Checkered Kitchen Floor Tiles Simple Aesthetic with Classic Pattern

24+ Checkered Kitchen Floor Tiles

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Industrial Design with Blue Cabinets and White Subway Tile Backsplash

Checkerboard floor tiles do not belong to any style, actually! This makes them useful in every design style. This industrial kitchen design and the checkerboard floor tiles create a dynamic and colorful look. While the blue cabinetry, white countertops, and subway tile backsplash add a fresh appeal, the black and white floor tiles bring character and movement to the kitchen’s environment.

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Scandinavian Design with Eclectic Touches

This room offers an atmosphere of dynamic eclecticism, with its blend of muted tones and bold colors. The classic and simple plain wood and white surfaces provide a minimalistic Scandinavian design style look, while pink accents and the striking combination of black and white floor tiles bring exciting energy. All the elements together create a captivating and invigorating atmosphere that one can only feel, embracing the joy and comfort of a Scandinavian design-style home.

Checkered Kitchen Floor Tiles

Some contend that the pattern has an even greater impact than color as a decoration element for kitchen floors. There are many possibilities available to design rooms in various aesthetics, from the simplest to the extravagant. However, we do know one pattern that can meet your design requirements if you enjoy the geometric motif, straight lines, and traditional elegance: checkered kitchen floor tiles!

One of the most popular flooring options for kitchens in recent years is checkered kitchen floor tiles. Although it may be quite popular right now, its history dates back to royal palaces and temples in ancient Egypt before becoming a common feature in American homes, not to mention eateries, in the 1950s. Its continuing popularity stems from the fact that it is a classic style that complements practically any design and yet appears current today.

There are many methods to obtain that unique style, from paint effects to the use of vinyl flooring, and it is a flooring option that can work in almost any area. It should undoubtedly be on your list of kitchen flooring ideas. While black and white is the more traditional, classic color combination, other color combinations, such as red and white or brown and white, offer this well-loved aesthetic a new, contemporary spin. Let’s deep dive into the checkered kitchen floor tiles!

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Transitional Kitchen with Gray and White Checkered Kitchen Floor Tiles

Having gray and white checkered floor tiles is better when you do not want any stark contrast in your kitchen design. The white shaker cabinets and the black hardware already provide a contrasting look and this look is softened by the gray and white floor tiles. The brass details and the gray hues complement each other adding an elegant appeal.

White Mosaic Tiles

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Dark Gray Shaker Cabinets and White Countertops with a Blue Tile Backsplash

The blue tile backsplash and the white countertops freshen the look of the stylish gray shaker cabinets while the black and white checkered floor tiles add a delightful contrast and an eye-catching element. Despite the eye catching nature of the floor tiles, both the backsplash and floor tiles create a swirl of texture and energy, making the overall design come alive!

Are checkered floors timeless?

Flooring with checkerboard patterns isn’t always related to a specific fashion. It’s one of those things that can be included in any kind of décor and any space of the house and has a timeless appeal!

ID# 137503 | – Credit© ColeDesign Studio

Modern Kitchen Design with Multicolor Checkered Kitchen Floor Tiles

It does not have to be only two-tone colors when you design checkered kitchen floor tiles, as in this kitchen. The modern white and wooden kitchen cabinetry design has texture and movement thanks to the multicolor checkered floor tiles. The monochromatic design of the floor tiles complements the kitchen with an energetic touch.

Black and White Checkered Kitchen Floor Tiles

The black and white checkered kitchen floor tiles are traditional. Like stripes, it’s one of the most often used designs. Although it has undergone several adaptations, one location is where you can always count on seeing it: the kitchen floor. It’s a fashion that has never gone out of style, not even in contemporary homes. The essential elements have only been modified and updated.

Any rectangular square-tiled board is referred known as a “checkerboard,” and the adjective “checkered” refers to the design. The race flag and other national emblems are only two examples of where this pattern may be seen. It is still mostly used in kitchens, though. Its popularity has persisted because of how straightforward it is. Black and white checkered kitchen floor tiles have a fairly straightforward design and, most crucially, they originally used shades of black and white. The simple contrast between black and white colors can fit into any design style!

