Simple Living Room Ideas Minimalist Styles with Big Impacts

30+ Living Room Ideas

ID# 115401 | – Credit© Domo Home Staging

Scandinavian Living Room with Gray Sofa and Yellow Details

A comfortable sofa, pillows, and a coffee table. These elements are enough to create a beautiful and welcoming living room. In this Scandinavian design, the gray l-shaped sofa provides a comfortable seating area with its dozens of pillows. Yellow pillows contrast with the gray sofa to create an impactful look. The wooden coffee table is placed on the gray curly rug and it brings warmth to the atmosphere.

ID# 115416 | – Credit© Homekin

Black and Wood Lounge Chair with Black Floor Lamp

The black leather and wood lounge chair is a statement maker! It offers a comfortable and elegant resting nook in the modern living room with a gray sofa, black coffee table, gray curly carpet, black and white piece of art, black floor lamp, and light wood floor.

Plain, Minimalist, and Simple Living Room Ideas

Living rooms are one of the places where we spend the most time at home. However, it does not mean you have to fill the room with a lot of stuff. You do not have to use complicated designs to create a welcoming and charming living room. You can design clean and calming living rooms without being boring. Here are some simple living room ideas to show you the beauty of minimalism.

Make big impacts with minimal design elements

As a result of the modern age, our living spaces began to shrink as the apartments rose. Naturally, we started to make simpler and more needs-oriented designs in our homes as well. But it doesn’t mean minimalist designs have to be boring. You can also make a big impact with minimalist and simple designs. Whether your living room big or small, too much furniture and design elements can be overwhelming, and it can destroy the relaxing atmosphere we want in living rooms. In the same way, using fewer items than you need can break the design. So, you just need to find a balance between simplicity and functionality.

‘How do I create a simple living room?’ If you want to find an answer to this question, scroll down and get check some inspirational simple living room ideas.

ID# 115402 | – CreditReveny | © Björn Johansson

High Ceiling Simple Living Room Ideas with Gray Wallpaper

Thank the high ceiling and large window opening, the living room has a bright and spacious atmosphere. The gray l-shape sofa is placed next to the window to maximumly take advantage of the natural light. Different patterned pillows and black and white rugs bring a cozy look. The gray wallpaper and black-framed paintings create an accent while the wood floor and side tables adding warmth.

ID# 115403 | – Credit | Stephanie Schetter

Very Small Living Space with Pink Pendant Light

The furniture choice is more important in small spaces. You can make or break your design. In this very small living room, the functionality increased by using an l-shape sofa. In this way, the small space turns into a relaxing resting nook. Gray hanging shelves fill up the blank wall without overwhelming. The pink pendant light colors up space and highlights the seating area.

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ID# 115404 | – Credit© Architology

Modern Simple Living Room Ideas with White Brick Wall

The strong contrast of the black and whites turn this minimalist living room into an elegant design. The wall behind the black sofa is also painted in black which emphasizes the design. For the opposite wall, a white floating console and TV hung on the white brick wall. The patterned rug gives a marble feel and brings texture to the room.

ID# 115406 | – Credit© Area3 Design Studio Inc.

White Sofa with Gray Armchair and Wood Coffee Table

The black and white color scheme offers an elegant and timeless living room design. The white sofa stands out in front of the black-painted wall. Ray armchair and gray rug provide a smooth transition between black and white. The colorful painting creates a focal point on the black wall. The wood stand of the white coffee table and light wood floor break the black and white color theme and add warmth to the atmosphere.

ID# 115407 | – Credit© Klink interior design studio

Light Gray Couch with Patterned Textiles and Wall Decors

Patterned textiles and natural materials offer a homey feel for this Scandinavian living room. The light gray couch provides a comfortable resting nook with pillows and blankets. Different wall decors minimally fill the blank wall. The bamboo stool colors up the design with its red fabric.

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Simple Living Room Ideas with Wooden Walls

Instead of using wood planks on the floor, in this Scandinavian living room, wood panels are used for wall covering. Wood wall panels offer a warm and cozy living room feel. Gray armchairs, white plant pots, gray poufs, and rug perfectly incorporate this relaxing atmosphere.

