Sunroom Balcony Ideas Calm, Lively, Comfortable and Stylish

55+ Sunroom Balcony Ideas

ID# 111328 | – Credit© Insomnia

Curtainsider Sunroom Balcony with Wood Floor

For the sunroom balcony, where white curtains are used for privacy and sun control, light-toned wood is preferred as the floor material. The chairs in the room where paint in shades of gray is used on the walls are modern metal chairs.


ID# 111312 | – Credit© Alexander White

Modern Sunroom Balcony Design with Tile Color Floor

Dark gray wall covering and window joinery are preferred in the modern sunroom balcony, where the floor covering is preferred in tile tones. While the plants used in the balcony provide color and energy to the atmosphere, the cushions on the two classic chairs used in the natural patterns are preferred. Large glass doors provide a clean separation between the balcony and rooms.


Mini, spacious, calm, lively, comfortable, and stylish sunroom balcony design ideas

Designing a sunroom balcony in line with your demands, expectations and the square meter you have is not as difficult as it is thought.

Choose the right colors, style, and furniture for your sunroom balcony

Sunroom balconies are places that can be easily transformed into a place where you will enjoy being in it with simple techniques and decisions. Determining the usage function you will choose according to the size of your space is at the top of these decisions. Afterward, you should determine the style you want to see in the space and after you start choosing your colors, you can make your furniture choices.

Below you can find several ideas in many different styles where you can create the space that suits your style and the mood you have.

ID# 111301 | – Credit© TOLLOT&C LLC.

Minimalist Sunroom Balcony Design with A View

Almost no joinery is used in the windows used in the sunroom balcony, where wooden floors are preferred in light tones. A very minimalist approach has been adopted in the area where only the lighting element is used, except for the two comfortable seats placed towards the view. Also, this area can be separated from the other area with a light-colored curtain.


Beach-style White-weighted Sunroom Balcony Design

White color is preferred on the walls and frames in the sunroom balcony designed in beach style. On the floor, in the place where light wood flooring is preferred, two wicker chairs with metal legs are placed and a small carpet in beige tones is placed under this sitting area. Plants placed in the space added color to space.


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ID# 111304 | – Credit© Yuri Grishko

Colorful Reading Nook with Blue Armchair and Yellow Curtain

In this colorful sunroom balcony design, in which many colors are used together, while light colors are preferred in the window joinery on the floor, a blue single seat, a yellow curtain, and a part of the wall are painted in oil color, increasing the energy of the environment. Colored rugs in pastel tones used on the floor are complementary elements of the design.


ID# 111305 | – Credit© 岸本和彦 acaa

Narrow and Long Planted Sunroom Design with Concrete Floor

In this narrow and long modern sunroom balcony design, where black and white are used together quite successfully. The first is the blue sky that seeps through the glass surfaces, the second is the colors of the plants.

ID# 111306 | – Credit© VALENTIROV&PARTNERS

Modern and Minimalist Sunroom Balcony Design with Dark Wood Flooring

Almost no furniture is used in the modern and minimalist sunroom balcony design, where a very dark wooden floor is preferred on the floor. Thus, the area, which looks quite spacious with white walls, is shown even wider.


ID# 111307 | – Credit© 915 construction & design

Spacious Multifunctional Balcony Design with Wicker Pendants

The sunroom balcony, which is designed on the ground in gray tones with different geometric patterns, stands out and creates a very comfortable and spacious environment. The environment is made multi-functional by using a wooden dining table next to the sitting area.


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ID# 111308 | – Credit© Meme Brooks Design Inc

Comfortable Sunroom Balcony with Amazing Sea View

What an amazing view! Open the windows and smell the beautiful fragrance of the sea. In the sunroom balcony, where the sea view can be watched uninterruptedly, the furniture is placed with comfort in the foreground. Light colors are used in the area where minimal furniture usage is preferred.


ID# 111309 | – Credit© Meme Brooks Design Inc.

