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22+ Backsplash for White Bathroom Vanity

Chic Bathroom Design with White Floating Vanity and Brass Detailing

Clad in light shades and brass detailing, this ultra-stylish luxurious bathroom design is glowing. The wave-like fluid forms of the beige tile backsplash add a natural movement to the walls to echo the bathroom’s sensible relationship with water. The floating vanity topped with a vessel sink and brass faucet supports the flow, while the interior accent lighting emphasizes the open-shelving feature of the vanity. From the toilet seat to the toilet brush and vanity, everything is floating, keeping the floor airy and spacious. Overhead, the round-edged mirror with a brass frame reinforces the glow again introducing something curvy that ties in the space. To provide extra comfort underfoot, a fluffy rug can be incorporated into the design.


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White Square Tile Backsplash with Medicine Cabinet and Walk-through Shower

In this modern bathroom design, a monotonic look is preserved, enriched with a few glass and natural touches, while the double floating vanity is given two missions. First, it enhances the openness, keeping the floor neat and free. Second, it offers extra storage along with the medicine cabinet where you can keep your toothpaste, lotions, and other personal items. Complementary elements of this monotonic design come through glass wall sconces flanking the wall-mounted cabinet that coordinate well with the mirror of the cabinet and the glass division of the walk-through shower. As for the backdrop, the satin finish white ceramic square tiles with subtle tonal variations provide a backsplash, wrapping around the bathroom.

Backsplash for White Bathroom Vanity

In wet areas such as bathrooms, a backsplash is one of the most vital pieces to protect the walls from water splashes and to give the space an easy-to-clean form. In addition to its functional benefits, a backsplash also brings aesthetic benefits along. Providing a background theme for the bathroom design, gives direction to the space’s style, playing a key role. In this blog, we have compiled a list of various backsplash designs for white bathroom vanities. A backsplash for white bathroom vanity can be anything, as white is a timeless color and adjusts itself to other colors and patterns easily.

Whether you love colorful, neutral, contrasting, or luxurious designs, a thoughtfully chosen backsplash for white bathroom vanity can create a design that can fall into one of those categories and many more. If you have a small bathroom or a vaulted ceiling and are not sure about how to organize the space while integrating the character into it, here we have a list of bathroom backsplash ideas that will guide you and inspire you for your home improvement projects.


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White Tile Backsplash for White Bathroom Vanity and Standalone Tub

Oozing opulence, the neutral color palette of this sophisticated bathroom is blanketed with large format (600*600) snow white tiles that wrap around the whole bathroom to create a monochromatic design. The curved fluted design of the white floating vanity mimics the form of the freestanding bathtub. Both fixtures have brass taps mounted on the wall. Complementing these two main bones of the design are the round-shaped vessel sink, the round-edged brass-frame mirror, and the texture-abundant details alongside the stunning chandelier that help homeowners have an authentic bathing experience.

Wood Backsplash for White Bathroom Vanity and Wood Countertop

In this Scandinavian-inspired natural bathroom design, wood registers itself as the main protagonist of the space. The slated wood backsplash and wood countertops and legs of the vanity bring in plenty of texture that stimulates the users’ five senses. The accent lighting behind the mirror spotlights the backsplash, while black nuanced details create a subtle contrast that doesn’t interfere with the integrity of the design features. Though natural and white, the bathroom still abounds in statement finishes that load the space with a punch of character.

Backsplash Materials for White Bathroom Vanity

Wallpapers, marble, porcelain, ceramic, granite, and glass are some of the backsplash materials that are most popularly used for their functionality, various design options, natural vibes, statement finishes, and customizability. Whether you want to achieve something luxurious or casual or homey and colorful, one of the main things you need to do is to choose the backsplash material accordingly. Below, we will be looking closely at a statement material marble, and highly customizable and affordable ceramic tiles.

Marble Backsplash for White Bathroom Vanity

Confidently-to-be-used in bathrooms, a marble backsplash provides the necessary aesthetic and functional features. And as a statement-finish material, it exerts a great impact on the space. Though white and gray are the most popular marble colors, for a sense of change and to achieve a dramatic, heart-warming, and cheerful mood, you can also consider black, beige, and pink marble backsplashes respectively.

