Home Office Library Personalized Bookshelves with Imposing Styles

44+ Home Office Library

ID# 108235 | Houzz.com – CreditFound Associates | © Guy Archard

Acrylic Desk and Chair with White Built-in Library

Due to the small size of the room, the use of acrylic tables and chairs refreshed the atmosphere. The white built-in library creates a fresh look with its clean lines and sharp edges. The dark wood floor contrast with the lighter shades while the large window opening providing a bright and spacious space feel.

ID# 108213 | Houzz.com – CreditUnique Spaces | © MarcFowler

Glass Top Desk with Metal Stand and Cream Carpet

The mostly white home office design offers a sleek transitional style. The glass top desk is paired with metal stands and a beige chair. The built-in cabinets are placed all along the wall and provide a clutter-free overall look. The dark wood floor contrasts with the white furniture and enhances their impact.

Gorgeous Home Office Library Ideas with Imposing Styles

Whether you work from home or just need a space for yourself to read, write, or craft, home offices help you to inspire your creativity and enhance productivity. Even the kids need a place to do homework or computer research. Incorporating a personalized library, not only increase the functionality but also adds visual interest to the design. Here are, some best home office library design ideas for find some inspiration for your personal office.

Include a personalized library in your home office

Libraries provide extra functionality to your home offices. This can be a set of shelves above your desk, a built-in library with a ladder, or just a single unit. Whether your style is modern and minimalist or traditional and elegant, including a library in your office will help you to store your collection. Just be sure to place a comfortable and relaxed chair if you want to take a short break and get snuggle up with a good book! Check our home office library ideas before starting your design.

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ID# 108201 | Houzz.com – Credit© Holloway Quinn Interior Design

Beach Style Home Office with White Book Stand

If you don’t have a large space or don’t want to fill the room with built-in libraries, these vertical shelves might be your solution. In this beach-style home office, the white stand becomes almost invisible behind the books and books look like floating in the air! The glass top desk is fitted with a wooden stand and paired with a white chair. Wood-framed artworks create a focal point on the gray wall.

ID# 108202 | Houzz.com – CreditFiona Duke Interiors | © Anna Stathaki

Traditional Home Office with Green Library

The traditional style of the home office offers timeless elegance. This elegancy is emphasized by the green home office library which provides a sleek backdrop for the room. The green paint is carried from the library to the walls, in this way continuity is not disturbed. Wood desk paired with gray chair and complements the natural green color of the library. The leather sofa is placed next to the window to create a reading nook.

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ID# 108204 | Houzz.com – CreditHaukka Home | © Евгений Кулибаба

Dark Wood Desk and Bookshelf with Burgundy Walls

The sophistication of the burgundy color surrounds the atmosphere and offers an elegant home office. Dark wood bookshelf and desk in a harmony with the burgundy walls. The blue cushions of the lighter wood chair create contrast with dark shades.


Eclectic Home Office with Wooden Desk and Gray Chair

Placing the bookshelves around the desk is a great idea for both space-saving and visuality. In this eclectic office, black bookshelves are placed around the wooden desk and serve as a beautiful frame. The colorful painting creates a focal point between the shelves while the brass sconce highlighting it. The gray and white patterned chair with wood legs brings a coziness to the atmosphere.

ID# 108206 | Houzz.com – Credit© Woodhouse and Law

White Desk with Navy Blue Chair and Floating Bookshelf

The rich plum hue of the wall feels effortlessly stylish and serves as an eye-catching base for the white furniture. White bookshelf hung above the desk, and it provides storage space for books and some accessories. The white desk is paired with a beige top, blue chair, and brass desk lamp. The combination of the plum, navy blue, and gold accents offers an elegant design.

ID# 108207 | Houzz.com – Credit© Michele Bohbot Design and Architecture

Navy Blue Home Office Library with Coffered Ceiling

The bold shade of blue makes a big impact on this traditional home office. The built-in home office library offers an elegant and eye-catching backdrop with its navy blue color and raised panel cabinet doors. The blue paint carried from the library to the coffered ceiling creates a continuous look. The antique desk emphasizes the traditional style of the design while yellow chairs contrasting with the blues to create a more impactful look.

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Blue Home Office Library with White Walls and Wood Floor

Although this office has a minimalist design, the vibrant shade of blue transforms the room into a powerful look. The blue library stands out between the whites and provides a sleek backdrop for the office. The white desk is fitted with wooden legs and paired with a white chair and black lamp. The patterned rug on the wooden floor brings a traditional vibe.

