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74+ Cute Living Room

ID# 115105 | – Credit | © Set Visions Ltd.

Contemporary Cute Living Room with Multicolored Wall

A great example that you should not afraid to combine vibrant colors! This trendy mid-sized living room has nailed the bright and bold look with its multicolored wall design, dark wood floors, and eye-catching furnitures to match the energetic setting. A bright color palette helps the small living room feel more open and airy.

ID# 115131 | – Credit© Дарья Василькова, студия «Art Group»

Medium Sized Cute Living Room with Golden Yellow Wall

This ravishing eclectic living room is packed with special design elements like golden yellow textured walls, light wood parquet floors, luxurious contemporary furnitures in shades of purple, and authentic decorative pieces.


Stylish, Chic, and Cute Living Room Ideas

There are limitless ways to add some joy to the living rooms that will make it the most inviting, relaxing, and blissful place in your house. If you are looking for some cute ideas to add some fun twist to your living room but can’t decide on a color palette or style, here are lots of living room ideas for you!

Do not afraid to add color to your living room!

We hope you would pick some great solutions for a colorful wall, pattern harmony, and how to bring the most unique decor into your space. You will find that the size of your living room doesn’t matter when you want an interesting space with lots of dynamism.

Whether you prefer vintage style or a more modern one, pastel colors or bright tones; you will find the perfect design that will make the living rooms your ultimate happy place.

ID# 115101 | – Credit© Nicolás Fotografía

White Living Room with Yellow Coffee Table and Purple Artwork

This living room brings the polished modern style with a contemporary artistic approach with white walls, white floors, and unique living room decor including the befitting use of yellow and purple which add great dynamism.

ID# 115102 | – CreditThompson Clarke Interiors | © Bradley Quinn

Gray L-shape Sofa with Colorful Pillows and Animal Wall Decors

This eclectic living room with gray walls, gray concrete patterned tile floors, and gray furniture dials up the dynamism using colorful design elements and offers an uplifting nook. Floor to ceiling curtains complements the pillows.

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Modern look white marble, elegant honed finish mosaic tile

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White Beige Marble Elegant Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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White Gray Marble Leaf Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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ID# 115103 | – Credit© Fenton & Fenton

Contemporary Living Room with Colorful Design

This chic open concept living room is a perfect example of creating an elegant space using lots of colors and patterns together. The harmony of white walls, dark wood floors, and the palette of furniture consisting of deep blues, purples, and greens results in an uplifting atmosphere. White modern kitchen cabinets provide a clean and fresh backdrop for living space.


ID# 115106 | – CreditMasfotogenica Interiorismo | © Masfotogenica fotografia

Eclectic Cute Living Room with Blue Walls

A great example of evaluating a small space! This mid-sized eclectic blue living room is packed with beautiful objects that look straight from a fairy tale with its light blue walls, light wood floors, and modern furnitures.

ID# 115107 | – Credit© Domus Nova

Blue Tufted Sofa with Red Buffet and Yellow Rug

This living room is a perfect example of where traditional meets contemporary flamboyance, color, and character with its open concept layout, light wood floors, and beige walls to complete. vibrant colors create a beautiful harmony. The red buffet provides storage space.


ID# 115110 | – Credit | Kristen Rivoli Interior Design | © Kristen Rivoli Interior Design

Reading Nook Design with Red Lounge Chair

This living room mixes vintage mid-century modern furnitures infused with color that create a warm “lived in” feeling with modern design elements including light wood floors and white walls. Grab your favorite book and get relax on this comfortable lounge chair!


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Beachy brown & beige slate natural shell & glass mosaic backsplash tile

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Multi Color Marble Diamond Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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ID# 115113 | – Credit© Jennifer Grey Interiors Design & Color Specialist

Comfortable Blue Sofa with Colorful Gallerry Wall

This little nook of presents a simple design enriched with great character using a deep navy-colored couch and lots of fun prints as decor with beige carpeted floors and light gray walls.


ID# 115114 | – Credit© Sixplus Architetti

Contemporary Small Living Room with Bespoke Furniture Design

This mid-sized open concept living room has special design elements including a custom light wood couch and wall paneling, complimented by the colorful decor, white walls, and dark wood floors.

ID# 115115 | – Credit© Natural Balance Home Builders

Contemporary Red Seats with White Coffee Table and Black Floors

This living room design offers a unique set-up with a pop of orange color of contemporary chairs while keeping the rest of the room neutral with dark gray tile floors, white walls, and minimal furnitures. This interesting choice of seats provides comfortable space and they can be your favorite spot for movie nights!

