How To Install The Tile

Glass and Stone Mosaic Wall Tiles Installation

Tile can be installed on drywall, plywood, or cement board
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Tools and materials required (not included) can be founded at your local hardware store
  • White latex modified thin-set for mosaic wall tiles
  • Rubber float
  • Stone sealer
  • Non-sanded tile grout
  • V-notched trowel (3/16 in, 5 mm)
  • Wet saw with a diamond blade
  • Utility knife
  • Tape measure
  • Sponge
  • Spacers
1. Plan the placement of the tiles on your wall. If you need to cut a mosaic sheet, cut from the back with a utility knife. As much as possible, make sure the mosaic tile sheets are cut between tiles. It is difficult to cut individual tiles. Use a wet saw with a diamond blade to cut through the tiles.
2. Premium white latex adhesive fir mosaic tiles is recommended as a setting material.
3. Apply setting to the substrate using the notched side of a V-notched trowel. Using the flat side of the trowel, smooth out all ridges to achieve a consistent, even 1/8 in (3 mm) coverage.
4. Apply glass mosaic sheets, mesh-side down, firmly into the freshly spread setting material. Mix and match from assorted sell units to achieve a consistent variation. Using a rubber float or equivalent tool, gently press the tile into the adhesive to ensure.
5. Natural stone should be sealed prior to grouting. A premium penetrating sealer is recommended for a natural look. Please refer to Sealer Manufacturer’s recommendations for applications.
6. After 24 hours, mix and apply non-sanded tile grout, following manufacturer’s instructions.
7. Clean all excess grout immediately with a damp sponge. After 12 hours, polis off any renaining haze with a drey cloth or towel.


Glass tiles can be routinely cleaned with any non-abrasive cleaning compound or formula that is recommended for both glass and stone. Follow manufacturer’s instructions when using these products.