Open Concept Bathroom Ideas Bring Hotel Feel into Your Home

14+ Open Concept Bathroom Ideas

Wood Cabinets and White Marble Sink for Open Concept Bathroom Ideas

In a bedroom design, we see an open concept bathroom. This concept, which has been very popular lately, offers a stylish look. The floor is planned together with the bedroom and medium tone wood parquet is applied. A wooden bathroom cabinet and white marble sink offer a stylish and luxurious look. After the sink level, a transparent separator is provided with a glass divider. And a mirror is placed at the level of the sink. Modern, stylish pendants offer a cool visuality. It is an interesting and simple style of bathroom design.

Bohemian Stylish Effect with Stone and Wood Design for Modern Concept Bathroom Ideas

The bedroom design, which consists of a large area, high ceilings, open wooden carriers, and beams, has floor-to-ceiling glass cladding and a wonderful view overlooking the forest. Designed as an open concept, this bathroom is very stylish in modern lines. While the floor is laid with a stone-like material, two sinks are placed back to back, supported by a wooden column. Concrete sinks coming from the floor provide a cool elegance. Right next to it, the white tub takes its place stylishly. The modern open concept bathroom, designed completely intertwined with the bedroom, has a very stylish appearance.

Open Concept Bathroom Ideas

Bathrooms are areas of relaxation, rest, and regeneration in homes. Bathrooms are your go-to place for the first and last moments when you come home when you leave the house when you wake up, and before going to bed. Therefore, there should be areas where you can relax and feel good. When designing a bathroom, it is very important to create a space with your needs in mind. Whether you are in a small bathroom, a large en-suite bathroom, or a small toilet, it is very important in functionality as well as visuality. If you want to bring a hotel feel to your home, these open-concept bathroom ideas will help you on your design project!

Open concept bathroom ideas, which have been quite trendy lately, are now entering our homes, starting with hotel rooms. It is a type of bathroom design that is loved and used with its transparent details. In bathrooms, although privacy is important, designs can be shaped according to the demands of the users. Various variations can be tried with partial openings, such as closing the toilet section and leaving the shower and sink part open. For example, we see various bathroom ideas, where the tub part is completely placed in front of the window.

Minimal and Relaxing Design with White Freestandung Tub

A large, high-ceiling open concept gray bathroom features a floor-to-ceiling window on one side and a modern freestanding tub right in front of it. The floor and the wall where the bathtub is located are covered with gray large-size ceramics. This design, which is a complete concept bathroom, provides a calm and relaxing environment. The bright, spacious space becomes a therapy room for users. Spotlights on the ceiling and minimal pendant lighting create a simple and elegant environment.

Open Concept Bathroom for Master Bedroom

Open-concept bathrooms for master rooms are determined by the desire for special aesthetics, relaxation, and harmony of body and soul. By being designed in the room, it gives functionality on the one hand. This bathroom, which you will only use, merges with your bedroom fluently and provides a more spacious, useful, and stylish appearance. You can create certain privacy by making partial closures according to your wish. For example, different variations can be tried by dividing the part where the toilet bowl is located or by creating a design with suitable divider materials for the shower part. It is one of the number one bathroom styles, especially in modern designs. In the interior of the room, different alternatives can be produced according to the space and the user, by simply integrating with the room or by taking it to the window against the view by making a study.

Open-concept bathrooms also save space, providing more spacious and wider spaces. Successful designs are obtained according to all concepts such as minimalist, contemporary and traditional. By integrating your bathrooms with the appearance of your bedroom furniture, you can create a beautiful-looking space and add a sense of magnificence and luxury.

Open Concept Bathroom for Master Bedroom with Modern Design

In the master suite design with an open concept bathroom design, the floor is made of the same gray flooring. A glass divider comes from the wall to the end of the bed. And right behind it sits a modern stylish bathtub. By attaching a roller blind to the glass divider, privacy can be provided by closing it whenever desired. On the wall where the sink is, gray tiles are laid. Gray countertop and above bowl sink is placed. A modern and stylish design emerges. With the harmonious combination of a relaxing calm environment and the bedroom, a beautiful relaxing space is created.

