Black Cabinets with Brass Hardware Add Glam with Gold Details

24+ Black Cabinets with Brass Hardware

ID# 135202 | – Credit© Visionary Homes

Black Cabinets with Brass Hardware combination in Transitional Kitchen

While black and white are always an indispensable pair, they are colors that can be easily adapted to any kitchen and preserve their nobility. In the kitchen, which consists of black recessed-panel cabinets, a white counter, and a white subway backsplash, a patterned backsplash is added to the back of the stove, adding mobility to the space. White stainless steel appliances and a farmhouse sink are used, and the island consisting of white cabinets has a white bench and black leather chairs around it. Floating wooden shelves are placed on the wall next to the window and wooden parquet is used on the floor. Brass hardware adds an elegant atmosphere to the plain kitchen. Cabinet handles, pendant lights, and sink mixers are made of brass and complete the space in a cool way.

ID# 135215 | – Credit© Design 4 Corners

Black Cabinets Design with Brushed Brass Hardware in Farmhouse Home Bar

While black shaker cabinets and white countertop are combined with their always successful harmony, subway brick backsplash accompanies them in this home bar that speaks its style. Wooden shelves above the sink and glass upper cabinets on both sides are used. Medium tone wooden parquet is used on the floor. While the copper color farmhouse sink is one of the most elegant details of the bar, the sink mixer is chosen black, creating a very cool atmosphere. The black sconce lighting on the washbasin is in harmony with the environment. In addition, the brushed brass hardware used gives the space a luxurious atmosphere and creates a stylish bar.

Black Cabinets with Brass Hardware

In today’s market, cabinet hardware comes in a wide range of material and finish options such as oil-rubbed bronze, chrome, or brushed nickel. But, if you are looking for the most popular option, brass hardware is one of the hottest trends! Brass hardware is the details which provide a heavy and stylish appearance in the applied areas. It harmonizes beautifully with various color options. And, if you are using black cabinets for your kitchen design, pairing black cabinets with these gold details can be a stunning addition to your kitchen to add a glamorous look! In this article, we rounded up black cabinets with brass hardware ideas so you can find different design alternatives!

We know that black is always a timeless and indispensable color. We are witnessing exquisite designs in many styles such as modern, traditional, and farmhouse, depending on cabinet types and space. This hardware, which is generally preferred in traditional kitchens, gains a cool elegance with black cabinets. Black cabinets and brass hardware are a perfect match. Scroll down and see this beautiful combination in different designs.

ID# 135201 | – Credit© MassaRossa Luxury Homes, LLC

Brass Hardware Effect in Black and White Transitional Kitchen

Black and White harmony always creates striking effects. In this kitchen, which reveals the nobility of black and the clarity of white, black shaker cabinets, black kitchen island and white countertops are used, while a perfect harmony is created with a white subway backsplash. While a warm effect is created in the space with wood-like ceramics on the floor, stainless steel appliances, under-counter sinks are used, and the walls are completed with off-white paint and white skirting boards. And finally, Brass Hardware, cabinet handles, sink mixer, and bar stools, which shine like jewels and add elegance, make the place look exquisite.

Black Mosaic Tiles

Dark gray subway slate wall tile, modern, unique and natural look.

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Gray marble & glass tile for contemporary to modern kitchens or bathroom

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Dark gray slate subway tile for a contemporary yet timeless kitchen backsplash

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Black & white color with crackle glass kitchen backsplash tile

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Black Shaker Cabinets and White Backsplash Harmony in Modern Kitchen

Black shaker cabinets and white marble patterned countertop look in harmony in this black and white kitchen. Complete integrity is provided by the same marble-looking plates between the countertops. Stainless steel appliances, a farmhouse sink, and light wooden parquet are applied on the floor. Glass pendant lights on the island bench and tan leather chairs around it are the subtle touches of a cool place. It is the small but most important touches that make the place a complete style. The elegant brass cabinet handles, the sink mixer, and the details of the lighting add visual interest.

Is brass kitchen hardware trendy?

Brass kitchen equipment keeps up with fashion as it can be easily applied to any style of kitchen. Its models in different shapes can be easily adapted to any modern, traditional, or classical style. Since brass hardware is of course a weighty design type, it creates a cool and stylish atmosphere in every application area.

