Small Bathroom Backsplash Create Visual Illusion with Stylish Tile Desing

21+ Small Bathroom Backsplash

Subway Tile Backsplash with Wood Floating Vanities and Wall-Mounted Faucet

In this cozy and light bathroom, the vertically laid pinkish ceramic subway tile backsplash with white grout paints an excellent backdrop that warms you instantly. The light wood floating vanity topped with white marble offers a beautiful pair, integrating with the backdrop beautifully. The wall-mounted brass-finish faucet adds an interesting element, while the washbowl on the countertop brings a layered and pronounced look.

Two-Tone Small Bathroom Backsplash with Gray Flooring

The wrap-around subway tile backsplash clads the bathroom walls and changes colors to mark the sink backsplash. Everything is visually connected, including the vanity tiled with subway tiles. It looks like a natural extension of the walls rather than a separate piece of furniture, feeling camouflaged effortlessly. The gray tile flooring compliments the design while bringing versatility and flexibility to the space. Overall, the white-blue combination creates an eye-appealing bathroom design that is reminiscent of water.

Small Bathroom Backsplash

Minimalist, modern, traditional, or contemporary? What kind of look do you want for your bathroom? While going after the look you desire, if you are worried about how to arrange a small bathroom and keep everything in flow while preventing fixtures from visually and tactually blocking each other, this article introduces you to a wide range of designs that will guide you with a focus on a small bathroom backsplash ideas.

A small bathroom backsplash can function as a space-enhancing factor, creating impactful designs and helping other elements blend in perfectly. While designing a small bathroom, there are a couple of visual tricks such as incorporating mirrors, building contrasts in the right proportions, and choosing and composing different colors to make it look larger. Wrap-around backsplashes, for instance, are helpful to create a monochromatic design that visually enhances the space without leading to any claustrophobic feelings. The layout of the tiles also impacts the design drastically. So, if you are ready to see more design projects, we can discover some backsplash designs for small bathroom ideas together. Let’s start!

Contemporary Kitchen with Green Washbowls and Black-Framed Mirrors

On this contemporary bathroom wall, a 4-inch standard bathroom tile is applied. This fish scale tile backsplash almost feels camouflaged on the white wall surface, bringing a layered texture and tactile feel. The engaging mirror designs with a black frame paint a contrast while adding extra interest to the wall. The green round-shaped washbowls add a splash of color, evoking a refreshing feeling in the users.

White Vanity with Brass Accents and Dark Blue Subway Tile Backsplash

The walk-in-style shower with glass enclosure and brass accents is in complete unity with dark blue wall tiles laid in a running bond style. The white vanity stretches generously from the wall to the shower enclosure. Brass plumbing fixtures and wall sconces add a visual charm to cast a sense of warmth and dynamic feel. The rectangular mirror with a black frame adds a simple but stylish look.

How do you tile a small bathroom backsplash?

Tiling a small bathroom backsplash is not so much different than tiling any backsplash. The process of installing tiles is always more or less the same. However, selecting the right pattern and tile is the key point and much more important since the area you will be coating is relatively small. So, to put it differently, for the design to show itself, getting the right format is an essential detail.

After getting the backsplash and feeling ready for installation, apply mastic to the backsplash area. If it feels more convenient, you can also apply the mastic to the back of the tiles. Also, use spacers to make sure of uniform spacing across the wall. Wait for 24 hours for the tiles to dry completely and come back with a few sponges and warm water to apply the grout. Press firmly and make sure that grout sinks between the tiles. Don’t worry about the tiles getting messy. Before the grout spread on the tiles dries up, just clean it softly with a sponge soaked in warm water.

Wood Floating Vanity with a Large Rectangular Mirror

If you have a small bathroom and are not sure how to build an illusion of a larger one, this contemporary kitchen showcases how to create one. In such relatively small spaces, using a floating vanity keeps the floor neat and aids a spacious feeling, while the large mirror adds depth. The full-height backsplash with black grout dividing the whole surface into small squares coats the whole wall surface of the bathroom while benefiting from the mirror to reflect this integrity. This, in return, makes different corners flow into each other to establish an illusion of a larger bathroom.