All White Bathroom with Brass Accents in Master Bedroom

In the master bedroom with an open-concept bathroom, designed with stylish lines, the bedroom is a very stylish and cool design, while the transition to the bathroom is just as elegant. In the bathroom, which is passed across the bed, the side with the sink is divided by the wall, while the tub side, which is located right across the sink, is placed between the room and the glass divider. While white flooring is applied on the floor, white color dominates the bathroom. White countertops and white marble with self-standing sinks running along the counter create a luxurious effect. Choosing a wall-mounted washbasin. And all the bathroom fixtures shine like gold among the whites by choosing brass hardware. They show a cool and stylish stance. It is an elegant open concept bathroom design that is far from an exaggeration.

What is an open concept bathroom?

An open concept bathroom means that there is no separate room with a door to enter the bathroom, and it is a space designed together with the bedroom. The parts that need more privacy, such as the shower cabin and the toilet, are arranged both open and closed so that they do not see each other, making them more spacious, more useful, and stylish areas.

Master Bathroom with Wood and Marble Herringbone Flooring

With an open-concept bathroom design for the master bedroom, the most striking area is the flooring. The transition from the room to the wet area is like a combination of parquet and tile, herringbone floors, like puzzle pieces. A modern bathtub is placed in front of the window. The elegant washbasin with a brass hardware pedestal impresses with its traditional structure. It is completed with a round mirror and two sconces. It consists of a complete design concept bathroom.

Small Open Concept Bathroom

Small open concept bathrooms were first used in luxury hotels and bathrooms. Later, as the concept is adopted, it is processed with stylish designs in homes and bedrooms.
Besides this stylish visual, people are hesitant about how this bold style will work. Because those who are not familiar with open bathroom design may find it meaningless to have the bed and the toilet side by side. An open bathroom design does not mean that. Even the toilet is separated by its walls in almost every design. In this way, a perfect balance of openness and privacy is rendered.

In small open concept bathrooms, since the space is not enough, designing the room as a whole creates more spacious, wide, and useful areas. It is very advantageous to create areas that can be moved easily, rather than closing small areas with walls and creating a stifling environment.

Black Effect with Small Open Concept Bathroom Ideas

In the black, small open concept bathroom design, black marble is applied to the floor and the walls of the shower, providing a cool and stylish look. While the black floor washbasin takes its place stylishly, it is accompanied by a white marble countertop. The side with the sink is separated into several parts, it is designed openly, intertwined with the room. While the shower is separated by a glass divider, the frames of the glass divider are chosen with brass hardware, which adds a luxurious effect. It consists of a luxurious and stylish small open bathroom design.

Minimalist Design with Small Open Concept Bathroom

The small open concept bathroom design, which consists of natural tones, features wooden white and beige tones. In this place, which has a fresh and serene stance, the floor and the tub are made of beige material, while the wall where the tub is located is covered with white brick. A minimalist elegance prevails in this bathroom, which is separated by wooden panels. It provides an environment where the warmth of wood and the naive elegance of white come together, resting and calming people.

Contemporary Bathroom with Concrete Wall and Floor Tiles

In the small open concept bathroom design, in this way, the open concept makes the space more spacious and useful. While the floor and walls are completely covered with concrete-looking material, it provides a stylish elegance with a white marble sink and an open wooden shelf under it. While the bathtub is located on one side, the shower and toilet are located on the other. The shower floor is wooden deck applied. The bathroom, which is separated from the room with a glass divider, provides a stylish appearance both separately and combined. The area above the shower also has a skylight. A spacious view emerges with natural lighting.

Open Concept Bathroom Shower

Open concept bathroom showers create stylish design ideas while being functional at the same time. Because they do not close the space, they make the bathroom more spacious and larger. It is more pleasing to the eye in a spacious place. Open concept bathroom showers also become useful by enlarging the movement area.

If there is a view, successful results can be achieved by completing an area against the view, with certain objects, as if a tropical island breeze or a design that can provide entrance from both sides and whose location is determined only by a separator to prevent water splashes to the place. Successful designs are created in line with the bathroom’s size, shape, and user requests.