ID# 137504 | – Credit© Green Bird Workshop

Black and White Checkered Kitchen Floor Tiles for a Contemporary Cabinetry Design

The flat-panel wood base cabinets and the white flat-panel uppers provide a stylish harmony with the white countertops and the backsplash. Green glass subway tile behind the stove backsplash adds color to the kitchen’s overall look while the black and white checkered kitchen floor tiles liven up the plain look of this contemporary kitchen.

Black and White Mosaic Tiles

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Country Kitchen Design with White Shaker Cabinets and Black and White Checkered Kitchen Floor Tiles

The smaller the tiles get, the more pattern and busier the look become. The white shaker cabinets and the butcher block countertops have a Scandinavian touch providing a country design style. The black and white checkered kitchen floor tiles draw all the attention since there is a white simple backsplash wall that does not provide any movement or pattern.

What goes with a checkerboard floor?

To liven up a kitchen, combine a black-and-white checkered floor with a bright red or golden yellow wall color. If you want to brighten up a black and white floor in a bathroom, choose an aqua or turquoise color. You can try to use all-white kitchen cabinetry with a pinky mosaic tile backsplash and have a black and white checkered kitchen floor tile. It is better to liven up this pattern with pops of color.

ID# 137507 | – Credit© Optimise Home

Transitional Design with a Striking Contrast

It is a terrific idea to complement the black and white cabinetry design with the floor tiles. With the plain design of the black shakers and the white countertops with a simple white backsplash, the black and white floor tiles do not overwhelm the interior of the kitchen. Expanding the floor tiles to a wall creates visual interest and character in this transitional kitchen design.

Gray and White Checkered Kitchen Floor Tiles

The past offered only one combination for checkered kitchen floor tiles, yet today there are myriad choices — one of which is gray and white checkered tiles! A muted contrast and a monochromatic look can be achieved with this option and it can bring harmony to a kitchen environment. Gray and white checkered tiles offer a unique opportunity to create a peaceful and inviting atmosphere.

ID# 137508 | – Credit© Jordyn Developments

White Kitchen Cabinets with Gray and White Checkered Kitchen Floor Tiles

If you want to bring movement with a texture to your all-white kitchen design, gray and white checkered kitchen floor tiles are the perfect fit for this role. The diamond layout of the floor tiles adds a stylish movement to the all-white kitchen cabinetry design. The brass accents complement the marble backsplash and countertops, which have a harmonious look with the floor tiles, creating a luxurious touch.

ID# 137509 | – Credit© Alair Homes Forest Hill

White Shaker Cabinets and Paneled Appliances with Black Hardware

This transitional kitchen design has such a unique combination! The gray veins of the marble slab backsplash and the gray and white floor tiles complement each other providing a soft and elegant look to the kitchen’s overall look. Thanks to the white shaker cabinetry design and paneled appliances, the floor tiles, and the slab backsplash stand out. The black hardware complements a monochromatic design look with a little contrasting appeal.

Is checkerboard tile in style?

In 2023, checkerboard designs will be quite popular. Making bolder color decisions for your house and having fun with checks are the two biggest trends. Checkerboard flooring has always been stylish and we’ve given the traditional black and white a contemporary makeover. To liven up a drab space or neglected corner, use softer neutrals like brown or pastel blue!

ID# 137510 | – Credit© Jordyn Developments

Transitional Kitchen Design with White Cabinets and Gray and White Checkered Kitchen Floor Tiles

The contrasting black hardware serves to highlight the crispness of the white shaker cabinets and the shine of the marble countertops. Meanwhile, the brass accents and the gray and white checkered floor tiles imbue a sense of luxury and elegance. The white herringbone tile, framed by a dark gray grout, draws attention with its striking pattern – imparting a feeling of beauty and craftsmanship.

Retro Checkered Kitchen Floor Tiles

While preparing delicious family dinners in our imaginative kitchen spaces, it is always appropriate to commemorate our favorite traditions and cuisines. Currently, nostalgia is at an all-time high, so our kitchens are the perfect spot to channel some of that retro atmosphere! A retro checkered kitchen floor tile design is a unique surface that provides you the possibility to improve visual impact in the overall design if you’re planning a timeless design for your kitchen and displaying your vintage character.