Narrow and Long Sunroom Office Design in Light Colors

The narrow and long sunroom office has a wonderful view. While this space is being designed, one of the priorities is to make the view of the scenery comfortable. In the area where light colors are preferred, 2 armchairs in light gray tones and mini coffee tables were preferred.


ID# 111310 | – CreditTS Design | © Тарас Безруков и Стас Самкович

Sunroom Balcony Design in the Small Space

The balcony, which has a very small area, has enough space for two people to sit. For this reason, two transparent chairs were preferred in the area where dark wood floors were preferred. While the wall under the window was covered with modern white tiles, white paint was preferred for other wall surfaces.


ID# 111311 | – Credit© Творческая мастерская Fateeva Design

High Energy Mini Sunroom Balcony Design

It is an undeniable fact that the orange color increases the energy in the spaces it uses. In this small balcony design, using the orange chairs that stand out between white and beige tones and the frames used on the wall increased the energy of the room.


ID# 111313 | – CreditChrispDesign | © Jonas Lundberg

Pure White Sunroom with Creative Wall Decors

In the white sunroom balcony, wood furnitures create a warm and intimate atmosphere. Flower patterns of the armchairs add joy to the room. Creating wall decor with wicker hats is a very smart and beautiful idea. You can evaluate your old hats on your walls!


ID# 111314 | – Credit© 建築設計事務所バケラッタ

Contemporary Sunroom Balcony with Wood Veneered Ceiling

In the patio design, where the wooden lining is preferred on the ceiling plane, two different floor materials are used as wood and tile on the floor. In the area where the window frames are chosen in dark colors, one wall is covered with gray tones of ceramic. The seating group used in the place is a very modern choice, but it is preferred in pink and purple tones.


ID# 111316 | – Credit© 設計工房 楽 GAKU

Wood-framed Balcony Design with Clothing Racks

Placing built-in clothing racks on the balcony is a smart choice. It provides both functionality and visuality. Wood frames of the windows and wood floor and ceiling create a natural look. Small plants in a harmony with this natural beauty.


ID# 111317 | – Credit© Alicia Alcaide Fotografía

Sunroom Balcony Design with Terra-cotta Tiles in Red Tones

In the balcony, where terra-cotta tiles in red tones are preferred, two dark-colored chairs in metal and modern form are used. In the place where beige color is used on the walls, window and door frames are used in white.


ID# 111318 | – Credit© Abag Studio

Modern Sunroom Balcony Design in Gray Tones with Roof Windows

Although the dark color is preferred as the color of the joinery in the modern sunroom balcony design in gray tones, where the vertical windows are continued with the roof window, the environment has a very spacious appearance with other colors. The epoxy in gray tones used on the floor has created an ideal background for other furnitures.


ID# 111319 | – Credit© Cameron Stewart

Contemporary Balcony Design with Floor to Ceiling Glass

In the sunroom balcony design, which is covered with glass from floor to ceiling, beige tones are preferred as the wall color to show the room wider. The colors of the furniture used in the place where dark wooden floors are preferred on the floor are chosen in pastel tones with different colors.


ID# 111320 | – CreditOBBA Arquitectura | © Pol Viladoms

Sunroom Balcony Design with Colorful Floor

White color is preferred as the main color for the balcony designed with a colorful floor. However, a yellow brick coating was used on the small wall. Under the dining table, the light gray floor color was used, and the dining table was preferred from wood.


ID# 111321 | – Credit© Rees Studio

Modern Sunroom with Comfortable White Bench

The wall color chosen for the modern sunroom balcony where light wood floors are preferred is white. Everything, including the furniture, is chosen in light colors. Thus, the green view seen from the window was brought to the fore.


ID# 111322 | – Credit© Марина Шляхова

Transitional Balcony with Colorful Wallpapers

In the sunroom balcony where colorful wallpapers are preferred, patterned tiles are used on the floor. Although our eyes are tired a little in the place where two chairs are placed, the temperature in the environment can be felt.