En-suite Bathroom with Marble Backsplash for White Bathroom Vanity

Benefiting from the natural lights thanks to the oversized window, this classic yet modern bathroom design unveils itself in shades of white. In the background, the gray marble subway tile backsplash occupies the small area between the countertop and mirror’s bottom, still managing to steal our hearts. The detailed mirror frame adds extra interest to the design in the company of the white vase housing beautiful branches that bring spring to the space. The raised-panel white double vanity with double integrated sinks solidifies the look, while a little further, a walk-through shower with a glass division preserves the visual connectivity. Kept on the floor, the wicker basket adds an authentic flavor, a great place to keep the soft towels.


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White Double Vanity with Marble Countertop and Brass Hardware

This gorgeous bathroom is like a breathing space thanks to its all-white monochromatic color palette warmed up with brass accents and marble. The seamless look of the marble countertop and backsplash nestle on the white double vanity, incorporating a soft movement with delicate striations. Further, enriching details are the brass mirror frames and cabinet handles that add glow, while wall sconces promote atmospheric lighting. Overall, the bathroom design looks clean and fresh, punctuated by a single green touch that sits between the under-mount sinks.

What do you use for vanity backsplash?

In a wet area like a bathroom, a backsplash is a necessity to protect the walls and provide an easy-to-clean surface. And to transform such an essential functional piece into something aesthetic, you can use a wide spectrum of materials, patterns, and colors for a vanity backsplash.

To start with, ceramic tile backsplashes are one of the budget-friendly and easy to work with options. As they are available in almost limitless design options, you can find them in any color and pattern and confidently incorporate them as a backsplash. But if you want to try something different, you can go with natural materials such as stone and wood. Stone, especially river pebbles, are very popular. Using river pebbles feels also right in shower rooms for texture and cancels the slipping effect skillfully.

More about the stone backsplashes, they are hard to crack. But they require regular sealing, as they are porous and prone to harbor bacteria and mildew. Due to their irregular shapes, they are also harder to clean. So, while choosing a material for your backsplash, also consider how much effort you need to put to clean them or preserve their best look as each material is unique on its own.

Some of the least demanding materials are quartz and glass as they are pore-free materials. For a shimmering and modern look, pore-free glass tiles are perfect. Plus, they are easy to clean and don’t require sealing.

Marble, on the other hand, is another on-trend material for its luxurious vibes and sophisticated looks. It is also durable and has a solid form. But just like other stones, it also requires sealing and features far more complex cleaning routines.

Apart from all those, of course, there are so many creative ways for a vanity backsplash. Here are some:

Experiment with the tiles:

You can experiment with the placement of the tiles and create asymmetric designs, which are generally realized with hexagons and geometric patterns that establish a puzzle-like look. You can further these asymmetric designs also on the floor to create a more dynamic and integrated design to bring the space together.

Create an accent wall:

While giving a special gesture to your vanity, you can tile the rest of the bathroom with a different pattern or color and keep the vanity side as a statement corner. If you would like to keep the rest tile-free, that is also very welcome. But just to play safe with water splashes and if you have children running around and love playing with water, tiling the whole bathroom is recommendable.

Sophisticated Bathroom Design with Statement Finishes

Characterized by statement finishes, this luxurious bathroom design has 3 different backsplashes, all of which are marble. To start with, a white-black marble with strong and pronounced veins serves as a backsplash for the vanity, while the stacked subway tiles clad the tub side, including the bathtub itself to retain its integrity. This shower/tub combo has 4 layers of white floating shelves, offering practical spots to keep the shampoos and lotions. Adjacent to the combo, the off-white floating vanity is placed, complemented by a frameless mirror that reflects the white marble slightly dotted with grayish veins that offer a contrast to the rest of the space.

Luxurious Bathroom with Marble Wraparound Backsplash and Concave Bathtub

Dressed in refined details, this luxurious bathroom design features a wraparound marble backsplash that adds movement to the otherwise all-white bathroom. But the key characteristic lies in the color and material repertoire. Here, the designer goes with nature-inspired forms that break away from the regularity of rectilinear forms rather than incorporating colors to create diversity. Ranging from the concave bathtub to the curvaceous vanity with diamond patterns, and wainscoted accent walls, each piece is used to energize the space. To assist them, the chrome taps, mirror frame, and gorgeous lighting fixture communicate a sense of luxury, while accent lighting spotlights this flawless look of the bathroom.

Are white vanities out of style?