ID# 108210 | Houzz.com – Credit© Duet Design Group

White Desk with Cream Chairs and Floral Ceiling Wallpaper

In this traditional home office, the wall-mounted desk divides the space in two and provides two individual workstations with cream chairs. The cream built-in libraries provide a symmetrical look on both sides of the table. The flower printed ceiling wallpaper bring joy to the atmosphere while metallic lighting fixture making a glamorous touch.

ID# 108211 | Houzz.com – Credit© Ballard Designs

Contemporary Gray Home Office with Blue Touches

The gray desk is attached to the gray library that maximizes the functionality of the room. The black circular chandelier highlights the study area. The blue chair, pillows, and abstract painting add a calm and relaxing feel to the atmosphere.


ID# 108215 | Houzz.com – Credit© Benjamin Johnston Design

Natural Wood Cabinets with Black and Gold Chandelier

In this study room, custom eye-catching design elements beautifully come together and create a unique overall look. The asymmetrical black desk is paired with a white chair and geometric patterned armchairs. The wood cabinets and wall panels provide a sleek backdrop with their beautiful grains. The colorful rug livens up the atmosphere and brings together the room’s design.

ID# 108216 | Houzz.com – Credit© Jenny Tamplin Interiors

Green Cabinets with Pink Chair and Green Patterned Wallpaper

The eye-catching and contrasting combination of green and pink offers a unique and stylish home office design. The built-in cabinets are painted with Benjamin Moore Bunker Hill and paired with brass hardware. The green patterned wallpaper gives a fresh look between the green cabinets. Pink organizers and other pink accessories in the open shelves complement the pink chair and emphasize the design.

ID# 108217 | Houzz.com – Credit© Form + Field

All White Study Room with Rubbed Oil Hardware

The all-white design perfectly gives the sense of pureness and offers a sleek and timeless home office. The white desk is placed between the tall cabinets which are fitted with floating shelves. The bronze hardware complements the traditional style of the cabinets and contrasts with them to create an impactful look.

ID# 108219 | Houzz.com – Credit© Webber Coleman Woodworks

Custom Wood Desk with White Chair and Blue Patterned Rug

In this transitional home office, the custom wood desk makes a statement while the dark gray home office library provides a sleek backdrop. Brass sconces highlight the open shelves. Two matching leather armchairs and a copper side table are placed oppositely through the working area.

ID# 108221 | Houzz.com – Credit© Sharon Kory Interiors

Blue Floral Wallpaper with White Floating Bookshelf

The blue floral wallpaper dominates the room and offers a joyful romantic feel. White floating bookshelf, the glass top of the desk, and acrylic chairs give fresh look and allow the wallpaper to stand out. The gold legs of the chairs add glam to the design while the wood floor bringing warmth to the atmosphere.

ID# 108222 | Houzz.com – Credit© Town Line Wallpaper & Paint Inc.

Navy Blue Built-in Library with Wood Floor and White Cowhide

The décor and accessories turn this transitional home office into a personalized space. The navy-blue home office library makes a statement behind the black table and white chair. Wooden flooring brings warmth to the atmosphere while white cowhide adding a dose of luxury.

ID# 108224 | Houzz.com – Credit© artELLE-design

Modern Library with Box Units in Different Sizes and Shapes

The asymmetrical position of these bookshelves offers a unique and dynamic design. It can make a big impact on your home offices. In this modern study room, the white and wood boxes create a frame-like effect perfect for storing thoughtfully edited collections. The wood study area and the white chair perfectly incorporates the other boxes.

ID# 108226 | Houzz.com – CreditDesatori | © Ольга Мелекесцева

Blue Desk with Dark Wood Chair and Gray Library

Thanks to the clever layout and organization, the small corner of the attic turn into a functional home office. The blue desk is paired with a dark wood chair and black lamp. The small gray home office library is recessed into the wall, and it provides storage space. The brick wall and dark wood floor bring an industrial feel.

ID# 108227 | Houzz.com – Credit© Ola Jachymiak Studio

Black Home Office Design with Modern Circular Chandelier

If you want a sophisticated luxury look, the black color will never fail you down. In this Victorian home office, the elegance of the black surrounds all the room. The black cabinets and open shelves are highlighted by gold sconces. The black vintage desk is paired with wicker chairs and black and white printed stools. The wicker parts of the chairs bring warmth between the blacks. The circular lighting fixture makes a warm glow above the study area and brings modern appeal.

