom Vanity Ideas

In the bathroom design consisting of modern lines, two black organic bathroom vanities create a cool and luxurious look. The noble stance of black and the luxurious effect of gold create a magnificent view. Six-color basin mixers also display a stylish stance. Again, the golden-colored round mirror is positioned in the center of the washbasins, creating a magnificent look. While the back walls are designed with a lath design, a classic modern style is provided, while gold flooring is applied on the floor. A pouf made of orange fabric and pots of greenery creates a warm ambiance.

Which vanity is best for the bathroom?

Bathroom vanities come in a variety of materials, styles, and sizes, allowing users to create storage space under sinks and complete the concept decoration of the space. The best model for bathrooms is a design that fits in square meters without making the room feel cramped. Choosing a vanity is mostly based on personal taste. Different variations work best for everyone after a variety of personal considerations, such as modern styles or traditional flair, whether you want storage or minimal style. The size of the space is the most important detail that will help you determine the option styles.

Minimal Design with Modern Bathroom Vanity Ideas

In the modern bathroom design, which consists of 60-70 cm blue tiles from the floor and terrazzo tiles up to the ceiling, a platform, bathroom vanity, where the sink sits, is placed. A black organic form sink is positioned on it. It consists of a minimal and modern style bathroom vanity. Wall-mounted basin mixers are applied stylishly. An octagonal mirror is placed just above it, while brass hardware appliques on both sides add a luxurious effect. The frame of the shower cabin is chosen in black, giving it a cool look. The towel holder, which is formed with brass hardware pipes, is both an elegant and a functional element. It also becomes a modern, stylish bathroom design.

What can I use instead of a vanity?

Instead of the vanity, various variations such as hanging open shelves or standing metal shelves, and baskets that match the spaces can be applied. Of course, although it is not as stylish and functional as a vanity, it can also be placed on the items in a more organized way by making very successful additions with the right products.

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Wood Cabinets and Green Tile with Modern Unique Bathroom Vanity Ideas

In the modern unique bathroom design with a gray floor, green vertical tiles are laid from the floor to the sink level. The gray tiles, which are set to end slightly above the level of the wall-mounted sink mixers, surround the entire bathroom, and white paint is preferred for the rest up to the ceiling. The floating bathroom vanity is designed as a dark wood mini cabinet. The light beige washbasin on it has a very elegant appearance. Above it is a long rectangular mirror and next to it is a black industrial-style sconce. While chrome sink faucets take their place, two shelves next to it serve to place products such as soap and cream. Just below it, a raw wood bench is placed. It is also a minimalist, modern bathroom design.

White and Green Combination for Modern Unique Bathroom Vanity Ideas

In the modern unique bathroom vanity design, which is formed by the harmonious combination of white and green, white tiles are laid on the floor. The wall with the bathtub and the opposite wall is covered with green mosaics. And the back of the bathroom vanity is applied vertically in white, veined marble. The bathroom vanity, which consists of a white body and open shelves, has a modern and stylish appearance with drawers with green doors in the middle. The white countertop harmoniously accompanies it, while the copper sink and sink faucet add another dimension. Integrity is ensured by choosing copper hardware in shower heads. While the round mirror is positioned simply and harmoniously with its copper frame, white-capped appliques are placed elegantly on both sides. With this design, we are also faced with the stylish stance of green and white in a modern line.

Luxury Unique Bathroom Vanity Ideas

When luxury unique bathroom vanity ideas are mentioned, designs consisting of flashy, high-quality, expensive pieces come to mind. It is possible to give luxurious effects in many different concepts, from modern to contemporary, from traditional to classical styles. For example, using marble on the floor, on the walls, and in the bathroom vanity is the number one address that makes the luxury effect feel in the best way. The stylish stance of marble creates unique designs. Besides, adding gold and copper colors is another popular part of luxury designs. Stylish woods and laths are alternatives to another luxury effect. Luxurious and unique bathroom vanity designs are created with various variations depending on the taste of the users, the size, shape, and positioning of the space, just as a luxury effect is desired.

Marble Effect with Luxury Unique Bathroom Vanity Ideas

In the bathroom design, where three types of marble are applied in harmony and airy, there is a gray marble on the floor. Behind the sink, book match black marble takes its place with all its splendor, while one side is wood veneer and the other side is completed with an elegant lathing with motifs. A modern-style bathtub takes its place on the side of the lath. The tub surrounds by gold slats and the gold shower faucet is a harmonious addition. Coming back to the side of the washbasins, the organically-formed white marble floor-connected bathroom vanity adds an original feel. At the sink level, oval mirrors complement their places nicely. Additionally, the magnificent bathroom is created with different types of marble, an elegant combination of wood and golden details. It is also a bathroom design where luxury is felt to the fullest.

What is the most popular bathroom vanity?

The most popular bathroom vanities, primarily white, ebony, and gray are among the most popular colors. Of course, although it varies according to design and user requests, we can count open shelves, open lower cabinets, floating sinks, under-mounted sinks, marble, quartz sinks, and brushed nickel hardware among the most trendy.

Mirror Cabinet and Marble Walls Combination for Luxury Unique Bathroom Vanity Ideas

When it comes to luxury, the first thing that comes to mind is a marble. The quality stance of marble leaves an instant luxurious effect in every area where it is applied. In the bathroom design consisting of beige marble floors and walls, we are faced with an interesting bathroom vanity. There is a mirrored bathroom vanity with a golden baseboard and a golden slit motif, and two golden organically formed washbasins are placed above it. Two gold-framed mirrors are positioned at the sink level. Next to the mirrors, there are appliques selected in gold color. A flamboyant chandelier also accompanies the space. Only the wall behind the sink is covered with black marble. It is also a great example of a luxury unique bathroom vanity design.