As white is a timeless color, it is very unlikely for white vanities to feel out of style. They always have something to contribute to the room. Whether it is a feeling of spaciousness, openness, brightness, and elegance, it is just something that comes naturally with white. Of course, it is also up to homeowners to give a better definition to it. Wood, brass, chrome, nickel, and matte black details influence the vibes the design embodies.

Full-Height Marble Subway Tile Backsplash and Chrome Hardware for White Bathroom Vanity

This bathroom design is centered around the vintage radius French window that makes the window the wow factor of the bathroom. Surrounded by the full-height off-white marble backsplash and flanked by two mirrors, the window not only introduces light but also showcases how to benefit from the window in a design with a clever spatial arrangement of the space. Looking at the rest of the space, what captures attention is the cabinets and double vanity chosen white not to steal attention from the visual focal point. The beautiful branch adds a natural and gentle touch along with the glass pendant with candles inside. Lastly, chrome hardware comes another smart decision to accompany the glowing design that lets the hardware melt into the background.

Ceramic Backsplash for White Bathroom Vanity

A ceramic backsplash is always a safe choice for homeowners for its durability and ease of maintenance. The wide spectrum of design options with ceramic backsplash also makes them favorable and preferable for distinguishing backsplash designs. Do you need a pop of color or a pop of pattern? Just check ceramic tiles and see what they offer.

Authentic Bathroom Design with White Ceramic Backsplash for White Bathroom Vanity

This small yet cozy corner exhibits an authentic design with brass detailing, wicker baskets, Turkish towels, and an eccentric gray vessel sink. As for the backsplash, the white ceramic square tiles not only provide a backsplash but also clad the floating basin with a brass plumbing fixture that connects it with the wooden shelf. The wall sconces with brass detailing flank the gorgeous mirror to illuminate this cozy corner, making it even cozier.

What color vanity is most popular?

As white goes well with everything, it is seen as a safe choice, owing its popularity to its easy-going and adjustable nature. For the same reason, we can consider white the most popular vanity color of all time.

But if you are looking for something more exciting and colorful, matte black, green, and blue cabinets are popular as well. For nature and texture lovers, wood vanities bring a beautiful vibe to the design, creating a delightful look with rustic flavors.

Colorful Ceramic Tiles for Double Vessel Sinks and Brass Taps

If you have an all-white bathroom but want to change it slightly, a colorful ceramic tile backsplash will give you what you need. Here, for example, the green and blue intermingle to create a star pattern that spices up the background. The two oversized round vessel sinks perched upon the white vanity add dimension to the space, while brass cabinet handles and brass taps invite a sense of warmth. The black frames of the mirrors bring a gentle contrast to seal the total look. Overall, with a punch of color and contrast, the all-white scheme is given a whole different vibe to impress its audience.

Rhombus Tile Backsplash with LED Mirror and White Vanity

This monochromatic bathroom makes a statement with its rhombus tile accent wall that adds modern appeal to the space. The LED mirror with a black frame punctuates the backsplash with a slight contrast, supported by a black tap and soap holder. The white vanity feels synchronized with the large-format tiles that clad the rest of the walls.

Backsplash Colors for White Bathroom Vanity

Starting from white to white, you can enhance the color spectrum for white bathroom vanity in various ways. For those who love soothing design themes, gray and light green shades bring the necessary warmth to the design. If you want to cheer up the space, yellow, green, blue, and pink can accompany a white bathroom vanity beautifully. But if you want something rather classic and striking, a design that foregrounds white-black contrast will give you what you are looking for.

White Backsplash for White Bathroom Vanity

Monochromatic bathroom designs have an alluring look unique to themselves, which you can always enrich with warming touches including wood and brass detailing and potted plants. The same goes for the white backsplash for the white bathroom vanity, which creates a feeling of spaciousness and enhances the openness with a contemporary feel attached to it. To support this modern look, you can, for example, lay the subway tiles on their short sides and stack them vertically.

For a 3-dimensional look, beveled metro tiles do the job. If you want something more authentic, you can consider handmade tiles such as Zellige tiles, each of which presents a unique beauty, creating a texture-rich background with staggered edges. To keep it short, even while only sticking to a white with the white theme, there are still a lot of ways to capture a unique design while playing with texture and other complementary elements.