ID# 135204 | – Credit© Paper Moon Painting

Black Cabinets and Multicolor Backsplash with Brass Hardware in Transitional Kitchen

In this transitional kitchen, where black recessed-panel cabinets and white countertop elegance are experienced, a cool look is provided in the space by using a dark walnut parquet floor. The white walls make the environment bright and spacious. White fabric bar chairs were preferred around the island. Under-counter sinks and stainless steel appliances were used. The worktop behind the stove looks very cool as the light-dark gray tones and golden yellow herringbone backsplash as the focal point of the space. And it becomes a stylish kitchen with the applied brass color cabinet handles, sink mixer, and pendant lighting details. It looks quite dazzling.

Gold Mosaic Tiles

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Multi Color Marble Diamond Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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Warm Color Gold White Gray Chevron Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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Beautiful brown and bronze glass metal mosaic tile for kitchen backsplash

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Gorgeous gold and copper glass metal backsplash tile, ideal option for your project

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Brass Hardware Effect in Modern Kitchen

The stylish harmony of black shaker cabinets and small white hexagonal backsplashes is eye-catching. While the stainless steel appliances in black color create a cool effect, the floor is wooden parquet. A modern atmosphere is created by placing wooden floating shelves on the sides of the hood. The perfect combination of this modern and stylish style is complemented by the brass cabinet and drawer pulls, the details in the pendant lighting, and the bar chairs.

Black Cabinet Finishes

There are so many varieties of black that cannot be ignored. Whether to choose matte or glossy is an issue that needs attention. When used correctly, it creates all kinds of striking effects. Other details used for this are very important. Care is taken to choose the right fixtures, backsplashes, and chairs.

Matte Black Kitchen Cabinets with Brass Hardware

Matte black kitchen cabinets add depth and serenity and provide a stylish look. According to the cabinet types, it can easily take on modern and elegant styles. Since black always represents nobility, it creates fascinating effects in the environment where it is applied. Combined with Brass hardware, it almost takes on a luxurious air. Brass hardware, which harmonizes very well with black cabinets, is preferred by most designers. And this dual trend, which leaves a completely different effect in every different option, has become one of the kitchen styles.

ID# 135206 | – Credit© Frankel Building Group

Matte Black Cabinets and marble backsplash with Brass Hardware in Contemporary Kitchen

In this kitchen, which is formed with the modern atmosphere of matte black, flat-panel cabinets, a white countertop and marble patterned large backsplash are applied and perfect harmony is achieved with black cabinets, creating an elegant atmosphere. A warm effect is left to the environment by using medium-toned wooden parquet. The hood box is also painted yellow, creating a warm, sweet atmosphere in the space. Fine details are the lifeblood of a place, brass hardware puts the final point in the harmonious combination of all these beautiful pieces. The rod cabinet handles and the sink mixer turn this modern and stylish kitchen into a complete style, creating a characteristic kitchen style.

ID# 135207 | – Credit© The Design Yard

Matte Gray Cabinets with White Backsplash in Modern Kitchen

The kitchen, designed with the timeless harmony of matte dark gray shaker kitchen cabinets and white backsplash, also achieves integrity by using white countertops. Stainless steel appliances and an under-counter sink are used. By applying medium-toned wooden parquet on the floor, the cool stance of the dark color and marble harmonize beautifully with the warm feeling of wood. Black framed wooden bar stools and black pendant lighting placed on the island are the right pieces to be applied to the environment and complete the space. And lastly, the brass hardware cabinet handles provide a stylish effect to the kitchen as a tiny but important detail of the space.

White Mosaic Tiles

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Modern white frosted and clear glass thin linear clean look backsplash tile.

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White ceramic arabesque shaped mesh-mounted mosaic tile.

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White interlocking marble glass & metal mosaic tile contemporary look mosaic

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Large size white chevron marble mosaic tile for kitchen and bathroom projects.

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Modern look white elegant honed finish marble mosaic tile

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White Glass Herringbone Marble Look Mosaic Tile

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Matching Combination of Matte Dark Cabinets and Brass Hardware in Transitional Kitchen

The indispensable color of noble looks, black creates unique effects in kitchens. The kitchen, which is formed by the harmony of matte black recessed-panel cabinets and white quartz countertop, is accompanied by a white patterned backsplash. Its application on the glazed wall up to the ceiling creates a stylish depth to the space. Stainless steel appliances, a farmhouse sink, and medium wood flooring are used on the floor. And the brass hardware used creates a very stylish effect in this transitional kitchen.