Small Bathroom Backsplash with Fish Scale Backsplash and Brass Wall Sconces

To benefit from the small bathroom on a maximum level, you can place a wall-to-wall vanity in a corner. Using wooden cabinets, as is here, creates a beautiful impact without overwhelming the small space. Its flat-panel cabinets and black lip pull notches don’t cause an eyesore. Brass wall sconces symmetrically installed on both sides of the mirror accentuate the fish scale backsplash. A potted plant brings a breath of fresh air to elevate the bathroom’s overall look.

Colors for Small Bathroom Backsplash

Colors arouse different feelings. So, before choosing a color for your backsplash, first, you can decide what kind of feeling you want it to evoke in you. Cheerfulness, dramatic impact, refreshment, or calmness? Just because the bathroom is small, you also shouldn’t feel restrained and think that your options are limited. When done rightly, even if the space is small, you can still incorporate various colors and patterns, creating a mixture of different feelings.

White Small Bathroom Backsplash

White backsplashes encourage the space to feel spacious, lightening it up in the meantime. Associated with purity and cleanliness, white suits the bathroom’s theme and function, bringing a sense of serenity to the interiors.


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Small Bathroom Backsplash with Asymmetrical Designs and Wood Shelves

This contemporary bathroom gives the illusion of an incomplete puzzle of hexagon pattern pieces serving as a backsplash and flooring. This asymmetrical design comes as a characterful touch, hinting at the personality of the homeowners without a doubt. The floor-to-ceiling mirror, on the other hand, enlarges the space with a visual trick, while wood floating shelves and vanity add a sense of warmth. The wood elements are also put in contrast with the gray-white palette to amplify the space with a dramatic touch.

Gray Small Bathroom Backsplash

Gray is a versatile color and can be adjusted to any theme with a large scale of hues. For small bathrooms, using a lighter shade of gray amplifies the space, while you can benefit from the darker hues to create a dramatic effect. Gray marble or any other stone slab backsplashes achieve excellent backdrops soothing and sophisticated in the meantime. You can also choose tile backsplashes to introduce some geometric forms with gray to make a visual statement.

Modern Bathroom with Wooden Vanity and Wall-Mounted Plumbing Fixtures

This beautiful bathroom with a neutral color palette delivers sophistication and elegance with minimalist aesthetics. Topped with a white vessel sink, the flat-front light-tone wood cabinet softens the formality of the environment, adding an approachable gesture. The large-format gray tiles provide a neutral backdrop, while white glass round-shaped lighting fixtures flank the frameless mirror that lends a soft landing on the backsplash.

Small Bathroom Backsplash with an Eclectic Context

In this small kitchen, the mixture of materials, including wood, glass, and paper, creates an eclectic design with a sense of refreshment. The gray glass rectangular tiles lend a soothing feeling, while huge, white washbowl nests on the wood-floating open cupboard. As the eyes go up and down, they also meet different visual schemes: the pink wallpaper design and diamond-pattern floor, which create a dynamic environment together and showcase that even if the bathroom is small, you can still integrate various patterns for an impactful look.

Do bathrooms need a backsplash?

Yes, a bathroom backsplash is important to protect the walls from water splashes, moisture, and mildew. As bathrooms are wet areas with heavy traffic, backsplash gains even more importance. You can also install backsplashes to enrich the aesthetic values of the bathroom to project your personality and add more character.

Gray Subway Tile Backsplash and Wood Cabinets

This alluring small bathroom warms your heart, offering a perfect place to wash the day off. The wood cabinets and grayish-green subway tiles create a biophilic design of sorts, which brings a soothing ambiance. The tiles’ stacked layout introduces a sense of order to the space, while the wood cabinets’ inherent stains bring depth. Emanating earthy feelings, this bathroom catches a natural rhythm. While it is livened up by a white countertop, brass plumbing fixtures and cabinet handles bring a sense of warmth. In small bathrooms, like this, to make efficient use of the space, you can get wall-mounted faucets to save space as is here.