White Hexagon Tile Backsplash for White Bathroom Vanity and Faux Gray Velvet Metal Finish Wall

The minimalist palette of this powder room introduces white hexagon tiles as the main focus of the space, prevalent in the shades of white and gray. A frameless round mirror punctuates the backsplash that keeps its form basic, while a pendant acts as a magnifying glass adding extra interest to the design. To build more character to this minimalist look, the adjacent plaster wall is given a faux gray velvet metal finish, offering a royal welcome with an industrial subtext that evokes something luxurious and raw in the meantime. Plus, the natural movement on this wall surface adds an extra flow, referencing the nature of water.


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Contrasting Bathroom Design with White Subway Tile Backsplash and Black Herringbone Floor Tiles

The overarching narrative of the bathroom is built upon the white-black contrast, while wood shelves and a rattan basket soften this contrast with warm touches. In the background, the full-height subway tile backsplash laid in a running-bond style gives direction to the space by expanding the visual scheme. Black-framed mirrors, black cabinet handles, and black taps feel well-coordinated with black herringbone pattern floor tiles. The use of contrast applied in the right proportions brings extra benefits to the space, enhancing the spaciousness as here. Those who want to strengthen the contrast can use black grout for the backsplash tiles, which will give a better definition to the background as well.

Monochromatic Bathroom Design with Ceiling-height Backsplash and LED Mirror

Clad in all-white, this monochromatic bathroom design delivers a sense of freshness to the space, offering a perfect place to wash the day off. Even though overall it presents a simple look, tiny details make for an expressive design. For example, flipping up the rectangle tiles on the shorter sides adds a modern appeal, expanding the space on the vertical axis. The round-edged LED mirror brings luxury and a high-tech product for a better sense of lighting. Below, the white vanity is punctuated by light wood hardware bringing a nice warm touch to spice up the cabinet design.

What backsplash goes with white bathroom vanity?

As white goes well with almost everything, choosing a backsplash for white bathroom vanity keeps things simpler. First, you can work with almost every color and material. For a monochromatic look, you can go with a white backsplash. Ranging from white marble wraparound to snow-white tiles, slatted wood, geometric patterns such as chevron, herringbone, and kit kat mosaic tiles, each one of them assists white bathroom vanities perfectly to make for an impressive design with lots of character.

Cozy Bathroom Design with Shiplap Backsplash and Beige Rug

A touch of texture works like magic in any design, elevating the overall impact instantly as here. The wood flooring and white-painted shiplap board carry warmth and freshness to the space, making it feel cozy and homey. The white freestanding vanity fades into the background in harmony, while black hardware brings slight contrast to the otherwise all-white color palette. The black-framed round mirror breaks the rectilinear forms, accompanied by glass sconces. On the floor level, a beautiful rug with small fringes adds extra interest, bringing a subtle gesture without breaking the cohesiveness.

Chic Bathroom with White Backsplash for White Bathroom Vanity

The dynamic relationship between white and black sets the tone of the design, while the white wraparound backsplash with floral patterns creates a beautiful dialogue between the white-black elements. As the vanity is white, a more energizing backsplash helps spice up the space. Black hexagon tiles clad the floors, anchoring the design and bringing depth. It gains a level of warmth with an eccentric rug with fringes and white-black patterns that echo the color scheme of the bathroom. The bathtub and shower combo find a home a little further, featuring glass doors to prevent water splashes. The glass door preserves the visual connection to keep the space together, while brass detailing adds warmth and injects a healthy dose of glow to the space.

Black Backsplash for White Bathroom Vanity

Black backsplash in a bathroom? Why not? To make a statement, there is nothing better than a striking black backsplash that can bring eye-catching effects to the design. First of all, it achieves an impactful contrast with the white bathroom vanity. Secondly, it also integrates depth and character into the space. To alleviate the contrast, you can use brass and wood detailing. Likewise, open shelving decorated with towels and other eccentric objects takes the focus toward other sections of the room as well. In other words, you can create different corners that build into the existing narrative to make eyes wander across the space.

Depending on the material, you can derive luxurious, rustic, and modern connotations by looking at it. Stone-like black backsplashes and black soapstone with wooden additions and incorporated white furnishing pull off an immersive look. Also, among other popular black backsplash tiles, we can count black marble, glazed ceramics, black porcelain tiles, herringbone, and hexagon tiles that create visual focal points easily. So, don’t worry because it is hard to fail a black-white look as they have been such a popular and established couple for a very long time.