How is brass hardware made?

Brass sand casting is a brass hardware forming process, and brass sand casting is one of the most common and has been used for a very long time. While sand casting, one of the most important materials is sand as a mold material. During this process, both clay and water are added to the sand mold. The clay helps bind the mold, while water is added to strengthen the clay.

Sand casting will initially require a rubber mold that fits the specific measurements of your brass hardware. Next, it is necessary to put the mold and sand in a “gate system”. When this is complete, molten brass or zinc is added, removing the rubber from the sand casting. The sand and casting can then be removed after the brass has cooled and hardened.

ID# 135209 | – Credit© Paper Moon Painting

Matte Black Cabinets with Brass Hardware And Marble effect in Contemporary Kitchen

If you want a cool and cool kitchen, the first color you should choose should be black. It speaks its nobility even without the need for any detail. In the kitchen, which consists of matte black flat-panel cabinets, a wonderful marble countertop is used, especially on the island. The marble backsplash applied to the wall behind the stove up to the ceiling also provides complete integrity to the space. It impresses with its luxurious looks. White bar chairs with black frames are placed around the island, and stainless steel appliances and an under-counter sink are used. And the cabinet cups, which add style and elegance to the flat cabinets with a cool effect, become a true icon by choosing brass hardware. The use of brass hardware in the lighting on the island creates fine and beautiful details.

ID# 135210 | – Credit© City Homes, LLC

Black Cabinets with Cool and Stylish Effect in Contemporary Kitchen

The strong contrast of black and white creates incredible effects in the kitchen. In the kitchen, which consists of matte black, recessed-panel cabinets, white countertops are used and the walls are white. Black and white movable backsplash were chosen between the countertops, and black and white were blended perfectly. Stainless steel appliances, an under-counter sink, and dark wood parquet are used on the floor. Transparent chairs with metal legs and pendant lights with transparent structures create a transparent effect and create a cool effect. And lastly, the selection of light fittings and cupboards from brass hardware creates elegant details like a jewel in this quality-lined kitchen.

Lacquer Black Kitchen Cabinets with Brass Hardware

Lacquered cabinets have a much brighter surface than other kitchen cabinets. Unlimited color options are available. It is durable and long-lasting and is resistant to water and moisture. Also, it is hard and durable as its surface undergoes a layer of the polishing process.
Lacquered black cabinets are one of the most popular design trends for kitchens. They are one of the favorite options for cool designs that break the ordinary. When used with brass hardware, it is the epitome of luxury and elegance. Lacquer Black Kitchen Cabinets with Brass Hardware is the choice of many designers and users, as it makes a good combination.

ID# 135211 | – Credit© Paper Moon Painting

Luxurious Design with Lacquered Black Cabinets in Transitional Home Bar

In the stylish home bar, lacquered black cabinets attract attention with their luxurious appearance. It looks gorgeous with the combination of flat-plain cabinets and a black marble countertop. This bar, which takes on classic elegance with the motif wallpaper backsplash applied between the counters, looks very elegant together with the glass shelves. The floor is medium tone wood parquet. When using a single-bowl sink under the counter, cabinet handles and brass hardware are preferred, with their dazzling elegance that fully complements the space. In addition, the basin bowl, basin mixer, and glass shelf connection apparatus are chosen as brass hardware and complement each other in harmony. In this bar design, we see how the combination of lacquered black cabinetry and brass hardware is perfectly executed.

ID# 135212 | – Credit© Soorikian Architecture

Lacquer Black Kitchen Cabinets with Brass Hardware in Traditional Kitchen

In the warm, bright, and spacious kitchen design, the combination of lacquered black shaker cabinets and white countertop creates a clean look. A white subway backsplash is used and all of the walls are white. The countertop consists of wooden open shelves. On the floor, mosaic patterned ceramics are used and in this way, it turns into a very sweet place. It adds a cute elegance to the mini wooden preparation bench placed in the middle. Stainless steel appliances and a farmhouse sink are used. And finally, the sweet look of the place is blended with an elegant atmosphere with the brass hardware applied. An original style is created by choosing a classically stylish basin mixer, cabinet handles, and pendant lighting details, and the space is almost eye-catching.

Brass Cabinet Hardware Finishes

Cabinet equipment creates more effects than expected in the space. These types of equipment, which have their fashion world, are in various shapes and different styles and colors are trending from time to time. Since even just changing the equipment adds a difference to the space, users who want to change can find the chance to make small innovations in their spaces at an affordable cost.