ID# 115409 | – Credit© Luisa Volpato Interiors

Red Sofa with Gray Armchair and Black Floor Lamp

Adding a pop-up color into your neutral color scheme can give the impactful look you want. In this simple living room, the eye-catching red color of the sofa stands out between the neutral colors and makes a statement. The gray armchair, beige rug, and black floor lamp create a harmonious look around the sofa. Black framed colorful paintings beautifully make the final touch.

ID# 115411 | – Credit© Quin Wyatt Building Designer

Beige Armchairs with Colorful Piece of Art

Inspiration of a contemporary living room with beige armchairs, concrete top coffee table, beige carpet, leather pouf, colorful painting, a white console, large window, and wood floor.


ID# 115412 | – Credit© Mackay Interiors

Cozy Reading Nook with Leather Armchair and Blue Walls

A comfortable armchair, fireplace, and blanket! In this eclectic living room Leather armchair, wood side table, and black fireplace offer a cozy and welcoming reading nook. Blue wall paint provides a pleasant backdrop while the black framed round mirror softens the overall look. The wood buffet and decoration objects in a harmony with the blue wall.

ID# 115414 | – Credit© Jason Thomas Architect

White Modern Living Room Design with Circular Lighting Fixture

Dark wooden beams on the shiplap ceiling popping up in this white living room! They break the white domination in the room and make a rustic touch. A gorgeous wide window opening provides maximum daylight. A gray stone fireplace brings mobility to the wall. Remarkable circular lighting fixtures hung from the beams, and they are in a harmony with the other design elements

ID# 115415 | – Credit© Chioco Design LLC

Minimalist Small Living Room Ideas with Neutral Color Scheme

In this contemporary living room, the gray sofa is centered in front of the wall. The gray armchair sits opposite the sofa, with black and marble coffee tables in between. Thanks to the floor-to-ceiling corner window, the living room maximumly takes the advantage of natural light.

ID# 115417 | – Credit© GGA gardini gibertini architetti

Red Couch with Black Fireplace and Glass Coffee Table

Placing a fireplace is a great way to create an intimate and welcoming atmosphere. In this contemporary living room, the black modern fireplace is recessed into the concrete wall and creates a focal point. The red comfortable sofa paired with a glass top coffee table, which provides an open and airy feel.

ID# 115418 | – Credit | © Happicovers Homestyling

White Couch with Green Pillows and Wicker Coffee Table

The combination of natural materials and a neutral color palette reflects the beauty of the Danish style. A white sofa with gray and green pillows is placed in front of the rectangular window opening. The white framed window creates a focal point behind the sofa. The wicker coffee table on the beige rug in a harmony with the sofa and pillows. Greenery plants complete the style perfectly.

ID# 115420 | – Credit© NEVA Architecture Intérieure – Interior Design

Green Velvet sofa with Yellow and Wood Touches

The green velvet sofa and yellow touches bring dynamism and offer a bohemian living room. Placing a wood-framed window on the interior wall enhances the spaciousness in the room while mixing natural materials such as a wood coffee table, rattan pendant light, and wicker rug, making a warmer and cozier atmosphere.

ID# 115421 | – CreditHugo Carter Timber Windows | © Sebastian Paszek

Simple Living Room Ideas with Leather Lounge Chair

The minimalist living room becomes an elegant design with high-end materials. The white l-shaped sofa is placed opposite the white fireplace, with a wood coffee table between them. The white TV console provides storage space while floor-to-ceiling green curtains creating a focal point. The leather lounge chair and gray carpet make the final touch.


ID# 115422 | – Credit© Décor Aid

Contemporary Living Space with Spectacular Views of Central Park

The beautiful New York view becomes part of this living room, thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows. The cream sitting group is paired with colorful pillows that bring joy to the design. The concrete coffee table perfectly matches the modern lines in the room.

ID# 115423 | – Credit

Scandinavian Simple Living Room Ideas with Gold Details

Tiny gold touches like the floor lamp and frame of the artwork, add glam to this minimalist living room. The gray sofa and brown and gray armchairs are placed oppositely, with a black coffee table between them.