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Black Herringbone Tile Backsplash for White Bathroom Vanity and Mosaic Flooring

It’s hard not to fall for this bathroom design, especially the black herringbone tile backsplash that creates a visual focal point adjacent to the gray-painted walls. Synchronized with the black door, it feels complete with black towel and white mosaic penny tiles dotted with black ones that create a purposeful geometric design on the floor. Rich in patterns that attach a modern vibe prevailing across the space, the design keeps the attention of the users alive. Just like the white freestanding vanity finds its home, leaning against the black backsplash. Additionally, the antique brass and shining brass fixtures illuminate the design with a punch of glow.

Blue Backsplash for White Bathroom Vanity

As water is associated with blue, integrating blue backsplashes feels very natural in bathrooms. Plus, the energizing and dynamic vibes of the blue backsplash create a dreamy place, especially if you go with pastel and muted blue colors or even aquatic shades. By sticking to such shades, you can also give your bathroom a pool-like atmosphere, and a blue glass mosaic backsplash can assist you to pull off such a look. But if you want something more colorful, blue wallpapers are as exciting as other blue backsplash materials. Last but not least, with a blue backsplash, a white vanity creates a beautiful contrast, which can be completed with glittering elements or glittering finishes to bring a sun-kissed look.

Blue Backsplash for White Bathroom Vanity and a Blue Tub

In this eccentric bathroom design, the scalloped white vanity brings a gesture that will make anyone looking at it enjoy its cuteness. Posing against the marble backsplash that transforms into a blue-patterned white wallpaper a little above, it also dialogues with the blue standalone tub. The coordination of the blue touches and the use of two wall-coating materials come as fun twists that keep the interior design alive. While the marble backsplash continues to clad the floors, the wallpaper reaches the ceiling to bring the space together. Lastly, a chair with intriguing patterns, though looking out of place, contributes another eccentric touch, sitting by the window.

Gray Backsplash for White Bathroom Vanity

The neutral and light shades of gray offer a soothing atmosphere for a bathroom backsplash that even delivers a sense of freshness to the space. But if you want a more dramatic and moody atmosphere, a dark gray backsplash creates a striking contrast with a white bathroom vanity. To complement it, you can use chrome and brushed hardware and glass wall sconces to capture a luxurious look and create a spoilt space.

Monochromatic Bathroom Design with Fun Decorations

When designing your bathroom, think outside the box and make the look as interesting as possible. Here is one great example! Ranging from line drawings of the human body to a “get naked”- inscribed rug and another metallic decoration that reads “get naked,” each of these humorous touches gets right to the point without romanticizing the design. The rest of the design is kept simple to enhance the space. The sleek lines of the handle-free white vanity and white bathtub are accompanied by a gray porcelain tile backsplash that keeps the color palette monotonic. The white-gray herringbone tiles coat the floors, staying loyal to the color scheme. This minimalist color palette is a clever decision to make the room feel more spacious as the bathroom is relatively small. The second smart design strategy is to employ funny elements to draw attention to the decorations rather than the space.

Transitional Bathroom with White Vanity and Brass Detailing

The long-established relationship between white and gray finds embodiment in this transitional bathroom. Gray marble bathroom vanity backsplash and countertop bring a sophisticated touch to complement the white vanity. They provide a neutral shade and material rich in texture, continuing on the shower side and enveloping the shower bench. Likewise, the floors are clad with variously sized marble tiles that create a very natural design. This material coordination, even though the tile formats differ, helps bring the space together. Brass details add some excitement to the otherwise too monotonic design, warming up the interior. Another important detail to mention is that keeping the floor tiles smaller brings more traction, making the ground less slippery and safer.

Gray Backsplash for White Bathroom Vanity and Black Fixtures

In this beautiful bathroom, patterns, textures, and natural accents work harmoniously to make for a unique look. On close inspection, one of the key features in the space is the use of two types of tiles that makes a statement. The large-format gray rectangular tiles serve as the backsplash, also cladding the floors, while multi-colored herringbone tiles were taken up to the ceiling to create an accent wall. The black toilet seat with other black fixtures brings just the right amount of contrast to balance the white and gray shades. The white floating vanity clad in shiplap boards brings a coastal flavor, supported by tiny wicker touches. Lastly, though fake, the spoilt plant adds a splash of color, energizing the space.

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