ID# 111323 | – Credit© Nasu Club

Minimalist Modern Sunroom Balcony with Fireplace

In the modern balcony, colored with shades of gray, an industrial-style dark-colored fireplace is also used. The modernist chair chosen for seating on a light-colored floor is preferred in bright colors in contrast to the sunroom.


ID# 111324 | – Credit© Interia

Contemporary Comfortable Sunroom Balcony Design

In the sunroom area where colors and furniture are preferred in a contemporary style, an area for both sitting and dining has been created. In the area where light gray tiles are preferred on the floor, beige tones carpet is used. The use of warm tones of wood in furniture draws attention.


ID# 111325 | – Credit© Arete Culture

Colorful Modern Screened Balcony Design

In the modern sunroom balcony design where the power of colors is used, dark-colored floors are preferred to highlight the colors of the furniture used inside. The cushions on the sofa, which are preferred in beige color in the sitting area, are in harmony with the other furniture in the environment.


ID# 111326 | – Credit© Coblonal Interiorismo

Scandinavian Balcony with Reading Corner

The sunroom balcony, where wood is emphasized in the window joinery, has a narrow and long area. A reading corner was created in the place where light colors are preferred on the floor and walls. And the serenity of the atmosphere is provided by the colors and plants used inside.


ID# 111329 | – Credit© O2interiors

Narrow and Long Minimal Balcony with Orange Lounge Chairs

The very narrow and long sunroom balcony has been used as much as the dimensions of the space allow. In the area where no unnecessary furniture is included, two energizing orange chairs were placed. In this way, a minimal but useful room has been designed.


ID# 111330 | – Credit© Ornare

Large and Spacious Balcony with Comfortable Seating Group

How would you like to move your living room to your balcony? For the sunroom balcony, which has a large and spacious area, the shades of white and blue are used to create a modern, stylish and peaceful look in the room. The two-color geometric patterned carpet used on the floor is one of the elements that complete the sitting group.


ID# 111332 | – Credit© Duce Construction Corp

Outdoor Living Space with Red Frames

For the sunroom balcony, where the window frames are preferred in red, a gray floor covering is preferred on the floor. A comfortable beige sofa is placed as the sitting area.


ID# 111333 | – Credit© Dream Design Sthlm

Scandinavian-style Sunroom Balcony

A lot of plants are placed for the sunroom balcony designed with furniture and colors selected in Scandinavian style.


ID# 111334 | – Credit© Linear Concepts

Sunroom Balcony with Modern Metal Railings

In the balcony, designed to be surrounded by modern metal railings, shadow play has been created in the interior due to the shape of the metal railings. To eliminate the claustrophobic effect of metal fears, all furniture is selected in bright colors.


ID# 111335 | – Credit© Bender Architecture

Simple and Stylish Modern Balcony with Wicker Furniture

Designed simply and stylishly, the modern sunroom balcony is positioned right next to the living room in the house. In the sunroom where the ceiling is covered with wood, a coffee table for four people and four wicker chairs are placed around it. A small bar with light wood cabinets and a black countertop fit perfectly into the niche.


ID# 111336 | – Credit© Константин Никифоров (812 studio)

Long and Narrow Sunroom Office with Black and White Floor Tiles

On the floor of the narrow and long form of the sunroom office design, ethnic patterned tiles in black and white were preferred, while light-colored brick-like coating material was used on the walls. Curtains were added to the windows for privacy and solar control.


ID# 111337 | – Credit© Excel Builders

Sunroom Balcony Design with Wooden Floor and Ceiling

The balcony is designed as a seating area, with wooden material preferred on the floor and ceiling, albeit not exactly. The seating group preferred in beige color has one corner seat and two armchair-shaped seats.


ID# 111338 | – Credit© Manuel Sequeira

Light-colored Floored Sunroom Balcony with Roof Windows

For the sunroom balcony, where the windows in the vertical are also continued on the roof, light wood material was preferred on the floor. While the furniture used in the area is preferred in a classical style, a contrast is created by choosing two single seats in red tones.