ID# 115424 | – Credit© Kimball Modern Design + Interiors

Black Armchairs with Marble Coffee Table and Gray Rug

A great example of a farmhouse living room with a gray sofa, black armchairs, marble coffee table, gray rug, black-framed photography, and wood floor. Blue and yellow cushions, faux furs, and greenery plants make the room more livable.


ID# 115425 | – Credit© Eric Aust Architect

Modern Farmhouse Family Room with Brick Fireplace

This living room beautifully offers a modern farmhouse trend and emphasizes family comfort. The sitting group features a white sofa, cream lounge chair, and black and wood armchair. The acrylic coffee table creates an open and airy feel on the beige rug. The black fireplace and two artworks on the wood shelf create a focal point. The white-painted brick fireplace is accentuated by wood shelves and white cabinets on both sides.

ID# 115426 | – Credit© CarréSol

Yellow Armchairs with Marble Fireplace and Oversized Mirror

The Parisian apartment living room boasts a gray sofa, yellow armchairs, wood chairs, black coffee table, and marble fireplace. The combination of gray and yellow creates a contrasting look and provides a more impactful design. The solid oak parquets bring warmth to the room while adding a nice texture with their herringbone pattern. The marble fireplace adds a dose of luxury to the design. The oversized mirror above the fireplace makes space feel larger.

ID# 115427 | – Credit© Inarc Interior Design

Black Couch with White Walls and Gray Floor

This contemporary living room offers an elegant design with contrasting colors and clean lines. White walls provide a sleek backdrop and allow the black accents to stand out. The black sofa makes a sophisticated touch while the wood console adding warmth to the atmosphere. The gray floor and rug soften the strong contrast between black and whites. Instead of a TV, a piece of art and a black vase are placed on the console.

ID# 115428 | – Credit© Iconic Design+Build

Simple Living Room Ideas with Gold and Wood Coffee Table

The gold coffee table stands out in this mostly white living room and makes a statement. It contrasts with the cozy feel of the room and adds a glamorous look. The white armchair and the black floor lamp create a cozy reading nook next to the window. The gallery wall complements the colorful rug.

ID# 115429 | – Credit© Lauren Crocco A&D

Stone Fireplace with White Recessed Cabinets and Shelves

If you want to create a simple living room the quality of the materials and furniture is important. In this contemporary living room, the rich mix of textiles, patterns, and textures serves an elegant look. The leather armchair and pouf are placed next to the fireplace. The hidden cabinets and recessed open shelves perfectly contribute to the minimalist style of the design and provide a sleek backdrop.

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ID# 115430 | – Credit© Cécile Humbert – Design d’intérieur

Green Sofa with Yellow Recessed Niche and Wood Shelves

Thanks to the clever layout and beautiful color scheme, the small unused corner turns into a functional resting nook. The green sofa and black and yellow side tables stand out between the white walls. The recessed niche is painted in yellow that makes an impactful look.

ID# 115410

Midcentury Simple Living Room Ideas with Wooden Wall Panel

The earthy color palette serves a relaxing and charming interior design. The medium-tone wall panel provides a sleek backdrop while creating a warmer atmosphere. The l-shape leather sofa and dozens of pillows give a cozy yet elegant feel. The wooden coffee table complements the wall panel. The unique floor lamp highlights the corner of the sofa and adds a glamorous look.

ID# 115413

Transitional Simple Living Room Ideas with White Home Library

Beige sofa, leather bench as a coffee table, beige striped rug, floor lamp, and black and white cowhide create a compact yet elegant living room. The sofa is placed in front of the floor-to-ceiling window to get maximum daylight. The white library is recessed into the wall and provides a sleek backdrop. Thanks to the black back of the library, white shelves stand out further.

ID# 115419

Neutral Simple Living Room Ideas with Oversized Artwork

The oversized red piece of art directly pulls the attention at the first sight and breaks the neutral color scheme. For the seating area, gray couches are places oppositely, with a marble coffee table between them. The beige carpet looks like a tile because of its pattern and brings a nice texture without overwhelming.

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