Retro checkered kitchen floor tiles have gained popularity due to their adaptability in terms of design, feeling of dynamism, and general cheeriness. They can work well in farmhouse kitchens, retro kitchens, and antique kitchens, and go well with painted or stained wood kitchen cabinets. They may expand the appearance and feel of a tiny kitchen. Additionally, the retro checkered kitchen floor tiles serve as a huge, friendly invitation for everyone to pull up a chair and stay a while.

ID# 137511 | – Credit© Studio Officina Architecture PLLC

Retro Checkered Kitchen Floor Tiles with Wood Cabinetry Design

The warmth of the wood texture meets with the timeless elegance of the retro checkered kitchen floor tiles. Thanks to the white environment that acts as a canvas, the cabinetry design and the floor tiles stand out with a stylish look.

ID# 137512 | – Credit© Smith & Sons Gold Coast Central

Traditional Design with White Cabinets and Appliances

At first, the backsplash tiles draw attention then the kitchen cabinetry design creates the perfect combination. The black and white details of the kitchen cabinetry complement the black and white kitchen floor tile design. The floor tiles provide movement and pattern.

What does a checkered floor mean?

Masonic symbology has a relation to checkerboard flooring! Black and white designs like stripes and checkerboards, which stand for duality and balance, have been connected to the Illuminati’s usage of them in ritualistic events.

ID# 137513 | – Credit© m. kunyakina

Eclectic Kitchen Design with Retro Checkered Kitchen Floor Tiles

The combination of the black and white checkered floor tiles and a pop of red creates a stunning view. The white kitchen cabinetry acts as a canvas for the floor tiles, allowing the red accents around the fridge to really stand out. When these elements come together, it really makes you feel something – from the retro vibes to a sense of excitement – the dynamic look of the tiles and the vibrant red color are truly spectacular!

ID# 137515 | – Credit© British Standard by Plain English

Traditional Cabinetry Design with Black Shakers and Retro Checkered Kitchen Floor Tiles

The sophisticated look of the black shaker cabinets is accentuated by the brass hardware that combines perfectly with the wood textures in the kitchen. The black and red retro checkered kitchen floor tiles harmonize with the hardware and the wood surfaces providing both a stylish and warm appeal.

Checkered Vinyl Kitchen Floor

You can create the timeless look of checkered tiles with vinyl flooring, too. Vinyl tiles or sheets will be helpful to achieve their retro look of them. Let’s check the two options for the checkered vinyl kitchen floors.

Checkered Vinyl Tiles

For those seeking an excellent way to add style and character to their kitchen, a black and white checkered vinyl tile floor is an ideal choice. Vinyl tile is a durable and affordable option, offering resilience to withstand a substantial amount of traffic and an easy-to-install peel-and-stick format. Achieving the classic checkered pattern is as simple as dividing and alternating the alternating tile portions. For a sophisticated take on the style, a white vinyl tile with a black diamond dot pattern can be a great option, especially when set on a diagonal to create a dynamic and eye-catching design. For anyone searching for a timeless flooring choice bursting with personality and flair, black and white checkered vinyl kitchen tile is the perfect choice.

Vinyl Sheets

Another way to create a checkered vinyl kitchen floor is the vinyl sheets. With a vinyl sheet, which is provided on a roll as a single solid sheet, black and white checkered flooring may be simply created. The three performance options for the vinyl sheet vary in terms of comfort, durability, and guarantee duration.

You can try out vinyl sheets for your checkered vinyl kitchen floors. Vinyl sheet is a great alternative for rooms that are prone to dampness, such as bathrooms and laundry rooms because it has no (or very few) seams. Furthermore, it repels spills and stains for simple cleanup, ensuring that your checkerboard floor always looks fantastic.

ID# 137516 | – Credit© Floor Fashion World Limited

Black and White Checkered Vinyl Kitchen Floor with White Cabinets

This midcentury kitchen design welcomes you with the warm yellow wall paint color. The walls stand out thanks to the white cabinetry design. The black and white checkered vinyl kitchen floors complement the white cabinets and dark gray countertops providing a soft contrast. The stainless steel appliances, countertops, and floors complement each other modernizing the kitchen.