ID# 108229 | Houzz.com – Credit© Twig & Trove Interiors

Wood Home Office Library with Shelves and Drawers

The combination of black and wood offers a formal yet elegant office design. The black desk and chair stand out in front of the wood built-in home office library. Books and decors on the open shelves provide a sleek backdrop. The same color of the wood continues as a tile on the walls.

ID# 108230 | Houzz.com – Credit© Jason Lees Design

Circular Wood Panel and White Shelves as a Library

If you are bored with classic library designs, you would love this design. In this modern home office, a circular wood panel and white floating shelves create a unique library, and it looks like a piece of art. The circular wood panel softens the design and creates a focal point on the gray wall. The light wood desk and chair facing through the library.

ID# 108231 | Houzz.com – Credit© Cravotta Interiors

Wooden Slim Shelves with Black Frames

The warm feel of the natural wood material offers a welcoming and charming home office. The slim wood shelves are fitted with black frames, and they give an open and airy feel. The wooden desk is paired with a black top and a brown leather chair. The black-framed painting pulls the attention at the first sight. The wooden planks continue from floor to ceiling.

ID# 108233 | Houzz.com – Credit© Forma London

Contemporary Office Design with Gray Coffered Walls

Minimalist yet impactful! In this contemporary office design, the wood boxes of the home office library have the front painted the same color as the wall. in this way wood acts as an accent. Also, the boxes complement the coffered wall panels. The wood desk creates an elegant look with its waterfall edges. The dark wood chair and wood-framed painting between the wall panels beautifully make the final touches.

ID# 108236 | Houzz.com – CreditClare Elise Interiors | © Fiona Walker-Arnott

Blue Home Office Library with Floating Shelves and Swinging Chair

A desk, chair, lamp, and a couple of shelves. Now you are everything that you need to create your very own office. In this transitional home office, the wooden desk is paired with yellow legs and a white swinging chair. Blue floating shelves are preferred a darker shade for the blue walls, in this way they come further.

ID# 108237 | Houzz.com – Credit© Shean Architects Inc.

Modern Home Office with White Library and Wood Wall Panels

Clean, simple, and fresh. This modern study room offers a minimalist style with white built-in cabinets, corner floating shelves, white floating desk, wood chair, wooden wall panels, and flooring.


ID# 108240 | Houzz.com – CreditJoy Flanagan Design | © Mark Williams Photo

Transitional Office with Gray Libraries and Patterned Rug

In this transitional design, gray built-in libraries are placed on opposite walls, with a gray desk between them. This layout provides a perfectly symmetrical look. The multicolor patterned rug enhances the traditional feel while the wood floor bringing warmth to the atmosphere.

ID# 108241 | Houzz.com – Credit© Traci Connell Interiors

Wood Home Office Library with Diagonal Shelves

The multiple diagonal wood shelves of the library create a unique furniture piece. This home office library directly chances the ambiance of the room and provides an eye-catching backdrop. Thanks to the black paint of the more, shelves make a more impactful effect. The concrete deck is paired with a black chair, circular light, and a gray patterned carpet.

ID# 108242 | Houzz.com – Credit© Muska Lighting Center

Masculine Office Design with Gold Accents and Cowhide

The black built-in cabinetry, dark wood desk, and leather armchair offer a masculine look for this transitional office. Gold details like the lamp, stand of the armchair add a bit of glam to the design while the starburst chandelier making a warm glow above the study area. The classic white and brown cowhide brings a nice natural texture.

ID# 108243 | Houzz.com – Credit© Ellen Grasso & Sons, LLC

Black Libraries with White Linen Wallpaper and Horse Painting

The combination of black and white never fails you down while creating a timeless look. In this contemporary office, black built-in libraries are paired with white linen wallpaper and a horse painting between them. The light wood desk is fitted with a metal stand on the gray rug. The large drum pendant elevates the design.

ID# 108244 | Houzz.com – Credit© M. Lahr Homes

Gray Home Office Library with Built-in Window Seat

Inspiration of a transitional home office with gray built-in cabinets, built-in window seat, glass-top desk, brown chair, white cowhide, glass chandelier, and dark wood floor. This design provides both working and resting areas.