Walk-in Shower Design with Gray Ceramic Wall Tiles

In a spacious and stylish bathroom design, gray tiles are laid on the walls and floor. A large, floor-to-ceiling window provides a bright ambiance to the space. The gray bathroom cabinet and bowl sinks take their place, while the white tub is stylishly positioned in front of the window. Starting right next to the tub, the double shower gives it a stylish look while the wall is made up of slightly darker tiles. Black shower mixers stylishly take their place, the black-framed glass divider not only acts as a protector against water splashes but also gives it a very stylish look without narrowing the space.

Minimalist Bathroom with Gray Walls and Wood Flooring

An open concept bathroom shower is designed in the bathroom, which is dominated by wood and concrete colors. While all the walls are made of concrete-looking material, there is wood on the floor. While the white toilet bowl and chrome towel warmer take their place, the floor of the open concept shower is applied as a wooden deck. The ceiling of the place is opened in the form of a slit in one part, providing natural light. And at the same time, it exhibits a stylish stance. With a minimal, natural design, this bathroom represents simple elegance.

Modern Concept Bathroom Ideas

Combining your bathroom with your bedroom instead of squeezing it into a small, dark space creates functional, more spacious results. While it is a much more advantageous design type, especially for small spaces, successful designs are also applied in large spaces. It gives the space multidimensional appearances.
An open-concept bathroom will also be very useful for people with fast-paced lives. For example, open bathrooms have more room for ventilation, meaning mirrors and make-up can be used instantly without having to wait for the steam from the shower to dissipate, speeding up morning routines.

Double sink designs are frequently used in modern concept bathroom ideas. In this way, it is more comfortable and provides the chance for two people to get ready at the same time in a rush while getting ready.

The bathroom ideas, which will be adjusted and positioned according to the shape, style, and size of the space, are provided in the form of a bathroom with completely open natural details or a bathroom separated by sharper certain lines. Designs that can create a calm and comfortable space away from exaggeration can be made. Again, in line with the wishes of the users, a careful design study is carried out to accurately convey the desired feeling with wood, stone, light tones, or dark dark effects.

Gray and Wood Combination for Modern Concept Bathroom Ideas

In the modern concept bathroom design, gray walls combine with gray floor and mid-tone wood cabinets. Wooden tiles are preferred, including the interior and floor of the shower, creating an authentic and intimate bathroom. The white counter with self sink offers a stylish look. The wall-mounted black sink mixer exhibits an elegant stance. The black towel warmer also takes its place in a cool way. A wall-to-wall mirror and a light band rotate around it, providing a modern, stylish environment. It is an elegant, simple and stylish bathroom design.

How do you make an open concept bathroom?

Finishes and materials need to be consistently matched to create a uniform, clean look. It should disperse vaguely, unobtrusively throughout the room, creating finely textured spaces with a subdued neutral color palette. Glass shower doors can be positioned as minimally as possible by completing them with minimalist fixtures. The essence of the matter should be to create a stylish and functional space as much as possible while providing a wider environment.

Cool Effect with Concrete view for Modern Concept Bathroom

In the concrete-looking modern concept bathroom design, the floor, walls, and ceiling exhibit a completely cool stance. The marble countertop is designed as a wall hanging and is completed simply with a bowl basin and a round mirror. Also, in this bathroom, which is designed as an open concept, everything takes its place as minimally as possible.

Fresh Effect with White Design for Modern Concept Bathroom Ideas

The open-concept bathroom design has a modern look. There are beige bathroom cabinets and walls in a very light tone close to white. While the shower area, separated by a glass divider, is positioned dominating the room, the tub is placed at the end of it. White, dense black veined marble is applied around the tub and on the shower floor, offering a cool and stylish look. The bathroom counter with its sink elegantly takes its place. Brass hardware fixtures create a luxurious effect throughout the space. Also, the whole room is designed in a way, by applying the same material to the bathroom, and the room, on the floor is designed in white. It is an elegant, stylish and simple design.

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