ID# 137517 | – Credit© Francois Berube Interiors

Black and White Transitional Kitchen Design with a Black Subway Tile Backsplash

The black subway tile backsplash design complements the black appliances and island with a sophisticated appeal. The white cabinets and the chrome hardware enlightens the black parts of the kitchen with the expensive look of the white marble countertops. The checkered vinyl kitchen floor design in the middle complements the concept of black and white contrast.

Checkered Marble Kitchen Floor Tiles

The beauty and sophistication of checkered marble flooring tiles are undeniable. When you are considering a luxurious, yet unusual flooring option for your kitchen, this is the one to consider. Marble is a classic and timeless material that provides warmth and richness to any setting, traditional or contemporary. Its ability to bring your kitchen to life and inject it with an opulence that is both tasteful and inviting can take a space from dull to extraordinary. Its versatility of use means you can transform any room with a checkered pattern and add a touch of wow to the overall décor. Enhancing the character of your kitchen and home with this subtle, yet captivating flooring option, will add feelings of luxury, prestige and comfort to the heart of your home.

ID# 137518 | – Credit© Greg Natale

Green Cabinets with Checkered Marble Kitchen Floor Tiles

The olive green kitchen cabinets and the marble countertops with a slab backsplash design provide such an elegant and luxurious appeal. The marble checkered kitchen floor tiles elevate the expensive design look of the kitchen. The gray veins of the backsplash and countertops create a cohesive look with the floor tiles.

ID# 137519 | – Credit© PlaidFox Studio

French Country Design with Brass Accents and Exposed Light Wood Beams

The elegant look of this French country kitchen design greets you with a luxurious appeal. The marble checkered kitchen floor tiles and the light wood furniture complement each other adding a fresh and natural appeal. While the brass accents enrich the kitchen with a luxe, the marble floor tiles enhance the expensive feel of the kitchen!

How to install a checkered kitchen floor tile?

The number of tiles you need to buy will depend on the tile design. Because fewer tiles need to be cut, a grid or checkered floor tile design is simple to plan and straightforward to install. Although cutting tiles on a diagonal might be challenging, diagonal tiles can visually open up tight rooms. Calculate the area of the room, then add 15% to allow for waste. Or use an online tile calculator to calculate an exact total and try out different tile patterns.

Ceramic tile is delicate on its own, but it becomes more durable when it is installed on top of a solid, rigid surface that is free of bumps and gaps. In general, a concrete slab subfloor can be tiled directly over, however, with wood-framed floors, a cement board is the suggested substrate. Install the cement board panels by placing them on top of a layer of thin set mortar and fastening them to the subfloor at intervals of 8 inches. Thinset should be used to fill the seams after using fiberglass seam tape to tape them.


Measure the center of every wall and draw a chalk line to make a cross pattern. Arrange tiles and tile spacers without using cement or grout. Feelings of satisfaction may come when arranging pieces in a neat cross-like assembling, and avoiding placing small chopped tiles near walls as they may look out of place – so that every tile bordering a wall is at least a half tile in size. With care and consideration in the organization of the pieces, enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when your mosaic is complete.

Prepare Mortar

Use your margin trowel or the flat side of your notched trowel to mix up a small quantity of thin-set mortar, then spread it out on the cement board. Spread the mortar over the surface while holding the flat side of your notched tile trowel at a 45-degree angle, ensuring that it extends over the edge of a tile. Change to the notched side of the same trowel and comb the thin-set by drawing the trowel in straight lines while maintaining the same 45-degree angle and strong contact with the cement board. The trowel’s notches automatically control how much thin-set is applied to the surface.

Twist the tile back and forth to press it deeper into the wet thin-set as you gently press the tile into the thin-set. Your goal is to fill up any gaps and collapse any ridges in the mortar. Lift a tile occasionally to inspect the back for complete coverage. Place tile spacers at the corners as you move from one tile to the next to ensure uniform spacing. 1/4-inch expansion space should be left between furniture, cabinets, and other big room components. Do not fill these spaces with mortar. To check for both levels and to prevent lippage from one tile to the next, place the bubble level over several tiles. To level the tiles, give them a little tap with the rubber mallet.