They are the most trendy and stylish varieties in brass hardware. There are different coating types such as polished, unpolished, satin, and antique in these types of equipment. For this reason, it should be noted that all brass cabinet hardware finishes are in the same style when applied in a place.

Black Cabinets with Brushed Brass Hardware

These days when black cabinet designs are quite common, we see brushed brass hardware that combines it best. This equipment, which creates a very luxurious style with its light matte texture, is among the preferred options for modern spaces.

ID# 135213 | – Credit© Jordan Iverson Signature Homes

Black and white Cabinets with Brushed Brass Hardware in Transitional Kitchen

In the transitional kitchen, where black and white cabinets create harmony, white countertops are used, and integrity is achieved with a very light gray hexagonal backsplash. The nobility of black and the purity of white could only be transferred to such a beautiful place. Stainless steel appliances and an under-counter sink are used, and wooden floating shelves are placed on the wall next to the window. Open wooden parquet is also applied on the floor. And finally, a kitchen with two color cabinet handles is applied, black knobs on white cabinets, brushed brass hardware is applied on black cabinets, and sink mixers, making a kitchen that speaks its style.

ID# 135214 | – Credit© City Homes, LLC

Cool Effect with Black Cabinets and Brass Hardware in Contemporary Kitchen

Black flat-panel cabinets display a modern and noble stance. While providing integrity with the white countertop and white backsplash, contrast is created with the black cabinets. Farmhouse stove and paneled tools are used. There are medium-toned wooden parquet on the floor and black-framed wooden stools around the island bench, completely in harmony with the space. In addition to these, brushed brass hardware offers a stylish look in the kitchen with a simple and stylish concept. The cabinet handles, the sink mixer, and the chandelier positioned on the island are made of brushed brass. This kitchen design, which creates a cool appearance, looks very successful.

Black Cabinets with Antique Brass Cabinet Hardware

Antique Brass Cabinet Hardware black cabinet is a trending duo these days. Brass hardware, which has an original appearance with its aged texture, adds an authentic atmosphere. Bohemian is among the preferred options of traditional style stylish places. When combined with the nobility of black cabinets, very successful designs emerge.

ID# 135216 | – Credit© Terri Sears, Kitchen, and Bath Designer

The perfect harmony of Antique Brass Cabinet Equipped Black Cabinets in Eclectic Kitchen

Its incredible style with black beaded inset cabinets, white quartz countertop, and square zellige tile backsplash applied up to the ceiling on the wall behind the sink look exquisite. While the farmhouse sink and cooker are used, the other appliances are black built-in. The floor is reminiscent of old-timey designs, using a white-blue patterned tile. In addition to these, in this transitional kitchen, antique brass cabinet hardware, cabinet handles, black sink mixer details, pendant lighting design connections on the sink, and a hood box are used. As Antique Brass Equipped Black Cabinets, we are faced with a kitchen design that proves to be a very successful duo.

ID# 135217 | – Credit© Gardner/Fox Associates, Inc

Stylish design consisting of different types of cabinets and countertops in Modern Kitchen

Two types of marble countertops, black and white, are used in this large modern kitchen, which is formed by the combined design of black and white, shaker, and flat-panel cabinets. A white subway backsplash is applied between the countertops. On the wall where the stove is located, white marble continued up to the level of the hood, then a shelf was created and an original design atmosphere was created by applying the subway backsplash from that level to the ceiling. While the square floor parquet is used on the floor, another detail but important point of the kitchen is the cabinet handles, using antique brass knobs to create a stylish effect. In addition, hood details, sconces on the side of the hood, and pendant lighting details on the island using antique brass reveal what a modern stylish kitchen would look like.

ID# 135218 | – Credit

Black and White Cabinets with Antique Brass Cabinet Hardware in Transitional Kitchen Design

In the kitchen, which consists of a unique design of black and white, the perfect harmony of shaker cabinets, white countertops, and white subway backsplash is achieved. While the black counter on the island is preferred, the island is also resolved as under the counter in the sink. Farmhouse oak and stainless steel appliances are used. On the floor, light-toned wooden parquet is used and a warming ambiance is created with tan bar chairs. And finally, the cabinet handles, which seem insignificant but have a very important place by greatly affecting the design, are chosen as Antique Brass Cabinet Hardware, while adding a quality elegance, it looks quite cool.