ID# 111339 | – Credit© Georgiana Ursache

Mini Scandinavian Style Balcony with Wood Furniture

Scandinavian style has been adopted for the balcony, which is designed in a small area in square meters, and color, material, and furniture selections have been made accordingly.


ID# 111340 | – CreditAvp Architect View Products by Imasoto | © Jordi Sarra

Classic Sunroom Office Design in Beige Tones

Classic striped designs are used in the joinery of the doors and windows preferred for the sunroom balcony designed in beige tones. The floor design of the place is made with colored tiles.


ID# 111343 | – Credit© Duga Studio

Sunroom Balcony Design for Sky Viewing

The sunroom balcony, where even the balustrades are made of glass, is designed as an ideal environment for watching the sky. In the area where the use of furniture is left behind, coloring has been made with black and white. In this context, patterned floor material in black and white was preferred for the floor.

ID# 111344 | – CreditKronfoto | © Adam Helbaoui

Scandinavian Style Balcony with Rocking Chair 

Minimal furniture is used in the mini sunroom balcony designed in Scandinavian style. The kilim laid on a dark colored ground was chosen to match the colors in the space. Peace can be felt in the place, where there is a dark rocking wooden chair layout as a sitting area.


ID# 111345 | – Credit© Bjurfors Göteborg

Comfortable Sunroom Balcony Design

In the sunroom balcony design, where comfort and comfort are at the forefront, the narrow area is arranged in a very effective way to be a small dining area, a book corner, and a resting place share. In the use of color, calm colors are preferred.


ID# 111346 | – CreditColored Home | © Gustav Aldin SE360

Minimalist Scandinavian Sunroom Balcony Design

A bench is preferred as a seating area for the Scandinavian-style sunroom balcony, where square meters are a factor limiting the design decisions, while plants are placed in the corner of the room. The large piece used on the floor is perceived as wide as it is space with light-colored tiles.

ID# 111347 | – Credit© Lauri Brothers

Cozy Sunroom Balcony Design with City View

The sunroom balcony, which is completely surrounded by glass, with an aged looking floor covering, is an example of a stylish cozy sunroom balcony with its gray cushion and mini wooden coffee table located on the floor, although it does not have a very large area.


ID# 111302

Sunroom Balcony Design with a Stunning City View

The sunroom balcony with travertine flooring on the ground has a view that allows you to watch the city from above. The minimum grade of furniture was used in the place. The black modern frame is preferred for window joinery.

ID# 111315

Small Balcony with Wood Table and Benches

For the balcony sunroom in beige tones designed in a very simple way, the light was preferred as the floor material and wood were preferred for them. In the area where colored coating material was used on the wall, a table for approximately 4-5 people was used. Two benches are placed around this table to avoid loss of space with chairs.

ID# 111315

Dark-colored Floored Mini Sunroom Balcony Design

Small square-shaped tiles are used for the dark-floored sunroom. In the sunroom balcony design, where white is preferred as the color of wall and window joinery, the window serves as a table, while a leather seat is used for both lying and sitting.

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ID# 111331

Black and White Minimalist Sunroom Balcony with Black Tiles

The sunroom balcony covered with black tiles is the plant in a modern white flowerpot that is the only color available other than black and white. With the use of color and furniture, a modern and minimalist style is preferred in this design.

ID# 111341

Sunroom Balcony Design with Comfortable Hammock

A wooden hammock used in the balcony is the center of attention of the design. In the rest of the area, light colors are dominant and the roof form is displayed legibly in the space with its structure.

ID# 111342

Coastal Laminate Flooring Usage for Sunroom Balcony

In the sunroom balcony design, where coastal laminate flooring is preferred for the floor, a beige-colored carpet is used on the floor. In the design in which the green color is emphasized many times in plants and cushions, small colored poufs are preferred for the coffee table.

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