ID# 115117 | – Credit© Lambert GmbH

Contemporary Living Room with Red Walls and Wood Floors

We loved the harmony between red, yellow, and blue. While red and yellow bringing a warm and intimate look, blue accents create a beautiful contrast. A perfect example for a fun, contemporary design with lots of bold color choices including red walls, dark wood wall panels, medium tone wood floor, yellow and blue furnitures.

Contemporary Living Room with Black Wood Panelled Walls

This trendy living room design offers a bright and inviting space with its colorful design, medium tone wood floors, and ceiling, black paneled walls, and unique furnitures.

ID# 115119 | – Credit© UID 一級建築士事務所 |Koji Fujii/Nacasa&Partners.Inc

Minimal Living Room with Pink Skylight Design

This spacious living room is designed with a sculptor meticulousness, using a bright pink skylight to define the space, light wood floors, and colorful traditional furniture to complement the striking focal point.

ID# 115120 | – CreditKorneev Design Workshop | © Ольга Шангина

Eclectic Living Room with White Walls and Red Accents

This eclectic living room creates a perfect balance of quirky decor and earthy modern style with white walls, black ceiling, medium brown wood floors, simple furnitures with a neutral palette, and pops of red color throughout. Red side tables and red painting popping up between the neutral tones.

ID# 115121 | – CreditIn2designla | © Brittany Ambridge

Mid-Century Modern Living Room with Red Walls

This living room is a perfect spot for a little TV, or reading, or homework with vibrant red-colored walls and complimentary eye-catching multicolored decor.

ID# 115124 | – Credit© Mav Arreda – Lago Store Milano

Contemporary Living Room with Orange Wall

This stylish living room offers a joyful atmosphere with its orange wall, a unique multicolored couch design, medium tone wood floors, and red carpet.

ID# 115125 | – Credit© Галаганов Дмитрий

Contemporary Family Room with Patterned Purple Wallpaper

A fun and stylish nook as a family room with dynamic patterned purple wallpaper as a focal point, medium tone wood floors, and comfortable gray furnitures.

ID# 115126 | – CreditПрестиж Свет Юг | © Алла Херцман

Comfortable Blue Sofa with Blue and Wood Panelled Wall

This room is designed around an accent wall featuring a beautiful deep blue color and vertical wood panels that add dynamism and bring an artistic touch to the living area. The red floor lamp creates a beautiful contrast with blues.

ID# 115128 | – CreditNemus Luxury Interiors | © Timo Pyykkö/A-lehdet

Eclectic Living Room with Teal Blue Baroque Wallpaper

This eclectic living room has a captivating effect achieved by its luxurious teal blue and gold baroque wallpaper, colorful decor, and contemporary furnitures.

ID# 115129 | – Credit© Дизайн-студия Elementarno

Gray Leather Sofa with Multicolored Wallpaper and Black Coffee Table

This stunning living room turns its main wall into an art piece with a multicolored abstract design and completes the whole look using sleek contemporary decorative elements and furnitures.

Contemporary Modern Living Room with Green Ceramic Tile Floor

A contemporary living room that radiates an inviting, laid-back feeling designed with green ceramic tile floors, white walls, dark wood-beamed ceiling, and a colorful selection of furnitures.

ID# 115132 | – Credit© Duearchitetti

Colorful Cute Living Room with Multicolored Walls

This joyous living room design achieves a polished yet easy-going look with its bright walls colored in yellow and pink, medium tone wood floors, and iconic modern furnitures.


ID# 115133 | – CreditEhrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects | © Lance Gerber

Red Armchair with Wood Buffet and Oversized Abstract Painting

This living room brings out the characteristics of vintage style and a contemporary look beautifully by incorporating jewel-toned mid-century furnitures with deep blue walls. The medium-tone wood floors and tasteful decor completes the chic design.


ID# 115135 | – Credit© Maisons du Monde UK

Scandinavian Living Room with Multicolored Walls

This mid-sized living room has nailed the calming and stylish look with its white wood floor, pastel blue and white walls, and tasteful Scandinavian furnitures in the same color palette.

ID# 115136 | – Credit© Zawadski Homes Inc.

Scandinavian Living Space with Multicolored Decor

In this large and trendy living room, the use of medium tone wood floors, white walls, black accents, and multicolored contemporary furnitures creates a fun yet sophisticated look successfully.