Black Cabinets with Polished Brass Hardware

The most preferred parts of black cabinets are undoubtedly brass hardware. It is indispensable for many users that they become a duo that suits each other very well. Shiny brass hardware adds a stylish and luxurious air as it shines like a jewel in black.

ID# 135219 | – Credit© reDesign home chicago

Black Cabinets with Polished Brass Hardware in Transitional Kitchen Design

The timeless elegance of the black and white combination is always known. Black shaker cabinets, white counter, and white subway backsplash display the wonderful combination of the noble stance of black and the fresh air of white. Stainless steel appliances and an under-counter sink are used. The floor is applied with medium tone wood parquet, creating a warm effect in the space. By placing wooden shelves in the same tone as the parquet on one wall, a stylish and warm environment is blended. The cabinet handles are used in two different types, the pendant lighting on the island and the bar stools have been used with polished brass hardware to achieve an elegant appearance, and the kitchen looks quite cool.

ID# 135220 | – Credit© AVID Associates LLC

Black and Wood Cabinets with Polished Brass Hardware in Contemporary Kitchen

The kitchen, which consists of a combination of grained wood and black flat cabinets, captures a different style from the general one with the perfect blending of solid surface countertop and hexagonal mosaic tile backsplash in brown tones. Built-in appliances and two under-counter sinks are used. The wooden parquet in medium tones adds a warm color to its grainy structure. The black multiple pendant lighting on the island is the right piece to blend in perfectly with the space. The cabinet handles, sink faucets and even the polished brass hardware add character to the kitchen. It looks very successful with its perfect combination.

ID# 135221 | – Credit© Black Lacquer Design

Striking Counter and Black Antique Mirror Cabinets in Contemporary Kitchen

In the transitional kitchen, where black shaker cabinets, white countertops, and marble backsplash are applied, an unusually cool look is obtained by applying a marble patterned gray-yellow countertop on the island. An authentic elegance is achieved by making some of the upper cabinets with aged mirrors. The floor is dark wood and two classical stone chandeliers are placed on the table, creating a classic modern design. Finally, the style that is kept alive in the place is completed by choosing table legs and cabinet handles with shiny brass hardware. It is exhibited how to be both cool and modern, and stylish at the same time.

What hardware finish is in Style 2022?

Black is still and always the most trendy option for 2022. Satin and matte black hardware are the most common choices, especially for light-colored cabinets. A modern black look is a type of design that not every user can say no to.

ID# 135222 | – Credit© Structural Associates

The big impact of Shiny Brass Hardware in Transitional Kitchen

Black cabinets are always cool. Other details determine its style. In the kitchen, which consists of shaker cabinets, white marble countertops, and subway tile backsplash, a farmhouse stove and sink are used. The floor is applied to medium-toned wood parquet, and the warm effect of the wood immediately takes over the space. Shiny brass hardware, as well as black cabinets, impress the kitchen. Together with the cabinet handles, sink faucets, the bar chair frame around the island, and the details in the pendant lighting. The successful harmony of black cabinets with polished brass hardware can be seen precisely.

Best Seller Mosaic Tiles

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Combining rustic California gold slate with burgundy glass, distinctive and unique aesthetic.

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Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

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Multicolor light & medium travertine subway natural stone mosaic tile

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Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

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ID# 135223 | – Credit© Timber Trails Development Company

Black Cabinets and White Countertop with Polished Brass Hardware in Transitional Kitchen

In the kitchen, which consists of black shaker cabinets, a combination of white countertops and a white backsplash is made. Stainless steel built-in appliances are used. While the lower furniture of the island is covered with patterned mosaic tiles, it creates a sweet ambiance, while the medium-toned wooden parquet is applied on the floor, making the space even warmer. Sparkle and liveliness are added to this simple transitional kitchen thanks to the shiny brass hardware. Cabinet handles and applique details are made of shiny brass.

ID# 135224 | – Credit© Paper Moon Painting

Transitional Home Bar with Cool Black Cabinets

This stylish home bar consists of a harmonious combination of black recessed-panel cabinets, a black countertop, and a black-white patterned backsplash. Since the upper cabinets are glazed, it looks beautiful with the glass cabinet doors and glasses inside. Cabinet handles and sinks mixers are used as bright brass hardware and a cool bar is formed.

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