ID# 108203

Blue Home Office Library in New York Apartment

This traditional home office gives a strong appeal with its blue color palette amongst a neutral foundation of the wood floor. The built-in blue home office library stands out with the elegant frame moldings. Brass sconces highlight the open shelves of the library. For the working area, the wooden desk is paired with blue velvet chair and an antique brass task lamp.

ID# 108209

Traditional Office with Navy Blue Cabinetry and Tropical Wallpaper

The blue built-in library cabinets turn this room into an eye-catching and elegant design. The cabinetry is placed all along the wall and includes open shelves, drawers, a desk, and cabinets that provide plenty of storage space. The palm tree-printed wallpaper brings a tropical vibe between the cabinetries. The desk is paired with a dark wood top and gray chair. The multicolor patterned rug enhances the traditional feel.

ID# 108212

Black Bookshelf with White Desk and Wooden Bench

In this elegant home office, the natural wood bench makes a rustic twist and provides a warmer atmosphere. The black home office library acts as the part of the coffered wall that creates a continuous look as a backdrop. The white desk and chairs stand out in front of the black library and bring a clean and fresh look. The patterned rug enhances the traditional style.

ID# 108214

Built-in Home Office Library with White Lounge Chair

This transitional home office offers a bright and spacious atmosphere behind the blue doors. The acrylic stand of the black desk creates an open and airy feel while the built-in home office library providing a sleek backdrop. The beige rud and wooden floor bring warmth to the atmosphere.

ID# 108218

Hidden Study Room with Gray Shelves and White Stool

If you don’t have a spare room for working even an alcove can be a stand-alone office. In this contemporary design, the small study area is hidden behind the doors. This clever solution is a great way to evaluate unused areas and also to hide the messy look when you want. Even the study area has a small space, it contains all the necessary elements such as a table, chair, shelves.

ID# 108220

Gray Home Office Library with White Countertop and Wood Floor

A small, quiet, efficient office space offers an elegant design. Although the room has a small space, thanks to the light color scheme and window opening, it is incredibly functional and has a bright atmosphere. The gray-painted home office cabinetry makes the space unique and gives a calm and relaxing feel. Taller ceilings allow ample storage. The white countertop of the desk continues through the cabinets and provides a large working space.

ID# 108223

Small Home Office Design with Wood Shelves and White Library

The tiny gap in the living room turns into an elegant home office with wood floating shelves and a vintage chair. The floating shelves provide an open and airy feel while adding visual interest with the accessories in them. The white built-in library is placed next to the study area.

ID# 108225

Transitional Office with Pink Chari and White Bookshelf

Although the room is small, the joyful color palette brings a fresh vibe to the design. The white desk is placed next to the large window and paired with the pink chair. The yellow back of the white library emphasizes the visual interest of the books and decors.

ID# 108228

Orange Desk with Blue Chair and Dark Wood Library

Adding an orange desk transforms this otherwise ordinary home office into a stylish design. The dark wood home office library gives an open and airy feel with its open shelves. The asymmetrical vertical dividers of the shelves create a dynamic look. The cream lounge chair and colorful pillow provide a cozy resting or reading nook.

ID# 108232

Green Built-in Cabinets with Leather Chair and Brass Handles

This interior design offers a luxurious appeal with its high-end materials. The green paint of the cabinetry in a harmony with the wood wall panels and brown leather chairs. A mix of open and closed shelving satisfies all current and future storage needs. The brass and acrylic handle adds a bit of sparkle to cabinetry while the marble top of the desk completing the luxurious feel.

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ID# 108234

Black Walls with Copper Wall Paneling and White Shelves

The compact home office design allows ample space for any home worker to enjoy. Copper wall paneling creates a focal point between the black walls, while white floating shelves creating a clean and fresh look. White hexagon floor tiles continue with a pattern after the first four rows that bring dynamism to the design.

ID# 108238

White Home Office Design with Blue Barn Doors

Beautiful home office design behind the blue barn doors! The modern office features white built-in cabinets, drawers, open shelves, a central desk, and a wood floor. Brass hardware adds a bit of sparkle to the whites. Blue barn doors emphasize the farmhouse feel.

ID# 108239

White Home Office Library with Dark Blue Chairs and Gold Accents

The symmetry created by the built-in cabinets is maintained by placing two individual study areas with dark blue chairs. Open shelves fitted with cabinets in the middle that provides storage space. Brass hardware and the details of the chairs add a dose of sparkle while blue and white patterned carpeted floor bringing nice texture to space.

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