Blue Small Bathroom Backsplash

Blue is a lively color that connotes water’s presence as it is reminiscent of the sea, pool, and sky associated with flowing and endless forms. That’s why blue as a color brings a sense of spaciousness and freedom due to its visual links to natural forms and the outdoor way of living. For the same reason, blue is a favored color for bathroom backsplashes.

Transitional Bathroom with Blue Backsplash and White Vanity

In this transitional bathroom, the white flooring and vanity encourage the space to feel more spacious, expanding the space on the ground level. The blue subway tile backsplash adds a ripple of color to upgrade the mood and give a modern lift. At eye-level, the wood-trimmed rectangular mirror and brownish sconces inject a dose of warmth, while the shower glass division offers a transparent transition between different functions to retain visual connectivity.

How high should a backsplash be in a bathroom?

There is no standardized backsplash. The most common ones measure 4 inches. However, there are also ceiling-height bathroom backsplashes installed for aesthetic purposes. You can even have wrap-around backsplashes to achieve a uniform look.

Wooden Vanity with Blue Vertical Tiles and Brass Accents

In this small bathroom, the full-height blue backsplash captures a beautiful flow while the light wood vanity lightens up the interior and grounds the design. Rich in textures and colors making for a well-balanced design, the bathroom gets an additional shine with the brass accents.

Green Small Bathroom Backsplash

Green is a perfect color for bathrooms to liven up the space. With a wide range of shades, each green hue arouses different feelings. As it connects to nature, its overall impact on the design is refreshment. With darker hues, it more translates into a dramatic effect, while the light hues such as sage green create an environment as light as feather.

Dark Green Backsplash Tiles with Wooden Vanity and Brass Accents

The floor-to-ceiling dark green ceramic backsplash brings depth to the kitchen, while the furniture-looking wood cabinet topped with a white countertop delivers an organic contrast to make for a well-balanced design. The horizontal layout of the backsplash tiles and light wood plank flooring runs parallel to each other, expanding the space visually. The brass accents add a spark to the backsplash, while the rug lends homey vibes.

Wooden Vanity with Glossy Green Tiles and Herringbone Flooring

This contemporary bathroom contains a wooden vanity topped with a white vessel sink, warming up the refreshing vibes emanated from the green backsplash. The backsplash’s vertically stacked subway tiles introduce a sense of order to the space. The glazed surfaces of these ceramic tiles create a glossy effect, while subtle tonal variations achieve a dynamic look. The herringbone tile wood flooring coats the ground level, enriching the warming feelings.

Tile Materials for Small Bathroom Backsplash

Tile materials for small bathroom backsplashes range from marble to granite, glass, quartz, ceramics, porcelain, and more. Each one of these materials contributes a different look. Since the bathroom is a wet area with high traffic, you can consider materials easy to maintain and clean with no sealing such as glass and quartz. However, if you are looking for a delicate and firm look, nothing can serve the bathroom better than marble. So, now let’s see how marble, ceramic, and glass backsplashes create impactful designs.

Marble Small Bathroom Backsplash

Marble is one of the luxurious elements that communicate a sense of elegance and sophistication. Though it is mostly used as a countertop and standard 4-inch backsplashes in the bathrooms, marble can also serve the space as a wrap-around backsplash for a seamless look. Even better, If you want to go for something adventurous, it is one of the materials that you can feel safe and experiment with, especially with their panel formats.

Small Bathroom Backsplash with Brass Accents and Black Flooring

The contrasting colors of black, gold, and white make for an impactful design, while the pronounced veins of the black flooring create visual drama, drawing all the attention. The brass sconces and oversized cabinet handles add much-needed warmth to the striking contrast of the bathroom.

Ceramic Small Bathroom Backsplash

It’s no wonder why ceramic tiles have kept their popularity for so long. They are highly customizable, functional, stylish, and affordably priced. Even if you need a glossy effect, the glazed-finish ceramic tiles can give you that too with a bonus of dramatic effect.