A rail tile cutter can easily and affordably break apart tiles by cutting just a few of them. The uneven, broken sides should be placed against the wall, against the baseboards. Get a wet tile saw or rent one to make straight cuts. Only make non-linear cuts, such as those around pipes or toilet bottoms, using the tile nipper. Wear safety glasses whenever cutting tiles, no matter the method, to save your eyes from flying shards.


Use the rubber float to push the grout into the tile seams after removing the tile spacers. Work in manageable chunks. Then, while maintaining a 45-degree angle, drag the float’s long edge firmly over the tile seam. To prevent yanking grout out of the seam, move diagonally. Refill the grout bucket with any extra grout. After an area has dried for roughly an hour, remove any excess grout by carefully cleaning the grout lines in a circular motion while drenching a sponge in clean water in a bucket.

On the tile surface, a milky-white grout haze will endure. After the tile has fully dried, wipe it with a sponge and water to remove the grout haze. The sponge should then be soaked in a solution that contains 3 ounces of haze cleaner per gallon of water, or as specified in the product’s instructions. Use this solution to clean the tile surface until the haze is gone.

If tile grout is not properly sealed once it has dried, it will absorb water. Using a brush applicator, seal the tile grout either individually or by spraying the entire tile surface and cleaning the excess sealant off the tile faces. Before using the tile, adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions for drying and curing time. From four hours to two days are possible.

ID# 137520 | – Credit© Leona Mozes Photography

Traditional Cabinetry Design with Checkered Marble Kitchen Floor Tiles

While the wood ceiling panels, butcher block countertops and cabinets provide a warm atmosphere with a cozy look, the black and white marble checkered kitchen floor tiles add movement and luxury to the kitchen. Using black appliances brings modern appeal with a cohesive look to the black and white marble floor tiles!

Gray Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 137521 | – Credit© Barlow & Barlow Design

Gray Cabinets with Brass Details and Marble Checkered Kitchen Floor Tiles

The gray color and the brass accents provide an amazing harmony together. Their luxurious look is boosted by the marble countertops and crown molding on the walls with a large mirror. The marble black and white checkered kitchen floor tiles enrich this expensive-looking kitchen with a luxurious touch.

Large Checkered Kitchen Floor Tiles

The checkerboard kitchen floor tile design is both attractive and adaptable, as well as timeless and beautiful. The grid typically consists of black and white tiles, although there are many more styles available, depending on the look you’re going for. The sizes vary, too. There are small, medium, and large checkered kitchen floor tiles. You may pick a checkerboard design for your kitchen and style using a few principles, whether you desire a conservative or bold pattern.

When you decided on using a checkered pattern, you will see there are sizes of them. Remember, the floor in the room appears busier the smaller the tiles are and the more floor tiles are visible. According to your design idea and your area, you need to consider whether you want to show the pattern more with small size tiles, or you will draw attention with large checkered kitchen floor tiles because there can be really large ones in the design industry. Let’s check some of the beautiful examples of the large checkered kitchen floor tiles.

ID# 137522 | – Credit© Farnham Furnishers Ltd

Contemporary Cabinetry Design with Large Checkered Kitchen Floor Tiles

The large size of the gray and white kitchen floor tiles combine with the white flat panel kitchen cabinets stylishly. The floor tiles and the contemporary design of the white and wood kitchen cabinets enhance the kitchen’s design look with a sleek appeal. The white marble countertops and backsplash veins provide a cohesive look to the gray hue of the floor tiles!

Traditional Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 137523 | – Credit© Artisans of Devizes

Blue Cabinets with Gray Countertops for a Midcentury Design Style

The metallic surfaces and the hardware complement each other modernizing the high gloss blue cabinetry design. The gray countertops harmonize with the metallic surfaces and create a cohesive look. The large black and white tile floor design brings movement and texture to this midcentury kitchen design.

ID# 137524 | – Credit© Sustainable Kitchens

Industrial Kitchen Design with Large Checkered Kitchen Floor Tiles

While the flat-panel blue base cabinets and white quartz countertops provide a fresh and modern design look, the large checkered kitchen floor tiles add a dynamic atmosphere with movement and texture. The wood textures warm up the cold freshness of the blue and white adding a welcoming look.

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