Rustic Unique Bathroom Vanity Ideas

When designing a bathroom, the bathroom vanity is a detail that should be chosen carefully. Functionality, budget, and style are important when choosing a bathroom vanity.

The bathroom vanity, one of the most important parts that prepare the ground for other bathroom fixtures and accessories, is of course the bathroom cabinet. Nowadays, you can have almost any kind of make-up table at reasonable price ranges.

Rustic unique bathroom vanity, when we consider its ideas, provides a good rustic bathroom makeover with the use of rustic wood, pallet wood, uncut stones, metal details, and numerous items that give a natural feel.

For example, a large mirror and rustic unfinished wood put you in a rural mood, providing a natural look. Or you can create a dark but stylish atmosphere with dark woods. In short, it is the result of designs made by evoking natural feelings with simple design shapes, where materials such as wood and stone are preferred more intensely.

Wood Details and Marble Sink Effect for Rustic Unique Bathroom Vanity Ideas

In the rustic bathroom design, which consists of simpler straight lines, the marble round basin takes its place elegantly, in front of the mirror that is placed at an angle and goes from floor to ceiling, at the corner of the bathroom. It leaves a stunning effect. The back of the closet, which is located right next to it, is designed with wood and the side is designed with built-in open shelves. The walls and floors are chosen in the same tone of white. A design in the form of wooden and some corrugated laths is applied to the bathroom door. In the shower, one wall is beige marble, and wood is chosen in the niche made for shampoos. While being a modern bathroom, it is accompanied by rustic influences.

What color vanity is most popular?

The white bathroom vanity remains popular as always and in all sorts of designs. Whether your design is traditional, modern, or contemporary, a white bathroom vanity will work comfortably in most interiors, creating a striking and versatile design.

Green Tile and Wood Dekor for Rustic Unique Bathroom Vanity Ideas

In the bathroom design that blows the winds to an authentic atmosphere, the rustic unique bathroom vanity is formed by designing natural wood as two shelves one under the other. The wooden bench at the top, where the sink is located, is shorter, and the bottom one is designed longer as it is also used as a shelf. While the stone washbasin originally takes its place, the brass hardware basin mixer provides stylish effects. A round mirror and a black minimal pendant light next to it take their place. Another really impressive element is the green leaf-patterned wall tile behind the vessel sink. It creates a tropical effect, adding a mint breeze to the area. Also, on the floor, a warm ambiance is fully reflected by laying medium-toned wood.

Unique Vanity Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Small bathrooms, when designed correctly, can easily reflect many desired styles. With unlimited tile options and countless bathroom vanity styles that can be applied, many different variations can be tried to suit the taste of the users.

Sleek, modern silhouettes or glossy finishes can give a small bathroom a clean, understated look. Very successful designs can be created with minimal details.
For example, having a small pedestal sink will not only add elegance to your small bathroom but will also save you some space. Thanks to its thin base, it is very useful for small spaces. If you’re worried about storage space, you can place a small shelf just above the sink.

Another alternative is to use a wall-mounted washbasin or a wall-mounted countertop bowl. This way, you can have some free space under the sink and it will make your bathroom feel bigger than it is. Considering the style of the space, you can save space by designing a corner bathroom vanity.

Blue and White Combination Unique Vanity Ideas for Small Bathrooms Design

The small bathroom design has a sweet combination of white and blue. Turquoise hexagonal tiles on the floor create a calm and fresh feeling. While all the walls are painted white, it creates a vintage elegance with two windows, one large and one small, and one glass with motifs. While the white suspended bathroom countertop and the white round bowl washbasin are placed on it, dark blue small hexagonal tiles are laid only along the counter, with the back of the sink slightly above the faucet level. A minimal, stylish, and useful floating vanity is formed with a sweet movement. The round mirror and brass hardware basin mixer with brass frames offer elegant effects. Also, the raw wooden door and wooden wall hanger add a natural atmosphere.


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Efficient and Stylish Elections in Unique Vanity Ideas for Small Bathrooms

In the design of a small bathroom, gray and wood dominate. Gray tiles are laid on the floor. There is a high gray baseboard and gray and black linear patterned wallpaper up to the ceiling. As a bathroom vanity, a wooden chest of drawers and an open shelf are then complemented by a gray marble countertop and an authentic top-mounted under-counter sink. It is accompanied by a black wall-mounted basin mixer. There is a simple rectangular mirror and an elegant sconce with brass hardware next to it. Next to it are built-in wooden open shelves. And also, white tiles with motifs behind the sink add an elegant elegance. With careful consideration, many storage areas are provided in the small space.

Unique Metal Bathroom Vanities

Unique metal bathroom vanities are available in structural designs as well as the entire cabinet made of metal. Structural styles can also be created by combining minimal ideas with different materials such as marble and wood. Their structural stance is both stylish and spacious. There are varieties in themselves with copper, brass, bronze, and classical metal appearances. Classic metal and bronze looks create industrial spaces, while styles such as copper brass can provide more elegant, luxurious effects. Other elements in the bathroom are also important details that shape the space. Unique metal designs must be carefully selected to complement them. Also, metal vanity is a very popular type when applied correctly.

Luxury Effect with Copper and Marble in Unique Metal Bathroom Vanities

In a bathroom design, gray flooring is applied on the floor, while all walls are white. The marble floor washbasin stylishly replaces it, framing it to create a copper metal vanity. It is designed to pass through the marble sink. In this way, we are faced with the luxurious effective harmony of marble and metal. Copper hardware takes its place in the sink mixer. A square mirror is minimally positioned at the level of the sink. It is also a simple, elegant, and stylish design.

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