Small Bathroom Backsplash with Dark Wood Backsplash and Chevron Tile Flooring

In this small bathroom, the white ceramic tile backsplash has a larger impact on the kitchen thanks to its ceiling height. While its white tiles encourage the space to feel more spacious, these trendy square tiles offer an alternative to the timeless classic subway. Though it is small, it is visually dynamic with the integration of various patterns and the wood, including gray herringbone tile flooring and the dark wood cabinet that introduces a dramatic look to the space. Aside from these, a floating timber shelf above the toilet offers extra space for decorations and adds more personality, while the skylight lends more than enough natural light to the bathroom.

How high should a backsplash be in a bathroom?

To install a tile backsplash, the first thing you need to do is to sand and clean the application area and make a plan for the layout. To do that, you can get cardboard and practice the design beforehand just to see how it goes. It is generally recommended to start tiling from the center or wherever the focal point is, which will make things much easier.

After finished with these two steps, you can start with the tiling process. First, apply the adhesive with a trowel and start laying the tiles. You can use spacers to achieve an even look. When you are finished with it, you need to wait for 24-48 hours for it to dry completely and stick firmly.

The next day, you can come back to apply the grout. If you get a pre-mixed one, it makes everything much easier. During this process, don’t forget to keep some warm water and a couple of sponges with you to remove the extra grout on the tiles. If the material you have chosen for the backsplash is porous such as marble, granite, or stone, you also need to seal them. For glass and quartz backsplashes, sealing is not necessary.

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White Hexagon Tiles with Gray Cabinets and Open Shelving

In this transitional small bathroom, the muted palette imparts a feeling of serenity, while warmth is added through brass cabinet handles and sconces with a sense of luxury. In a response to this combination, the open shelving captures purposeful randomness composed of personal items. The chrome-finish faucet and white countertops lighten up the space, making for a well-balanced design.

Beach-style Bathroom with Multi-Colored Backsplash and Wood Cabinets

Visually calming and engaging, the earthy palette of the backsplash is also reminiscent of the sea with its blue hues. It goes all the way up to the ceiling to achieve full impact, and its ceramic square tiles with white grout lend a sense of freshness to this beach-style bathroom. The flat-front wood vanity adds a modern appeal, while the white countertop brightens up the space. Additional accessories and white minimalist wall sconces add personality to the space. Overall, what makes this bathroom feel unique is its color palette and the multi-colored backsplash.

Glass Small Bathroom Backsplash

The eco-friendly and easy-to-clean glass backsplash is one of the most favored backsplash materials in the bathrooms. Its ease of maintenance particularly makes it ideal in rooms like kitchens and bathrooms which are frequently used. As a very interactive material with its luminous surface and playfulness with natural light, glass also offers an interactive space. Glass tiles are also available in a wide range of colors and multiple finishing options.

Green Glass Bathroom Backsplash with Brass Accents

This beautiful bathroom is characterized by a vertically stacked green glass tile backsplash, white washbasin with an integrated bowl, and brass accents. The backsplash’s alluring beauty offers a refreshing backdrop, while the brass plumbing fixtures and washbasin’s gold-finish legs add glamor. They give an illusion of sun-kissed materials with a golden shine. So, this combination of white, green, and brass reflects its beach style so well; it soothes its users and makes them feel on vacation.

Herringbone Tile Backsplash with White Double Vanity and Brass Framed Mirrors

This master bedroom contains a white double vanity that offers plenty of storage, balancing well the white with gray glass backsplash. The backsplash’s herringbone pattern makes a statement, reaching the ceiling. Brass faucet, hardware, and mirror frames bring much-needed warmth to the space. The white marble hex tile flooring coats the ground, lending an organic feeling. Its honeycomb patterns, echoing nature, add a biophilic gesture to the space. Also, the three wall sconces and delicate mirror shapes create an intriguing design, punctuating the backsplash.

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