ID# 115138 | – Credit© Alexandra Angle Interior Design

White Buil-in Seats with Colorful Cushions And Beige Floor

This bright living room brings all the beautiful characteristics of contemporary style with beige floors, white paneled walls, simple yet tasteful furnitures and adds a unique touch with multicolored pattern in bespoke couch design the third party and imported.

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White Beige Marble Elegant Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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Modern shape white elegant honed finish marble mosaic tile

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Luxury marble and mother of pearl mixed mosaic tile

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Mother of Pearl Waterjet White Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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Modern look white marble, elegant honed finish mosaic tile

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ID# 115139 | – Credit© Hanset Metal Fabricators

Leather Couch with Black Metal Fireplace and White Buffet

This striking living room design includes tasteful modern furnitures that harmonizes with bold black powder-coated metal fireplace white walls, light wood floors, and unique, colorful decorative pieces.

ID# 115104

Mid-Size Eclectic Living Space with Colorful Design

The interior designer made a great job in this design! This cozy little corner offers some great ideas on how to use colorful elements and patterns together in harmony. On similar chroma and values, the colors come together within gray walls and dark wood floor. The dark blue l-shaped sofa provides comfortable seating. Colorful pillows complement the traditional patterned rug.

Gray Couch with Wood Coffee Table and Eclectic Decors

In this eclectic living room, we can find the most graceful way for the celebration of color, in this case, a shade of purple as a beautiful carpet. The room is decorated with tasteful modern furnitures and fun, vintage objects while the light blue of the walls and medium brown tones of wood floors frame the space.

ID# 115109

Cozy Family Room with Ceramic Tile Fireplace

This mid-sized contemporary open concept living room brings clean lines of modern decor with light wood floors, white walls, a tile fireplace, and pops of color in furnitures. Colorful patterned pouf as a coffee table and floral pillows bring joy to the atmosphere.

ID# 115111

Red Armchair with Yellow buffet and Bird Printed Wallpaper

A combination of the different textures ad patterns creates an eye-catching look! This living room has a bold, modern aesthetic and sophisticated, polished taste. Rich palettes that range from vibrant and playful colors to softer, rich tones embrace the adventurous taste, incorporating dynamic prints and striking wallpapers.

White Sofa with Pink Rug and White Brick Walls

Combination of the black and white is timeless but with a touch of color, it instantly becomes an eye-catching design! A striking living room area that harmonizes minimalist style with statement design elements including white brick walls, a linear skylight, and vibrant colored furnitures and decor along with gray tile floors to balance the whole look.

ID# 115116

Red Cozy Sofa with Red Walls and Stone Floors

This bright family room functions as a cozy and vibrant living room and a library with a mix of eclectic furnitures, red walls, and greenstone floors.

ID# 115122

Mid-Century Modern Living Room with Handmade Tile Floors

This living room brings new life to mid-century design with the unique warm orange and white ceramic checkerboard pattern floor tile and multicolored pattern wallpaper similar content at The orange sofa creates harmony with the wallpaper.

ID# 115123

Eclectic Cute Living Room with Fuchsia Walls

This smaller-sized living room has bold design choices that uplift the whole atmosphere including bright fuchsia walls, multicolored patterned carpet, and contemporary furnitures.

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The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Multicolor light & medium travertine subway natural stone mosaic tile

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Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

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ID# 115127

Eclectic Living Room with Navy Blue Wall

This living room design blends sophistication and the bling of Art Deco with earthy, natural accents. A navy blue wall with abstract linear shapes characterize the tasteful setting enriched with an industrial ventilation system appearing on a black ceiling and medium brown wood floors imported onto this page.

ID# 115137

Contemporary Cute Living Room with Pink Patterned Walls

A contemporary, pretty-in-pink living room offers a comfortable nook with its carpeted floors, chic multicolored furnitures that compliments the cute and dream-like atmosphere.

ID# 115140

Trendy Living Room Design with Gray Brick Wall

This living room is designed with joyful contemporary pieces in bright hues of fuchsia, yellow, and blue together with black. The gray brick wall and a standard black fireplace compliments the contemporary and colorful interior setting.

ID# 115141

Eclectic Living Room Design with Blue Walls

This cute living room has color and fun dominating the whole space with bright blue walls, eclectic pieces of furnitures party and imported onto and decorative objects, carpeted floors complemented by a sense of fun maintained by a third.

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